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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 21fe4a770a34051⋯.jpg (27.76 KB, 390x362, 195:181, a8e15b851114c01e9bcccbbe51….jpg)

fbb697  No.773779

Share the posters you notice here:

>The catholic that always says "pastor jim" as his stereotype of a protestant

>The guy who coined his own term "bible idolatry"

>ID 1c98e6 who's a mod apologist in the meta thread

>The orthoLARPer who adds a completely unrelated icon to all his replies

>The guy who plugs the other board whenever someone is upset with a deletion here (always gets deleted)

>The New IFB false-flagger who makes fun-posts parodying the Anderson cult (and people fall for it)

72f4ea  No.773782

The OP who makes terrible threads

8564aa  No.773784


Yup that's me

5b567e  No.773786

File: b66b203bc3ceb3d⋯.jpg (103.48 KB, 664x1000, 83:125, damascustheotokos.jpg)


>The orthoLARPer who adds a completely unrelated icon to all his replies

Is that me? I just like icons. Nothing wrong with accompanying your words with some holiness.

eb1598  No.773787

>that vapid poster who has no distinctive qualities even though he's been posting here since the exodus

005f45  No.773788

File: ad18424bdebf362⋯.png (4.38 KB, 300x157, 300:157, images (1).png)


>thinks some anon made up the term biblioltry

>because KJV ONLYISM totally isn't biblioltry

c784f9  No.773791

File: b4b8a2c774c0bc1⋯.jpg (429.33 KB, 1069x928, 1069:928, 2019-01-04 21.37.27.jpg)

eb1598  No.773793


Lmao, good timing

322994  No.773794


>The catholic that always says "pastor jim" as his stereotype of a protestant

Oy vey, that's me! Slight correction though: I'm not a Catholic (yet). I used to be a shitposting Baptist only a few months ago, but the Cats on here converted me.

c14713  No.773795


I'm not sure how to even respond to this image, how can you follow what God whats you to do without hearing what he said?

I hope one of the KJV cults that say the Bible is God haven't spawned more heretics

fbb697  No.773797



07a194  No.773800

No censorship at >>>/christianity/

322994  No.773803

File: 6383886c0033c05⋯.png (349.71 KB, 429x359, 429:359, 132423.PNG)


t. Pastor Jim

eea25d  No.773805


The op who spams his thread >>773778

1b3e66  No.773806

File: 9aa72e6104f5c40⋯.jpg (26.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cjUVYjd_d.jpg)


>The baptist who gets the first answer everytime : "I do the opposite of OP because I'm not a pagan"

>The catholic who always posts about jews with an EMJ picture

>The guy who doesn't show his denomination but tells everyone to be more charitable. We should all imitate him to be honest

52f23e  No.773812

>the catholic with a huge attachment to Mary and posts pictures of her in every thread

>the poster LARPing as a catholic caricature to discredit it

>the orthodox who doesn't get into any theological debates, but just tries to uplift everyone

>the anglican who ties to live out a life of fidelity to Christ despite the dumpster fire that is the Church of England

6834a0  No.773819


ad4e14  No.773825

>The stormfag who's every posts has ZOG and (()) somewhere in the sentence.

>the catholic that goes on how everyone has pedos, but the media only focuses on catholics, for no good reason;

a6f21a  No.773838

>the guy in every thread about struggling with literally anything mentally responding with "It's not about you"

31b9f2  No.773848


Yeah screw that guy

>the schizo posters who make no sense

1b3e66  No.773849


>>the anglican who ties to live out a life of fidelity to Christ despite the dumpster fire that is the Church of England

That guy is the best

3d893e  No.773850

File: b25b147c01a70d5⋯.jpeg (88.7 KB, 506x512, 253:256, StGeorge.jpeg)


>the anglican who ties to live out a life of fidelity to Christ despite the dumpster fire that is the Church of England

S'wounds you got me by St George

3d893e  No.773851


Maybe I'm only one of 2

2ebefe  No.773853


>the orthodox who doesn't get into any theological debates, but just tries to uplift everyone


3d893e  No.773855

File: 467c4ef53564aac⋯.png (26.99 KB, 657x527, 657:527, Pepe.png)


>the catholic that goes on how everyone has pedos, but the media only focuses on catholics, for no good reason

You think that's one guy? Spotted the newfag jk fren

3d893e  No.773856


>The baptist who gets the first answer everytime : "I do the opposite of OP because I'm not a pagan"

That guy is a next-level shitposter

c07918  No.774237


U must be a Mod

5dfb96  No.774245


>posting here since the exodus

Which one? There have been 3 major exoduses. The GG exodus from 4chan was the last one.

13e478  No.774246

>Catholic who is singlehandedly carrying on the ChristCom meme

>Western Rite Orthodox anon in every "West vs. East" thread

308318  No.774247


>Angry bone poster who shows up and posts the same hominid fossil pics in every creation thread like clockwork

0d0a25  No.774254


The exodus from egypt

e30c3a  No.774255


Sure Pastor Jim

0722e8  No.774258

File: 8019a5dadd6765a⋯.jpg (27.14 KB, 467x322, 467:322, 8019a5dadd6765a5ed8e74ec06….jpg)


Now THIS is ascended.

562b0c  No.774287

>the 'imagination is evil' guy

>the hafizposter (the guy who wrote long screeds full of bible citations without summarizing what any of the verses said, expecting us to already have them memorized or look them up every time we read a post by him)

26a6ab  No.774289

>the one guy who will not respond to your argument but just say "you're wrong, Ill pray for you"

fae2d2  No.774309


>the if God, why bad thing happun redditor that funposts here, vainly trying to convince us God doesn't exist.

f74df2  No.774402

File: ec2c39d09fef38a⋯.gif (948.69 KB, 480x318, 80:53, tumblr_n8zg3wOyfy1qff46jo1….gif)


I thought that was just a part of being protestant. Learning numbers and words without exploring the meaning behind them.

… joking. But it do be like that sometimes.

I wonder how habitually others, of any denom pray for legit discernment.

53b7b3  No.774412


I think he was being quite serious, the problem is that he just quotes it incredibly out-of-context because his sense of the scripture is a either complete literal or completely subjective

pure proof text, i've actually been at a baptist bible education before, it's their M.O.

c07918  No.774424


>that guy who posts mid 20th century artistic renditions of america

0d0a25  No.774498

File: 1f42892eb1e5848⋯.png (268.97 KB, 1518x1320, 23:20, Frequency of prayer by rel….png)


0d0a25  No.774501




"I wonder how habitually others pray (for discernment)"


Baptists seminaries, like all seminaries, teach hermeneutics my guy. We do not teach proof texting.

056777  No.781262

>that one c*tholic who keeps posting to pray the rosary and sharing the same pictures about it, clearly trying to convince himself

d5b5be  No.781299



There’s this guy I notice who posts every time when people complain about the mods

562c9e  No.781302

The Orthodox guy from France who posts a lot of quotes with sources and word files

ebffbb  No.781303



seems like a win-win to me, people who don't like it don't have to stay

c0dca2  No.781307


get behind me, satan

9b4e77  No.781312


>T. That one prot that bought the SDA memes and thinks Jesus' Church is paganism.

cc21af  No.781320

>that one catholic chastity obsessed poster in all remotely related threads

84d26b  No.781345


No, thats me, I think.

b2d36a  No.781384


True that. Takes balls of steel to post here as an Anglican tbh. Solid dude.

b2d36a  No.781387


I halfway suspect that guy is a bot or something.

9bba23  No.781390


That's me. Most likely.

07a34c  No.782552

>the catholic who makes up a freemason boogeyman for literally every debate

300792  No.782586

File: 99e3c235882e332⋯.jpg (76.94 KB, 338x500, 169:250, st-john-climicus-9.jpg)


>The orthoLARPer who adds a completely unrelated icon to all his replies

That's me lel

except this aint no roleplay son.

a9ea5b  No.782686


Blown to and fro with every wind of doctrine

d4be3f  No.782836

>the NEET that wants to get a gf

282226  No.782842


Yeah that's not a single person that's an archetype.

93ab3d  No.782917

>the American protestant who never engages in actual discussion, but just posts USA-exclusive surveys to feel superior.

f8b5f6  No.782919


the flustered larper who refuses to face reality

93ab3d  No.782921


>I'll call him a LARPer, that'll show him

Being Delta Israel doesn't make you the centre of the world.

f8b5f6  No.782922


The larp accusation is in reference to papists and easterners who are in it for the reactionary traditionalism, even when the stats evidence their denominations are full of backsliders. Not connecting anything to American exceptionalism (which is correct by the way)

95e44b  No.782926

File: ecf471fb1e6e4e3⋯.gif (146.45 KB, 500x375, 4:3, aku.gif)


The OP that keeps posting sensational, ckickbait, and often fake news articles. He always uses the same format so I know it's him. Annoys the winnie out of me.

Otherwise, I rather like this board. I just wish it would move faster. No reason for 20 pages of threads when each thread is alive for months.

Also, the mods should allow shitposting in non-serious threads.

300792  No.782927


Burger exceptionalism, haha

300792  No.782928


What reality? That protestantism isn't weak and cucked?

43ccf1  No.782929


>I get my panties in a twist over traditionalism I'm gay

>It's in bad shape so you should just give up on Christ's Church I'm gay

How about stop posting forever faglord, burgerland won't last 30 more years.

9b4e77  No.782930

File: d59e877bf420a8d⋯.jpg (111.59 KB, 780x766, 390:383, Spurdo_608014_5477551.jpg)

File: 8c8fed37202b88b⋯.jpg (187.22 KB, 970x1200, 97:120, CkG3LsJWYAAWLpV.jpg)

File: b6d67e4b8ab345b⋯.png (1.33 MB, 680x1275, 8:15, 1410381805190.png)

File: ce3b70cbe0a55bd⋯.png (90.17 KB, 645x512, 645:512, ce3.png)

File: 8ef0d7ae3c0a90c⋯.jpg (438.47 KB, 1000x1317, 1000:1317, 0QO7Qk3.jpg)


Burger exceptionalism is best exceptionalism

t. Burger American

fugg :DDD

142f08  No.782943


>The gay anime poster

>The Catholic we-are-the-one-true-church troll

>The sin slave ("guys I can't stop eating/fornicating/blaspheming")

>The unrepentant metalhead in denial ("guys, how is Piss on Christ an evil band?")

I think some of these are common archetypes rather than singular posters.

b241d5  No.782959


>The baptist who gets the first answer everytime : "I do the opposite of OP because I'm not a pagan"

I physically uncontrollably laughed at that. Everytime I see a thread about catholicism or protesantism I always except that guy to be first.

46a842  No.782966

>The Quaker who tells you it's a sin to do anything other than roll over and die

879647  No.782988

File: f8cc2d360a5b5fe⋯.jpeg (34.86 KB, 507x473, 507:473, 1AC4BF94-B32E-4CED-AF32-C….jpeg)


>Tfw Catholic anime posting metal fan with a fapping addiction

d1ab1e  No.784075


no censorship at >>>/christianity/

1ea950  No.784124


At least you aren't gay.

c0dca2  No.784135


Pretty similar to me lol

Let me give you some advice: try to pray the rosary several times of day, so you can avoid being tempted

300792  No.784161

File: 6f832ef69fe4edd⋯.png (205.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 11b7597ac4506982fcc76a4a64….png)



d5b5be  No.784174


>pagan larpers

>atheists who “disprove” Christianity by saying how bad things happen

300792  No.784200


Yes, it's almost as if they think the problem of evil has never been touched by any ancient philosophers or theologians until their enlightened minds brought it up.


huhuh stewpiddd christkuks,,, god does bad thinks how u gonna handle tha?

f4eef9  No.784236


>metal and masturbation totally fine, btw

300792  No.784239

File: 0b8448cf8ea851b⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 253x343, 253:343, saint_michael_icon.jpg)




Anime is for queers

f4eef9  No.784289


Why aren't you watching it then?


300792  No.784398

File: 800e5dd8a1a99e1⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 422x600, 211:300, Christ-Two-Edged-Sword.jpg)


Did your mother drop you as a baby? What a cranky faggot.


629439  No.784432



Ladies, ladies you are both beautiful, okay? Let's all calm down and forgive each other like Jesus commands us to.

1be3e0  No.791446

File: 310b7049ecc777c⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 410x629, 410:629, bfdad8e7a9c6fc1a380bcb5996….jpg)


>The guy who posts statues/right wing images


ccf55f  No.792119

File: 385ce98a9bd72af⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 317:267, 385ce98a9bd72af619c12062de….jpg)

ccf55f  No.792120


Robert, is that you?

4f6c33  No.792137

File: 894653dd76181fe⋯.png (44.15 KB, 149x156, 149:156, ClipboardImage.png)

That one friend who attaches every post with a blade runner 2049 picture

30ec28  No.793153


f09f4a  No.793160

>that one frogposting prottie with a massive rage-boner against Catholics

4cd3f6  No.793166

>That reddit spacing anon who filters you if you point out he's from reddit

e1a6c3  No.793167

The guy who thinks anyone who disagrees with Catholicism is Seventh Day-Adventist or influenced by them. lol

337c38  No.793177


>the Catholic who is a homosexual (quite a few people actually)

>the Catholic who is a pedophile (quite a few people actually)

>the Catholic who is also a mod (quite a few people actually)

>the Catholic who doesn't believe in God (quite a lot of people actually)

b59618  No.793191

File: 19a3fbd9fb00f99⋯.jpg (117.19 KB, 640x640, 1:1, l31418255212.jpg)

I personally use pastor Leroy instead of pastor Jim.

30ec28  No.793216

File: b3d667a1887a6d2⋯.png (3.63 MB, 1211x1507, 1211:1507, primacy_of_peter1.png)

4cd3f6  No.793635



7c3271  No.793663


>St. Peter never set foot in Rome

>even though he wrotes his epistles from Rome

>even though he is executed in Rome

The absolute state of Protestantism.

056777  No.793665



782015  No.793671


Ante-nicene (i.e.THE First Christians) church fathers record it.

They also record that Peter was never pope lol.

056777  No.793672


Where and who? Any firsthand?

782015  No.793673


Second hand, several decades after the fact. Eusebius comes to mind, though he writes around 300 Ad. He is taking his info from much earlier writers that have been lost to time.

There are earlier accounts you can find but they slip my mind.

Summary: Peter and Paul both were in Rome around 65 Ad, ministering to the church there, and were executed by Nero. Neither of them were bishop, but Linus was the first bishop.

First advocate for Peter being bishop of Rome was Damasus in the mid 300s AD, who was, coincidentally, bishop of Rome.

782015  No.793674


There are also ante-nicene figures such as Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, who vehemently opposed Roman primacy during the time people started using the church at Rome as an intermediary to settle inter-church disputes.

5b567e  No.793680


1 Peter 5:13-14:

>She who is in Babylon, elect together with you, greets you; and so does Mark my son. Greet one another with a kiss of love.

"She who is in Babylon, elect together with you" obviously refers to a church. Peter could of course be simply writing from the Church of Babylon, but considering the interpretation of the apocalypse of Daniel that puts the Roman Empire as the last successor of the Babylonian Empire before the last judgement, as well as the Book of Revelation identifying the final empire that persecutes Christianity with "Babylon", and the hints throughout the book that this refers to the Roman Empire, it is very likely that St Peter is speaking here of the Church of Rome, residing in Rome, the capital of the empire that persecutes the elect.

That Peter's ministry ended in Rome is very likely considering that literally all signs point to this and no other site claims to be his final destination. That he was martyred, however, is specifically an element of tradition.


St Cyprian never opposed Roman primacy. He did oppose St Stephen's claims of overriding Cyprian and the African Church's synod's authority, but he never opposed St Stephen's primacy among the bishops, or even St Stephen being the successor of St Peter. The issue between Cyprian and Stephen wasn't about whether the Bishop of Rome held the primacy or not, but how exactly Peter's primacy worked in relation to the other apostles.

056777  No.793688


When did Babylon start to be used as a metaphor for Rome?

782015  No.793689


Well, Babylon was abondoned in the 1st century. So it probably wasn’t the literal Babylon.

Not a catholic.

5b567e  No.793691


The earliest "explicit" instance is in Revelation (I say "explicit" because there is little in that book that is actually served to the reader on a plate, but it's not difficult to put the pieces together). But the idea of Babylon having "successors" or "reiterations" is found as early as in Daniel, although throughout the prophets the invasion of Judah by Babylon is often "transposed" to the far future where it becomes the last judgement. Whether 1 Peter is actually written by Peter, or written by a community that claims his memory, it doesn't change that the epistle is very likely of Roman origins (in fact the only instance I could find of someone arguing otherwise is the Assyrian Church of the East).

199225  No.793693


When Jack Chick decided he really, really hated Catholics.

d987c3  No.793736

File: 4fee08042b7a396⋯.jpg (246.83 KB, 705x527, 705:527, 1532044318424.jpg)


>Bible is the mark of the beast

>The part about the mark of the beast is IN the Bible

This is some almond activater right there

1ea950  No.793744


Whore of Babylon = Your mother


b7cd2e  No.804850


>That one guy who goes to page 20 to bump up old threads

894e8a  No.804854


Thank you, but it was page 18 not 20.

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