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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 1a30a95cccca2d2⋯.jpg (41.56 KB, 477x338, 477:338, Burned_at_Stake.jpg)

ed7102  No.776366

Do you believe witchcraft is a thing? And if you do, what should we do about it? Should they be burned?

b93d79  No.776372

I have very mixed feelings on this. In one hand I've read both the Malleus Maleficarum and the Compendium Maleficarum and I do believe in satanic forces. On the other hand, I'm not sure if such forces truly have any power over the material world or that they manifest in so blatant a manner. I've always thought of Satan as being very subtle.

26b52d  No.776375


I think it's a thing. I don't think they should be burned. I think there should be mental hospitals or re-education centers for such people though.


I have personal evidence to believe they have physical agency to some degree as does Fr. Ripperger. But I believe they know it's in their best interest to be shady and secretive about it.

629bb1  No.776384


Tell me more about your experience

b93d79  No.776394


>I have personal evidence to believe they have physical agency to some degree as does Fr. Ripperger.

I mean, the Monks I've spoken too have told me about exorcisms and other such things they've preformed, as well as shown me accounts from the Desert Fathers of demonic manifestations. I've just never seen it, so i tend to think of Satan/Demonic forces more as just that whisper in the back of your mind. That force that encourages you to go against your better judgement, draws you to mortal sin, etc. But I don't doubt the accounts I've been given.

On the matter of witchcraft though, I don't know or think there really are modern witches or the like, and f their are I generally view them as being powerless. From what I've been taught, in general the devil only has as much power as you give him. Thinking that he's anything compared to the power of God is the first step to letting him into your life.

47819d  No.776411


Unexplainable foot injuries upon waking up started after I saw a demon at the foot of my bed, things tampered with overnight when I’m alone, same symbols appearing everywhere in random arrangements of stones and cracks in the wall etc. I’m not sure what their maximum degree of physical influence is but they aren’t confined to the non-physical if it’s a true demon.

629bb1  No.776424



c32c2e  No.776449


>witches are powerless today

Its quite the opposite, in this wicked time of ours they are at full blast. The 'spirit cooking' thing for example is not just roleplay. There is a reason for the mass burning of fetuses at abortion clinics. And they want you to think that they are powerless. It goes from minor 'works' with animal sacrifices and sigils to major operations with children involved. All fuelled by the demon, and they wish you to burn in this fire too

6cec3f  No.776451

File: 836f04f31cabb6b⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 897x1419, 299:473, Nuremberg_chronicles_f_262….jpg)

>>776366 (checked)

Think about it this way:

If witchcraft (better known as magick) wasn't real, why would God ban it's use in Leviticus and Deuteronomy?

Simon Magus (the father of all heretics) would never have died the way he died if it weren't for magick.

8243b1  No.776517


>As proof of the truth of his doctrines Simon offered to ascend into the heavens before the eyes of Nero and the Roman populace; by magic he did rise in the air in the Roman Forum, but the prayers of the Apostles Peter and Paul caused him to fall, so that he was severely injured and shortly afterwards died miserably. Arnobius reports this alleged attempt to fly and the death of Simon with still other particulars ("Adv. nationes" ii, xii; cf. "Constit. Apost.", vi, ix). This legend led later to the erection of a church dedicated to the Apostles on the alleged spot of Simon's fall near the Via Sacra above the Forum. The stones of the pavement on which the Apostles knelt in prayer and which are said to contain the impression of their knees, are now in the wall of the Church of Santa Francesca Romana.

Wtf? Glad I'm not an exorcist. I can barely believe the smaller spiritual experiences that happen in my life. Don't need to see stuff like this too.

6fff20  No.776536

There are plenty of people who, by their own admission, seek power and knowledge from diabolical sources. Such people, in ages past, were found and, if they refused to change their ways, punished or executed to safeguard the well-being of those around them.

As for "what should we do about it," the answer is to grow in prudence and avoid the diabolical in our own lives, and pray for the conversion of those who choose to dabble in evil. That's all "we" can do.

086b79  No.776541


>i tend to think of Satan/Demonic forces more as just that whisper in the back of your mind. That force that encourages you to go against your better judgement, draws you to mortal sin, etc.

If this is what they are to you that's a fairly good sign. A demon's primary motivation is to get you into Hell. But they also hate you so much that they want you to suffer as much as you can while you're here on Earth, so they enjoy doing things like oppression, possession, etc. If they aren't manifesting as scary monsters to you it's probably because they're afraid that such experiences will only drive you closer to God. When they do make dramatic appearances, it's either because they're very confident that you're already going to be damned, or because they hope to tempt you into occultism. That they're only manifesting as tempters to you should not be a source of pride, but it should inspire some hope in you that the powers and principalities aren't all that confident in their grasp on you. Put your faith in the holy name of Jesus Christ and pray to Him to drive away the tempters as well.

567f46  No.776898


What if they appear as amiable cartoon people?

6c090c  No.776910


It is real, and they should not be burned, but prayed for and converted. Although the state reserves the right to punish such deeds by death, though a fair trial should be involved to see if it was truly witchcraft, or a demon possessed person, or some memey little girl larping (modern feminist witches), or someone who discovered a natural hidden thing in the universe to use.

5c3183  No.776933


Than stop watching anime, it's making you a homosexual.

64f02d  No.789751


Yes. It absolutely is a thing.

>should we burn them

Personally I wouldn't mind it, but because we live in the "modern" world we can't. The best we can do is pray and rebuke them of their demonic influence as much as we can.

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