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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 0e75843700a04ae⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 113x170, 113:170, Steven A.jpg)

2f6894  No.779214

>if you're a homosexual I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy

Now was this called for? Are all Christians like this?

55f970  No.779219


It absolutely was not called for. It’s a horrible thing to say that makes Christ look bad. However, most of us aren’t like that; it’s just the obnoxiously loud minority

a79644  No.779227

A perfect example of the fruits of OSAS.

1316be  No.779232


>Now was this called for?

Of course not; that's incredibly petty behavior not befitting of any Christian.

>Are all Christians like this?

Only the ones who allow themselves to be warped by secular culture and/or cult leaders like Anderson.



2f6894  No.779236


It's kind of true though. With that being said, I think Baptists down play the goodness of works and repentance.


Pastor Anderson got me following Christ so I have nothing but praise for him

20efb5  No.779247


What does that possibly have to do with eternal security

f2573f  No.779263


Eternal security implies there is eternal damnnation for those "unelect". Why change your life when you believe you are saved no matter what? Why change your life when you believe you are damned no matter what?

89aa9a  No.779269


you're thinking of unconditional election which Anderson angrily opposes. That is not the same as the eternal security of the believer

fadc92  No.779276


how can he oppose unconditional election when he supports the reprobate doctrine?

f82cc2  No.779285


Seriously this.

If a man can be once saved always saved (OSAS) than a reprobate can be once damned, always damned (ODAD). Which goes against everything God wants from us.

09f4d2  No.779288


That would mean an innocent kid will die. Would you want that to happen?

985c81  No.779289


>Now was this called for?

No, but heretic preacher thread n. 9197490 wasn't called for either.

985c81  No.779290


Spoken like a true liberal. Reported for scandal.

f9f2dc  No.779294


>Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

John 3:18

Yes, ODAD is very biblical

fadc92  No.779299


Once Damned Always Damned is heretical, Patrick.

Any sinner can repent, and the reprobate is one whom is guilty of refusing the saving blood of Christ.

fadc92  No.779300


ODAD while the sinner still lives ofc, being damned at judgement AFTER life, is what sticks and is eternal

f82cc2  No.779302


The irony would be nice, but no father should have to go through seeing their son turned into a sodomite, even heretics like Anderson. To wish for someone to be a sodomite is just like wishing death upon someone. Repent, modernist!

c1c49a  No.779328


He wants his kids to be gay. He says he’s gay. If they’re happy, he’s happy. But what he doesn’t want,


20efb5  No.779358


Anderson's reprobate doctrine is very different from the reformed articulation. Someone reformed usually says everyone unelect is reprobate, but Anderson sees it only as a certain group saving the unsaved who did it to themselves.

f9390e  No.779377

Wow it's almost as if he's still a fallen human and capable of letting the flesh win over the spirit.

b68f65  No.779405


The reformed teaching would be that they were predetermined from birth, that God pre-determined to give them up and nothing could change.

The reprobate doctrine would be that they became destined only after God gave them up. But it says that they once had a chance, until that point.

aa46b7  No.779436


Don't move the goalposts.

151d30  No.779493


Serious question: What is it about Anderson that attracted you to Christianity?

He's the worst of everything that's wrong with prot micro-churches: spiteful and blind to anything other than stirring outrage. As novel as it can be to see someone shitting on lgbt and Judaism, going so far that you wish death on people, proclaim who's damned and saved, and claim to know the will of God is heretical and profoundly uncharitable. Don't overlook these grave sins in which he gladly indulges (and leads others into) because people meme him.

10a7a6  No.779496

Romans 1

For this reason God gave them up (active verb, God is performing the action of giving them up) to degrading passions. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind (same language again) and to things that should not be done. … They know God’s decree, that those who practise such things deserve to die—yet they not only do them but even applaud others who practise them.

ITT people who need to read their bible more before calling anything unbiblical

41ea13  No.779498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

835aff  No.779501


Do you ever read the rest of Romans 1 or do you just pick and choose like it's a cafeteria?

10a7a6  No.779508


Please quote the context that proves me wrong.

b031d8  No.779526


I suggest you actually pick up your Bible for once and read Leviticus 20 and Romans 1.

>If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

>Leviticus 20:13, KJV

>For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

>And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

>And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

>Romans 1:26-28, KJV

Faggots are disgusting and deserve to die because they are reprobates, and as Christians we are called to hate them an enact this against them.

180c5f  No.779530



I think it's because he truly is looking out for truth. Like he knows his stuff. He's not perfect but I truly believe he has God in mind first. He truly saved me. I called him the other day asking for one of his sermons he didn't post for some reason

I also told him to keep it up and that he's saving lives.

aa52fc  No.779533


Amen brother! Preach it! The blood of the cross does not cover homosexuals, in fact I wouldn't even consider them humans because of this.

10a7a6  No.779545


They're humans but fallen humans that aren't under God's grace.

"I have told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in my Father’s name testify to me; but you do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep. My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand. What my Father has given me is greater than all else, and no one can snatch it out of the Father’s hand."

He says he first knows his sheep, then they follow him – they are preordained by the Father to follow Jesus, and after they are given to him by the Father, they cannot be snatched out of his hand (the elect can't lose their salvation.)

The Pharisees don't believe because they do not belong to Jesus's sheep, as he himself says. This is why he calls them the goats to distinguish them from the sheep. He says "I lay down my life for the sheep" and then "you do not belong to my sheep" – so how can you say the atonement is unlimited?

This is why Paul says, "It does not depend on human will or exertion, but on God who shows mercy." "He has mercy on whomsoever he chooses, and he hardens the heart of whomsoever he chooses."

It's time to stop following the traditions of men and personal views of who God must be, and start following what God says about himself, cathodox anons

ded079  No.779550


>are all Christians like this

Just the protestants because everyone except them is going to Hell and they like to rub it in our faces.

608bb3  No.779912


I honestly don't know this man, his faith teachings or character. So I personally cannot really form an opinion on him but tendentially when someome says such a thing and not as a horrible misstep/mistake but in all seriousness, I can't help but doubt that the Lord really dwells in someone like this, through his spirit.

It's an evil thing to think, all the more to say and reveals total absence of any love for the lost. Not very Christ-like.

By their fruits ye shall know them..

d056f7  No.779916

File: 498c4d652c4c32e⋯.png (231.78 KB, 634x348, 317:174, TOorCNR.png)

c33f1b  No.779917

File: 3ac6d46037b2231⋯.jpg (177.94 KB, 740x810, 74:81, Anderson.jpg)

"Homosexuals deserve cancer and Pedos shall drown in the ocean…but if you like racemixing, then come on down to our little Church!" -Steven Anderson ~2018 (paraphrased)

55f970  No.779921


>blaming it all on the prots

I take it you’re still butthurt about the whole Protestant Reformation thing.

83d3ed  No.779924


More like disappointed. Kinda like how God is disappointed in satan for rebelling and thinking he knew more than God and His Son Jesus.

if it weren't for the protestant devolution there wouldn't be [((freemasonry))], celebrated abortions, and rampent faggotry. So yeah, thanks prots

55f970  No.779930


There also wouldn’t be freedom or personal interpretation of the Bible, which God clearly values because He allows us to make choices on our own accord, not force us into being taught something and not thinking about it.

>celebrated abortions

That was the atheists bro. Proteatants don’t like it either

4a3692  No.779931

File: 04ea291061c97cd⋯.png (42.29 KB, 481x406, 481:406, 04ea291061c97cda86e4f54628….png)

>another thread full of slander

83d3ed  No.779934


You know who else took it upon themselves to personally interpret the word of God? life hating gnostics, which has also made a resurgence thanks to Luther

Also, Seventh Day Adventists push for abortion all the time.

Again, if (((freemasonry))) was never allowed to propagate, America would never have idolized individual liberty to the extent that it does and the West wouldn't be in the mess that it is in today.

ded079  No.779950


>There also wouldn’t be freedom or personal interpretation of the Bible

Yet more proof that protestantism was just a great mistake.

54aa34  No.780322

Maybe a bit too extreme, but I do understand why he's so mad at them…I am not saying he's right (we should point out the disgusting behavior of their lifestyle and make sure to help them and rebuke them, fighting against the lobbies who are pushing this garbage onto us all), but he has a point: it's a borderline religion, I know people who forced themselves to be "on the spectrum" just to show that "they care". I suffer from SSA, I am disgusted when I have certain thoughts because I know it's wrong; alas, many of these poor souls got convinced that there's nothing wrong in all that and that pleasure is the only fetish (as in a totem, an object of worship believed to have magical or spiritual powers like with animistic or shamanistic cults) is the only thing they should serve as it serves themselves first and foremost at least in the short run and covers for the existential holes in one's life (I speak as one who had "enjoyed" this lifestyle for a while and when he saw how much corrosion all that brought into those years; and thank God I am at least moving away from that world, even if I'm a failure in many regards).

I do not wish cancer upon them, but I will not sugarcoat the truth; on an individual level, when I speak with them, I try to be more gentle, but I am also firm in my Christian positions (even if that made me a pariah in the eyes of many of those I deemed my friends in those communities).

a36c1a  No.780660

It's childish

57f9b6  No.781040

File: eafed3a23f9c63f⋯.gif (1.46 KB, 210x230, 21:23, 1461191582997.gif)


when will this kind of thread just die?

35b799  No.781397

55f970  No.781412


If someone didn’t interpret the Bible for himself, which happened to contradict Catholicism, then I’d be making a run to buy indulgences

>freedom bad

How? God allowed us to have free will, why shouldn’t we use it?

835aff  No.781413


When people stop replying to them.

55f970  No.781417


You’re not wrong

e8b8e7  No.781507


This preacher is most likely an agent provacateur and an controlled opposition to give Christianity a bad name…He speaks like a muslim.

You can hate (and should hate) the sin of Sodomy, but wishing death to a sinner is a not the Christian way.

c23b38  No.781645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Bodyguards with sunglasses and suits in a church to throw people out

Woah, so this is the power of Protestantism?

fdf88e  No.781648


>the Anderson cult


939b5c  No.781662


>God allowed us to have free will, why shouldn’t we use it?

This is the first and only time I have seen God's allowing of free will attempted to be used in a positive light that isn't also trying to refute Calvinism. I hope it is the last because this is a poor argument for all of the evil that self-interpretation of the Bible has brought.

You shall know them by their fruits.

0f5c25  No.781663

I get the feeling that Anderson and his Church are similar to Fred Phelps and the Westborough Baptists lot.

In the sense that they are a small, unassuming, heartland Church that found their fame and fortune by getting on to public platforms and saying outrageous things in order to push their theology.

And that is really their only claim to fame.

I'm not saying that Anderson is even close to the level of winniepooh insanity that Phelps was, but it feels like the tactics are the same. It's hard to even know if he believes the crazy things he says.

Polite sage because its an Anderson thread

4241fc  No.781679

Christianity in pagan thread: lol pagans are all fags, Leviticus said all fags to be put to death.

Christianity in "Christianity" threads: anyone who call for death of fags are provocateurs, we are supposed to pray the gay away.

So which is true? Are christian actually fags in denial?

fdf88e  No.781680


We never said that pagan faggots must die, only pagan faggotry in general

4241fc  No.781682


Aksually, the point is that there are plenty of heathenism who is actually anti-faggots and put them to death i.e. bogging.

The primary argument for Christianity on /pol/ is that it is anti-fag, but if it's anti-fag by mean of praying that shit away, that's not gonna cut it.

Every ancient Sparta had anti-pederasty laws.

4241fc  No.781699


Christianity is a weak semitic religion, instead of strength and action, it asks for forgiveness and prayer.

Action have always mean more.

If Christianity actually enforces their laws instead of praying shit away, maybe it can mean something.

But I will never be a semitic worshiper, we have a full pantheon to pay respect to.

4241fc  No.781707


Christianity has never won the West actually.

Ask a christian and he will say that era Christianity is not true christian, or how christian monarchs are all sinners, etc

Christianity has in fact caused some of the most devastating war over difference inside the religion.

It is a tool created to divide and conquer European.

fdf88e  No.781713


99,9% of neopagans are pro-faggotry and that's their main argument point against Christianity, that it doesn't support "gay rights"

I don't know of any neopagan who kill gays and killing them is not an answer anyway because homos are not a race, they're a group of problematic people. It would be like killing depressed people to cure depression.

4241fc  No.781716


Actually, I don't think pagan are pro-faggotry.

In fact, pagans are more likely to put faggots to death in modern world because being violent against homo is "uncharitable".

e10026  No.781720


Anti-fag pagans are a small minority concentranted on fringe internet groups.

4241fc  No.781722


I'm a sinner but I am not worthy of death, nice try.

>As for the “Christianity caused division among Europeans”; I’d say it’s quite the opposite: different European people used Christianity as a cover to at times claim some form of “superiority” and thus laid waste onto others;

So it is not the opposite but precisely what it means.

>before we did that in the name of Belenos or Zeus, of Wotan or any other god of any other pantheon;

Wrong, the greeks combine their pantheon with the egyptian ones. They would seek similarity and combine the aspects of their god together, like Zeus-Amon.

> Yet way more devastating and dehumanising wars have been fought in the name of godless ideologies (Communism, Nazism, Wall Street, etc…).

Actually, Stalin restored the church, Hitler was no way an atheist, and wall street wars are jew wars.


They are far more numerous than actual anti-fag christians.

The actual anti-fag christians just want to pray the gay away.

fdf88e  No.781724

File: 4baefe0bae1dd86⋯.jpg (50.36 KB, 539x381, 539:381, donovan.jpg)


Well it's a fact that neopagans are the most pro-faggot group today. Idk if killing homos is uncharitable but it sure is "untiggable". As i said, it would be like killing the depressed to cure depression.

4241fc  No.781731


Actually, atheists are the most pro-faggot group.

Christians, save the zionist evangelicans (which are the most cucked people on Earth, support gays and even homo marriage.

There is even gay church.

>As i said, it would be like killing the depressed to cure depression.

Actually, homo actually harm people. When you kill them, they will stop harming people.

fdf88e  No.781733


Atheist and neopagans are the same group, basically neopaganism is a branch of atheism. We can call it an atheism denomination. And both groups are pro-faggotry mainly because it's the antichristian thing to do.

Depressed people can harm others too, that makes no sense.

4241fc  No.781735


>Atheist and neopagans are the same group, basically neopaganism is a branch of atheism.

Asksually, paganism is the oldest faith and exists before semitic religion and atheism (which is also a semitic religion).

>And both groups are pro-faggotry mainly because it's the antichristian thing to do.

Aksually, muslim (which are pagan by christian definition) and pagans are the most anti-fag religions.

>Depressed people can harm others too, that makes no sense.

Any depressed people that harm others deserve to be killed as well. Homo INHERENTLY harm people.

fdf88e  No.781738


Kek but there're not any pagans today. Kids who play too much skyrim are called neopagans and have nothing to do with ancient religions. Also it's a fact that those kids started out as atheists before jumping to atheism with viking aesthetics.

4241fc  No.781744

File: d38977700213e38⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 3648x2056, 456:257, pagan.jpg)


There are pagan nowadays anon.

These people actually scare away "neopagan".

4241fc  No.781746


>We are Christians, not Jews;

The same, a jew says it's a christian, yet it's still a jew.

Christianity denies biological fact.

>but I read a few books, and pagans were waging wars very often too.

But none as devastating as christian wars.

>As per Stalin and Hitler, they used their political power to control some parts of the Churches in their Nations to push their ideology by mask it it as “Christian”, but they also killed a lot of the dissident voices.

This has been for EVERY Christian monarch.

>but the idea that Christianity caused all evils in the West.

Christianity is not the cause of every evils in the West, it's just a part of. The west has been struggling ever since it adopted foreign agents like jews.

And this is where we should fix, rather than indulging even more on the jewish delusion.

e10026  No.781748


KEK do these people in the image kill gays?

fdf88e  No.781749


Those are the people who kill the homos? Because they look like a folk dancing group.

4241fc  No.781751




>Ideas and practices perceived as coming from Western liberal society—which Rodnovers perceive as degenerate—are denounced as threats to Slavic culture; for instance, alcohol and drug consumption, various sexual behaviours and miscegenation are commonly rejected by Rodnovers, while they emphasise healthy family life in harmonious environments.[104] Aitamurto and Gaidukov noted that "hardly any women" in Russian Rodnovery would call themselves feminists, partly due to Rodnover beliefs on gender and partly due to the negative associations that the word "feminism" has in Russian culture.[3] In adopting such a conservative stance to sexual ethics, practitioners of Rodnovery can adopt misognyistic and homophobic attitudes.[105] Aitamurto and Gaidukov noted that it would be "difficult to imagine that any Rodnover community would accept members who are openly homosexual".[3] Many groups in both Russia and Ukraine critique mixed-race unions;[106] for instance, the Ynglist Church's doctrine articulates a condemnation of race mixing as unhealthy.[104]


4241fc  No.781752


So yeah, they kill homos.

fdf88e  No.781755


It doesn't say anything about murder or something and Christians are also against all that anyway. But it does admit that this is a neopagan group created in the 19th century and that it's a small minority in wordwide neopaganism with a few thousand members.

c3983b  No.781769

File: 8f0bdc57141065e⋯.jpg (41.09 KB, 573x313, 573:313, genuine swedish midsummer.jpg)

File: 9b8b16b98f3bcf9⋯.jpg (514.97 KB, 1748x1597, 1748:1597, detached mutts and half-br….jpg)



No trust me trad neopagans are extremely hardcore and 1488 you guys.

c0d9e1  No.781811


Honestly if you’re offended by this this you either

>hate God’s Word


>Have never met a faggot in their life

I love God’s Word and I’ve met many faggots in my big city environment. They truly have rejected God, all of them, just like the Bible says.

55f970  No.781845



>first time I’ve seen free will being used in a positive light

If God gave it to us, how can it be bad? I know some people chose to do evil, but forcing everyone to believe what you want them to isn’t the right way to do things; did Christ ever do that when He was on Earth? We’re called to minister to people- not put a gun to their heads and force them to do what we want.

672e69  No.781943



Faggots are disgusting people that do hard drugs and carry diseases. They're more likely to rape children. They're an abomination and an insult to God. And now they've made things even worse with their insane transgender agenda, which they're trying to push on the younger generation.

c0d9e1  No.781978


>Read Leviticus

I guess God isn't a Christian.

55f970  No.781998



Something tells me neither one of you had ever met a gay person irl. You take events that happen on the far left and represent little of the lgbt community and act as if all of them are like that. Also you’re called to love your neighbor, and calling them fags won’t help

b31df4  No.782002


"Love" doesn't mean what you think it means.

To love someone doesn't mean to indulge them and let them spew their faggotry everywhere.

55f970  No.782018


>love doesn’t mean what u think it means

Alright then, enlighten me

f2573f  No.782021

File: 77641991aa25c5f⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Book-of-Ezekiel-GettyImage….jpg)


Not that anon, but if you saw your brother shooting up heroin, which would be the greater act of love?

>Rebuking them, telling them not to do that, and telling them you will not enable them?


>Telling him it's his choice and you will support him no matter what?

What does the Bible say?

Ezekiel 3:18

When I say to a wicked person, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.

The same goes for faggotry. If you tolerate his degenerate habit and don't ever try to correct him, he will die in his iniquity, and his blood wll be partially on your hands.

55f970  No.782094


Okay but how would you stop them?

d8f73b  No.782476


You're not really following Christ, you're following Anderson's bizarre protestant cult.

c0d9e1  No.782480


Read Leviticus. Read the Word of God.

f2573f  No.782493

File: 81956f4e70c849d⋯.png (187.63 KB, 1096x2893, 1096:2893, 1560528149202.png)


Well, back when sodomy was illegal, the threat of either the death sentence or imprisonment was enough to convince people that the consequences of this mental disorder was not worth it. Alas, ever since the Prots made liberalism and radical individualism, even labeling homosexuality as a mental disorder is haram. So now all we can do is

1) educate them about the dangers of the sodomite deathstyle

2) not enable them if they are stubborn and dead set in their faggotry

3) advocate our representatives to make sodomy illegal again, keep marriage between man & woman, ban the fags from adoption, etc.

4) pray

c0d9e1  No.782500


I assume the “Protestant” boogeyman is also responsible for all the faggotry in the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church, right?

3b6e20  No.782502


Yes. Protestant and Jewish (but I repeat myself) ideology infiltrated the Catholic Church and eventually resulted in Vatican II, which is when the fags seized control.

f2573f  No.782504

File: ef531379abeed6a⋯.jpg (16.37 KB, 345x426, 115:142, [UNSET].jpg)


It doesn't help the communists which is a fruit of liberalism literally infiltrated the church so it can be destroyed from the inside. Disgraced Cardinal McCarrick was a communist after all.

c0d9e1  No.782505


So, you believe the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church is fallible? What about it’s traditions? Are they also fallible?

b31df4  No.782513

File: acd6063feba0815⋯.jpg (935.91 KB, 1683x2537, 1683:2537, dsc01359.jpg)


If you reject Vatican II then you are a heretic according to the Roman church.

Luckily they are not the one true holy apostolic catholic church. (Catholic just means universal, Orthodoxy is 100 percent catholic). Rome is zero percent orthodox and zero percent catholic.

c0d9e1  No.782518


Am I required to kiss that icon?

b31df4  No.782521

9dd357  No.787002


Uncalled for yet based

fdf88e  No.787171


Like any other cult leader, that's his appeal.

a0134f  No.788574

He's scum

9dc7f6  No.788575


It's the soul-winning that I like most about him. Hearing him talk about it moves me. I believe he really cares about all the people going to hell and wants to save them. This is really different from Catholicism where 99% of new believers are children brought up in the church and the only thing anyone ever thinks about is saving their own soul (not that you can really blame someone for that).

9dc7f6  No.788577


I'm sorry but if they don't do animal sacrifices they're not real pagans, just a bunch of LARPers.

3aaa1f  No.788917


He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now

6e5fbb  No.788928

>>788577 (checked)

LARPagans are just edgy fedoras that fool themselves into thinking they are "spiritual".

6e5fbb  No.788950


Of course not all Christians are like this. It's not good to wish death onto people, even our enemies.

105851  No.790011

It was based

63dc67  No.790013

I hope they get brain cancer and it becomes their wake up call, they find God and die a year later and go to heaven, thats much better than 30 more years of drug fuelled orgies, 3 STDs a year and burning in hell fire for all time.

677c4a  No.790068


You seem to be under the misapprehension that "brother" in the Bible means every other human being. The term "brother" in that passage is referring to your fellow Christians. The Bible clearly does not use the term "brother" as a synonym for "fellow human beings." Just look at Deuteronomy and Leviticus where the Bible explicitly distinguishes between "brethren" and "strangers," e.g., you're not allowed to lend with usury to your brother but you are allowed to lend with usury to strangers.

In other words, homosexuals (reprobates) are not your brother.

105851  No.790076


we should still love homos. If we cant use swear words than we should have no problem with loving everyone and not wanting everyone to go to hell

677c4a  No.790094


Homosexuals already chose hell of their own volition, which is why God hardened their hearts and gave them up to unnatural lusts. If even God has given up on them, why shouldn't we?

ccb5ec  No.790111


God sounds like a real faggot tbh

105851  No.790115


we as Christians still shouldn't be openly saying we hate gays as if its a main thing. I still think we should still love them because that is more Christian than trying to find people to hate.

With that being said, people that say it isnt a sin Christian especially need to get punched in the face.


sup /r/Christianity

668de2  No.794903

He's evil op

4264de  No.795011


>Only the ones who allow themselves to be warped by secular culture

The ones warped by secular culture are the fag enablers. Many such cases, even in this very thread.

f641b0  No.795026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Relevant embed

Self proclaimed prophet, SAnderson, exposed for the liar anti-christian that he is.

b1e0e5  No.795087


Blessed and Breadpilled

d66618  No.795094


>Are all Christians like this?


I suffer from SSA, and most orthodox Christians I met while warning me also had words of encouragement (not the vapid “bee yerzelf!” of many) and taught me it’s a challenge one has to face together with God and with His aid. I’m not sure if I can call myself a Christian, but if I still come here and still want to return to Him, then it’s also because of those persons who warned and helped me.

13f52d  No.795967


OMG thank you. I don’t understand why there are so many authoritarian larpers on this board

8edb32  No.795973


this is shit

b7e0f1  No.807195


Was truly based

bcd66b  No.807216


Care to refute any of the points made?

a5e8be  No.813023

File: 08c8989b73cd027⋯.jpg (65.72 KB, 1100x620, 55:31, Dy7fgERWsAEpWcv.jpg)


I'm not catholic, but this video is what made me stop being an Andersonite

423f68  No.813038


1:03:10, they purposefully interpret his words in the most uncharitable way possible to conclude that he is "contradicting himself." This is the opposite of the correct way to engage with someone else's ideas and only indicates that they are arguing in bad faith.

That was just a random example. They repeat this pattern throughout the video. "Refuting" people by purposefully interpreting their words in an uncharitable way isn't actually refuting them. It's just a basic principle of arguing in good faith that you refute the most charitable interpretation possible of what the other person says.

f84b9b  No.813743

File: 8f9d23acc57ee03⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 557x513, 557:513, Saint Anderson.jpg)


>charitable interpretation

a05a4b  No.813746


have you seen actual homosexuals. I have SSA myself but I want all of them dead.

2cd8e3  No.813751


I lived in San Francisco. They are truly amongst the worst people in the world even from a non religious standpoint. The more they are allowed to 'flourish' the worse their behavior gets. Sodomy destroys your body and soul.

5ee86b  No.813752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Having hearing about the type of shit that goes on in embed related, I am sypathetic with the Andersonians in why all the fags ought to be put down by the state/ a vigilante. But I know deep down it isn't the right thing to do. God still wants us to try and save them even if they are too far down their own rabbit hole of sin and degeneracy.

Longsuffering sure is a pain in the butt.

70f6b7  No.813777


Do you work in tech?

ee49b9  No.813788


Okay, where did I say I want them in the school system? Take your strawman and shove it back in the barn where it belongs. You demonic filth. I want these sodomites to repent. To kill them and encourage them to commit suicide is what satan wants. I'll pray for you.

b51424  No.813886


So we should just kill anyone that commits a sin and not call them to repentance? Not even give them the chance? Glad to hear you aren't a Christian.

>you don't want to kill sodomites ergo you are enabling them.

Keep strawmanning, it won't change the fact that you aren't a Christian.

cd3d1b  No.814047

File: c29c44bb158d378⋯.png (48.22 KB, 800x801, 800:801, 1024x1024.png)

I attend anderson's church three times a week ask me anything reddit

8c536f  No.814052


Why are you a Braaptist?

cd3d1b  No.814053


because i believe what braaptists believe

39aaf8  No.814057


Can you tell us anything about what happened with his son Solomon's engagement to Saer Fairchild? There are a lot of juicy rumors going around. Was the Fairchild family really thrown out for making an indie scat porn film, and did the rest of the church really harass them to the point that they were forced to put their house up for sale and leave Arizona?

Also are you good friends with Pastor Anderson at all? Can you tell us anything about him that doesn't come across from his youtube videos?

5ab783  No.814061


Wait…why should it matter if the fairchilds made indie scat porn? If they OSAS they should always be saved, scat porn or not. It's not like they are sodomites or anything.

39aaf8  No.814063


Well the story around what happened isn't exactly clear, like I said there's a lot of rumours. I don't know if Pastor Anderson thinks they are reprobates or not. That's why I was hoping this anon could provide some information about what happened.

50923a  No.814067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree with you now it is probably just a rumor but I still find it hilarious. Anderson himself even says that drunkards murderers and fornicators can still be saved and allowed into heaven. ( embed related @49:18) but apparently not if these rumors are true.

9af62c  No.814068


LMAO what you just said is all true. That's insane–the absurdity of him throwing out a "Bishop" that he later found out denied the Trinity and now this. What's next, honestly? The only thing that would shock me would be something involving sodomy.

9fdcd3  No.815591


hi christian identity

2c38ce  No.816384

>another thread filled with railing accusations against anderson

Anderson has presented the gospel to thousands and has gotten numerous people saved

Matthew 7:15-20

I sure wonder how many disgusting catholic perverts like >>814057 has brought to christ

0cacfe  No.816385


No he hasn't

234dcf  No.816392


>I sure wonder how many disgusting catholic perverts like >>814057 has brought to christ

Dude, I like Steven Anderson. I just wanted to get extra insider info on current Anderson gossip.

1b75a2  No.819660

Has anyone noticed pastor Anderson acting weird lately?

a7368c  No.820215


>Are all Christians like this?

Nobody is like this but him, as only you are like this but you. People can call themselves what they like, people can call others what they like, but all this does not make it so. If you call another out, better hope that this is called for, for this way anyone may jeopardize their spirit in judgement.

Gross generalizations make for large measurements, and with the measure you use…

4ec4d0  No.821799

5f1cd1  No.821814

I like how this board turned into r/christianity.

9e02b0  No.821815


Mods are more interested in removing christina-tan memes than removing heresy and stupidity

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