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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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9b9303  No.779252

Interesting /pol/ thread here.


Atheism and darwinism comes from father deprivation

People like Sigmund Freud, Voltaire, Nietzsche, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, … They all have something in common…

They all had a defective, weak or absent father.

And I mean it's pretty much obvious that if you don't have a healthy relationship with your father, then he won't pass you strong and healthy moral values…And then, people ask themselves "what's the purpose of life ?" and then, they fall in meaninglessness, moral relativism and thus degeneracy..Why do you think that there is so much degeneracy, liberalism and atheism in places like Reeedit ? Because they had very poor parental development in their critical childhood phase and in their teenager phase, and it makes them weak and vulnerable to this society that promote (cultural) Marxists values like "God does not exist, Religion is the opium of the people…There are no objective moral, no objective truths, it's all relative, it's all meaningless, just have as much degenerate fun as you want, play your video games all day, watch TV all day, masturbate all day and watch porn all day, life as no meaning anyway".

When you think about it, it makes total sense.

Many famous Atheists/Darwinists have daddy issues. It feeds their irrationality.

See here between 33:35 - 45:00 .


ceeab5  No.779255

File: 9efa161524956d5⋯.png (1.59 MB, 2400x3428, 600:857, lxus0mdv0ly01.png)


I've never liked darwinism for the simple fact theres no much neccesity of it the truth of evolution is for everyone to see. /pol/ fixation with evolution and racialism will lead to another form of materialism (racial materialism?) wich is a shame since I the original goal of the fascist of old was/is class collaboration. Despite the early success of hitler and his volkisch doctrine that too failed since the germans started to hava a paranoid obssesion of "who was more aryan" and this inevitable lead to another war between the classes instead of unity.

9b9303  No.779256


>/pol/ fixation with evolution and racialism will lead to another form of materialism (racial materialism?)

It already does leads to philosophy of biological materialism.

6a9e30  No.779257


I don't like evolution denial in God's name especially when He uses selective breeding in the Bible. I also don't trust EMJ too much. He reminds me too much of Peterson. You're tingling my spidey senses, op.

9b9303  No.779258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10 min video: EMJ says that atheism is the foundation of the anglo-american ideology.

c43115  No.779260


I've never liked it for… the implicit message of elitism of how it teaches that single parts can change the whole. EMJ's psychological angle is interesting though.

As for what I mean by eltiism - it pushes the power of the "one" over the "whole". Even when you break it down to small levels like the evolution of organs. An ear, for example, isn't a thing unto itself. If the "shape" of the ear mutated in a certain direction, that doesn't guarantee a whole new range of abilities. The ear is part of a whole range of functions governing fluids, blood, brain/nerve interaction, and even sinuses. These all would have to "mutate" along with it or nothing really changes. But evolution would us believe that only one part of this could mutate and then change the whole system.

This scheme becomes more troubling once you move up to whole species, and subspecies. This is where you get the elitism of single races driving the destiny of all.. or even the whole planet (basically /pol/ tier thinking).

87d1f8  No.779363


>After reading "libido dominandi" the overall tone was a misdirection. Like…blaming "WASP" for everything. I am sorry but "WASP" does not own media and porn industry.

I was thinking about reading that book, but if he doesn't mention the jews at all then it's no good. Thanks for the cliffs notes on it.

f65d39  No.779410

Why do you idiots have opinions on things that you willingly choose not to understand?

0101d5  No.779427


>Like…blaming "WASP" for everything. I am sorry but "WASP" does not own media and porn industry.

The WASP was ruling the USA with Jews as a senior party...WASP collaborated with the Jews to destroy Catholics, they are traitors.

0101d5  No.779428


*Jews as a Junior party.

57e02e  No.779431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This scene from Hitchcock's Saboteur sums up their duplicity perfectly (makes me wonder what he knew). WASPs are pirates. They don't care about anyone, but seem to have some strange pact with Jews, who also don't care about anyone (but they don't sell out their own countries and people, like WASPs.. which actually makes them better).

00f352  No.779437


> I am sorry but "WASP" does not own media and porn industry.

WASPs and kikes are both trying to cope with their rejection of Christ by adopting racialism. Same energy.

4e5de6  No.779457



44371f  No.782285


E.Michael Jones has written a whole 1200 page book on the Jews, a.k.a "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit".


> When he says there;s an "ethnic interest" against catholics he talks about WASP. As I have said it is ridiculous.

No it is not. The WASP were threaten by the demographic boom of the catholic so they conspired with their Jewish Junior party to legalized birth control and the destruction of ethnic catholic parishes with black migration.

And it was the Catholics who fought the Jews on pornography for 30 years.

689350  No.782288

>the religion where people worship an almighty sky daddy is for people with strong father figures


44371f  No.782293


Yes, a strong father inculcates to his children morals, meaning practical reason.

As the children gets taught rationality, he gets closer to God, because the existence of God is rational, and his rejection is irrational.

6f8f3f  No.782471

God created evolution. There's no reason to deny his work.

4e5de6  No.782478


>almighty sky daddy

back to reddit! sorry you didn't have a strong father figure.

17a1d8  No.782488


God is outside of our concept of Time. He made the Earth in seven days. The Earth is 4 and a half billion Earth-years old.

The day-age theory is not correct, it contradicts Genesis 1 and the Timelessness of God.

eeddac  No.782522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You can add Mohammed to the father deprived.

3e9a0a  No.782541

>People like Sigmund Freud, Voltaire, Nietzsche, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, … They all have something in common…

>They all had a defective, weak or absent father.

so did Hitler

1f6e66  No.784555

guess all the fatherless simps in the catalog are exceptions then

7a4f0f  No.784615


Considering what little good (joking, he did awful evils to ay the least) Adolf did to the world…yeah, he's another proof that we need good father figures.

b7ed95  No.796131


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