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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 77430d98ccf9c59⋯.jpg (58.96 KB, 750x825, 10:11, 46000759_1612596642219528_….jpg)

d0e5c9  No.780968

>tfw been trying to fit into churches for the past 4 years

>whole spectrum from the catholicism of my youth to confessional protestant churches to begrudgingly checking out evangelical groups on campus

>tolerated in all of them, completely rejected by evangelicals. Never really fit in to any of them.

>only christian friends are online and in the same boat

why is christianity in America like this, so comfortable and "bourgeois" (i hate to use this commie term). It's no different than the normie world with cliques and social ladders. I thought the church was supposed to be for the undesirables too.

e747ca  No.780969

It's even more like that in Europe, where the churches play a direct part in politics (in Russia, all the Orthodox are basically KGB with beards).

Christianity is not a religion, it's a socio-political-economic party.


ae0baf  No.780970

How were you rejected in evangelicalism? We have a whole controversy of being TOO tolerant and compromising, the seeker-sensitive movement.

d0e5c9  No.780973


I want to say it's because I'm not a middle class white person. I'm "that sketchy jewish guy". I've found the Roman Catholic church the most accepting so far.

I don't want to start a denom war in this thread though

ae0baf  No.780974


sorry to hear that. There are lots of good born-again Jewish groups, maybe you'd like to look into them. Are you planning to live among your race after graduation?

d0e5c9  No.780976


I plan on moving definately. Wherever the jobs are. I don't have a set place in mind

ae0baf  No.780980


where u @ rn

269f86  No.780982

When I went to America on a trip for 2 months, I visited Orthodox churches here and there.

There was one Greek Orthodox Church (under Constantinople) that had a beautiful building, huge icons covering the walls, it was very beautiful. Also lots of luxury cars parked outside, 2 black people in the whole parish (in an area where lots of people are black or hispanic), and the priest's homily was about praising something Trump said.

I'm sorry, but this shit is sickening. I'm not "anglo" white (I'm Mediterranean), I'm poor (the trip to the US was an exception), and I'm apolitical. The atmosphere of this parish was not "beautiful", it was "decadent", and I felt highly uncomfortable there.

Also I didn't know Orthodox churches in the US had pews, but they do. I went to a cathedral that even had an organ.

I also went to a Western Rite Antiochian parish, where the priest was supporting conspiracies during coffee hour. Good stuff. Also a couple of people during the Liturgy were legitimately concerned that I wasn't taking communion. Is weekly communion without confession normal in America?

d0e5c9  No.780984


The US midwest (italian jew just to clarify things, that's why i grew up catholic)


I actually planned on trying an Orthodox church with a family member soon. Last ditch effort i guesd

f5a8fe  No.780994

File: b29ca36bdcc456a⋯.gif (101.85 KB, 300x466, 150:233, Our-Lady-of-the-Miracle-30….gif)


Oh my jewish friend, fret not for Jesus' Church the Catholic one is accepting of all undesirables, even the jews. Have you tried out the Tridentine Latin Mass?

269f86  No.780999


I mean, most of the churches I went to were great. But the few that disturbed me -really- disturbed me. I'm not used to this kind of parish.

I'm Orthodox so obviously I'd like it if you were to become Orthodox, so I don't recommend keeping the Orthodox Church on the side as a "last ditch effort". Maybe go check one out this Sunday (although it will be Forgiveness Sunday, where we ask everyone around us for forgiveness - someone will likely ask you to forgive them if you go!). I believe Antiochian parishes are the most friendly in the US.

58a180  No.781005

File: 6c26337431a5c68⋯.jpg (670.05 KB, 2156x2297, 2156:2297, 1466385927983-1.jpg)

i think you may need to make a serious effort to determine which church you believe to be true first, through some theological and historical study. if you believe that that the Church is true, then it makes it easier to deal with feeling somewhat unwelcome, because you aren't there to feel welcome primarily, you're there for a true encounter with Christ.

i believe that the Catholic Church is true and thus i am a Catholic. i am sort of weird and don't fit into social situations very easily. through studying the bible, theology and church history though, i came to believe in the sacraments, and so i knew that despite not really fitting in, i needed to be baptized and then start receiving the eucharist. after a while i found a group at my parish that meets on thursdays for adoration and rosary and now i can say i have friends at church, but that wasn't immediate and wasn't my primary reason for being there.

obviously i think that you should continue to be Catholic, but more than anything i think you should come to an understanding of the importance of the sacraments and being part of a legitimate, sacramental and apostolic church. trust me dude i don't like the social cliqueyness either, but unfortunately almost every church has that crap. pray the rosary, read your bible, and seek our lord Jesus Christ in the eucharist, he's there even when the congregation is unfaithful, even if the priest isn't good, even if the liturgy isn't celebrated as reverently as it could be.


check out this link for a ton of info on the eucharist from the church fathers. it's hard dealing with the social bullsh*t that goes on in churches but you're supernaturally connected through your baptism to countless brothers who struggle with the same thing, myself being one of them. and disregard >>780994 this fgt knocking on you for being ethnically jewish or whatever. god bless you man.

192871  No.781013


My church is Serbian and doesn't have pews but instead a little bench at the walls where old people can rest. It's in middle America, so yes not all Orthodox churches in the US are created equal.

Don't sperg because your priest said something political. The church was never meant to be totally disarmed and unable to comment on political affairs.

What kind of "conspiracies" was he talking about? Don't dismiss them out of hand just because of social programming.

269f86  No.781015


There's a difference between "the priest got a little political there during the homily" and "the homily was about praising something the president said rather than about the actual scriptures that were read today". And I would at least understand a little if Trump were Orthodox, but he is not.

>What kind of "conspiracies" was he talking about?

I don't remember, something about a mafia in New Orleans being not all bad. Either way, never in my life have I heard priests get all political, either during the Liturgy or during the agape, until I was in the US. This is not normal.

a5dde6  No.781025


>It's no different than the normie world with cliques and social ladders

I feel you. I felt like I really didn't fit in when I started volunteering at the church I've been going to for years. I wasn't "rejected" and everyone there was nice to me but I really didn't become friends with any of them except for two people who stopped coming to church at the times I would go.

The only people around my age (17 at the time) would bring their boyfriend or girlfriend and just talk amongst themselves. The young adults (25-35) also had their own group that would hang out outside of church but they would really never talk to me outside of really short small talk. The older people would talk to me the most but we would just have the same conversation every time.

It's a protestant church and I still go but I no longer volunteer.

f44e79  No.781123


>Is weekly communion without confession normal in America?

You're supposed to take communion everytime you go to Liturgy, what are you talking about?

Most places the priest needs to work, so there is little time for scheduling confession.

f5a8fe  No.781131

File: d63c341e2dbdc81⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1513x1177, 1513:1177, d6brcgokw3v11.jpg)


Stop lying. OP called himself an undesirable. I was only quoting him in that regard. Did you also miss the part where I called OP my friend? No I guess you didn't.

Bearing false witness is a sin, anon. Repent.

58a180  No.781243


chill out dude you're a deus vult larper, relax

4cdebb  No.781366

Out of interest, Ashkenazi, Sephardi or something else? As long as you genuinely believe Jesus is your saviour then you should be welcome.

269f86  No.781374


You're supposed to take communion everytime you go to Liturgy, but you're also supposed to not sin throughout the week. If you commit a grave sin, you absolutely must not receive communion without receiving absolution first. The purpose of the antidoron is normally to be given to those Orthodox who did not commune.

6ed70c  No.781529

File: 39fdad470ff8114⋯.jpeg (148.11 KB, 634x976, 317:488, FB81277F-3BB4-4467-A779-6….jpeg)


How many clown memes are going to be pushed? They lack the fun of gamers rise up or I am going to say the N word.

7b8b2f  No.781604

File: ae5eab1c6e334bf⋯.png (61.25 KB, 212x225, 212:225, 890BD897-9F98-48AC-8B81-BD….png)


You can’t say the N-Word, that’s racist!

f5a8fe  No.781632


No u, modernist

f5a8fe  No.781676

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I support the idea of using clowns as a means of spreading christian values, just keep it out of mass please.

ecdb96  No.781759

File: a96d13eda43b914⋯.png (298.22 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, a96.png)

f5a8fe  No.781784

File: bed8a56cdb53d35⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 420x326, 210:163, junior-and-lala.jpg)


I was about to say.

It's okay brother. I forgive you. I am open to someone doing clown acts for kids parties and have the act teach some christian virtues.

2f24dc  No.793796


that's a false gospel. salvation is a free gift, not of works lest any man should boast. your son would be punished, but he would still go to heaven if he was saved. but he would be punished in this life

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