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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: a77c1ee631e5208⋯.jpg (299.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, equalityhell.jpg)

c1988a  No.782905

Hello /christian/

I am in the process of joining the Catholic Church, and I was assigned a sponsor recently. He's a boomer but he seems like a nice enough guy. We spent a few hours together at a spiritual retreat and one of the first things he said to me was that "I think Marx was right" and "If Social Security is Socialism then I'm a socialist". I didn't know what to say. I told him that I'm not a socialist and every time socialism has been tried it ends up in the murder of millions. He said something about the Magna Carta and we both just dropped the discussion.

How is it that someone can be a Catholic for decades and not understand that Marx and Socialism are mortal enemies of the Catholic Church? How can he be so ignorant of his own faith?

For some background, I'm a 25 year old college student. /pol/ initially woke me up to what's going on in the world today, from there I started reading old books and reactionary blogs. I would call myself a reactionary in my political views today. I'm a business administration / economics major, probably going to go into the banking industry. (Yes, I know usury is a sin but people do need financial advice). Obviously being a Christian isn't about having certain political views, but I'm seriously dumbfounded as to how an inveterate Catholic can be so ignorant of the fact that Socialists have wanted to destroy the Church since Socialism was even conceived of. What the hell am I supposed to do, /christian/? People of my political persuasion can't go around stating our views publicly or we're going to get fired. I thought at least in the Church people wouldn't be so full of the insanity of clownworld, but lo and behold my assigned sponsor is namedropping Marx as if that's going to impress me. Well it's certainly impressive, though not in the way he thought it would be.

Do I correct him? Do I find a new sponsor? Do I just shut up and keep my head down? I'm getting sick of biting my tongue, I hate the modern world and everything it stands for. What can I do about it, though? I have to be able to provide for a family some day, and no one is going to hire me if I tell the truths written in old books.

Please give advice, /christian/.

938f27  No.782908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stop being catholic

3f6cdd  No.782909

Boomers.. boomers never change.

Also, begome Orthodox. Forget that fake "Orthodox" Calvinist above.

938f27  No.782912

File: 4683f0722862746⋯.png (48.68 KB, 1856x800, 58:25, Political ideology among O….png)

File: 2a91ef8501a79e4⋯.png (51.96 KB, 1856x800, 58:25, Political ideology among p….png)

File: d063e541dd7ffa7⋯.png (55.74 KB, 1856x800, 58:25, Views about government aid….png)

File: a9f369d73050215⋯.png (55.91 KB, 1856x800, 58:25, Views about government aid….png)

3f6cdd  No.782913


You're falling into the boomer's trap.. when he assumed Social Security is Marxist. That contribution comes back to you or your family. Besides, one should make room for taking care of old folks anyhow. What's the alternative? Have them sleep and crap in the streets?

938f27  No.782915


The boomer is right. Social security is by definition socialist. The alternative is churches and families supporting the needy like the bible says, not the state.

13f6f9  No.782916

File: a4d16fc870c79d9⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 400x188, 100:47, 1 (1).jpg)

File: 12b30300988f943⋯.jpg (76.54 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-historical-exper….jpg)

File: b2638196b46f8e5⋯.png (408.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, leoXIII-2-600x600.png)

Pay no mind to the schismatics and the prots, they care not for your salvation.

He can still be your sponsor but you should show him of all the times the Church has condemed socialism if he ever brings it up again. If he still insists on being an unironic socialist, tell your preist that you want a different sponser as you cannot agree with someone so deadset on following (((satan's))) socio-economic religion. If anything, this will be a great opportunity to redpill him on the dangers and truth about socialism. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope all goes well, OP.

God love you

38ca87  No.782944

You should attend a Traditional Church like the FSSP, SSPX, or ICKSP

fdadc4  No.782974


If you think the banking industry is about giving financial advice, you haven't even begun to wake up anon.

Also, what is a sponsor? Are you some kind of whore?

c1988a  No.782982


No, I don't think the banking industry is "about giving financial advice." Do you genuinely not know what a sponsor is, or are you just asking unhelpful rhetorical questions like some kind of retarded faggot?

eca6b0  No.782986


>I hate the modern world and everything it stands for. What can I do about it, though?

Go through these and come to your own conclusion:





alternatively, if tldr; just listen to this guy >>782909

2416d7  No.782989

c1988a  No.782990

File: 14e47e1d9fdbc88⋯.jpg (80.85 KB, 1065x799, 1065:799, trial.jpg)


I have read Nihilism by Father Rose. Incredible book.

I don't want to start a cathodox debate thread, we have enough. I've decided to become Catholic. If you're interested, here's why:

Orthodox Christianity isn't going to save the West. The Orthodox church is only less cucked because it is not in such close proximity to globohomo, Orthodox Christians in Western countries are not less pozzed than Catholics or Protestants for that matter. The Orthodox were cucked by the Ottomans and stayed that way for centuries. When Globohomo asserts its dominance the Orthodox are going to do the same thing they did when the Ottomans took over, quiet submissive monasticism.

Catholicism is imperialism, Christ deserves to reign on Earth as well as Heaven. Ave Christus Rex.


Thank you.


I should. I prefer the Latin mass. My fiancee works Sunday mornings, the local FSSP parish only has mass in the morning, there's a Novus Ordo mass at 5:30 PM. Better for her to go to Novus Ordo with me in the evening than for me to go to traditional mass alone.

2416d7  No.782992


Orthodox priests led many armed uprising against the Ottomans, and the only reason they didn't succeed earlier is because the Catholic West left us to rot. Just shows how little you know about history.

You can literally google Orthodox warrior monk/priest.

eca6b0  No.783003


Legitimate Orthodox badassery aside, it is still kind of amazing how far the One True Church has spread, considering how relatively little evangelising it does, and how much persecution it's endured. I'm not sure it even really needs man's explicit "deus vult" imperialism very much for it to eventually take over.

13f6f9  No.783013

File: 666b91afd980802⋯.jpg (91.14 KB, 629x616, 629:616, 10372181_10152223497033382….jpg)

File: 1b00f55f841d5f1⋯.jpg (41.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, BnNgTq7IgAA5cgm.jpg)


>da ebil papists!

Get over it already. The ecumenical patriarch already forgave the pope back in the 60s, and vice versa. You too can forgive the Catholics.

Only Jews act like the Eternal victim.

eca6b0  No.783021


Old conflicts aside, it's important to note that the Ecumenical Patriarch doesn't hold the kind of authority over Orthodoxy the way the Pope does over Catholicism.

Also, ecumenism is bad mmmkay: http://orthodoxinfo.com/ecumenism/default.aspx

938f27  No.783472


>one true church

>admitted abandonment of great commission

truly a paradox

19e8a3  No.783689


But seriously, "socialism" isn't inherently heretical, the early Church is often used to justify leftist-Christian thought. Besides the term "socialism" is so broad it may as well be meaningless. Saying Marx was right, on the other hand, is something of a red flag lol. If he meant Marx's critique of capitalism…then sure? But if he's actually praised dialectical materialism and such, then yeah find a new sponsor. He honestly just sounds like your typical, harmless, left of center boomer.

c1988a  No.783933


Socialism is coercion. Christ said to give to the poor, he did not say "check a box on a piece of paper that will send men with guns to take from the rich and give to the poor". Socialism isn't charity. Being generous with other people's money is not charity. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor makes the rich agitated and the poor ungrateful.

That isn't even including the fact that Socialists are constantly promoting 1. Materialism 2. Feminism 3. Abortion 4. Racial displacement of Whites 5. Anti-theism. Quotes from church fathers about being kind to the poor has nothing to do with the genocidal Christ-hating ideology of the past 2 centuries named Socialism.

c1988a  No.784125


>Ecumenism didn't happen in the last 1000 years

Except for Ferrara-Florence.

13f6f9  No.784129

File: 250515ca20ff484⋯.png (41.47 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 72a871345ffdc9089942866ac9….png)


I'll pray for you, schismatic.

3720b7  No.784145

The purpose of the Church is not to bring political salvation, but to bring souls to the Lord.

Most people think Christians pretend to believe in God just to feel good, and honestly you're all convincing me of that.

19e8a3  No.784403


Read Acts.

154fa6  No.784765


It's beautiful, and it can work naturally in a real Christian society. But that doesn't apply to outsiders (nor did it in Acts). The more the merrier, but we shouldn't twist people's arms.

575e8f  No.784787


I also had a sponser. It's when you g o through RCIA. It's basically like a Godparent for adults I guess.

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