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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 4e4be6be1f036a3⋯.jpg (195.55 KB, 690x398, 345:199, erdererergergergerw.jpg)

671b6c  No.786869

Are there any theological contradictions that make your faith tremble from time to time, /christian/s?

17818a  No.786870


The sermon on the mount gives me trouble because many of the verses seemingly contradict with other parts of the NT, like Jesus saying the poor will be filled when He says later that for those who have not more will be taken away. And the turn the other cheek passage seems to contradict with Jesus acting violently in the temple and talking back to His accusers.

9a08ef  No.786874


>No one who abides in him keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him. [1 John 3:6]

If you ever sin at all (as everyone - believer or not - does from time to time, as man is sinful by nature), you never knew God in the first place?

86a46c  No.786877


Turn the other cheek just means don't get into fights over grudges. Nothing to do with removing the merchants from God's house.

d0d7f9  No.786886


I guess dubs confirm.

c67afb  No.786887


Stuff about life in heaven/the new earth. I'm down with striving for the beatific vision and all, but it seems like after that we just all turn into lifeless, sexless drones who just pray every second for eternity and never do anything fun or entertaining. Also the new Jerusalem sounds really tacky with all the gems and shit and it sounds like we'll just be living in a giant prison cube. I like trees

73924e  No.786891


me too. I hope we can get to explore the entire new earth, and hopefully other places as well. I love living in the world ( as in, i love experiencing life, not living in sin or with wordly corcerns ) and i hope we can have similar experiences from the current world in the future as well.

8b71dc  No.786966

For me it's hell and mass damnata, lately I've been feeling hopeless like giving up and just having fun while this life passes me by. Hell is such a horrible concept, but it makes too much sense

21806c  No.786995

File: 6c70391483b5c50⋯.gif (893.46 KB, 400x554, 200:277, lets chat im always online….gif)


Heaven sounds like being stuck in 2nd Life forever. With no struggle and context of such, pleasure would just turn to smothering numbness.

9a08ef  No.787022



I'm not overly worried about that, for three reasons:

1) Our bodies - and therefore, our senses and perceptions - will likely be different in Heaven

2) God is not stupid, he surely must be aware that constant joy would eventually be numbed, and will prevent that

3) God created things like the pleasure of eating, the pleasure of exercise, the pleasure of good sex, for us to enjoy on Earth because they were good - and he made us well suited to enjoy them. I don't see why he wouldn't allow us to experience those same pleasures in the New Earth.

614b17  No.787214

the only thing that challenges my faith is my desire to sin and live selfishly.

1d52b6  No.787481


God is infinitely good and just. There's no reason to worry.

1d52b6  No.787483

now a sinful life is a real reason to worry

23a33c  No.787495


>You see God

>God is the infinite

>Everything good you can think of is included in the infinite (infinity of quality).

446964  No.787498


Zero contradictions


The issue is that you're thinking about it from a human perspective. It will not look tacky as gems are just rocks that are found naturally on earth

You only think they appear tacky because you think of the gems that are carved by humans. God is more than a human.

a764bc  No.787533


>When you take metaphors as fact statements

It will be fine

ea04f0  No.787570


You’re living the struggle right now.

ea04f0  No.787572


He’s explaining the SHEER IMPOSSIBILITY of being saved any works, or any combination of “faith” and works.

It’s faith alone. We’ll never measure up no matter what.

54784c  No.787675



e3683c  No.787990

File: d9bce9a3cda6332⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1549527550896.jpg)


You can't approach how your experience will be in heaven from the base and simple pleasures you perceive on Earth. Heaven is not perfect because it is infinitely full of things that give you base pleasures so you never get bored, just being in the presence of God alone will fulfill you completely forever. We only feel the need to constantly fill ourselves because we are fallen creatures, like a bucket with a hole in it that never lets water completely fill it, in heaven you will be made complete again.

48f184  No.788088

Not a contradiction, but an awesome paradox that makes me wonder: why would a thrice-holy, all just God want to save and bring into His joyful Kingdom a filthy-spewing, evil-loving, ungrateful, hypocritical son of a bitch like me?

a7ffd2  No.788114

"Theological contradiction" is an oxymoron since God Himself is One and cannot, logically, contradict Himself.

Assuming you mean "things that challenge your faith" in a broader sense, not intellectually, only sentimentally, e.g., the problem of suffering.

f01440  No.788132

File: 19194fad72af767⋯.png (641.43 KB, 719x718, 719:718, 1551403796868.png)

Not really a contradiction, but I fell prey to the cult of universalism a while back. It's hard to interact with people and think that some of them might go to hell for eternity.

5ce89a  No.788319


Faith without works is dead

183738  No.788336


But it is not the works that makes one rtight.

The good works are a product of being made right with God through Jesus Christ. That requires faith. And faith is not of your own doing but it is a gift given to by Jesus Christ.

Any faith you have comes from Christ Jesus himself. It is the faith of Jesus Christ that saves you.

Good works are produced and carried out naturally in response to faith. It's done in autonomy. If you give to the poor with your right hand do not let your left hand know what your right hand has done.

>But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,

f78944  No.788341


>But it is not the works that makes one rtight.

yeah, it's the faith with works, because faith without works is dead. quit trying to make something so simple very complicated

f78944  No.788342


>Good works are produced and carried out naturally in response to faith. It's done in autonomy.

that makes no sense, we have free will, and we aren't robots. the holy spirit defines it as a "foot race", you can fail a "foot race".

96ccaf  No.788353


works will not save you.

f78944  No.788355


faith without works is dead

09f6ba  No.788438


If works aren't optional, it's literally works based salvation.

If man HAS to go to church or soul winning or repent than that is literally works based salvation and you don't believe that Jesus can save you.

So stop lying to the papist and sin boldy.

f78944  No.788441


>the baptist view is: faith= salvation + works

the Catholic view (2,000 years old) is:

faith without works: dead

faith with works: alive

0c637e  No.788468

Both Jesus and Satan being called the Morning Star

3eaad0  No.788530

17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19So then, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do likewise will be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven

05aedf  No.788564

File: 5e4daf15e155c86⋯.jpg (5.76 MB, 3401x4495, 3401:4495, Rembrandt,_The_Baptism_of_….jpg)


Was the Roman Centurion and the Ethiopian Eunuch converts in Acts, actual gentiles? The Roman Centurion already believed in only God, and the Ethiopian was already reading Isaiah when Philip happened across him.

f78944  No.788586


>But if a person is saved by their faith they'll show good works.

Your error is that you re-define what faith is, all works of the spirit (works of faith) are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but those that have faith can falter, and do bad works, and fall away.

This is why we are called to prayer, to fasting, and to trembling before the Lord our God, as St. Paul and Christ Himself taught us.

c1ebcf  No.788592

c1ebcf  No.788593


*Anything that's not KJV

754797  No.788618

Ephesians 2:8 in comparison with basically all catholic and orthodox soteriology

a081bc  No.788683

a081bc  No.788714


Why are you pushing James 2 as a proof text against sola fide if you know they're compatible?

fcf162  No.789042

They had a feminist on the radio earlier today, rattling of a list of already debunked feminazi talking points as if they were accepted facts and that made me think for a moment that there is no god.

debfba  No.789069


Ok, so you dont understand Protestant theology then.

3b5feb  No.789072

File: 37d31d48e779324⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 257x283, 257:283, hard laugh.jpg)




8da991  No.789109

File: 08d9cf89c1cda8a⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 626x417, 626:417, 603e50_f4d4d8b7751c485b890….jpg)




Maybe when prots stop schisming and arguing with each other we will take their "theology" seriously.

debfba  No.789110




thanks for reminding me why I stopped coming here

ffc488  No.789212

Something something gay mafia.

aa8acd  No.789414

If you are able to find theological contradictions pray more for decrease your QI and anymore affect your faith.

73924e  No.789421



61355d  No.789422

File: 2a3715ea45b543c⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 689x500, 689:500, 2a3715ea45b543ced7deea4b20….jpg)


This is all you need to know of that matter; repent and the Lord will find you once more.

932e8a  No.790396

Luke 19:27. Can anyone decipher it.

f78944  No.790402


Anyone who is called to God, and denies Christ, will be slain in the day of Judgement. Which means they will be cast into the pit of Fire, which we know as "the second death".

932e8a  No.790406

>>790396 you sound brainwashed and dumb.

8da991  No.791021


Repent furry or else you will only know hellfire.

3d06ac  No.791023


Anybody who does not practice peaceful beliefs should be subject to the free exercise of unpeace onto themselves.

8da991  No.791033


There is nothing peaceful about animal abuse.

299d50  No.791058


>This is how the Constitution was meant to allow a freedom of religion in USA while preventing unfair advantages against others

You're probably baiting, but the same men who wrote the Constitution also wrote strict laws against beastiality because they knew it's an abomination

fdb432  No.791061


>The LARPagan thinks sex with animals isn't abusing the animals

The absolute state of LARPaganry

I don't even think Charlie would stoop so low, and he worships a literal faggot. Go away, sodomite, and repent from your furry perversion!

621c75  No.791062


What? Youre going to have a difficult time proving that, because the people who wrote the Constitution didn't write that into the Constitution. That's why sodomy laws were stuck down as unconstitutional and any other law discriminating against what was originally covered under sodomy is still unconstitutional. If it was once religious discrimination it still is religious discrimination.

This is why tithes and taxes imposed by churches on people's rights to belong to a religion or worship is not a religion, it's a business and strictly against the christian people's rights to assemble or belong to the religion. It's the same concept.

Donations are voluntary but allowing people the right to free exercise is not.

4d8eb5  No.791070


A real christian should understand how we've allowed them their rights to free exercise and according to the Bible they should respectfully allow us our rights to free exercise. It is not neighborly, christian, nor US constitutional to deny these rights to people. I care about christians rights so long as christians are who they say they are.

299d50  No.791072


Yep it's just shit b8

861db3  No.791073

I want to be religious but it just doesn't make sense. If Christianity started 2000 years ago, what about all the humans that lived before that? Despite being older than Islam, it's still such a young religion. How could such a relatively modern thing be true?

135212  No.791074

In one of the Gospels, Jesus exorcises a demon from a mad man who lives in the catacombs. In another of the Gospels, it's two mad men. This doesn't necessarily shake my faith, but I have a difficult time resolving this contradiction.

18d522  No.791075


The offspring of Christianity is younger than Christianity itself. The son is not the father but he is the offspring of the father.

135212  No.791077


>what about all the humans that lived before that?

When Christ died, he descended into hell and taught salvation to the souls imprisoned there. The ones who listened were freed and taken to heaven. Google "The Harrowing of Hell".

8da991  No.791079


Just because one of the mad men isn't accounted for doesn't mean he isn't there in the Gospel where Jesus healed one instead of two.

861db3  No.791083



That sounds to me like a a post time justification. I was raised religious, mostly Baptist and Presbyterian, sung in the choir, rang the brllwy, acted in the plays. I really wanna believe, but like I said, it just doesn't make sense to me. Christianity now seems too convenient for a servile race, while jews pull the strings and Muslims carry on with their holy wars.

e3c481  No.791086


Some people just don't agree with other people's rights to worship. Have to understand what you're worshiping before jumping onboard.

This is like, you might be interested in going on a cruise called Christianity, but there are some people inviting you to take a ride on the life boats which are a breakoff of the main vessel and unknowingly filled with explosives. They want you to do all the work to row it into the cruise ship where everyone else is sharing the religion and having a good time.

73924e  No.791090


Jews never "pulled the strings" until the last 100 years. Even in britain, the native aristocravy and royal family still held most power and influence. Jews lived in ghettos for millenia until the french revolution and Napoleon.

96ccaf  No.791096


Deuteronomy 32:35

Jesus has the authority to flip over tables and whip merchants.

whether we have that authority or not is up for debate, and possibly a case-by-case basis.

bceef4  No.791099


96ccaf  No.791100


I have an opinion on the slight differences in the Gospels that someone will call heresy.

I think it's possible that the differences between gospels(which are many) speak of possible realities where Jesus is exactly the same and behaves the same way.

we know that God sees all possible realities, and we know that God wrote the Bible.

all 4 gospels are true regardless. this is simply my theory, which, if it can be successfully refuted, will be abandoned.

63b828  No.791104


That's a corruption of Isaiah 14:12 not found in the original language sources. You only find it in corrupted versions of Isaiah 14:12 which draw from corrupt sources.

And yeah, definitely one of the first proofs of how satanic those modern versions are.


Guess who owns the radio and tv stations right now? And the newspapers?

22aa6a  No.791106


Yes jews can be terrorists too. Given the chance, bad people use their protected statuses for profit or for more than they're honest beliefs allow for. It's opportunistic predation of other people's rights to worship. This might make people feel well ng for having saved the Jews but saving was never actually wrong. Wrong is the people with the intentions to do wrong in the name of the Lord.

73924e  No.791108


Yes. My point is that jews never had any real power and influence until the last 100 years

2691eb  No.791112


491167  No.791116


Yup. We will see if Jews gain more power, most of the bad christians will become Jews to exploit the unfair advantages. It's like how people lie about cancer and ptsd to gain access to marijuana.

63b828  No.791117



>That's why sodomy laws were stuck down as unconstitutional

Uh no they weren't. First off you seem unfamiliar with the basis of English Common Law and many of the bases for these legal concepts. Secondly it's only a matter of time before a major parts of the civil rights act of 1964 is struck down as unconstitutional due to violating these things. That and wrongly allowing talmudists to legislate from the bench is how this whole situation happened. There never should be any such concept of enforcing anti-discrimination on the populace, it's legally groundless.

>IV. What has been here observed, especially with regard to the manner of proof, which ought to be more clear in proportion as the crime is the more detestable, may be applied to another offence of a still deeper malignity,–the infamous crime against nature, committed either with man or beast; a crime which ought to be strictly and impartially proved, and then as strictly and impartially punished. But it is an offence of so dark a nature, so easily charged, and the negative so difficult to be proved, that the accusation should be clearly made out; for if false, it deserves a punishment inferior only to that of the crime itself.

>I will not act so disagreeable a part, to my readers as well as myself, as to dwell any longer upon a subject the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature. It will be more eligible to imitate, in this respect, the delicacy of our English law, which treats it in its very indictments as a crime not fit to be named… Which leads me to add a word concerning its punishment.

>This the voice of nature and of reason and the express law of God determined to be capital. Of which we have a signal instance long before the Jewish dispensation by the destruction of two cities by fire from heaven; so that this is a universal, not merely a provincial, precept. And our antient law in some degree imitated this punishment, by commanding such miscreants to be burned to death,(n) though Fleta(o) says they should be buried alive; either of which punishments was indifferently used for this crime among the antient Goths.(p) But now the general punishment of all felonies is the same, namely, by hanging; and this offence (being in the times of popery only subject to ecclesiastical censures) was made felony without benefit of clergy by statute 25 Hen. VIII. c. 6, revived and confirmed by 5 Eliz c. 17.

— Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England


See "Goldstein's massacre" if you're interested for more on this. You should still be able to find it on youtube.


I would tend to disagree with this analysis. For instance they were very influential in the "enlightenment" period with humanism being nothing but a thinly veiled kabbalism philosophy. There were many banker dynasties that go back that far and more, which controlled and influenced a lot of the state churches doctrines regarding them over the years. Their elite has more or less always been in the rulers of the darkness of this world, and in spiritual wickedness in high places.

cb6801  No.791121


It can't be struck down as unconstitutional unless people are intending to strike down the Constitution itself. You'll have to be more specific on how it could be struck down, otherwise you don't really know you're conspiring against the USA which is a serious crime. The only people who get away with avoiding those consequences are not really american citizens but any American citizen who is found guilty of contributing is still under the jurisdiction of US law and can be tried for treason.

63b828  No.791122

File: 3000b23726269b9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x727, 1280:727, 14efbcabe.png)

File: 9517718ae1056c6⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 602x430, 7:5, 1471813694334-0.jpg)


Also how does that add up with this?

c2f64b  No.791124


>It can't be struck down as unconstitutional unless people are intending to strike down the Constitution itself.

Please explain.

>You'll have to be more specific on how it could be struck down, otherwise you don't really know you're conspiring against the USA which is a serious crime.

How could it be struck down? The United States Constitution provides for 'the right of the people peaceably to assemble,'

Included in this, the first amendment, has always been the freedom of association. The US government really doesn't have the right to outlaw certain organizations on an anti-discrimination basis. Nor does it have the right to specify "protected group" status limited to certain individuals but not others. Both of those things violate the freedom of association guaranteed by the first amendment. And are outclassed by the first amendment. All it would take is the right case to be made for this to be established and the civil rights acts 1964 or a large part of it, to be overthrown as unconstitutional.

cb6801  No.791129


The right to peaceably assemble is not synonymous with the right to lie. Perjury is illegal on all floors and in the supreme court that constitutes as fraud against the USA which is also a major crime. This is why striking down the civil rights act is not permanent because striking down the civil rights act is in turn a violation of other people's right to peaceably assemble. One person's rights may not be misconstrued to take rights from another. Misconstruction of the constitution for such purposes is also a major crime.

fe2322  No.791134


Never forget, the 9th amendment USC. This is why armed robbery is illegal. It is peaceful to assemble with people who have guns but it is not legal to use your assembly to rob a bank.

ecca8a  No.791136


The US claims to be "one nation under God" but it was a completely secular state from the beginning.

1776 was a revolution against throne and altar, it was the leadup to the French Revolution.

34a61b  No.791137


>Perjury is illegal on all floors and in the supreme court that constitutes as fraud against the USA which is also a major crime. This is why striking down the civil rights act is not permanent

I quoted the first amendment and noted how people have the freedom of association at least according to a constitutional legal basis. Everything I just said is true and not a fraud. The first amendment really does say that. How is any of that false?

You have to first show what part of what I said is fraudulent, and to argue a case for legal fraud you would have to prove that I had the intent of committing fraud, otherwise every time an attorney sincerely argued a case that was found to be untrue that attorney would have committed fraud! No, he sincerely argued for his case, there is no intent of criminal fraud on his part.

>One person's rights may not be misconstrued to take rights from another.

Exactly my point. The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of association and that includes assemblies of people you don't like who wish to band together. We cannot impede them from making an organization or running a company on an anti-discrimination basis. Just as it is to each individual to make decisions about their personal conduct. The US government cannot take away its citizens' right to associate given under the first amendment protections afforded by the US Constitution. All it would take is the right case to be decided in court for the "civil rights act" to be struck down as unconstitutional.

Additionally no person has the right to decide what constitutes a "protected group" under the same legal basis. Nobody has that kind of power. Nobody has the right to say in an official capacity that "we're going to protect one group, but not these other groups because we decided according to humanism and the talmud that they aren't protected." That's also against the Constitution because ironically, that is discrimination by the government, which is also unconstitutional.

cb6801  No.791143


One nation under God, not one nation under one god. God is synonomous of all religions. God is anyone's belief and that is what makes our nation One. It's very specifically understandable.

73924e  No.791147



Yes there were bankers, slave owners, userers, influencers for sure. But they weren't always the ruling elite that they are now..and also i guess they could have different degrees of influence in each country, like england, america, and so on. But less so on places like Spain, Portugal, Austria, and so on.

cb6801  No.791148


It's fraud if you say the first amendment allows you to assemble to prevent other people from practice because the ninth amendment says your first amendment may not be construed to deny other people's rights to practice. If you own property you may not use that property to prevent my ownership of property and so on. If your assembly creates undue hardship on my constitutional rights to practice my beliefs of sex with farm animals, when you own a herd of 100 cows and my practice does not actually deprive you of your ownership then there is nothing unconstitutional about my practices.

Constitutionally everybody should be allowed to own a cow and if we may not due to property availably restrictions then the Constitution allows for people who believe in sex with animals to assemble on whoever is hoarding property and cows in violation of my rights.

Apply this to religion everybody is allowed to have a place of worship and access to free exercise of such. This prevents stagnation and let's say the freedom of religion was created to prevent things like communism.

73924e  No.791149


Also vast majority of jews lived in ghettos, that's a fact..But i won't deny that they had some degree of influence in some instances in history, but the power they have now is unprecendented in history

cb6801  No.791150


Claiming it's OK to strike down rights is wrong. Nobody can't strike down rights without being unpeacefully assembled.

ecca8a  No.791152

File: 7f2f00d34083822⋯.jpg (380.25 KB, 1600x1146, 800:573, the-adoration-of-the-golde….jpg)


Imagine being this indoctrinated with Western relativism out of the Frankfurt school.

Go read the first commandment, fren.

But at least we aren't clinging to the fantasy that America is a Christian place.

a1ff8c  No.791154


Let's look at this another way. That is fear mongering. Fear mongering is causing "un-rest."

Un-doing people's rights is un-assembly and that is un-constitutional.

Un-assembly is disassembly is opposite of assembly and it is disgusting to the Constitution.

The great thing about this countries religious freedoms it allows multiple beliefs and not everybody would practice their right to have sex with animals and therefore what is depicted in your photo cannot happen in the USA. That's what makes it a right and not an obligation and the only obligation we have is to allow people their rights.

7c6103  No.791155


Sorry I might have misinterpreted your photo.

Everything I said was true just apply what I've said to freedom to worship God how one sees fit.

e8e387  No.791158


You cannot have pluralism and yet believe in objective “rights”.

The picture is Moses condemning the idolatry of the ancient Israelites. They decided to worship a golden cow instead of almighty God. You see this in the modern world where people worship their race, their constitution, “human rights”, or “Western civilisation” as an idol designed to replace God.

Saying all religions are the same is just blasphemy and inaccurate. God gave us the first commandment firstly because it is most important.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10.

5aaae1  No.791161


Incorrect. Everyone has rights in the USA and religions have the right to idolize here. This is why christians idolize the cross and statues of Jesus Christ. My beliefs don't require me to idolize cows but I would worship by having sex with cows. Likewise christians worship by practicing Christmas. The cow is not god but the practice brings me closer to what is universally named God.

f02313  No.791176


That is idolizing the first commandment. The first commandment allows us to worship God when facing opposition from actual idolatry. It is not to be worshiped itself. Therefore the idol is a catalyst to worship and that's why it was given to us. God is in the idol, god is not the idol.

2af906  No.791178


>It's fraud if you say the first amendment allows you to assemble to prevent other people from practice

If the practice is criminal then it should be reported to the authorities and law enforcement. And if a practice is criminal then I should also be allowed to support the legal framework and the legislation to pass against it in a peaceful manner.

>the Constitution allows for people who believe in sex with animals to assemble on whoever is hoarding property and cows in violation of my rights.

You sound like a sodomite straight out of Genesis 19. Please follow due process and don't promote threats on here. Allow the case to be made orderly in court. The powers that be will ultimately decide this.


>Claiming it's OK to strike down rights is wrong.

Abortionists claim their right to kill children, but this violates the child's right to life. Slave owners claim their right to trade slaves, drug dealers claim their right to trade narcotics, whoremongers claim their right to prostitute people. All those trample of the rights of the rest of us, they violate the natural law and they need to be stricken down in court and the case will be made against it. You've greatly oversimplified things in order to promote your self interest. But fortunately, that won't be tolerated.

0233d5  No.791190


Hmm…You must not be a true christian or law abiding American citizen if you feel that way. There's supposed to be a separation of church and state but the state is supposed to respect people's beliefs.

>>Abortionists claim their right to kill children, but this violates the child's right to life. Slave owners claim their right to trade slaves, drug dealers claim their right to trade narcotics, whoremongers claim their right to prostitute people.<<

All of these things infringe on other people's rights and they are not the same as a person's right to practice sex with farm animals. All of those things are a true "taking" conversion or a business while sex is akin to kissing a cross. Nothing was taken when someone kisses the cross or kneels and bows to the east.

Not to be misunderstood, you also have the right to not worship God or live in this country if it bothers you.

a0bb21  No.791206


The courts here are corrupt and they do not take people's rights seriously. It's the same reason why we are having a communication dysfunction here. I'm not threatening anyone I'm just letting you know your rights and the consequences people would face when violating mine. Some people including the courts just don't care about other people's rights and thats what requires violent representation. I don't want that, but without rights who has a choice?

2021ca  No.794591


>Are there any theological contradictions that make your faith tremble from time to time, /christian/s?

pagan fishes for a crack in the wall so they can find an attack vector.

get behind me satan.

4791ed  No.794891

The concept of Elohim multiple gods makes one wonder. In corinthians there’s a bit about there being other gods etc. While in genesis let’s make man in “out” image. Does not shake my faith but is interesting. Now the Dead Sea scrolls, book of Enoch specifically creeps me out. And in relation to Jesus, in Matthew when he says he’s here to fulfill the law but says >surely you’ve heard an eye for an eye “exodus laws for the Jews” >turn the other cheek I think he was trying to show other ways of law idk

b289c6  No.795211


I thought it referred to turning your head in such a way that someone was forced to slap you with their right hand and thus they had to treat you like an equal, since they generally slapped around slaves with their left hand? It's been ages since I've heard that though, so maybe I remember it wrong.

4dca0b  No.795250

Not a frequent user of this board, so pardon me if I spout too much heresy, but I always found the concept of hell to be a tad unfair given its basis.

As I understand it, hell is a place/plane where the wicked and sinners/etc. will be punished for what they have done in their lives. Problem for me is, isn't eternity, technically speaking, too much?

Say, for a man who lived the entirety of his life in relative peace and charity, but commited murder due to rage and died without repenting, being tortured for eternity isn't a tad unfair?

For example, wouldn't a more err… acceptable solution be to give a soul such punishment until it completely, wholeheartedly repents and regrets what it has done, then giving it acess to heaven or maybe another attempt at life?

That always bugged me when people told me of god as wholly kind and just.

Please enlighten me, as I am not an avid reader of the scriptures, just a mere worker. Thanks in advance.

667f55  No.795271


>Not a frequent user of this board, so pardon me if I spout too much heresy, but I always found the concept of hell to be a tad unfair given its basis.

>As I understand it, hell is a place/plane where the wicked and sinners/etc. will be punished for what they have done in their lives. Problem for me is, isn't eternity, technically speaking, too much?

God is eternal and infinite. An offense against God demands equally great reparation. It is not that God is petty and vengeful for His own sake, but rather that, if you put your hand in cold water, you will feel the pain of cold to some degree, and if you freeze your hand in ice, you will feel the pain of cold to a much greater degree, but God is infinitely greater and more dangerous for our fallen nature than whatever analogy I would write here. At the final judgement, the glory of God will permeate all of creation, and we will enter into the eternity of God - which will be eternal bliss for those who love Him and eternal torment for those who hate Him.

The saved cannot receive eternal life if the condemned do not receive eternal punishment, and the condemned cannot receive eternal punishment if the saved do not receive eternal life.

>For example, wouldn't a more err… acceptable solution be to give a soul such punishment until it completely, wholeheartedly repents and regrets what it has done, then giving it acess to heaven or maybe another attempt at life?

The time for repentance and corrective punishment is here and now, in the life we're given. This time cannot last forever, or else it would mean Christ would never return and the righteous would never find their salvation. In fact, this is why God cursed us with death - so that, after eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, we would not also eat of the fruit of life and live eternally in sin. Death motivates us to repent before it is too late.

2691eb  No.795292

the holy spook

577a6b  No.795600


>Are there any theological contradictions that make your faith tremble from time to time

Not any more. The clear opposition of Ezekiel 18 to Romans 9 at one point led me to disregard Christianity as a crock because those two chapters completely oppose one another on the nature of God and the duty of man. One is firmly Calvinist (Romans 9) and the other is Armenian. They can't be reconciled. Since that is the case, and since almost every Christian church maintains the tenant that the bible is the complete and infallible word of God then it followed that Christianity was nonsense since one of their main tenants was clearly false.

However, with time I realized that the bible is not the complete or infallible word of God, that the word of God is actually written into the fabric of reality. The claim by religious institutions that the word of God is only expressed by the writing of men is an arrogant and despicable proclamation that makes the scripture in the bible into an idol rather than an aid.

Once I realized that then I was able to place my faith in God and not in men, so I don't become conflicted and my faith isn't challenged by the opinions of men.

ed95d5  No.795633


If everything is prophesied then what difference does it make? Know God and guide others to know God, and have faith that in the end evil is destroyed.

ba2270  No.795668


… Romans 9 is only the middle of a longer point Paul is making.

Have you tried to simply read Romans 1-11 as a whole, without thinking of them as individual chapters?

Because even in Romans alone, if we treat Romans 1-11 in isolation from each other, Paul contradicts himself in all of them. You don't even need to go reach into Ezekiel to conclude that the Bible contradicts itself, in that case.

>However, with time I realized that the bible is not the complete or infallible word of God, that the word of God is actually written into the fabric of reality.

Why not both? Christians have always asserted that both are true.

96b40c  No.795724


None. The universe is not mine and how it is, is how it is. What I believe is not going to change what is. The golden rule and better way were put forward and we listen and follow at our own taking for better or worse. What is dropped on our heads is either dropped from the heavens or isn't but the better path remains the same. It is the only way.

96bbd7  No.795745

File: 57589cfa28fd083⋯.png (543.12 KB, 1423x524, 1423:524, 57589cfa28fd083ad0a55cffa8….png)


I have a fear similar to this. I worry about losing the concept of self: all that makes me who I am. If that is lost, then can it really be said that I'm alive? What is there preventing the possibility that it won't be me there, but an idealized version of me? Strip away all I've struggled for, all I've lost, all I've overcome, all I've failed, and all I've succeeded in, and what is left? What value is there in triumph if there is no trying?

I look back at all the work I've done, and I know full well that it is imperfect, but that doesn't matter to me. What matters is that it is mine, that it is unique; irreplaceable and impossible to replicate the essence of. When I put to pen and pencil to paper, it can be traced, it can be copied, but it can never be truly "created" again: much like ourselves, in a way. We are all the first, last, and only instance of all that we are. This is not to equate evil with good, for they are very real and quite distinct, but rather to call into question into what gives reason why there are many of us, all unique, and where there is not just one human if all were to be the same. It's not how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, but why would they dance in the first place? Why should they dance? Would they want to dance? More importantly, would we want to dance, and should we? Do angels even have a concept of friendship? Will we?

If that is a sin, a faulty way of perception, then surely my perception will be uprooted and changed entirely lest my pride get the better of me. If that perception - that pattern of thought, creativity, and imagination - is to be shed, then who is left but an idealized shell of what once was and, unfortunately, not to be? Heaven often sounds like all that we are will be purged and replaced: a sort of celestial communism where everyone has the same desires, is the same person by their fruits, and cannot conceive existence in any other way. Perhaps the greatest fear of all these is that the capacity to fear, in itself, would be eliminated. We'd be nothing but stones: rocks that just 'are.' Everything is fulfilled, thus follows an unchanging eternity to which we cannot even feel fatigued of like mice unaware of their cage - unable to even fathom the concept of a cage.

The only shining hope through these dreadful thoughts is free will. To have free will, there must be choice. For there to be choice, there must be true consequence. If there is consequence, choice, and thus will, then there is the hope that who we are will still be preserved. Cleansed, enlightened to be sure, but the real us, all our thoughts, imaginations, memories, and ambitions, will remain. We could still choose our paths, but perhaps with even more freedom than we have now. In free will, personal agency, and the purpose behind us all being unique, lies the only hope I have against all this.

I don't mean to attack anything or anyone, but to express these fears; the fear of losing fear, oddly enough.

63b828  No.795754


And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

— Revelation 14:13

Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is. If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

— 1 Corinthians 3

c208b1  No.795788


If homosexuality is wrong, then why is my 'G-spot' located up my ass?

b96936  No.795789


>if pleasure of the flesh is sin then why do I like

509d14  No.795845

I used to be confused by the kingdom of God concept, when does it start, 'this generation…'.

Then I realized that the kingdom is wherever somebody has god as master and everything fits.

I used to be confused by the way Jesus never says I am God literally, but then I realized that the 4 levels of interpretation of the scriptures would then encourage man to follow him in saying the same, which is blasphemy. There are videos floating around of islamic "professors" who say the bible denies Jesus as God and I see point after point in the scriptures, and the scriptures don't assert it, in fact you can see they don't even disprove the assertion that Jesus and God are an Identity (stronger assertion than the Trinity concept).

Basically, whatever your belief, the scriptures are amazing. Theologians are a mixed bag IMHO but they are trying to put the sea in the proverbial hole in the sand, so…

509d14  No.795859


maybe the g spot is the only place of sensitivity left, while the penis is strangled by 3x a day fapping.

No seriously, as a male your first instinct should be to rape, not to have the prostate tickled, which is quite irrelevant reproduction wise. If a sizable percentage of people likes that, then something is wrong, exposure to estrogen-like substances, porn, modern lifestyle, mind control, aliens, whatever.

509d14  No.795865


>having fun

I suggest a bit of empirism. Look at the people who chose to have fun. Rockstars, billionaires, mafia men. Their eyes are void, they get dependent on drugs, suicide young.

Consider moreover that not all who choose the wide path end up succesfully evil like those people. Most drift into self destruction. Because Fun is not Happiness. Happiness is knowing you are. And Happiness itself, it is not the Truth.

212ec0  No.796894

Stefan Molyneux as a whole. The logical argument against Deity seems rock-solid.

ee52cb  No.796898

db41c9  No.796982



43225d  No.798413


What's the argument?

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