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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 19ac01a4add84d1⋯.jpg (203.86 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5c99fc06dda4c8d5258b456c.jpg)

bca662  No.788630

Mexican president demands apology from Spanish King, Pope Francis for 16th century conquests

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has formally requested an apology from both Spanish King Felipe VI and Pope Francis for the Spanish conquest some 500 years ago.

The letter cited massacres that took place during the Spanish conquests of the indigenous peoples of Mexico throughout the 16th century. He also referenced the imposition of the Catholic faith as well as the human rights abuses committed by forces acting on behalf of the Spanish crown.

<''“The churches were built above the temples, our patriotic heroes were excommunicated,”'

' he said speaking among the ruins of an ancient Mexican city in a video posted to his social media accounts.

<“We are going to reconcile but first we ask for forgiveness.”

Spain's foreign ministry immediately published a statement rejecting the contents of Obrador's letter.

>“The arrival 500 years ago of the Spanish on present-day Mexican territory cannot be judged in light of contemporary considerations,”

the government said.

>“The government of Spain reiterates its willingness to work together with the government of Mexico.”





>REEEEEEEEEEEEE are BASED Pagans dindu nuffin!

>Enslaving tribes and ripping people's hearts out is apart of our culture!

>Apologize Cathwicks! REEEEEEEEEE

Daily Reminder that Leftism is cancer.

Instead of doing something about the cartels, El Presidente demands apologies for civilizing Mexico

079713  No.788634


>civilizing Mexico


884614  No.788635


bca662  No.788637

File: 40770336331af31⋯.jpg (170.77 KB, 900x618, 150:103, conquest-of-mexico-hernand….jpg)


<pagan mexico was more civil before the Catholics liberated the people from their idolatry.

Surely you jest.

5aeeac  No.788648


Oh they have better technology now, but I’d hardly call it a civilized nation.

a48cf3  No.788652

Is he oblivious to the fact that the religion of the Aztecs and the tribes the rules over involved human sacrifice? Does he want to go back to that?

30a44b  No.788653






Now, the aztecs may have worshipped eldritch abominations, but if theres anything they mastered, it was those 2 subjects.

They had free public schooling, for crying out loud.

884614  No.788656

Mexico is the one that should apologize and to the Vatican and to the House of Habsburg for all the atrocities they committed (with American support).

a48cf3  No.788657


Didn't the Aztecs only have proto-writing? IIRC even books like Broken Spears are accounts that were dictated by the Aztecs and written down by the Spanish.

a81115  No.788658


Isnt Spain still owed an apology by North Africans for the Umayyad caliphate invasion?

790812  No.788659

this is hilarious

6d09c1  No.788660


>They had free public schooling

Let me guess, that's where they taught little children all about the correct way to prep a bull?

7c846d  No.788662

File: ba4dcbae1ebb962⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 1541732571912.jpg)

>they were killing each other, so it's okay even if we did massacre their peoples

Internet Catholic historians

The introduction of civilization doesn't require murder, theft, enslavement etc. Look at Pennsylvania, the Christian founders explicitly purchased the land from the indigenous Indians (even though those Indians didn't have an equivalent view of land ownership), and treated them justly in their jurisdiction.

Pocahontas is another good basis of comparison between New England Anglo colonialism and Spanish Catholic tropical NA colonialism. Is there a Spanish Pocahontas of mexico? Pocahontas was so treated with charity that she didn't want to return to her native civilization.

884614  No.788663


That's ironic since Americans were the ones who massacred their indians the most, while Hispanics converted them integrated them in their societies.

fa296d  No.788664



95f14d  No.788665


>Didn't the Aztecs only have proto-writing?

That's a scholarly debate, actually.

884614  No.788666


Just look at the demographic composition of most Latin American countries.

2837c8  No.788673

To be fair Mexicans are still primitive and dumb so them going back sacrificing each other is not much of a loss. In fact it will help the White, and Asian Americans since it will reduce Mexico’s population replacement power

fa296d  No.788678


Imagine projecting that hard.

Backwards people don't deserve genocide. I can say this without condoning human sacrifice. I am as far opposed to faggot leftist as possible.

297049  No.788684


If the English were so good to natives, why are there so few natives left in North America? If the Spanish were so bad, why are there so many natives in South America?

Which region has more people speaking indigenous languages?

bed081  No.788690


Hmm? Oh, ok. Hey, bro. I'm sorry. We good now? Excellent.

9936d5  No.788695


>If the Spanish were so bad, why are there so many natives in South America?

Are you kidding me? Most of the so called “natives” are rape-baby mutts

a0a3f4  No.788706


Ungrateful ingrates. Without his magesty Felipe VI they would still be tossing feces at each other in total squalor. I mean they're sort of still doing that… but…



We all know the kingdom of France was the most humane conqueror on the continent before filthy revolutionaries in Europe usurped throne and altar.

fa296d  No.788715


I never made a statement in the affirmative or the negative on the historicity of Aztec genocide. What I'm saying is that Catholics defending hypothetical genocide should be called out as wicked. A spade is a spade. Murder is murder


American Indians are venerated in US culture more than any other conquering nation in history. NA Indians are given land and welfare just because they're red, and to a fault. They have become decadent fat and alcoholic as a result of living on free taxes from whites.

South America was more densely populated before European introduction, and they're all mutts now anyway. Miscegenation between anglos and indigenous is way way historically lower than spanish. Share of population today isn't a relevant metric for the treatment of Indians anyway.

f52b29  No.788717


>NA Indians are given land and welfare just because they're red

In no way is that unique to America. Here in Brazil the Indians own 13% of the nations' land despite being 1% of the population. They also suffer from similar problems regarding substance abuse and idleness

297049  No.788718


Still better than being exterminated. Have you ever been to latin america? Still plenty of full blooded natives.

297049  No.788719


>American Indians are venerated in US culture more than any other conquering nation in history.

BS. Mexicans are positively obsessed with their Aztec heritage. Even those who are clearly spanish in heritage put Aztec calendars on their walls, go to Aztec cultural festivals, etc…

30e316  No.788720


Almost like the Bible was right when it said the man that does not work shall not eat…🤔

It's funny that they still blame all their problems on the White Man, but will never eschew their rez land or their checks that they get every day. Welfare and such truly destroys the soul of a man. All this UBI YangGang nonsense will only further cripple people. Honestly if I was just given enough money to live and drink I probably would be forever stuck in a state of alcoholism too. Many people would be as well.

bca662  No.788739

File: cd43a56dd16d615⋯.jpg (197.88 KB, 900x617, 900:617, conquest-of-mexico-hernand….jpg)


You can thank prots for introducing concepts of liberalism and communism for that.


<muh Russia


But that would mean Islam isnta religion of peace. I was told, by my kommisar, that Islam is a religion of peace and we should behead those that disagree with us.


>is also crying about Charlemagne bringing Christianity to the Germans because Cathwicks bad


Your apology isn't good enough!

Not until you gibe 50 grand for all the families here in Mexico! REEEEEE!


<the Canaanites dindu nuffin! They didn’t deserve to be killed

<God should also apologize to the LGBTQPWTFBB++ community for obliterating Sodom & Gamorrah, they also dindu nuffin

9b6f95  No.788860


I meant from the perspective of a conqueror to the indigenous. Mexicans revering their own lineage on the indigenous side is not the same as whites revering Indians with no genetic connection.

c72f80  No.788866

File: 23db808bc1d6331⋯.jpg (746.41 KB, 1593x2343, 531:781, Maximilian_of_Mexico_bw[1].jpg)

One of history's greatest tragedies.

bca662  No.788869

File: 0ce418be547fe45⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1885x2569, 1885:2569, 06f6c19b161ea6ff676b6fe590….jpg)

>>788866 (full house)

He will never be forgotten.

c24757  No.788873



He wasnt perfect but he was a very virtuous man. and a good leader. Way better than that infidel J*arez

God bless the Habsburgs

a064e6  No.788883


>American Indians are venerated in US culture more than any other conquering nation in history

Yeah, because the WASPs completely annihilated them. The British went out of the way to give the Ottawa smallpox.

>NA Indians are given land and welfare just because they're red, and to a fault

the fault seems to be that the USG is content to let them waste away on drugs and alcohol so they can probably take the land back

>as a result of living on free taxes from whites.

ah! so this explains it, you're a race idolater.


I'd really like to see the anon you quoted answer this one. It's pretty plain that the Spanish never genocided the indians.

a064e6  No.788887


if you bothered to read the history, you'd see that the anti-Aztec alliance was full of a bunch of enslaved tribes that banded together with Cortes to take down the Aztecs.

Cortes never had any back-up for a good majority of the military campaigns, the Aztecs were tyrannical and the tribes wanted Cortes to lead them to victory.

It's actually a pretty riveting story, especially since it's also all true!

3256ac  No.788891


Also there's technically nothing anti-Christian about imperialism as long as the imperium is Christian.

a064e6  No.788897


I think it's better to argue that the Mexican religion was outright evil (you know, human sacrifices).

It's odd trying to see people worm out of empirical evidence on the point that the Spanish really didn't genocide the natives.

Who are all the illegal immigrants coming in? Do they look like indian natives, or wealthy white spanish-mixed mexicans?

d8867e  No.788899


The system was something along the lines of egyptian hieroglyphs. A mix of idea-writing and sound-writing.

3256ac  No.788904



Is it true the conquistadors mixed a lot with the natives? I once knew some Spaniards who hated being grouped in with Hispanic people.

bd453f  No.788906


Technically Spaniards are Hispanic (they literally hail from Hispania, the Roman name for the Iberian peninsula). I think those people just don't want to be lumped in with Mestizos (the mixed race peoples, half Spanish half indigenous).

Yes the conquistadors did mix blood with the indigenous peoples of the Latin Americas.


As for the illegals, alot of them are Mestizos and most (not all) of them are crypto-commies. Here for the work and the gibs. They usually send the money they earn to their families in Mexico where the dollar is worth more then the local currency.

bd453f  No.788954

File: 832395c2635221c⋯.png (111.12 KB, 500x711, 500:711, fighting-facts-with-feelin….png)


Catholics bad!

0f13b9  No.788957


This poohing guy looks like he has 0% indio blood, why doesn't he apologize himself?

bca662  No.788958

File: 7ec0f0991061e7b⋯.jpg (107.03 KB, 1004x565, 1004:565, memeportada.jpg)


My guess:

Because AMLO is a SuccDem, he needs to virtue signal agianst Holy Mother Church and Spain while also getting his name out in the media. As they say

>there is no such thing as bad press

Must be an election comming up.

d2bddb  No.788991


>Is there a Spanish Pocahontas of mexico?

Sort of, but depending on how you look at it, Cortes' wife.

bca662  No.788997

File: 0e24889af4eb06f⋯.jpg (350.39 KB, 1293x967, 1293:967, 85c3ced875a77ef9dfb4993d06….jpg)


La Malinche > Pocahontas

Change my mind

you can't

46dd63  No.789516


but anon those are american born fetizhes nothing to do with the aztecs.

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