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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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3bd330  No.789122

How did we a society go from hating fags as pedophiles, to letting them get married? How did we as a society go from promoting modesty and marriage to allowing women to walk around half naked and sexual promiscuity? How the winnie the pooh did we get to this leftist shithole of a world we now live in? Hippies? I just want to go back to the days where everyone went to church on Sundays. :(

98a9aa  No.789124

Look into the ethnic background of the artist in your video and you shall find your answer.

c1969f  No.789126

File: 1d1abc0bd53c2b3⋯.png (570.69 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 2019_03_22_081407.png)


You can thank Martin Luther (pbuh) for his deformation that allowed governments to secularize. You can thank him for allowing (((Freemasons))) to shape world government into their satanic image. You can thank him for the 30 gorillian denoms that has shattered Christendom into the Babylon you see in this modern world.

So thanks Luther and his children, you done winnie the poohed up and regressed us back to the times of Noah.

219d92  No.789129


He converted to Christianity in the 1970s

a69601  No.789136

I blame it on the way the (((media))) depicted them throughout the 90s and early 2000s when this gay rights trash really started taking off. Homo couples in the media were depicted as normal save for them being same sex rather than opposite. "Look, they're just like you! They're a happy, loving couple with two (adopted) kids and a dog living a happy household in a wonderful neighborhood with a white picket fence, wouldn't you like them as your neighbor?"

The average normie is impressionable to the lies of the (((media))), and even as a child I fell for it, it wasn't until I started looking into their "culture" and having the misfortune of having to interact with them, did I realize what homosexuality truly was. Exactly as it's depicted in Sodom and Gomorrah, a cesspool of sexual deviancy and degeneracy.

Gay "marriage" means nothing outside the tax benefits they get from marriage. There is little to no monogamy amongst gays. No actual love like a man and a woman love each other, only lust and wondering who they'll screw or get screwed by next, it's no wonder the rate of STDs is so high amongst them. The preachers who say HIV and AIDS is God's punishment for faggots are absolutely correct. These people are either possessed by demons or their hearts have been hardened and they've been turned over to their sin.

I used to question why God abhored it so much, but I praise Him for opening my eyes to the truth about faggots, as horrible as it was. I guess I really just had to learn the hard way that I should never question His word.

a69601  No.789139


This is specifically regarding the gay part.

Fornthe other stuff, we just live in clown world, tough it out.

545193  No.789141


Blame the Jews! Not ourselves!

a69601  No.789232


You're right, we should blame ourselves that we let them overtake us.

Then again, this was all put into place before most of us were born.

9b804d  No.789240

>IV. What has been here observed, especially with regard to the manner of proof, which ought to be more clear in proportion as the crime is the more detestable, may be applied to another offence of a still deeper malignity,–the infamous crime against nature, committed either with man or beast; a crime which ought to be strictly and impartially proved, and then as strictly and impartially punished. But it is an offence of so dark a nature, so easily charged, and the negative so difficult to be proved, that the accusation should be clearly made out; for if false, it deserves a punishment inferior only to that of the crime itself.

>I will not act so disagreeable a part, to my readers as well as myself, as to dwell any longer upon a subject the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature. It will be more eligible to imitate, in this respect, the delicacy of our English law, which treats it in its very indictments as a crime not fit to be named… Which leads me to add a word concerning its punishment.

>This the voice of nature and of reason and the express law of God determined to be capital. Of which we have a signal instance long before the Jewish dispensation by the destruction of two cities by fire from heaven; so that this is a universal, not merely a provincial, precept. And our antient law in some degree imitated this punishment, by commanding such miscreants to be burned to death,(n) though Fleta(o) says they should be buried alive; either of which punishments was indifferently used for this crime among the antient Goths.(p) But now the general punishment of all felonies is the same, namely, by hanging; and this offence (being in the times of popery only subject to ecclesiastical censures) was made felony without benefit of clergy by statute 25 Hen. VIII. c. 6, revived and confirmed by 5 Eliz c. 17.

— Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England

We all know who the child molestors are have have always been. The same guys also have excellent representation on the supreme court of a particular country right now. Right as things have hit their worst point, there they are actually defending and trying their hardest to give an air of legitimacy to the current state of affairs. Not a coincidence.

f036c3  No.789386

caf548  No.789409


The West was always destined for faggotry. Satan is the original individualist and rebel and the whole west is founded individualism and rebellion. The Libertines of the "Enlightenment" and the French Revolution was a small taste "before their time" of what the true spirit of this crap really was.. but back then, it had enough counters to be slowed a bit. But that was always the destiny. If you get rid of the Church and kill kings, what do you expect? Only a fool expects anything good out of that.

bf9b82  No.789413


Is that true?

5ed3a2  No.789417

What makes you think pedophiles aren't hated? The abject hatred of pedophiles is unprecedented in history. Even leftists have said that people should be killed just for feeling lust towards children.

e21686  No.789424

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, 3d1f288766db92da1980ebe502….jpg)


How indeed?

801a20  No.789425

File: fe7298543267b13⋯.png (239.36 KB, 1261x309, 1261:309, 1234432234.png)

File: d96c5d10b2a5085⋯.png (61.68 KB, 1262x404, 631:202, 2233232.png)

File: c3432906d167d8a⋯.jpg (152.51 KB, 991x1320, 991:1320, 335432.jpg)


>How did we a society go from hating fags as pedophiles, to letting them get married?

That's what happens when you let sitcoms, talk show hosts, and other popular media dictate your world view. Prior to the 1970s, everyone saw homosexuality as a form of sexual perversion, and rightly so.

>How did we as a society go from promoting modesty and marriage to allowing women to walk around half naked and sexual promiscuity?

When we ignored God's will by embracing first-wave feminism, although the degeneracy really took off in the 1960s. If you look carefully, there's a noticeable amount of feminist nonsense that creeped into media in the 1940s/1950s; C.S. Lewis talked as if female submissiveness was a controversial issue in the 1940s, Playboy became a thing in the early 1950s, there are tons of subliminal messages about casual sex in '50s music, etc..

>How the winnie the pooh did we get to this leftist shithole of a world we now live in? Hippies?

I blame the Protestant Reformation.

>I just want to go back to the days where everyone went to church on Sundays. :(

Same here brother, but I'm afraid those days are long gone - we're on our way to becoming a persecuted minority once again. Go to church every Sunday regardless, and be a devout Christian in other areas as well, not caring about what anyone else thinks. Set an example, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.

6a4729  No.789431


>Prior to the 1970s, everyone saw homosexuality as a form of sexual perversion

>I blame the Protestant Reformation.

Pick one

801a20  No.789436


Liberalism was a byproduct of the Protestant Reformation, and liberalism (namely, the separation of Church and State) inevitably leads to stupidity such as homosexuals marching around naked and groping children in "pride parades". A Catholic (or should I say, genuine Christian) society wouldn't tolerate this, unlike the current state of affairs.

6a4729  No.789437


>Liberalism was a byproduct of the Protestant Reformation

Would Martin Luther, John Calvin or just about any reformer agree with you about that?

1d5251  No.789442


>that first pic

Ayyyyy, thanks for screencapping my post, anon, glad I was of use.

f5581b  No.789450

File: 0635ea3ae327f8a⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Quotefancy-3988016-3840x21….jpg)


If you ask me, something modernist that birthed secular humanism eventually.

The French revolution is also to blame.

Replaced rights, that, while supressed and broken at times, were considered a part of human dignity as a child of God, with social construct secular "rights" that make us feel better.

That morality eventually gave way to judging something based solely on the quality of life.

This eventually warped into modern Slaaneshi-tier liberalism, where everything is judged according to suffering and discomfort:

-the right to life only exists if they are gonna have a good quality of life. If not, abort, kill, or encourage them to commit assisted suicide;

-marriage turned into some vague "love" pact;

-liberty only exists if it doesnt upset anyone;

-having children is discouraged, since it upsets the modern man's quest for superficial hedonism;

6fd8a9  No.789466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. He made a lot of gospel music in 1970s.

Later he's faith faded away, sadly.

801a20  No.789469


At this point, they might. I assume they're rolling in their graves by now.


No problem anon! If I see a quality post on here (which isn't very often tbh), I usually screencap it for future reference.

6fd8a9  No.789470

The real cause was the Renaissance, when humanism overthrew the theocracy, and the importance of Man became the central focus of society instead of God.

f15d25  No.800131

File: 00f4be327aeebc7⋯.jpeg (253.78 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, suck.jpeg)


The left took over is why degeneracy is tolerated. Learn to cope. Try sucking a cock. You may enjoy it.

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