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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 55598d3949c5270⋯.jpeg (198.36 KB, 1125x960, 75:64, 9C71E8E1-766D-4D58-B5ED-4….jpeg)

c1c339  No.790515

I heard this thrown around a few times, curious what you guys have to say.

c3887a  No.790516


It’s the other way around. Other mythologies are distorted memories of the history revealed in the Bible. For example, the real Drachenkampf was Satan’s expulsion from Heaven.

e3ddd5  No.790552

No, a serious look at the Scriptures usually reveals the Old Testament has several peculiarities that are radically different from most, if not all pagan religions.

Moreover, if the Scripture is authentic and divine, it's easy to just say that those pagan religions are the ones spinning off from the true religion, so I've always found the "the bible rips off mythology!!!" argument self-refuting, even when I was a pseudo-apostate Christian.

97ea6c  No.790562


How exactly do these people explain how an Indo-European legend from India was known to Semites living in the Levant? The difference in language combined with the vast physical distance makes the Gilgamesh theory extremely unlikely.

e3ddd5  No.790563


to be fair, most people don't realize the printing press didn't even exist before 1500 A.D, people simply assume information was wide-spread as it is now

56f5fc  No.790578

5b730c  No.790682


I also saw that comment on Bojan's video on LARPagans.

fea1dd  No.790685

>Both Christians and pagans breathe

>So Christians are basically ripping off pagans

Not to mention that asides very few similarities, they differ MASSIVELY on everything else that actually matters. For example in Genesis you have Humans made in Image and Likeness of God, highest point of creation and masters of the creation, while in Mesopotamian mythology they are nothing more than slaves so that gods can enjoy their lazy decadent asses without doing work.

Seriously, this "I've read a article on Iwinnie the poohlovesciencedotcom" tier argument is getting annoying.

c3e61a  No.790760


< Event is only described in the Bible

> Hurr durr, there are no extra-biblical sources, so it cannot have happened

< Event is described outside the Bible

> Hurr durr, that means the Bible stole it

There is no winning with these people. But on a serious note, these "rip-offs" have barely anything in common. You have to throw 95% of the texts out of the window to start seeing similarities.

As for those remaining five percent, you also have to take into account that when something was written down in those ages it was written down for a reason. Today we are used to being able to write anything down because literacy is universal and writing utensils are dirt cheap. But back then writing was a craft and you only wrote things down if they mattered. Religious texts were not news reports, they were written to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, and since humans around the world have similar spiritual and cultural needs it stands to reason that the stories written down would be addressing similar needs.

It would be like taking two cookbooks, seeing that they follow a similar structure and then concluding that one is a rip-off of the other. No, they follow a similar structure because all people cook and eat.>>790515

640346  No.790788

I never understood why this would even be a problem. Why would God care that his teachings be 100% exclusive to Israel? Lets just assume for the sake of argument, that yes, some of the older bible stories did originate from pagan babylonian death cults or whatever; if God ultimately curated and vouched for those stories (e.g. by Jesus implying the scriptures of his time were trustworthy), what difference does it make? God still came down to earth incarnated as a human, and the Christ still rose from the dead. Whether or not some of the backstories prophesizing and leading up to Jesus' arrival came from the single tradition of the Isrealites seems kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things (for Christians at least, idk how Jews rationalize it).

5d18dd  No.790842

File: 39978e9e0c0a0ec⋯.jpeg (31.8 KB, 300x420, 5:7, qwe_download.jpeg)


Based and "actually reading mythological texts like Gilgamesh instead of repeating memes"pilled.

ce8c39  No.793800


Is it Because blood line?

c2b70d  No.793887


So apparently the Dead Sea Scrolls have scriptures that the Israelites lost or removed at some point right? Well in the Book of Giants, Gilgamesh is listed as a Nephilim. That implies that all pagan gods are various cultural depictions of angels during the Antediluvian period, if they're not man made idols. Pagan religions copied us, not the other way around.

418df5  No.793896


>the Book of Giants


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, also the meme says Nephilim were the children of angels, not angels themselves

0ac4dc  No.793920


>the Book of Giant

What is this, discount book of Enoch?

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