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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 044f91356f87f2f⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 450x416, 225:208, Simone_Weil_1921.jpg)

7e1d36  No.795648

Reading Roger Scruton made me aware of Simone Weil's existence, what does /christian/ think of her? Has anyone read any of her work?

29dd8e  No.795695

File: d7e6ca65b1e5dcb⋯.jpg (27.26 KB, 272x400, 17:25, Weil.jpg)



Her brother was based.

da9a0c  No.795753

Her personal life and life choices make me highly skeptical of her work. Definitely not a Christian nor a "good" person.

7e1d36  No.795783


Nobody's good

dfd647  No.795801


which book by scruton?

7e1d36  No.795861


The Soul of the World, he mentions her in Chapter 1 which is entitled "Believing in God"

0c2353  No.795869


She a jew (who refused to have baptism).

Also, she is a woman.

It can't be worst.

7e1d36  No.795870


I meant what do you think of her thoughts, not her ethnicity, sex or anabaptist tendencies.

0c2353  No.795875


The premises of her thoughts is wicked since she didn't want to be christian. She was not anabaptist since she didn't want to be baptized, she was just not christian.

The fact that she is a jew is interesting for judging her value since jews that don't recognize Christ are cursed (as ALL the christian tradition say). And if you refuse baptism you don't recognize Christ.

>The Devil teaches them [Jews]; the Devil taught them how to stand against the son of God, Jesus Christ. The Devil taught them through the centuries how to fight against the sons of Christ, against the children of light, against the followers of the Gospel and eternal life [Christians]. […] Byford, Jovan (2008). Denial and Repression of Antisemitism: Post-Communist Remembrance of the Serbian Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovich. Budapest: Central European University Press. pp. 43–44.

>Europe knows nothing other than what Jews serve up as knowledge. It believes nothing other than what Jews order it to believe. It knows the value of nothing until Jews impose their own measure of values […] all modern ideas including democracy, and strikes, and socialism, and atheism, and religious tolerance, and pacifism, and global revolution, and capitalism, and communism are the inventions of Jews, or rather their father, the Devil. ibid p. 77. (Just a modern saint example but ALL the fathers of the Church said so).

Now the fact she is a women is also a reason she can't be trusted. ALL the fathers of the Church said women should not teach. And they say we should be dubious of women words since Eve.

>Saint John Chrysostom "The woman taught once, and ruined all. On this account therefore he saith, let her not teach. But what is it to other women, that she suffered this? It certainly concerns them; for the sex is weak and fickle, and he is speaking of the sex collectively." (1 Timothy, Homily 9). http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf113.v.iii.x.html

>Origen “Men should not sit and listen to a woman . . . even if she says admirable things, or even saintly things, that is of little consequence, since it came from the mouth of a woman.” Fragments on 1 Corinthians

I have more but in other languages. I just give you examples.

For one other women jew "converting" see "Saint" Edith Stein. Canonized as martyr because she was killed as a jew by nazi (see the problem ? You normally are martyr only if you are killed because of Christ), she was at the origin of the feminism (egalitarian thought) in Catholicism.

Now believe me or not, but from a christian traditional perspective this jew can't be trusted, her thought is inherently perverse.

a9deec  No.795892


Awful book

7e1d36  No.795900


Point taken, although I think you might be going a bit far with that. Plenty of saints have been female and have contributed to the faith by writing books and martyrdom. Not saying Weil is on the level of St Theresa of Avila, but I think the problem Origen is speaking to is men and women fraternizing under a specious pretext of sharing spiritual knowledge. Suggesting that women lack spiritual knowledge or the ability to attain it is heresy.

The one thing that does give me pause however, is why she did not get baptized. It seems like a failure of obedience, and hardly saintly. Nevertheless she's long dead so I just have a couple pdfs and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

I notice a few things in her writing which are suspect though; one is neo-Marcionite stuff which pops up occasionally, the other is that she uses obediential language of duties in her political thought, which seems very trad, but she doesn't define duties in a politically or legally sensible way. This makes it potential fodder for political extremes when combined with her anti-absolutist approach, since only absolute kingship can make duties work without civil strife as to what those duties should be. So far very curable ills, just assert the divine right of kings, ditch the heresy, and educate people about the necessity of duties without trying to give them tyrannical effect through legalism.


I wish if you were to respond to my thread, that you'd have something interesting to state. As if you have injured my self-esteem by disliking my book choice.

You couldn't have said more succinctly that you come from Reddit.

0c2353  No.795924


In general you must be suspicious of women. And women should not teach as saint paul said (1 Thimothy 2:12). Furthermore the fact we had female saints who wrote books is not really traditional, (remember we say fathers of the Church or Desert fathers), still it can be an exception, women can sometime say interesting things in a non-institutional way. Also the fact the catholic church made them doctor of the Church is really new (It goes with the catholic progressiveness).

Origen do not speak of this fraternizing since I have other church fathers confirming what is said. Speaking about him in his opinion the external human (the soul or psyche) is female and the spirit is male. Which mean the superior is man.

> Suggesting that women lack spiritual knowledge or the ability to attain it is heresy.

No one said so, there is just a hierarchy in abilities. Some are better than others. Men symbolize the spiritual superiority or attainment (Knowledge, priests…), the women the progress to it (Love). For Origen and all antiquity (and so fathers of the Church) holy women were called masculine.

>why she did not get baptized

I have found it's because she didn't believed in the Church or because she didn't want to betray her jewish roots. Anyway it's completely against sanctity.

7e1d36  No.795928


You know, I have been reading up on this topic and I've come to a startling conclusion. The one supremely Jewish fear stems from their self-appointed role as the story-tellers to the world. They themselves are always skeptical of their stories, and the deepest terror is therefore that their ancestors might actually have spoken the truth. When Christ showed up and cursed them, they all devoted their energy to refuting their own monotheism, it's all their grand mistake, to paraphrase the late Christopher Hitchens.

Somehow they are certain that the Bible's great eloquence the massive can o' worms of revelation can be put back into a new sealed container. They see it as their Golem gone wild, something which ought not to have truth in it, or move people at all.


>Didn't want to betray Jewish roots

She seems like a flat-out anti-Semite, I assume you use betray here as in she felt ashamed of her Jewishness. I'm 1/8th Jewish and I have a family that shares the Jewish mindset even though they are all technically not Jewish. Really, as I said above, it's fear that the ancestors were truthful about God. It's no surprise that the founders of critical theory were Jews, Derrida and Foucault. They are a people skeptical of themselves, and in their warped little minds they think that this "God" is only they themselves, a little play pretend.

Weil is an all too familiar trope in this sense, like Christ, another Jew, and like myself, a mischling, it is easy to be incensed at the hypocrisy. Nevertheless, Christ found time in spite of his hatred for hypocrites to love the Jews who came to him in humility.

Really it's funny how the world enjoys Christians only when they are somehow warped out of shape. Christianity by faithful Christians is less interesting in the papers and in book reviews.

0c2353  No.795938


>their own monotheism

It comes from them, it's not of them. They were just assigned to be apostles to another nations that won't be less christian than them. Moreover we must do a distinction between Hebrews and modern Jews.

>Somehow they are certain that the Bible's great eloquence the massive can o' worms of revelation can be put back into a new sealed container. They see it as their Golem gone wild, something which ought not to have truth in it, or move people at all.

I don't understand you. English is not my native language.

>Didn't want to betray Jewish roots

>She seems like a flat-out anti-Semite

It's the contrary actually. She was a jew that didn't want to stop from being a jew (or more precisely to realize it's vocation through Christ).

7e1d36  No.795941


>It is not of them

I know, but I'm saying they get this wrong

>English is not my native language

Let me simplify it; Jews think they own the Bible, and can declare it a mistake at will.

>She didn't want to stop being Jewish

Not from what I've heard, she was a neo-Marcionite, and she repudiated the Old Testament.

29dd8e  No.795983


>disliking Derrida

Lad, you need to get those cultural marxism videos out of your head.

e93f81  No.796070


Derrida campaigned against age of consent laws with Foucalt. Sorry, you don't get to be a cultural subversive and still be a hero.

0c2353  No.796100


I see. Indeed she was still a jew, like atheist jews are still jews (and I think they are even more cursed).

What an infidel, jewess and heretic…

05f5d8  No.796102


>Simone Weil


e0216a  No.796108

Idk about her works, but god gave her two signs and she still refused to to recieve initiation into the church out of some kind of pseudo solidarity and martyrdom, goes to show how stiff necked Jews really are.

72a7d4  No.796110


A commie Jew who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

51ecc6  No.796164



Dont forget about all the LARPing she did and the fact she committed suicide through starvation out of "solidarity" with France - the one thing her wealthy parents could bail her out of this time.

614b15  No.796173


Reminder that the age of consent in the Vatican pre-Vatican 2 was 12.

7e1d36  No.796210


Ok, I get the picture now. A useless brat

8be886  No.799425

File: d93add0b234d352⋯.jpeg (7.74 KB, 275x183, 275:183, blackvswhite.jpeg)

This thread needs cuck porn.

c0b36d  No.802993


mods ban this heretic >:(

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