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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 4c6b5ab9e1b87da⋯.jpg (70 KB, 480x360, 4:3, AbortiononDemand.GregoryKo….jpg)

ad567e  No.799954

Is Western academia dead?

It seems like the universities today are just big factories of destructive ideas like atheism, cultural relativism, socialism. Factories for the postmodern American atomized individual soyperson. Half the university is just an echo chamber of Darwinism, the other half is just an echo chamber of critical theory.


6ded26  No.799958


Metaphorically nuke it and start over. Fire all Marxists and Marxist enablers and replace them with people that aren't.

17a8d2  No.799971


Not sure about Europe. Colleges in America are dying.

876c40  No.799978


Yes, and it pushes people to seek things that leads to death. They have become festering pits of endless machinations, violence, despair, narcissism, nihilism, debauchery; instead of places of higher learning.

29bc2f  No.799981


(((modern))) philosophy definitely is dead it can bearly be called philosophy

9d2afc  No.799986

Eastern universities have it right.

You have to compete against other students and rank in the top percentiles just to ENTER university. In the west it's more like buying a car; just pick what you want and sign twenty papers for the finance guy.

"We'll make it free!"

That's the entire problem. It's not "free," it's just hidden costs. So the general public is subjected to an ever-spreading new kind of slavery, where signing up for a lifetime of debt to the federal government is mandatory for getting a job that will never pay off that debt. Lending, taxes; the names differ more than the consequences. People are working for none of their own benefit, if they can find meaningful work at all. This leaves people devoid of purpose; they can see and feel the disconnect between work and wealth. So when they want something, they either download it off the internet without paying or ask the government to provide.

9f875c  No.800054

Big universities should require papal approval once more.


In Germany it's not any better. We have other problems than US, but they are just as bad.

3b871a  No.800065


Indeed it is.

On a sidenote, I especially dislike the calls for blood on this College Admissions scandal with the rich at the moment. Sure they cheated, and should be punished, but the drama and the extent people want them punished is pretty sad. It shows how much people value this worthless thing to begin with.

684006  No.800070


People are unironically calling for blood over this? Wow. I just want them to be fined heavily or sent to jail or have this be an excuse to reform our universities and kick out the Marxists, not blood.


This tbqh

fd925f  No.800204


Some schools are like that, but there are still some decent Christian universities out there, Wheaton being an example

e8be83  No.800207


>Is Western academia dead?

No, and the only people who claim it is have never set foot on a college campus in their lives.

>big factories of destructive ideas

And? So, the LGBTq is having a meeting in the Quad next weekend. PROTIP: You don't have to go to it! Thing about college is that there's a student union for pretty much any and every group and, if there isn't one, you can start it! If you want a conservative Christian group and it doesn't already exist (though 99% of the time it already does), then you can found it. That's how college works. You literally get out of it what you put into it.

d6f5aa  No.800349


Only if you take non-stem majors/courses. Those have no standards whatsoever.

4f9300  No.800350


>You have to compete against other students and rank in the top percentiles just to ENTER university

In Brazil we have this system and yet our universities still are marxist hellholes.

f1eed0  No.800352


Vile image and stupid for that matter. Christian fascists for not wanting to pay for their murder of the unborn? That sign right there is dangerous on a number of levels.

66d093  No.800356


this. Studying for ENEM now lmao

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