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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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9fb3ad  No.806743

Lord, have mercy on us. We need more Christians in the comments explaining why murdering children is horrible (just think about that for a minute, we actually need to spend a good amount of effort to convince women and men that taking the life of their child is a heinous act)

"To unbelievers, earth is the closest we could get to Heaven. To Christians, the earth is the closest we could get to Hell."

9fb3ad  No.806744

Woops, meant to put planned parenthood supporters

277e57  No.806746


Land where the sodomites pride

Land where abortion celebrated

Land that spits on god law

Drugs Use Far and wide

Let ((freedom ring))


75fc0c  No.806750

Is there any argument against abortion that isn't religious or based on metaphysics? You can't convince everyone based on faith and philosophy.

29f6cb  No.806752


Tell and show them testimonies of abortion survivors and women that instantly regreted getting an abortion.

Show them studies on the physical and mental health side effects of getting and abortion.

Always call abortion murder. Always. If they try to throw the "clump of cells" argument, tell them that they just can't dehumanize someone because they see that someone as a "pest" or "parasite". It's what whites did to blacks and indians, it's what Nazis did to Jews, Commies to smart people, etc etc.

If they throw "muh women's rights" at you remind them that no one has the right to murder anyone.

Remind them adoption is always a better alternative than murder.

A germinated corn seedling is no less corn than a fully grown seedling.

8cb84d  No.806758


I'd add that if they try to pull some quasi-libertarian "woman's right to their own body" argument point out that abortion isn't just about removing the infant - it's specifically about murdering it. Not removing it and it may or may not die, it's entirely and explicitly about ending life.

e50f3c  No.806769


you can but they don't really care

8df6b4  No.806772

File: 2bc1be68f2b1f56⋯.jpg (5.84 KB, 280x180, 14:9, images (24).jpg)


I know, but we cannot just tolerate the murder of innocents. Even if we have to drive the point across 10000 times we must. Abortion is murder. No if, ands, or buts.

55b86b  No.806777

File: d0ebfac638a9804⋯.gif (238.46 KB, 1900x1500, 19:15, mapeuropeabrate3big.gif)

File: eee72cd797b0fc5⋯.gif (233.33 KB, 2200x1480, 55:37, usaabortrate.gif)


Guess what? You're a fork-tongued, lying snake. More and more states keep overturning this shit. Why do you think feminists like Alyssa Milano are throwing shitfits? But no, here you are repeating this same subversive meme like an NPC. The states where abortions are the most legal and the most common are the ones with large coastal cities that coincidentally have laws that are the most like the EUSSR out of any of the other states.

d64a56  No.806799


What in the f.uck is up with California? Even New York has different regions with less abortions.

277e57  No.806803


>Trusting sources that have a history of ignoring white women abortions rates

>/pol/ only supports abortion because MUH black have high abortions for a minority group

>Yet ignore the fact white women have more abortion than blacks in the west still

I doubt Slavs abortion rates are higher than the west. At most they are the same.

a3df60  No.806804


I assume not all of Californian counties have an abortion rate 30-49.9%. Probably only statewide data was available. The same is likely true for the other homogeneous states.


Poland is the last bastion of Catholic adherence.

e72fb3  No.806808


This. The more you call abortionists murderers the more they delight in their blood lust. Just watch the OP video.

251182  No.806811


55b86b  No.806852


Congratulations, you just praised the deaths of Christians killed in 9/11 you Muslim dog. Your prophet f*cks the devil in hell

61f5ed  No.806868


Abortion is murder when you are raped too. It actually is much worse than the rape.

47fae7  No.806870


>is there a reason against abortion that isn't based on philosophy

>is there a reason against murder that isn't based on philosophy

9fb3ad  No.806874


This, 2 wrongs do not make a right, especially in this circumstance.

15a91e  No.806875

File: 6ef41a52e7d30f0⋯.jpg (105.12 KB, 343x500, 343:500, Adoption.jpg)


Exactly. Also, I reckon it's not a sin to give your baby to adoption. Therefore, the victim, instead of murdering the baby, should give it up for adoption in the case she doesn't feel able to raise the offspring of her rape. As far as I know, there is a big waiting line for baby adoptions, so the child won't even have to live in an orphanage.

15a91e  No.806877

File: 8db0c6129084924⋯.jpg (34.67 KB, 604x437, 604:437, stob.jpg)


Utilitarianism is cancer.

bb4446  No.806920


even science says the fetus is a living human organism

8079bc  No.807161


Rape is a horrible thing but it's no excuse to murder a baby

5239fb  No.807168


Whenever I see a crowd of Americans it makes me wanna machine-gun them.


5239fb  No.807169

File: cd2bb229632f0a6⋯.png (43.45 KB, 900x600, 3:2, russia-abortion-1957-2017.png)


The abortion rate in Russia is decreasing actually, your statistic is outdated.

5239fb  No.807170


Once your daughter has been raped by a pack of muslims/tiggers and you've convinced her to carry out the pregnancy I will hear your opinion.

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