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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 58febee7af125c0⋯.jpg (131.56 KB, 931x934, 931:934, 1504481667075.jpg)

8db132  No.808464

If we're to love everyone as Christians, how do I stop hating humans?

ccb52d  No.808470

By discovering, accepting and releasing whatever it is that made you hate them in the first place. This is a good starting point:


df6fe0  No.808473


Realize this:

>God made humans

>Humans are the image of God

>ergo, if you hate humans you hate God

139b74  No.808526

File: a0cd73ad29048f5⋯.png (150.77 KB, 500x466, 250:233, no.png)



>Is also a human

>Hates self

You know, you're probably the worst offender when it comes to the foibles you despise others for, just saying.

8db132  No.808575


I've tried thinking this way but it has done little to help unfortunately.


Wow, what a very helpful post. I hope you feel proud of yourself for how righteous and holy you are!

bc0f0d  No.808576


>says the one who hates everyone because he thinks he's better than everyone

8db132  No.808581


You sure are getting a lot of fat implications about my personal life from the single post I made, I see. Where did I state that I was any better than anyone else? If you just came here to kick my while I was down to make yourself feel better, at least tell me that to start with so I don't waste time in responding to you.

2df322  No.808582



Why do you hate humans?

8db132  No.808585


The short version would be our proclivities towards sin, I guess. I can't stand evil, and that we as a species are so easily drawn to it angers me. Obviously I'm not above this either, I sin on a daily basis much as everyone else and I hate it. I can't stand pride and people like >>808526 that always try to tear others down for their own grandiose self-worship. We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again. We haven't grown at all as a species for all of our existence, not one bit. The only things that have changed are the time, place, and people. It's absolutely maddening and I'm sick of it. There are people that try to do good and I appreciate them, but that doesn't change their nature. One good person will always be outnumbered by those that give into their sin and try to destroy others.

I'm just rambling at this point but you get the idea.

8052b2  No.808598


do you hate humans or do you hate the evil that Satan has tricked them into doing?

8db132  No.808603


The latter, I would say. Even in my anger, I can still acknowledge that there are people that try their best to turn away from evil and I respect that. But even then, the fact that it's simply our nature to be evil and we have to make a conscious effort to do good is what I hate.

4352f0  No.808614

>Wow, what a very helpful post. I hope you feel proud of yourself for how righteous and holy you are!

>You sure are getting a lot of fat implications about my personal life from the single post I made, I see.

>I can't stand pride and people like >>808526 that always try to tear others down for their own grandiose self-worship.

I'm conflicted.

1c2d0a  No.808617


>We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again. We haven't grown at all as a species for all of our existence, not one bit.

Maybe that's a part of God's plan for us. I'm not claiming that I know for certain it is, but just that we don't know for certain that it's not. Maybe His plan involves us being these broken beings made in His image and turning to Him for our salvation. Who's to say? The greater the evil, the greater the triumph over it, after all. Yeah, people are drawn to evil because of our fallen nature, but that just means we need a savior. If everyone suddenly became perfect, would we really need Jesus anymore? That's a thought I don't even want to entertain, a world without Jesus just seems so bleak, even if everyone on it is some unimaginably perfect person.

8db132  No.808618


>Come into a thread asking for help and immediately start flinging shit for no reason

>Surprised when the OP gets mad

4352f0  No.808620


What are you talking about?

63b5fe  No.808621


something that gives me peace is that we all fall short, but objective measures aren't the whole point; its the intent, the character that really matters. kinda like when a little kid tries to help his parents set up a christmas tree or when she messes up and feels bad and wants to makes things better, it's that kinda wholesome nature that shines through.

a305f8  No.808658


I'm with you OP.

It upsets me that I dislike humans so much since I know my Lord loves us so. And yes that includes myself, I acknowledge that I'm fill of sin as well. It upsets me how fallen the world is. And upsets me more that I dislike God's children, despite His love for them.

b28b04  No.808689


Read about the lives of the saints. You'll see humans are capable of the most righteous things.

f55f5d  No.808707

File: 52479e3f53a8471⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 400x465, 80:93, 1555704804757.jpg)

The better question would be: How do you start tolerating humans again?

Once you tune yourself out of (((contemporary media))) and the vain, vapid lifestyle that the people all around you worship it's getting increasingly harder not to see them as just drones without anything inhabiting them.

Love your brother like yourself etc, this is just a personal observation, no bully pls.

1c2d0a  No.808862


Yes we are, what's your point?

5d429f  No.808931

File: 9c9a7f2693a36b9⋯.jpg (22.87 KB, 340x255, 4:3, greatestcommandment.jpg)


> how do I stop hating humans?

By realizing that your hatred is preventing you from fulfilling the two greatest Commandments our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave to us.

f604bd  No.808943


One is above the other. So if your neighbour hates God, do you still have to love him?

a0c9d5  No.808949


Yes, the Jews hated Jesus 2000 years ago, but He still loved them, and we’re called to be like Him

87d834  No.808961

File: 6675af1166dd942⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 300x426, 50:71, download.jpg)



Reminder that to love someone is to painstakingly invest in their change & betterment of themselves in the eyes of the lord. Love as in not the blind acceptance of anything & everything hedonistic as the modern interpretation dictates but tough parental love that will bring adversity, pain, sorrow, & at times anguish & for some, martyrdom.

835ad9  No.808965


As the other anons have already stated yes it is still our duty to love our neighbor even if our neighbor hates God. Just like how God still loves us even though we disobey Him and make Him sad everyday. Like how a father still loves his kid even though the kid is a royal winnie the pooh up or a junkie. We are called to correct them, not hate them.

If you don't love God you're incapable of loving your neighbor, and if you don't love your neighbor you're incapable of loving God. For if you love God you would obey his commands and love your neighbor as you love God.

So, OP and other anons that hold hatred in their hearts, let go of your hatred and sin no more

139b74  No.808977


Your response to my post made me laugh. I don't know how else to help you to be honest; you created an OP which is borderline trolling, with little background information, and expect me to tell you any different?

Truly I tell you; you are exactly the worst offender in all the things for which you hate others. If you recognized your guilt, your innate propensity to sin, and the fact that you would very likely behave in the same cursed way in their position, you would not hate anyone. But since you have not pondered these truths, nor have you pondered the fact that any time you do not sin it is by God's grace alone, you will go on hating them.

Really the only explanation I have is this. No I have not spared your feelings, but if you listen, you will gradually be free of hatred.

139b74  No.808979


>The short version would be our proclivities towards sin

See? I told you >>808977

Perhaps also you need to find more patience for other people, that would help act as a curb to any gut reactions to loathe people. If you can suffer them, you will have an opening not to be hateful.

49d3aa  No.808980


>just be tolerant, goyim! don't resist, turn the other cheek and shut up

139b74  No.808988



beat it bucko

d44f7e  No.809266

Step one is probably to stop reading youtube comments.

Jokes aside, there are four things people call "love", which could also be described as erotic attraction, affection, camaraderie, and divine love.

Erotic attraction is not something to experience with many people. You do nothing wrong by not having romantic feelings for your neighbor, or the bus driver. But you knew that, so I won't say more on it.

Affection is something less exclusive than eroticism. Along with eroticism, it is the other thing that motivates a person to hug, and embrace, and play. But affection, too, is not something universal. If I were to give everyone on the planet a brief, five-second hug, it wold take over a thousand years of non-stop hugging, and besides, being affectionate with strangers is likely to make them feel uncomfortable.

Camaraderie, or brotherly love, is the love between friends. As fine as it is, it too cannot be universal. I cannot say that I feel about any random man from bangladesh the same bond that I feel with my closest friends, or my blood relatives. I don't even know him!

Finally, divine love, or agape in the greek, is the one every preacher enjoys talking about. Unlike the other loves, agape is an expression of the will. To will the good of another is to love him in the divine sense. Unlike the other things we call love, one doesn't have to like a person to want the best for them. If the block in your path is a dislike for other people, try praying for good things to happen to them. Once you're able to do that without it sticking in your throat, pick someone you know and start doing good things for them. From there, you can try to practice being kind to more and more of the intolerable winnie the poohwits who insist on annoying you with their uselessness and their frailty, and with God's help, you might manage to love them, too.

d4844a  No.809846

Winnie the Pooh loves and prays for Eeyore to love again.

79c9b7  No.809885


Everyone are absolutely individually responsible in front of God.

God does not look at humans like at some species(we are not animals) that's need to grow Each has free will either you follow God or not. His Glory is everywhere(He is the Thruth) if

some refuse to acknowledge Him that might be out of willful ignorance. But they are also human like you and they need guidance and must repent and accept Jesus. Remember God is VERY PATIENT.

You never know why people act the way they do maybe some were betrayed in their life and thus will obsessively refuse to do what you consider "good".

79c9b7  No.809892


"The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love…"

Numbers 14:18

Slow to anger = longsuffering

a3c593  No.809968


Just hate the sin not the person. Realize that most people aren't thinking in eternal terms like christians are, once you understand perspectives you can more easily forgive people and yourself. I know I too struggle with this as well and my temper fluctuates from bad to very bad. I do think it's healthy for a Christian to hate most of modern society, but don't forget people aren't irredeemable until God says so. You shouldn't be idle waiting for God's wrath, you should be active seeking repentance (not just self-repentance)

160a3e  No.809978

Consider most people your enemy, then boom you start to love them

160a3e  No.809979

In addition you are not called to like everyone, you're called to have Charity towards them. That includes rebuking the sinner, instructing the ignorant etc. The spiritual works of mercy are higher than the corporal (feeding the hungry etc). So if you care about someone and rebuke them because you want them to be better etc, you are "loving" them (agape, charitas, charity)

df6fe0  No.809999

File: c2957ea7d279716⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, depositphotos_86811942-sto….jpg)


I believe charity is more philia than agape. From what I was taught, agape is like a judge sentencing his son, whom is a criminal, to death but than stepping down from his position to take his son's place at the gallows.

8f735a  No.810020

File: a11380cdabc761c⋯.jpg (185.73 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 900_Espirit-Images_Philipp….jpg)

I know how you feel OP. I've had this feeling for years and it comes and goes even though I know it's wrong to hate all of humanity so, I struggle with it now and then. I see people on 4chan talking about how they wish they could sleep with certain women or even rape them and it stirs up so much anger and disgust inside of me. I see posts on Reddit (Yes, I know I shouldn't visit Reddit. I don't visit it very often anymore.) bashing Christian values and it upsets me a lot. When you see all those likes, upvotes, (you)'s, or whatever else people are giving in approval it's very easy to fall into despair and start to hate all of humanity. I try to remember Philippians 4:8 which tells us to think of all things that are good. It also helps to remember that so long as someone is alive and not an apostate that they can be saved because God is just and true. If the truth exists then it can be revealed. Try to see all the sins that people commit as opportunities for them to ask for repentance and to turn away from their sins and to turn to God. Remember that the man or woman who rejects God and his law is a fool who is false. It's good to get angry and offended when you see people reject the law of the Lord so, don't go ending up tolerating sin either.

e7b4cc  No.810027

I didnt know where else to post this but I wanted to apologize to 8ch and that white nationalist I called a faggot. I also called someone a zoomer when I meant gen zer.

I got upset and schizoed out and have felt bad since.

Hope they see this I couldn't find the threads.

Hope they will forgive me.

e7b4cc  No.810034

Everyone sucks, try not to hate the person but the sins.

Hate is a slippery slope, but we are taught no one is irredeemable. God has great power. He asks us to show that power through how we live. I know I'm not perfect, but no one is.

It's easy to see how broken others are. But we cant forget that God is perfect. His judgment will be just to a t.

If we cant imagine how someone could be so horrible, the justice must be beyond comprehension as well. Trust in God means we wont hate another human being, and always see them as human beings. Imperfect from the start.

If we stop viewing someone as human we may become the vile one. Evil begets evil. Hate of another human is an evil thing in the eyes of the Lord.

Can you trust in Him? If not, are you saved? If you aren't, you may be by doing what others have said: give it to God and TRUST IN HIM.

Forgiveness, I would also like to point out: it doesn't mean roll over and allow trespasses to continue. Forgiveness doesn't mean no boundaries. Boundaries are healthy, and forgiveness is too. If a needed boundary is never seeing someone again you feel, they need to respect that. But forgive them by not hating them.

Trust in the Lord anon, I pray we all do and always will. Myself included because Lord knows I'm not perfect. I winnie the pooh up daily.


e7b4cc  No.810035

Btw swearing isnt a sin, using sweats to winnie the pooh someone up emotionally is.

Swearing helps some assholes be as honest as they can be.

I mean shit

33da7f  No.810183


"And anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell."

Mathew 5:22

efc396  No.810257

EZ, hate the sin, not the sinner.

b21e82  No.810292


God is your judge.

Being judged does not equal being hated.

c3190c  No.810375

If you find yourself willed with pride, wrath, and envy, practice humility, patience, and kindness.

You should be angry about sin, and not forget that sinners are people too, and you're also a sinner.

If you ever meet an angel, he'd probably think the same things about you that you think about a greedy plagiarizing puxxy-eater like Martin Luther King. Luckily God doesn't tell His servants to cut down the wheat and tares yet. Try to be wheat.

b21e82  No.810422


You don't have to swear at people that's not what Jesus would do.

If you yourself hate the sin why do you advise others to swear?

I don't care what Angels think they are not perfect.

>Cut down tares and wheat

God will only tell his angels to do that not humans.

What about Martin Luther?

I should not just practice humility,patience and kindness i must repent and trust Jesus only for He is the only One everyone should count on.

Don't use swearing,help people find repentance and help them see that Jesus is the Only Way.

7374b5  No.810494


You get over yourself and trust God. Hating your neighbor will get you nowhere. Love God and love your neighbor just as Jesus commanded.

fb7e94  No.810534

Since God's people were not to live among the heathen, when God said to love your neighbor as yourself, He meant that the neighbor was of your own racial people. Christians are not to love those that hate Jesus, but they are to treat them civilly.

0c7bf1  No.810560

File: 011897648fb8419⋯.jpg (117.25 KB, 960x690, 32:23, 4d952fc3b98a1b83544562cb0c….jpg)


Try your best to realize that while all humans are sinful - not all humans are unrepentant.

To the unrepentant sinners, repent or be cast into hell.

Hail Jesus Christ.

8c3fad  No.810587


Salvation is a gift given by the Love of God.

Race will be irrelevant in heaven. If you view one race as better or any as less good, I have bad news. Heaven is perfection and things like race will be irrelevant, it wouldnt be heaven if everyone was worried about race. It will be a worldly thing that passes in the eternal.

Jesus didnt save via tolerance Jesus saved by love if God. Love even the unrepentant, if they still breathe it is our jobs to love them as God loved us in hope to bear good fruit from that love.

Do not take this to mean to do their worldly things, but in spite of their actions.

We, with our love for humanity, are the contrast to the way the world behaves. If we simply tolerate the worldly, what way do we have to show the redeeming path of Christ?

God desires all sinners, not just white sinners to go to Him. If he just wanted the white ones He probably would have said so. But He said "all sinners".

a0c9d5  No.810591


Realize you’re not a Christian

8c3fad  No.810592


This edge got me bleedin

a90d96  No.810674

File: 2fcd35dce8ee1ee⋯.png (106.05 KB, 797x810, 797:810, ClipboardImage.png)


Why did Jehova hate the Giants in the book of Genesis? What if we humans are next?

f6837a  No.810689

Stop depending on them. I hated people, now I just see nothing worth liking in them.

When I gave others benefit of doubt, I'm only disappointed if I depend on them. Whether that's giving me a ride to school when a kid, hiring them to perform a service, or to just trust their judgement isn't self absorbed and that they'll consider others when making decisions. It only causes angst if you depend on this person, and it doesn't matter if they've been dependable for everything else.

Once you see the 'line in the sand' on how their decision making differs from yours you tend to judge them as good or bad (for you).

For example, my mother divorced my dad and took the kids. She had no real job but housewife for the 6 years they were married and to this day I believe she took the kids not out of our best interest but her own, because if she abandoned us she would be on her own. She needed help from her parents (at 31) to 'get on her feet', and there's no reason her parents/family would help her if she divorced her husband and left the kids. How could she explain how she deserves help to leave her husband if not that her husband was bad? How could she explain she deserves help escaping a bad spouse if she left her kids with him to escape?

Before this point she spent most of her youth planning to be nun. Which means she didn't dream about being a mom or wife or professional, she had dreams to be a dependent on something that's survived thousands of years (roman catholic church). So to her kids this is proof that kids were never her first choice and she opts for the path of lease resistance on her own life.

ffwd 10 years and she later gives her teenage-kids the ultimatum, do what I say and don't ask questions or live with your father on the other side of the country. Hard for a kid to swallow this and think their parent is anything but a jerk.

ffwd a few more years and when the youngest is 18, the mother sells the house her parents bought her (when she was 31) and moves to the middle of the country. Doesn't help her kids 'get on their feet' blows all the money she saved in a few years on thoughtless investment ideas, now she depends on me and still behaves like a 'words are louder than actions' mentality of being unable to be honest or consistent in her values.

The point of this is to show that when you depend on someone, in this case I depended on my mother, you judge them based on everything they do because at some point you're waiting for their poor decision making to be selfish and against you better interests. If you depend on someone you don't trust, you're going to have a sour relationship.

As I've gotten older and began to see the differences between all the tribes I've learned people are individuals that'll cling to the tribe that best represents their values, at that time. People in tribes can't always mix and people in tribes aren't independents, they depend on each other. Dependents are immature people, they literally depend on others to survive. They're unreliable in the long-run unless one of their values is becoming independent and they practice what they preach.

You have a choice. To be dependent on others, systems included (religion/government/charities), you have to give up your individuality and make compromises to continue to depend on those systems. Or you become an independent and just learn that others aren't so you know who to invest in and how much you can afford to risk.

054350  No.810721

advice is dont follow the bible literally but as a meta story. Love means judging fairly where necessary, at least in the biblical sense. The greeks had different forms of love. Loving thy enemy for instance isnt a bouche and roses but knowing everything about them to the point that you actually know them completely. The best way to ameliorate a situation is to understand the people involved and nullify their will to fight. Lessen the blowback so to speak. That's just since we're talking about people. It's a different conception of love I guess but that's really how I see it. Theology is interesting that way. Flexible.

054350  No.810722


I feel the exact same way. Had an highly abusive parent that blew through all of his savings and went bankrupt while I was in college. Wouldn't have been able to afford it anyways but that dependency I had on that parent made me all the more depressed when they failed to meet any semblance of good standing and expectation one would have with an adult. I struggle between believing in people but also realizing that im just becoming more cynical as i meet more. Worse, the people that feel similarly start becoming machiavellian and scheming as it's too heavy a load to deal with. It's to the point that I dont want to have attachments to people since they all seem to want the same thing, their own self-interest, maximization of their own happiness in a world that fits their view perfectly. For some reason I just keep trying to believe. I think it's a fear of becoming dead inside. I realize however that if I don't let go people will continue to take advantage. They wont even notice their doing it. Why notice it. It always turns out the same.

054350  No.810726




what I mean is, that people seem to function completely on instinct and self preservation. Im so done with this that Im too depressed to function. Petty inconsequential problems that only end in misunderstanding since no one wants to ask a simple question. I started having daylight hallucinations from being awake and stressed all the time, guilt induced psychosis or psychosis causing guilt. Thoughts of suicide. Erratic behavior. Literally losing touch with reality. Whatever. Only heavy medication fixes the problem. People genuinely disgust me, for knowingly exacerbating this, but for some reason again I have to try understanding them anyways. They're interesting even though that interest has utterly ruined my life. The only thing to do is to work through it and watch things from a distance. It's better as well for a means of survival, but then I guess that's the trap of cynicism.

838b15  No.810736


>dont follow the bible literally

Cringe and Satanpilled

054350  No.810754


I think that's really insightful

c20d83  No.810789


>The Song of Songs literally happened and isn't a poem.

Okay, prot

e827d0  No.810859

>If we're to love everyone as Christians

Love probably doesn't mean what you think it means.

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