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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: ad692f94d1f0f1e⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 600x338, 300:169, solaire-of-astora-large.jpg)

857bee  No.811341

This might sound silly but is there anything non-religous that brought you back to Christ?

For me it was Solair. Even though he isn't Christian and there's a very high chance that he falls later in-game, there's just something about him that inspired me. His way of being a guiding light in the darkness that surrounds him. It showed me a small taste of how beautiful faith can be.

Did you ever experience something like this? Please note, this is not a rec thread on Christian fiction like Lewis or Tolkien. Just a personal thing that brought you close(r) to faith.

a1a050  No.811364

Lierally was playing a human holy paladin in WoW. I used to hate paladins, goodness and God. But playing that character made me realize that I was foolish. Even in its simplicity and foolishness the idea that one can serve higher ideals and achieve something noble through the help of a higher power made me cry. So I left my edgy satanic selfisness behind.

In the same game I realized that there are always people out there spinning a narrative of relativization. The Scarlet Crusade literally was a righteous organization trying to beat back unholy monsters from their own homeland and yet they are portrayed as the "Good is actually evil" faction.

Another game that made me like christendom was crusader kings 2 , crushing muslims in crusades and protecting Mother Europe.

Turn on music for best feels.

ce61be  No.811367

File: df4c5f191a4eea1⋯.jpg (16.3 KB, 264x400, 33:50, 0679643338.jpg)

pic attached

c4bb91  No.811377


Dark souls had anti-depression themes

cae847  No.811390

File: 8f8874a2358ef35⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, IMG_5442.JPG)

Watching this every day as a child

67c7ad  No.811414


Deus Vult meme and /pol/. No kidding. I sought out God, the higher power, to punish and condemn the fake (((Jews))) to burn in hell for eternity for all their devilry on this earth. Now that the dust has settled, I do not want them in hell any more, I want them to repent and repent hard because all those sins will weight upon them harshly especially on this earth and in this life; I would not wish hell on anybody anymore, even my worst enemy.

35b220  No.811441

File: a076b57fdec3028⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The Impossible Dream (The….webm)


>Lierally was playing a human holy paladin in WoW.

>I used to hate paladins, goodness and God. But playing that character made me realize that I was foolish

Yeah this too. there was alway something about this knightly valor that I loved but was almost scared to admit.

0e12da  No.811442


True, the Scarlet Crusade did nothing wrong. They were always my favorites in wow.

Also I had something similar like you described. Only in Eu4 and playing gregorian chants in the background, while fighting kebab.

35b220  No.811446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can't get this second webm to upload. Have a youtube link instead.

557bee  No.811453


Kinda similar but I think the paladin character in Diablo II was a slight influence. I was always kinda drawn to that idea of a righteous knight, even when I had begun to drift away from my faith. Also a little bit of this >>811414 helped, but I've gotten away from /pol/ for a while now and only care about a small segment of politics at all (libertarianism, which is absolutely in line with Christian faith).

f03e3c  No.811454

File: 7f6e8839cae8d5b⋯.gif (158.05 KB, 352x400, 22:25, Solaire of astora.gif)


Dark Souls revived my fascination with myths and legends which in turn revived my fascination with history which in turn revived my fascination with Christianity.

d5645a  No.811492

File: 38526367241369b⋯.jpg (14.49 KB, 220x312, 55:78, 220px-The_Exorcist_1971.jpg)


I read the Exorcist and it made me interested in the church

9f37be  No.811512

I used to be a follower of Gnosticism. Back then, I listened to a band called Current 93 (which leans heavily into Christian mysticism in many of their albums). However, two of their songs began making me question my beliefs and brought me back full circle. Those two songs were Patripassian and Imperium. Patripassian contains the words of Blaise Pascal (I can't recall from which work):

"The rivers of Babylon flow

And fall

And carry away

Jesus is alone on earth

Not merely with no one to feel and share His agony

But with no one even to know of it

Heaven and he are the only ones to know

Jesus is in a garden

Not of delight

Like the first Adam

Who there fell and took with him all mankind

But of agony

Where He has saved Himself and all mankind

He suffers this anguish and abandonment in the horror of the night

Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world

There must be no resting in the meantime"

Imperium was heavily filled with references to Ecclesiastes - especially Ecclesiastes chapter 12. To this day, Ecclesiastes remains my favorite book of the OT

b98e4f  No.811516

How I was led back to Christ (raised Baptist, but became agnostic in my teens) is sort of a blur, despite the chain of events beginning only a year ago. Despite being agnostic at the time and consuming no Christian media, I felt strongly compelled (a supernatural feeling) to attend church one day, so the following Sunday I…

>went to my uncle's church (non-denominational)

>after realizing i knew very little about Christianity, I decided to get a Bible (KJV 1611)

>got baptized at the same church a month later

>read the Torah and entire NT in a few months

>after reading St. Paul's epistles, I begin to long for tradition

>having discovered /christian/ in summer 2018 (I don't remember how… never browsed 8ch before then), I begin to consider the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church

>after much discernment, I realize my allure to Orthodoxy is the aesthetics and music, and nothing more

>later, Christmas 2018 comes around

>at that church's Christmas service, i feel dead inside

>the friends i made at that church stopped coming, hardly anyone speaks to me, and i sit alone watching lights flash around the room and tattooed millennials bang on drums

>right then, a voice inside me says this church has served its purpose and i must move on

>continue researching the history of Christianity and, that following month, come home to Rome

>getting Confirmed this month

If anything, fiction and pop culture (along with cringy Evangelical crap like Bibleman) are what kept me away from Christianity until God pulled me back towards it, and for that I am glad. I know in my heart that God has the sacrament of marriage in mind for me, but beyond that… I can't quite tell. Perhaps a revival of the Catholic Church via young traditionalists (if the current trend is anything to go by), although I'm not sure.

88dac5  No.811556


>The Scarlet Crusade literally was a righteous organization trying to beat back unholy monsters from their own homeland and yet they are portrayed as the "Good is actually evil" faction.

They were led by a literal demon though.

daa124  No.811588


The people were righteous but were being lead away by false teachers. Righteousness is something to strive for, it makes sense but the cop out by blizzard to turn them into sooper mean guys probably had nothing to do with it.

555ad1  No.811589


Very nice story, thanks for sharing brother

4d7957  No.811591


Reactionary memes

8aa910  No.811619


It was obviously twisted that way in order to show the "dark side of the light'.

I was cringing so hard about it.

57a17d  No.811647

File: 896d8365a2f1ad7⋯.png (305.87 KB, 698x725, 698:725, 1UgniJ7.png)

Berserk made me realize how shitty a world without God would be, and how without God there would be literally no point and meaning in anything.

I watched/read it in my late teens, when I wasn't very invested in religion, and thinking on these ideas led me to get invested.

509d66  No.811650

Roadside Picnic + Stalker (1979).

c4bb91  No.811674

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not only the Digimon multiple verses exist. Lovecraftian Digimon exists, Digimon hell, human ghosts, and God all exist within the digital world. It implied God aka the first programmer might be the only being that isn’t a digital lifeform. Human has always been digital based life-form that suppose to obey programming laws of the universe. If the human knows the truth. They were able to break the programming gain super abilities. https://digimon.fandom.com/wiki/God



4d407d  No.811859

File: 06e99374ab7edea⋯.jpg (709.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190430000604_1.jpg)



Seconded. It's an astounding sight to see such a beautiful & infectious joyousness among ashes and darkness. Doubly so to see it in a video game. Dark Souls had such an elemental, unburdened way of storytelling. Only one or two other games I know have come close to the level of truthfulness and substance in Dark Souls.



The Legacy of Rome DLC let me live out my dream of reuniting Christendom. Bonus points if after restoring Orthodoxy (thereby making Catholicism a heresy) you secretly convert to Catholicism, spread it through a secret society, go public, and install Catholic bishops in the Patriarchates to swap heresy status with Orthodoxy. Because Catholicism has much better features.


>Basileus Karl the Great

7f4bb5  No.811883

File: da849aaf3b74c0b⋯.png (6.72 KB, 279x256, 279:256, 4a86jwe191m11.png)


I'm pretty sure playing the priest class, my favorite, and helping others for the sole sake of helping them survive even to my own detriment had a part.

555ad1  No.811888


I play Realm too sometimes, and always as the Priest! I like helping and healing others. I've been tempted to buy the Nun skin. I find it frustrating that I die a lot though. The best I got was a 7/8 character though!

dd8c58  No.811947

Going to bump/lurk this thread, I'd like to have a hobby to take my mind off of intrusive thoughts and fapping, but also one that can help with being faithful rather than dark, negative themes.

c608d9  No.811975

File: 9827b8ff806bd62⋯.jpg (59.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3eb237bd51a4142ee370a007dd….jpg)


>raised as a post V2 cradle catholic

>boomer parents dont want to force religion on their kids so its almost never talked about except when we go to church

>despite the shallowness of my religious upbringing there is something from it that prevents me from being an atheist in my teens and 20s

>apathetic agnostic for the most part, but i still retain a distaste for the constant christian and catholic bashing you see everywhere in society

>played a lot of videogames but victoria 2 had a pretty big influence on me

>couldnt pretend to be a neutral centrist these damn leftist political groups keep causing rebellions and uprisings

>just like medieval total war had helped my interest in real medieval history to grow, victoria 2 spurred me to learn more about politics and economics

>loved playing eu3 and ck2 as a christian ruler retaking lands from muslim invaders

>i stopped watching tv and movies around 2011

>grow more right wing and traditionalist over the years

>finally in summer of 2018 after a getting fed up with an ignorant and dishonest fedora atheist in my circle of friends i decided to go back to learning christianity.

>i had read the bible when i was younger, but looking back i wasnt old enough to really take it in and didnt have anyone to help

>in my 20s i had read the quaran and the hadith to try to understand muslims, i had read up on real non western liberal buddhism as well. neither held any interest in me

>i started with rereading the bible and have since started working my way through other christian writers like augustine, aquinas, and the more i learn the longer the list gets

Even though videogames have had an influence on my by inspiring me to go learn new things, I dont really play them anymore except a few older games. It seems every year the rot in the industry grows and they dont even care about pretending anymore.

685e1d  No.811997

File: 8bd74081aaf8f20⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 754x817, 754:817, 007fe9436321ace85df9564902….jpg)

One thing that's currently making me want to come back to Christ is surprisingly K-ON.

I've been thinking deeply about what it means to be happy and how I lost all of that childlike wonder in favor of cheap fun like weed and video games.

I guess I want to be a child still. They are, like the girls in K-ON, non-judgmental, accepting, loving, don't assume bad intention, etc. and most of all innocent. Which are Christian values.

The only way of being a child now into adulthood is to be a child of God. I want to come back.

caa15b  No.811998




How come that only non-Western media these days are capable of making someone THINK about spiritual things and morality?

b98e4f  No.812049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I guess I want to be a child still

I wanted to be an adult ever since puberty kicked in (miserable years those were), and moved out of my parents' place the first chance I got. I see what you mean about wanting that feeling of innocence as a child back though… my teen years were very blackpilled, so I don't miss them, but before that was nice. The only happiness I find now is in Christ and daydreaming about what the future might bring:

<having a nice Christian gf

<watching wholesome movies together

<getting married

<buying a home

<having kids

…That sort of thing. Vid related always hits me right in the feels.

509d66  No.812129


I call doubt on this…I like anime to a degree, but a lot of anime fans are on the progressive side of modernity, and neo Communist wave too.

Indeed Western media is corrupted and dangerous, but it’s not like Grorious Nippon is a bastion of morality. Please don’t take me as saying anime is bad, just: it’s not as great as many say.

And there are still a few good movies one can watch here and there coming from the West, despite how little is not infected by modernity.

061ab7  No.812179

File: 47cd57841137fcf⋯.gif (77.74 KB, 480x256, 15:8, 1540917467_1515374211_dark….gif)


Solaire, it seems that he was an inspiration for many of us, it is not far-fetched to think he was based off the real Crusaders. If you replace the sun concept with Christian mysticism, Solaire is as close as it gets to a Crusader, faithful holy soldier of Our Lord, displaying unbreakable will, unmatched bravery and resolve, even during the darkest of times, he never stopped worshiping his father the sun, from the very moment we meet him, he is lost in thought, contemplating the clouded sky and the little sheds of light coming from the sun gracing his figure, we can appreciate at first glance that even his attire resembles that of the Crusaders, but the parallels go further beyond, when progressing through his questline, he shows the player acts of genuine kindness, helps them without expecting anything in return and provides companionship without ulterior motives (all of which can be described as Christian morals), in contrast with a forsaken and desolated world that is trying to kill you at every moment and around every corner, a humble warrior remains ever faithful to his cause, like a candle in the middle of the vast darkness that surrounds him.

>there's a very high chance that he falls later in-game

The Chosen Undead, following the lore from the 2nd and specially the 3rd game, emerged triumphant in the end, which heavily implies Solaire's good ending is canon.

It's worth mentioning that there are other similarities between Christian values and Dark Souls, Quelaan, the "Fair Lady" being a very notorious one, doomed to a life of suffering because of the sins committed by her kind, she didn't fall to despair nor take the path of wrath and vengeance her siblings decided to follow, remaining as a motherly figure instead, aiding those who came to stay under her care, visiting her place and making offers to honor and share in her grief.


Good taste. Guts, even though he was a great sinner in the past and not a man of faith, has grown up and developed as a character into a very humble and wise person, enduring through multiple unspeakable horrors and trials, he never succumbed to despair, the struggler continues to struggle.


It's not every day that I come across a thread that includes my favorite game, my favorite manga, and now my favorite anime all in one. K-On is a perfect example of good slice of life and a personal favorite to me like I said above, a show without unnecessary fanservice, and that can be labeled as iyashikei too. There are very few shows as pure and wholesome as K-On (including the 2nd season and the movie, of course). The characters have grown up on me so much after rewatching the series many times that I hold them dear as my daughters, the girls evoke a feeling of fatherly love inside me. It's fair to say that the show helped me through very dark times. I humbly recommend Yuru Camp, Non Non Biyori and GochiUsa, if you haven't watched those yet.

b29433  No.812467

File: fd8e87a4d003616⋯.jpg (302.66 KB, 1000x1468, 250:367, Kimi-no-Na-wa.-Visual (1).jpg)

File: f95acd74c7aad43⋯.jpg (117.82 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, MV5BN2Q0NTQ1ZmQtMDRlMS00YW….jpg)


I was a misanthrope who hated humanity and was quite obsessed with evolutionary psychology. I didn't believe in things like "love" or "friendship" and I expected everyone to betray me in some way. Mostly because of my own self-righteousness and growing up in an abusive home. Then I watched Your name and it made me realize how lonely and depressed I was. It made me start appreciating life and humanity as a whole. I started to believe in love and friendship again and I could finally see eye to eye with God.

79fcd7  No.812492

What about Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Some of the storyline or dialogue does involve strong Catholic/Christian elements?

79fcd7  No.812493

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you also see the loving or paternal/fatherly relationship between lords and their subjects as once existed under Christendom.

If modern day societies of such existed they would be company towns.

79fcd7  No.812494


What about the Abyss Watchers and Artorias's heroic missions to wage an endless war against darkness/evil or eradicate it anywhere in the world they find it?

79fcd7  No.812508


The Abyss Watchers or Artorias made it their entire life mission to eradicate and destroy darkness/evil.

Sacrificing everything in order to defeat evil or darkness, even if they knew there was no winning they still believed it was worth it to keep fighting and fighting.

With the Abyss Watchers if one fell there was another who could replace them and continue fighting darkness. Entire civilizations or kingdoms were wiped out when found to possess darkness or what's metaphorical for evil in order to prevent it from spreading.

80dc5f  No.812818

File: c9c1583c3f6fa58⋯.jpg (241.29 KB, 791x861, 113:123, c9c1583c3f6fa5839904d00fc8….jpg)




I know that might seem kinda of retarded but, I have always been more of a fighting action games kinda of guy and I recently bought DS remastered and i think I kinda winnie the poohed up with the character stats, you see I've never played this rpg type of games where your assign your stats and shit, so how do you guys made your characters builds because I'm kinda of lost on this

pic unrelated.

b6fcfe  No.812820



I would always wonder why supernatural stuff didn't happen to me in real life. Playing as the nerevarine in Morrowind and having all the prophecy and magical stuff going on around me, then talking to the NPCs who have no idea about any of this, but deny it made me realize that just because I am not the one experiencing it, does not mean it isn't happening.

Prophecies, magic, demons, ghosts, and the supernatural happen. Just so rarely to me that I don't recognize it. Being in that position in game changed my perspective. Then using that made me study and come to Christ.

b5b8bb  No.812823


Didn't play DS, but I played Skyrim, Oblivion, Mount and Blade, Diablo, soi have some experience regarding stats.

The main thing for me at least is to choose one path of development for the character. Let's say you want to be a paladin: concentrate on melee skills and good spells (like healing) and develop others only of it is necessary. Don't try to excel at everything, because your character will be mediocre with no real strength. Also, concentrate on skills that will be beneficial on the long run. For example, leadership skill in mount and blade may seem to be very important but in reality investing in ot heavily is not worth it since renown will increase he cap of retinue anyway. On the other hand persuasion is necessary for the long run to easily develop ties with the nobles.

b98e4f  No.812827


I never noticed that parallel between the Neravarine and Christ… Like you said, some characters recognize the prophesy, others dismiss it as "superstitous nonsense", and many aren't even aware of there being a prophesy. Very interesting…


Specializing in one area is indeed the way to go. My first Oblivion and Skyrim characters, which I made when each game first launched, were both Imperials who came to use melee, magic, and stealth, and they led all the guilds. They were mediocre at everything… I had to bring the difficulty way down. Specializing is more fun for role-playing purposes anyway.

e79bad  No.812839

File: ccb9b197f3c48af⋯.jpg (541.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, abyss_watchers1.jpg)

File: 9b45b368ad55517⋯.jpg (794.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, abyss_watchers2.jpg)

File: 4d03f867d7400fa⋯.jpg (647.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, abyss_watchers3.jpg)



The Abyss Watchers and Artoria's lifelong struggles are another brilliant lore element that by all means can be compared to the real Crusaders and their holy duties, it's a very emotional part of both games, specially the bond the Abyss Watchers shared with each other. The cutscene before the second phase was something that brought me to tears, after having to endure slaying those of their kind that succumbed to the abyss, trapped in their own fortress, doomed to fight their hollowed brothers in arms raising from the dead time and time again, only one of the watchers remained sane, and the fallen ones, in their dying breath, concede their blood and strength to their last standing warrior, so he can have a chance against the ashen one. Together as one, they died fighting for the very last time.

7e380e  No.812841

Tbh I'm looking for some games in which I can rp as a holy man effectively.

Skyrim, Witcher and stuff like that don't work because they only have pagan religions in their universe

e79bad  No.812842


Souls games revolve around mastering stamina management and knowing when to dodge roll. The character class and build isn't that much of a deal as long as you have the basics covered.

A very basic and effective build for beginners could be a so-called quality one, relying on strength weapons and high vitality, you'd want 30 endurance (stamina), 40 strength, 40 vitality (hp) and the rest depends on your weapon of choice, but in general lines it's basically what I listed above.

e79bad  No.812844


It'd be difficult for any dev to make a game based off real life religions without stirring up a lot of controversy. Try playing Cleric in Souls 1 or 3 and see how you feel about it.

0cc3dc  No.812845

File: 28a2d2804d8233c⋯.png (3.49 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, remove kebab warband.png)


Mount&Blade: Warband has no explicit mention of any religion, so you could RP as a sacred man if you wanted. There's mods set in the Middle Ages (Anno Domini 1257) if you wanna go crusading, and M&B: Fire and Sword is set in the Polish Deluge, so there's some kevab removal avaliable (with winged hussars!). The DLC "Viking Conquest" lets you be a Christian ant BTFO the vikings out of England. That DLC allows for full Christian RP and is a nice experience.

So look into Warband and Warband derivatives, Viking Conquest being your best bet for Christian gaming.

Fallout New Vegas can be a really good option. Install enough mods and you may be able to make a Christian New Vegas by being a good person and purging sin.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is also a great option, but that one may be too obvious.

Dragon's Dogma is a great game. There's a "church" in it, but I don't remember mentions to any particular gods. The story, however, does not leave too much room for roleplay, but hey, the gameplay is awesome.

Paradox games are a possibility, though you can only RP as a ruler, so it may be not what you're looking for. Frankly, in almost any strategy game you can try to be a Christian ruler, like playing Civilization and going for a religious victory.

70220c  No.812846


What about Dark Souls?

70220c  No.812847


Oh wait nevermind was tired when I replied

c4bb91  No.812966


c4bb91  No.812967

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surprised no one brought up king of the hill yet. It shocking portray hill family christian faith and Hank Hill conservatism in a positive light.

081e33  No.812978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anyone know if this is the correct translation of the Latin lyrics from the video?

"Tearful day, that day

When from the dust shall rise

Guilty man to be judged.

A trumpet spreading a wondrous sound

Through the graves of all lands

Will compel all before the throne

A trumpet spreading a wondrous sound…

O God of majesty,


83c766  No.812981

File: fba03798358639c⋯.jpeg (209.32 KB, 1600x977, 1600:977, a59dd2963441cd5c6915ad2f5….jpeg)

I actually wrote a lengthy schizo outline about how Dark Souls could be interpreted as a Christian allegory, if anyone's interested. I'm not sure it makes the most sense, since I wrote it all in one go on a red bull haze.

f8de15  No.812983

File: a299129b7c4348a⋯.jpg (157.58 KB, 1600x1074, 800:537, gricigliano nun.JPG)

Going to sound ridiculous but the beauty of anime nuns girls. I don't think it's a coincidence that the only orders still getting vocations from real beautiful young women still wear the habit.

0de2b2  No.812990



83c766  No.813048

File: 56b83d3ee3f82e7⋯.jpg (378.46 KB, 964x1020, 241:255, Gwyndolin is for loving an….jpg)


Here's one of the paragraphs I bothered getting down, but the outline is more convoluted:

the true First Sin, comparable to Christian original sin, due to the evil nature of the Dark and of “humanity” (which one should emphasize isn't the state of being human in Dark Souls, but an actual entity/spiritual substance that dwells within us, much like the stain of original sin The Lord Souls, and ordinary souls that humans also bear in addition to their humanity (confirming as well that the Dark Soul – humanity – is not an equivalent to the life-giving soul that the game uses as xp/currency) are issuant from the First Flame, a spontaneous act of creation (either of natural occurrence or of divine origin, outside of lore), and follow the same principles as the First Flame. They draw their power from it. They resemble it. The Lord Soul bearers seek to preserve it (Gwyn and the Witch) The Dark Soul on the other hand is aligned with the Dark, the hypothetical end of the First Fire, and is opposed in function and use to the Lord Souls. It can cohabit with lesser souls, but by its being it is deviant, contradictory. It has the same characteristics as Lucifer: struggles against the entity that created it, seeks to usurp it. This reinforces the Dark being an evil concept. Therefore the discovery of the dark soul by the human progenitor is the Original Sin, the First Sin of Dark Souls.

2a31a6  No.813058

File: 00ca8ac3e3ab99c⋯.jpg (779.98 KB, 1920x2880, 2:3, 00c.jpg)


I thought the First Sin was Gwyn's refusal to let the First Flame burn out. This is why Velka's agent, the crow, retrieves the Chosen Undead in order to punish him for his transgression.

015e65  No.813060


Classic coming out is actually causing me to rethink my selection. Back then I played a horde warlock, but now I feel more like a priest or paladin and Christianity probably has something to do with it

80dc5f  No.813061

File: 3680e56688230bd⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, fag.jpg)



>posting a trap in our wholesome board

kill the gays

83c766  No.813064


He's not a trap, he was just abused as a child and represents a mythological trope.


That's the canon according to Aldia, yes. I don't think it necessarily is the only interpretation, but in any case my thing is about allegory rather than canon.

83c766  No.813067

File: 13cc2631fb5f787⋯.jpg (197.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e9dx9hb94vv01.jpg)



I need to go back through the game and lore and rewrite the article, I'm always frustrated by how all my ideas make perfect sense in my head but I am continuously unable to express them.

(posting the outline here in case it makes more sense to others than to me haha)


0de2b2  No.813070


Hmmm i see. Original sin really could be seen as the dark soul- Because in that day humanity became literallly marked with evil and corrupted with evil, with a tendency to perpetually rebel against it's creator.

e79bad  No.813071


When or where is it implied that Gwyndolin was abused as a child? As far as I know, he was raised as a woman, but the reason for that remains unknown. People theorize it was because of his affinity to the moon and that being a feminine trait but I do not know for certain.

0de2b2  No.813073


Gwyn thought people would thought him and gwyndolin would look weak as a man because of his affinity with the moon ( a feminine trait ) so he hid gwyndolin from the world and made look like an woman.

0de2b2  No.813074


*people would think him and gwyndolin were weak

83c766  No.813076



Well I mostly kidding, but his androgyny is a result of the whole lunar-female, solar-male dichotomy, and the vague relationship between the gods of Lordran and what they're gods of. Plus a lot of people really think there's an answer for everything in Dark Souls which is smply not the case. A lot of stuff is self-contradictory (maybe on purpose), or just asspulled and retconned (yorshka).

83c766  No.813079


I generally dislike Hugo's politics but he is a great author and clearly animated by a Christian mentality.

0c0b95  No.813118


Your stats should depend mostly on what weapon you want to use. All weapons have different stat scaling, so you first pick what weapon you want then level up the stats that it has scaling for. Other than that, you'll want 25-40 endurance and vitality

dd8c58  No.813492

I'm glad fiction has helped some people with their faith, as I've been worrying a lot about pop-culture having subversive themes or just taking up too much of life. I'd like to have some kind of hobby that keeps my from being idle (especially if it helps with my faith) but I don't want to be consumed with secular media, especially if it promotes aything sinful.




f41d82  No.813509



I started watching k-on because of this thread. Thanks anons.

69fc20  No.813547


In Dark Souls (1) yours stats mostly just determine what equipment you can use and what spells/miracles you can cast. You actually get bigger stat gains by simply upgrading your equipment so mostly focus on that and once you upgrade that as far as you can, just increase vitality, endurance, the stats that your weapon damage scales with. Also if you use sorceries or miracles upgrade those corresponding stats.

Polite sage for off topic.

49b992  No.814769

c6d05d  No.814784

File: 610749bd507f0ed⋯.jpg (42.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 51d7G8TU6FL._SL500_.jpg)


Stage adaptation of Les Miserables. The book itself is protosocialist trite, but since most adaptations cut out the massive tirades by Hugo the adaptations are all just about a man seeking redemption through God and service to others.

I was looking into Medieval European history and culture, as well as HEMA stuff at the time. I was always a big history and fantasy nerd though Also, Daredevil comics.

90a368  No.814828

File: 33ee83f1d9ff19f⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 182x276, 91:138, images.jpg)


It was Father Anderson from Hellsing utlimate.

Sometimes I cringe about it, but a spade is a spade

90a368  No.814830


ayyyyy, current 93 is excellent. I've yet to listen through to the whole of the corpus.

c6d05d  No.814831

File: 083ce6fbba7af14⋯.png (1.35 MB, 914x804, 457:402, 978161328194-2.png)


Hey, it got you here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anyways I forgot to mention Politics… much to my chagrin though I think a lot of us could say the same thing So yeah, I was far right but unlike all the LARPagans, when I heard the whole "Blood and Soil" philosophy, I thought of the Church first rather than viking crap. Especially since I'm primarily Polish and Irish. I hadn't done any research into NatSoc views on Christianity by that point, thankfully And like I said earlier, I was already a nerd for History and Fantasy, and Carolingian, Arthurian, Medieval, and Renaissance legends and folklore all naturally have a ton of christian themes and motifs, so that peeked my curiosity.

In my head, the decline of Europe was akin to the decline of Israel in Judges and the Prophets, though at the same time I mainly saw religion as a political tool. Like "if europe turns to god again, all the Muslims and sodomites will leave" and that was my only real concern. I didn't really have any deeper spirituality. I was a typical Sede-meme (because after all the pope was brown), Deus Vult, wannabe christian.

It wasn't until I read Job that I finally began to see the power and love of God. I was at a low point in my life family members were diagnosed with cancer, I had just started college so I couldn't be by them, and all the tension and crap around the election had me stressed out and the way Job explained the nature of suffering and maintaining faith really spoke to me at that time, and even still to this day. I remember being on the brink of tears by the end, From then on was when I really started to make a concerted effort to become a true christian.

I should also point out that as a comic/manga geek, my first exposure to the bible was the Kingstone Bible, a graphic novel adaptation of the bible. I'm not sure on the accuracy of the translation, and it is only the protestant bible for all the Catholics and Orthos out there, but I would actually still recommend it to anyone into art and/or comics as it doesn't really try to put a denominational spin on it. It's cool to see a visual adaptation of scripture, and I was pleased that it didn't hold back on the darker parts of scripture (ie the war and violence). I of course eventually read a proper rendition of scripture, but it was a fun and fascinating introduction to the faith.

Sorry for the essay, just felt it was a necessary story to tell. Hope somebody finds it relatable.

90a368  No.814836


cheers brother, With God we'll make it. Now to bed for me

974c37  No.814849


Learning about natural law as a concept in Fascism from /pol/ led me to Christianity as a whole.

That and I just liked Reverend Alberts from Killing Floor for no apparent reason, even as a fedoralord

0de2b2  No.814875


hey i thought it would cheer you up so i decided to tell you: I'm the op of this thread: https://8ch.net/christian/res/774324.html#774324

Go in and check it out, when i finish everything i'll make another thread

bd8b87  No.814958

File: 2d92193643811f8⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 618x741, 206:247, Jesus.jpg)

Not fiction or pop culture but I didn't see a more relevant thread in the catalog. I never thought much of Christ at all until I ate Kabenzi mushrooms and went for a long walk one day. I wasn't a diehard atheist beforehand, just always tried to think about other things because thinking about the afterlife always made me uncomfortable. That day I knew without a doubt that he is real. It was probably my single most life changing experience.

d0010f  No.815144

Crusader Kings II (just kidding lol)

Half kidding.

d50097  No.815165

Tolkien's biography and The Silmarillion

2f8855  No.815349


From what I can tell, anon, at least the first verse is correct. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at hearing lyrics, but it should be correct, as it's just a rearrangement of the Lacrimosa (Tearful).

ddd7ef  No.815392

File: 5ae86f3ffe498d3⋯.jpg (90.17 KB, 500x735, 100:147, vGptLY52oJp8XNU58G67mX6vmK….jpg)

This thing right here, lol.

I come from a Baptist family and went full fedora on them after reading Dawkins. Then I rewatched this, it got me into Exorcisms and Demonology and I became a Catholic when I became convinced that God is real and that the feminists, SJWs, and pizza freaks like Alefantis are demon possessed.

Sadly, my parents want nothing to do with me because I'm no longer Southern Baptist.

c925af  No.815394


Do your parents have that much contempt for another denomination like Catholicism?

7e380e  No.815395

File: 32703a71c1c1591⋯.jpg (206.59 KB, 690x500, 69:50, 2fb2653027b763621be6f5632e….jpg)

Sorta unrelated, but KCD literally made me shed a tear.

I was screwing around seeing what happens if I get maximum drunk, and Henry woke up in his old house in Skallitz after being unconscious for a while ;_;

Value your parents Christian friends

3535a5  No.815396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll just leave this here, although technically not dark souls

f8de15  No.815448


Based, that anime nun girl is a classic qt

555ad1  No.815459


I wanted to watch this but sadly it doesn't make sense how can a demon be a good demon

2f014a  No.815666


Demons in most Japanese media can't shake the Shinto rules where a demon is just a spirit that's kind of a dick. There's basically no real distinction between good and bad spirits aside from saying they're good or bad, same as people. There's always a 'good demon' character rebelling against his species somewhere or other. Devil May Cry is a good example; the protagonist is the half demon half human son of a demon that saved a human civilization and became the center of their religion/culture.

a6e8c5  No.815670

File: e2f758c9863a57b⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1017x768, 339:256, serveimage.jpg)


I absolutely love this song

eac107  No.816511

File: 3efef3700a932ea⋯.png (318.95 KB, 864x531, 96:59, k-on4.png)

f8de15  No.816528


They have this same problem with angels too, there are bad corrupt angels in Disgaea that are worse than some of the demon characters. I tried to watch Gabriel Dropout but it looked like it had this problem, and I also didn't care for demons being depicted as cute girls.

555ad1  No.816555



Wish there was good Catholic anime or just more art which was based on Catholic lore. Something like Dante's inferno, something that was actually logically/theologically sound, but also helped you ponder on some of the mysteries of the faith, of which there is so much. It seems like such a shame that there is basically none of this at all out there! :(

5a06ec  No.816602


I'm an catholic artfag that likes to draw anime, i have a twitter ( @fhundeart) , if you have any ideas i would love to hear them! Been thinking about creating more christian art with the style i love.

f3049a  No.816629


Literally just finished K-ON again (including the movie). I'm the guy you replied to.

Finishing it at work is not recommended. I cried a little.

Like I said in my previous post, it makes me really want to be a child again. And strengthens me into wanting to be with God.

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. (Mark 10:15)

b956e1  No.816644

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eac107  No.816711

File: c4e988648155e25⋯.png (995.21 KB, 1916x1080, 479:270, K-on2.png)


That's awesome man, it's one of my favorites, but what you have is really something special.

6f8985  No.816719

File: 5126b6c89f45839⋯.jpg (55.52 KB, 512x288, 16:9, download (1).jpg)


Speaking of anime. Does anyone know of any modern Christian oriented anime recently. If not that, maybe the best up to this point? The newer the better though.

While I'd be more than happy to be the first to say that Japan isn't very pro-Christian in much of their works, but I do feel that we should compile and promote Christian Japanese or Christian friendly Japanese works where we can to further promote future works to go down that path.

(image related sort of but I don't know where it came from, just found it on google search…)

eac107  No.816720


The best you can hope for are neutral spiritual themes. There isn't really much real Christianity in Anime. There are some examples of some seriously powerful spiritual themes making a neutral use of other religions, even for a Cathbro.

ecb270  No.816729


Vatican Miracle Examiner.

95b22f  No.816737


Implied male homosexual relationships everywhere, including between the two main characters.

98fce3  No.816748


The Virgin Mary is Watching

f8de15  No.816776

File: 47525ce2100f2f9⋯.jpg (353.62 KB, 400x562, 200:281, 1626926123.jpg)


Not modern at all but the World Masterpiece Theater anime that are adaptations of classic literature that were produced by Western Christian culture. Crunchy just added Swiss Family Robinson and Little Women to their library. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books and has gotten several anime adaptations, she is the penultimate cute girl doing cute things. Seven Seas also has published some classic books in public domain illustrated with anime style illustrations like light novels. I'm reading Pollyanna now and it's a great read.

f8de15  No.816777


Also the sauce on your pic is Arakawa Under athe Bridge, it's a funny series about a community of eccentric homeless people. That character is a man who likes to dress like a nun. Good show but not if you're explicitly looking for Christian themes.

95b22f  No.816814

95b22f  No.816899


>she is the penultimate cute girl doing cute things

So who is the ultimate cute girl doing cute things?

59f586  No.816929

File: e7b4a1d28ffbbd2⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 800x441, 800:441, aogg.jpg)


based and annepilled

it's free in HD on Youtube

6f8985  No.816956

>>816929 Remembered watching this one a long time ago.



>>816729 (might be questionable if >>816737 is true)

Other than that, these are some interesting finds. Kinda wish 8chan Christian had a wikia so we could submit an archive for Christian related or Christian approved movies and cartoon series among other things so we could add on to this overtime.

509d66  No.816972


We had a chart, even if it was a tad into the cringe Zone…

0d279b  No.817040


I used that word wrong cause my IQ is about 4 lol

What do you guys think of Evangelion?

1153db  No.817088

File: d40e01261cc4569⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 500x280, 25:14, Evangelion_1.gif)

Didn't necessarily lead me to Christ, but it is making me become more interested in Christian Mythology and the sort.

Sad that the symbolism of crosses in the show doesn't mean much. Only reason they added it in was for cool effects and a sense of mystery throughout the series :(

"There are a lot of giant robot shows in Japan, and we did want our story to have a religious theme to help distinguish us. Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we might have rethought that choice." - Evangelion Assistant Director Kazuya Tsurumaki

1153db  No.817089


Forgot to name the series. Series is Evangelion for those wondering.

2f8855  No.817111


It's not merely to "look cool". It's obviously for much, much more.

f8de15  No.817183


I haven't seen Eva in over 10 years and I can't find the analysis anymore cause I saw this years ago and don't know how to find it but apparently in EoE when Asuka is flipping out they flash the tree of life on screen and the sephiroth corresponding to whatever is going there is blacked out, Anno obviously has a lot of knowledge about Kabbalah and gnosticism and put that stuff in the show on purpose and is just denying it in interviews for whatever reason. I haven't seen Evangelion since I was like 14 and understood it only as a character drama but looking back on it now from what I recall the instrumentality project is the work of evil elite globalists who want to blend everyone's brains in a hivemind and achieve immortality without God just like the ones in real life do, Anno knew what was up.

91e7c3  No.817213


Sounds like Gnostishit.

c4bb91  No.817279


That is a good anime. It even showed Chrono praying to god at the end of the Anime and made a point holy water no longer hurt him at the end.

c4bb91  No.817281

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Five nights At Freddy’s

>Made by Scott cawthon a devout Christian

>Subtle christian subtext and symbolism

>Unrepentant sinners will face Consequences

dd8c58  No.818466



I've never seen it. I've heard some people claim it has clear Christian themes while others saying it is too mixed with other teachings or that it is outright subversive. Always avoided it just in case, but I can't actually say for myself whether it's dangerous or not.

7786f8  No.818507

File: f5f8e642a665db1⋯.jpg (684.21 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, wow-paladin-wallpaper[1].jpg)


0b910b  No.818536


I'm surprised that angel beats hasn't been mentioned yet.

2f8855  No.818556


I shouldn't be surprised that people watch such bad anime by this point, and yet here we are.

c4bb91  No.818940


What’s angle beats?

020313  No.819293

File: 0c62778d8df8010⋯.jpg (29.31 KB, 236x282, 118:141, dac965d6f273c8291620dafd15….jpg)

File: d6c538fef3775bc⋯.jpg (160.09 KB, 1024x479, 1024:479, Narnia-7.jpg)

File: afc9862d1143fc6⋯.jpg (240.92 KB, 912x1343, 912:1343, narnia 1.jpg)

File: 75f37b39eb1e8a4⋯.jpg (375.08 KB, 984x1255, 984:1255, narnia 2.jpg)

File: c3bb9112a42f298⋯.jpg (529.71 KB, 1280x1882, 640:941, 1c78c5cae6d3a751d434b480f2….jpg)

>Fiction/pop culture that led you back to Christ

Chronicles of Narnia did it for me , the biblical symbolism in it is even more obvious and powerfull than in Lotr.

Lucy is refered as daughter of Eve while Peter is refered as son of Adam. Aslan literally resurrects after 3 days. In the last book there is even an antichrist and biblical apocalypse after muslims take over Narnia.

c4bb91  No.819356


>In the last book there is even an antichrist and biblical apocalypse after muslims take over Narnia.

Sounds epic

ded867  No.819375


I can confirm, the Chronicles of Narnia has heavy Christian symbolism, and they're still the best children's books I've ever read. CS Lewis was a convert to Christianity, and also wrote Mere Christianity.

very good illustrations btw. I recognize Eustace Scrubb turned into a dragon, the end of the world, the Dawn Treader, and the Underland. not sure about the forest, it doesn't look like Lantern Waste, maybe it's Polly and Digory at the beginning of the world?

1e940b  No.819377



There were some efforts back then go make a /christian/-friendly anime chart. Then a mod (or mods, cannot remember correctly) shot them all down as it blew the whole thread into the orbit instead of giving a warning or just remove the problematic reply. Reason being somehow their first image google searches with the anime name resulted in lewd stuffs which where thoroughly debated to death in the meta thread and it turned out that those were fanarts, third-party stuffs and merchandise like hugging pillows and stuffs.

Since then, we rarely pick up anime as a main topic anymore. I think people are reserved in this matter as in do not want a fight between Christians over this matter.

18a725  No.819638


Earlier Blizzardverse lore (ie from early Warcraft) was more explicitly Christian, while in the later take they watered it down to a kind of pantheism to appeal to non-Christians more. I always put down things like the Scarlet Crusade as an appeal to the fedora Atheist crowd.


>obligatory: "Praise the Sun".

Agreed on Solaire. Dark Souls has a very conciously quasi-Christian aesthetic, just filtered through a non-Christian, Japanese mans perception of it. Sunbros are the kino faction choice for Christian gamers.

555ad1  No.819663

Regarding evangelion, I've posted about this a couple times, and talked to someone else about it, but maybe I'll bring it up again since there's new buzz after many years with many new fans.

I think while probably unintentional there can be some really great Christian/Catholic interpretation for the whole story. The Kaballah stuff makes it better because that stuff is literally used as the enemy, which honestly the whole Tikkun Olam is our enemy. It's really the competing world view, many of them are Kaballah practitioners. A small cabal of power people wanting to "heal the world" SEELE.

The "Angels" could be definitely fallen angels. They represent vices or challenges that we have to struggle through in order to mature and grow. At the end, Eva unit one looks crucified. The cross is shown as the tree of life (which we believe). I think the whole thing is a journey of understanding to "die unto yourself" to accept pain, accept your cross, and that makes you human again, a real person.

Now however, where is Christ himself? Divine providence? Because while we all have to learn to bear our cross and follow it unto death and accept pain instead of running away from it, part of the authentic Christian life is also uniting that to Christ and knowing he is the one pulling us along. Some idea about a mediator, a sacrifice that we enjoin to. Perhaps this is Yui in this case? Can a case be made there? Maybe maybe not. I guess sadly there might be only so far we can go. I'd love to see if we could push it a bit further. If nothing else other than being fun personally, it could

be really cool to share with other Anime/Eva fans and even possibly some evangelization :)

350bc3  No.819668


Looking at this thread i'm realizing how much of a black sheep i am on /christian/


video gaymes always gave me an existential crisis, the more i played games the more i questioned their fruitlessness and the pointlessness of it all. It was all vanity, and always left me feeling empty inside. For the longest time they were my crutch growing up because i had no friends, a family in bedlam where i was the scapegoat for everything, and God was always silent. I went hard into that escapism to avoid facing the existential hell of always being alone and hated, but i never found any peace of mind in it.

Never left my faith in an official sense since i said the magic words when i was young and continued to talk with God when i needed a favour but I still continue to struggle with being closer than 2 houses apart from Him, only really started to "come back" once i woke up after overdosing on philosophy and going into the rabbit hole with christian talks and authors.

This might sound good but it opened a winnie the pooh pandoras box in my soul of unresolved hatred and spite. I'm still struggling to have a genuine relationship with God because of the wall between us, theres this muddy gray in my soul where i'm halfway to repenting but never feel adequate guilt or really change my behaviour in any meaningful way. My soul can find no peace and i'm never truly happy. My life is in the gutter and i keep hoping God will fix it for me but i know he wont. Last month i was within an inch of attempting to choke out my professor on an impulse but i didn't. I don't say with my tongue that i am righteous, but i don't know if my heart has deceived itself into thinking that it is.

sorry for the blog, i really need someone to talk to about this and all the psychologists in my area are the "lol take drugs my dood xD ?" variety, I'm also deathly afraid of being singled out because of my shitty childhood which is why i avoid talking to the pastors at the church i used to go to in case they try to single me out for a baptism (and also because i don't want to taint the holy in case i go back to being how i am right now, like i usually do), there's no churches i belong to either for the same reason i was alone in childhood and still now. I should probably read my bible tomorrow.

555ad1  No.819682


Are you a baptist? Just curious. And I think I know what you mean about video games.

291a90  No.819687


Idk if its 'Pop culture' but I really loved listening to Handels music which led me to renew my faith

350bc3  No.819726


>Are you a baptist?

Raised Presbyterian, but non-denominational right now.

>And I think I know what you mean about video games.


d50ee6  No.819748


>>praise the sun

*praise the son


bb3dba  No.819777


For certain the show was more focused on kabballalistic and gnostic symbolism than straight up Christian symbolism or theology. SEELE, I believe, is gnostic. With that said, as a Christian, the series doesn't speak to me on the level of religion, I've always taken the main importance of the story to be about the characters, and have seen the robots and symbolism as the background to tell the story of these characters who are broken. It is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of media, of course talking about the anime which is what I saw first. Rebuilds are just spectacles with 3D animation and intense action. The manga, I've read but in effect it's the same story until Kaworu shows up.

ca9d4a  No.819874

File: 10f63d2203bb05f⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 460x584, 115:146, 71351b3ed09f80b52e6302e2ce….jpg)

A combination of several games/settings.

The first was, oddly enough, Warhammer 40k. Despite the god-emperor being an ascended fedora-tipper, the conviction and dedication to him shown in-universe made me jealous. Seeing that set against the literal manifestations of evil (the chaos gods and their minions) and the fall of the Eldar due to their galaxy-wide decadence made me wish there was something like that for me. I know the setting has its flaws, but I came to realize that I could distill the characteristics I like about it apart from the things that are wonky, and apply it to "our setting" on my own. Conviction is legitimate, evil does in fact exist, dedication to the one true God is it's own reward, and the security in having unshakeable faith.

The inquisition and merciless elimination of heresy and heretics is, of course, not that applicable, but the idea that you should always be on the lookout for the powers of the warp corrupting you through your desires struck a cord with me.

The second was overwatch. Zenyatta the robo-Bhuddist is the calm, collected, peaceful member of the team who might as well be their chaplain. Even with all his talk about enlightenment and the typical bhuddist's plight of never actually knowing the truth of the world, I wanted to be able to be at peace with my place in the world, much as he is. We're told in the bible not to worry about tomorrow, to trust and let God handle things, and I would like to truly feel that attitude some day.

And, of course, Paladins/Clerics in multiple different games. They're all gifted with different powers or abilities, but in the end they do it all in service, secure in their beliefs, knowing their purpose in the world, fearless of death, a bastion of faith. Despite the over-saturation of fallen paladins and stories in hollywood/vidya about them having a crisis of faith in the same game that warlocks and their ilk never face consequences for their evil, I always want to play the paladin or cleric if i'm not specifically filling a role for the party or the raid team.

A couple years back I realized that if I write out a description of "our setting" in the same way that power systems and pantheons are written in theirs, it's easy to see what I should be doing. Christians living in a fallen world, beset on all sides by ruinous powers, principalities, and evil in high places. Their minions and thralls do everything they can do combat Christ and his followers, or corrupt them through temptations and offers of easy pleasure or riches. This one is different from most of the fictional settings I've encountered though, since this one has hope. There's always hope that you, through the power of God, could turn someone away from their evil.

It's all very strange to me. These settings obviously take some cues from Christianity, and many of them try to denounce it with poorly-hidden messages of oppression and filled with strawmen, but they wound up turning me back to seeking God.

0596ba  No.820238

File: 0ce4f126e1d36f3⋯.png (14.77 KB, 235x235, 1:1, solar cross.png)


are they that different (estoerically)?

0596ba  No.820240

File: 639eb24e046d9c5⋯.jpg (66.38 KB, 728x485, 728:485, cardinal sarah.jpg)


It's the best representation of the Church in anime though, sadly. At least on a superficial level. No confessor nuns or magic genetic soldier priests.

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