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253b34  No.1615

Everywhere I go, people are claiming to have particular messages from God regarding their lives beyond scriptures. I just let a church that over-spiritualized everything. Nigh every church I'm investigating in my area has a section like this:

>In 2008 God made it clear that _(pastor) was no longer in control of his life and that his life was to be fully available to Him. God’s word that was spoken to _ was that “You did it your way, now it’s time to do it my Way.” That night while crying in his garage, ____ fully surrendered his will to God’s will and now strives to only do as He sees what His father is doing. His life testimony is one of many miracles that many, including God can testify to.

I really want to affirm the sentiment. It would be greatly encouraging, but I can't intellectually get on board. I believe in a closed canon. Continuous revelation is charismatic and against the doctrine of the sufficiency of scripture.

My systematic professor told our class that a claim of revelation amounts to claim of being a prophet, and everyone claiming should be held to the tests of a prophet in the OT, which nobody would pass.

Another way I could assent to such language is to read it as metaphorical, and sometimes it is, but they almost always mean in a very literal way "God told me x,y,z".

Anyone else witness this?

Am I wrong?

7b6abc  No.1620


God can reveal a message to someone without them having to hear a voice or see a vision.

a88106  No.1625


Does he? However someone claims to receive the message, doesn't it amount to special revelation?

68a992  No.3508


>"God told me x,y,z".

This is how it happens to me, though I don't claim to be a prophet.

And no, it's not a voice speaking from heaven. I'm just figuring out His will and I try to follow it.

55b7b1  No.3511


How are you saying God told you things?

24308a  No.3520


I don't understand the question.

55b7b1  No.3521


What is the means by which God tells you

24308a  No.3522


All ways possible: Through the Bible, through the Internet, through TV, through other humans, inspirations, dreams, physical manifestations in the outside world (nature), "coincidences".

When the Lord wants to make really sure you get the message, He repeats it, so you get multiple signs usually on different ways, which make sense when combined together.

You need to listen carefully, of course.

Just one example: Last Sunday I volunteered in church after service and had a very nice time (I'm still new there). Hours later on the same day I met again with the nicest people from the parish on the tram. Which is pretty much impossible "by chance" in a city of hundreds of thousands of people with over 20 lines going every 4-30 minutes.

Obviously, the Lord seemed to like, how Sunday turned out and this was His way showing his grace and gratitude.

6b2d68  No.3528


How is that not continuing revelation?

24308a  No.3530


Since Easter I'm experiencing the living God newly converted Christians often describe. My level of faith is currently at 1000 %.

I'm more sure that Jesus lives and is there than I am that my money is still in my bank account, despite seeing the numbers on my computer.

I trust Him more than any living human on this planet.

24308a  No.3533

BTW, that quote

>That night while crying in his garage, ____ fully surrendered his will to God’s will and now strives to only do as He sees what His father is doing.

Similar for me: I fully submitted to His will at the start of the Holy Week.

e1c54f  No.3534


No. What you're describing is a strict cessationist view that essentially renders Christianity a dead religion. Our God is sovereign over all and we can trust that His will is seen in all things, and while it might in most cases be unwise to discern His will from events, sometimes God sends us a sign so clear that we would be foolish to deny it.

Also, things like dreams and visions are not necessarily "special revelation" in a strict sense either, so long as the receiver does not claim special significance for any but themselves. People often appeal to the principle of sola scriptura to justify a quasi-naturalistic worldview, but remember, it was scripture that told us to "test the spirits to see whether they are from God".

In any case what is certain concerning post-scriptural revelations is that they do not bind the conscience like scripture; every Christian has the individual right and duty to judge whether a spirit is from God or demons, and no Christian should fault another for judging differently within the bounds of orthodoxy. And in light of the particular example OP said he wanted to affirm, we should never dismiss good fruit on the basis of what we interpret to be a bad root. Even a strict cessationist who believes we can and should not divine the will of God in any way, shape or form except from scripture should look at the testimony in OP's greentext and say 'praise be to God'.

6b2d68  No.3547


Are you Pentecostal?

6b2d68  No.3551


The concerning portion of the quote is the claim that God spoke again "you did it your way, not it's time to do it my way"

0a6321  No.3555


>"you did it your way, not it's time to do it my way"

When people express God speaking to them this way, 9 times out of 10, it's usually just an emotional expression. As in, I don't think he's saying he literally heard God's voice in his head, but more than likely, a series of events or circumstances communicated the essence of that message to him.

Nevertheless, if he is indeed saying that God literally said those words to him in his head, than he more than likely has some mental health issues, or is a charlatan.

c33c58  No.3564


Even a figurative intent of the statement amounts to special revelation

0a6321  No.3566


Eh, it depends. If you pray to God a lot about a big decision you're going to make, and He lets you know loud and clear in a none "literal voice in your head" way, I don't think that amounts to a special revelation: just the way God usually guides everyday Christians in their everyday lives. Now, if one were to utilize this to, say, add to the Bible or pass a special extra-biblical doctrine, then I'm right there with you.

e1c54f  No.3570

ada856  No.3573


Define special revelation

0a6321  No.3581


Revelation that is divine and direct - such as communication from angels, prophecy, visions, hearing God's voice in a literal direct way, scripture itself. As I said here >>3566 most communication with God that everyday people experience is on a more subtle and down-to-earth level, which I suppose would be either technically categorized as either falling under general revelation, or possibly something that is in between general and special revelation, since God can communicate via such things as borderline supernatural "coincidences" and such.

As far as the issue of whether special revelation has ceased, I'm honestly on the fence about it at this moment. But I feel a instinctual skepticism and distrust when a modern person claims to have special revelation from God, due to so many kooky cults and heresies starting this way.

c399a3  No.3582


Any revelation that is not general is special

0a6321  No.3585


So if I pray for guidance on choosing the right church, and I get a restrained answer that is void of angels, visions, God speaking directly as a voice in my head, etc. It's still considered special?

2ed6b6  No.3588


>So if I pray for guidance on choosing the right church

I did and used the walk and see where I end up approach, because the few parishes in question were within a few miles.

I ended up in front of the right church with a big cross on the side of the building multiple times, despite starting my walk from different places every time.

bb6874  No.3594


Yes, special revelation

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