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File: 1d46e6305f5aeb0⋯.jpg (8.02 KB, 600x400, 3:2, protestant-flag.jpg)

83b6f0  No.2301

Bible translations.

Study Bibles.





Internet streaming and traditional radio stations.

Misc. resources.


c9e468  No.2302

First for NAB

ec54ea  No.2303


I think you mean NASB

2ff45c  No.2308

anybody know any good podcasts?

cb7c73  No.2309

2ff45c  No.2310



181497  No.2311



yeah the NAB is the RCC translation

83b6f0  No.2336


Complimenting this, any good Youtube channels in particular?

4dca94  No.2337

2ff45c  No.2362


Jesus is truth - she really has a deep love for Christ and it shows


Tektontv - great resource but the guy is pretty rude so dont let him rub off on you


David Servant - does videos on various topics, small channel so he usually replies to comments


David Wood - mostly does videos against islam. his latest video says it's his last, but I'm hoping it was just an april fools joke


I hope these help

83b6f0  No.2387



Awesome, thanks for these!

c02472  No.2388


Discord lads

I can't post on the other Christian since the mods are fags

d96807  No.2389

Christianity is a Jewish Proxy!

In the Name of the Aesir, liberate your fellow white man from the Christians!


92baf6  No.2390



83b6f0  No.2407

These Study Bibles were recommended in the Baptist general on /christian/:

MacArthur Study Bible

Vines Expository Bible

Holy Bible: Baptist Study Edition/Criswell Study Bible

ESV Study Bible

The Open Bible

HCSB/CSB Study Bible

Any other good recommendations?

4764f3  No.2409

I really like The Jerusalem Bible. It's my primary go-to for quoting scripture.

e44cce  No.2442

File: 81c552a206376d6⋯.png (800.32 KB, 1342x1940, 671:970, 1534956438938.png)


>Jesus is truth - she really has a deep love for Christ and it shows

Oh my heart… shes like a real life Christ-Chan

e44cce  No.2443


Hi, longtime believer, new to biblical study

What little research i did recommended the NRSV, which is apparently the default study version at universities and such. I got the Oxford Annotated version with Apocrypha.

2ac6b9  No.2448


Reformation Study Bible

4999f9  No.2585

I love Dr. Constable's notes,

they're very thorough, full of cross-references and he gives a fair presentation of other major interpretations of passages before explaining why they're wrong.

83b6f0  No.3013

Some Protestant Literature (Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed, Evangelical):



667493  No.3194


Issuesetc is a good lutheran podcast.

83b6f0  No.3557



Thanks for these recommendations!

83b6f0  No.3558


Also thank you for this as well!

7e48e2  No.3563

Reminder that "reformed" doesn't exclusively refer to calvinists

83b6f0  No.4837


>Does some more research on NRSV Oxford Annotated version with Apocrpha.

>NRSV is just an updated version of the RSV, which was basically patient zero of all modern mutilated Bibles.

>NRSV in general, and Oxford Annotated edition, in particular, is infamous for its translation choices, omitted verses, and commentary and footnotes based on secular/agnostic so-called "higher textual criticism."

Thanks, but no thanks.

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