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File: cedd58b94e6c7c8⋯.jpg (7.14 KB, 250x202, 125:101, images(16).jpg)

d219b7  No.2888

I'm fed up with protestantism, it all seems so fake and more "self-help" than spiritual, kind of like Dr Phil if that makes sense. I'm considering begoming orodox or catholic. I'm in the dallas area and there seems to be more catholic than orthodox but orthodox still has a presence.

b257c0  No.2890

File: fe4430f3c123c0e⋯.jpg (137.27 KB, 1204x720, 301:180, 31dd.jpg)


Come home to Rome.

f5b8ab  No.2891

It's not that bad if one is a Lutheran or conservative Anglican. I can say for the Reformed as I dont feel as moved when I read Calvin. Like the issue of eternal justification for example just sounds so autistic to me.

But before moving I ask that you know more first, about the Bible and some church history. After that, you should have some idea where to go and make an informed decision on it.

da5269  No.2897

File: 8bda86714948b0a⋯.jpg (342.48 KB, 676x800, 169:200, 8375593_orig.jpg)

If you must dive into wild worldly blasphemy and paganism go Orthodox. Do you want your Stanism with beards machine guns and skulls, or frilly dresses gay acceptance and yamakas?

4483a2  No.2902


Eastern Catholic, best o' both worlds.

aaa9eb  No.2908

File: a4f319e7a8988e7⋯.jpg (21.44 KB, 402x302, 201:151, St.-Michaels-Whittier-CA1.jpg)

File: 0ade43b946ef4ca⋯.jpg (71.08 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 998189_216122438535999_208….jpg)


Western Rite Ordodogs, best of three worlds.

c9e903  No.2909

File: 864d443a30d7e49⋯.jpg (269.66 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, hero-image-c.jpg)


>It all seems to be more "self help" than spiritual

You're allowing the bad apples to spoil the bunch in your view.

Where in DFW are you? You should visit first Baptist Dallas just to see, it's the model mega mega church.

DFW is home to Dallas seminary and Southwestern Baptist seminary, so there's an abundance of theologically sound Protestant evangelical churches.

a0c74f  No.2913


>it all seems so fake and more "self-help" than spiritual

Stop going to lefty churches then.

d219b7  No.2914


I'm in Richardson, going to UT Dallas


How am I supposed to know what's a "lefty church" and what isn't? Also the last mega church I went to literally started out with the preacher saying his was disappointed that they couldn't collect 2 million in donations so now they can't build out their new cafe.

a2cfec  No.2916


You look at their website.


>Denominational affiliation

>Confessional document

>Pastor's seminary training

>Recording of a past service (sometimes they only post the sermon)


You're in the Bible belt. There is no shortage of conservative Protestant churches where you are, they're just usually not the ones with the billboards.

The issue you're identifying isn't ubiquitous across Protestant churches, and it isn't outright solved in eastern orthodoxy or roman catholicism.

Look on sbtexas.com/find-a-church/

The SBTC is the conservative side of southern Baptist in Texas

Trinity Bible Church also looks good near you.

d12a23  No.2943


You are only gonna get disappointed if you go to Evangelical churches

>t. Ex Baptist

6905ba  No.3186

If you wanted to go to a traditional Latin mass, it looks like there is an FSSP parish pretty close to you. The main mass is at 9 AM. The other masses are listed as low masses (meaning the priest wouldn't chant). Also, if you go this Sunday (Easter) evidently they have an easter egg hunt and barbeque.


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