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File: 2e69cf55142377d⋯.jpg (145.62 KB, 1536x968, 192:121, flood.jpg)

File: 911dfe900fcb49e⋯.jpg (1017.44 KB, 2863x1830, 2863:1830, John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_Go….jpg)

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57cdca  No.2969

Throughout the Old Testament are instances of God killing people and commanding the deaths of people. Even today there is much suffering especially in the poor third world. Are the 21 kids that die from preventable diseases a minute in heaven. Jesus rarely if ever says that people who don't repent will go to hell he far more often says that rich people go to hell because they already received there reward on earth and that heaven belongs to the poor. The only way I can imagine the almighty God allowing this kind of suffering would be if in the end there is a final judgement where those who didn't get there reward here will get it in heaven.

a1da1d  No.2973


John 3:18

f830df  No.2983


If God decrees that someone deserves death, then they deserve death. Remember that there are two deaths: the physical death and the damnation to hell. If you have eternal life, you don't die the second death.

We all deserve the second death, see Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23. In the question of the first death, it's possible that by God's decree someone deserves execution (murderers for example) but they can potentially still believe on Jesus for salvation and not go to hell.

>Kids, babies who tragically die

Straight to heaven if they're too young to have sinned. Inherited guilt of the sins of your ancestors is an Augustinian platonist myth.

05190a  No.2987


Really you're question amounts to whether God changes his mind or not. It's safe to say He doesn't

4f3116  No.2990


Exodus 32:14 NASB — So the LORD changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.

dda444  No.3007

Why do modern Christians have no sense of justice? Some people deserve punishment.

05190a  No.3008



dda444  No.3009


Exodus goes in the shitter with matthew and luke. If Luther can do it so can I!

d7893d  No.3010


Luther never removed any books, and neither can you

dda444  No.3011


Yes, he did.

47c64a  No.3017


No he didn't. Luther's translation of the Bible, at least in the editions printed in his lifetime, contains all the books that Catholic Bibles do. He just moved the Apocrypha to a different section.

dbf505  No.3022



Those books also weren't canonized according to the Roman church until after Luther died.

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