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File: 735bb26214dee89⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 573x600, 191:200, rockwellboychurch.jpg)

3f2ac8  No.3098

What do you actually do at your local church /christianity/?

Sing in the choir?

Children't ministry?


Homeless ministry?

You do contribute, don't you?

e1374d  No.3099


>What do you actually do at your local church


fc2e68  No.3100

1f0182  No.3106


I'm a deacon and serve as a prison minister.

2a44b6  No.3111


>prison minister

What's that like?

fa7c42  No.3112


About what you'd expect. Mostly I give Bibles to people who need them, pray with them, baptize them if they need it, and sometimes help with recommendations to judges on their behalf. There's also Bible study twice a week and Sunday services.

f91298  No.3117

Full tithe and I try to give generously when we have visiting missionaries, etc. Its not demanded of us but I feel like I can cut enough BS out of my life to help be able to give more to the church where I know itll be going towards a good cause.

Started going to prayer meetings where we get lists of people going through different hardships and we all get in groups and pray for like 30 minutes straight.

Also go soul winning on saturdays which has been fun.

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