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150efd  No.3148


I personally wish our services can be like this

32ab98  No.3151

Stuffy and inaccessible from the persepctive of the congregant.

Why is there so much standing around? Why does so much need to be memorized? Why is the preacher standing backwards from the congregation and praying in song.. how can I pray with him in this way?

Why does it matter that he folds the veil (?) from the communion cup into nine pieces?

Half of the rituals here are just holdovers from popish views of the sacraments.

150efd  No.3162


Because worship is supposed to be like a rock concert.

dd5269  No.3163



did you mean to say "not supposed to be like a rock concert", as if that's what I'm arguing for?

0b2d0a  No.3167

As a Baptist, I approve. This is what we need

c0b7bd  No.3172


Jesus wept

d03267  No.3173


What did he mean by this

7f4872  No.3192


Honestly, as long as that style of worship motivates you to give Jesus something to eat when he's hungry, give Him something to drink when he's thirsty, take Him in when he's a stranger, clothe Him when he's naked, take care of Him when He's sick, and visit Him when He's in prison, more power to you.

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