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File: 5a80aa34cd29a83⋯.jpeg (49,2 KB, 700x909, 700:909, FcvJNk3.jpeg)

04907e  No.3498

Is there any documentation about this I can use to back up my claims? They always say stuff like :"why do Christians thank God when something good happens, but say it cant be helped when something bad happens"

f9a7bf  No.3518

File: 5fc4947aa57cb44⋯.png (130,15 KB, 529x602, 529:602, problem of evil.png)

look up:

>problem of evil


>alvin plantinga

>free will defense

59d7e2  No.3523

Luke 13:4,

<from the very mouth of God

>"because thats life, shit happens."

c200f0  No.3600


31e8b5  No.3608

File: 9117ab6697fbde6⋯.png (199,71 KB, 493x500, 493:500, thinking christchan.png)

>God can't be real!

<Why not Fedora-kun?

>Cuz bad things happen! God must

<But if God doesn't exist and only physical things exist, why call evil things evil? What standard are you using and how can you absolutely ensure this standard is absolute?

>Because muh society/muh feel feels/muh logical positivism/muh "brute facts"/muh ethical evolutionism/ muh game theory

<But your brain will rot, society changes and will disappear after the heat death of the universe, and pain happens all the time and not one iota is given for it by the physical cosmos


<So a subjective, non-real ethical standard that can't be uniformally and absolutely enforced forever and everywhere no matter what forces God to not exist?

<And He can't exist because we pathetic creatures demand He makes it hunky-dory for us filthy sinners, and supposedly this makes Him obligated to do that or He can't exist. Why?

>GRRRR stop making sense Christanon-chan!

<By the way Fedora-kun, He did solve the problem of evil, it's called the Cross

>but say it cant be helped when something bad happens

That's not right and the good ones don't say that. They should either say "But by the grace of God go I." or "Thank you Lord for not giving me what I, a filthy sinner, rightfully deserve."

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