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File: 938be0daa20f0d6⋯.jpg (141.48 KB, 700x489, 700:489, 279097.p (1).jpg)

fe543a  No.3736

It's good that we have a board where Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants can have open discussions without getting banned by the mods because they belong to a different denomination or church. But we got to have some limits here, right? We cannot be like /christian/ where one denomination controls everything, but we cannot be like /christ/ where Gnositcs, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Messianic Jews, Unitarians, and whole host of other heresies that are just too far out there. Are these groups being regulated? Should we have a rule that only Trinitarian Christians (Christians who subscribe the the Nicene definition whether they acknowledge it or not) are the only ones allowed on here? We should at least have some common confession of faith on here that should involve the Trinity, which is the central doctrine of Christianity.

3b18d9  No.3737


You can go with the Nicene Creed as the bar. However, this is a slippery slope. I would rather not have it as a rule. Even on /christ/ there was just one or two gnostic posters. Unless they are spamming and acting like trolls, it isn't a big deal to ignore them, beat them with arguments, or hide their id. Really, the few gnostics, JWs, and Mormons are less a threat to the board than atheists and LARPagans raiding from /pol/.

0fe14d  No.3738

i'd rather the weirdos be allowed to come here so we can debate, maybe even fix them.

censoring them doesn't help anyone at all.

6a302c  No.3740



The spirit of this board is for Trinitarians, because one cannot be a Christian without believing the Trinity. There might not be a lot of non-Trinitarians now, sure, but with the way this board has been exploding lately they might come flocking to us from places like /christ/ or /lds/. The Trinity should be the minimum here. If you can't accept that then you can't be accepted here. Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants all accept the Trinity and should all be welcomed without any censorship or discrimination. This board is a free speech board but we have to censor some things. We censor porn and everyone is okay with that as they should we.

3b18d9  No.3741


>The spirit of this board is for Trinitarians, because one cannot be a Christian without believing the Trinity.

Absolutely, but that doesn't mean we need to ban those that aren't Trinitarian if they just happen to be having productive discussion. When /christian/ ramped up rule 2, they began to ban at slightest bit of heresy, which in the process destroyed some productive threads. Any censorship should only apply to those things which derail discussion, such as porn and blatant spamming.

fe543a  No.3742


OP here. I'm not saying ban them if they come here asking a question or something, only if they attempt to promote their doctrines in any way, implicitly or explicitly. Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox promoting their doctrines is fine. Mormons promoting theirs should be automatic ban. We need to have at least some rules regarding this.

0fe14d  No.3743


>Mormons promoting theirs should be automatic ban.

i strongly disagree, mormons promoting their garbage here should be met with arguments against their cult, rather than silencing them.


>the mormon could become an ex-mormon

>you will inadvertently learn more about your faith by dismantling theirs, as will other people reading the thread

>you'll be more practiced for evangelizing the next mormon you come across, as will other people reading the thread


>people will learn what actually mormons believe (not even really a con)


i read on /christian/ someone calling this board "/b/ with crosses" while trashing it, and i liked that notion.

089a4c  No.3744


great answer

This board is for Christian discussion. Sage and hide non-christian problem starters (read: anti trinitarians). Exercising such power from the moderator is exactly against the point of this board. This isn't a church, it's an imageboard.


Totally arbitrary.

We have a deliberately short rules page: https://8ch.net/christianity/rules.html

There is existing meta discussion on the rationale: >>581

9f874d  No.3803


The rules are good as they are, no need to become /christian/ clone

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