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File: 5631cf63b3b8470⋯.jpg (73.59 KB, 366x600, 61:100, 88d34b057b80b7ea09dfaeb015….jpg)

c17765  No.8070

Jesus son of Mary is but a prophet, far be it from God to take a son. Say not three, but one. Jesus said, "O Children of Israel, worship God, my Lord and your Lord."

fb581f  No.8076


Muhammad and his eleven wives are in the pit of hell.

5e95b3  No.8088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Was Jesus Crucified?

4a95f2  No.8120


No. God lifted him up with the help of angels. God made Judas look like Jesus and he was crucified. For some reason you Christians gave into Jewish lies and started preaching that our prophet was killed in such a humiliating way. God would never allow that. Instead Jesus will come back and kill the Anti-Christ alongside the Mahdi. Don't be foolish and give into Jewish lies.

e26e37  No.8122



nice fanfic bro

d876c2  No.8135

Christ's story is about God becoming as we are in all ways except sin, that we may be closer to Him and to atone for our sins. Nothing about Christ's life and teaching makes sense if He is just another prophet.


The crucifixion and resurrection are a triumph greater than any other in history, not a humiliating defeat. Christ enters into death willingly and in so doing overcomes it.

95d148  No.8140


95d148  No.8141

no book i have to see it otherwise i ignore it no time for this

5e95b3  No.8195


But Allah deceived people and made people think Jesus was crucified. Therefore Allah made Christians in his deception

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