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Back in the 90s


I was a cuck in a tv show



/tv/ please go


Why the fuck is /co/ full of ads for movies and tv shows? Literally half the threads on the front page start with youtube links and nothing more than "hey /CO/, what do you think about this? Please respond so I get my commission"


Sad horse was never funny.



Don't make Bojack threads on any /co/, those plebians don't get it.



Wait, it's supposed to be funny? Because I keep crying. I'm doing it wrong.



Fuck off, cuck.



The true cuck is the alpha male who acts like he's devoid of emotions but will die fucking alone as an alcohol corpse.


>Todd's an asexual now, because we don't know what to do with him


Man was the majority of that show shit. At least the A plot of "stupid piece of shit" was pretty nice and the underwater city episode was pretty good.



Just like the real Aaron Paul yo bo jack where's my career bitch


Reminder that there's a connection between defending Bojack Cucksman and Reddit 'n Memey.



I've been on Reddit twice by accident.

Yes, I'm even less of a redditor than those faggots who call me redditor.



They're both good shows, to be fair.



You do need a very high IQ to understand both.


Just stopped at the gun control episode. Is there anything worthwhile left?



No, I just like cartoons.



I use Reddit all the time. Website tribalism is for spackers.



Empathy is a sign of a high IQ, and most people showing up in these threads have non.

So no. You are idiots.




Ah! A fellow Frenchman, I see!



Todd lost his relevance a season and a half ago. He should have been dumped once Bojack ruined his dream but then they kept bringing him back with retarded zany shit.



If they had to develop him, they could at least go for a manchild finally getting to grips with life angle. Making him an asexual just because was so fucking dumb.




Get out, foreigner.


Is this just Rick and Morty for Boomers and retireees?


File: 1e826150eae2e20⋯.jpg (190.96 KB, 700x933, 700:933, Holland-American-Cruise-Li….jpg)


>malibu house

>tropical palm trees

>pink and blue everywhere

>saxophone playing


More like 80s, after all there's been a huge 80s revival in the 2010s.



Thats just the style of the show because the 80s were "in".



It's also for NEET autists who like being told its okay to wallow in their self made misery.



Hence all the redditors and 4cucks who defend the show here.



Diane and Peanutbutter should've split in s1, easily. The fact that this arc is still dragging on and probably won't even be resolved in s5 aggravates me more than the mopeyness and political soapboxing put together.



>he's still in website tribalism mode

That's cute. You'll grow out of it after ten years.



The entire point of the show is that he's miserable because he's an awful human being. It doesn't remotely pretend it's ok.



>an awful human being

Uh, he's a horse.



You didn't understand the show. You're supposed to understand him, not to sympathize with him. Watching this show is basically a lesson at which point you ended up in a downward spiral which you could easily come out of if you would act less egoistic.



Well maybe he's more man than a horse… or more horse than a man.



I don't post on cuckchan. I post on Reddit.


File: ad7b55f9282eb3c⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 293x264, 293:264, 10344292.jpg)


>he's still going



Everyone who arrived after 07 is cancer. It's all cancer at this point.


File: 2d667487178b88f⋯.png (82.48 KB, 716x1730, 358:865, Bojack.png)

I just finished season 3. A friend really wants me to continue but I'm not sure if it's worth anything. I get what the show's going for. Life is cyclical, mental illness isn't easily 'grown' out of, and it takes time to understand its flaws.

But here's what I hate about that show; it made that point already. So far it's made it at least three times, and it doesn't seem it's going to change. I respect what it wants to show, but when my time is sparse, why would I spend it watching something that's already a foregone conclusion, with nothing new to gleam from it?

I've been spoiled for season 4, and how that might challenge that status quo. Bojack finds he has a daughter, bonds with her well, visits the ranch, reconciles with his mother, and actually improves his career. But because of the show's cyclical theme I am cynical as fuck that this isn't anything more than a carrot on a stick. I'd like to tell myself that the show still has somewhere to go with its characters instead of where it's already been, but what do you think?



>But here's what I hate about that show; it made that point already.

That's a thing I have to agree with. I liked season 1 & 2 much, but in 3 we basically just find out things about his childhood which builds up his mother as a character, but she isn't likable at all. The story introduces Bojack's daughter, but you know he'll return to his status quo and nothing will change.

That can't work eternally, unless you put more focus on the side characters. It seems they put more focus on Diane next, but here's the problem: Diane is most likely the worst person on the show.

Bojack is selfish and admits it, Diane is selfish but keeps acting like she isn't and I have zero empathy for her.



>but you know he'll return to his status quo and nothing will change

This, in conjunction with something I heard while hearing people discuss the executive producer's thoughts. He doesn't like endings in fiction because life doesn't have endings. No shit, I think, because a fictional ending gives a frame. It tells the closure of a story and gives an inclination - often relevant to what happened - to how the characters will try to live from that point on. We don't need to see that because there's not any more story to tell in that setting. Often a life lesson they have taken to heart will be emphasised. It's not meant to be true to everything in their lives, but it is meant to be the part where the story lets you go, because it's not real life. The characters matter insofar as they make you feel, or think, or forget your worries for a while. And no one in the world expects them to be otherwise. Only people who have spent too much of life consuming fiction and too little living it would expect that.

You're highlighting a flaw in the show's design; if Bojack doesn't mess up, there is no story. If the show's to survive in the long term without repeating itself, it needs to be able to tell stories about Bojack's life in full, and be something more than failures. I don't mean the many comedic successes he actually has in the show. I mean, as the baboon in S2 says, see him run every day. Some days he'll be slower than his average, other days he'll have a sprained ankle, and others still he'll not run at all.

From seasons 1-3 they've been telling stories where Bojack gets on the racetrack one episode per season, and I feel they've done all they can with that.

Given how the side characters are in season 4, they can get some mileage out of that angle still, without running Bojack in circles.



Though I should say, my favourite characters are Caroline and Peanut Butter. They're not protagonist material but I don't think I've been unhappy with them since the show started



>He doesn't like endings

Thats a problem because him dying or him getting a satisfying life would be the only thing that makes sense. Making it open end leaves it as an unsatisfying, unneccessary experience. Why watch some guy go through this shit if it doesn't end?

What is this, LOST? (I warned them!)



I also really like them. Caroline has that arc where you just wish for her to get happy and away from Bojack. And Peanut Butter is one of a very few positive characters who's about to get dragged down by the other depressing losers. He's the only one who wasn't corrupted by Bojack and Diane, but I guess it will happen soon.

Also, he's the source of all the humor in the show, despite the visual humor.


You can see how season 3 was written to be the end of the story with Bojack offing himself referencing the drowning monologue, but then WE SECURED SEVEN MORE SEASONS halled through the studio and they rewritten it last minute.

Season 4 was save for 2 or 3 episodes just useless filler with metric fuckton after fuckton of character breaking bullshit. They essentially flanderized Bojacks character just to squeeze something out of the story. Also the 11 dads being UNREALISTICALLY unreasonable ruined the entire arc. The dementia episode was 10/10 tho, scared the shit outta me.


Mr. Peanut Butter is not a positive character, hes as dark and ruinous a character as Bojack if youre paying attention.


>Bittersweet Candy Bowl

>Bojack Horseman

>Concession or whatever the fuck


>And countless other furry webcomics

What is it with anthro and emotional dysfunction/shitty relationships in casual life?


> This

> Instead of something Sam Hyde would make




>You can see how season 3 was written to be the end of the story

I'm hardly unconvinced, but is there a source for this?


File: 9ece21a32c2abc6⋯.png (358.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9ece21a32c2abc6dd231203a3c….png)



Hollyhock is Bojack's half-sister, you philistines.



Season 2 would have been the perfect ending.



>tfw Ugly Americans got canned after 2 seasons while high-IQ cartoons like Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty still thrive


File: 2596ffb27c0b71c⋯.jpg (133.61 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, kot hleb.jpg)


Healthy speculations. The last 5 minutes of the last episode of S3 is just a full 180 on everything that happened that season. It looks like they pulled an "it was all just a dream" tier move that erased basically ALL character development of the season.


File: 45b961664ed4ee4⋯.jpg (102.95 KB, 607x531, 607:531, let down.jpg)


Furfags can't have a healthy relationship nor casual life. I had to become post-furry to be normal again



I forgot, it was like a million years ago.



Ugly Americunts was nothing like "LOL ugly people fuck and thats the story of each episode". It was goddamn awful and is hopefully forgotten in time.


File: a4aafbd2a7e6284⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cosplay2.jpg)


I just saw S4E3 and I have to ask myself, what is the point of this character?

Seriously, what's the fucking point of him?

No character needs an errand boy on the show. None at all.

His first use was as Bojack's best friend, but that lost relevance in season 3 with the shittiest plot they've had for him yet. He's mad about Bojack fucking Emily? Then why the fuck didn't he fuck Emily himself like she wanted him to? That's on Todd for being a pathetic little manchild who doesn't want to grow up.

Speaking of, wasn't that the point of his character? A manchild who had trouble growing up? So what's the point about this 'asexual' shit? I'd call it a manchild's excuse to avoid the anxiety that comes with sex - not because I'm against asexuality but because that's what makes the most sense regarding Todd - but no. They're being completely straight-faced about it.

Was there a change in the writing staff or something? This show feels so out of focus.



Todd exists solely because he brought in viewers from baking bread. Any other quality, even in S1, was an afterthought.



He was a character they had around to give Bojack someone to talk to, regardless of what a dick he was being. By the third season, that function didn't matter because they had figured out how to give Bojack "friends" that would put up with him, so Todd no longer had a designated purpose. but as one of the main characters in the series, they needed to keep him around and do something with him. Likely the loudest and most insistent Eg:SJWS in the writing room dictated what to do with a character no one really gave a shit about.






A reformed furry, I presume.



I agree with that. In Season 2s finale I was like "Okay he's his only friend, and he's kinda funny. I like that." But now he's like "Stop showing him, I'm trying to feel here." I don't understand his issues. I don't relate to his issues. And after he was established as that immature stoner character, I don't even know if he's serious with his issues.

I simply don't buy his conflict. It's eye-rolling.



Same with Diane, kinda. Her arc doesn't matter at this point, her relationship to Bojack doesn't matter either. Caroline is way more interesting how she tries to put herself together in contrast to the others. Man, can't wait for Bojack to ruin her life again…..


The dementia scene utterly destroyed me. I'm already scared enough of dementia and aging.



>The dementia scene utterly destroyed me.

It destroyed me because how heartwarming it was. This was basically the first time in the entire show Bojack had full right to absolutely hate someone, and he had every justification to be the biggest asshole imaginable. But in the end , he didn't have it in him to be that mean. It was the first time He shows genuine compassion.


File: 369d59b08ede975⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4beb4b4f6bcf613c58aabb5b26….jpg)


Fucking exactly. At this point I'm begging for them to cut the bloat.

>"I'm trying to feel here."

Has anyone else got this issue with the show? It tries way too fucking hard to be funny when it needs to be serious. It holds its punches sometimes, but not nearly often enough. I'm trying to get invested in characters' issues, but it keeps undermining them for shit laughs.

Sometimes the absurdity's honestly very good, but I wish it would show some damn restraint.



>The dementia scene utterly destroyed me.

What scene? What happened then?



Theres an episode half of which plays in the head of Bojacks demented mother and its the single best depiction of dementia in any media ever.



Right. Todd just being an overgrown child who wasn't ready for adult life seemed to be his character, but then he's just an asexual, so they can cram in some obscure gender pandering, I guess.



Was long ago, but I remember it was something like this:

Bojacks mother doesn't recognize him throughout the season and does some spiteful things (throughout the whole series, actually). As a viewer, you really learn to hate her. Bojack plans to finally go to her and say "Fuck you, mom!" Throughout season 4, we learn some stuff about her past which Bojack doesn't know. Father was an asshole and had her mother lobotomized, her husband was an asshole too and she basically became like her mother. She keeps longing for events in her past. Knowing all that, she still acts like a character you can't sympathize with. So Bojack finally mans up and puts her into a really trashy retirement home on purpose and is about to leave. But then it turns out, she wasn't acting out of spite, she didn't know what was going on. She recognizes Bojack and is confused where she is. So Bojack describes a moment from their past to her, where she was happy. It's not clear if she realizes it's not really happening. Thats when the episode ends and it's the only good thing Bojack has ever done.



Note: They say "Fuck" once each season and usually make it a powerful or funny moment.


Dear god the asexual subplot was pure cringe. Todd is a pointless character that the show demand we take seriously the one time Bojack fucked with his dreams, and then goes right back to being wacky consequence-free man.

Aaron Paul ran into the same problem he did in Breaking Bad, when the writers didn't know what to do with his character so he became just a depressed punching bag until further notice.


The whole show is tired. They should have just declared the show over last season. There's nothing left to do. Nothing left to explore when it comes to Bojack. The writers must have ran into this, hence last season fillering the plot with subplots/tangents/whatever that don't really go anywhere beyond the obvious like Diane's marriage being a failure (Todd's zany antics, Mister Peanutbutter running for governer yet neither he or his other ex-wife win). Bojack not only more or less made peace with his mother, but he even has a sister to look after now.


File: e992c9d16471a04⋯.png (59.41 KB, 290x331, 290:331, PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT….png)


I just finished season 4 after watching the last three episodes in one go. Fuck me, you're right, that was fantastic. It recontextualised the entire season, was honestly heartbreaking, and brought out something good in Bojack.

If season 4 had just been a film, mostly about the Horseman family but with some Caroline and a tiny bit of PB, it would have been much better, honestly an 8/10 or higher.


Which is useless to me, because they say "shit" and other swears all the time



Yeah I was watching Season 4 and was kinda underwhelmed at first and didn't like where the plot was going, but that scene with his mom changed everything.

Regarding the "fuck", as far as I remember that's all they are actually ALLOWED to do, that's what makes it great. They use their disadvantage for something.



Bojack is not an admirable person, nor is the dumbass feminist "biographer", nor the autistic Todd, nor that cuck Mr Peanutbutter.

His or their depression only resonates with spoiled rich celebs and dick riders of them. Poor Bojack, he had everything and didn't actually need to work for decades, and he is the cause of his own problems, but we should totally sympathize with him and his faggy friends/acquaintances.

This spoiled white hipster trash belongs in the bin.



Even if that is the message(Seems more so they are making excuses for being that way, more than taking a stance against that,) its still not entertaining. At least with say, shit like Seinfeld or even Always Sunny, which are also about horrible people, they don't wax philosophical on their depression or try to feature their crying as something emotional, and they have much less political rhetoric.



The point of the characters is that theyre the architects of their own misery and the misery of those surrounding them, them being celebs just allows for more pronounced effects they have in their decisions.


The point is not that they are horrible people, the point is that they are broken people doing shitty things to themselves and each other. If you think washed up celebs qualify as "horrible" people you are as detatched from reality as the hipsters the post above yours is complaining about.



Don't try to explain the show to me, I have seen it. You're just dick sucking

There is no riddle of the sphinx to understanding this dookie, its just a horse and his jack off acquaintances wallowing in their own shit, and trying to be oh so existential about it all, with some scatter shot politics thrown in. Its simply not entertaining or a story worth watching.

If I were only talking about washed up celebs being horrible, then I wouldn't have mentioned the Seinfeld show or Always Sunny.

The show is something that indeed resonates with spoiled white hipsters, who I guess can fall in the dickrider section, going by most of the fags referencing it on social media.



Yes, clearly you are the one person that figured it all out, which is why youre posting on a mongolian cave painting forum. I see now that you dont need any evidence to back up your opinion, as it is clearly superior to mine.



>Yes, clearly you are the one person that figured it all out

Uh no, I just said the show is not complicated to get, a toddler could figure out this dumb show. You are the one pretending it needs to be explained to puny mortals.

>which is why you're posting on a mongolian cave painting forum. I see now that you dont need any evidence to back up your opinion, as it is clearly superior to mine.

So what are you doing? That kinda came out of nowhere. Do you work on that shitty show or something?




We really need to stop letting redditors/ leftypolniggers/4cucks post here.



I was addressing the point youre making. You for some reason assumed Im actually talking to you personally, and replied to me personally, because youre a giant queer that doesnt understand how the vietnamese jade carving forums work. I literally, and Im not alone in this, dont give a shit about how your precious feelings about the show, either you give me something tangential to work with past "I SMART, U DUM" or you get the fuck out and kill yourself, in whatever order is more suitable to you.


File: 9102561de2a106b⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 396x382, 198:191, f63.jpg)


You need to return.



I say we slit the throats of all the underage /pol/tards

Yeah I got yer red pill right here, soyboy


File: 95ec5f2d2de3805⋯.jpeg (231.73 KB, 1055x1165, 211:233, 015a10d04693913bdb78f78f0….jpeg)



Essentially this. The furry thing is now down to a touch over normalfag levels. My focus now is my wife and my kid who's on the way


Why can they not grasp that Diane is the bad guy? In every situation she's been in through this show, she's the villain. She's the brat. She's the one who is never happy with anything good that happens in her life and always has to be in everyone else's business. I hate her with a passion and hate how she thinks treating Bojack worse and worse is somehow good for him. That somehow she's always in the right and that Bojack's actions are always wrong. Yes Bojack is a scum bag and should be held responsible for his actions but Diane is no better. She's not suffered nearly enough for any of her stupid decisions that are all her own fault.


Here's how it should end

>Bojack realizes that life is worth living and decides to live a better life

>He then gets hit by a car driven by a one-ep character from an earlier season

>He is only remember for being a crappy sitcom actor



I think it's pretty obvious from season 4 that Diane is meant to be a bitch. I don't know how you haven't figured this out.





If only this board automatically deleted reddigoon trash. Like Sad Horse supporters.


>you need this high an iq to watch sad horse



>you need this high an iq to watch sad horse

I'm not calling myself brilliant, I'm calling you a fucking retard, which would be obvious, if you weren't a fucking retard.



Yes but every season still paints her in the right somehow instead of being the literal worst character on the show no one wants to see succeed.



>reddigoon starts chimpingout


Anybody who says we're not supposed to side with Diane when she's going feminist is delusional. At worst, it's a "her views are totally right but she goes about them wrong." See the Bill Cosby stand-in episode with its "rich men are dastardly and abuse womin also society hates women" with none of the inconvenient details about Mr. Cosby's trial (namely that he was a Black man who badmouthed Nigger culture).


Pretty good season.


>Diane gets so butthurt about Bojack using the same therapist as her that she equates kissing Penny to murder


Bojack works way better as a show about how Hollywood types are full of shit, than any kind of leftist propaganda. If it's trying to sell me on characters like Dianne, or absurd concepts like asexual dating sites, then it's failing, and achieving the exact opposite effect.




reddigoons need to stop coming here.


It's failing since the writers are lefties who advocate ideas destructive to society/themselves and the characters are overly hateable by anybody who isn't a degenerate/cuck. See Legend of Korra (which the Sad Horse advocates here defend I'm sure).




I thought that was intentional.



>being this in denial at the poz


File: 832821deb6299e4⋯.jpg (253.82 KB, 617x1080, 617:1080, Screenshot_20180916-214957….jpg)

I'm starting to think the reason this faggot identifies as "Asexual" is because he literally cannot get erect and never could, so he is ashamed of it.

That's why he was so offput when frecklewhore suggested fuckinf anyways, he was embarrassed ha ha


File: f94a1d3de326a31⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 413.18 KB, 889x1000, 889:1000, 2488434 - BoJack_Horseman ….png)

File: 335131a346f0f46⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.42 KB, 800x658, 400:329, ad4a01f79822f4be1db4eea2c2….jpg)

That being said, as the typical Bojack Horseman viewer, I would fuck todd's nice tight hispanic untapped hairy boypussy so hard, violently and passionately that he forces cum from his floppy flaccid dicklet via prostate orgasm.



That'd be an interesting twist.


Now this is less interesting.


File: fca49b7fc308534⋯.jpg (410.96 KB, 2048x1156, 512:289, IMG_20180916_031612.jpg)

"Stop fetishising your own sadness!" The writers say, as they fetishise Bojack's sadness


File: c7f962af596d3fd⋯.jpg (91.86 KB, 1300x865, 260:173, 48885581-skeleton-in-busin….jpg)


I'd prefer fetishising and lightly humanizing my own sadness so that I can draw myself fucking her.


How many seasons until Bojack commits suicide?



Hard to tell. It definitely was to begin with. I feel like the show got some new writers in season 4, who missed that part though.



He's a manchild who's afraid of sex and uses a made up sexuality as an excuse, like every other "asexual".


File: 218d0a362e193dd⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 306x450, 17:25, I have no son.jpg)



>goes ballistic over petty useless bullshit all the time that comes back to bite her in the ass

>is shown to be a hypocritical bitch who drops any pretense of moral superiority the moment she becomes aware of how bad it makes her look, or makes her own case harder to deal with

>gets massive, powerful, unimaginable, unfair opportunities to live her life rich, famous and loved, repeatedly, yet ends up alone and despised by all while living in the most horrid parts of town

>literally turns into a manipulative sociopathic monster terrorizing her own "best friend" over worthless trite because her therapist is such an incompetent nigress she literally hierarchized the levels of importance of her own patients, but still, Diane blames Bojack for that, who needed so much help the second he got an opportunity to let go of his guilt and pain, he shared his deepest grief and secrets

>is ready to ruin the life of the man who depends most on her for mental stability over some worthless emotional trite to the point she manages to turn him paranoid and psychotic and even more of an addict after he'd tried so hard for almost a year to deal better with alcohol and drugs over even just the thought of what she said

>gets great sex, lots of love, lots of money, of stability and of freedom from a pretty much perfect, kind, caring, famous, rich boyfriend who has never once forced her into anything and has always tried to do his best for her; yet still decides to get a divorce, blame HIM over that divorce somehow ("boohoo you're not listening !" when she was the one outright lying about being a "party girl" or whatever when he offered to go back home, and has been shown constantly in the previous seasons to listen to her all the time, to the point even his mistakes were caused by misunderstandings of what she said, thus, of what he heard her say) and feels like she's entitled to telling him to fuck off still

<why is the show saying that Diane is the good guy ? :'(

I'm not pretending like this show's for "such high IQ people", but you're a complete dumbass

Hell, even imagining the show is feminist propaganda is stupid as heck : although it's quite obvious that many writers are female supremacists and I wouldn't even contradict the fact those idiots probably are convinced they're tooootally making suuuuch great points and totally teaching the masses about how great intersectionality is, thankfully the buzzwords they use are pronounced and believed only by broken morons like Diane

This very season, they kept pushing the archetype of the "male feminist" being either an alpha male in it only to absolve himself of all the fucked up psychopathic shit he's done; or the beta male in it to get female approbation and gratefulness. We got feminism causing women getting fired or let go or losing professional opportunities over and over and over again while the bosses, male and female alike, are going "we're doing it for the sake of the wimin". We got feminism portrayed and it's absolutely true as a complete marketing tool that has no worth whatsoever in the mouths of the ones pronouncing it, other than "please buy more shit we tell you to buy". We got the very fucking character that is kind, caring, sweet, rich, hot, understanding, supportive, helpful, bright, joyful, literally every single quality that's supposed to bring nothing but happiness in everyone else's lives, to date, marry and divorce several women in a row, all because THESE women were incapable of accepting being fucking happy, implying the issue is that they are so pathologically broken the very idea of finding happiness in life terrifies them and they push to either find or create reasons to be unhappy, and all of this is cleverly said to be merely because they are female. And we even end the season with Disney/whatever being filled to the brim with rapists and jerkbags and that's supposed to be fine, or the CEO of some buzzfeed hell completely admitting she's manipulating young and impressionable female minds to turn them into vapid, miserable little piles of anger, bitterness and guilt.

<yeah, but they said that bad men in shows normalize violence in real life !

No, DIANE said so, and look where that took her. She could be rich and loved and happy and she'll die alone and unloved. Like she deserves. And she knows it. And she'll never find a cure for that.

… and that's sad.


File: 09c244d7547b7fd⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Good one dear chap.jpg)

I loved that season. Didn't move me as strongly as some of the first ones, but still. The funeral episode was mindblowing in its simplicity. Just Bojack talking, talking, talking. Nothing else. A bit disappointed by its end, though, it needed to be "yeah, he needed to say all that, to get it off his chest", not as a "oh actually he said it but it was all kind of a joke haha !"

Reminder the point of this show isn't to love the characters.

It's to forgive them.

Because they sure won't ever be able to forgive themselves.


The real reason is that Todd is a complete dumbass legitimately incapable of viewing anyone as… well, anything, honestly. He's living day to day not knowing where to go, why, when. He has no purpose, no goal, not even a reason to live. So why would he have a reason to reproduce, or even just to enjoy immense pleasure ? He just lives. That's it. That's not very hormonal.


File: bdb08ae6b3f6795⋯.jpg (698.01 KB, 1894x1073, 1894:1073, Screenshot_20180917-074138….jpg)

File: 76cb85e68ad3f71⋯.jpg (340.07 KB, 892x1080, 223:270, Screenshot_20180917-074152….jpg)

So, Brojack grew some balls and choked a roastie beaner.

Good on him.



At what point in his story do we draw the line of accountability? Is it all Bojack's fault for not breaking his drug addiction or admitting it? Or did it get blatant enough that the people around him are in a way accountable?

I fucking hate the painkiller addiction subplot in the second half. Of all of Bojack's vices, that one feels out of left field, but what annoys me most is how little anyone else did about it until ep 12



It's not just about addiction this time. Reminder he was immensely paranoid over what happened at Charlotte's. It wasn't only a case of eating too many pills.



You can tie that back to other people, though. That Charlotte episode was perhaps the biggest dick move in the whole show, certainly by someone Bojack cared about.


Thankfully all those "Ending explained" videos by some 13 year old fucks explained the ending to me, because I wouldn't have known what's going on.

Now where's Melania? MELANIAAA?



Why are you namefagging?


I'm mixed about this season because I expected gut punch, but there were less gut punches (a refreshing change, tho).

What I loved most about the arc? Todd being so fucking unimportant that he basically left the show after his job interview. Thank god. His "conflict" is utter unrelatable garbage.

Even if you're asexual you can still… I dunno,.. ram your fist in someone's asshole to please her, who cares if you enjoy it.



I've only tried episode one. I was so pleased that I could skip every scene he was in and enjoy every other scene without any confusion. For all we can shit on Diane for, at least she has a point on the show



>trying this hard to show how not pozzed Sad Horse is

You can back to reddit now. Before you start defending Legend of Korra.







>Obvious reddigoons


It's a Sad Horse supporter.


>Bojack combines huge doses of notoxycodone and alcohol

>worst symptoms are paranoia, black outs, and mild hallucinations



He is a 300 pound horse. Maybe things effect him differently.


File: 224b66738de00d4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1015.26 KB, 1056x1364, 24:31, Anxiety.png)


Excuse you, I already drew my sadness as a girl.

spoilered for off-topic.



Happy pre-emptive father's day, anon.

Don't be too rough of a critic on him if he fucks up often, lest he get an inferiority complex.



>le reddigoon owned epic style




He said his weight was 1200 lbs in season 1, but they rarely referenced that and even in small doses there's a dangerous interaction.



>being this triggered

We really need to get a list of shows to autoban threads over. Sad Horse is one.


File: 232196c51f22ca1⋯.jpg (226.02 KB, 667x805, 29:35, Screenshot_20180916-220800….jpg)




I'll make sure not to. I'm pretty forgiving and understand the importance of failure on the road to success.


I was checking these quaaaaaaads!


File: 982b772a893f58f⋯.webm (15.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kino.webm)




>entire fucking episode in just one webm

What has science done

how do you get this good at encoding the quality's even fucking great


File: ed68cfbae839bd2⋯.webm (16 MB, 640x272, 40:17, Kung Pow.webm)


Bitch, please.



Except that this one's quality is outright unwatchable.


File: f72d96f47f56f4b⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 632x932, 158:233, 4c5a3d3ed6cc0938ea2d6f90d7….jpg)


>outright unwatchable

If you're a fucking faggot, oh wait you are, Val.



Basically, I left this for a night (yes, it might take some time):

ffmpeg -i "INPUT" -map 0:v:0 -map_chapters -1 -map_metadata -1 \
-c:v libvpx-vp9 -aq-mode none -auto-alt-ref 1 -frame-parallel 0 \
-lag-in-frames 25 -row-mt 1 -tile-columns 0 -b:v 0 -cpu-used 0 \
-threads "THREADS" -deadline best -crf 55 \
-pass 1 -bitexact -f ivf /dev/null \
&& ffmpeg -i "INPUT" -map 0:v:0 -map_chapters -1 -map_metadata -1 \
-c:v libvpx-vp9 -aq-mode none -auto-alt-ref 1 -frame-parallel 0 \
-lag-in-frames 25 -row-mt 1 -tile-columns 0 -b:v 0 -cpu-used 0 \
-threads "THREADS" -deadline best -crf 55 \
-pass 2 -bitexact -f ivf "OUTPUT"

This will spit out an IVF file that I later merge with audio that I separately encode in Opus. The only option (besides the -threads) that you should care about here is -crf and, as you can see, I have it set to 55. Which was a huge gamble because I barely got it under 16 MiB! Had to sacrifice the opening and the audio quality to fit it.


Animation (or lack thereof in case of BoJack) encodes much better than real-life footage. On top of that this film was encoded using the constant bit rate mode as opposed to the constant quality one. The former allows you to more or less calculate the bit rate to meet the required file size but the quality will be atrocious. The later will give you much better quality (especially with all the options I specify) but there's no way to predict the output file size, you have to guess. Generally, you would start with 30 (the YouTube quality) and move up. The shorter the video and the less motion it has, the lower the value you can set and therefore have higher quality. From personal experience I can say that I guess the quality right from the first attempt in nine cases out of ten.



That sounds insane, like some shit you'd know only if you worked for NASA. I love that.


The sound's trash and the image is so pixelated you'd think you were watching a japanese hentai that showed nothing but ochinchins.



Huh someone actually did it.

Still doesn't count as streaming though.


Just finished season 5. I'm still enjoying the show, but I was already getting annoyed at Bojack's lack of development over the past few seasons, and for some reason the writers decided to have a meta-narrative about how he'll never get better because people enjoy watching him be terrible which just kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.



Why are you namefagging?


File: 2e8c02736777d26⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 276x173, 276:173, wet me cwear my thwoat.jpg)


>He only now realises the show's entire gimmick

They've hit the reset button on Bojack's development so many times now. The character only had material to last three seasons without actually progressing, but look at the writers. Look at this show's fanbase. They are addicted to his sadness. Whether it's identifying as him, or fetishising misery, they're being dangled along by the carrot on the stick that is hope for his improvement.

You are too. But the writers will never give it. It's all a lure by them to keep you watching, and it sickens me.

Just give up on it. When a new season comes out, read the spoilers online if you must, because they'll only give catharsis in the series' finale, if at all.

I recommend Cobra Kai over this show any day of the week. While it doesn't deal with the same issues as Bojack, it utterly outshines it in the parts where they overlap.


File: da637e4b520e41a⋯.png (281.16 KB, 514x662, 257:331, kot.png)


>Caring about a shows fanbase.

The show took a dive after season 3 and you dont need to be a rocket surgeon to see that. People will still watch it in the hope it gets better, which is unlikely at this point but whatever.

However, maintaining a discussion with the premise that literally everyone who watches a show is a rabid fanboy is an ancient goon tactic to stirr shit up while maintaining plausible deniability.


File: 7fd6c8597801eba⋯.png (270.24 KB, 864x1397, 864:1397, 1437505998152.png)

File: 7ddcfe80a51b78c⋯.jpg (201.06 KB, 614x826, 307:413, 1439510792094.jpg)

File: 089af00c2e7ee78⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1700x1275, 4:3, 1439433295549.png)

File: 64dfd7fbe1ce3cd⋯.png (190.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1439460684844.png)

File: 90d5212e49a476c⋯.png (205.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1439457050212.png)


I haven't watched Bojack since the end of the second season. Has the show kept on going from then on? Is it worth getting into again?

Have some OC I saved from back then as a gesture of kindness.


File: 95b361bc544d9ab⋯.png (193.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1439452150103.png)

File: 109d1aad3d00568⋯.png (187.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1439536276977.png)

File: b7669078bc975bf⋯.png (178.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1439544682473.png)

File: 6428e7261834b25⋯.jpg (332.33 KB, 545x575, 109:115, 1433910364421.jpg)

File: bff6933741e8259⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 400x286, 200:143, if only you had chosen thi….jpg)

More OC coming through.



Watch S3 and consider everything afterwards a fanwank cash grab reboot of sorts.



You got out at exactly the right time. The show's in the tar pits now, and it's not going anywhere.


File: 8a9d58539c1ec67⋯.png (306 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, 1537364202770.png)


You misread me. It's not that I care about a fanbase as if they're a good reason to not watch a show, it's that I'm aware of the lure that the writers dangle to keep their audience coming back. They don't have faith in their ability to keep them while writing a recovering or semi-decently adjusted Bojack, so they reset him to keep the cycle going



Season 2 was the perfect ending to the show. Every subsequent season has Bojack "trying" to get better but the moment anything bad happens he relapses into some huge drug-fueled bender or goes out of his way to sabotage himself right at episode 11, and then episode 12 is him reeling in realizing what a mistake he's made and deciding to try and fix himself. The sad part is I wouldn't have minded this at all except that Season 2's ending literally feels like what should have been the final scene of the show. It was the perfect balance of not promising Bojack a happy ending, while making it still seem plenty attainable.


Everyone know that at this point the show is just the dumb cycle, but my point was that with the meta-narrative of the season about it with the show within the show, it stopped being annoying and instead because actually insulting.



>sad horse



Jesus fuck you autistic cunt, if you don’t like it hide the thread and stop shitting this board up faggot. It’s pretty clear you are here just to shitpost, sagewhich isn’t a downvote you spastic idiot and claim you are smarter than anyone becasue by your opinion the show is shit go felllate a gun




Call me a retard if I never knew this but how do you see how many posts an ID makes when the board doesn't have them enabled? Is it a plugin or something?


>The show at it's core has tanked in the past couple seasons, and keeps getting more and more overt with the preachy socjus bullshit

>But the side characters that aren't throwaways like Todd keep getting better and better, and these seasons have contained some of the best and most affecting episodes in the series

I don't know how to feel

Also Diane's totally gonna die


File: c91114d94418d19⋯.jpeg (120.51 KB, 1440x806, 720:403, 1_WpIfVAWubr4otygEo0arvg[….jpeg)


>"Every day it gets easier. But you gotta do it every day. That's the hard part"

>Bojack completely ignores this

Fuck that crap. I was inclined to disagree with you, but you know what? You're right, Season 2 was where it should have ended, there's nothing after that which is worth clinging onto.

You can say there were some good episodes like the underwater city and the dementia arc, but no. We had all the kino we needed with Bojack's return to LA scene anyway.



Careful, the resident troll is protected.



>Also Diane's totally gonna die

Gosh, I hope so and so does she, holy shit that whore fucked her ex-husband while he was dating someone else how vapid and destructive can you be





>no retarded b plot that the showrunners can't incorporate without fucking the pacing to high hell

>no adhd style of focusing on a billion things at once

>that laser focus simplicity

Why isn't the rest of the show this good?



>First thing his dad says to him in the flashback is "Yes, yes, I see you"

So many different threads that all tie together perfectly by the end, like a well crafted comedy routine

And the best part, it's a bottle episode, so you don't even need to watch the rest of the season to get it, just have a vague understanding of the series in general



Don't forget

>less focus on fucking Todd



I don't understand Diane's problem of never being happy. And I probably hate that because I see myself.


File: 680cd3802637bfe⋯.png (38.16 KB, 161x244, 161:244, bojack.png)

File: 2100cf3a02b366d⋯.png (36.03 KB, 974x400, 487:200, raphael bob-waksberg.png)


>You can't have happy endings in sitcoms, not really, because if everyone's happy, the show would be over. And above all else, the show has to keep going.

>You never get a happy ending, because there's always more show.



At least he's honest with himself that it's all about money now.


Remember Wayne?



Not until "le triggered XD" faggots like you get wordfiltered.



give me a fucking link



Link? to where?



a big part of is is the small resolution



to the source



>2 pass on linux with 1 thread without changing resolution

so was the source super high quality 640x360 or what?


File: 2fffdee7881869a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1022.66 KB, 1056x1364, 24:31, Anxious Blush.png)


Oh - I drew her, anon. I'm the source.



but do you have a site?



not that guy but MY ASS




can i suck your dick?




I want lewds of girls you faggots


File: b4c344ad559d3c3⋯.jpg (109.47 KB, 504x492, 42:41, thesource.jpg.jpg)





The source was 1080p. I just cut, crop, scale and do other manipulations before the encoding because it's faster and more error-resilient that way. And I did it with four threads, dunno why you assumed one.




I'm a bit secretive about my blog, though.


i'm not gay



>i'm not gay

you're not making a convincing case here.



why's that?


File: 0753ed49f559202⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, i feel you deeply.jpg)


>I already drew my sadness as a girl.

I'm glad you did




>-row-mt 1 -tile-columns 0

>4 threads

you sure?



>I'm a bit secretive about my blog, though

I understand anon



I'm gonna try this and see if it helps with my depression


File: 796f03e94028b9d⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, flanderization.webm)

went into season 5 expecting it to suck ass but it was actually pretty good overall, and there was an actual story and character development unlike the 90% filler 10% gold of season 4

Todds whole ark was an eyesore tho ever since they flanderized his character, and the whole feminism shit was cringy but the episode about male feminists had me in stitches, they even called out Joss Whedon by name


the eulogy episode was by far the best of the season


Diannes schtick is that shes hypocritical and has a severe case of imposter syndrome. She wants to have big goals but is proven again and again that shes as vapid as everyone around her. She plays well off Bojacks character because she has a moral compass while Bojack does not, but theyre both cunts, and neither has the moral highground. She underlines the point that good intentions alone dont make good people. MrPeanutbutter on the other hand is the flipside of Bojack, no moral compass but hes manic and egotistic all the time instead of depressed and egotistic, his characters schtick is that you dont have to be miserable to spread misery all around you. Its the unholy triangle of cunts.


File: fd083caa56da23f⋯.jpg (102.4 KB, 625x455, 125:91, harro-faggot-porice.jpg)


It's not shilling. It's just shitposting.


Bojack is fucking trash and utterly pseudo-tier. We don't want to listen to the sound of you gargling cocks, OP, fuck off.



Externalizing your depression as an outside voice can help. But it will turn it into a tulpa.

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