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File: 778ef3c72029b18⋯.jpg (147.83 KB, 676x387, 676:387, venom uproxx.jpg)



>"Venom keeps calling Eddie a loser…Venom Calls Eddie a pussy"

>"There’s no real MacGuffin, no stones or boxes to find. The plot is Venom is a loser on his planet and decides he doesn’t want the other symbiotes to show up because he won’t be special anymore."

>"I think he just likes Eddie and they have a relationship. It was hard to do, because in the comics there’s a kindred spirit between Eddie and Venom because they both hate Spider-Man and they both have their reasons for hating Spider-Man. And so, that was the basis of their bond. But in this movie, we didn’t have that touchstone for them. It really was just about them commiserating. And that Venom, on Venom’s planet, he was a runt and he was a nobody. And he got put down by his people and he was a loser. And so he comes to this planet with his fellow aliens and they want to take it over, and he’s like, “No, it’s actually pretty awesome here. I like my host, Eddie. I can relate to him.”

There's a bunch of really interesting quotes in this interview, the movie sounds weird, but I find the idea that Venom just doesn't want to go back to being a loser, so he tries to stop other symbiotes from arriving on Earth to be hilarious.


That’s not really what I’d expect from venom but I guess it’s a fairly underused scenario


Man, fuck Planet of the Symbiotes for closing the door on pretty much any other fun stories involving them.


Its actually not as terrible as I thought it sounded. It actually sounds interesting. Might actually be the first modern live action Sony movie in years I give a shit about. But I just can't help but feel they'll fuck it up somehow like the last spidey films they churned out.


File: 149fb67815aba68⋯.png (676.74 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, tumblr_inline_pczmhdQFwq1w….png)


That's kind of a different but neat way to change up the dynamic I suppose. Can't use Spider-man, yet, so you gotta compromise on how to do the characterization. I really hope this movie turns out good. Even if I'm not a fan of Tom Hardy.



The fact that all reviewers, even those that hate it, are saying it doesn't feel like anything they've seen before, makes me optimistic for something fresh.


>That bistro scene was always, for me, from script to storyboards to execution, designed to be one of the more entertaining scenes in the film. And actually, the idea of going into the lobster thing was Tom’s idea. We went to the set to rehearse before shooting, just so he could get a lay of the land because it’s a really physical scene. And the production designer had put a lobster tank in there just as a detail of a fancy restaurant.

This sounds amusing.



Aren't venom and his species not really powerful except with a host, and different hosts have different aptitudes with them? It seems neat, but it feels like it will devolve into edgy drama or some forced emotional scene.




I can't really trust them anymore. I'd rather wait for what the audience ratings say.



That's why they end up on Earth, they need hosts, it's adapting the Planet of the Symbiotes storyline mixed with Lethal Protector.



They better not call them Klyntar. Bendis is already getting too much of a good thing with his own nigger self insert getting a movie.



I highly doubt they will, they've already retconned the Kylntar thing in the comics, Klyntar now translates to "cage" and only cucked symbiotes called themselves Kylntar.



So what do uncucked symbiotes call themselves then?



They have no name, they aren't a real species, they were a cosmic weapon forged by Knull to kill titans, see Donny Cates' run:




Can I get some chad vs virgin Venom memes up in this bitch?



That reminds me, we don't have a drawfag thread right now.



I just watched the movie and there's literally a Chad vs Virgin dynamic with Riot and Venom. Riot is the leader of the symbiote squad sent to colonize Earth and he hates Venom, and Venom's like the outcast symbiote who Riot despises and mocks.


Fucking hell. I'm sick of this underdog crap.



That's a big part of Marvel though.



>Malaysia. Supposed to have 4 symbiotes, but one of them escaped, that's Riot. Riot took over an officer's body and now looking for Life Foundation (Riot's plan was to use Life Foundation's spaceship to transport other symbiotes to invade the earth).

>In the other hand, the three symbiotes were used by Drake (the Head of LF) in his human experiment. Drake used living human as test subject and most of them died in the process, also there's one symbiote died because of experiment failure. Eddie Brock, the reporter knew about Drake's inhumane experiment through his lawyer girlfriend, Anne Weying. Eddie tried to prompt Drake about the experiments during the interview, but then he got fired by his news company and Anne got fired because of the confidentiality breach. Anne broke up with Eddie, after 6 months, she got a new doctor boyfriend (he's not a bad guy). Eddie felt like a loser and he can't find a job. A LF scientist, Dora Skirth secretly asked Eddie to investigate LF's experiment, and brought him to the laboratory. One of the hosts (symbiote fused human) saw Eddie and tried to break out from her cell. Eddie recognized the host, she's Maria, a homeless acquintance of him. Eddie tried to help her out, but then Maria attacked Him and transfer the symbiote to him, then she died. Eddie is now fused with Venom and he escaped from the laboratory. Drake was enraged and killed Dora by letting a symbiote bonding with Dora. However, the symbiote died alongside with Dora. Now Drake only left with Venom, his last symbiote. He instructed his taskforce to search for Eddie.

>Meanwhile, Eddie tried to understand the 'parasite' within his body. He became extremely strong and agile, and also hungry. Eddie met Anne and told her about his condition. Anne brought him to his doctor boyfriend for some checkup. Eddie found out that the symbiote is afraid of high frequency wave (as he did the MRi scan). While waiting for his report, Eddie went home. Drake's henchmen found Eddie in his apartment. He transformed into Venom and fight all of the bad guys and escape (some epic car chase scenes!). They (Eddie and Venom) escaped to a lighthouse and they talked to each other. Venom likes Eddie because he's a loser too, just like Eddie, so they can get along just fine. Eddie needs Venom's help to pass his phone to his ex-news company boss (evidence and photos he got from LF's laboratory in the beginning).

>At night, Venom broke into the office and left his phone on the table. When they were leaving the building, they were surrounded by armed henchmen, ready to open fire. Of course, Venom destroyed them. Anne was on the scene and saw Venom tranformed back into Eddie. Anne was frightened and wanted to leave. Eddie stopped her and explained everything. Anne brought him back to her boyfriend's laboratory, the previous report showed that the symbiote is enhancing his body, but his internal organs are slowing being eaten by the symbiote. Venom denied that as that is a part of stabilizing process. Eddie decided to remove Venom from his body, by activating the MRi scanner. Venom was distrubed by the high frequency wave and separated itself from Eddie. Then, escaped via the vent. Eddie barged out from the hospital and ambushed by Drake's henchmen. Eddie was sedated and being taken away. Venom saw Eddie being abducted by the henchmen from far, but unable to do anything because it didn't have a host. Venom found Anne and fused with her, then proceed to rescue Eddie. Drake met Eddie, again, and he sensed that Eddie lost his symbiote, he asked Eddie about the location of Venom. Drake was able to sense a symbiote because he fused with Riot (Riot flew all the way from Malaysia to United States, hopping from host to host, finally met Drake and decided to cooperate with him to launch a spaceship for his invasion plan). Drake asked his guys to kill Eddie, and he went off to his space station for his launch program. She-Venom arrived the scene and rescued Eddie, kissed him and transfered the symbiote back to Eddie. Venom reached the space station and fought Riot (the camera work is terrible here, Venom vs. Riot, both dark characters fighting in the night, with shaky camera, imagine that). In the end, Riot was killed by Venom by exploding the spaceship. Venom was supposed to be dead (due to the burning and explosion), but later on we found out that he did not died. The movie ended with Eddie Brock getting along with Anne again, and they (Venom and Eddie) decided on hurting bad guys only, then the convenient store scene in the trailer happened. The End

>End credit one: Eddie is going to a prison to interview a sociopathic serial killer, Cletus Kassady (as Carnage in the next movie, played by Woody Harrelson), and as the scene ends, he says 'when I leave here, there will be carnage.'

>The second end credit scene is just a 5 minutes showcase of Spiderverse, the animated movie.


I'm going to see it just for the free comic

>tfw you can see it for free with the theater subscription


Is there a cam rip yet?




I am ok with this.



>loser on his planet

>comes to earth to murder everything


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