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File: 14a26caa47f409a⋯.jpg (53.78 KB, 940x620, 47:31, MV5BZGVjZjExNTgtZTg2OS00Zm….jpg)



Sounds fun to me, and we're def gonna get a lot of She-Venom porn.


>Malaysia. Supposed to have 4 symbiotes, but one of them escaped, that's Riot. Riot took over an officer's body and now looking for Life Foundation (Riot's plan was to use Life Foundation's spaceship to transport other symbiotes to invade the earth).

>In the other hand, the three symbiotes were used by Drake (the Head of LF) in his human experiment. Drake used living human as test subject and most of them died in the process, also there's one symbiote died because of experiment failure. Eddie Brock, the reporter knew about Drake's inhumane experiment through his lawyer girlfriend, Anne Weying. Eddie tried to prompt Drake about the experiments during the interview, but then he got fired by his news company and Anne got fired because of the confidentiality breach. Anne broke up with Eddie, after 6 months, she got a new doctor boyfriend (he's not a bad guy). Eddie felt like a loser and he can't find a job. A LF scientist, Dora Skirth secretly asked Eddie to investigate LF's experiment, and brought him to the laboratory. One of the hosts (symbiote fused human) saw Eddie and tried to break out from her cell. Eddie recognized the host, she's Maria, a homeless acquintance of him. Eddie tried to help her out, but then Maria attacked Him and transfer the symbiote to him, then she died. Eddie is now fused with Venom and he escaped from the laboratory. Drake was enraged and killed Dora by letting a symbiote bonding with Dora. However, the symbiote died alongside with Dora. Now Drake only left with Venom, his last symbiote. He instructed his taskforce to search for Eddie.

>Meanwhile, Eddie tried to understand the 'parasite' within his body. He became extremely strong and agile, and also hungry. Eddie met Anne and told her about his condition. Anne brought him to his doctor boyfriend for some checkup. Eddie found out that the symbiote is afraid of high frequency wave (as he did the MRi scan). While waiting for his report, Eddie went home. Drake's henchmen found Eddie in his apartment. He transformed into Venom and fight all of the bad guys and escape (some epic car chase scenes!). They (Eddie and Venom) escaped to a lighthouse and they talked to each other. Venom likes Eddie because he's a loser too, just like Eddie, so they can get along just fine. Eddie needs Venom's help to pass his phone to his ex-news company boss (evidence and photos he got from LF's laboratory in the beginning).

>At night, Venom broke into the office and left his phone on the table. When they were leaving the building, they were surrounded by armed henchmen, ready to open fire. Of course, Venom destroyed them. Anne was on the scene and saw Venom tranformed back into Eddie. Anne was frightened and wanted to leave. Eddie stopped her and explained everything. Anne brought him back to her boyfriend's laboratory, the previous report showed that the symbiote is enhancing his body, but his internal organs are slowing being eaten by the symbiote. Venom denied that as that is a part of stabilizing process. Eddie decided to remove Venom from his body, by activating the MRi scanner. Venom was distrubed by the high frequency wave and separated itself from Eddie. Then, escaped via the vent. Eddie barged out from the hospital and ambushed by Drake's henchmen. Eddie was sedated and being taken away. Venom saw Eddie being abducted by the henchmen from far, but unable to do anything because it didn't have a host. Venom found Anne and fused with her, then proceed to rescue Eddie. Drake met Eddie, again, and he sensed that Eddie lost his symbiote, he asked Eddie about the location of Venom. Drake was able to sense a symbiote because he fused with Riot (Riot flew all the way from Malaysia to United States, hopping from host to host, finally met Drake and decided to cooperate with him to launch a spaceship for his invasion plan). Drake asked his guys to kill Eddie, and he went off to his space station for his launch program. She-Venom arrived the scene and rescued Eddie, kissed him and transfered the symbiote back to Eddie. Venom reached the space station and fought Riot (the camera work is terrible here, Venom vs. Riot, both dark characters fighting in the night, with shaky camera, imagine that). In the end, Riot was killed by Venom by exploding the spaceship. Venom was supposed to be dead (due to the burning and explosion), but later on we found out that he did not died. The movie ended with Eddie Brock getting along with Anne again, and they (Venom and Eddie) decided on hurting bad guys only, then the convenient store scene in the trailer happened. The End

>End credit one: Eddie is going to a prison to interview a sociopathic serial killer, Cletus Kassady (as Carnage in the next movie, played by Woody Harrelson), and as the scene ends, he says 'when I leave here, there will be carnage.'

>The second end credit scene is just a 5 minutes showcase of Spiderverse, the animated movie.


>directlinking reddit




No thanks but bump because on the off chance this might be true it'll make the shills sperg out.


File: 903a090cada0f4a⋯.jpg (119.37 KB, 327x400, 327:400, 75427.jpg)


>High frequency waves

>MRI scan



How do MRIs work?




I'm not a medical expert, but I've had MRIs done to me, know how electronics and magnets work and can answer this to a fairly reasonable extent:

The magnetic field (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, after all) is used to generate energy which is directed into the patient's head (any body part, really) in bursts, on and off really quickly, which causes the hydrogen atoms to vibrate around a lot, which increases the frequency they give off, which can then be detected and used to map out organs, as different types of body tissue are made of different base components, so you can work out quite precisely where a tissue begins and ends by how quickly the atoms return to base frequency after you turn the coil off, then you turn it on again and so on until you've mapped the brain in 3D, which you then can make those 2D images you see in the crime shows.

That's the basic idea of it, and there's lots of other shit I've skipped over or simplified, as well as other parts I don't know about.

So, if Venom hates high RF waves, an MRI would actually be causing every atom of Eddie's body to be emitting it, which would justify him leaving the host.

Sony writers actually know what they're talking about in this case.

Also, that's why The Flash vibrates at a frequency, explicitly. That's the correct term for atoms vibrating, though not so much on the phasing part. That's Speed Force magic.



But MRIs use Radio Waves. If Venom was effected by Radio Waves he'd never be able tos spend any time in any metropolitan area.



Think about what you just posted and come back to us, you brainlet.



Before you read the rest of this post, re-read the 2nd sentence in my post very carefully and see if you can guess what the rest of my post is going to be about:

MRIs use magnets, specifically large electromagnets, to create magnetic fields to vibrate atoms.

Vibrating atoms gives off RF emissions.

As I explicitly said, this would cause every atom of the host to be generating stupidly high amounts of RF, which would be much worse than latent RF in urban environments.

Around a cell tower or satellite, maybe that'd be somewhat painful or annoying, but generic consumer electronics, not so much.

Hell, you could argue the latent RF is what makes symbiotes violent on Earth, if you really want to make a comic book movie scientific.



>Vibrating atoms gives off RF emissions.

No, it gives off heat you dumbfuck. And MRIs don't vibrate the atoms, they use magnetism to reorient water molecules in the body and observe them as they return to place.



Posts like these are cool.



Holy shit go back to basic chemistry and physics in year 7.

They use receiving coils to detect RF in atoms.

The only time water is used is when detecting tumours and other illnesses, as lots of them cause more water to pool in affected areas.

Guess what comprises 66% of every molecule of water, faggot?



Oh, and while I'm at it;

Heat, as you put it, is another measure of how fast an atom is vibrating, with one vibration per second being 1 frequency, a Hertz.

Fun fact for the board, a second is how long it takes for 1.19 billion vibrations in a Cesium atom.

As for the second half of your statement, how the fuck do you think magnets work? Go join the ICP or some shit.

If you mean reorient as in move it, they don't fucking drag water all across your head and watch it go back to see the path it takes along your tissue. That makes no fucking sense and wouldn't be able to differentiate between types of tissue.

If you mean reorient as in change the orientation of magnetic poles and let them shift back to how they were, that's not how magnets work either, and even if that was how they worked, you would only be able to see the instances of water (hydrogen) molecules and again, not differentiate tissues.

If you'd like to back up your claims, go ahead. I said I don't know terribly much about MRIs, but I understand the underlying physics behind them, and can state you've got your pants on your head at the moment.

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