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What's Marvel thinking?





who cares



You know how retarded his target audience is (even before the movies)?



>no webm

How the hell do expect us to watch this?


I thought it was funny



xD upboated


I love this idea, honestly. Leaning into the absurdity of doing a PG cut this hard.



They could have just released a 5 minute youtube video of them bantering at each other. Didn't need to be a movie.



Kill yourself.


Testing the water for when Disney reboots Deadpool into the mcu but as of-13 movie



It's a PG cut of Deadpool 2, because the studio wanted it. The shot new content, and made a big joke out of the whole thing.





It's actually just a joke for Christmas and they donate part of the money. I hope you feel like the stupid fucks that you are now.


they want the reddit audience, and they already have it



They think they can do whatever they want with it just like star wars



yeah I bet they donate it to a (((charity)))



Main reason the first one sucked was shitty "jokes" that went on forever.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Deadpool 2 was like that one guy at a party who got attention with one great joke and then tried to follow up with a just as great joke for the rest of the evening, annoying everyone.



>That scene with "MJ"

I want to nuke Hollywood. I want them all to burn.


File: fc95586394c75cc⋯.mp4 (12.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SPIDER-MAN - FAR FROM HOME….mp4)


>Not at least embedding invidio or uploading a webm

That faggot aside, isn't Mysterio more of a psychological villain? Having him come up with enough resources and unrealistic fx tech to create a water giant and Dr. Strange-like magic beams could not have been cheap or easy. Unless Marvel/Sony are ditching comic accuracy completely and Mysterio will just be an evil Dr. Strange.

Shame there will never be a Raimi film with Bruce Campbell as Mysterio


At least they are toning it down. In the first movie she would say shit like that, but not as a joke.



>Bruce as mysterio

>that explains why he was always following Peter everywhere

The lore thickens

im actually sad we will never get another Sam ramini superhero movie. He got spot on all the cool shit, funny side and drama of comicsinstead we are stuck with gayfield and hot aunt may




Of all the things they could have done to improve on the movies, they decided to repeat the same mistake and keep Not-MJ and Pajeet Thompson strongly involved in the movie. They were absolutely terrible characters and they look even worse now that they're trying to forcefully make them endearing and funny.



>peter still a complete loser

>peter needs yet another person to TELL and basically FORCE him to help people

>literally antithesis of the character of peter parker

>reveal of mysterio and he has no fucking helmet just so they can show off not jared leto guy's face


>still forcing "flash" as a debate team mathlete faggot indian that the girls look like could beat up as a bully of peter

this isnt spiderman. its some reskinned big bang theory that does not feature a single spiderman character.


>chamelon also meant to appear in film

>doesnt appear in the trailer

Chameleon is obviously disguised as nick fury to get spiderman involved in some plot with mysterio, to make mysterio look good or have a scapegoat to fuck over. They've done this plot before havent they?



I hope that's true and Fury is actually permanently dead in universe now. I'm sure Sam is tired.



>this isnt spiderman. its some reskinned big bang theory that does not feature a single spiderman character.

Probably why normtards like it. I miss Ditko Peter.



It feels like they're repurposing some of Miles Morales stuff for this movie.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Spiderman theme song is from the 1960s?



Yeah, they used it in Homecoming too as the main theme.


File: cc7e6aa0302b9ba⋯.jpg (80.76 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Vulture.jpg)

File: 632ce347e02bf39⋯.jpg (262.92 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, spider-man-homecoming-movi….jpg)

File: 1201b72b6703d83⋯.png (361.17 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Mysterio_JakeGyllenhaal-Sp….png)


>Mysterio without a helmet and in some armor

Why? These faggots are retarded. They put effort into vulture and the design with bomber jacket looked good. Jacket's collar emulated collar that original Vulture had, feet had talons, only modification to the colot scheme was some gray metal and brown jacker.

Mysterio's 'armor' looks cheap and has nothing in common with the original, besides the cape. It looks like something straight from a bad Oblivion or Skyrim armor mod. It's not even green and does not have a globe helment. What's next, Skorpion without a tail or Goblins without a bombs and gliders? It's just like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again.



It's not so bad. At least they kept the green crosshatches and paper-lantern bracers with curlicues, so the silhouette and colour scheme are recognisable.

And the helmet comes on in the action sequences. I guess they don't want to make the same mistake Sam Raimi did covering up Willem DaFoes' face in Spider-Man 1.



Eh I think with Green Goblin though he wears a rubber mask and is known for his expressive face. Mysterio just has the fishbowl helment so I'm not sure the comparison makes sense.



That's all this reboot ever was. It seems obvious from the get go Pascal wanted to make this reboot a Miles movie, but chances are Marvel shut her or Sony down due to Peter being popular around the world and Miles being a boring nigglet. So the compromise was basically Miles' world with Peter in place.

>his fat chink friend is just a renamed Ganke

>he has none of Peter's typical problems

>he goes to a magically funded "I HEART SCIENCE" school

>almost zero consequences for him fucking up

>older heroes hand him everything and make commit to action


File: bde2d1a7e188772⋯.jpg (27.62 KB, 650x365, 130:73, 20190120.jpg)


Heh. youre right…



He does have the fishbowl helmet, just only during battle.


File: 384c0528e10d7d8⋯.jpg (98.22 KB, 786x1100, 393:550, s2.jpg)


Hollywood's obession with showing the faces of the actor they pay a large coin to attract audiences… *sigh*



Pascal must have some serious dirt on Sony higher-ups. There's no fucking way her ass wouldn't have been fired already otherwise.



Or SONY upper mngmt are dumb



Gyllenhaal is cute as fuck though



And Once Upon A Deadpool was him trying to tell it to the kids because he thought maybe they would laugh because they don't know any better.



That whole trailer is cringey. At this point I prefer Andrew Garfield's Spider-man to this SJWized shitty ass Spider-cuck.



Haha yes. We have the analogy.



Toby McGuarie is best. But you can still have Tom Holland to do the stunts…



> Skorpion without a tail or Goblins without a bombs and gliders?

They did that in Ultimate Spiderman. He was a black guy with a chain.



That sucks. I never liked Ultimate Goblin. It missed the point of the character.


File: ae3e7f133e65233⋯.jpg (566.44 KB, 1280x1941, 1280:1941, Ultimate Spider-Man 06 Zon….jpg)

File: 0cb262abc3968e7⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 421x640, 421:640, 2232030-www.jpg)


He actually might be Latino, I can't tell. Scorpion is his Prison name.



Let me guess, the (((Clinton Foundation)))?

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