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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Where did the idea of the super Mario bros super show being bad came from?


I'm pretty sure that kaiju episode gave Andrew Dobson his inflation fetish.



>eceleb shilling

>no webm

How about no.


The same one where Sonic SatAM being good came from:

A. Edgelords who are ashamed of still being into wacky cartoon platformers.

B. The likes of Nostalgia Critic and his hordes of goons/shills.



This makes sense


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


SatAM wasn't bad even if it was needlessly dark, but Jaleel White voicing Sonic was a mistake.

>Nostalgia Critic

Didn't he hate SatAM, or did he hate the other Sonic show?


In modern culture, not sarcastic == hilariously bad. You are not allowed to have characters in weird situations unless they wink to the camera about how unrealistic it is.

That said, SMBSS isn't really remarkable either



No he hated the wacky Sonic cartoon while praising other wacky cartoons like Animaniacs. He was never consistent.


File: 5f715b63fd34b94⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 504x417, 168:139, robotnikmodel1new.jpg)

File: 47f686224d5748f⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 504x421, 504:421, robotnikmodel2.jpg)


SatAM was good but AoStH is god-tier cartoon shenanigans made by some people with real passion for the medium.






None of those shows were bad or great. They were about what you'd expect from a Saturday morning cartoon at the time. They'd be completely forgotten if Mario and Sonic games weren't still around, even if the latter may as well be forgotten.

Since Nostalgia Critic was brought up, did he ever actually make a good review? I remember watching him years ago, but rewatching his older videos recently made me question why I liked them in the first place.



>other wacky cartoons like Animaniacs

Wasn't wacky Sonic literally directed by someone from the Animaniacs team?



He just has the Yahtzee Problem where he's either just being contrary or just trying to rationalize his own weird and/or unwarranted expectations/habits/ineptitude at gaming. Complete with how being some King Hipster guarantees he'll be getting parrots.


Retarded cartoon "reviewers"



I always liked the intro to this and have wanted a game similar to it with the commanding multiple characters (with different abilities) completing missions.

Did find it amusing that the former Archie Sonic comic series used this series as it setting and lasting over 2 decades while the cartoon only got 2 seasons.



Doug is a lot like James Rolfe, except James actually had the foresight to branch out into different directions instead of betting everything on AVGN. Doug tried to retire the Nostalgia Critic, but all of his replacement attempts, reviewing cartoons, the stupid game show, all fell flat on their face. So while James gets to review movies in a more relaxed manner and mainly does AVGN as a labor of love for his fans, Doug is stuck doing NC because it’s the only thing that works.


If anything, it falls into the "Mediocre 80s franchise cash-in cartoon" that permeated that time. There were certainly much worse examples of this, though. If you want examples of video game cartoons that are given too much flak, look at AoStH or even the Donkey Kong Country cartoon. Inversely, if you want an example of an aggressively awful video game cartoon, look up Magi Nation. Or don't, if you want to save your sanity.


File: 1dfbe147e7277d7⋯.png (1.65 MB, 761x1018, 761:1018, venger.png)


MagiNation was actually a card game before it was a video game. It's just the card game was nice but never really that well tested for combos so it kinda died.

Speaking of /tg/ based cartoons, the kids are level 7 and Venger casts as a 18th level sorcerer. He goes into insane time travel plots to stop their birth when he could just walk up to them and nuke them.


File: acf57258e31e272⋯.png (1.05 MB, 723x932, 723:932, ericstat.png)


It's worse than I thought! He has Blashphemy as a SLA. The kids die instantly without a saving throw.


File: 58544d7254611fa⋯.jpg (195.24 KB, 900x656, 225:164, Before_captain_nintendo_th….jpg)

File: 60a4b06bc0405b5⋯.jpg (975.72 KB, 1000x992, 125:124, 4b26f8eb624410703ca4902bd6….jpg)

>been watching Captain N recently

>started thinking about making a VG toon thread on /co/

>someone's already done it for me

Did you know that the concept that became Captain N started off very differently? It was originally going to be a Paper Boy based cartoon with Mega Man and Kid Icarus as sidekicks. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard were still going to be among the villains but the big bad was going to be the Grim Reaper instead of Mother Brain.

Apparently Mega Man had the green and yellow color palette from the very beginning.



One thing I miss about 80/90's cartoons is that even when the show was bad, the creators showed a much better understanding of the fundamentals than creators do now. I don't think there was any way for Captain N to come out good, but looking at those individual illustrations, I could easily see these guys doing a really fun show.



He had one good point about people discriminating against traditional animation in his Disneycember review of Princess and the Frog. But otherwise, he hasn't been good in years.



AoStH was my favorite show as a kid, and the reason why chili dogs were my favorite food. The game had nothing to do with it. Fite me.


File: c736375e8d58075⋯.jpg (117.13 KB, 720x708, 60:59, 20181223.jpg)

Street Fighter as a GI Joe cartoon clone was silly… but 5 year old me had bad taste..


File: 4274c794d5f7c63⋯.gif (1020.68 KB, 288x162, 16:9, yes YES.gif)


At least it was unintentionally funny.


File: d502e00d3d26191⋯.webm (555.27 KB, 800x450, 16:9, bison yes.webm)


>no webm

We live in 2018. Get with the times, caveman.


Is the new Mega Man show any good?


File: 51ebbe60d993687⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Bert_Wily.png)

File: 1290702a8e7ad08⋯.png (199.39 KB, 270x362, 135:181, MMFCMegaMini.png)

File: d83ee5c4fa512c0⋯.png (309.02 KB, 398x455, 398:455, Suna_Light.png)


No. It's a pretty cheap 3D CG reimagining that puts the characters in school. Wily is a kid now too and Megaman's friend. Megaman himself, or Aki Light, has a tiny robot in his head. For reasons. It's just really lame. Even the replacement for Roll is just some black asian mixed girl who's not even a robot.



It's so bad that no one wants to talk about it, let alone watch enough of it to break down why it's such a retarded mess.



I can't handle all this heresy.


File: 1f2d10a5163a930⋯.jpg (220.49 KB, 736x1085, 736:1085, TXppNKm.jpg)


You know Super Smash Brothers ended up being what Captain N should've been, but they were too much into directionless wackyness to really think of a plot/actually ask about the characters/play the damn games. Imagine Simon Belmont being confused as all fuck with Samus' technology and Megaman's everything, or a council of nintendo villains a la Kingdom Hearts reuniting and plotting.


File: 517086462622b25⋯.jpg (68.36 KB, 569x353, 569:353, princess-lana-captain-n-pa….jpg)


you know considering how Smash Ultimate turned out, the entire cast of captain N made it in, minus Kevin. but that's debatable since you can make a mii fighter look like him anyway.

>what about Lana

Lana was originally supposed to be Palutena.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Move over, it's time for the only legitimately good vidya cartoon that didn't come from Japan.



Wait, fucked up and forgot about >>1039525. I shall now off myself in repentance.



Don't forget that it immediately goes into making robot and human relations an allegory for racial relations.



I.M. Weasel did racial allegory better. Complete with Weasel telling his BFF Baboon that they must never marry.


File: 46f576fff908129⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 251x169, 251:169, Robotnik Wat.jpg)


>implying cyberpunk dystopia Sonic was bad



Just out of curiosity was the live action Street Fighter movie originally supposed to be a GI Joe movie? I heard that it was supposed to be originally GI Joe with the villains island lair being Cobra Island and M. Bison being Cobra Commander.



It was



Huh. That makes sense. I always wondered why they removed the tournament plot and divided everybody into two sides. I just put it down to the filmmakers having no interest in the source material.



>Where did the idea of the super Mario bros super show being bad came from?

From not being a very faithful adaptation of the games



It was consistent enough with whatever lore the games actually had.


File: 12076a0bda9fb8f⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1200x789, 400:263, 0b2e81fbc5a8e2a23d4068cb34….png)


>It was consistent enough with whatever lore the games actually had.

>Features episodes about real life celebrities, space battles, and other assorted nonsense that had nothing to do with the games

>Bowser and Peach look nothing like their designs from the sprites or the official art

>made SMB2 bosses into Bowser's minions, despite them being Wart's minions

Zelda was a more accurate and faithful cartoon than Mario was.



I wouldn't call Link accurate but the Mario show felt something like one would expect from the game.


File: a432111f2769812⋯.jpg (255.48 KB, 640x953, 640:953, captain N samus.jpg)


Captain N banged Samus in the comics.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sonic Boom is the most based vidya cartoon ever because it gave us Chris Chan the Tapir.


File: 02816520a492dd9⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 1198x207, 1198:207, mean spirited balding man.JPG)

It's always the manchild cartoon reviewing types like Nostalgia Critic and Mr Enter who shit on these cartoons, everyone else just remembers as average, forgettable saturday morning shows.

These people are still mentally 12 and can't look at anything with context and appreciate themwhat they are, they see the inaccuracies of these shows while now having superior knowledge of the source material and a lot more "official" lore to work with, so they take these things as a direct offense to their beloved Mario and Sonic, which they are still big fans of, probably playing SSBU.

It's all a matter of having context, much like when you play an old game, this usually requires having to had been there, but it's not obligatory unless you are a lazy retard.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Capcom usa is so useless….



Damn was the comic any good?



Its mediocre



Gonna need a webm.



>>Bowser and Peach look nothing like their designs from the sprites or the official art

i think Peachs design was based on her SMB1 sprite



The second one and first, bowser wasn't in 2.



Huh, so it was. I guess that partially explains why the game was rushed out the door, in addition to the collectable monster genre dying out a bit.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sonic Boom has some crazy stuff in it


File: 7698f6d6727c66a⋯.jpg (284.6 KB, 982x1500, 491:750, 20190113.jpg)

File: 4bb8f0d2f58ad40⋯.jpg (117.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190120.jpg)


Pretty sure Carmen Sandiego was a game before the cartoon



How new are you?



>Sonic is basically a distraction / getaway vehicle, while Amy actually does everything.

If I didn't already think this one was shit, I sure would on a re-watch.



Do people still care what Doug has to say?




I know it's easy to just say people watched a popular video and that's why they had that opinion. But I do remember this show fondly compared to AoStH, which think I got bored of quickly.

Even if the it isn't particularly great, it still shows how important a baseline for a story can be. Compare it to the games which have no real sense of direction or world building.






File: e7b9c6d33f3c46d⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Dr-Robotnik-Sonic-SatAm.jpg)

Edgy doesn't have any meaning anymore if SatAM which is a very kid friendly cartoon is considered to be "edgy". I bet majority of the hate towards it is because of doug and doug alone rather than any merits against the show itself.



>Even if the it isn't particularly great, it still shows how important a baseline for a story can be.

Wasn't that baseline and the Freedom Fighter characters a major part of that long running (formerly) Archie StH comic series?



I guess taking yourself seriously and having unrepentant villains who actually act like villains is what is considered edgy now.


File: 880ac1f1a71f115⋯.png (601.31 KB, 1192x627, 1192:627, Sonic SatAM.png)


>being an apologist


>I guess taking yourself seriously

>he says Sonic Forces is good

>and having unrepentant villains who actually act like villains is what is considered edgy now.

>he pretends SatAM Eggy isn't a dull villain who has none of the charm of other Eggmen and still isn't especially credible as a threat


File: d0e99928dbb0141⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 640x480, 4:3, darkqueen3.webm)

Battletoads is one of the pilot episodes I would have liked to become a full series.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SatAM is the only truly bad DiC cartoon because it tried to play itself seriously. It just didn't value being fun as much. Most of it's other issues in >>1046755 (weak villains, unnecessary sidekicks, powerup related deus ex machinas, bad voice acting) are common in other DiC shows, but for the most part it was forgivable because the other shows never forced you to seriously consider the events going on. In SatAM when the show is serious you have to absorb the events that are taking place, and when that happens is when the show falls flat, because it's a DiC cartoon.

DiC cartoons are at their best when they're spontaneous, they're bombastic, they're in over their heads, and they're just rolling with that weird idea that one of the workers brought up at the water coolers. To save a multiple paragraph rant about what most DiC cartoons did right, I think it's easier to just demonstrate it with my favorite episode of Captain N Season 2 - one of the best DiC cartoons, and criminally underrated because it's buried under a backlog of mostly mediocre Season 1 episodes. In this one, Zelda is on triforce-based life support despite this never being a plot point before or after this episode. After being laid off of working for Mother Brain, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo successfully steal two out of the three triforce pieces. And what do they do with those triforce pieces? They hold a party. And then you realize that Zelda had to have triforce life support for this episode and this episode only, because there wasn't any other significant reason to get the triforce back as presumably the duo wouldn't actually do anything of significance with the triforce other than get babes and grub. See, it doesn't matter that Zelda will die without the triforce being together in this episode only, or that Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo accomplished in one episode something that Ganon failed to do in an entire series, because it doesn't matter to the writers. What does matter to the writers is writing an episode where the main villain's lackeys steal a legendary artifact of limitless power, and throw a magical party with it. And that's a fun concept, isn't it?



Never said it was good but it certainly isn't worth wasting time fuming over.



Honestly I can't think of Robotnik in any other way but this.

He's fun, he's stereotypically evil in all the right ways, very well animated, and the voice acting from Long John Baldry is just god tier.

RIP Long John. It ain't easy.



>Compare it to the games which have no real sense of direction or world building.

You clearly never read the Japanese manuals for the Genesis games, most of them do have a backstory, although being just text in a game manual doesn't really help. Sonic 3 & Knucles has some excellent cutscenes and world-building for a Genesis game about going fast. The Adventure titles were definitely awkward though and it just got worse from there.



Except the show writers never had access to the Japanese manuals or the then-unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I don’t even think they had much knowledge of Sonic the Hedgehog CD aside from maybe the Time Stones. For a time when international Sonic material focused very little on plot and the Japanese story wasn’t accessible, SatAM stood out in a positive way.



>SatAM stood out in a positive way.

It's just Star Wars (furry rebels, stormtrooper like robots) meets Captain Planet (transparent 90s environmentalist/leftie bits with Robotnik polluting for the sake of it).



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