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File: ec9b4d7bc00746d⋯.jpg (761.11 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Star-Wars-Palpatine.jpg)


What is the cartoon or comic that you hate the most?


>new cartoons and comics bad

>old cartoons and comics good

>comics and cartoons were never good

>a twelve page essay on why niggers and jews ruin things that has progressively less to do with cartoons and comics


>porn dump

>defending pedophilia

Next thread



>defending pedophilia

>it's always the West that does this.

>Its always western cartoonists that are child molesters with cp saved on their PCs

>never hear about Japan doing this despite being the worlds biggest exporter of lolishit.




The Gabby Rivera-penned America comic. It was one of the worst things I've ever read.


File: 54c1344be774afb⋯.jpg (293.81 KB, 841x1381, 841:1381, spiderman holding head.jpg)


JMS entire run on Spider-Man was the most destructive thing to happen to the character and Marvel.

Totem power nonsense removed uniqueness of Spider-Man - he's not the first, not the best, not the original, wont be the last and has nothing to do with radioactive spider or any choice on Peter's part. Added mystic bullshit to the character, his powers, origin and still a major theme in villains to this day.

Turned Gwen into a cheap whore and Peter into a cuck to Green Goblin. Gwen had magic twins with super growth and gave us the Osborn orgasm face.

Mary Jane fucking knew about Gwen's whore behaviour and never told Peter in the entire time they were together, making her both untrustworthy and a fucking colossal bitch all at the same time.

Peter became a subordinate character to the smarter, wiser version of Ezekiel, which is a theme/trait that has been used for his character for the past decade or more - Peter is a loser and everyone else has to tell him what to do, he is the idiot and butt of jokes and someone else is better.

One More Day was obviously retarded in every way. Nothing ever came of the change. Aunt May is a terrible character. Peter is a fucking 30 year old loser with roommates and working at the same job he had at 15 and a laughing stock of the universe after destroying a billion dollar company and ruining thousands of lives (lost jobs, destroyed tech, etc).

9/11 issue was another cringe inducing shitfest. Genocidal maniacs and dictators are crying over two buildings falling down when theyve killed thousands and tried to take over the world or kill all humans or are tyrants oppressing entire countries. It was a rushed out piece of shit that had nothign to do with comics, wrote everyone massively out of character and was an insult to the tragedy using fantasy characters for political messages. Fucking Onslaught aftermath issues with destroyed NY were better than this piece of shit issue at showing Spidey and heroes dealing with massive deaths and destruction and kept in character and didnt require teenage angst narration or a real world national tragedy to have depth and emotion and it was just a fucking summer event aftermath book. Countless issues deal with tragedy and loss better than JMS's hack writing.

The Other was a fucking mess. His totem garbage magic Morlun shit could have been explained with reasonable answers, but The Other just threw all kinds of shit at the wall and revived everyone and nothing ever recovers from it.

Morlun is a fucking joke pet character and Morbius rip off. Shouldnt be a part of Spider-Man and should have been banned from future use, yet is now a fucking multiverse clan of fuck faces. JMS made Spidey actually consider killing him to be free, but gets him out of the moral dilemma by having Morlun shot randomly and killed. Spidey forever is left as wanting to kill him. He even states Morlun is the only villain that ever pissed him off. He swore Green Goblin would die for killing Gwen for fucks sake. They did the whole 'hero praises the fuck out of villain to make him look super strong bad ass' garbage throughout the run. Spidey literally says morlun is the hardest hit hes ever taken. He fought fucking Hulk and has been in cosmic events and a million other fucking things, but super special do not steal character is da bestest. Its like that hulk rip off fuck Superman is praising as being stronger than Doomsday and hardest hitter he ever faced. Fucking bad writing is what it is.

"The Conversation" is a fucking joke and rip off of Amazing Spider-Man 400. He didnt invent the wheel. He rehashed something that was done better and years earlier and is considered his best moment on the fucking book. Aunt May has been trash since being revived. Not a single good moment in a decade and was shot so they could do OMD. A fucking joke where Peter has to give up the love of his wife to revive a fucking geriatric woman that is going to die within a few years. And not one good story has come from having her exist.

His only decent issues are forced on him by Quesada for Civil War and Back in Black and only time his mystic bullshit and hack writing are kept in check.

He also tells fans to move out of their parents basements and that they shouldnt be allowed to breed if they have any complaints about his work. Same ego maniac personality that is destroying the books today. Spider-Man has never recovered from this fucking run. It's been circling the drain ever since. Clone Saga didnt do this much damage to Spider-Man.



>Turned Gwen into a cheap whore and Peter into a cuck to Green Goblin.

Funny enough, JMS considered making the Wonder Twins' Pete's kids.



>knows nothing of the ingrained sexual culture of japan

>knows nothing of the court system in japan

>compares this unknown to the overdramatised culture of the west with a 24 hour news cycle that propagates fear mongering

Only thing worse than a hyperweeb is a pseudo-intellectual one.



Perhaps cuckchannel is more your speed.



I don't think I can argue with this.



To be fair, Sins Past is more on Quesada than it is on JMS. JMS wanted to make them Peter's kids but Quesada veto'd it because it'd supposedly "age" Peter and make him unrelatable to younger audiences (which is retarded in itself).

You know, you could've effectively had the same story but tweaked it a bit so it didn't piss all over Gwen's corpse. Have Norman rape her; it reaffirms what a completely loathsome bastard he is and it doesn't completely kill Gwen's character.


Most of them. These days, it's so much harder to find something that I like.



>Spider-Man has never recovered from this fucking run. It's been circling the drain ever since.

Hasn't it been mostly stuck between Bendis and Slott since then?


File: c3fadb9202810cc⋯.gif (455.66 KB, 500x357, 500:357, c3fadb9202810cc3b2fa065519….gif)


It would have still been retarded beyond belief and ruined her character, just in a different way.

It would be miles better to just undo such an awful stretch of time. In fact, I would be fine if Franklin Richards decided to go get The M'Kraan Crysral, The Ultimate Nullifier, The Watcher's Eye and The Heart of the Universe, along with every single Cosmic Cube and Infinity Stone, and just erase all of the retarded decisions that have been made leading up to this point, leaving only a Marvel brand that is full of stories worth reading.



there's nothing wrong with exploiting someones misfortunes.


File: 0c9a8950effcdd6⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 356x314, 178:157, z89RXI1W.jpg)




Being a Spider-Man fan is about the same as being Peter Parker: endless, pointless suffering.


Steven Universe



>never hear about Japan doing this

That's because a 13 year old isn't a child in japan.



There was the guy who created Ruroni Kenshin…



Please surgically remove yourself from this board you cancerous tumor.



That's been it the last 4 years.


File: 0dba3a9402281f8⋯.jpg (144.72 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, thanksisraellgbtmarvel.jpg)


File: ac26da6e5a16435⋯.png (97.91 KB, 320x180, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm pissed off that people think that the Castlevania Netflix series was a good adaptation. Retarded modern writers get free virtual handjobs for making "sympathetic villains" even if it doesn't make sense in the context of the character, his actions and/or the story.



I just thought the whip was sick as fuck in the fight scenes.

Shame Trevor was nearly a non-entity in the final battle.



I honestly don't get why they made the Castlevania anime at all…



>Shame Trevor was nearly a non-entity in the final battle.

<devolve the fight 1v1 Alucard vs Dracula fist fight

<characters randomly throwing punches and kicks when they could either use their claws or pull a dagger

<didn't include Grant because they don't think that he would be strong enough yet have Alucard 1v1 him and have Drac give up when he realized that his dead wife wouldn't want him to kill their kid (but only after he tried to kill his kid for the second time)


They are fans of Symphony of the Night and nothing else.


Dracula was awful person who blamed God for the death of his first wife and blamed humanity for the death of his second wife.


Drac used to ritualistically kill people until he met his wife. Season 1, he is angry because the meanies in the Church his wife because they hate science. Season 2, Drac is sad, secretly want to die, still want to kill off all the humans, and also starve the vampires for some reason. Too sad to leave his throne but somehow also too angry to realize that his wife wouldn't want a fucking genocide or a filicide. People keep spouting about how much he can offer the world in Science. Anticlimactically killed.

Also, the spent a single episode traversing the castle and the rest of season 2 with retarded vampire politics.



It's embarrassingly obvious that the showrunners want to do something like Berserk and don't really care about Castlevania (besides pet characters like Alucard and Camilla). Hence the shoehorned anti-Christian talking points (which the show's head tried to do damage control on), excessive focus on Dracula's posse compared with the heroes, Isaac as some Negro Revenge On White Devils fantasy, Camilla being an obvious stronk womyn writer's pet, absence of Grant.


File: 8d58bcce344267b⋯.png (457.19 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Hector_(animated_series)_-….png)

File: 9c49ced45d607a9⋯.png (580.83 KB, 547x555, 547:555, Isaac_(animated_series)_-_….png)

File: fd0379fd153bbed⋯.png (113.83 KB, 792x302, 396:151, ClipboardImage.png)


I also hated Dracula two Uncle Toms. Netflix stats are pure homo. I don't want to copypaste my rant from the Castlevania thread.

To the guy that said that Netflix Isaac wasn't pretentious/edgy.

<Perhaps this is all loyalty buys in a world without love: pain in the night and death on your master's floor. Perhaps that's all that awaits me, too. But you didn't mind; you came home regardless. The lesson here is that I shouldn't care either. Dracula will bring a pure world into being; I believe that. I believe him. I want, of all things, a pure world, a clean world, where there is only loyalty and only love.

Someone posted image 3 in the castlevania wiki about the original characters relationship.



Steven Universe and anything Harley Quinn these days.



Harley has been a bad character whenever she isn't just Joker's mobster girl.



the only thing I really despide about the castlevania show is the sound design is absolute garbage. Half the cartoons released today have the absolute worst stilted sound design with awkward dialogue and weird spaces in any sound effects at all making the world feel lifeless and flat


File: 6e0007f9db8b72b⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 400x600, 2:3, d072c7a0-5570-45bd-80fb-22….jpg)

*Irreversibly destroys all Western Animation and art as a whole for years to come*



Thank God I was smart enough to ditch watching cartoons when this came out.


File: b5e8139a9a6f743⋯.jpg (186.08 KB, 639x960, 213:320, scottpilgrimposter.jpg)


I'd argue in that case Scott Pilgrim deserves as much scorn, if only in regards to its impact on tumblr. That and the story.



It honestly went on for too long.


File: 413713aad6cb0cf⋯.png (566.43 KB, 541x541, 1:1, Draculanetflix.png)


I just realized that only Hector doesn't have a meme stat in the end although it said "Necromancing" instead of the proper term "Necromancy" implying that it meant how often he uses Necromancy rather than his proficiency in Necromancy turning it to a meme stat.

While I said that I didn't think that Carmilla was necessarily a bad character, I do think that she will be awful once she becomes the main antagonist. It is because I liked Dracula's simple characterization from season 1 but they completely fucked it up in season 2. It is like people want to pretend their story isn't a simple good vs evil story. It like how Kylo Ren talked about destroying the Sith and Jedi and forming something new but not doing anything new. Is this what weakens morals of modern men? The refusal to accept the concept of evil?

Also, are people still pretending that the show isn't anti-Christian with how the Speakers spread their stories through word of mouth so that "God cannot strike them down in jealous"? Or how the Speakers are the "enemies of God" and how Dracula remembers "sciences lost by humanity three times over"? Are people going to ignore how a priest invented the encyclopedia or how the first printed book was a bible? But no, let's humanize a fucking vampire that tried to wipe out all of humanity. And anyone who brings up how jarring it is that the show expects us to feel bad about Dracula when he reminisces about how killed off a bunch of people in a town is a butthurt christcuck.


File: 526a7b671c5870e⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 400x556, 100:139, brown.jpg)


You are thinking too hard about something that had the involvement of pic related.



This didn't need to happen.


>People reducing themselves to ambiguous skin tone.

Indians, Mexicans, and Arabs have almost nothing in common culturally and genetically. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans have a lot in common and we still fucking hate each other. Why would anyone identify themselves as "Brown" instead of the culture that they or their families grew up in? Do they only care about bundling up into a giant faggot?



Yes that's generally what retarded liberals think, they can't think beyond the simplification of color. At this point I vouch for just grouping them up like Jews along with actual Jews and trapping them all in California then launching it into the sea.


File: 99cff78c592bfd4⋯.jpg (199.8 KB, 750x728, 375:364, Image0_(2).jpg)


Speaking about his involvement, season 2 has a completely different feel than season 1. Sypha wasn't as overpowered in season 1. If she was as strong as her season 2 counterpart, she could have made an ice bridge to cross the clock gears. There was an acknowledgement that there is a reason why she lost to the cyclops while Trevor didn't. The show spent some time showing Trevor traversing the obstacles of the underground clocktower (instead of just waltzing into Dracula's study). How the demons were taunting the Bishop doesn't make sense they are servants created by Hector. They were implied to be demons summoned from Hell but season 2 said that they have no will of their own (like the "innocence devils" in the game). That one scene of where Trevor commented that the Holy Water actually worked has been used by both the fans and the writers to deflect claims of the show being anti-Christian. Later season 2 has shown that making Holy Water is basically just a type elemental magic or something. If it worked like that, why didn't the Bishop just bless the church like he later did with the river. Then you get the Speakers who aren't wanted in the town but are implied to be have been in town for a while. I doubt that the Church would have put up with people who call themselves "the enemies of God". I just assumed that they were a missionary group like the Jesuits. However, season 1 has already established that the Speakers record their history exclusively orally. The only other reason that I could think of them doing it is for secrecy.

Season 2 seems to have a lot more useless scenes. Season 2 starts out with Lisa basically giving a patient penicillin which was discovered on 1928 (Castlevania 3 was set at 1476) to hammer in the 'sciences that mankind has lost" thing. She looks at pendant with a picture basically their world's devil and the patient brought up her wedding ring and how nobody has seen her husband before. You would think that this would be important but no. The meanies from the Church are shown to be needlessly hostile accusing her of witchcraft based purely on hearsay and twisting her responses as admission to paganism to devil worship. This is the point in the story where you think the pendant might come to play but it never does. This scene adds no new information and only serve to hammer that the Church are full of anti-science meanies (it never clarify how the setting actually having magic and specifically witchcraft changes things) and implied that the 14th century could have had 19th century medicine if it weren't for the meanies at the Church. We are later introduced to an unnecessary vampire war council which was never implied to exist in season 1 so that the writers can have a GoT rip-off. All of Dracula's knowledge is explicitly called Science even the ones that are clearly magical in origin. In the middle of the boring vampire politics scenes ( all of them), the generals went out slaughter a village in way that doesn't advance the plot. Carmilia makes her plan clear to everyone and it is treated as a grand act of subterfuge because everyone else in team badguy is retarded. Two characters say that Dracula is suicidal which is confirmed by the final confrontation. Instead of Dracula revealing that Dracula knows that his revenge is only for himself, Alucard realized that it is lonely in the castle.

Isaac is written like someguy's edgy OC. Hector is a retard every step of the way. Everyone knows that Carmilia is somehow going to be fucking feminist wankfest despite her character being depicted as a giant bitch.


File: 72062830dae0a15⋯.png (182.87 KB, 230x394, 115:197, Out of Jimmy's Head.png)

I doubt this can be called a cartoon, but it's one of the worst pieces of garbage to come out of CN prior to their CalArts phase, and even then it's still high up there in terms of shittiness.


File: 7dada09f0806166⋯.jpg (30.49 KB, 315x445, 63:89, 51Mxq9N9d6L._SY445_.jpg)

This overrated piece of crap is the precursor of horseshit and also along with Total Drama and Jhonny Test, precursor of the Calart's "style"



The Total Drama series was decent and /co/ used to love Ruby Gloom. Fuck off newfag.



You need to understand how much Warren Ellis hates Christianity and religion in general. Sometimes, I genuinely wonder if he was molested by a priest when he was a kid.



Just because it predates the "meme" does not mean is not Calarts.



He and other Lefties hate Christianity/Christians since it's coded as White/Western. It's that easy.




His FB post >>1034269 pretty much confirms it.

In a world where demons and magic exist, I think that the group of people that can turn any amount of water into holy acid should probably be treated better than some bullies poking a hornet's nest.

How are going to force more anti-Christian messaging in the DMC show?



The one nitpick I have with Lisa is when the church goons escort her she says that something worse than the devil is coming because her husband is real. That statement implies the devil isn't real even though hell exists in this world so the devil should exist as well.


Oh God that piece of shit. The live action phase of CN truly was the dark ages for that channel. Yet the only somewhat interesting thing about that show were the cartoon characters who were basically parodies of the Disney characters.


File: de8208f4187f60c⋯.png (368.55 KB, 494x479, 494:479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a35e3771fe70f1f⋯.png (408.48 KB, 492x480, 41:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d665ff82983a31⋯.png (399.68 KB, 486x480, 81:80, ClipboardImage.png)


>The one nitpick I have with Lisa is when the church goons escort her she says that something worse than the devil is coming because her husband is real. That statement implies the devil isn't real even though hell exists in this world so the devil should exist as well.

That is in-line with how the demons shit talking the Bishop doesn't make sense when they are shown to have no will of their own in season 2. Also, why doesn't Alucard get hurt by Trevor's groin kick? Dracula managed to make a kid and Alucard was hurt my Trevor's headbutt.

Also, the stats are pure bullshit. Godbrand had a 6 strength. Isaac had a 2. Hector which has never been shown to have combat proficiency (in the show) has a 3. Alucard and Trevor have 9s. Yet Isaac could beat Godbrand himself and he uses the whip that he ritualistically whips himself with to rip off a bandit's face and kill his other companions himself.


>Oh God that piece of shit. The live action phase of CN truly was the dark ages for that channel. Yet the only somewhat interesting thing about that show were the cartoon characters who were basically parodies of the Disney characters.

I don't think that anyone would disagree which is why it doesn't bother me.



Weird, I hate Christianity and Islam for the shit they preach and forbid, do Lefties are even aware of half of the garbage in the Quran?



Youve never read the New Testament. There isnt a single negative thing you could say about it. It is not preachy and does not forbid anything. Jesus and the New Testament are a reformation of the Old Testament. It is antithesis to everythign in that book. Anything negative you can say about Christianity comes from the Old Testament, which has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity and is Jewish fiction and subversion of the church. Go actually read the New Testament if you believe otherwise.



Jesus was a Kike.



The whole Jesus story is a mess, do people ended up in hell and only in hell before him? yeah he sacrificed and everything, but there is 2 big points: 1 you need to repent and not to sing again, which I am sure it was a requisite before and 2, all the previous rules in the old testament still apply.

It is all nonsense.



>The live action phase of CN truly was the dark ages for that channel.

Considering that CN right now is barely any better than it was during the live action era, i'd say that's questionable, but at least all the shitty shows on CN right now are animated.






>There isnt a single negative thing you could say about it

>claims niggers are people

>claims women are people

>pushes globalism

>the savior of all humanity is a fucking Jew

Half the shit leftists talk about they got from their Christian upbringing.







Isn't this cartoons and comic books discussion on a cartoons and comic books board just great?



File: 851b4097367c0be⋯.png (771.76 KB, 800x557, 800:557, ClipboardImage.png)


I just realized that they probably add Order of the Sword into the plot of DMC3. Ignoring how it only works because Nero is unaware that they basically worshiping his grand father.



>Anticlimactically killed

The whole "WTF I love my son now!" scene had me laughing for a good 3 minutes. This show has some of the worst and slowest writing I've ever seen.



I feel torn on whether to class this current era as worse than the live action era. With the current stuff it's bad but there are a few gems like over the garden wall.



>slowest writing I've ever seen.

I'm not sure what you mean. Season 1 had 4 episodes and season 2 had 8. Unless, you mean retarded.


File: 4bdae0a9504b79b⋯.png (484.36 KB, 530x729, 530:729, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1920aace464009b⋯.png (608.93 KB, 700x580, 35:29, ClipboardImage.png)

To be fair, the game didn't handle Lisa's death very well either.

>Lisa created medicine for those who suffered from the epidemic. Due to the witch trials going on in Europe at the time, Lisa was apprehended and executed. Dracula later found her body but arrived too late to save her. Alucard was present shortly before Lisa's death, just like his father, being unable to stop the event, with Lisa requesting that Alucard allow the mob to kill her, under the belief that it would ultimately save their souls from eternal damnation.

I find it strange that Alucard didn't tell Dracula Lisa's last words until the end of SotN and how Dracula doesn't change his ways after SotN.

Image 2 was the scraped version of the TV series. Still, I'm just not happy about the Netflix show even if this is what passes a good adaption of a video game. It felt like season 2 spent more time to develop the villains than the heroes. That pissed me off because the characterization is so shit and what bugmen think is deep.



Has Marvel replaced the original She-Hulk with a male She-Hulk yet? Because I'm saving all my hatred for when they do.



>male She-Hulk

what? This is the first I've heard of this. Is she a shemale prostitute now?



I just don't know why this bothers me so much. It is a simple good vs evil story being corrupted to meet the sensibilities of a postmodernist society. It feels like someone corrupting somebody's work for the a different modern message.

Hypothetically speaking, someone wrote a semi-autobiographical story about Christian oppression in the Middle East. Someone else adapts it to a movie changed it to a story of Christians oppressing Muslims and people accept it because its message is "more or less the same in spirit." People would say that it doesn't matter and what is important is that people don't hurt each other Christians or Muslims. People would ignore that the author chose that based on his life experiences. Look at faggots insisted that Ender's Game must have been ghost written because Orson Scott Card hated the gays.


I hardly stay up on current comics, since it's all confusing to follow along.

I usually just read indie comics or self-contained stories, fuck buying and waiting for issues instead of an omnibus



Do you think it's an abuse of death of the author?


File: 871dee992f95e5f⋯.jpg (108.52 KB, 664x834, 332:417, did someone say anti-life.jpg)

Everything New Gods related that wasn't written by Jack Kirby.

They don't get it. None of them get it. They take the incredible lore Jack Kirby put to paper and just piss all over it because they don't understand it.

Take the Anti-Life Equation for example. Jack Kirby was actually really specific of what it's effects were, and even demonstrated them in Forever People #5. Kirby even elaborated on it's nature further in the years after, but they still act like it's some mysterious thing that does a mysterious thing because they can't wrap their brains around it.


File: 3dce56e832c5efb⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 1058x595, 1058:595, 595.jpg)

Reversal: I DON'T hate Johnny Test that much. There's even a sort of, well, nostalgic charm to it, I guess. It's by no means "good" but for being a show that went on for way too long, and over a period of 9 years… I dunno. It's lazy, mindless crap, but it's sort of earnest in being both.



I think Grant Morrison and Walt Simonson were respectful of the canon, John Byrne… well, he obviously wants to be Jack, while still having made a bitter personal enemy out of him. I think it's disrespectful that the editors picked Byrne to cover Jack's creations so many times…

BTW, did anyone else recognise the Whirlogog from Jack's Super Powers series in Grant Morrison's Rock Of Ages story?



The death of the author is about interpreting a work without considering the author's background. This is thinking that you can "fix" the author's work. It isn't necessarily out of contempt or even necessarily bad. For example, someone could change somethings about a sci-fi story to make it more in-line with recent scientific discoveries. The problem is when the new writer essentially changes the message of the story in a pretense that it is still adhering to a higher message.



Heh, that reminds me of an aspect of Philip Jose Farmer's "Venus On The Half Shell", see, the conceit of the book was that it was written by Kilgore Trout, a character from Kurt Vonnegut's stories, and that it was a later edition, rewritten to be less sexist, so the gorgeous female android Chworktap having the schizophrenic aspect of first appearing wearing a cocktail dress and preparing a meal for the hero based on his descriptions of a hamburger, fries and a shake, out of the equivalent animals and plants on the alien planet they are on, including stalking, killing, dressing, mincing and roasting a herbivore, milking another one, finding edible roots to fry, grains to grind into flour and presumably yeast to make the bread rise, like some kind of home economics polymath, and then spends the rest of the book engaging the poor bastard in sophisticated ethical debate and saving his life repeatedly…

Although that is more of a simulated example of inserting hashtag thisyear politics into an older work by the original author. Or at least the writer posing as the character of the original author.



I remember back in the day when all the cartoon reviewers used to bitch about it like they do Teen Titans GO today.


Somehow people think that South Park just "makes fun of everyone."



It is almost like people meme opinions rather than develop them.


File: 14e72e255acb1ec⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 354x500, 177:250, 04ad68fb004aa83814b5d4613b….jpg)


No, and the problem always stems from their interpretation of Darkseid.

They keep thinking Darkseid is as powerful as says he is, which is wrong. Kirby wrote Darkseid as a paper-tiger, relying on his image of being all-powerful to maintain control. In reality, Darkseid was cowardly, scheming, and under-handed. He never fought the heroes, choosing to flee than to face them.

It's that cold, dastardly, coniving that is at the core of Darkseid's character. Its how he came to power starting the war with New Genesis so he could orchestrate the deaths of his uncle, Steppenwolf, and his mother, Queen Heggra, it's how he invaded earth by quietly sending advance teams to build ties with earth's organized crime and constructing a vast network of tunnels connecting every city on earth so his forces can move unseen, and its why he hates his son Orion he's everything Darkseid isn'tand possibly the man Darkseid wishes he was.


File: 9a266fe893fa365⋯.jpg (55.74 KB, 297x483, 99:161, c4b2a2788e010a5d78384ac239….jpg)


Also, Darkseid is a little pathetic. He has no friends to confide in. The closest thing Darkseid has to a friend is Desaad, and he utterly dispises Desaad.



In Captain Victory, which was written to be the sequel to The New Gods, Darkseid shows up as a shadow and a voice, and that's it, all that is left is a voice to bluster and threaten, and in the end Victory just walks straight through his grandfather.



>JMS entire run on Spider-Man

>Complains mostly about Sins Past and OMD, two stories that JMS didn't want to do but Quesada made him do

>His only decent issues are forced on him by Quesada


File: 46fae5310a0d36a⋯.jpg (653.12 KB, 1174x1792, 587:896, 1450659218555.jpg)


>One More Day




File: 2447b303f8d1313⋯.jpg (208.54 KB, 963x1427, 963:1427, RCO007_1471791424.jpg)

File: b3e3efc1f4e7c51⋯.jpg (466.7 KB, 963x1516, 963:1516, RCO008_w_1471791424.jpg)



Mark Evanier has said that Captain Victory wasn't conceived as a continuation of the New Gods, but it did allow Jack the opportunity to explore some of his old ideas once again.



Calarts character designs



People that use "Calarts" to describe every single cartoon being made today.



Yes, because JMS's original idea for the twins to Peter's illegitimate children was SOOOOO much better than Norman Osborn cucking him. And you convienently ignore everything about the totem garbage, The Other, Morlun, pandering and insensitive 9/11 issue, and all the magic trash he put in the book.

And end of day, he wrote the issues, whether he didnt want to or not. He's still writer of that trash Rising Stars and Babylon 5. When someone has zero writing credentials that are objectively average, let alone good, blaming the editor for stepping in is hardly helping your case.



Whipcrack intensifies



Don't you have something better to do, like jerk off to Raven on your TTGO fan board?


The one that ruined old /co/. The one we don't talk about.



Mao's Little Penis?


After watch multiple old cartoon series I really starting to hate the idea of any cartoon with some sort of story arc and then gets 39+ episodes and still doesn't have a proper finale either just ending or having a cliffhanger.

Why can't the production team be told in advance, yeah your getted cancelled and not getting another season, wrap up the plot because this season is your final one?

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