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File: d5fb3d879417079⋯.png (3.32 MB, 2195x4884, 2195:4884, d5fb3d87941707977d67e2b206….png)

File: 378f6aeedd67cec⋯.jpg (74.32 KB, 435x296, 435:296, Skrillex.jpg)

File: d8ce4c814582124⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)




>Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston said that a Ralph Breaks the Internet spin-off film focusing on the Disney Princesses could be made depending on the audience's response and "if there's a good story to be told".[119] Also, John C. Reilly says that he has an idea if a third film was to be made, which would see Ralph and Vanellope "beaming themselves right out into space".

They might actually fucking do this… Please tell me that piece of shit sequel flopped? Make the suffering stop.



>film focusing on the Disney Princesses

Honestly im surprised it took this long to reach this point.


Why couldn't they make a Sonic movie explaining how he knew about the internet in the first place. Maybe bring back the video games theme instead of the blatant corporate marketing.


Alvin and the Chipmunks 3-D: Into Space!



You mean 4d, they already had a third one.





No because we're already getting the Sony Sonic movie which looks like dogshit already. Sony and Disney really need to fucking stop at this point.


File: 4b7b024406e1865⋯.png (491.71 KB, 670x1050, 67:105, thumbsupturbo.png)


Hey remember when Wreck-it Ralph was about arcade games? I SURE DON'T!



You mean 5d, they already had a fourth one.



You mean 6dl, they already had a fifth one.


File: 36b64d24c52c0a5⋯.png (324.52 KB, 600x655, 120:131, 36b64d24c52c0a54fa53a8acd6….png)


Hey, remember when abandoning your game for another one was a BAD thing? ME EITHER! VANELLOPE'S SUCH A STRONG, INDEPENDENT GIRL THO!



Wait, they do?


If they're going to do that, they might as well not call it Wreck-It Ralph anymore since it barely has anything to do with Ralph or video games. Just make it in the same style and let it be its own thing. Isn't it funny that Ralph's premise is being ignored in his own movie series. Turbo and him have a lot in common.


All this film did was make Turbo look like he was in the right by trying to get rid of Vanellope.


Screeners are out if you wanna see it.


Just saw the movie. Ends with Ralph, a "big strong man", being rescued by the Disney princesses and he ends up wearing snow white's dress. Tells you everything you need to know.


File: faf686f2246bced⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1169x489, 1169:489, Untitled.png)


That and they talk down to him and make him a buffoon, remember how he saved suger rush? But nope, can't let a guy be the hero in modern films. It's the Incredibles 2 all over again.

>Up to the memeite.

Just kill me, I'm not even half way through.

It really is like Emoji movie, in that they see the internet as this big clean space with corporations and it's written by people from LA so there's this Californian thinking "like this one guy who listened to a TED talk" and also belittles Raplh, who's the main character of his movie but now we're detouring off with Penelope into Disney land who are super awesome and are our sponsors all the while a remix of 'Let it go' plays. They're also showing characters from different Disney properties as 'Hey, isn't it awesome that we own all this? We're Disney, in 20 years we'll own bloody everything.'

It's scraping my soul and I want it to end.


File: dbec97a3efdf5d2⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1164x1082, 582:541, Untitled.png)

File: 346ff5b085940d9⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1304x1048, 163:131, Untitled2.png)

File: 92c00c1701ccee6⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1125x462, 375:154, Untitled3.png)

Rapunzel - All your problems were solved because a guy showed up?

Penelope - Yes! What's up with that?

Rapunzel was getting dragged off by her mother and Flynn, while he was bleeding out, cut her hair despite her wish to save him. Ralph got the idea of lighting the beacon to save Sugar Rush and Penelope just brushes off the heroic act her best friend did.

This right here is the most idiotic point of the movie so far. But I think it'll get worse.


I'll answer this now, you could turn an all princess movie into a thing if you had a good set up for it. Like they get split up into different books and have to find their way back to their own story then find out they're a part of the disney verse or something. Hijacking Wreck it Ralph to pitch this idea however really has handicapped this movie.

>Matilda is from the other studio, therefore we can't understand her heavy Scottish accent.

See, a joke like this would be perfect, in their own film. In Raplh, it earned a chuckle from me but also reminds me this isn't Ralph's film.

Mulan best 'princess'

>Penelope singing a Disney princess song.

It's so cringe…

>It's all Ralph's fault that he released the virus and Penelope can't see past that this one time unlike the time he destroyed her car.

>One minute movie is praising Ralph for showing emotion and showing insecurity, next minute it's berating him that the insecurity over Penelope leaving is what's causing this.

>She's entirely blameless, despite the fact she's going Turbo, which isn't brought up.

This is so bad.

>Lead all the Virus Ralph's through an anti-virus gate and they'll all be destroyed.

>But the announcer said this was a DDoS attack.

Can you even get anti-virus stuff for server architecture?

>It's Ralph's whos wrong here, Penelope can't do any wrong.

>Going Turbo. Acting like Whorra and not listening to anybody except those that reinforce her delusion, not taking responsibility for her actions and fucking up everyone around her for her own benefit.

In the Immortal words of Charlie Brown: 'Good Grief.'

>Shank added her code to the game

Turbo did nothing wrong.

Do not watch this film. Not only is it a poor sequel, it also actively undoes it's own rule set.


Wreck it Ralph is the Kingdom Hearts of memester faggot shit.



>they gave jazmine an ugly nose




she always had an ugly nose. it just wasn't as obvious in 2D.

that's why 2D is superior to 3D.



No it isn't.


File: c158b2a79a9a683⋯.png (55.85 KB, 293x292, 293:292, at last.png)


It's amazing how you can hear something for years and years, and not really get it until one day someone says it in just the right context.


I wonder if Disney is gonna make any more sequels where they flat out ignore the rules and lessons of the first one.


File: b32534aceb21beb⋯.png (1.23 MB, 900x1111, 900:1111, 1388131890283.png)


>Like they get split up into different books and have to find their way back to their own story then find out they're a part of the disney verse or something.

This is actually the plot for a movie that already exists.

This movie had so many more problems than just Vanellope going Turbo with no consequences. Here's the complete synopsis.

They set up the plot for the whole movie with Ralph going into Vanellope's game during work arcade hours, meaning they already threw out the rules from the start. Ralph only went into her game because Vanellope is bored with her game stating "it's too predictable! I already know every nook and cranny, what I wouldn't give for a new track!", so he could make an offroad course in her game.

Vanellope then steals control away from the player to check out the new track, and the player fighting to regain control is what breaks the steering wheel, followed by the arcade owner breaking the steering wheel in half trying to put it back on the cabinet.

Sugar rush gets unplugged instantly, all the characters are left stranded and must take up residence with other game characters, leading to what could have been some fun hi-jinx with the racers being taken in by Felix and Calhoon but this is never observed except for a few seconds after the fact.

Vanellope suffers briefly for her own selfishness that got her into this mess, Ralph announces they're going into the internet to get a new steering wheel on ebay, it's pretty much a straight shot to ebay from here and they find the item which they proceed to overbid for until reaching a whopping $21,001 which they obviously have no money to spend on

They quickly find a spambot advertising money for playing games, hunt for highly coveted loot in games, bring them to the spambot and get paid, easy right? They try for Shank's car in SlaughterRace, and it was love at first carjacking for Vanellope, but they get caught by Skank and her merry band of miscreants but learn they can make money on BUZZTUBE by camwhoring with whatever dumb trends are hot at the moment.

There's a scene where Ralph finds the comment section of Buzztube but it is completely inconsequential, just a moment to make the audience feel sad for Ralph.

Vanellope gets into shit over at disney's adfarm while trying to act as a pop-up ad for ralph, Ralph has already gotten enough revenue to buy the steering wheel and more before Vanellope heads over to SlaughterRace to contemplate going Turbo which Ralph overhears because of their 2-way communicators so Ralph seeks out a virus to slow down the game like it did to Tron back at the Arcade (apparently arcade cabinets can get viruses now), and with the game being slow and boring Vanellope will surely want to come home!

The virus copies Vanellope's glitch and spreads it throughout SlaughterRace, causing Vanellope to crash and get knocked unconscious, Ralph jumps in to save her before the server reboots to fix the game (which will erase the virus and all the glitches, including Vanellope). The virus escapes the game before the reboot finishes because reasons, copies Ralph's emotional insecurities (hurdur because it finds insecurities) and spawns duplicates of Ralph until the whole internet is overrun.

Now Vanellope and Ralph have to find Yass Queen Slay to find out how to fight the flood of Ralphs, Ralph tries to sacrifice himself to save Vanellope but she decides to give up herself to save Ralph from the viruses, Ralph then convinces his copies that to be a good friend means letting Vanellope go her own way, the copies then vaporize because Ralph fixed his "insecurities" hurrrdurr, and the princesses save Ralph from a free-fall using their "princess powers" HURRDURR

Vanellope gets to be a selfish cunt and stays in SlaughterRace because Skank can just go ahead and modify the code as she sees fit, Ralph somehow gets the steering wheel ordered to the Arcade (this is never touched on how he did it), the racers can return to their own game, Ralph returns to his (seriously how did his game not get unplugged this time?), and Ralph keeps in contact with Vanellope via the 2-way communicator and it ends with them figuring out when they can visit again (and everyone's favorite Sugar Rush avatar is gone, but for some reason isn't seen as a problem?)

The setup for the plot was stupid, broke the rules, they broke the rules again at the end, and there wasn't even any memorable music to accompany the movie.



>Ralph returns to his (seriously how did his game not get unplugged this time?)

Shit I completely forgot about that. Part of why Ralph gains acceptance in the first movie is that the game can't fucking function without him and everyone realizes that they need him or else they get unplugged. But apparently nothing happened the entire time Ralph was absent. Christ this movie was so fucking stupid.



The part that bothered me is in the last movie her game is more popular than ever but the arcade owner says it doesn't even make 200$ in a year. He's probably spending more on electricity for it than it makes in money, all the girls are doomed.



It could be an old version of it, like those old mario kart arcade machines.


File: 5ea2d19a782b01a⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 5ea2d19a782b01a690c6840ed2….jpg)

The third movie should go with this general idea:

After all the crap Ralph has been through the second movie, the way he was treated by Vanellope and the other princess and stuff, he is seriously reflecting on his decisions in life

He begins to think that Vanellope really is nothing but a spiteful and selfish brat, an horrible 'friend' and unfit to rule. This has to happen slowly

He begins to feel isolated and ignored by his friends, as they get more 'woke'

Just as this is happening, he begins to have thoughts that Turbo was right. At first he dismisses them, but as the movie progress and his treatment by Vanellope gets worse, he starts to seriously reflect on them.

This culminates on a scene where he travels back to the Coke Mountain where Turbo died, and where he first formed a friendship with Vanellope. As he enters there he finds I dont know, some Scrap Code of Turbo or somenthing?

He picks it up in one hand and in the his other hand is the medallion that Vanellope gave to him. He looks at these two items and has a flashback on his friendship with Vanellope, how it was good at the beginning but turned awful after some time. Turbo's words from when he convinced Ralph to destroy the kart come back, and he remembers that King Candy was a very good king, better than Vanellope.

Ralph then crushes Vanellope's medallion and throws its remains into the coke. He goes back to the castle, enters the Code Room and brings Turbo back.

He then bows before him and says Hail King Candy


File: 41b10b48c1d90c8⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1374613318240.jpg)


Yeah, never mind the fact that the sequel takes place SIX YEARS AFTER THE FIRST, he absolutely should have had enough money to get the cabinet fixed, he had the money to buy a fucking router to connect his power mac to the internet which probably cost him more than that, so the arcade is going to hemorrhage money to have internet access but can't buy a simple replacement part for one of their most popular games

and the fact that the characters can just hop onto the internet highway express means even if their cabinets get unplugged they can take up refuge in the internet



First movie didn't exactly make it seem like a bad thing that Vanellope got overthrown either.



They did joke about execution though.



This, only instead of some bullshit resurrection, Ralph attacks Venellope and the princesses and becomes the new King.


File: 117fe5fd4985ab8⋯.png (142.24 KB, 350x729, 350:729, 1375672956871.png)


Oh and to add to this, the first movie had the 30th anniversary for Ralph and Felix's game, so by the sequel they've been doing the same routine for 36 years.

Meanwhile, Vanelope was only racing in her own game for approximately 6 years and despite having several tracks and far more variation to her life than Ralph, she was already sick and tired of her game. So all in all, Vanelope is irredeemable trash and Ralph remains the most sympathetic character, yet I feel like the sequel was constantly trying to force the audience to be sympathetic with her.


>appropriate wreck-it-ralph and turn it into a franchise where all disney princesses get together and have adventures

At least make it it's own thing you fucking hacks!


File: 1535d662e365f22⋯.gif (986.84 KB, 500x452, 125:113, 1447096928125.gif)

>Vanellope forgot the events of the last movie and is now an unsympathetic dickwad who leaves her game because she's literally bored of winning

>Everyone in Sugar Rush is facing homelessness in exile but she cares more about whether she gets to do open-world racing

>Has to be full-time, she can't possibly just visit when the arcade is closed or on days she's not on the roster

>Five minutes after meeting street racer girl she trusts and respects her more than a guy who saved her life, helped her fulfil her greatest ambition and almost died in the process

>Being a proper Disney princess who sings songs is suddenly important to her when she rejected that status entirely last movie as soon as she learned about it

>Ralph is no longer a naive but well-meaning guy with a stubborn streak, he's a bumbling manchild who doesn't think through anything he does and cries like a baby under the slightest social pressure

>Sobbing in a simple conversation with a total stranger is described as a 'touching display of vulnerability'

>His desire to not see his best friend disappear from his life forever is never depicted as anything more than childish clinginess despite his 30 years of social isolation, his 'neediness' is the villain of this movie

>Vanellope was a social outcast too before Ralph but she forgot I guess

>Vanellope never admits even partial responsibility and gets what she wanted in full in the end, nullifying the message of WIR that you shouldn't abandon people who need and care about you for selfish reasons and that you can both play your necessary role and have a fulfilling life

>Leaving your game during hours is no longer a big deal, the risk of unplugging due to your absence isn't mentioned

>Felix and Calhoun do nothing of note (their planned story arc was apparently cut for time)

>Not just scenes but entire sequences of product placement

>Disney Princesses spouting woke tumblr gender-analysis bullshit

>The studio lost any goodwill it might have had with that demographic anyway since they didn't make someone's skin dark enough, fucking lmao

They ignored the rules of the setting, changed the main character's personality, forgot half of their backstories, dumped the message of the first movie for a much shallower message about… being happy for friends who move away… and sold out a franchise themed around retro gaming for an entirely different theme which better lends itself to Disney's corporate interests.

The best I can say is that kids seem to like it, it seemed to be aimed at a slightly younger audience than the first one. At least they're having fun.



>The best I can say is that kids seem to like it, it seemed to be aimed at a slightly younger audience than the first one. At least they're having fun.

Isn't going to last long, finger family has that audience on LOCKDOWN.




Glad I never saw the sequel.

What I want to know is why those princesses and stormtroopers exist in the first place.

The characters in the first film existed as visual representations of video game characters. But the internet only has "characters" in internet-based games like Roblox. So what the hell were Spamley and the princesses?

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