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File: 8b3b12c9ca7b191⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 680x515, 136:103, rebirth.jpg)


So. Ever since Tumblr banned NSFW content, NSFW artists have been fleeing to other sites, mainly Newgrounds, The Newgrounds userbase is welcoming them with open arms.

What's your take on this, /co/?


Newgrounds being very fishy in terms of what's allowed, I decided to go to FA instead. I don't intend on interacting with anyone but the content I draw seems to fit fine in there.



No reason they shouldn't accept smut artists, but the format of the site isn't even half as good as shitpits like deviantart.



>What's your take on this, /co/?

>tumblr flooding newgrounds

Sounds like a nightmare than s miracle.


Is newgrounds a good site for comics like how it is for artists and animators?



Christ you're new.



Good for them, I suppose. Anyone 25 and older on the Internet probably cut their teeth there so it's good to see a potential resurgence. NG really got BTFO by Youtube so hopefully they jump on this and can turn the page.


oh boy now Tumblr can desecrate yet another corpse of a site.



It's mainly because flash was deliberately killed by corporate overlords. If not for that, NG would've gotten this surge back when Google+ came out.






They're gonna be neutered and the Tumblrettes are gonna demand concessions. They're fucked.



Isn't newgrounds already neutered? Didn't they not bother fixing their flash stuff? Tumblr seems like life support for an already dying site.





Wouldn't porn artists be less cucked than the average Tumblrina?


I work at Tumblr. Dear God!

If you think using the site is a shitshow, imagine fucking working there!



Formol Affinity, for dead people



Have you started looking for a new job yet? For when Tumblr eventually tumbles into it's own asshole and stops existing.



You'd think so, but man, you'd be really wrong. There's a lot of these faggots who built their reputation on drawing smut and lots of kinky shit, but when they aren't drawing, they are spewing dumb tumblr bullshit about the word "trap" being a slur, and how forced diversity is great.



Flash became obsolete ever since high quality video streaming became a thing. It was a necessity in the 00s because of slow internet connections.


File: 609ee608f6301f4⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fucking_nogs.jpg)


The answer is a astounding no.



I haven't, but you bet that I'm going to be looking for one soon. May I hope to God that the next one wont be anywhere near the biggest train wreck of incompetence and corruption that is Tumblr.



I've seen more head towards twitter. But I'm still glad Newgrounds is seeing more of an uptick.


Newgrounds can go fuck itself, the site is well past its prime and only exists as a shambling cadaver. Let it rot.

A bunch of shitty porn "artists" won't save it, Flash is fucking dead for starters and as an artist hub, NG falls flat with its horribly dated everything and aging userbase.


Ah yes, Pico.

A game about a goth transsexual herm otherkin shooting up a school, shemale joke poster, suicidal asian and arson obsessed nigger.

The new generation.


File: 20e421619879bba⋯.gif (457.42 KB, 540x280, 27:14, tumblr_nx2cdwusVe1s4f13so1….gif)

Tom Fulp has been on the forums, welcoming the refugees and answering questions.

He says they're going to overhaul the tagging system on the art portal, and put in a Lit portal.

Newgrounds is like the equivalent of a Mom and Pop store, Tumblr is like Walmart, and their customer service is like a recorded message saying WE DARE YOU TO LEAVE.

I'm still hopeful the influx of content creators will trickle through to the games, movie and music portals, and give us more halfway decent cartoons like Bitey of Brackenwood and Tarboy and Fallen Angel, like in the old days.



This, hopefully.


File: d4178c9bf6149ec⋯.png (47.23 KB, 168x154, 12:11, PowerGirlRapt.png)

I'll just wait for it all to end up on rule34. Or check hentai foundry.



>He says they're going to overhaul the tagging system on the art portal, and put in a Lit portal.

When did tom say that? Especially with the lit section because I don't remember that.



From what I've seen, the avarage porn artists isn't as bad but probably isn't very good either




Western porn artists suck. The japanese are the only ones who can make good porn.



I think they're just as bad.



>hurr flash is ded

Newgrounds has had HTML5 games and animations for fucking ever.




The animation and audio portals have used HTML5 players for a very long time. Only part of newgrounds that is flash only is the games portal. I have no idea what newgrounds will do after adobe stops updating the player, but there is a gigantic collection of flash games being made on a different website and maybe they'll make the flash games section read only and no idea if they'll accept html5 games.



I am 100% sure I have played some HTML5 games in Newgrounds. I am also 80% convinced they probably have Unity Web Player games.

The Games portal is not going anywhere. Fuck, without Flash, it has the potential to become as healthy as ever, if it gets a userbase. HTML5 is capable of doing even 3D (Flash was sort of, too, but it was as rudimentary as it gets), and some people in the demoscene have even begun doing crazy animations in HTML5.

This is the website of the library they usually use for 3D in browsers. I have used it personally, and it is fairly performant and very nice to work with. In the link, they also usually post animations and games done with the library, so you see for yourself how capable HTML5 is nowadays.



Forgot to paste the link. I am retarded.



File: 37c63bcc37401ba⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 710.7 KB, 1791x1458, 199:162, ClipboardImage.png)

From https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/art-guidelines

>Artwork may be flagged as Inappropriate if:

>- It depicts a sexually suggestive image of a child (note: this judgement is based on the image alone, regardless of whether you say the subject is 18+ in the comments).

>- It promotes hate towards a race or sexuality.

>- You are bullying another user.

>- It mostly consists of unmodified text. Typography is allowed, as is text in comics or story pieces.

Maybe it was a fever dream of mine, but wasn't Newgrounds always an edgy website in the past? The hub for unfiltered, unrestricted, questionable content and opinions? I'm really surprised to see they have "hate speech" rules, since when did those exist?



Flash is losing major support in 2020


I bet you were in denial over the death of Shockwave as well, and HTML5 will never be a replacement to flash games and their culture because that's a thing from the past, the newer generations don't grasp it nor do they care.


Newgrounds is not what it used to be, you are fucking DELUSIONAL if you believe that it has a chance of making a strong comeback with HTML5 or Unity games, mobile phones have tapped that market.



Ah, I've had experience with this myself. Once asked an artist to define transphobia and they basically gave me a non-answer "I don't have the time to tell you." They were also against fetishizing trans but still drew smut of it… To their credit, they did admit it was a weird position to have.


>Loli not allowed

Not interested.



>it was a weird position to have

The word is "hypocritical"; everything is wrong and offensive unless I do it. Also that "artist" gave you a non-answer because their definition of transphobia is non-existent. Why define something and be bound by the definition when you can define it as you go at any given time?




Tell us some horror stories, Tumblrfag. How much worse is the administration compared to its userbase?



Newgrounds is an aptly named website, because it's for newfags. Newfags of the internet itself.


File: 5fd1d6e819bb3e0⋯.png (40.57 KB, 165x166, 165:166, Grit accusitive.png)


How long did it take you to come up with that?



1 quintillion years



Newgrounds is probably older than this guy.


File: a47623e7edf59da⋯.jpg (123.69 KB, 680x640, 17:16, Is_this_kaosu_serious.jpg)


I want to believe newgrounds will one day rise from the dead. Doesn't seem likely though.



1. Proofs?

2. Storytime?


Not sure, wasn't there some controversy when fulp b& a game based on some recent shooting? despite the fact that that's exactly what fulp did w/pico school





Shouldn't Tankman be smiling?




Alright, I've been interested in coding and programming. Hell, I'm somewhat computer literate in C+ already.

But for most of the time I spent learning it, I've been doing janitorial work in the meantime.

Out of all the underfunded schools and greasy spoons that I worked at, none of their working conditions could compare to Tumblr.

Applying to the job as a janitor was no problem:

>Basic interview shit. "Why should I hire you?" "Do you have any sources of references?" "Can I see your resume?"

>Nailed the interview, and got the job after one solid month of waiting

I will say, for the most part early on, it wasn't too bad. Just basic janitorial work (Cleaning bathrooms, cleaning floors, and cleaning the lunchroom), pleasant architecture, and a paycheck that paid enough for my needs.

But then there was my boss. My boss dressed like they were going to sleepover every night, IMO.

>Wore a different ugly sweater every day that I saw them

>Wore sweatpants in the brightest neon colors imaginable


If their looks didn't scare you alone, then there was their smell!

From the first day that I met them, they smelled like an ungodly mixture of some kind of cleaner smell, herbs and ash, and body odor so strong; you'd think they didn't take a shower in months!

Every second week that I was near them, I felt like I wanted to fucking vomit. In fact, I told them that their smell was making me uncomfortable the second time talking to them, which lead to them smelling better the next time I talked to them. Only to have them smelling back to their normal self the next two weeks afterwards.

Then there's their competence at management. I could never figure out what the hell they wanted most of the time. My boss constantly got confused mid sentence, left out important details to me when it came to an issue or got them wrong, and flat out forgetting what they wanted to say to me originally.

But it was okay, I got paid at the end of every week, I worked there from 11am to 3pm and only saw them every two weeks after the first time meeting them.

>But out of the blue in 2014, two years of working at Tumblr, my boss looked at the bit of my resume where I know a bit of coding

>Just asked me in a normal conversation, "Would you like to be promoted to programmer?"

>Was interested, but told them, "I need to think about it."

>They somehow interpreted that as, "Yes, I would love to program."

>Received an email from them a few days afterwards saying that I got accepted to be a programmer and I'll be working from "4AM TO 3PM"!

>I tried telling them I didn't want that position

>My boss said, "Sorry, I'll change it."

Not only did they not remove me from programmer, but they also somehow removed me from janitor.

My first instinct was to get a hold of my boss' boss, but my boss was somehow to dumb to figure out what their boss' contact information was. Insult to injury, when I asked one of my other co-workers how to get in touch with my boss' higher ups or just anyone at Yahoo, turns out whenever anyone sent Yahoo an email about anything going wrong; They just say they'll do something about it, but never do anything!

After that troubling discovery, I then explained to my boss that while I'm capable of coding, I'm not at professional coding levels.

"Oh, don't worry about it!" My boss' exact words.

At this point knowing how much of a shit communicator my boss was along with my parent company not doing shit, I was stuck with a job I didn't want, nor didn't know how to do.

The only upside of my job for a while is that I got to programming at a very sub-par level, and I got paid far above minimum wage for it.

Other than that, everything else was a living hell.

Everyone was overworked and stressed, no one in the programming department met deadlines, and our boss couldn't help us despite being there almost every day for the programmers.

Part 1/2



Why would he be smiling about tumblrfags coming over?


File: e3c2569ee2dac71⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 566x562, 283:281, smug brah.jpg)


>Tumblr's higher ups smell like their users

Absolutely ebin.




Cut to early in the year, where our boss suddenly stopped showing up at the building every other day. Which then lead to every other two days, leaving that to becoming only being in the office only once a month, and eventually stopped showing up all together this year.

Didn't feel any different for all the years that we worked there, until suddenly all the programmers stopped being paid on a frequent basis.

>Many of us tried contacting our boss, but they didn't say anything. >Many of us tried contacting Oath, only for them to say they'll doing something only to do nothing as expected, leaving us to only think about quitting.

But just as we were about to do that, Oath contacted every programmer halfway through this month.

>Our boss got fired for apparently stealing all of the programmers' paycheck and spending it on an actual hard drugs.

>And apparently a janitor found a bag of weed in her desk by accident.

The other programmers and I finally got all the money were we supposed to be getting most of the year, along with 50k in hush money.

Apparently we're supposed to get a new boss next month, but that's just giving a falling apart car a fresh coat of paint.

Fuck, I should've just quit back in 2015, but the ride is almost over. I'm just going to sit through until the end.



>I bet you were in denial over the death of Shockwave as well,

To be honest, I am surprised Flash took this long to die. Nobody in the programming business wants to work with Flash anymore.

>and HTML5 will never be a replacement to flash games and their culture because that's a thing from the past, the newer generations don't grasp it nor do they care.

This is an Internet culture thing and has nothing to do with the underlying technology. Truth is, ActionScript 2 was fairly non-intimidating to beginners (I made my first dabs in programming there) since Flash allowed you to ggive specific scripts to specific objects, which was very intuitive but anything after that (namely ActionScript 3) was just objectively worse than HTML5. The only thing it has going for it is that it comes with easy to use tweening and skeletal animations in the same program, and for games you can do without these.

>Newgrounds is not what it used to be, you are fucking DELUSIONAL if you believe that it has a chance of making a strong comeback with HTML5 or Unity games, mobile phones have tapped that market.

Phones have tapped the gacha/lootbox market. Only small silly games nobody plays (because nobody knows them and it's hard to discern them from all the "middle aged man screaming out the top of his lungs" icon games) can even compare to Newgrounds stuff in terms of quality and sincere gameplay.



I came to NG really late in the game, but I can say the Fulps put those rules in place at least by 08/09. If it wasn't there from the start, I'd guess it was either due to Obama or the unraveling alliance between libertarians and democrats.


The game was literally just propaganda. The message was gun control is the only answer, the kids were rendered as silhouettes, and he still decided it was too offensive.


Sad attempt to regain relevancy yet theyre too pussy to allow loli content. Will get them some attention for a few months then everyone will leave because its a shit site. Pixiv remains the best site to post art despite the dumb censorship rules.



>you are fucking DELUSIONAL if you believe that it has a chance of making a strong comeback with HTML5 or Unity games, mobile phones have tapped that market.

It doesn't even need to make a big comeback. It just needs to carve out a little niche for itself harboring the stuff other places won't allow.



>Tumblr being so desperate for overworked code monkeys they "promoted" a janitor.

>Boss embezzled wages to get high

Only in Silicon Valley I guess. What do you plan to do when the ride ends though? Go back to janitoring?


File: 2e0df224ce77aa2⋯.png (931.19 KB, 599x629, 599:629, IMG_4594.PNG)


Those were some wonderful stories, thanks for sharing



>50k in hush money

If you aren't currently bolting together the gaming rig from hell / cruising in your new car / checking out how your music all sounds on the new hi-fi, quit and support yourself with that while you find something else, your future self will thank you.

Also "I was a programmer at a well-known site" looks better than "I was a programmer at a site that crashed and burned spectacularly" on the resume.



lolis are eternally shit


io games are kind of like where Flash was in the 90's.

I dunno if Newgrounds could cash in on that shit without buying a British Indian Ocean domain like Newgrounds.io or something.



Im gonna be honest lolis lose their appeal after the nth motherfucker writes them terribad. Even the japs are no exception to that.


File: e12ec3cc20383db⋯.jpg (105.91 KB, 500x749, 500:749, IMG_20181225_065205.jpg)



You know what? I believe it. Fucking incredible.


Ha. You're forgetting that tumblr is mainly women who think they're edgy rebels fighting against a world that is out to marginalize them. Boys who crossdress are good, but when men get turned on by a guy on a dress it's transphobic. "Consensual non-consent" is correct, having a rape fetish is BAD.



>Why would he be smiling about tumblrfags coming over?

The dubs speak wisdom. I withdraw my question.



>my boss


Don't do this pronoun bullshit here anon, is it a man or a woman?



>And apparently a janitor found a bag of weed in her desk by accident.

It's a woman, I doubt a janitor had a desk.



I dont think a blob of fat counts as a gender.


Tom fulp seems based



Yeah, he's like Psy, another late-onset Cinderella story. He's been around long enough that he can handle a sudden career resurgence without dropping the ball.



didn't the faggots that run newgrounds already purge adult content?



Kinda, i think it was just loli.



not sure if gay or not, it SEEMS pretty gay



>it SEEMS pretty gay

Why do you think tumblr is so attracted to them in the first place?



>Only in Silicon Valley I guess.

I thought Tumblr HQ was in New York?



There's a difference?



yes actually


File: 54a5ddec9ce86c8⋯.png (127.02 KB, 697x600, 697:600, 144480180358.png)

>my biggest aspiration since I was 11 is being a well-known animator on newgrounds and to have put out an interesting comic

>only began to draw good four years after that because I knew it wouldn't matter after the new NG redesign in 2012

>i'm 7 years too late



anon these sites are all ephemeral, just practice your art and be ready for next time


File: 8d51b566e016ba7⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8d51b566e016ba78b09bf76a5e….png)


Only a minority actually gives a shit about loli. Its only worth for the rest of Newgrounds is the preservation of the edge and freedom factor of the site. In fact the only real problem is muh racism and muh homophobia.



It's more that the whole "flash scene" is dead.



The flash scene died out long before I became a good artist, and soon it'll die off for real.


File: 5909b4e33b25038⋯.png (100.62 KB, 500x366, 250:183, sadness.png)



>mfw the spirit of the Flash Scene Era is dead

It's never coming back, is it?



Tumblr isn't creative so don't get your hopes up. All they'll bring to the table is more porn and Twitter memes.



Don't think it will. These sites may be ephemeral, but the overall feeling or "spirit" is dead as a doornail.



No, but there are new scenes. Like, right now, with the .io scene, or Unity scene, or even shit like /agdg/. These things come and go, man. Some are better, some are worse. There's no use dwelling on the good scenes of the past, when there are new and exciting scenes to be seen.



It didn't die, anon. It just evolved. Like >>1042590 said. The spirit is still alive, it just took a new form.

It's out there if you want to find it. Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.




You missed my point of course, he should continue to git gud for the time when the next thing comes. Many people that looked up to Disney never got to work with him, but that doesn't mean the ones with talent and skill didn't become big themselves.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.




Well that's a shame. I always felt there was something off about it.




>a centralized website with central authority which has to obeys the laws of a government.

Well it's a good thing people can start their own mastodon instances then


Bet that Newgrounds will die within 3 years

Embrace, Extend, and then Extinguish



You think the toxic SJW culture from Tumblr will destroy NG from within?

Hmm, but it's mostly the porn artists, that in itself might filter out the worst of the worst. I fear puritans more than I fear degeneracy.

Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish, that's almost an Aikido principle. Synchronise with the enemy to overextend his attack, then take control and make him crash.




First off you need to go back to whatever shithole you came from. Second, anything touched by tumblr withers like a bad lemon. Its got the minus touch, only instead of turning things to gold, it turns them into shit.




First off you need to go back to whatever shithole you came from. Second, it's called the Midas touch you insufferable phoneposting faggot.



>Don't you see the problem ?

No, unless you live in fucking Europe.


File: 9602a9f3ecfaf25⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 311x223, 311:223, zimmer.gif)


Read Spengler faggot.




Out of curiosity, how old are you lads? Or rather, when did you start frequenting imageboards?



Where the fuck do you think the term "newfag" came from, you fucking newfag?



>Read Spengler faggot.

How would that help?



I bet you haven't even read Locke.



Oswald Spengler and John Locke?


File: 22e05a90ecbb66e⋯.jpg (202.15 KB, 640x542, 320:271, DADD07FA8C7A4F9D806654CCB9….jpg)


>consensus fallacy

>appeal to tradition



>Actually thinking loli is fun after the same rehashed shit is overused OVER AND OVER AGAIN

If anything I went into the deep end and returned back to vanilla because of how fucking annoying some of the doujinshis were.



>Appeal to tradition

Calling newfags out is a tradition, it helps them to either shape up or ship out. if we wanted to wallow amongst braindead newfags, we'd have stayed on Cuckchan. Not that you'd know that, you post-post-post Exodus faggot



I just call them raperugees now.



Why? Are you Scooby Doo?



Someone's gotta unmask those fiends before they cause any more trouble.





File: 0010b9c2764db77⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 840x888, 35:37, 1478564464525.jpg)

just wanna say krinkels just uploaded MC11 if anybody is interested


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You could've at least posted the embedded video.



Yeah I hate the ugly old man shit too.



Nice irrelevant advice, anon.



I work at Nintendo. Dear God!

If you think using the PS4 is a shitshow, imagine fucking working there!



A terrible idea.

What's going to happen?

>all the SJW's will flood in

>all the cucks will flood in

>SJW's and cucks combined will force changes

>Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic

>they start to harass anyone who doesn't align with their agendas

>soon they ruin it like Tumblr

>Then the pedos flood in.



I think the pedos fled to twitter.



Newgrounds has been around for a long time. If the pedos were capable of taking it over they would have years ago.




That's besides the point, most tumblr nsfw artists are hypocrites, back stabbing their audience after getting a little bit of popularity.



NG has been pozzed for a long time. It wouldn't be much of a change.


Well, for one, Newgrounds is a legitimate website with a UI that doesn't make me want to tear my eyes out like tumblr does. I'd say it's a marked improvement.



they have unity games too now, anon



I didn't undrstand a single thing.



Any evidence?



>Any evidence?

How fucking new are you?


File: 180ec8c08866422⋯.swf (214.52 KB, The first Pube Muppet.swf)

Never going back to Newgrounds. Making music videos was fine and dandy and I even credited the bands on the page itself. But apparently that isn't good enough and they deleted my best work anyway. If I'm going to get flagged and deleted like Youtube, I might as well just post it there and get more views before it goes down.

Not mine but downloaded.



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