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File: 65ac815f132e9ca⋯.jpg (331.67 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p14939602_v_v8_aa.jpg)

File: 12aaffb40e16e9d⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1200x1703, 1200:1703, Venom-poster-6.jpg)

File: f8b28ce5c3d451b⋯.jpg (158.7 KB, 691x1024, 691:1024, Aquaman-Movie-Poster-Memes….jpg)

File: b3873e9eca99564⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, Bumblebee-Transformers-Mov….jpg)


Anyone else starting to notice non MCU movies are getting lots of love despite their low quality or quality barely better than the typical MCU movie? All of these movies have story, acting, world, and effects problems. But it feels like they've been getting all around praise. Are everyone's standards that low?




Just watched Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet with the power of the internet (a leaked screener) at it's about what I expected. Similar to the first in a lot ways. Good in some aspects and worse in others. Too much commercialism with advertising real world sites instead of just making up their own which there are a few. I'm not sure I like their representation of the internet with block heads for the real people and "Inside Out" looking characters as representation of sites. For something about the internet, the plot is very straightforward with little deviation.

They have to get a steering wheel for Sugar Rush off e-bay since the arcade one broke. They mistakenly jack up the price so have to find a way to make money within 24 hours. Get advice from a pop-up to go to Sugar Rush 2.0 aka Slaughter Race and steal Shank's car. Foiled but get turned to making viral videos to make up the money. With the money issue solved and steering wheel bought, get into a forced conflict between Ralph and Vanellope that separates them again. Ralph does something stupid again, almost breaking the internet in the process and he and Vanellope make up forgiving the stupid thing that broke them apart.

The internet feels too constrained and I kind of wished they did more interaction with other make believe sites. There is a darknet but the most time you'll see is on slaughter race the game, the whole internet world and Buzzztube. Slaughter Race was the best world and where I had the most laughs in. Shank's was a pretty good character. Even if it was a copy of Sugar Rush but in GTA style, it had the most jokes in the entirety of movie. They did go to the Disney website which was lame and a way to gloat at what properties they had. I still groan at the Disney Princess line from the trailer here because it doesn't make sense with some of the girls present who don't fit the "rescued by a strong man" line. If they're going to do a Disney World Wreck-It Ralph for the next one, it's going to suck if this was the best they could do with them.

Buzzztube acts as a youtube alternative to get the money for the steering wheel and it's the reason for him to do stupid videos within an 8 hour time limit before his bid is void on e-bay. I guess they wasted 16 hours on Slaughter Race because I didn't see them try anything else but that to earn the money they need. It's successful but there is conflict between Ralph and Vanellope again. Even though Shank's was the one that turned Ralph to doing viral videos on buzzztube, he has some weird distrust with her for no reason other than the plot needed to.

After getting the steering wheel, he accidentally spies on Vanellope with a call that was muted and sees that Vanellope wants to stay in Slaughter Race because she wants to get away from the predicable life of Sugar Rush that she had for 6 years. Because Ralph is dumb and I guess he never learned anything in 6 years with Vanellope, he blames Shank's and goes to the darknet to get a virus to "harmlessly" glitch Slaughter Race so Vanellope will come back to her. A virus that clones insecurities and backfires on him since it cloned Vanellope's glitch ability and almost rebooted her out of slaughter race. He saves her but has to reveal that he was the one to unleash the virus and that forces her to separate from Ralph, and even to throw away the heart-shape necklace that he was wearing around his neck to break symbolically on the ground.


Of course, the hole that Ralph made unleashes the virus that was just in Slaughter Race and copies his 100% insecurities to make a virus. The Wreck-It Ralph virus wrecks the Internet and Ralph and Vanellope are forced to work together to lead the clones into the anti-virus, even though they had a bad breakup a few minutes ago. They don't make it to the anti-virus and Vanellope is willing to sacrifice her dream to stop the virus but Ralph has to learn his lesson of the day. He has to learn to not be clingy and such and willing to have a long distance relationship with Vanellope from now on. This resolution just fixes the virus because Disney and we get to see that they're living separate lives now: Penelope in Slaughter Race and Ralph actually mingling with other people instead of Penelope.

There was also a side-plot with Fix-It Felix and Sergeant Calhoun raising the abandoned Sugar Rush girls as their adoptive parents because their game was unplugged. It had a start and an end but no middle segment which was disappointing. Even if it wasn't central to the plot, it could have been amusing. There seemed to be less video game character cameos here. The notable ones were Sonic, Street Fighter Zangief and Chun Li and Tapper bartender. Sonic probably had the best lines about wifi and the ending scene.

Not enough real world implications. You get to see some with how disconnection works but you don't get the scope of how big the Wreck-It Ralph viral videos and the Virus come into play for those on the outside. With something major like the Wreck-It Ralph virus happening after the Wreck-It Ralph viral videos, you'd think there would be interviews with the original creator of the game and his take on the situation and the name Wreck-It Ralph trending. Why didn't the owner of the arcade question that he got a steering wheel to the game that broke not long ago? There was that disney-fied comment section that Ralph saw that got him sad once but it wasn't enough for me to give the impression that he truly explored what the internet was: It's good and bad sides. The only villain of the movie was himself.

There was a trailer scene that was missing from the movie but they played it at the end as a jab at movies not having everything in the trailer but it makes me mad that they couldn't find a way to integrate this into the movie. Very similar to the first with good and bad aspects. It's in the not bad category but it isn't that great when you look over it. Too not be too needy and allow people to change and/or friendship can last long distances is a good message but the story framework they used for it wasn't that good. The conflict was forced like how Ralph had to wreck Penelope's car in the first, this one wrecks her dream life in another game with a virus. They had a reason for going to the internet but really didn't do much with the source material inspirations they could use from it. It wasn't as underwhelming as what I saw with Incredibles 2. It lacked potential on its premise and will likely only be known as better emoji movie.


File: 1a0ffeee8e4deab⋯.jpg (121.74 KB, 449x604, 449:604, pissed owl.jpg)

>Into the Spider-Verse

explain motherfucker


File: dc0e142bb5900d4⋯.jpg (205.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, now young faggot you will ….jpg)



Movie falls apart just on the set up. If a kid breaks a part of the arcade machinery, then the parents should pay for the damages. Often when games are out of order, the game machine itself is still on. There'd be no reason for them to just junk it after a broken stirring wheel. Whole movie doesn't make any sense to happen.

Not even getting into the fact it completely undermines Ralph's sacrifices for Penelope and what every prince did to save the princesses in their stories.


>forced interracial romance

>peter is a washed up loser that needs advice from a teenager

>peter is jewish

>miles is still just young black peter

>half of the movie is just peter and miles when people only really cared about the other spiders like peni

>peni doesn't even have a cool mech like the comics but baymax like copy

>spider-gwen wears slippers because "muh womanly grace"

>that whole shitty soundtrack

>all female sequel planned and in production because this did well

>animation that's intentionally choppy

>color visuals that make it look like 3D crap

The only plus is it doesn't add the spider-totem eating vampires.




Except that film had very mixed reception…?

For me though, Venom felt like a movie that I wasn't supposed to enjoy. There were certain aspects of the film that allowed me to ignore the cheesy villain, poor introduction, etc. I think the dynamic between Eddie and the Venom symbiote was probably the best aspect this film.



It made it's money back and then some so it's a pretty good success. Especially since everything Sony put out before it was constantly doing horribly.

It's a movie that very much has sprinkles of a good movie mixed in with a pretty poorly written story with characters that don't perfectly mesh. Somehow it is at the very least entertaining… when it's actually Eddie and Venom. So really only the second half of the movie.



where have you been that you're just now noticing this?


File: 43a5afd5a5ee095⋯.jpg (41.81 KB, 640x640, 1:1, thanks funkles.jpg)


>>forced interracial romance

>any interracial romance is forced

I'll admit that Gwen's personality was a bit bland, but the romance itself wasn't forced.

>>peter is a washed up loser that needs advice from a teenager

Peter spends most of his screentime as a mentor to Miles. If it weren't for Peter's advice, Miles would be fucking dead. You sure we saw the same film?

>>peter is jewish

Never heard of that, and I'm not sure why that matters here.

>>miles is still just young black peter

With the exception of MCU Peter, I don't recall Miles being as nearly as immature and incompetent as Peter was in the comics and other media. Miles needed a mentor to give him general Spidey advice, as opposed to figuring it out mostly by himself like Peter. Miles was also just generally not as bright.

>>half of the movie is just peter and miles when people only really cared about the other spiders like peni

Nice projection buddy, though I would like to see more of our favorite spider loli.

>>peni doesn't even have a cool mech like the comics but baymax like copy

Never read the original Peni comics, so I wouldn't know what you're talking about. Even then, this rendition of Peni is also very different from what I can understand. So if you're gonna criticize the mech based on comics accuracy, you might as well criticize Peni.

>>spider-gwen wears slippers because "muh womanly grace"

Are you seriously docking points for that? Point out something meaningful to the actual movie, like how her hood somehow doesn't flip open as she swings across buildings.

>>that whole shitty soundtrack

Eh, that's more subjective territory. I liked it though, as I thought it fit with the film's aesthetic.

>>all female sequel planned and in production because this did well

You got a source on that? Even then, that's irrelevant to the actual film.

>>animation that's intentionally choppy

It was done in a way that mimics traditional 2D animation. Choppy animation is generally looked down upon due to everything looking so slow and robotic, which this animation style was designed to avoid.

>>color visuals that make it look like 3D crap

You mean the chromatic aberration? Yeah that was pretty gay, but I don't think some blurry depth of field would've worked any better with how the art style looked.

All of this is just a bunch of nitpicks with little to no discussion behind the actual story and structure of the film. Judging by your complaints of ""forced"" interracial romance and that Peter is supposedly Jewish, I think you're just a /pol/tard that doesn't want to admit that you hate the film because you see some agenda behind it, regardless of whether or not said agenda actually affected the quality of the film.


File: 58de24ee2334267⋯.png (27.32 KB, 408x570, 68:95, 58de24ee233426784e32ed5c6b….png)


It is forced when the characters have never once interacted in a romantic manner in the comics.

Miles needed hero advice but Peter needed love advice.

Because Peter was always Prostetant Christian and the only reason they make him jewish is because of (((certain reasons))).

Miles wasn't as bright but he was awkward, inexperienced, cocky, and just basically a copy of Peter but being black and with more powers.

No one in the history of ever cared about Miles.

The I'm criticizing the mech because the one in the comics is basically a small eva unit. I'm not an EVA fan but it still looked cool and gave Peni something to do. Actually pilot it. Not ride on it's back like Yoda.

Both are dumb design choices that extend to the comics but it's blatantly stated by people working on it that they made her shoes stand out more for the dainty reason.

You mean the aesthetic of shitty city? Agreed but it's not pleasant to the ears.

Pascal announced it a while ago. It's gonna focus on Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Spider-Woman.

It still looks bad. Like stop motion that wasn't done with enough frames of movement.

Neither look or would look good. Hurts my eyes.

Any political agenda effects a films quality.


File: 6e6363fb5222c07⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 193x223, 193:223, youre next.jpg)


Eh, to each their own I suppose. Don't wanna start a shit-flinging contest right now, since you responded more civil than I expected and I don't wanna feel like a dick.



>forced interracial romance

He tried flirting with her at the beginning but that was the only sort of romantic gesture since he spends the rest of the movie being Nigger-Man and at the end they become friends IIRC. She's shown trying to contact him before the credits but nothing indicates that she got WEBBED.



I know it's subjective but I just really want higher standards for these cape movies if they're really taking over the cinema like they are. Thank you for being understanding at least.


Good point. The set up is there though. I'm wondering if it was originally planned but then they chickened out because they wanted to make the women power sequel.



Problem with Venom is that we never really see the Venom symbioite start to understand and like the human race and Earth. He says "I'll be sad to see it go" but really thats it.

The script was nearly there. Just needed another month or so to be ironed out.



Aquaman is objectively the best DC movie ever made, even if they did accidentally dump a huge ton of redpills

>hybrid mutt is secretly trained by treacherous jew vizier to take over the kingdom ruled very well by a blue eyed, blonde haired ubermensch

>Like European pottery


File: 5633f3ddf0cc2f7⋯.jpg (163.02 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, SpiderVerse_cropped.0.jpg)


>I liked it though, as I thought it fit with the film's aesthetic.

No? The aesthetic of the movie was supposed to emulate vintage comics, so if anything they should have played oldies music. I hate this new "nigger mc == rap music" trend, rap was never a black-only thing and not all blacks listen to it even, enforcing such a stereotype is honestly racist

To be frank the most major problem with this movie is that it's 3D; the gimmick has overstayed its welcome and is slowly making me blind with every visit to the movies. It makes the picture so blurry I was never able to make out the "print dots" effect they had (see pic), and the chromatic aberration didn't make it any better.



I wished they stuck to a consistent frame rate, the stop motion feel really took me out.



>ruled very well

He could barely take on the crab men. He was going to get them killed like Aquanog got everyone killed in Flashpoint.



>any interracial romance is okay

I'm truly grateful you discredited yourself in the beginning so I don't have to read the rest of the shit you posted. Every interracial romance between a nigger and a human in Western media has always been part of a political agenda. Do you genuinely think anyone would write that shit if they didn't want to push miscegenation?

Token fucking Gwen is just another instance of Marvel taking a big, fat shit on Peter for being white and popular, just like they've been doing for the past decade. They bring his first love back and then have her cuck him with a nigger nobody wants or likes, that only exists for the same reason Squirrel Girl and Captain Marvel keep getting relaunched.



>The script was nearly there

The first third of the movie, and large parts of the second third, are wasted on shit drama nobody cares about concerning characters nobody likes. They could have condensed his money and love troubles into a 15 minute segment and left more time to properly develop his relationship with Venom.

The action scenes are pure fucking garbage. The first car chase goes on for too long, there's no real feeling of weight to anything and they do that rage inducing thing modern movies like to do and shove dumb slapstick humor any chance they get, further eroding any tension the audience might feel.

Tom Hardy spends the movie fluctuating between a concussion and a seizure. He's either in humiliating situations or slurring his words while he drools out of his mouth. It's fucking disgusting to watch.

And on top of everything else they fail at illustrating the horror of the situation appropriately once Venom latches onto Eddie. I was expecting something along the lines of Prototype, not another misguided shitshow like Fantastic Four that has no idea what it wants to do or where it wants to go.



Blacks are homo sapiens, same as whites. If you're against race mixing that's fine but if you're going to be so retarded that you make them out to be a different species that's when I have to call you out



Modern movies are so garbage that mediocre ones look great


Spider-Verse was okay, not great, maybe peaking into 'Good' a couple times, but that's all.

That animation, though. That animation made me physically sick to my stomach at more than one point in the movie.




>Low Quality?

You obviously haven't seen Aquaman. It is visually stunning & it was very entertaining.



>call you out

Kill yourself tumblr.



>spider-totem eating vampires

The what?



Don't ask. Just don't.



All 4 of those were pretty good.


Surprise good film


Nowhere near as bad as expected


Overall good


Blew past whatever expectation there was.



Dab Slot's god awful stories in Spiderverse as an excuse for why Spiderman gets anally raped and curb-stomped in every dimension .


File: 8c96504a86acb9c⋯.jpg (55.74 KB, 480x729, 160:243, Proof.jpg)


>It is forced when the characters have never once interacted in a romantic manner in the comics.

but they did



Even worse.


>Are everyone's standards that low?

Yes, welcome to the lowest common denominator.


File: bcb09f9ec407ad1⋯.jpg (80.01 KB, 474x341, 474:341, yvb8hog68yg.jpg)


>This movie is bad because Gwen's shoes are dumb and Peni's robot is too short and there's no vampires



The fact they emphasize the shoes is dumb and manufactured "girl power" shit. Peni's robot in the comics works because it's what allows HER to be Sp//dr. Spiver-verse version is just a Baymax sort of clone where the robot just does everything while Peni is useless. Then finally the totem vampires are a terrible thing but they add a stake to the story. They're a threat that can actually overpower Spider-man. There's little danger when just facing an alternate villain any Spider-man has faced before.


File: 2a77009d56bc7ce⋯.png (5.19 MB, 2000x1506, 1000:753, ClipboardImage.png)



>peter is jewish

Peter Parkerstein? What in the godamn


File: 3d15aeefd3c6711⋯.jpg (26.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 24930080.jpg)


>Are everyone's standards that low?

Yes and it's even worse than that. A decade of MCU crap has ended up formatting the minds of casual moviegoers who now expect every movie to play out like a MCU flick. Offer follows demand, which can only mean more MCU-tier shit for the ADHD crowd. There's no escape.


File: 3b377499ded8214⋯.png (91.99 KB, 298x282, 149:141, tired hooni.png)


The only hope is Captain Marvel bombs and Brie Larson goes full Ghostbusters backlash against everyone. Turning away even more people from the MCU. Then afterwards Endgame absolutely kills the hype train as it's essentially the (logical) ending of the movie line. Even if they will keep milking it for more movies.

Or just go watch anime and tokusatsu. Least the japs try to do more impactful important things with their superhero media.


File: 6c89330efb781d5⋯.png (21.97 KB, 127x153, 127:153, Screenshot_20181205_120926.png)

So far she's being an unlikeable bitch on social media and the movie is not even out yet but I'm pretty sure it still won't flop because soyfaced faux geeks and muh interconnected movies lmao. However I can confirm my normie frens are turned off by Larson's mere appearance and general lack of facial expression, so who knows.


File: 3c53702d8f9dd20⋯.jpg (89.03 KB, 436x365, 436:365, pLqee379I.jpg)


The problem in the movie gets solved in 3 minutes if one of the characters has a 50ft tall Kaiju-puncher. No, you can't say totem vampires are terrible but they should be put in anyway. That's a terrible argument. Not to mention Kingpin had a whole team of supervillains, but that's irrelevant to you because none of them had a garlic allergy. It's also an odd argument that you want the villain aspect to be more dangerous, but you at the same time want one of the characters to have a giant robot that can elbow drop everything. Also Peni and the Spider-robot have a symbiotic relationship, and she does pilot the robot at times.

I'm starting to think you didn't watch the movie at all, but want to be the smart contrarian who's above the movie all the icky normies are raving about.


File: 2e8e41c615ed5c1⋯.jpg (161.31 KB, 630x408, 105:68, SPDR04.jpg)

File: cbcc1968292d6cb⋯.jpeg (268.87 KB, 931x718, 931:718, from-the-amazing-spider-m….jpeg)


Sp//dr is barely the size of two grown men. I didn't say they should be put it. I'm saying they provide an actual threat to the heroes. Again. SP//DR is not Leopardon. It's pretty small.



I somehow remembered it was a lot bigger. I haven't read this comic in a while, so I thought since it was Evangelion inspired, it'd be a big robot. My mistake.

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