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File: 376b28db8966714⋯.mp4 (10.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Care Bears_ Unlock The Mag….mp4)


There's a new carebears reboot coming up and I'm being reminded of when MLP:FIM first showed up. Perhaps we will see a similar wave of autism that the bronies had.



>Perhaps we will see a similar wave of autism that the bronies had.

Thats what faggots like you have been saying for the last Care Bears reboot, the My Littlest Pet shop rebbot, The Rainbowbrite reboot and Zupets.

Kindly fuck off back to whatever shithole you come from.



Looks bland as shit, and innoffensive as white paper. Clearly doesn't have the lore and character personalities that made Ponyshit attract that sort of fan-base, and it's not going to draw near the ire for anyone to get mad at the series itself, maybe an episode or two.

So, basically, it's fucking nothing, and this thread will stay dead until one of the bears is marked as a sodomite, or someone(probably Shadman) makes nu-bears Shrieky porn.



dunno mang, bears are straight and trusworthy, ponies were always degenerate and prone to being fucked







I guess you didn't see We Bare Bears?



I kind of assumed that OP was being a faggot, but he's not wrong. There's a definite FIM vibe here.



I don't know what you're seeing. It looks nothing like FIM to me.


The first Brony autism wave can't really be replicated for a generation or two. It will primarily be existing Bronies doing it, and they're probably too burned out / grown up to replicate the good old days. Plus the normie shock / amusement at "grown men liking a cartoon for toddlers" won't be as intense the second time round. Things need a good long while to settle.


Bronies only happened because the horses vaguely resembled cute girls, and those people never discovered SoL anime.

There's not actually that much of a hunger for modernised versions of old shows aimed at babbies. What there is is a flood of lonely men ready to latch on to anything genuinely feminine.

So, nah. You don't have to worry about "Care Bros" becoming a thing.



It looks like trash, like thundercats roar trash.


>leader of the bad crowd

They seriously couldn't come up with something better than that?



>focuses on race of colorful critters all animated from a palette and symbol-swapped template

>probably going to have some punny dialog that alludes to the fact that the characters are animals (I think Care Bears did this in the original version though)

>colorful magical world with vague parameters to allow for anything the writers feel like adding

>basic messages of friendship and understanding and working together

It's just a general vibe. Not saying they are directly ripping off FIM or trying to, but some of the elements are there and I'm not going to be surprised when "Bearsonas" become a thing for a hot minute. Probably won't reach the bizarre pop culture phenomenon level of popularity and fandom that FIM achieved, though.


Looks like crap.

People tend to forget that MLP is actually a fairly well animated show.



No it isn't.



>and I'm being reminded of when MLP:FIM first showed up.

No, this looks like shit and makes me cringe.



For flash and compared to what's on nowadays, and although the animation has improved, the writing is shit now.



It's funny how the sonas thing got so widespread. They got Spidey-sonas now because of the new movie.


File: 25a784732dabbbe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.83 KB, 677x846, 677:846, 15285764953940.jpg)


I thought the whole shit happened because some neckbeards decided to ironically pretend to like it, and then whole thing spinned out of control? Kinda like with brogres, or Russian Church of Gadget, but on a bigger scale because it was also co-opted by kikes as a perfect vehicle for their anti-masculinity agenda?


File: 60f34eb809db1ce⋯.jpeg (6.55 KB, 301x168, 43:24, images (7).jpeg)


>I thought the whole shit happened because some neckbeards decided to ironically pretend to like it,

How fucking new are you, i still remember the old 4/co/ threads shitting on the orginal announcement of the show before they all collectively became pleasantly surprised and began to have daily generals about mlp.


File: f3d13acb61b4828⋯.webm (534.54 KB, 556x334, 278:167, Are_You_Retarded.webm)


The MLP fandom really was an autist baiting operation to get more lolcows, but it spiraled out of control. Just look at web archives of the early fansites.

>How new

>Using 4chan as a source

>Posting thumbnail tier animu pics

Unironically kill yourself. webm related.



I've heard that before

I've had to see the fist four seasons with my little sister.

First season is trash in retrospect, and the first episode is garbage pile pyre. How was it better than expected? Only season 3 is somewhat good as a show.

And as it has already been stated at least the pones had some personality this shit is bland as fuck.

Also is harder to make bear R34 than horse R34, not only are horses already a >>>/zoo/ staple, horses look feminine by design by having hips, buttocks and toned back legs (Which if you see pone r34 you'll notice this area is where most of the focus is) but bears are fatasses so you'll have less activity in that area.

Also pone show went to autistic lengths to be taken seriously and having a somewhat big world for TV-Y standards.



We're talking about a shitty reboot of a classic children's cartoon with a single humanoid female character who is also most definitely underage. There's going to be porn of Shrieky if they introduce her, and there's not many artists I think of when it comes to scummy cartoon porn.





He isn't Scummy he's just degenerate.

The scummiest thing he's done is to draw Lt. Corbis who is a degenerate anyways, those parents really need to watch the shit their daughter does, and by checking her channel she looks the same from 2 years ago, maybe taller?

But he puts a lot of effort on his degeneracy.

Also when he drew than boy in the Harley Quinn cosplay, that son of an actor, which it was pretty obvious he was molesting him anyways.

If anything I think Incognitymous is scummier since he pretty much has his comics on copy-paste mode.



I don't pretend to have detailed opinions on porn artists. Aside from the big, famous names(Sinner, InCase, etc) I don't have a clue.

I mostly just keep up with series, if anything. Delve, The Party, Sunstone. Hell, I keep up with Banana Cream Cake because that thing is such a goddamn car wreck it's hilarious.



>Banana Cream Cake


>I don't pretend to have detailed opinions on porn artists.

We need a new WWOEC,




Get ready for just about the most hideous and poorly constructed dickgirl comic ever made. There's not a good thing about it, and just when you think it can't get any worse the author tries putting (((Lore))) into it.



Yeah, but that opened the door for people who genuinely waifufagged the horses. Early Bronyism was just people semi-ironically enjoying a decently made cartoon. Totally different animal to what it became and what people actually associate the term with.



Masturbate random black men on the street tbhon.


File: 5ce8180b004efd3⋯.gif (1002.83 KB, 218x228, 109:114, giphy.gif)


>Using 4chan as a source

Yeah its called lurking imageboards for a long ass time before the 2014 exodus, my newfag little friend.


No Anon, you're just retarded.

>pic related







>shilling shitty webcomics




>The MLP fandom really was an autist baiting operation to get more lolcows,

Hey buddy /cow/ is that way.



I bet you haven't even heard of this site before the exodus.



Pretty much. Thing is, it was the drawfags that really built up the momentum for this to happen. Adventure Time's art was simple line-art and without shading, so it was easy to draw OC for, this in turn led to a new influx of artists, combined with the Homestuck Artists(who tend to have a penchant for getting shit done) that really caused tiny horse donut steels to become a thing. This in turn spread out over a multitude of new franchises, leading to SU, Overwatch, Undertale, Mystery Skulls animated, and a number of others to launch out.

So, basically we can blame Cal-Arts for being too easy to draw for every shitty fandom in the modern era.



The child least covered in shit is the 'clean' child, yes. FIM was always designed as a budget show with smart use of design to look as good as possible using cheap animation techniques, personally I find it useful as a baseline of quality. If you don't look better than FIM, a show made on the cheap to be a comercial, then you do not deserve to exist. Though I earnestly believe the writing has actually improved since the early seasons, though much of that probably has to do with my opinion on the writing over the last season with the villain actually appearing in the show once or twice before the final episodes. Any particular area where you felt the writing fell off in particular?



Not the same Anon but after Lauren left, the show slowly lost its general direction.



Not the guy you're replying to but all I know is the whole alicorn shitshow, what else was there?



Not >>1044704 but off the top of my head-

>John de Lancie getting redeemed because fwenship and fucking off save a few episodes mostly with Yellow Horse

>Luna and especially Horse Jesus losing miserably to just about every villain they fight and having less impact each season

>Annoying foal trio getting ass marks that look so similar they're practically the same and starting an ass mark camp so all the other foals can waste time like they did

>Ass marks are taken very literally now; they only represent the one task you're best at and nothing else about you whatsoever

>Alicorn princess Purple Horse opens fwenship school with alot of ~diversity~ and some pink foal threatens to co-opt it or some shit

>This foal has been an antagonist for longer than John de Lancie or Satan



I'm actually the anon >>1044704 was replying to

What you said is largely accurate.

Characters basically fucked around until after season 4 when they started actually finishing their character arcs and achieving their goals

Part of this means they can only really do slice of life or relearn the same lesson episodes

New character introduced, you'd figure it would ruin the show but she consistently changes the dynamic for the better and is used very well

When they open up the school they grab a new set of 6 characters to use for 'friendship lessons' that are all actually fairly fun

We get to see Applejacks parents in a really good episode

The movie was pretty much trash because somebody kept trying to make it more like a disney movie and the bitch of a celebrity singer they got kept asking them to change shit

Spike got wings, they sadly didn't age up his design at all with it

The episodes that try and establish new things and go new places tend to be the good ones, most of the slice of life stuff is passable at best and terrible at worst



Sounds like they ran out of ideas.


File: 6a83aa4f8dd473a⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 491x541, 491:541, The euphoria emitting from….jpg)

Everyone in this thread but me is a retarded subhuman, and that is a fact.


File: 42264e91ed851d3⋯.png (195.86 KB, 400x480, 5:6, sakura_smug.png)


Seriously. With knowledge and intellect in my arsenal, I am quite the opponent.


File: 03e05629c249421⋯.jpg (165.15 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, Me and Takeshimata.jpg)



For those who wish to challenge me, I'd like you to say hello to my "little" friend, Takeshimata! A blade folded over 9,000 times by the ancient master swordsmith Yare Kujo (~1550-Oct. 12th, 1600; died during the Battle of Sekigahara 関ヶ原の戦い), forged deep within Mount Fuji's volcanic bowels. The "mastersword" (マスターソード, for you gaijins) was recovered by my grandfather, who won it during a fierce knife fight with a Japanese officer during a spec-op mission towards the end of the Second World War. So enamored with the blade was he, that he made certain to train in swordsmanship after the war, and taught my father, who then taught me all he knew.

If you think you can challenge me, go ahead and try. I'm waiting.



>gotten better

Listen to the dialogue nowadays. I used to watch children's shows to make fun of them with my brother. A lot of it is very, painfully simplistic, since all the writers have been replaced with freelancers who are known for a number of shitty kids' shows. Whereas back in the early seasons, even if the show was targeted towards younger audiences, the dialogue was at least SoL anime-tier; tolerable, character-driven, but nothing special.



>I used to watch children's shows to make fun of them with my brother

I'm sure that's exactly the reason why.


File: 8b5d736e97276b4⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 500x627, 500:627, let-me-tell-you-something_….jpg)


Nice sword you got there.


File: b578670f5855904⋯.jpg (71.57 KB, 740x707, 740:707, Cursedimageswheniwas6mydad….jpg)

>This thread is about poneshit and full with ponefags pretending they don't like the show or didn't like it at some point.

>Is the most fun the board has had since the Carl Brutananadilewski duel.


Is because the show is already over and can just talk about it?



The thread is mostly shitting on the op while discussing what caused the autism in the first place. Pony show discussion still goes on /pone/.


File: faf75f44a233ce9⋯.png (417.09 KB, 1246x724, 623:362, 1387952455845_normalfags.png)


Why else would I watch Clifford count to ten? I'm rather young though I feel a lot older than I am nowadays, and wasn't allowed to use the Internet until I had gotten a bit older, not that I figured there was much on there besides NASA photos and social media, the latter of which sounded incredibly boring. (There was no reason to disobey, and my parents have never really been particularly controlling. Sometimes, I wish I had, though.) My brother and I only had so many video games to play, and TV was rapidly beginning to deteriorate, forcing us to find entertainment elsewhere. Hence making fun of children's shows.

I came to 4chan years back and stayed because I was in similar company. Now I feel like a foreign element, and the posts remind me of my childhood growing up with Mexican normalfags, and how they were unable to understand nuances or post-irony (hate the term), or fathom that anyone could do X or Y, and not be A or B.


File: 31e51fa5932ba90⋯.jpg (240.44 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, fought.jpg)




File: 479d30dce432421⋯.png (70.1 KB, 1308x426, 218:71, dutch_anon_speaks_the_trut….PNG)


File: 365ad98025c41b4⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 609x720, 203:240, better_not_be_retarded.jpg)






The problems both anons are listing are quite accurate, but they exist for the following 2 reasons: the executives have ordered that people can watch any episode as it being their first. (two-parters are released at the same time) So, building stuff up from the get-go and have a payoff later is more difficult. Second, the episodes are only 20 minutes long, making pacing difficult.

Twilight the Alicorn Princes…. isn't that bad of an idea. It explains why Celestia wanted a protége: someone she personally trains to rule alongside her. It delivers a fantastic payoff to the whole writing letters about what I learned thing in season 1-3. But because of these two restrictions build up and pacing was all over the place.

Spike's wings solved the plot hole that Spike is the only dragon without wings

All character arcs are resolved

The show is done, there is nothing more to tell about Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Their stories are done. The show needs to end, these characters have nothing more to tell.

Hasbro needs to end the show and do something else with the world of Equestria; different time period, new characters or something. Equestria has a lot of mysteries still that would be fun to do something with. Unfortunately, McCarthy is a decent producer but a shit idea maker. Her last two creations - Littlest Pet Shop and the My Little Pony Movie - crashed and burned. But Hasbro's executives don't know why kids like their brands so I doubt they give a shit what people make except for it to tick off some boxes like family friendly and we can show our shareholders this. So unless Hasbro hires /pone/'s sweetheart I don't think MLP will get better.



>Is because the show is already over and can just talk about it?

This or because /pone/ 's moderator blocked tor posting.



I think I felt my brain go numb watching that. Expect porn of the villains.



/pone/ is on the verge of death.



The care bears have a surprising amount of porn already.



Its doing fine, posting on /co/ will only get people to shit on you and a permaban like the other faggots that tried to have ponyfaggot threads here.


That's because TOR posters have proven to be cancer on every board.


File: 4773015b4e11bca⋯.png (840.84 KB, 624x5000, 78:625, The Original Thread.png)


>"I am a cock-sucking, post-millennial newfaggot": The Thread

Protip: MLP sucks balls now.



>Protip: MLP sucks balls now.

That goes for many entertainment brands now. The creators have a nice case of Trump Derangement Syndrome which causes them to be obsessed while on the job - Trump lives rent free in their brains so there is no room for being creative about ponies. Quality has dropped tremendously since he got elected. If Hasbro has any brains they would just create a new crew from scratch for a new show.

See >>>/pone/319631



How has MLP gone Trump-Deranged? Are they passing off the old donkey in the wig as Trump?



they're not allowed to use politics in the brand, which is a big principle that Hasbro created a long time ago. They scimmed around this by making a *diverse* school of friendship with all species (dragon, yak, etc) but nothing too insane. No, what's causing the biggest harm is that they're just shitposting retarded crap on Twitter a lot and are being distracted while they're *supposed* to be working, which causes a drop in quality.



>they're not allowed to use politics in the brand

While the friendship school things sounds retarded, not using real world politics should be something more cartoons need to be doing.


File: 4c5061cee7d1ab9⋯.jpeg (68.44 KB, 600x390, 20:13, 1534929314-1.jpeg)


What is this fucking shit? What have they done to my Care Bears!?



>gradients on moving characters

Ugh, so irritating.




You mean after Season 2, but noone admitted because those fat fucks finally found friends?



>ending Twilights arc early in the show

Yeah that was such a great idea… same with the cutie marks for the Crusaders, which made the characters instant-annoying because there's no point in watching them anymore.

But what made the show even worse is when it got series fatigue and they tried to develop their characters. But since S3 was shittily written, they ruined all characters.

Twilight became an unreliable psycho who broke from a little bit of stress. Dash became a DeviantArt/ tumblr autist fangirl who still gets laid (and somehow wasn't allowed to be lesbian, sorry Lauren). Fluttershy became Stewie Griffin, a violent outburst running joke. Applejack… okay she doesn't have character.

And Rarity is just boring.



the problem with the show on that end was that they never expected it to be this popular. I think they expected it to run 3, 4 seasons and then be killed off, like Littlest Pet Shop. They just keep expanding and expanding the show, but I think there has never been any real long-term plan. For example, the movie:

> started production during season 4

> movie starts with bad guys invading equestria

> ponies roll over, mane 6 escape to try to find help in unknown lands

This is retarded, because:

> the ponies aren't as weak anymore. Just blow those ships out of the sky with your whole military. princesses' help optional if needed.

> failing that, they have friends - dragons and changelings - to call on, even if just for the argument that they're threatened too.

S1-3 seem to be thought out how they wanted to go from A to B, at least somewhat. But the movie shows that they're not thinking ahead on how to connect the dots and make their stories more worthwhile. And that is one big problem I have with McCarthy: she is so big on worldbuilding and making new things, but she never ties them together, making you wonder why X wasn't used to solve problem Y. (e.g. asking Discord for help with the "magic is gone" problem, or why the changelings aren't even mentioned in the movie. Come on, have changelings infiltrate the enemy army by posing as them. Would've been funny.)

This goes for anything; nothing is planned ahead anymore. Chrysalis was set up to be a big bad boss and then she is just… forgotten, I guess? What about the other characters? What are they going to do with the friendship school characters, is this going somewhere? Is there a purpose for the greater narrative? It just feels like they're making shit up as they go along.



>just blow those ships out of the sky

They're far too naive for that.

>dragons and changelings

The whole alliance plan was just an excuse to showcase other settings. Once the villains started infighting the plot practically resolved itself. The movie probably would've been more poorly received if EQG hadn't lowered everyone's expectations.



>Equestria Girls

oh lord that stuff

> Be McCarthy

> Write a screenplay for a Littlest Pet Shop movie

> high school musical? Sure, why not. With pets of course

> Blythe and Zoe do shit

> Biskit twins do shit, get stopped, nice party

> Oh well this will do for a first draft

> Pitch it

> Executive: "bUt MuH pOnY hAs A bIgGeR aUdIeNcE mAkE iT a PoNy mOvIe"

> "sir, ponies and pets are two different things. they're not even the same genre"

> "kids won't mind and otherwise we would lose the investment already made"

> sitting at desk later, crying

> how to fix this

> idea appears

> Blythe - I mean, Twilight - goes through portal to another fucking dimension at a high school and becomes human

> Zoe - I mean, Spike - also falls through portal and becomes a dog. a talking dog, because blythe could talk to pets and otherwise the conversations don't work anymore

> blythe's schoolmates are the mane 6 in human form

> biskit twin.. oh well, let's make something up.

> ???




> Be McCarthy

Oh youre a cuckchannel refugee, that would the cancer.








Wait a tick, you're the same faggot that always makes those shitty pony threads and moved here after yannie told you to fuck off back to /pone/.


File: 2096f07a9116dee⋯.jpg (146.53 KB, 1065x724, 1065:724, risitaception.jpg)


>"So you wanna ride her?"


File: 154523954a78c15⋯.png (8.24 KB, 927x161, 927:161, idiot.PNG)

File: a42a257c70f522b⋯.jpg (12.85 KB, 243x255, 81:85, tired_cat.jpg)


>"Hi, I'm a fag who judges the poster rather than the content being posted and makes wild, baseless assumptions because I just love cock so much!"



Next he'll say "nice edit".




And this is why you will always remain a miserable, lonely little manchild.




Double dubs of truth.



In the 80s it was cheap animators and writers doing their best to make something so we could get mr. "Time for a game of disappearing bears"

Now we have liberal art degree idiots making shows. Enjoy it.



but animators and cartoonists have always been mostly leftists





Anon stop talking to yourself.




>people unironically defending ponyshit and sperging out at this nigger.

8gag can't die soon enough.


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