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File: be534a43e45e3af⋯.jpg (741.64 KB, 768x790, 384:395, awgryjea.jpg)


What's your most hated trend of the comic covers of the current age of nu-comics? I really don't like the selfie cover idea. It's lazy, uninspired, and usually completely out of character. It reeks of aging cat-owners trying to appeal to the younger crowd.


File: 00444e27bc9d7c6⋯.gif (14.83 KB, 275x300, 11:12, slowpoke-pokemon.gif)

>posts comic covers from four years ago



I'm talking about the general era of comics we're in, silly. Four years ago might seem like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it's still the Current Year.



Some crazy people believe that 2015 will always be the "current year".



>Comics have gotten so much better since you stopped reading them because of SJW shit. Start getting your pull list again, goy.

Anyway, OP, there was actually an even worse Batgirl selfie cover. And a ridiculous Riri Williams one where she takes a helmet-off selfie with random civilians in front of a giant robot she's just defeated (which doesn't happen in the story, because something like that might be entertaining).





The 100% identical black girls. You don't even have to try to notice it.



Were Rhodey's niece and Steel's daughter as obnoxious as Riri and Moon Girl?

MOON GIRL. That still rankles. You know what that was? APPROPRIATING CAVEMAN CULTURE.



I dislike when art on covers is completely different than the interior art. It just feels like false advertising in a way, especially if publishers use the superior cover art in all promos instead of interior art. Ideally, interior artist should be doing covers, and artists with somewhat similar style should be hired to do the covers if needed.

Covers with completely different tone than the interiors are just as bad.


Not to mention that Moonboy is just left to fend for himself, while little brat gets to have a lobotomized version of devil dinosaur tag along on her wacky adventures with no stakes.



Sketchbook covers. Take random sketch of a character and put it on a 3d sketchup background of buildings or just a solid color/gradient and slap logo on it. Its like they have dozens of stock photos and use them at random for covers now. They have nothing to do with the issue, no real composition and are just a sketch of the hero in a pose.

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