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File: a96d516fcba9b04⋯.png (197.31 KB, 768x894, 128:149, Savino JUST.png)



And now it can join the ranks of the Phineas & Ferb movie and the Adventure Time movie as yet another animated series that trigger happy studio execs greenlit a film adaptation of at the height of its popularity (likely just as a way to flex their nuts over how popular it is, like "it's so popular it's getting a movie!"), then proceeded to languish in production hell until the series was no longer relevant, at which time it quietly got pushed under the rug.


Would be awkward with all those hairy Anons fapping to Lily during the movie anyway, between all the little kids liking this trash.


I sometimes forget this series exists outside of porn.



Remember when we had a general here and how it slowly died?



That was years ago.



Nah, they moved over to /delicious/ because it was nothing more than porn and they got sick of the spoilers.


File: 938528c6d859536⋯.jpg (84.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, umu.jpg)


My point exactly.



I thought it was because the original creator was shafted by allegations.



Looking back its funny how many people sucked this show's dick even going as far as to call it the savior of western animation. Now almost no one cares about it.



I only ever thought it was decent at best.



Speaking of which, why did so many anons think this cartoon was so great?




they only liked it because they're pedophiles



>Kids watching cartoons

>At all

>In current year

Literally what.



Well there have to be some watching if they're still making kids cartoons.




It's mostly teenagers at best that got roped into Tumblr and SU at the last moment, nowadays kids only watch YouTube. The closest things to cartoons they'll get is those shitty bot animations about Spiderman raping Elsa.

Can't wait for them to come here and other imageboards in a decade so they can start defending it too.

"Well it may not have been well animated but it had a good story!"

"Are you really getting butthurt over a cartoon on the internet? LMAO"

Really though no, no they don't.



It was remarkable because it was mostly about white people and the token black character was a pathetic nerd, making them reminisce about Billy and Mandy. Then they introduced the black guy's gay dads, made the main character date a Mexican, and made one of the sisters a lesbian. To my knowledge the production quality never improved to compensate for those decisions. Also, the studio that hired a porn director and a proud foot fetishist for their other shows fired Chris Savino for being too sexual, so they lost his vision for what to do with the show.



>Chris Savino

How is he doing now anyway?


File: bea14c6dc730630⋯.png (222.14 KB, 769x437, 769:437, what_is_this_heresy.png)


>It was remarkable because it was mostly about white people and the token black character was a pathetic nerd

What the fuck? No, it's because it wasn't a fucking CalArts cartoon, and seemed like it could fit in with early ~2000s cartoons. Either way, the creator's got an incest fetish, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it feels weird when the entire premise of the show is a boy surrounded by a bunch of sisters.


See above, however, I watched an episode and thought it was so-so. Also, probably for the fetish fuel, as >>1045972 mentions.


File: 034883f483e205b⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1600x1280, 5:4, Casagrande_Family.png)

Are they still making the mexican loli spin off?




I still find it kind of hilarious that they decided to make one of the kids literally retarded to try and tick some extra diversity boxes.



They did? Is he just autistic or full blown downie?



Full blown downie (they even got one to voice him)


File: 6da6c00eaba5004⋯.png (351.02 KB, 407x496, 407:496, ClipboardImage.png)


See this? This isn't a character making a wacky face. They literally made the kid a potato-faced retard who is voiced by an actual retard.


I think the problem is that the cartoon writers and creators are all lazy as shit and barely are capable of making a show, and making a movie is a multiyear commitment on top of making the show, many TV show writers these days barely make their TV show as is.

Compare to teams like the Ben 10 team or the Dexter's lab team. the early 2000s pretty much every cartoon had a movie, not a theatrical movie, but TV movies but still the effort is the same, it's mostly just budget.



what is shoujo



You mean like Princess Jellyfish or Tokyo Tarareba girls?


Frankly they all look retarded.


Embrace the singularity, you cowards.




Gen Z is already here and on Cuckchan spamming wojak memes. Gen Alpha (The name is ironic) is the one's who are 1-5 right now and have grown up with only Elsa and Spiderman videos. In 10 years they'll be here and they'll proceed to defend said videos.




Fuck off blackpillfag.


No one I know, kid or otherwise, has ever watched "The Loud House".


I can't tell if blackpill nigger genuinely believes his bullshit or if he is a false flagger trying to ruin discussion about the current state of the industry.



Fuck off blackpillnigger, go sperg out on /tech/.


We could get it if that incest fetishist degenerate wasn't such a creep.

What about Henry Danger flick, i don't the fucking THIRD SEQUEL FOR THE BOBSPONGE MOVIE to be the only nick flick comming.

I prefer a fred 5 over that.



There were 4 Fred movies? what the fuck



But it will be on Netflix this time, and will be an all-new original story.




Wow, this cartoon really is on a death spiral.



Sounds like this entire board in general. A death camp for people so socially inept and undesirable even 4chan doesn't want them.

Or they are just being paid to spread faux hate/disinfo by a rival company. Most of the posts in this cringefest of a circlejerk thread are the same "this show sucks shit the fans are pedos it will die any day now reeee" metaposting that goes on over at Niggerwood/co/. Peas in a pod.






Truthseeker 2.0?




>Man this board is shit, it's like /v/ but angrier because people don't let me shitpost, even though it's been 5 years since this site has existed everyone here is a virgin 4chan reject, god what steaming garbage should I leave and go onto better prospects?

>No, I will stay here and complain about the people complaining with my limited time in life, that will show em'!


It's a wasted potential cartoon that only got notable on imageboards from waifuniggers. About time they killed it off. A movie is a sign that you don't know what else to do with a brand and are desperate to keep it alive. It's obvious that they wanted LH to be another Spongebob and it unsurprisingly failed since:

A. It lacks a recurring plot or at least an interesting setting to play around in. Before you point out Spongebob doesn't either I'll counter with the next one.

B. It's too grounded in reality (note how many times they just resort to having Lincoln dream to insert supernatural/sci-fi elements). Spongebob happens in an undersea world that's like ours yeah yet different.




Could you expand on the incest fetish? Did he try to push/sneak in that shit to the show, or was it a revealed thing after the fact like with Digimon?




It was known at least from the first season, possibly before. I don't know of any instances of direct references in the show, but the fact that he has an incest fetish and created a show about a boy surrounded by a bunch of female relatives was enough to get people making fanart since they knew he wouldn't condemn it. Fun fact, originally he planned for the show to be about a family of rabbits.




This place was fine until Redwood got mad about /irc/ sponsoring those leaked logs and sent his rizon toadies to sabotage the place.



>It's obvious that they wanted LH to be another Spongebob and it unsurprisingly failed since

Spongebob appeals to brown """people""" because they are watching ambiguous sea creatures, not a white family living in an upper middle class town, thus is more marketable worldwide.

Either way, contending with and occasionally even beating Spongebob ratings wise is hardly a fail. FOP survived for years doing it.

>note how many times they just resort to having Lincoln dream to insert supernatural/sci-fi elements)

Two times over the course of 3 seasons?






damm you are right from now on i will only shitpost all day long in the internet wait



But how can you how The Loudhouse without Rockcock?


File: 57d664da58660fc⋯.png (229.19 KB, 270x400, 27:40, ClipboardImage.png)



>Spongebob appeals to brown """people""" because they are watching ambiguous sea creatures, not a white family living in an upper middle class town, thus is more marketable worldwide.

if that was the case while do spics like simpsons so much



That's kinda funny.



Bart's attitude



Bumblebee Man

Most Mexicans I've talked to think he's not so much racist as a dead on parody of Mexican TV

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