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File: 6bc9d64b9f2c350⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, splitting-of-parallel-eart….png)


At this moment, if you had to choose between living a normal life on a Marvel or a DC Earth, which would it be?

In my opinion, I choose DC, because frankly their universe seems less "Chaotic".

It seems like DC Universes are less likely to be erased/altered/destroyed due to some impossible super villain and/or a dumb "soon-to-be-retconned" plot point.

Frankly one of the reasons why I prefer DC is because New York in Marvel's Universe is an even less safe place to live in than Rio De Janeiro.

You can expect a duck to sneeze and blow up 3 city blocks with how actually safe it is to live there. They have almost as many monsters attacking the city as Japan or Townsville.

Even though Gotham and Metropolis have their own share of Chaos, it feels more isolated and easy to avoid compared to the ever changing kooky world of Marvel.

I mean, there's what happened with Coast City and Hal Jordan, but that was one incident. Marvel seems to get a lot more of them.

But that's just me, what is your opinion?



dc resets continuity weekly. and all the heroes are gods and villains in same vein, meaning constant threat of death. gotham has murder rate higher than detroit with joker and others never killed.


DC. I don't recall half a DC universe's characters dieing because an author's son just died and the editors didn't want to say no.

Plus heaven is explicitly canonical in the DC universe, so dieing isn't that bad even if it does happen.


>gotham has murder rate higher than detroit

Gotham's crime rate according to west end games.



Everytime someone types "Marvel vs. DC", it just sounds backwards. But when I see "DC vs. Marvel", it sounds just right.

Anyways I would prefer to live in DC, especially since I'm more likely to be worthy of wielding a green lantern ring. Seems a lot safer.



Probably DC.

>Capes do not act like temperamental teens

>Capes are more concerned with average people and usually cause less collateral damage

>Capes are spread throughout the country, so you do not need to wait for someone to get to you from New York

>Green Lanterns are an additional layer of protection against cosmic threats

>No mutant scum

>Heaven and afterlife exist

>Capes are better looking than ones in Marvel

>A whole island of hot Amazons exists

As long as you do not end up in place like Gotham, DC universe is much safer and enjoyable than Marvel.



>Which Earth is it least safe to live in?

The one with you in it.



The question is which is LEAST safe. So Marvel would be the answer.


Most of the horrible shit that would normally just happen to Marvel New York hits Gotham or Metropolis instead. Both cities are expies of New York so it's easy to forget New York actually exists in DC. I mean what's ever happened there? I think Alfred's evil moon-twin Outsider turned the Manhattan skyscrapers into candles, and Two-Face tried blowing up half of New York, and what heroes ever lived there? Man-Bat and Power Girl?



At least one of the Fleischer Superman cartoons is explicitly set in New York, but they're also set in the 40's, so you'd be alright these days.



No one cares Anon.



Based on the JLA Avengers crossover comic, the "Average" threat level in both universes is about the same, but pound for pound, the individuals that threaten DC are much more powerful, but so are the Heroes as well.

Meanwhile, Marvel has weaker heroes, but individuals that could cause global threats are much less common.

So, the choice is either Marvel, where the chance that earth is going to get blown up is much lower, but the effectiveness of heroes overall is fairly diminished, meanwhile DC can face global catastrophes on a weekly basis, but heroes have a higher chance of success and better track record to "save everybody"



And people in the Marvel universe are fucking retarded. The DC heroes were wondering why everyone at Marvel was trying to kill them for saving them, and the Marvel heroes were wondering why the DC civilians were thanking them.



Very true. lol


File: 186106c0280c744⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 453x332, 453:332, facepalm2.jpg)


File: bd95247b9bcb2e4⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2001x1566, 23:18, Henshaw behind you.jpg)

In Marvel as long as you're not in New York your odds are good. In DC more than one city has been flatten like Coast City, Star City, and Topeka. Plus an entire country's population was murdered by Black Adam. Millions die in a Crisis event, and then more are simply erased from existence.



You'd probably be safe as long as you stayed in a real-life city. DC don't destroy real places, like the New Universe did with Pittsburgh, and Marvel only destroy the places they made up, like Genosha.



New York literally went to hell once in the Marvelverse. Big event and everything.



Who would notice?



Marvels general public still can't over the fact that mutants exist. While the mutants still haven't learnt to just lie about their abilities being derived from the mutant gene.


>I'm not a mutant, I'm an INHUMAN who took part in a government super soldier experiment program who happens to have a parent who is an ALIEN while my other parent happened to be an super smart human inventor who gave me a set of advanced crimefighting gadgets. Also my parents are dead from CRIME and I must AVENGE them for . . . REASONS!

>Do you have any other powers?

>I can tell crazy LIES that anyone will believe and a "make other people around me gullible" energy field, now with my job done I must fly off dramatically into the sunset

>slowly walks away into the dark of the night to the nearest pub


File: 560f05957f7b09a⋯.jpg (445.25 KB, 988x1513, 988:1513, PowerPack005-00.jpg)


Didn't work for Power Pack.

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