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File: 7f18a745e76e727⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, totally not trump.jpg)


The mayor did nothing wrong. Gumball and his family have caused more destruction to the town than anyone else and deserve a fate worse than being thrown into a gated community.


I thought that was the point of the episode?


Also, didn't the mayor state it was everyone else that had an issue and he didn't personally care at all?



Was this the one where they try and become "normal" and go 50's poster family, or was this the one where they try and create a massive disaster to cancel out the first?



For all the Trump parodies they could makethis is the less offensive and it is almost good.


>muh drumpf

I suppose it was only a matter of time given how much this show relies on pop culture references




Personally, I didn't see it as an out and out drumpf character. He was more just a typical politician that they used his likeness for to hammer in the politico stereotype they were going for. It wasn't so much a "this is about Trump" character more as a "this is about politics" character. Other shows did similar things while Obama or Bush when they were in office, if I'm remembering correctly.


Gumball is shit post season 2 anyway.



I don't really think so. I think the writers are more the sort to throw everything at a wall and see what sticks, be it Anime Mom-Fight, hiring out the "scary puppet youtube series" to do something fucked up with puppetry, a surprisingly faithful Final Fantasy parody, the remote season finales, making a hate episode about their Chinese knockoff… There's too much effort and creative freedom going into the show for me to write it off entirely, and in Current Year cartoons, any show putting this kind of earnest effort deserves at least a modicum of respect, even if every episode isn't a hit, most of them come from a place of writers genuinely trying to do something that isn't entirely focused around a political agenda. /co/ just has a habit of counting the misses more than the hits.



I recall the same thing. It's just the vague archetype of "politician" to resemble whoever is US President at the time. In Obama's term the "politician" character shifted to be majority black, for American produced works at least.



Yes but orange man bad


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I just wish more show would have the balls of either admitting their preferences or to just use an amalgamation of different political figures all in one.



Personally, I think you could start off with a current president as a base but then develop them more so they become their own character. Like I guess if I were doing a Trump parody I'd mix him with the rich CEO guy from Gremlins 2. Just a chaotic crazy rich guy.



Clamp? He was a Trump parody to begin with.



Whenever I think of presidential personality types, the only two that come to mind is soft spoken but threatening like Teddy Roosevelt or suave, sleazy guy like Bill Clinton.



>episode starts

>the theme song begins, and it's as normal as any other episode

>after the intro the characters are all sitting on the couch

>superimposed over them is the writer of the show

>"Hey, I don't like president trump."

>he walks off screen

>the episode is 11 minutes of silence as they watch the TV together, staring back into the young children who watch their show

>it ends without another word when the episode run time is done

that is the equivalency of these episodes, why do animators today feel the need to force their weird political views onto kids?



/pol/ sees shadows everywhere, but by their own admission plenty of journalists and media personalities, including animators and voice actors, think they have a duty of teaching younger generations "the right way of living" which usually means whatever their groupthink dislikes they need to dislike too, simply because they took the values that were taught to them and put them to their logical extremes.

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