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File: b2b8ce259b5e726⋯.png (396.94 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-28-barge.png)


Might as well have a thread to mock Willis and his crappy comic



We've always had a thread mocking it, for some reason people never made a new one.



Mary was rescued and I guess people didn't care anymore.



>haha, look at us act like cunts

>aren't we just witty and clever


Yeah, it's a bad comic and Willis is a delusional person. But the problem is, there are tons of bad comics and tons of delusional, angry, unhappy people now. It isn't that exciting.

It's just boring now.


File: 34993ba04693454⋯.gif (176.26 KB, 500x299, 500:299, mugi.gif)

Yeah, I found DoA interesting because it was the the end of the full transformation of a rightwing fundie kid into a "leftwing" fundamentalist adult whose moral code is reverse engineered from sitcoms and The Daily Show. I thought it was interesting how proud willis was of his "change" while he remained a socially stunted media obsessed moral scold throughout.

I feel like it's hit a long drag lately, though. His heart doesn't seem to be into it and it's just kind of repeating the same few jokes / storypoints over and over again. It's like a sitcom in a holding pattern – like Friends or something. It might continue to be financially viable for years but it's no longer interesting in any way on a strip to strip level

also his dialogue has gotten so weird, verbose and poorly composed grammatically… it's a comic about what a totally isolated nerd IMAGINES people living in society are like. As he gets older his imagination of social reality will only diverge further so maybe in like 5 years everyone will communicate entirely in hashtags or something and it will be funny again


Your basic problem here is that you've got slice of life written by shut-ins and people with no social skills.



qc is the weirdest of these. it's literally not even about people anymore



Did all 2000s webcomic artists turned into über leftists? Even if it was shit I somewhat miss Goblins.

I also miss Elfs Only Inn.



I thought I was the only person reading Elf Only Inn

W00t was such a fun character.



Early 2000's webcomic artists were socially maladjusted shut-ins who came of age in a time when making fun of George Bush was funny, then willingly wrapped themselves in an echo chamber so they'd never have to move on. No wonder they became uber leftists.


Redpill me on this Elf Only Inn. I am intrigued just by the title.



W00t was the unofficial protagonist until they got into the MMO arc and fucked it up. Don't know if it went further.


Is a webcomic about people roleplaying in chatrooms before MMOs were a thing with their own shenanigans and stupidity. If you don't mind crappy copypasted art reaching critical levels of ridiculeness then you'll love it.


File: 16262e8b69c3e41⋯.png (358.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-29-footsizes.png)


New comic strip


File: 90f39095d31ba48⋯.png (415.29 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-30-canvassing.png)


File: a1d83f4a1bf587e⋯.png (81.77 KB, 197x314, 197:314, keikaku doori.png)



I miss these.



What font is he using?




What's the point of even drawing it's almost all dialogue.




Is the chick with the phonetic accent a main character? Seems like a poor decision to make her both hard to understand and important to the plot.



Willis is dumb like that


DoA has no central plot but is bunch of storylines coexisting and sometimes interacting like that, yes she is part of the main cast


File: e5768bba2667999⋯.png (372.9 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-31-acknowledge.png)


File: 810d0900ca7dc47⋯.png (330.83 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-01-blows.png)


Run Joe, Run!


Is this the one where a girl was jumping up and down in rollerblades in the hall, and everybody telling her to shut up was the bad guy?



File: 541e153dd40650c⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 336x496, 21:31, Kore.jpg)



It's still around even if it's updating at a snail's pace.


Also, Girl Genius has dank steampunk aesthetics. pls no bully



File: 027ba2e4fee3684⋯.png (172.58 KB, 294x442, 147:221, (meme arrow)her.png)


File: 9f4b3a05d202915⋯.png (357.78 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-02-changed.png)


This is going to suck



Ey look. Is that lesbian teacher who invited a republican female candidate because she wanted to bang her. Now her and the christian turned into a commie want to lecture a guy about joke T-shirts and show interest to the female sex.

We really need edits.



Holy shit her eye is leaving her skull.


Oh, this is the comic where all the girls have Hitler moustaches.



Let's see… Last I read of this we were taking the lesbo to church. Anybody remember what strip that was so I can binge up to speed?



Bad webcomics are something of a passion of mine. I still keep up with the Giz-verse comics. Nothing has changed except now everyone has swapped love-life goals.

Sinfest has gone full retard and into 2Deep4U Lore about the Patriarchy. I haven't read anything since 2014, so I don't know what sort of cringe they delve into with 2016 Election, but knowing where the comic was then…

Scenes From a Multiverse started getting political with "The Trump-Zones," and its only saving grace is the Space-Dungeon story arc, which goes fewer and farther in between strips.

Neko The Kitty is still full LoLRanDumb.



Did you work on the badwebcomics wiki by any chance?



No, but I argue with those guys all the time. Apparrently one idiot has been trying to review Girl Genius, of all comics, for a wiki entry, except he's to lazy to have read more than a chapter and is jumping the gun on calling it bad. That community is basically in full decay and needs some fresh blood injected into it. Preferably from here actually.



>from here

I don't think Nazis crying about racemixing in webcomics or pedos counting pantyshots is going to improve things over there.



Eh, that's one thing, but with every bad webcomic being bad mainly because it pushes a liberal agenda over having decent art, writing, or characters, and /co/ being /co/…

It's all the fun of getting angry at Gay Iceman or ugly Squirrel Girl, except since it's a webcomic, and the wiki having the rep that it does, there's a pretty high chance of the author getting pissed and throwing a bitchfit on twitter because of the wiki article you wrote.

Basically everything /co/ does on a daily basis, but with the chance of schadenfreude to provide some actual catharsis instead of just leaving it here to all fester impotently.



Badwebcomics is dying, let it go the way of Myspace and Jumptheshark, at this point us joining in would be less like pissing into an ocean of piss and more like shitting into an ocean of piss.


File: 96014fa35afebf8⋯.png (395.05 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-03-elbowing.png)


4 cunts in the same space



First panel

>hey, don't jab me

>i apologize

Second panel

>hey, no jabbing

Third panel

>i'm fine, it won't happen again

Fourth panel

>you're in a sport where people jab each other

Last panel

>i'm going to insult you

I don't understand the line of events here.


File: 4f4ee548f4833c7⋯.gif (815.56 KB, 500x360, 25:18, I'm interested.gif)


Why do you want to know, anon?


File: e6e1e6fb37bfa92⋯.jpg (534.95 KB, 500x744, 125:186, JoJo_VS_Willis.jpg)

File: f405843f90e874d⋯.jpg (163.04 KB, 1150x460, 5:2, david_willis.jpg)

Daily reminder that Willis is actually retarded.

I almost feel bad for him. Almost.



What's wrong with Girl Genius?



Don't forget when he drew porn


File: b19f291c8f8a0d0⋯.jpg (229.78 KB, 700x1033, 700:1033, ggmain20181228.jpg)


>What's wrong with Girl Genius?

Absolutely nothing that I know of.

It's one of the few web-comics that remained consistent and good. I was trying to refute >>1047194 's post that "all 2000s webcomic artists turned into über leftists" .



Willis sucks at writing



Why does this look like the work of Phil Foglio?



Because it is.



I could never get into Girl Genius. The art is just too ugly, but not in an overt way, just a subtle way that I can't exactly put my finger on.





File: 544f1cb1c6107bb⋯.png (382.47 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-04-default.png)


File: e04d121fa9cf498⋯.png (389.38 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-05-bones.png)


File: cdc7ebf196dd36e⋯.png (377.18 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-06-blunts.png)


What is the point in this comic anyway, and why do people read it?

Looks to me like a bunch of miserable people being depressed and miserable at each other.

And when a guy turns up to class with a funny t-shirt, some ugly bitch trudges in to make sure he's as miserable as everyone else.



I have never followed this shitshow, is the redhead supposed to be a tranny like in questionable content? Because that squared chin in the third panel makes that thing look manlier than Bruce Campbell



There is a red-headed tranny but it's not the one with the box-shaped head, here.

It's the one with a pony tail and chin like Popeye who roller-skates through the halls like an absolute cunt.



It's a font he made for his webcomic. It's called Walkyfont, I downloaded it from somewhere when I was posting edits of this webcomic dang that takes me back, that was lots of fun


Wait so now the story is about how that cunt is actually telling people not to rollerskate improperly ? Took her a while when the tranny was the one doing it reminder that Mary was always right


>she's an insufferable cunt who makes people close to her miserable

so basically, nothing changed in years since this character got introduced ?

Like holy shit she's outright sociopathic in that one, jesus


File: 39281cc49556110⋯.png (233.56 KB, 500x967, 500:967, Carla.png)


Sjws read because they are dumb like that, me i just post it so it can be mocked


No, this is the tranny


In this one case ican understand why Ruth is pissed at Billie, being a recovering alcoholic is tough enough with having a booze hound trying frequently tryng to make you drink



Go to hell Willisfor that last panel


File: 714cf236b2dec2f⋯.png (318.45 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-07-incentive.png)



"I only learned to draw top halves."




The story (or at least what I read of it) couldn't decide if it wanted to move at a breakneck or snail's pace. The writing also felt weird.

Although these may just be personal issues. Anytime I've tried to read it I start from the beginning and it's lost my interest by the time Mechanicsburg is under siege after the gargoyle thing.

Which is a shame; there's a really interesting setting there.


>the red head with the square jaw is supposedly female

>square jaw





Yeah i know but until he reveal otherwise she is that, chalk it up to Willis fails at everything


File: fb279d0df6f534f⋯.jpg (575.46 KB, 1495x965, 299:193, Mongoloid_types.jpg)

File: d01873b2ab24ef4⋯.jpg (152.84 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, North-Korean-Female-Milita….jpg)


>>the red head with the square jaw is supposedly female

>>square jaw


Although Willis a shit, I've noticed that normalfags are pretty terrible and telling the difference between traps and females, despite the fact that they've no doubt seen way more females than I ever have. This is because normalfags are retarded subhumans who cannot into proper observation and introspection, because there is no need for intelligence and wisdom in a safe, highly-"civilized" first world.

I have seen white females with square jaws before.


File: b6269e8ce79c05c⋯.png (588.25 KB, 790x1400, 79:140, Leprechaun_ill_artlibre_jn….png)


It helps to handle it if you pretend she's got an Irish accent.



>In this one case ican understand why Ruth is pissed at Billie, being a recovering alcoholic is tough enough with having a booze hound trying frequently tryng to make you drink

I agree, but being a difficult asshole to people around you, especially the very rare people who do care for you, will only drive them away and push you further into loneliness and, thus, probable substance abuse. Yeah, it's hard, but making hard on the ones who love you only makes it harder. Especially when those ones weren't trying to make it hard on purpose.


ok I take that back, sorry anon, after all, yeah, she deserves to be punched in the gut. Holy hell. Maybe sometimes it's totally fine to be a dick.


File: 3bce16f02ca7818⋯.png (327.75 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-08-hungry.png)

File: b3a6c7e143fcd0d⋯.png (408.6 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-09-watchaway.png)


File: 2d19dd06c9fe6fe⋯.png (390.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-10-bears.png)



Oh wow, it really does.


File: 246362c9c6de9ce⋯.png (415.37 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-11-warning.png)


File: 84cdf622023a53a⋯.png (315.13 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-12-alligator.png)


WTF Walky?


File: cf0d5e216ed3b05⋯.png (370.59 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-27-flight.png)


These eternally 18 year old characters sure think they know a lot about the 80's, huh. This shit is on a sliding time scale, right? I wonder if it's hit Willis yet that most of his characters are about a year from being born after 9/11.

>Watching a movie is a solitary activity

Maybe for LOSERS

Anyway, I could swear the comic leading to this one was posted in the thread, but I'm not seeing it so here you go since I had to look it up.



>I'm going to have a good time!


>Oh… misery.

Does Willis hate happiness or something?

>Frightening '80s future

What, 8 years into the future, where everyone looks like they've aged 8 years?

You see a couple of houses, NASA, and a couple of random spots around America.

It's not exactly Soylent Green, is it, Willis…?


File: f41fb69e1342df6⋯.png (348.81 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-13-circleoffriends.png)



She jst kkeeps getting worse all the time


File: 118a0fc1a531814⋯.png (348.04 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-14-hurrah.png)




File: f4265743217c308⋯.png (393.6 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2018-02-17-creeping.png)


Faz is the main character and the only one approaching "good".


File: ff2362f3998c58d⋯.png (380.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-15-moves.png)


Is this a +1 to the cunt number?


File: aebf59b48f15340⋯.png (313.48 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-16-communityservic….png)

File: 621284981fe5a8b⋯.png (323.51 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-17-assembling.png)



Every character in this is going to wind up longing for death but being denied that release because a main feature of this comic is no deaths. What does Willis mean by this?



Oh yeah I remember that. He drew a chicks pubes as a mustache.


File: acd9714d14f7602⋯.png (127.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, girl_what.png)


Wait, what exactly did the brunette do?


File: 0b5270a9c1ca272⋯.png (584.37 KB, 1400x2700, 14:27, le-demiurge.png)


When did Faz the Fabulous first appear?

Can't daz'(zle) the Faz.

Can't spaz the Faz.

Can't razz the Faz.

Can't razzmatazz the Faz.



File: 1ecc90aa9c17845⋯.png (425.75 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-18-equipped.png)



Attempted or succeded in killing her dad if i understand this strip correctly


Is edit anon still around?


File: 689a56b0b8e7a24⋯.png (328.96 KB, 1000x334, 500:167, first faz in doa.png)

File: b3a2679bf70c507⋯.png (429.53 KB, 1000x334, 500:167, the punch.png)

File: 21966a408d3ed16⋯.png (280.95 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, note the bandage.png)



Had to go back and check, these are both the same event. At least, if you mean first appearance in DoA, since The Faz was introduced as a regular cast member from Shortpacked. Amber didn't try to kill her dad or anything, it was just an Irish conversation. I even have a recent appearance from him.


File: b8e492ab28e2c31⋯.png (900.5 KB, 690x968, 345:484, Jesus christ.png)


>her father is father anderson




Dude talks like a fucking evil fantasy villain.


File: ff8657415705bd7⋯.png (256.13 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-19-juliagray.png)


I got nothing



How much is he paid to literally copypaste the identical to the pixel the same picture four times and call it "drawing" ?



Do we have any reason why he's doing this?

Why would he be so interested in his daughter's friends?



He's an evil monster.

I mean, he's a parent in a Willis webcomic, so of course he is.


File: 222530d7180f204⋯.png (563.57 KB, 2346x800, 1173:400, evidence.png)


They don't look identical, excluding the finger-movements, but there ought to be more angles. On the other hand, it is a "comedic" webcomic.


Willis hates his parents I guess. His comics are quite reflective of his psyche, you see.

On the other hand, I would like to know his motives.



*Her father's, I mean.




Holy shit you're still around.



Maybe he's hoping he'll finad an excuse on that flash drive to drag her out from that fucking college.

7 years there and absolutely no qualifications to speak of, and he's probably paying for the shit, too.

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