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File: b2b8ce259b5e726⋯.png (396.94 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-28-barge.png)


Might as well have a thread to mock Willis and his crappy comic



We've always had a thread mocking it, for some reason people never made a new one.



Mary was rescued and I guess people didn't care anymore.



>haha, look at us act like cunts

>aren't we just witty and clever


Yeah, it's a bad comic and Willis is a delusional person. But the problem is, there are tons of bad comics and tons of delusional, angry, unhappy people now. It isn't that exciting.

It's just boring now.


File: 34993ba04693454⋯.gif (176.26 KB, 500x299, 500:299, mugi.gif)

Yeah, I found DoA interesting because it was the the end of the full transformation of a rightwing fundie kid into a "leftwing" fundamentalist adult whose moral code is reverse engineered from sitcoms and The Daily Show. I thought it was interesting how proud willis was of his "change" while he remained a socially stunted media obsessed moral scold throughout.

I feel like it's hit a long drag lately, though. His heart doesn't seem to be into it and it's just kind of repeating the same few jokes / storypoints over and over again. It's like a sitcom in a holding pattern – like Friends or something. It might continue to be financially viable for years but it's no longer interesting in any way on a strip to strip level

also his dialogue has gotten so weird, verbose and poorly composed grammatically… it's a comic about what a totally isolated nerd IMAGINES people living in society are like. As he gets older his imagination of social reality will only diverge further so maybe in like 5 years everyone will communicate entirely in hashtags or something and it will be funny again


Your basic problem here is that you've got slice of life written by shut-ins and people with no social skills.



qc is the weirdest of these. it's literally not even about people anymore



Did all 2000s webcomic artists turned into über leftists? Even if it was shit I somewhat miss Goblins.

I also miss Elfs Only Inn.



I thought I was the only person reading Elf Only Inn

W00t was such a fun character.



Early 2000's webcomic artists were socially maladjusted shut-ins who came of age in a time when making fun of George Bush was funny, then willingly wrapped themselves in an echo chamber so they'd never have to move on. No wonder they became uber leftists.


Redpill me on this Elf Only Inn. I am intrigued just by the title.



W00t was the unofficial protagonist until they got into the MMO arc and fucked it up. Don't know if it went further.


Is a webcomic about people roleplaying in chatrooms before MMOs were a thing with their own shenanigans and stupidity. If you don't mind crappy copypasted art reaching critical levels of ridiculeness then you'll love it.


File: 16262e8b69c3e41⋯.png (358.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-29-footsizes.png)


New comic strip


File: 90f39095d31ba48⋯.png (415.29 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-30-canvassing.png)


File: a1d83f4a1bf587e⋯.png (81.77 KB, 197x314, 197:314, keikaku doori.png)



I miss these.



What font is he using?




What's the point of even drawing it's almost all dialogue.




Is the chick with the phonetic accent a main character? Seems like a poor decision to make her both hard to understand and important to the plot.



Willis is dumb like that


DoA has no central plot but is bunch of storylines coexisting and sometimes interacting like that, yes she is part of the main cast


File: e5768bba2667999⋯.png (372.9 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-31-acknowledge.png)


File: 810d0900ca7dc47⋯.png (330.83 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-01-blows.png)


Run Joe, Run!


Is this the one where a girl was jumping up and down in rollerblades in the hall, and everybody telling her to shut up was the bad guy?



File: 541e153dd40650c⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 336x496, 21:31, Kore.jpg)



It's still around even if it's updating at a snail's pace.


Also, Girl Genius has dank steampunk aesthetics. pls no bully



File: 027ba2e4fee3684⋯.png (172.58 KB, 294x442, 147:221, (meme arrow)her.png)


File: 9f4b3a05d202915⋯.png (357.78 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-02-changed.png)


This is going to suck



Ey look. Is that lesbian teacher who invited a republican female candidate because she wanted to bang her. Now her and the christian turned into a commie want to lecture a guy about joke T-shirts and show interest to the female sex.

We really need edits.



Holy shit her eye is leaving her skull.


Oh, this is the comic where all the girls have Hitler moustaches.



Let's see… Last I read of this we were taking the lesbo to church. Anybody remember what strip that was so I can binge up to speed?



Bad webcomics are something of a passion of mine. I still keep up with the Giz-verse comics. Nothing has changed except now everyone has swapped love-life goals.

Sinfest has gone full retard and into 2Deep4U Lore about the Patriarchy. I haven't read anything since 2014, so I don't know what sort of cringe they delve into with 2016 Election, but knowing where the comic was then…

Scenes From a Multiverse started getting political with "The Trump-Zones," and its only saving grace is the Space-Dungeon story arc, which goes fewer and farther in between strips.

Neko The Kitty is still full LoLRanDumb.



Did you work on the badwebcomics wiki by any chance?



No, but I argue with those guys all the time. Apparrently one idiot has been trying to review Girl Genius, of all comics, for a wiki entry, except he's to lazy to have read more than a chapter and is jumping the gun on calling it bad. That community is basically in full decay and needs some fresh blood injected into it. Preferably from here actually.



>from here

I don't think Nazis crying about racemixing in webcomics or pedos counting pantyshots is going to improve things over there.



Eh, that's one thing, but with every bad webcomic being bad mainly because it pushes a liberal agenda over having decent art, writing, or characters, and /co/ being /co/…

It's all the fun of getting angry at Gay Iceman or ugly Squirrel Girl, except since it's a webcomic, and the wiki having the rep that it does, there's a pretty high chance of the author getting pissed and throwing a bitchfit on twitter because of the wiki article you wrote.

Basically everything /co/ does on a daily basis, but with the chance of schadenfreude to provide some actual catharsis instead of just leaving it here to all fester impotently.



Badwebcomics is dying, let it go the way of Myspace and Jumptheshark, at this point us joining in would be less like pissing into an ocean of piss and more like shitting into an ocean of piss.


File: 96014fa35afebf8⋯.png (395.05 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-03-elbowing.png)


4 cunts in the same space



First panel

>hey, don't jab me

>i apologize

Second panel

>hey, no jabbing

Third panel

>i'm fine, it won't happen again

Fourth panel

>you're in a sport where people jab each other

Last panel

>i'm going to insult you

I don't understand the line of events here.


File: 4f4ee548f4833c7⋯.gif (815.56 KB, 500x360, 25:18, I'm interested.gif)


Why do you want to know, anon?


File: e6e1e6fb37bfa92⋯.jpg (534.95 KB, 500x744, 125:186, JoJo_VS_Willis.jpg)

File: f405843f90e874d⋯.jpg (163.04 KB, 1150x460, 5:2, david_willis.jpg)

Daily reminder that Willis is actually retarded.

I almost feel bad for him. Almost.



What's wrong with Girl Genius?



Don't forget when he drew porn


File: b19f291c8f8a0d0⋯.jpg (229.78 KB, 700x1033, 700:1033, ggmain20181228.jpg)


>What's wrong with Girl Genius?

Absolutely nothing that I know of.

It's one of the few web-comics that remained consistent and good. I was trying to refute >>1047194 's post that "all 2000s webcomic artists turned into über leftists" .



Willis sucks at writing



Why does this look like the work of Phil Foglio?



Because it is.



I could never get into Girl Genius. The art is just too ugly, but not in an overt way, just a subtle way that I can't exactly put my finger on.





File: 544f1cb1c6107bb⋯.png (382.47 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-04-default.png)


File: e04d121fa9cf498⋯.png (389.38 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-05-bones.png)


File: cdc7ebf196dd36e⋯.png (377.18 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-06-blunts.png)


What is the point in this comic anyway, and why do people read it?

Looks to me like a bunch of miserable people being depressed and miserable at each other.

And when a guy turns up to class with a funny t-shirt, some ugly bitch trudges in to make sure he's as miserable as everyone else.



I have never followed this shitshow, is the redhead supposed to be a tranny like in questionable content? Because that squared chin in the third panel makes that thing look manlier than Bruce Campbell



There is a red-headed tranny but it's not the one with the box-shaped head, here.

It's the one with a pony tail and chin like Popeye who roller-skates through the halls like an absolute cunt.



It's a font he made for his webcomic. It's called Walkyfont, I downloaded it from somewhere when I was posting edits of this webcomic dang that takes me back, that was lots of fun


Wait so now the story is about how that cunt is actually telling people not to rollerskate improperly ? Took her a while when the tranny was the one doing it reminder that Mary was always right


>she's an insufferable cunt who makes people close to her miserable

so basically, nothing changed in years since this character got introduced ?

Like holy shit she's outright sociopathic in that one, jesus


File: 39281cc49556110⋯.png (233.56 KB, 500x967, 500:967, Carla.png)


Sjws read because they are dumb like that, me i just post it so it can be mocked


No, this is the tranny


In this one case ican understand why Ruth is pissed at Billie, being a recovering alcoholic is tough enough with having a booze hound trying frequently tryng to make you drink



Go to hell Willisfor that last panel


File: 714cf236b2dec2f⋯.png (318.45 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-07-incentive.png)



"I only learned to draw top halves."




The story (or at least what I read of it) couldn't decide if it wanted to move at a breakneck or snail's pace. The writing also felt weird.

Although these may just be personal issues. Anytime I've tried to read it I start from the beginning and it's lost my interest by the time Mechanicsburg is under siege after the gargoyle thing.

Which is a shame; there's a really interesting setting there.


>the red head with the square jaw is supposedly female

>square jaw





Yeah i know but until he reveal otherwise she is that, chalk it up to Willis fails at everything


File: fb279d0df6f534f⋯.jpg (575.46 KB, 1495x965, 299:193, Mongoloid_types.jpg)

File: d01873b2ab24ef4⋯.jpg (152.84 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, North-Korean-Female-Milita….jpg)


>>the red head with the square jaw is supposedly female

>>square jaw


Although Willis a shit, I've noticed that normalfags are pretty terrible and telling the difference between traps and females, despite the fact that they've no doubt seen way more females than I ever have. This is because normalfags are retarded subhumans who cannot into proper observation and introspection, because there is no need for intelligence and wisdom in a safe, highly-"civilized" first world.

I have seen white females with square jaws before.


File: b6269e8ce79c05c⋯.png (588.25 KB, 790x1400, 79:140, Leprechaun_ill_artlibre_jn….png)


It helps to handle it if you pretend she's got an Irish accent.



>In this one case ican understand why Ruth is pissed at Billie, being a recovering alcoholic is tough enough with having a booze hound trying frequently tryng to make you drink

I agree, but being a difficult asshole to people around you, especially the very rare people who do care for you, will only drive them away and push you further into loneliness and, thus, probable substance abuse. Yeah, it's hard, but making hard on the ones who love you only makes it harder. Especially when those ones weren't trying to make it hard on purpose.


ok I take that back, sorry anon, after all, yeah, she deserves to be punched in the gut. Holy hell. Maybe sometimes it's totally fine to be a dick.


File: 3bce16f02ca7818⋯.png (327.75 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-08-hungry.png)

File: b3a6c7e143fcd0d⋯.png (408.6 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-09-watchaway.png)


File: 2d19dd06c9fe6fe⋯.png (390.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-10-bears.png)



Oh wow, it really does.


File: 246362c9c6de9ce⋯.png (415.37 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-11-warning.png)


File: 84cdf622023a53a⋯.png (315.13 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-12-alligator.png)


WTF Walky?


File: cf0d5e216ed3b05⋯.png (370.59 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-01-27-flight.png)


These eternally 18 year old characters sure think they know a lot about the 80's, huh. This shit is on a sliding time scale, right? I wonder if it's hit Willis yet that most of his characters are about a year from being born after 9/11.

>Watching a movie is a solitary activity

Maybe for LOSERS

Anyway, I could swear the comic leading to this one was posted in the thread, but I'm not seeing it so here you go since I had to look it up.



>I'm going to have a good time!


>Oh… misery.

Does Willis hate happiness or something?

>Frightening '80s future

What, 8 years into the future, where everyone looks like they've aged 8 years?

You see a couple of houses, NASA, and a couple of random spots around America.

It's not exactly Soylent Green, is it, Willis…?


File: f41fb69e1342df6⋯.png (348.81 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-13-circleoffriends.png)



She jst kkeeps getting worse all the time


File: 118a0fc1a531814⋯.png (348.04 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-14-hurrah.png)




File: f4265743217c308⋯.png (393.6 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2018-02-17-creeping.png)


Faz is the main character and the only one approaching "good".


File: ff2362f3998c58d⋯.png (380.06 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-15-moves.png)


Is this a +1 to the cunt number?


File: aebf59b48f15340⋯.png (313.48 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-16-communityservic….png)

File: 621284981fe5a8b⋯.png (323.51 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-17-assembling.png)



Every character in this is going to wind up longing for death but being denied that release because a main feature of this comic is no deaths. What does Willis mean by this?



Oh yeah I remember that. He drew a chicks pubes as a mustache.


File: acd9714d14f7602⋯.png (127.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, girl_what.png)


Wait, what exactly did the brunette do?


File: 0b5270a9c1ca272⋯.png (584.37 KB, 1400x2700, 14:27, le-demiurge.png)


When did Faz the Fabulous first appear?

Can't daz'(zle) the Faz.

Can't spaz the Faz.

Can't razz the Faz.

Can't razzmatazz the Faz.



File: 1ecc90aa9c17845⋯.png (425.75 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-18-equipped.png)



Attempted or succeded in killing her dad if i understand this strip correctly


Is edit anon still around?


File: 689a56b0b8e7a24⋯.png (328.96 KB, 1000x334, 500:167, first faz in doa.png)

File: b3a2679bf70c507⋯.png (429.53 KB, 1000x334, 500:167, the punch.png)

File: 21966a408d3ed16⋯.png (280.95 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, note the bandage.png)



Had to go back and check, these are both the same event. At least, if you mean first appearance in DoA, since The Faz was introduced as a regular cast member from Shortpacked. Amber didn't try to kill her dad or anything, it was just an Irish conversation. I even have a recent appearance from him.


File: b8e492ab28e2c31⋯.png (900.5 KB, 690x968, 345:484, Jesus christ.png)


>her father is father anderson




Dude talks like a fucking evil fantasy villain.


File: ff8657415705bd7⋯.png (256.13 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-19-juliagray.png)


I got nothing



How much is he paid to literally copypaste the identical to the pixel the same picture four times and call it "drawing" ?



Do we have any reason why he's doing this?

Why would he be so interested in his daughter's friends?



He's an evil monster.

I mean, he's a parent in a Willis webcomic, so of course he is.


File: 222530d7180f204⋯.png (563.57 KB, 2346x800, 1173:400, evidence.png)


They don't look identical, excluding the finger-movements, but there ought to be more angles. On the other hand, it is a "comedic" webcomic.


Willis hates his parents I guess. His comics are quite reflective of his psyche, you see.

On the other hand, I would like to know his motives.



*Her father's, I mean.




Holy shit you're still around.



Maybe he's hoping he'll finad an excuse on that flash drive to drag her out from that fucking college.

7 years there and absolutely no qualifications to speak of, and he's probably paying for the shit, too.


File: 0ddf9daac700da5⋯.png (349.4 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-20-arms.png)



>he's OK on ukulele

The most hipster of all the instruments.

The difference between a ukulele and a trampoline is you take your shoes off before jumping on a trampoline.


File: 54fa1c21436c6d9⋯.png (262.24 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-21-roofs.png)

File: 9b25577b53e9bbc⋯.png (310.36 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-22-bequeathin.png)


More or less trash?



Clearly the least damaging and damaged love stories

that's definitely how you bring forth true emotions, Willis

good job


File: 0a9e44933190bbd⋯.png (296.01 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-23-well.png)


Well, crap


Whatever happened to Mary or that tall, hippie Indian girl who didn't wear shoes?


File: 29d10e34f1305a9⋯.jpg (453.73 KB, 1500x1171, 1500:1171, feeding little girl.jpg)


does anyone have the comic series of mary being saved from her comic?





It's very annoying seeing hipsters play ukulele. They never use it to it's fullest potential compared to many ukulele players here in Hawaii.


I was shocked when I found out he drew porn of his own comic



They brought the start of the "editfags" and the edits of those porn comics remain some of the most glorious things populating the internet today.



And how it's clear he has never seen a penis in his entire life.

Either that or his own looks like it was sculped by a drunken blind man.


File: 5d43c8144fa068b⋯.png (308.28 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-24-moment.png)

File: a044aa704262e75⋯.png (323.18 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-25-blessing.png)

File: a73079bf63000c7⋯.png (371.78 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-26-perspective.png)

File: de330180a517fd7⋯.png (327.29 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-27-fightsandlights.png)

File: 654c522911242a1⋯.png (362.53 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-02-28-nonpromise.png)

Sorry i forgot about the thread, my health got bad for a while and stressful stuff happened

So here is today strip and the other since the last i posted


Sotwo storylines ended and Ruth and Billie are cunts (not at the same time and Billie is a bigger cunt)


If i remember well last time i saw Mary in a stip she had gotten a boyfriend (Willis is a hack and might be redoing the abortion plotline from one of his older webcomics)

As for the second girl you mention i'm drawing a blank on who that is



Do take care of yourself, anon. Hope you're doing better now.

Also reading this shitcomic isn't a way to take care of yourself


File: 88fdf733d774ef4⋯.png (61.84 KB, 159x315, 53:105, if evil weren't nice.png)


I always think it's insane how this person is supposed to be the bad guy. Anyway, this was her: https://walkypedia.fandom.com/wiki/Sierra


>2,065 patrons, $5,120 per month

>on this piece of garbage

I really need to start drawing again. I should have never stopped.




That's what these comics are in a nutshell.


File: 81ffea7bb525ab7⋯.png (346.37 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-02-richmullins.png)

File: eb8c32c8723a03b⋯.png (370.15 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-03-feel.png)

File: 8e41e0237243f16⋯.png (320.46 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-04-elijah.png)

File: ad820e7de8bdc49⋯.png (350.79 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-05-notaste.png)


Reminder that Willis admitted that Joyce in DoA is his self-insert and her losing her faith is based on what he went through. In other words Willis was a whiny shit















File: b9349e6cee81caa⋯.png (168.49 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-06-ultimately.png)


File: ecd15fd54cf017c⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 356x626, 178:313, Yukari_what.jpg)


That doesn't seem whiny at all. What's wrong with inner-monologue?



Why does that sexual predator looking guy look like Dan from Game Grumps?

Oh right.


File: b7c4bfb5cde6a7d⋯.png (365.23 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-07-squint.png)


Uh yeah I was wrong, I meant if it gets whiny eventually then it's Willis leaking through


Willis has a fetish for Danny I guess


The teacher brought back her stalker after she threw her out and Becky still is drawn like that


File: fda073be044baf6⋯.png (340.67 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-08-mojo.png)


So it's not her stalker



Wait what's going on with this bitch? Is she still lesbians with Dina? I give so little of a shit about either character I didn't bother to skim through what's happened to them since. I guess Leslie gay adopted her. Oh God I have to go almost two years back in this shit to find out who Mindy is. Fuck



Yes, she was able to be a squatter in the dorm so Leslie let's her sleep on the couch and Dinah is the abusive (she was last time I saw her) got after Leslie got rid of her stalker after that one slip right back in. Oh and Becky (orage hair lesbian) ruined Robin the stalker crogresswoman career



"Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian!" Get used to Becky bringing up her only trait all the time


File: 8ac4447d80ebf2d⋯.png (378.34 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-09-onebedroom.png)


Oh damn it I forgot to ad this


File: ab8c4a1564b1b31⋯.png (458.82 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2017-10-08-missionary.png)


>Six months later

>lesbian bed death intensifies

Leslie I've been crashing on your couch for months, and I've noticed you've been taking Anna to bed a lot less over time. Us lesbians totally have lots of awesome sex into our twenties, right?

Also lol the dipshit atheism is what got the lesbian hot for black oil in the first place.




There are probably some webcomic artists who don't care all that much about feminism and other SJWisms but put on the aggression to gain the approval of peers. This is probably especially true of the small fry, who would fall below financial viability without referrals from the larger artists and invites to conventions. You see these hangers-on in Twitter replies of the larger artists. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if even the larger guys are just role playing. Maybe they cared at first but instead of losing interest after 5+ years of incessant virtue signalling they increased their efforts because they see what it does to the bottom line. Put another way, are we really to believe they'd keep this up if it weren't profitable? If love letters to feminism were treated the same as proclamations of white ethno-nationalism? Of course not, they'd keep it to themselves and likely emulate whatever is seen as virtuous at the time. Rewind the clock 70 or so years and all these feminists would be jumping for Jesus.


File: 56b69af948be873⋯.png (345.6 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-10-bawling.png)



DoA has a glacial pace, in the strip they are still in the same year the comic started in and in fact I believe they still haven't gotten to Halloween




>can't someone cry in a communal shower with a little privacy?

Yep, this is totally how women think and talk. Bravo Willis.



Oh I considered the pace, certainly. The six months is time in the comic. I was going to put

<10 years later real-time

but that seemed too optimistic.


Yeah this is dumb as hell. Even more irritating is that she's just as snarky while having an emotional breakdown as usual.


File: 7b67f6b346e25fa⋯.png (364.62 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-11-sockets.png)


Way to ruin the onetime i started to feel sympathy for Ruth, Willis you dumb hack



>Only dentists know that coffee stains the teeth.

>Dentists are dentists solely because they care about teeth so much.

>All dentists will not drink coffee because they're worried about staining their teeth.

>What is teeth-whitener?


When did you start feeling sympathy? Halfway through that comic strip or a prior one?



She was RUNNING the shower while this was going on? She was just standing there with the water on, sobbing for long enough for 3 other people to line up outside and hear her over the water. Think about how long that would take.




That one, i went through similar shit once


Still a lot more realist that that time Becky was in a car crash and didn't even get a scratch


File: 008b68dd2b6f303⋯.png (376.99 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-12-erase.png)



Aw, sad Hitler in the shower.



Sorry, Willis. Ruth is a cunt. You made her to be a cunt. She has been fucking insufferable for years, and I genuinely hate her. Try as you might, you cannot make me feel sorry for her at all. Reduce her to a fucking paraplegic after a horrific car crash if you like; I still will not care.


File: 9cde12b0ada4d4c⋯.png (368.17 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-13-confusion (1).png)


>That panel 4 and 6

You're fucking with us, Willis


Has no-one pointed out to this guy that the heavy shadow under the nose makes every female look like Hitler?



Not really, no, unless they happen to be square too.



In that last panel what the fuck is happening with her eyes

this goes beyond "this is my cartoony style" and goes to "batshit retarded" levels of incompetence



So Willis level?



I see.


Because of the nose-shadow?


File: fda4c4099466bd4⋯.png (44.47 KB, 629x261, 629:261, kitty1.PNG)

File: 45263b315a9f9ca⋯.png (108.31 KB, 523x774, 523:774, kitty2.PNG)

File: 558d01eaca537c2⋯.png (89.93 KB, 523x560, 523:560, kitty3.PNG)

I went to the comments for this comic, looking for idiots lapping up this goofy eye bullshit. I found some, but then I found something even better.


File: d551c4c350469f9⋯.png (433.71 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-14-cobwebs.png)


I knew i was right, ultimate proof DoA has a glacial pace, this is one of if not thee first Halloween has been mentionned since it started, shiet how many years has this crap webcomics been going on again?


File: b20bb0f3189f3f0⋯.png (389.99 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-15-decorations.png)


Can you spot the uncanny valley face



So these faggots got completely triggered by a comedy fetish page?


File: b25c6aa87b25c32⋯.png (404.85 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-16-company.png)




On top of the eyes being horribly misplaced, I like how the eyebrow is floating above the head. Very Dobsonesque.

Almost looks like the character just noticed that the eyebrow had only just appeared on her hat and she's now observing it flying away.



i don't know if i want this to end yet, on the one hand i'm cringing hard but on the other hand we could hand up transioning to a even worse plotline



i shouldn't be posting when tired and stressed


File: f1dd129650f08b4⋯.png (424.18 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-17-endearinly.png)


File: afcf044edd2ad3d⋯.png (390.86 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-18-dunkin.png)


Anon I don't blame you for posting without the strip, this is very forgettable. Today's is, at least, retarded.




This sure is a lot of heresy


File: f9c5971a4f52287⋯.png (397.59 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-19-teal.png)


Wow, a whole new dimension of dumb shit! And he even manages to work in the previous ones. What a powerhouse.

OP let me know if I'm stepping on your toes, I'm just fascinated with how awful this is getting.


File: 80943fbc19ecf91⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 500x281, 500:281, snake.gif)


I want to edit her so she has a frown, a robot arm, an eye-patch, and ashes in her hand.


This strip should be renamed "Hitler Girls".



>Ah know why yer really here

>An' try the gloves

>'Course ya do

What accent is this supposed to be, anyway? Belfast?



Is the joke supposed to be that dykes are all into such a look ?

As twitter would say, "thank god a white male is telling me what lesbians think !"



I hope Cousin Ittler starts getting drawn so badly that the eyes start leaving the head entirely.



Try irish


File: 6ae9287a19c1e64⋯.png (392.29 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-20-sweetass.png)


This one's boring again, so I got something for the previous strip. There's no action lines or anything to imply that Joyce spun around for them to see, she's just standing there facing a closet. What, does having a jacket on above her ass make it that much better for the lesbian? I mean, I would understand if it was denim. Their response should be

>Turn around so we can look, retard



>First Panel

Is that supposed to be running? Looks fucking awful and the flat angle on that right foot makes it look like she's just broken her knee.



I don't even get the punchline.







couldn't be, southern doesn't use the conjunction "that's" and would follow "that is" with "He-larious"

scotts, instead, follow a similar scheme to the modern southern, however the dialect is so slightly different.

>says "Hey, pop on in" and not "Hey there," or "hey buds, come om in"

>pop on in is a european thing to be sure, but it's possible for a girl raised in an irish or scott home to say "pop over for a spot o' the heart stopper."

I don't know how to explain it, but this guy is bad at writing southern or she's supposed to be irish/scott


File: 4d0aeb845fd05a3⋯.png (412.47 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-21-glomp.png)

File: 2e500c9ec5ef759⋯.png (344.44 KB, 900x300, 3:1, 2010-11-01-smokin.png)


>Hey whatcha studying anyway

<Fuck you we're talking about dinosaurs now

<My autism is the size of a spergosaurus, this shit gets me hot



She was sent to a Catholic school in Tennessee. It's mostly that Willis is a crap writer, but you could say there's some influence from Irish nuns or something.



No problem, If i manage to forget to post you can post the comic (if it's okay) and i'd like if you remain to provide commentary, i'm not good at that



the dialect is because willis read x-men as a kid and thought rogue and gambit using stilted-ass written accents was cool


File: e01bedef7a4485b⋯.png (392.2 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-22-integrivact.png)


Wow this is particuliary boring


File: 77bd185944afa5c⋯.png (330.43 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-23-cream.png)


Probably the only recent Ruth strip where the punchline didn't undercut the rest of the strip, but it's because you're correct about how boring it is.


Thanks, I do like spouting off about this shit. Half the time there's something worth pointing out, the other half it's so boring I feel obligated to say something.

Anyway, this strip. What a shit peace offering, the cream won't do anything five years later. Get her something from that gas station she tried to rob when she was being a niglet (or, niglette).


File: 3bc59b7cafbed65⋯.png (355.63 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-24-square.png)


What's the Poo in the Loo equivalent of niggers? they might be that kind of browm


File: 03590dc0888411f⋯.png (297.34 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-25-storied.png)

File: 7ad09fbd3c7a32d⋯.png (361.71 KB, 1000x334, 500:167, 2013-09-19-fancypantsloung….png)

File: a237cb63aec5809⋯.png (329.05 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2018-10-11-asher.png)

File: 8af91edc0e1a306⋯.png (326 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2018-10-15-lookout.png)


Bindi is the best slur I've heard for the subcontinentals, though I'm sure some variant on currynigger would be satisfactory. But no, the Walky twins are actually mulattoes. This was a point of contention in an arc around 2015, as Sal is convinced that Walky was favored by their parents for not being as black as her. Willis is just as convinced, no matter how retarded it is. He could have gone with feminist talking points and it would have been better. Second pic has their parents.

Oh God it's gonna be more Sal backstory shit. Knew I should have seen it coming. Doesn't the Indiana state U have more campuses than this one? Did none of them go to fucking Purdue? Asher hasn't even been a background character, I can post all the strips he's been in. They're both flashbacks. Bet we'll even see Leland at some point anyway and this is a dumb red herring.


File: ac4b6763059d697⋯.png (378.92 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-26-socks.png)


File: d1c7ae5d6ea4ebc⋯.jpg (383.97 KB, 1600x1045, 320:209, SiegeOfCuddalore1783.jpg)


Dravidians, I think, though the Indian subcontinent is a big place, so there are probably other ones, but I believe they make up the majority of dark-skinned Indians.


Admittedly I gave a slight chuckle at that one.


Really? Always thought they were Hispanic-Americanoids. I hate describing them as Latin or Hispanic, and non-white Hispanic is too vague and too long of a term, in my opinion (you could use that to describe Moors in southern Iberia, for example). So I made up "Hispanic-Americanoid" to describe "Latinos", as they're a mix of Hispanic and Native American peoples.


Who is the Muslim (?) woman again?



For hispanics couldn't you use mestizo or castizo?


File: 136a004501bca8d⋯.png (107.37 KB, 320x326, 160:163, [radicalization intensifie….PNG)

File: da110f8c3bd8dff⋯.png (63.87 KB, 180x324, 5:9, absolutely haram.PNG)

File: 17a52b766a95472⋯.png (45.19 KB, 118x332, 59:166, no refunds.PNG)


>Who is the Muslim (?) woman again?

That's 'Asma'. She's an utterly bland straight man authority figure who works the front desk at the dorm. Her input consists solely of making frowny faces at the histrionics and hijinks of the student characters, like a burned-out mom.

But Willis's fans seem to have decided this nothing background character is great and want to see more of her. Can you guess why?


File: 0418d1f5b332436⋯.png (345 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-27-functional.png)


What, uh, what happened to Joe's face in the last panel here.



Oh were you asking who the niggers of India were? Then yeah they're Dravidians ethnicity-wise, the literal shit-tier caste are dalits. Obviously, there's a large crossover.


File: 967e166adf98b04⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 604x550, 302:275, ain't_kansas_anymore.jpg)


I guess I could; I wasn't aware they were so general. However, Hispanic-Americanoid sounds more scientific. :^)I have to stop using the dorito face. It's too popular, but I don't know any other way to describe cheekiness without using an image.



>Can you guess why?

B-because she's Muslim, Mr. Devil?


I forgot, can Willis even draw human feet?



>draw feet

Better question, can he draw anything?


File: ae58df93bf1d780⋯.png (335.55 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-28-misrepresent.png)

File: 668cf053be68abd⋯.png (157.67 KB, 600x691, 600:691, 2019-03-patreon1preview.png)


Man I just think about Les Misérables whenever the subject of "can people change?" comes up. Wish I were reading it right now.

Does anyone have access to Willis's patreon comics? I'm going to guess this is a no, but I remember someone did when we were busting Mary out of this Godforsaken prison of a comic. If you do second pic is a preview of it. Usually shitting on Cortez is pretty boomer, but I bet Willis wrote this before her bill fell on its ass in the Senate with zero votes. Should be funny either way, but I don't want anyone to start shelling out money for it.


File: 6a3e6d07a0fa7b6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 10.05 KB, 247x261, 247:261, Cirno_disgust.png)


>Does anyone have access to Willis's patreon comics?

No, sorry, though I do remember them.

>Usually shitting on Cortez is pretty boomer

>is pretty boomer

>is pretty, like, uncool and like not in style

Watch it, profligate. Don't fall into the generation theory cancer.


File: fb27567838945c8⋯.png (360.76 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-29-self.png)


Oh shit it's the echo of Mary! Guess she was established as an artist after her escape.


Alright fine, boomer does get overused as a pejorative. But I mean it this time, you can rely on the conservative side of the demographic cadre born between 1946 and 1964 to have plenty of criticism of the Rican congresswoman. Didn't want to encourage a tangent on her, would be a waste of words.



I'm not even American and was born after that time period and i make fun of her on a forum and like many others skin color or where she is from doesn't enter why i mock her, i just keep up with what she says and i laugh at how many crazy/stupid thing she said so far and how openly corrupshe has been so far.

As for the striptrip i wonder what will Willis do to Copy Mary this time

I forgot hos to make text spoilers on 8chan


File: 9bedbfe60442059⋯.png (312.9 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-30-discretionary.png)



By God. I'm enjoying this!



Same i can't think of anything bad to say writing wise


File: 00c850364462ac4⋯.jpg (86.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1388994543829.jpg)


If there are any artists in this forsaken thread any more, PLEASE draw Mary as a grinning witch wreathed in hellfire. I need this so bad.



Even a replica Mary contains enough residual energy to hugely improve this comic. She has the power of God and anime on her side.


File: ae0f7c8548edd3b⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 100%_honeyed.jpg)


Apparently, you forgot how to English as well.


File: b6714dd963e7c1f⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1352, 160:169, CN9nLSq.png)


Better Mary producing hellfire than encompassed in it, or at least not as a witch, but as pic-related.


File: 8efcbcfbb7377c7⋯.png (297.95 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-03-31-color.png)


God I wish the next strip would be Ruth cheerfully stabbing Billy. So is this just wish fulfillment for severe sadbrains?



Today stripis gay on so many levels it's not funny (Well except to mock Willis)


THat was the fact English is my second language i learned by myself leaking through


File: 2975f3ee71bff54⋯.png (297.97 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-01-ex.png)



I don't even get it.



The character is such a massive sperg about transformers he threw away a potential relationshiip over a sstatement he didn't like

and that's one of Willis many self-inserts in DoA and Willis is in real life just as much a insufferable Transformers sperg



How the fuck was anybody who isn't a complete transformers tard supposed to get that ?..



i'm no such thing and i just payed attention to what was said in the the strip


File: 3755da6126146d6⋯.png (346.89 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-02-thwarting.png)


This sucks


Does anyone have the strip where Dorothy starts talking about how she's a jew and how she's terrified of the alt-right? The one where she then starts talking about how whiteness is a social construct and how she wants people to see her as white. That one is one of my favourites



Are we supposed to symathize with these miserable, unpleasant people?




Perhaps she peretended to want to be left alone, while really just wanting attention.


>An obsession with lactose tolerance.



File: ad3b03afcbe4b57⋯.png (364 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2016-11-12-provisionally.png)


You're referring to this strip, I think.

I don't think she wants people to see her as white, though. Seems more like she wants to be seen as a minority. She disagrees strongly with the exclusion of Jews and Irish from the 'white' club, but then goes along with it anyway since it gives her a claim to be a minority.



Thanks, m8! I had trouble finding it.


>Seems more like she wants to be seen as a minority.

She wants to be a minority when she can use it as a weapon against a politician she doesn't like, and she wants to be white when the goyem know. She is a chameleon who wants to be whatever is most convenient at the moment. Dumbing of Age is one of the most red-pilled comics out there.



>last panel

That hand makes me want to punch a baby.



>I'm not actually looking for anything lasting

>I'm just having fun

He knows you're gay, no need to keep repeating it.


Oh man I missed this one. This was for sure in the time frame where Willis had the parentheses over his twitter name because some jew told the good goys they should all do it to themselves to "confuse the antisemites". Good times. Anyway taking this position >>1055441 it's actually artful that Willis has Dorothy depicted as jewish enough to not realize that it's not just being jewish that will cause your replies to be filled with oven pics but jewy behavior. If you're not open about it extremely jewy behavior is required. Of course, blabbing about it at a congresswoman displays such a lack of self-awareness that she wouldn't understand any of that. Bravo Willis.


File: 8eeea63c845894e⋯.mp4 (5.13 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Aryan Theme Song.mp4)


>"Technically, I'm Irish and Jewish."

>Irish is "less white" than blond-hair, blue eyes

I've heard this in college, too. Why do tumblrtards seem to believe in the propagandized Nazi doctrine of blond-hair, blue-eyed folk being superior—or in their case, "more white"—than non-blond-haired, blue-eyed folk? You'd think they wouldn't talk about race in such a way, but they do. Their lack of self-awareness utterly baffles me, even after everything.



>Why do tumblrtards seem to believe in the propagandized Nazi doctrine

Because it makes them feel good. To put it simply…

>Nazis r bad

>They thought blue-eyed-blond was the best human

>I'm not like that

>Therefore merely by existing I oppose Nazi ideals

>That means I'm a good person on the right side of history

So they allow people they hate to live rent-free in their heads. Victimhood status can be a source of pride and self-worth in people who otherwise don't have much, and they can feel like they're doing something without actually doing something.

On the flipside, those believers who are unlucky enough to resemble the 'oppressor' group's ideal feel like they supporting it by existing. They're driven to guilt, self-hatred and even lying about their identity.


File: cdb0429b331f3b0⋯.png (352.45 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-03-roomies.png)


Is the head of the black guy better or worse than Andrew Dobson "art"?


File: f0bbdd46332a67b⋯.png (366.14 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2015-10-10-deceptress.png)

Here's another classic.



>Not believing in the propagandized Nazi doctrine of blond-hair, blue-eyed folk being superior—or in their case, "more white"—than non-blond-haired, blue-eyed folk

Whew, lad!


Depends. Is it cannon that his head has been deformed by a benchtop press?



No but he looks like a Digglet without his glasses


File: bc60588e62bbeee⋯.png (327.02 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-04-academic.png)


File: 24046821de38584⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 380x238, 190:119, Kawaii_umaru_chan.gif)


Joyce is admittedly rather cute here.

Remind me why I shouldn't feel this way, please. I remember she did something to deserve our scorn.


File: 6fc1dccf961a23b⋯.gif (172.33 KB, 500x506, 250:253, thinking_grill.gif)

The closest I can find so far to the font he uses is Komika Text, with full caps.



Looking to use his font? It's his creation, you can get it here http://www.shortpacked.com/walkyfont.ttf



Does her being friend with Becky >>1053107




Most of what's obnoxious about Joyce is Willis's obvious self-insertion as her, but there's her instant collapse of beliefs in pic related with Becky and subsequent annoying shipping shit, especially and recently here >>1053647 and her worst crime, of course is that she's the main character of this comic. She's still fine compared to the rest of the cast, though obviously not Mary tier. Probably the worst part is when Willis uses her to shit on his evangelical Christian past like when Roz berated Joyce for having the same religion as those awful bigots who put their faggot children out on the streets. Oh yeah and that time she thought she could fix Ethan the gay jew into a hetero man. Mostly I tried not to get attached to the character because it's obvious she's gonna be a fedora tipper eventually.


File: 3973df9dca1a9ad⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 461x433, 461:433, the truth.jpg)


Aw fuck the stupid pic didn't attach


File: 72b32103628d6e5⋯.png (321.37 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-05-recant.png)


You guys have no idea how MUCH i'm holding back myself from telling my opinion on what they are talking about, i'm too close to sperging here


File: 96c7346eb0cda7d⋯.gif (668.11 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Eyebrows 2.gif)


>Do you… FEEL god?



>Being against the mixing of mayo and ketchup

Fuck you Willis


File: 80b219489089dc3⋯.png (344.96 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-06-structure.png)



I wonder where she stands on dijonnaise, or that McDonalds' Big Mac sauce that's just mayonnaise with mustard, pickle relish and a little paprika?



>getting attached to anything WIllis

>not just bearing witness to the shitshow



>if I don't have that structure, how do I know what's right

>god doesn't exist timmy, that's life now

>then what's to stop me from becoming god?




Go ahead bro.


What? Also, mayo and ketchup is good. I also like to mix mayo and horseradish with kielbasa.




>try to separate God from dogma

>end up either creating a new dogma or having no moral compass


File: dd0e0ce84ba66a9⋯.png (30.11 KB, 720x213, 240:71, font.PNG)


Wow, thanks for that. Have this "masterpiece":


Does he scrunch up his text somehow? Or does he use a different font? Anyway.



It's difficult to stay calm when for at least two weeeks i have been lucky to sleep 3 hours each night, the fatiguw sometimes influence me to act in ways i know i shouldn't.


The holy ghost communicate God swll through feelings (a nice feeling means what you did or are doing is approved, a bad feeling is the the opposite (not all emotions are part of this), God doesn't act in humans live so we exercise our free will which have consequences if we do good or bad, prayers are heard by him and miracles are a thing (i wouldn't be surprised IF their was a real prophet out there, i believe God still care about humanity at least enough to reveal to someone (whoever that might be i don't know) to makes his will know and tell people how to live in accordance with his laws)


File: 426d01a2c2b0929⋯.jpg (41.59 KB, 646x484, 323:242, 9553af75748c756dc4df176887….jpg)



>>Do you… FEEL god?


File: f1274dc2f567e5b⋯.png (343.1 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, roomies_redone.png)

File: b91af83b5294957⋯.png (319.87 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, academic_redone.png)

File: 105b0da55a31fcc⋯.png (283.72 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, recant_redone.png)

File: 8b03102ef786950⋯.png (411.06 KB, 1070x333, 1070:333, structure_redone.png)

I tried. Please enjoy. :3


File: 975c0c254c17b41⋯.png (153.12 KB, 638x672, 319:336, gondola crowding comp.png)


Second one's kinda weak but breddy gud overall. I see what you're saying about him fucking with the font. There's basically no difference in the fourth strip but it's visible in the first and second. It does seem more rounded in his current font, if that makes sense. Don't know if I would have noticed if you didn't point it out, though.



Yeah, I made the third one first, so the second one had to be a follow-up. And I would have re-written the bubbles that are in the originals in the font I was given, but it's rather thick, so I couldn't fit it often times without shrinking the font-size, and his comics are pretty consistent about font-size, so I couldn't really do that.

Anyway, thanks! They took awhile but they're fun to do. And I kind of like the idea of a sociopathic Joyce.


File: d3935b50d4e44fb⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 374x279, 374:279, karl_marx_wew.jpg)



*Also, the Karl Marx thing was a reference to this image, which is of course actually part of the chorus to "In the End" by Linkin Park.


File: e6ccede2683eb1d⋯.png (338.5 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-07-slightest.png)


Yeah I figured it was something like that but it's certainly more elaborate than I had in mind.


So at what point does this become an offensive caricature? Because I'm pretty melanoid averse and even I wouldn't draw bootlips almost out to the guy's nose. Panel 2 is one of those things you need someone to say "no, you can't publish this" to. Lord.

I still can't read "give me regards" without hearing it in Skull Face's voice.



I know precisely how you feel. To stay on topic I'll just say that if feels phenomenally tone-deaf. Like Willis couldn't have tipped his fedora any harder without actually showing up on panel to yell "religion is gay, do what feels good" and that's pretty poor writing when you're trying to portray a conversation between three ostensibly religious characters.



Not bad; needs a little bit of work, especially on the lettering itself as it's easy to see which parts you changed and which ones are the original ones. Don't hesitate to overdo it a bit with the jokes/humors/personality quips too, the point is to openly mock the original after all.

Good luck, edited this shit myself for several months for a while, it was tons of fun but it's costly on the brains with how stupid the comic is



I find it funnier there's people that take said image seriously.


File: a13d83d7ebc2ffb⋯.png (581.26 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Patreanon.png)

File: 3781c75f545bd7d⋯.png (146.11 KB, 518x827, 518:827, Blessed_Easter_Mary.png)


No shit?


I know, as I said >>1055916, I would have if the WalkyFont could fit.

Yes Val, I remember your efforts. I'm not new, you know. I wonder where Patreanon is?


File: 89b2caa12b78b91⋯.png (434.74 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-08-deposit.png)


Did someone say "It's Becky"? I was wondering if Willis would address whether she's saving her earnings, but apparently she doesn't know what tips are. I know Galasso's is supposed to be a shitty pizza place, but you'd think an eternally smiling white redhead girl could still clean up as a waitress.


File: 38c1c3b8929b544⋯.png (398.56 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-09-happier.png)





>you'd think an eternally smiling white redhead girl could still clean up as a waitress.

Not this one - she'll be obnoxiously declaring herself as a lesbian to each and every table. She'll be earning no tips at all.



You're obviously not accounting for the fact that Bloomington, the real town in which this is based, is a university town. Essentially company towns where the local industry is scamming 20 year olds, university towns consist of a university, the basic utilities and amenities required to service a university, the population required to run those satellite institutions and the bare minimum of public services required for that population. University towns are consequently on the cutting edge of cultural poz even when located in otherwise very sane areas and thus Becky should actually net more tips by being an obnoxiously obvious lesbian.

She'd actually be making no tips because college students, while shouting endlessly about economic inequality, don't actually tip.




Forgive me I'm tired and bad at proofreading.



Just put everything in an automatic text editor, it does wonders.



Either that or she slacks off and is thus likely slower than other waitresses >>1056193.


File: 26f47fc0f699b97⋯.png (119.53 KB, 474x804, 79:134, brain trust.PNG)


Informative, I was wondering if Bloomington is a real city or a university town.


Yeah she's doing something that's either worthless or has negative productivity, considering who'd still be paying attention to the disgraced Robin's posts. Honestly would be better off turning into a social media e-whore and using Robin's account to endorse her.

I tried going through the comments on this one to see what pure geniuses had to say about the economics of waitressing. Got to this shit and had to stop.



> Why do tumblrtards seem to believe in the propagandized Nazi doctrine of blond-hair, blue-eyed folk being superior—or in their case, "more white"—than non-blond-haired, blue-eyed folk?

Nazi Germany didn't even say that only blonde, blue eyed whites were the absolute best while evreything else had to be genocided. I read Mein Kampf and Hitler never even said anything like that.

I just think it's projection and insecurity on their part while envying something that looks cool.

like fatties hating on athletic people.


File: d5296f516432f1c⋯.png (275.07 KB, 544x2394, 272:1197, 1.PNG)

File: 8207c1c08f1c01a⋯.png (97.1 KB, 336x1812, 28:151, 2.PNG)

File: cc6ee69477dcb06⋯.png (125.15 KB, 360x2280, 3:19, 3.PNG)

File: c280982c62920d0⋯.png (108.97 KB, 560x1044, 140:261, 4.PNG)


Why is the comment section so scrunched and narrow? And I've seen tumblrites use "compartmentalize" in this way before. What exactly do they mean in these sorts of contexts? Anyway, tried to cap it all, and had to use MS Paint to put them together, so sorry if I missed one, since I don't really care about it and I'm sure no one else really does, but I capped it because Willis was arguing with someone.



Please re-read what I wrote and think it over again.


File: e0c10a1c14eeeaf⋯.png (416.68 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-10-orangeone.png)


Oh hey it's the ex-stalker of the lesbian where Becky sleep at and the Ex-Congresswoman who had her career destroyed by said stalking and Becky stealing her phone and posting retarded shit! (Is… is that her phone Becky is still using?)



That's implying Willis know anything besides about how the real world works, i'm pretty its blatant he doesn't know that stuff



Well, she said she "hacked into her account". Also, he background of both of Becky's panels don't change, despite it being the man in the second panel, no?



>Rep Robin DeSanto

Isn't she supposed to be a republican stereotype/caricature of Sarah Palin? Why is she praising UBI? Did she realise the error of her ways and that Willis was correct about everything?

>Dying hungry

Shit meme, tbh.




Becky made the post




Now I remember! For some reason she has access to DeSanto's twitter account or something like that.



Yeah she hacked Desanto social account after she stole the phone, ianother proof Becky is a Mary sue, first she doesn't even get a scratch in a car crash now her stupid ass can hack?


File: 8bfff7e8f3d70d4⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 792x629, 792:629, santa_gun.jpg)



The real kicker here, its nerf branded.


File: 184e699256c014b⋯.png (370.78 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-11-faketweetin.png)


Well i didn't know she was still part of Congress, this is going to be cringy since their collectice iq is that of crabgrass



Fuck off, Willis.


File: eea8d6ba804dc7e⋯.png (18.74 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Reimu_wii_annoyed_frustrat….png)


Has he always shrunk the "e" in DeSanto?

Has "zoomer" as a website or smartphone application been brought up before? If not, never thought I could get AIDS so fast. Bad enough idiots unironically use that term here.



The more embarrassing part is she apparently knew she'd been "hacked" and neither contacted twitter nor publically stated that her verified twitter account which was now pushing a drastic brand shift from her platform was no longer under her control.



Well canonically she's a real dumbass so her not doing that doesn't surprise me at alll




Even then, there ought to be advisors or some such that'd notice and do it for her.


File: bf81dcfe3e95543⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 214x229, 214:229, zoomer.jpg)


In the previous comic's universe the Zoomers were a less shitty version of Ultracar, the talking car that became a robotic Carla because it's a dumb asshole. In this universe it's basically Siri developed by Carla's bullshit family's supertech company. The only previous mention of it I could find was pic related, where it's implied that the tranny scion of fictional google might have access to pretty much anyone's search history. What a great universe.

Since we have an Anon here with some familiarity with Indiana University, is there any reason for a billionaire's kid to go there? Besides him being an embarrassing tranny that can't hack it at an elite school. Even Illinois has better programs for Computer Science or whatever his major is.


Can't remember if she fired them or they left, but after the lesbian thing her advisors were all gone.



>her advisors left

Shouldn't be hard to find more.


Ah, right, I remember now. Thanks.



I was right


IF something doesn't make any sense in DoA remember the answer as to why it is like that is one word: Willis


File: 92f7c41123dbe84⋯.png (379.43 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-12-stunt.png)



Huh, that's actually an interesting, coherent and useful development for once. Let's see how Willis will ruin all this effort.



>Yer little twitter stunt is the only popular thing 'bout me right now!

I thought the idea was that she was against progressivism like fag rights and such because her constituency was conservative Christians. Now she's saying the opposite.

Also, how come I can see her entire face through her hair?

>A' kooky bread

what's that apostrophe doing there?



She lost their support when her sister (Roz i think was her name) caused the whole incident that made her look like aa lesbian and her acting like a stalker.

As for your first question the answer is Willis



>"And a double order of Kooky Bread."

It's supposed to be there as per DeSanto's accent, whatever it is.

>Now she's saying the opposite.

Well, I thought it was simply that that stunt had brought attention to her again. "I'm a victim of faggot hackers! Vote for me!"



Or rather, 'hackers'


Was the Jew Pastor's son who tried to rape Joyce ever brought up again?



Yeah,He went after the girl in >>1050254 because she was the vigilante that helped to stop him from harming Joyce, she flipped the fuck out and took his knife and stabbed him so bad he was sent to the hospital (if he was brought up since i don't know)


File: 5eb907583d2ef3f⋯.png (356.3 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-13-manager.png)


Yet again reality ittself bended to give something Becky doesn't deserve at all


File: 7760ecebca5d754⋯.png (78.66 KB, 500x416, 125:104, SPQR II - Electricus Morte….png)


You'd think she wouldn't even be qualified, but in this day and age, I could see it happen.


File: 5dad4387286ea30⋯.png (365.76 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-14-terms.png)


So what will she take? I'd like to see this one day bite Becky in the ass but since Willis made her into such a Sue i won't hold my breath



>"I want to be enrolled in the next semester of school, tuition included."

I highly doubt DeSanto can do that, but even if she could pull some strings, it'd be pretty dubious.

It'd also be nice if we could see exactly what Becky is doing to her twatter.



Leftist political stuff Willis aprroves is probaly one of the things she post


File: 6bee89a68f13b29⋯.png (141.07 KB, 305x466, 305:466, wind noises.png)


This face looks ripe for editing into other pages.


File: ea4e2f8544ae949⋯.png (372.95 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-15-switched.png)


I don't like the feeling of that i'd prefer a Becky strip but in this instance at least somethinng was happening



>how come I can see her entire face through her hair?

That's not hair, it's a thin orange plastic bag.


File: 503f9cb21b92d5d⋯.png (381.31 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-16-swf.png)




File: 479d30dce432421⋯.png (70.1 KB, 1308x426, 218:71, dutch_anon_speaks_the_trut….PNG)



Since when has that phrase become popular?

Nice one-liner, have an upvote.


File: 67b7f28f74c7853⋯.png (364.92 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-17-lojack.png)




Also, what happened between them exactly? Why does she have his old shoes?



>Nice one-liner, have an upvote.

What do you mean by this?



Read the image.



>muh one-liner

Is that the new meme to defend yourself ironically with a one-liner?

I've seen it pop up often these days.


File: 3bdf5cfefd418b7⋯.jpg (341.26 KB, 1449x2048, 1449:2048, reimu_gopnik.jpg)


>Is that the new meme to defend yourself ironically with a one-liner

What do you mean?

>I've seen it pop up often these days.

I'm not sure I have.

Unless you're referring to single-word posts like "based", "cringe", "yikes", and phrases like "okay, now this is epic", "based and redpilled", etc. in which case, it's not always used to defend yourself, but I suppose it is, if we are following the actual definition of "meme", and not the "it's le funny image on ifunny ecks dee" like morons think it means: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme.

It's pretty cancerous and pointing that out will often get you targeted even if you ask nicely, because these people are arrogant, stupid, overly-emotional, and generally ignorant. It's a shame, really, that these people populate imageboards, but what can you do I guess.

Off-topic sage.



Dammit, *used to defend yourself. But, I suppose that form of post is a "meme"




I see what you mean. It is rather annoying, and I suppose you could add general mockery via greentext and some assortment of smug image, and possibly linking to another board, unless there's a good reason behind it, in which case it should be elaborated. Otherwise, posts that would normally make on do that should just be hidden and ignored, and reported if it's against the rules. I know I've seen other people mention that, and they're told that that's somehow cancerous, but, you know, the "hide" and "filter ID" functions are there for a reason. It used to be that repeated offenders (e.g. quentin) would be met with replies telling them to fuck off. If nothing needs to be said, don't say it, but normalfags don't realize this, hence why twitter exists and why so much inane trash is spewed from that shithole (doesn't help that there's a short character limit, thus forcing people to think with fewer words). There's also the on/off button on one's computer. That's another problem, too. "This is how imageboards work, and I 'know' that because I watched a video on youtube". Imageboards are places to discuss things. Over time, a culture will naturally develop, and often, retards will barely understand it and try to explain to others, so newcomers read those "guides" and they suddenly think they're experts and anyone telling them otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about. Whatever happened to listening to others, really thinking about what they're saying, even if it's batshit insane or retarded? So the seeming minority/outlier may actually be an original, but because the newcommer is arrogant and ignorant, they ignore them, and they're the problem for having an issue with the (now new) majority. Anyway.



*Although, it should also be noted that there's nothing wrong with telling an OP for example that there are people lurking if he is for example drawing, just don't flood it with such posts. A few people teling him that should be enough. It's important to be considerate, which is what people forget. They're too selfish, and don't really care about board quality, the "greater good". Anyway.

Also, smartphone-compatibility was a mistake.



I was tired and didn't want to make a longer post so i though condensing it into a word that summed up my thoughts and feeling for the strip, it was not the bst idea and i should not have been lazy



i assume he visited the dorm where his sister and now-ex are living and he must have been running so she confiscated his shoes and used them to make an example?


File: 241dd87ff82386d⋯.png (345.66 KB, 1000x333, 1000:333, 2019-04-18-worser.png)


File: 25d98953aeebf01⋯.gif (525.35 KB, 500x275, 20:11, smug anime doge.gif)


Uh-oh Willis, giving the man lordship over (one of; I'm totally lost) the females in his life? Isn't that a little sexist?

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