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File: 6a6e1e90d3fcb1a⋯.png (77.85 KB, 150x241, 150:241, squilliam.png)

>he won


Considering the Maroon 5 performance was planned months in advance and the internet's campaign for a Spongebob tribute was catered to at the very last minute, this shouldn't upset people so damn much.



if you aren't going to do something right, you shouldn't do it at all


File: 7e2d8d298c31960⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 750x1457, 750:1457, IMG_20190204_065550.jpg)




Or maybe not fall for last minute advertising.



What is this?


File: 5acb1222ce20e7a⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 395x960, 79:192, ironically.jpg)

File: 578ba290545ccea⋯.jpg (93.64 KB, 750x850, 15:17, Shitposting_is_Shitposting….jpg)



Joke's on you, video is blocked.


File: 7dfae137128b067⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mr kike.jpg)

>“Hey kids! You all ready for Spongebob at the Super Bowl?”


>”All right, here ya go!”


>”Hey kids! Thank you all for coming! Thank you! Listen to plenty of Maroon 5! Augaugaugaugaugaug!”


File: 3fbff34f6db6500⋯.jpg (134.56 KB, 710x537, 710:537, a85810c415df314c029bf59e96….jpg)


File: 992cdde6d8d0836⋯.png (827.93 KB, 802x521, 802:521, crying spongebob.png)


>You promised these fans sweet victory at the halftime show

>but all I saw was



What happened, Spongebob was the Superbowl half time show?

tfw when you come from a country where, during half time at big sporting events, you get pundits discussing how the match is being played. Crazy, I know



so wait they paid to have that small part of squidward animated but ended up not doing it



>Spongebob was the Superbowl half time show?

Only for 3 seconds.



Fans did a petition to have Sweet Victory played at the Superbowl halftime show in honor of the creator dying. Maroon 5 teased that they might in a tweet, and then during the show they played the opening trumpets, before going into one of their other songs.


File: 25b32733a5492b9⋯.png (152.02 KB, 500x822, 250:411, Bubblebowl dissapointment.png)



Why the fuck would they have the voice of squidward and a few seconds of teaser? What was the fucking point of that?



Professional pundits in America know less than anyone else, no matter what the subject is.


File: a9608d9e8da9dcd⋯.mp4 (7.85 MB, 640x800, 4:5, VgN1N_CyTGu5M5vm.mp4)



They hyped it up as a big tease to get more people watching and interested just to see the Spongebob sequence, and then bait-and-switched so they barely had to do anything.


File: f9fac4ee58d193b⋯.mp4 (9.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, NHL actually plays sweet v….mp4)


Meanwhile, in Dallas…


It sure is nice having sweet victory changed up into some nigger rap



I'm surprised they played it at all, but that doesn't make cutting it off only 3 seconds in any less retarded.



Nigger rap sponsored by pepsi, no less.



>planned months in advance

>did nothing but an extrememly generic concert that they could do anywhere else


File: aa0446e51e50f56⋯.png (200.31 KB, 500x276, 125:69, Dewey.png)


I wouldn't have cared if they never played Spongebob or Sweet Victory. But the fact they showed a clip of Spongebob and even mentioned Sweet Victory just to bait viewers was really shitty. I knew it was going to be shit and it was still worse than I expected.


File: d999a11ca07d2cb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.15 KB, 1280x413, 1280:413, 3.jpg)

File: d4d676b3f0e0d6f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 406.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4.jpg)


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