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File: bcdd8b3168af060⋯.jpg (131.02 KB, 620x420, 31:21, d8c53c27698654cdfb2d401dfe….jpg)



>makes a show about multiverse adventures

>limits itself to an Earth high school and a generic kingdom

It really is for the best.


Show should have died before all the shitty love drama.


File: c9cba7deee9c3dc⋯.png (45.26 KB, 196x210, 14:15, star butterfly proud to be….png)


It should have died by episode 1. Shit's unfunny and annoying, though I might watch a Japanese dub, because I think Star's character design is really sexy for some reason.


I actually really enjoyed the cuckposting.



Fucking beta trannies.



dead board


File: 6a921e9e0f70a89⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 569x506, 569:506, 1477467513438.jpg)


>tfw actualy liked season 1 up until the deus ex unicorn

Should I be worried?

Anyway, glad it's ending instead of just getting progressively worse ad infinitum.


Kind of expected it. Similar shows with that art style also have similar problems across all of them. Most of the time, the show peaks early and introduces a forced love triangle or gimmick but it's delaying the inevitable and they'll be forced to end it unsatisfactory. Can't say how Star has been recently since I dropped it unintentionally at the start of season 3 or halfway through it. Maybe it improved but I was starting to already lose interested as season 2 was ending.



Its always been a pretty shit quality show, but cuckqueen posting with you guys and seeing all the star porn made it all worth it.



I'm legitimately surprised that this shit lasted more than one season. I really underestimated the shit taste of tumblr.



If you ever want to keep your shitty cartoon on air longer than it should be just add pointless relationship drama that goes nowhere and add paper thin lore.



You couldn't be more wrong.


I honestly thought it was going to end last season, star is a retarded cuck for being her aunts pawn.


Maybe there will be one last wave on not gay porn.


Reminder that the creator based Star and Marco off herself and her husband. Reminder that it will end with Marco fucking Hekapoo's brains out while Star watches.


File: feec55c231ca0fd⋯.jpg (132.12 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com22.jpg)


Really, because the dynamic very much felt like a "Dharma and Greg" rehash.



>reminder im pulling shit out of my ass

>reminder i dont provide any source of it



Look up Bobby Miller and Daron Nefcy.



>I don't have to educate you shitlord





Here's an interview where she states Star is based heavily on herself to give her flaws, and Marco is based slightly on her husband. A lot of her work has voyeuristic themes, shitdick.



>because I think Star's character design is really sexy for some reason.

Finally someone who gets it. I shit on normalfags who say that lusting atfter 14 year olds is pedophilia. 14 year old females are biologically mature and I certainly won't call them "kids" if they've had multiple sexual partners already.



>if they've had multiple sexual partners already

what kind of third world country you live that 14yo have multiple sexual partner mr pedofag?



Except it's that way in America? In Western Europe? Or even Eastern Europe nowadays outside of isolated rural areas?


File: 67a2054703235a6⋯.png (360.82 KB, 1153x619, 1153:619, Faust.png)


>implying it isn't the other way around


>I'm too inept to make a character so I'll just base it off of my real personal life.

I think this is a striking example of a lack of creativity, which is why it's so prevalent in these CalArts cartoons. I'm not saying it's wrong to draw:^) things from real life or even your personal life into your world (as long as you really know yourself well and can keep things interesting), but there generally should be more to it, and even when elements of characters in fiction are drawn from the creator's own personality, the actual character often ends up being more of a mishmash with other traits from other inspirations. Besides all that, I doubt she or any other of her fellow creators have the introspection needed to really understand themselves.




The dividing line between the two isn't girls having sex at that age or not, it's whether it was with adults or their classmates.



Can't have your cake and eat it too. Either girls that young shouldn't be having any sex or all sex is fine for them.


I've never seen a thread crash and burn this hard before on all of 8chan.



Virgins are always better but if you have to take sloppy seconds, the choice is obvious.



then it means you have been here just for a while you 4summer


>eitherthey are virgin or i can fuck toddlers



I should have specified >>1048599, but my point was that first-world girls tend to be whorish, not so much third-world except for a relative handful of incest or trafficking victims.




>in February



Faust isn't even that hot.


You must be new here.


File: 9dca20dc1151bcf⋯.jpeg (668.24 KB, 1000x1538, 500:769, D1032426-37E2-4528-8797-6….jpeg)



>it’s only summerfag if it’s summer

>what is downunder?

>he thinks 4summer means summer

Get back from where you came from faggalord


File: bba5ccd9b79d553⋯.png (418.51 KB, 3890x2828, 1945:1414, wizard_shrug.png)




Well, there are people who still enjoy the last handful of shitty seasons of MLP, so maybe not?


Kinda stopped watching after the meteoric dip on quality after the season 3 premiere when Marco had to break up with Jackie just because he was visiting Mewni, not only was it forced as shit back into a non-dilated anus, but the guy had dimensional scissors. What was stopping him from visiting Star every Friday or something. God that was retarded.

Season 3 premiere had some issues but was fun, shame they couldn't compensate for killing best villain.

Season 2 second half is the only objectively good this show has done, is guess season 1 and first half of 2 is for some people Like me.

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