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File: bcdd8b3168af060⋯.jpg (131.02 KB, 620x420, 31:21, d8c53c27698654cdfb2d401dfe….jpg)



>makes a show about multiverse adventures

>limits itself to an Earth high school and a generic kingdom

It really is for the best.


Show should have died before all the shitty love drama.


File: c9cba7deee9c3dc⋯.png (45.26 KB, 196x210, 14:15, star butterfly proud to be….png)


It should have died by episode 1. Shit's unfunny and annoying, though I might watch a Japanese dub, because I think Star's character design is really sexy for some reason.


I actually really enjoyed the cuckposting.



Fucking beta trannies.



dead board


File: 6a921e9e0f70a89⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 569x506, 569:506, 1477467513438.jpg)


>tfw actualy liked season 1 up until the deus ex unicorn

Should I be worried?

Anyway, glad it's ending instead of just getting progressively worse ad infinitum.


Kind of expected it. Similar shows with that art style also have similar problems across all of them. Most of the time, the show peaks early and introduces a forced love triangle or gimmick but it's delaying the inevitable and they'll be forced to end it unsatisfactory. Can't say how Star has been recently since I dropped it unintentionally at the start of season 3 or halfway through it. Maybe it improved but I was starting to already lose interested as season 2 was ending.



Its always been a pretty shit quality show, but cuckqueen posting with you guys and seeing all the star porn made it all worth it.



I'm legitimately surprised that this shit lasted more than one season. I really underestimated the shit taste of tumblr.



If you ever want to keep your shitty cartoon on air longer than it should be just add pointless relationship drama that goes nowhere and add paper thin lore.



You couldn't be more wrong.


I honestly thought it was going to end last season, star is a retarded cuck for being her aunts pawn.


Reminder that the creator based Star and Marco off herself and her husband. Reminder that it will end with Marco fucking Hekapoo's brains out while Star watches.


File: feec55c231ca0fd⋯.jpg (132.12 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com22.jpg)


Really, because the dynamic very much felt like a "Dharma and Greg" rehash.



>reminder im pulling shit out of my ass

>reminder i dont provide any source of it



Look up Bobby Miller and Daron Nefcy.



>I don't have to educate you shitlord





Here's an interview where she states Star is based heavily on herself to give her flaws, and Marco is based slightly on her husband. A lot of her work has voyeuristic themes, shitdick.



>because I think Star's character design is really sexy for some reason.

Finally someone who gets it. I shit on normalfags who say that lusting atfter 14 year olds is pedophilia. 14 year old females are biologically mature and I certainly won't call them "kids" if they've had multiple sexual partners already.



>if they've had multiple sexual partners already

what kind of third world country you live that 14yo have multiple sexual partner mr pedofag?



Except it's that way in America? In Western Europe? Or even Eastern Europe nowadays outside of isolated rural areas?


File: 67a2054703235a6⋯.png (360.82 KB, 1153x619, 1153:619, Faust.png)


>implying it isn't the other way around


>I'm too inept to make a character so I'll just base it off of my real personal life.

I think this is a striking example of a lack of creativity, which is why it's so prevalent in these CalArts cartoons. I'm not saying it's wrong to draw:^) things from real life or even your personal life into your world (as long as you really know yourself well and can keep things interesting), but there generally should be more to it, and even when elements of characters in fiction are drawn from the creator's own personality, the actual character often ends up being more of a mishmash with other traits from other inspirations. Besides all that, I doubt she or any other of her fellow creators have the introspection needed to really understand themselves.




The dividing line between the two isn't girls having sex at that age or not, it's whether it was with adults or their classmates.



Can't have your cake and eat it too. Either girls that young shouldn't be having any sex or all sex is fine for them.


I've never seen a thread crash and burn this hard before on all of 8chan.



Virgins are always better but if you have to take sloppy seconds, the choice is obvious.



then it means you have been here just for a while you 4summer


>eitherthey are virgin or i can fuck toddlers



I should have specified >>1048599, but my point was that first-world girls tend to be whorish, not so much third-world except for a relative handful of incest or trafficking victims.




>in February



Faust isn't even that hot.


You must be new here.


File: 9dca20dc1151bcf⋯.jpeg (668.24 KB, 1000x1538, 500:769, D1032426-37E2-4528-8797-6….jpeg)



>it’s only summerfag if it’s summer

>what is downunder?

>he thinks 4summer means summer

Get back from where you came from faggalord


File: bba5ccd9b79d553⋯.png (418.51 KB, 3890x2828, 1945:1414, wizard_shrug.png)




Well, there are people who still enjoy the last handful of shitty seasons of MLP, so maybe not?


Kinda stopped watching after the meteoric dip on quality after the season 3 premiere when Marco had to break up with Jackie just because he was visiting Mewni, not only was it forced as shit back into a non-dilated anus, but the guy had dimensional scissors. What was stopping him from visiting Star every Friday or something. God that was retarded.

Season 3 premiere had some issues but was fun, shame they couldn't compensate for killing best villain.

Season 2 second half is the only objectively good this show has done, is guess season 1 and first half of 2 is for some people Like me.



Yeah she is hot enough for a white person though




I always liked Ludo as the villain best, but Toffee actually felt dangerous. I hope they at least bring him back as the villain of the last season. Redemption would be stupid.



Who's the self-hating faggot who made this comic page?



Garth Ennis

its from jennifer blood, a muh wyman power where the protagonist is actually the villain. its ok but toward the end it goes pantsu on the headu retard

i dont really want to story time it but if some anon ask i will


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




They really dropped the ball killing off toffee. He was the most intimidating villain they had and the love drama and politics didn’t really start until after he died showing they had no idea how to continue it. Yes someone will point out how it existed in some form before, but it didn’t go full throttle until after toffee got axed.


File: 8994a3b7c95a8e5⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S1E10_Jackie_Lynn_Thomas_a….png)

The show had a strong start, peaked early in season 2 with the brilliant "Ludo in the Wild" episodes, then, after Toffee's demise, became a rambling exercise in pointlessness. Meteora was a crap villain with not an ounce of Toffee's chilling corporate evilness or Ludo's underdog appeal.


To me it's Jackie. God, that body. Hope they at least bring her back in S4.



Unless they actually kiss by the end of it, it wasn't worth it.

The point of an obvious romance is to just get it over with, not to make us stick around like it's some soap opera worth building up to.

I guess that's how they earn their money…

Anyways, until then, we're stuck with this:



I'm actually 12, so it's ok…



>just get it over with

>links 148 page porn comic


File: 83fed4f701b38c7⋯.jpg (12.16 KB, 255x187, 15:11, T1.jpg)

File: 478e3e72ba4da93⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 500x498, 250:249, Viv.jpg)


why is the art so bad though… if a page of people talking looks so bad, I dont wanna see the rest.


File: 7fdf9caf14738d4⋯.png (430.48 KB, 1200x509, 1200:509, disgusted_together.PNG)



Why do promos have to be so shitty? Why can't they be creative with them without doing every fucking Hollywood ad cliche imaginable? Don't they realize what their marketing research tells them people enjoy becomes bland after awhile?


File: f0ac3c158659478⋯.jpg (72.19 KB, 577x629, 577:629, 2% Milk.jpg)




File: 6ee2fe8efd2e485⋯.png (112.64 KB, 600x632, 75:79, cheevo_upset.png)

Why do plenty of western cartoons or plenty of oriental cartoons seem pretty bland compared to, say, Beowulf or the Mahābhārata or religious texts like the Bible? I can think of plenty of more interesting overall plots than a lot of these cartoons. I know most things tend to be shit or mediocre compared to a select few, but I just don't understand how they have trouble coming up with ideas when they've only used a handful, as in this case apparently.



>old people fear new technology so visual entertainment gets held to a higher standard than books

>old people fear new things in general so new works in general are scrutinized more than old ones (rape is fine in ancient text but how dare you write a story with bondage)

>people still run with the stereotype that animation is mainly supposed to be for kids and use that as an excuse to ban anything too sexual

>religious fundamentalists call sacrilege if anything is too violent or epic

>on top of all this suffocation, Disney executives are so desperate to protect the brand that they're more afraid of making people angry rather than bored



Oh please, it's not 2002.



>comparing a cartoon with a legendary novel, an apocalictic text and a religous book

are you retarded?



>Bro it's a cartoon it doesn't need to live up to the standards of other media it's like for entertainment/kids/shit.


File: ac0fae1d4adadc4⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_0783.jpg)


>kids make a pasta drawing

<reeeeee its shit because leonardo da vinci made the sistine chapel

>chick makes a fanfic.net homoerotic novel

<reeeeeee its shit cause tolkien made an entire lenguage for his book

yes, you are retarded



kill you're self and remove yourselve from the genie pool



>cant spell

>cant read

>cant even make a logical argument

3/10 made me reply



>expect something good from Disney

Well you got me there anon. I was expecting way too much especially in [CURRENT YEAR]+4



Barely anyone watches cartoons anymore for networks to justify a budget that large, and even if they did, it still wouldn't be enough. Television is a cartel that is barely profitable by design, so there's no point in making a cartoon in the style of an epic if it's going to run at a loss.



>Bro it's still just a drawing made by kids, like stop advocating for better standards in animation

Fuck off back to >>>/v/. Enjoy your incoming migrants thanks to Mark inviting them in.



Take your board warring shit somewhere else.



Kill yourself manchild for taking a children’s cartoon seriously



>yes, you are retarded

Don't assume that >>1051609 is me, dolt.


File: 8a072c95be7b5b4⋯.png (416.21 KB, 425x520, 85:104, 1515925771.png)

File: c839370ea22e4b3⋯.jpg (36.11 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1418907617146_Sakura_humph.jpg)


But there are plenty of ways (albeit risky in the eyes of entrepreneurs, which one would think would make the ideas even more appealing to them…) to produce good content and still make a profit. I guess my post was more a rhetorical complaint then a genuine question.


File: 5d31b9bcea49cc8⋯.jpg (107.51 KB, 635x404, 635:404, anglo-saxons.jpg)


*Also, Beowulf is not a novel, it is an epic poem.



i guess we really need ID then :^)



and the Mahābhārata aint apocaliptic either


File: 9c8d6598c1cf9b6⋯.jpg (81.67 KB, 850x284, 425:142, laughing sluts.jpg)


>/v/ermin calling anyone else a manchild


File: 928d69e6c72beef⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1410x790, 141:79, 1552211862255.png)




Gentlemen please, you are both trash.


File: 28f8b01d577cb7e⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 272x290, 136:145, Love Bug Star 1.webm)


File: 1bac575fb5e5813⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 383x396, 383:396, 1464565181383-1.jpg)


Where did I say that?


Keep post history private, as per 8fag's global rules. Faggot.

That has absolutely fucking nothing to do with IDs. It's you're assumptive-ass's fault. Anons past weren't so assumptive, so there was normally no issue.



STAR is trash


File: 8241ce8d7a9af13⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.29 KB, 168x299, 168:299, spades.jpg)


on a scale of fucked to fucked, how fucked is the episode?



yes but RAPE star is preddy gud




Good, its been stretched out far enough.



If you think this is bad on later episodes star gets horny of a buff nigger chick.


File: 9fbfcb0ca83ae37⋯.jpg (170.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1552847309657.jpg)

File: 3820ad0569d4a9c⋯.jpg (149.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1552847375023.jpg)

File: ff544d89b6e8ad3⋯.jpg (278.04 KB, 1600x899, 1600:899, 1552850028808.jpg)

File: e480994818b3cc8⋯.png (3.88 MB, 1596x2696, 399:674, 1552850478287.png)


File: 13a83a73681f568⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 350x350, 1:1, meh.jpg)

File: 882b5997e2c90bf⋯.jpg (340.97 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, Frog-King-Zipes.jpg)


The moment I saw those reverent things I though "oh, this is gonna be one of those subventions where they are actually the good guys".

I can't wait till subversive tropes become so decayed and mainstream that the classical fairy tale tropes become the new bleeding edge subversive culture again.



there's also the unironic "smash the patriarchy"


File: 352290efee9f8a0⋯.jpg (549.91 KB, 1645x1505, 47:43, SPOILER_No_Way_Fag_Amoniac….jpg)

File: 6cca7b2c2ba6b9e⋯.webm (10.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, StarShill.webm)


File: 284592b3b179c63⋯.jpg (156.68 KB, 543x768, 181:256, gravity falls despair.jpg)

>calarts cancer show has a lot of hype

>watch it, very surprisingly impressed

>it ends

>apparently similar show by what appears to be the same studio appears

>watch it too



>show starts off with zero meaningful continuity or arc-based plotting ahead, and zero serious political ambitions on the writers' part, continuing in purely episodic "team rocket blasts off again!" episodes of beating up monsters with no tonal seriousness whatsoever

>during this period, there's an incredibly cringe-y throwaway thanksgiving day episode that describes the history of the princess's kingdom as analogous to burgerstan's, with them settling from the show never says elsewhere as colonists and driving out the poor widdle native monsters for muh oppreshunz. it also gives her kingdom an inexplicable obsession with corn, which remains their sole distinctive cultural characteristic for the remainder of the show

<if taken at face value, it also seems to imply that real-life europeans in medieval europe historically popped up from pure vacuum in outer space or whatever if taken at face value

>this episode is throwaway, so the writers don't pay anything in it the slightest mind, but i immediately knew on watching that it was going to cause the writers huge problems down the road

>princess is a huge spoiled thot whose primary passtimes are partying, clubbing, buying frivolous stuff, and making messes. all of her friends are the same except worse. male lead is the only somewhat responsible character, but is portrayed as an inveterate loser and a total beta in a very unsympathetic way not to mention he's a literal cuckold, but there's plenty of agonizing cuckoldry and cuckqueening to go around for every character of both sexes and every age

>later (like, WELL INTO season two) the writers start hurriedly cobbling together a metaplot from mismatched random silly elements of earlier episodes, and turn it into something serious, with basically zero planning going into the effort

>centers around muh poor monsters who need more corn gibs for muh projects and dindunuffin cuz they had it hard growin up, even as comedic evil acts of monsters linger in a way the show completely fails to comment on in an intentionally aware way

>the kingdom of which the protagonist is a princess is an absolute feudal monarchy, and not the cuddly sparkles and unicorns kind. the peasants are portrayed as desperately poor, filthy, and diseased, with the show making constant harsh jokes at their expense for the crimes of being dirty literal peasants, while the princess and her family repeatedly bankrupt the kingdom for giant parties and traveling to magical interdimensional dance clubs

>the princess's primary reform on ascending to a "responsible and mature" position as an active member of the ruling monarchy is… an equal rights movement for monsters

>song literally refers to her as a "rebel princess"

>numerous other annoying points, like the strongest father figure in the series being an adoptive parent, and the male lead getting a massive boost in manliness/confidence/experience/maturity in a timeskip episode that gets thrown away and never mentioned again by its end

>final arc for season 3 is about how the protagonist's legendary super evil ancestor ackshually dunduniffin, her corrosive brainraping evil magic is totally innocent, and a forgettable comedic throwaway character is the superior lifeform, born of super hot monster sex (cheating on her husband) that got both of them exiled, excommunicated, sealed in a magical crystal, and wiped from history, boohoo. also a bunch of peasants were stomped on but who cares

>opening song lyrics for season 3 literally began "she's a rebel princess"

And that's just the show's political problems. EVERY element of the show is frustratingly flawed, and every iota of potential completely wasted. It just boggles my mind.


File: d0e906c3d7639cf⋯.webm (294.23 KB, 640x352, 20:11, d0e906c3d7639cf9c2f362233….webm)



Hoo boy, aint this some bullshit.


File: e80bc76fcdcd3a5⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 850x689, 850:689, 20190318.jpg)



Both are Disney XD junk with unlikeable female protagonists. I will concede that Gravity Falls is the better show of the two though.


File: 158a169aa22f284⋯.jpg (342.3 KB, 3021x2365, 3021:2365, butterfly.jpg)

File: 38109b79a24c7ab⋯.jpg (165.27 KB, 533x700, 533:700, kali.jpg)

File: 3d8393bbeb799b8⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 2108x2919, 2108:2919, Sheshashayi_Vishnu.jpg)


He didn't say that, and don't just make another shitpost in response, try to explain your reasoning. This isn't social media.


Learn to format. Contrary to popular belief, greentext is harder to read, and is a poor way of properly conveying something, as the thinking one does as he writes something out in that format is more simplistic (that goes for all the stupid jargon as well, one of which, "thot", is a foreign word that doesn't belong here; "roastie" means the same thing, if you must use jargon).

Also, off-topic, but Gravity Falls could have been a lot better. I still need to catch up, but from what other anons said around the time it ended, it had gotten worse, especially as Mabel got away with shit she should not have (apparently, Hirsch based her off his sister; there's an image about it, but I don't have it on me, so take that with a grain of salt, though I will say that it compounds with >>1048599 ).


Lord forbid they do something interesting with this form.


File: 1d653cbf699fe59⋯.jpeg (298.64 KB, 1280x669, 1280:669, amber.jpeg)



Yeah, GF wasn't perfect in every way, but everything it put serious effort into, it succeeded at marvelously. The deepest and shallowest parts of the backstory were plotted out with incredible care, the characters had solid developmental arcs, there are little bits of foreshadowing and symbolism densely sprinkled throughout the show (the killer example, for me, was the totem pole), seemingly unrelated characters/events/locations from older episodes are carefully integrated into later ones, plus both the show and individual episodes seamlessly blend comedic and dramatic elements. Beyond that, the show is just well executed. The dialog is good, the jokes are funny, the visual design (artstyle aside) is imaginative and compelling, the characters are genuine and appealing, and what messages or agenda the show carries are tasteful and sincere.


Sorry, my autistic rage at this dumpsterfire of a cartoon's persistence got the better of me. Also, the main problem with Star vs. is quite simply its lack of adherence to any coherent authorial intent I could draw broader patterns from, so the only way to really engage with it is to list its innumerable fuckups one at a time.

It's so obvious that the show was never intended to have an arc-based plot, character development, (in spite of the name) any serious villains and heroes, nor any depth to the setting, all of which irreparably turned the show into a hodgepodge of ill-fitting bits and pieces. But even in the initial episodes that weren't trying to be serious, every early element is so badly fumbled. The characters are introduced as a given bundle of stereotypes, but immediately fall into something else they they never really move on from (Star is sold as a scrappy warrior tomboy, but is instead a fageoisie city girl; Marco is supposed to be a nebbishy stick-in-the-mud, but is willing to go along with pretty much anything and situationally a powerful athlete). The tone of the show constantly drops the ball both inventing and exploiting ideas, too, for instance with Star's lolsorandumb narwal bacon spells, which should be indicitive of her creative sponteneity in lieu of the "proper" old spells in the book, but are instead reused and made mundane to the extent they are characterized as literal punchclock office drones inside the wand.

Like the OP said, can you imagine if they really did a trippy, imaginative show about transdimensional adventure, something like a kiddy Chronicles of Amber?

>from what other anons said around the time it ended, it had gotten worse, especially as Mabel got away with shit she should not have

It was pretty clearly stated that Mabel still had more growing up to do than Dipper by the finale, and Dipper's saving her from childish solipsism was portrayed as a triumph against the exact bitter falling out that nearly doomed their uncles before them.




>I can't wait till subversive tropes become so decayed and mainstream that the classical fairy tale tropes become the new bleeding edge subversive culture again.

That happened decades ago.



Yeah, I've heard of that. I seriously have no idea how that's supposed to work in live-action, even with a colossal special effects budget.



What episodes would you recommend watching? I'm curious for reasons….



*To specify, episodes that might be needed if one was to try to get an understanding for the world, however contradictory.



My beef with gravity falls is the ending's cop out. It took all the pathos out of it. Like there's never any consequences. I get that this is a kid's show, but still.

Spoiler: They still could have sailed the world even if Stan didn't get all his memories back.



Key episodes that caused problems for the writers and illustrated their shortcomings:


This would set a pattern for a lot of other episodes about monsters being comedically Always Chaotic Evil, particularly Buff Frog, that clashed terribly with later attempts at dindunuffin characterization.


Here's where the heinous superpowered tragic villain of the 3rd season was recycled from, a cookiecutter random shallow joke character for a forgettable throwaway episode! Also, why DOESN'T Marco just reveal he's a dude surrounded by naughty cockstarved princesses?


The start of the halfhearted Very Important Message™ "Mewni=Amerikkka+Crusader States" wokeness


This season finale, as with everything later that's supposedly momentous in the show, has the good guys (usually Star) fucking up, "losing something forever", and then it comes back better than ever a few episodes later.


A perfect example of the show's incompetence. This is sort of what it should normally be, except it just proves the writers can't reliably even hack an average Samurai Jack episode.


Sure, Marco is supposed to be pathetic, but apparently he can't he even have his martial arts. Even his teacher has to be turned into an emasculated manchild too.


Wow, an extended scene about how great liberal democracy is. I'll bet this won't feel REALLY AWKWARD in retrospect if the show ever decides to try taking itself seriously.


Probably the worst continuity fuckup in the entire series. Just unbelievable. Even the timeworn "partial amnesia" gimmick would've papered it over if they really wanted to do this episode without giving Marco any character growth.


The cuckshit starts in earnest. It just goes on and on from here with characters in relationships kissing other people, and breaking up for no adequately explained reason.


The show finally decides to start taking itself seriously, and there is soooo much tonal baggage that has to be dumped. First among these, if Ludo is an actual threat, why wasn't he stomped flat back in the single-digit episodes when he was pestering Star every day?


Eclipsa is revealed, with each revelation making her lamer and lamer. Also, the unquestionably dangerous and corrupting nature of her magic is recharacterized as schizophrenically as possible.


Probably the most widely hated episode of the series in-fandom. Why not have a long distance relationship? The scissors, the cellphones, the portals, the mirrors… It just goes on and on. Leaving aside the plotholes, what about the storysmithing angle, why throw away everything you've spent whole arcs characterizing, just for more pointless, agonizing cuckshit?


I've already gone on and on about the show's inconsistent characterization of "monsters", but this episode actually has a brief moment of self-awareness, when it admits that other kangdoms on equal standing with Star's (demons from hell, floating unicorn heads, pigeons squatting in a random empty castle, etc.) are completely indistinguishable from them.


Broader context of the show aside, this is probably the worst episode in the series, standalone. Boring, stupid, pointless.


What an absolute shitshow. Glossaryck "j-j-j-just pretending to be retarded!" takes the cake.




Episodes I actually really liked:


Wacky, creative, and otherworldly, like the inside of a Salvidor Dali painting.


Moon is about a thousand times better than Star as a protag. Young!Toffee (let's name our sooper spoopy character something randumb, how cuhraaazy! Ugh) is a way better villain than anything in any other arc. Eclipsa is still ambiguously (and sparsely) characterized enough to feel potentially cool. About the only quibble I had was young!River being meek and dainty, in direct contrast to both his adult personality, and the rest of his family as shown in every other episode, being rowdy fur-clad barbarians.


Cuckshit aside, the depiction of therapy as painful, slow, difficult, but useful, viewed in contrast to the daily agony of dysfunction itself, was refreshing. It felt far more sophisticated and heartfelt than the show usually does on "serious" issues, pulling zero punches without tripping over its own feet. Probably because the creators and their friends are all psych cases in and out of therapy lifelong IRL. Note that I myself have never been on that end of it, but some of my family were professional shrinks and other related health workers.


To be fair, the impermanence of its effects were presaged in earlier episodes, but I agree it did detract from the finale's emotional impact. Also, even done well that sort of thing tends to be controversial. One example I found impressively brilliant, but a lot of people got super buttmad over, was Fullmetal Alchemist's manga/Brotherhood finale, when the souls of Amestris were put back into their bodies by a counter-transmutation using the moon's shadow, and especially when Ed avoided using others' souls to restore Al, by sacrificing his own alchemical gate.




Oops, should be




The FMA finale was brilliant on multiple levels. It worked within the rules of the world didn't feel like an ass-pull, more like surprising outside-the box thinking, that makes perfect sense once you saw it , and it also served a story perspective, sacrificing the macguffin powers and emphasizing Ed's growth trough interpersonal connection and hardship . Most importantly, the effects stuck. The sacrifice was permanent. Ed got his brother back, but lost his alchemy (which at the beginning he considered his defining trait) and leg. An he's ok with that. . That made it great. "What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been, just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl, not even with alchemy".

Dunno why, but I feel like Wander over Yonder would have also done things right. Just seemed like that kind of show. Too bad that one got canceled.



Yeah, that Amestris souls thing can be considered a bit of a stretch, but it cost Hohenheim's souls/life force and lifetimes of work to make that work. I think it gets a pass.


File: d6a73769c5ab12f⋯.gif (63 KB, 501x335, 501:335, oboy.gif)


Eclipsa : muhahahaha! I am casting evil spells.

Star: don't be evil. Evil is bad. We cant friends if ur evil.

Eclipsa : I am sad youre sad. You are right.

Star: wohoo! I am mature. Look at me adulting.

*insert Tomarco gay shit in background*




Isn't this the average Steven Universe boss fight, minus a song?


File: 4e4d2ec2bfa3b2a⋯.gif (36.38 KB, 751x252, 751:252, d6a73769c5ab12f46cacfd6375….gif)


>Yadda Yadda Berries

Eclipsa din do nuthing. It's the mewmans that are evil and sneaky with their assassination attempts (yadda berries turn whoever eats them to stone). Eclipsa even forgives them. Watchable because Star tries to solve the "case" of who did it, she and Marco go on adventure.

>Down by the river

Opens with mewmans living in giant monster house with giant furniture having to move out because Eclipsa gave all the former monster property back to the monsters.

<Yeah, perfect parallel to muricans. They didn't build civilization and architecture on murica, they just stole it. It was already there lol.

Then the moving mewman family meet (former) king River (totally retarded) and Moon living near a river. Then it gets so boring I couldn't watch anymore.

Welp, I'm out.


File: c0f8acecdc59c04⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.36 KB, 668x500, 167:125, You make me sad.jpg)


No anon-kun don't leave.


File: 328a116d64c68b4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.92 KB, 479x504, 479:504, The_Sovereign-Jonas.jpg)


I'll be back in 8 years to shitpost when the new season of Venture Bros comes out.



Godspeed, anon, I hope many good shitposts await.


The last two episodes we're especially cringy.

Also, leave it to a commiefornian woman to think up a world that has no money and runs on violence.


Star Vs Forces of Evil destroyed everything that was good in the early seasons had build.



8 years? Very optimistic of you anon.



I think the worst part is how good the dynamic was between Star and Marco when they were just friends without any romance drama. Why break something that wasn't broken?



Yeah, seeing how fucking slow the writers are making Venture Bros. it will take at least 8 or more years, sucks that i might not be alive to see the next season seeing how sluggish it is to arrive. Well see ya by then if that happens.



Il take slow quality over fast garbage.



I mean I do desire sexual tension in later seasons but it just sucked



I think the biggest problem is Disney. You can have a soul-sucking villain but you have to show everything is back to normal after their defeat. You can have love triangles but whoever gets hurt has to talk about it and agree to be friends. Hell, even Glossaryck's death was too much so they brought him back as a retarded dog. Same problem as Stan's mind-wipe in Gravity falls, any points of drama have to be heavily subdued.


File: 1d29e16210e4715⋯.jpg (109.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ludo.jpg)

Todays batch of new episodes. Unsurprisingly the worst episode in this set is the only one to feature the two main characters, and that's coming from someone who likes Star and Marco.





I hope we see a really competent evil Ludo by the end of the show. Hes really the best part about this entire thing.


File: e441d82633b76d9⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 595x391, 35:23, moon.jpg)

>Star could get hurt

>"lol fuck it, who cares"

well its obvious nefcy stopped caring



Of course, what good parent would send their child to an alternate dimension fro schooling?



Kim Jong Un was schooled in the west, so…


Ill be honest, The episodes this week were so forgettable that I actually forgot that I watched them until I sat down to do it again.

The knight one was way better than the kidnapping one, but that is not a very high bar.

The episode with Janna and Tom had a good moral I guess? Janna didnt seem to learn anything at all, but Tom moved past his relationship with Star to do something on his own at the end. Still not that great.

The spells episode was meh. I dont like characters that passive and whiny very much, and the new spells were giant dicks despite it being sort of reasonable in the situation. They could have been more forthcoming with the situation but I guess that was the point.


File: 2ed33d8345a072f⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 720x505, 144:101, 1435352479999.jpg)

File: 5ebe3674452a694⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 270x360, 3:4, lumdance.gif)


Season 1 was the only good thing about this shitshow. The only good thing to come after that was the cuck memes. >>1048298



Its because she's a tumblrized Lum with blonde hair.

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