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File: d8e6fa6cab77c66⋯.jpg (71.31 KB, 500x669, 500:669, d.jpg)


Have you become jaded by the state of the (((industry)))? To the loop of non-consequential death, rehashed plots, disrespect to original creators and fans, outrage-baiting changes to characters and constant virtue signalling? If so, what was the point where the rose-tinted glasses fell off?


>what was the point where the rose-tinted glasses fell off?

I think it was Civil War and One More Day that did it for me. The former showed me first-hand the garbage a constantly-shifting writing team that doesn't communicate can make, and the latter was a load of shit made solely so Quesada and his fags could get back the Peter they grew up with. I never really recovered, and I wasn't into DC enough to jump ship. The SJWshit starting not long after only prevented me from coming back.


When they made superman a toothpaste mascot. Forgot what the official name of it was but he looked like he should be selling me Crest. Probably mid to late 90s. Came back when New 52 came out and tried to keep up but realized the same shit I complained about was still present in there and never came back, at least for the main 2 comics.

I'm not sure for cartoons. Maybe Problem Solverz. For something like that to be approved to be shown on TV with it's color palette making it unwatchable and poor humor, I might have lost faith in the decision making behind the companies that funded it.


File: 005abdbab014fef⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 300x300, 1:1, superman_iii_taking_a_shot.jpg)

It all started with Batman: Hush, an event that even as a kid struck me as something for fanboys. Then Identity Crisis came along, followed by "Countdown to Infinte Crisis. Finally, after all that grimness and gore, what finally killed it was Detective Comics #833 and #834. Paul Dini was writing, and after a first issue where it seemed like he was going to do something different with the Joker, perhaps moving him away from a serial killer, only for the next issue to reveal that The Joker's plot was just more serial killing.

That was the point when I realized nothing was ever going to get better.


File: 2b1e1d277be8c81⋯.jpg (277.54 KB, 1000x809, 1000:809, narancia reading.jpg)

I got deep into comics when I was really depressed in 2013. I gave up a few years later after it really clicked that nothing makes any fucking sense, continuity is practically non-existent when it should be the biggest thing, and that politics were taking over the industry completely. So yeah. Things have only gotten worse from there. I wish I could take back all the money I spent on those trades back then.

Just read manga, kids. You'll be a lot happier with the variety and quality you get out of the medium than you do with comics. Biggest problem is some grammar/typo issues in translations. But those are very few and far between from series to series.


inb4 blackpill nigger derails the thread



>Implying he isn't op



He would mention that everything is doomed forever and that the feminists are our overlords, its his trademark.



/v/ here, he also posts there, on /tech/, /pol/, /k/ and /vg/.

Seriously though, it feels like American entertainment is down the shitter, unless you're actively searching and digging for quality and lesser known quality stuff, videogames, comics, music, movies, all of those have gone down the shitter



> unless you're actively searching and digging

Welcome to /co/ for the last 4 years.


File: 9b7af81be80cb5c⋯.jpg (162.83 KB, 1174x850, 587:425, Grzegorz Rosiński Thorgal ….jpg)

Reading them jaded me. Realizing that they mostly have no takes or payoff, are usually written and illustrated by hacks, and rarely offer anything new or creative. Dislike was only multiplied once I learned of all dumb bullshit that both DC and Marvel pulled over the years.

>Be a Slav

>Grow up reading European comics and comics in magazines

>Mainly Don Rosa, Asterix, Tintin, Thorgal etc.

>Get interested in capes, but TV shows and cartoons are the only reliable capeshit fix

>Choice as fat as capes go are either 80s Spider-Man, 80s and 90s X-Men, or DCAU based comics

>Finding contemporary capes is difficult

>Finding most recent Venom, Lobo, Spawn, or The Crow is easier than locating a Superman comic released in the U.S. within 5 years

>Eventually more capeshit gets translated and published

>Books are shit

>Think 'Publishers were cheap and clueless so they did not translate the good stories' and give up on big two capes

>Migrate to the U.S. a few years later

>Learn English well enough to read and understand everything

>Be excited to finally go to the comic book store in the neighborhood and be able to purchase good, contemporary, American comics

>Open Spider-Man comic

>No secret identity, art is shit, and Spider-Man is fist-fighting JJJ in an empty boxing gym

>Most other DC and Marvel books are clusterfucks of Infinity Crisis and Civil War

>Ask cashier is they have new Thorgal

<Thor is right there

>Try to explain Thogal in my broken English

>Cashier has no idea what I am talking about

>Leave comic shop with Venom that totally is not a thing ripoff, Hellboy, Hush that clerk recommended to me, and Girls

>Out of these books, only Hellboy and Girls weren't bad

I tried getting into capes few more times, but most of the times comics were average at best. They just offered very little compared to other comics and big two have to rely on cheap gimmicks to sustain dwindling reader interest. I will occasionally check something from big two if it look interesting enough. Once in a blue moon it is actually good for a change. Nowdays I stick mainly to indie, European, Japanese, and old comics.


Adventure time

>Previews of the show made it seem pretty shit

>After it had been out a bit, episodes like Dad's Dungeon, The Limit, and Card War's got me interested

>Think it was retarded but kinda fun cartoon that had a few bro-tier moments…

>…Until time marched on and made me realize how shit it was as a series after a few seasons.


File: 4c9d528ffa3a25a⋯.png (407.23 KB, 552x293, 552:293, european comics.PNG)


I picked up Civil War way too late on the event but I flied with it because I didn't know better, then it was the new Avengers publication, 6 issues or so they dropped the current storyline because it was event time, i though "cool now I can now read it from the start" but little I know that the event was Fear Itself and oh boy it was the most convoluted shit that I have read to that point I had to buy fucking issues form series that I didn't give a fuck if I wanted to understand the story. The boiling point was when I loss one only ONE issue for all that shit and for my luck it was the one where all that shitshow got resolved but and that point I didn't care. After that it was the same as everyone: SJW shit was getting introduced, Spiderman is now a nigger and Thor a woman, I stopped caring and moved to Manga and European comics pretty good call because I realized that superhero comics were the lowest of the lowest in this medium.

With cartoons it was when everyone started to praise and imitate Adventure Time despite the fact that looked ugly, it was lolsoramdun unfunny shit to later become 3deep5you and that in general animation went to shit.


File: 9b9793278a2b20e⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 420x480, 7:8, david in tears.jpg)

I wonder idly sometimes what would happen if the Comics Code never happened and the combination of kikes wanting to kill competition for their monopolies and overprotective soccer moms never murdered crime and noir comics.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: c77ba25ca1a3f76⋯.png (132.49 KB, 371x446, 371:446, mokey.png)

The moment Adventure Time started was the moment my life began going on a downwards spiral and now I'm here.

I want to tear out the throats of Britbong Wart and anyone who unironically enjoyed it even for the first season.



>The moment Adventure Time started was the moment my life began going on a downwards spiral and now I'm here.

I can get blaming it for starting trends in the industry, but how did it ruin your life? Do you think it runs on voodoo or something?

Also, the first two seasons were good; get fucked.


File: d5f005117ac6c2d⋯.jpeg (32.06 KB, 500x342, 250:171, d5f005117ac6c2da6100689c0….jpeg)


All I want is for stakes to matter and plots to tie themselves off into satisfying endings.



The moment Adventure Time started the moment my life got worse and worse, I can't tell you how bad it's been. I don't know what it was about that cartoon but it marked the beginning of the end. People cite 9/11 as being a major universal turning point, because everyone suddenly focused on it one way or another. I see AT in that same right. A symbolic turning point for the world, for the worse.

>Also, the first two seasons were good; get fucked

Drop a concrete block over your head faggot. The first two seasons were shit and only retards liked them, but at least it wasn't as bad as the fags who enjoyed post season 2.




Boo fucking hoo, life is hard get over it.


File: 6381f845ebce73d⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, Immortal Cuck.jpg)



>inb4 "COMICS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN POLITICAL", as if that somehow means they've always been radically insane SJW bullshit

>inb4 "THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN BAD STORIES", as if that somehow excuses that 100% of bad stories these days are because of SJW bullshit.

>inb4 "LOOK AT THESE OTHER PROBLEMS", in an attempt to distract from the SJW cancer that made big two comics not even worth stealing anymore.


With cartoons, I want to see more actually get fucking finales that can wrap up everything instead of just getting cancelled or getting an unresolved clifflanger. I don't see the point of even doing cliffhangers anymore unless you have already been greenlit for another season in advance.


We could have gotten a industry where the story quality could have been higher as means to to stand out or even more self contained stories.

Instead of cape comics dominating, we could have a bigger spread of comics focusing on other genres like westerns, adventure, sci-fi or medieval fantasy instead of versions of those staring capes.


I think my point for being jaded on comics was when I used to read the Sonic Comics I know.. I don't remember the storyline but I remember that it had knuckles with… Another Knuckles. This was before the Ken Penders train really went off the rails with the echidnas and I thought it was stupid and lazy, and that's coming from a stupid kid.

For cartoons, it was CN Real.

"Let's cancel all of our best programming in favor of something no one wants to watch on our network that's meant for cartoons"

And they kept the worse cartoons like Johny Test going while axing one of their most popular blocks Toonami.

To this day I still have a deep hatred for Andrew WK because of how forceful he was in pushing this garbage because he had a shitty show no one watched on there, the entire exec board who thought it was a good idea, and the channel itself for becoming a cesspit because after such a blunder they couldn't afford good animation anymore.


File: ccd70e1ce0dcfba⋯.mp4 (358.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, new fag meets old fag.mp4)


>he only got jaded in 2014

Fucking newfag.



I always disliked big two, but became jaded after learning more of their involvement in crippling the medium multiple times and treating creators like shit. Their continued existence just hurts comics as a medium.


File: abddd913b9eaed8⋯.jpg (632.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Dan Dildo and Jim Lee.jpg)


The comics industry is built on stealing properties and doing anything to make a buck.



SJWs are new to the decline of comics but goddamn if they aren't accelerating it.


I can't imagine witnessing Pender's autism as it happened.


File: 2e664716a98a5b4⋯.mp4 (6.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Comics are saved.mp4)


The SJWs are part of the industry's willingness to do anything for a buck. They're trying to capitalize on all the hashtag political bullshit, and will permanently damage their product to do it.

Also, comics aren't in decline. They're mortally wounded. They ignored the manga boom, and with how fucked up the market is For example, DC and Marvel can't make their comics any cheaper or else comic shops will go bankrupt., there's really no way they can be saved.



>For example, DC and Marvel can't make their comics any cheaper or else comic shops will go bankrupt.

Well, they have been going bankrupt right and left since the late 90s. Internet has killed most of periodical publishing, there is no way around that. What will probably happen is that issues will be sold online, and trades will be the only printed versions for most monthly comics. Hopefully this will kill the collector market, and more comics will be made and released as graphic novels.



>What will probably happen is that issues will be sold online

Comics currently sold online are sold at full price to protect the shops

>and trades will be the only printed versions for most monthly comics

DC and Marvel's income depends on producing a massive amount of comics a month. They need that monthly shop money to stay in business.



Problem is the stores are paying for the shipments of products that aren't selling. So stores will often have to rely on other means of getting money. Usually through manga, tabletop games, action figures, and supplies for various things. Oh and Funko POPs. Those probably help at least a good chunk of what keeps those shops alive.



>Problem is the stores are paying for the shipments of products that aren't selling.

If you're talking about over-shipping, then know that the shops don't pay for the extra product they receive.

As for "other means" I know a lot of shops invest in Magic the Gathering. They buy stock whole-sale and sell the rare cards online.


File: 6b04e717ca6dfde⋯.jpeg (59.57 KB, 328x504, 41:63, B06F145D-9F67-4454-A5FA-0….jpeg)

The controversy over this is when I realized that something was very wrong.



>Oh and Funko POPs.

My LCS turned their entire front corner into a Funko pop section. In my time going there I have only ever seen 1 person a Funko but they must keep selling as they keep getting the new ones and selling damaged stock for a major discount.


File: cde2b8ee57dfa76⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 500x766, 250:383, Detective_Comics_809.jpg)


>look it up


Here's some links to the controversy:


I need to do some research to figure out what happened in the 2000s that caused fangirls to flip their shit. It couldn't have been the Big Bang Theory, since the Mary Jane statue outrage happened before that premiered. It has to be something else. Some spark that caused everything to blow up.

My current theories are:

>The rape of Sue Dibney during 2004's "Identity Crisis'' event.

>DC's handling of Stephanie Brown's murder in 2004. They made her a Robin, then she was promptly killed by Black Mask. Didio refused to acknowledge that Brown was a Robin and she never received a memorial in the Bat-Cave ala Jason Todd.

>DC's cancelling of Batgirl in 2006, and then having Cassandra Cain reappear as a villain in Robin #150 just two months later.

I think DC is to blame for it. DC was more popular with girls and all of the above pissed them off, especially the Stephanie Brown thing. Didio made everything worse, since he only cared about getting hardcore fanboy money and whatever DC did during his childhood. From there, I can see the resentment getting progressively worse until we reach the current state of SJWs in comics.



Is that Frank Cho? I like Frank Cho. I miss cheese cake threads.



Adam Hughes. This image caused a great deal of schvitzing at the time.



When was the last time Hughes drew a book, was he metooed or just memoryholed?



As far as I know that would be his Betty and Veronica issue(s?) which also elicited widespread bitching because he made them too not-ugly. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn he’s just doing commissions or living comfortably off money he stockpiled in during the 90s gold rush.




Adam Hughes has had trouble getting work from the big two before. It's more of an industry thing.




Hughes worked his way up to the point where he does not have to do interiors if he does not want to. Most of his money is off of covers, commissions, and cons. He does interiors for a series or a one shot once in a while, but mainly sticks to limited series and mini series. Just like Cho and Conner.

His most recent work would be drawing and writing one of the stories in Fantastic Four wedding issue.


What? He has been working with them pretty steadily for almost 30 years.


It's been a decade so I might be wrong, but weren't people actually more angry about the figurine that was based off of that drawing?



That hulk looks more like a swole grinch



>The SJWs are part of the industry's willingness to do anything for a buck.

Not even remotely.

They keep pushing SJW shit because they're SJWs.

They already know it doesn't sell, and that everyone else hates it, but would rather bleed money than stop pushing SJW shit.

I think comicsgate conclusively proved that there's clearly a large untapped market of people who aren't insane radical leftists.


File: 52d7a41f443706f⋯.webm (2.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Clown Laugh.webm)


>muh politics

Oh hey! It's that fag that keeps derailing threads to bitch about sjws! Looks like your ban finally lifted!



People wouldn't bitch about SJWs here if SJWs weren't shitting up comic books.


File: d23339f6ecd7ae0⋯.jpg (14.77 KB, 250x250, 1:1, smug peabody.jpg)


No No No. It's you. You're the one that keeps bitching about sjws and keep shilling the conspiracy that publishers are printing comics for political reasons, despite several cancellations showing otherwise.

Which leads me to believe that you're a casualgate shill.



It's not really a "conspiracy" when they're so in your face about it, based retard.


File: e023101368f28cd⋯.png (233.8 KB, 500x400, 5:4, you are wrong.png)


Satan, that's a conspiracy theory. Nearly every single comic the big two produce is bought and paid for before it ever reaches the comic shop, so the books you don't like are selling. If they weren't selling, then they would've been cancelled once they reached the number of issues needed for a trade paper back.

The big thing that blows the whole "ideology" argument out of the water is the fact they canned "Feminist Agenda" Mocking Bird and "Holy Menstruation" America. If they were really in it for the politics, you'd think the last thing they'd cancel would be an overtly feminist book and a book by a proud "latinx" dyke.



>People love those SJW comics, and also, they get canceled because nobody loves them

And then they get replaced by other SJW crap that bombs, ad infinitum.

You think they shove SJW shit everywhere because they truly and honestly believe that it will sell well, despite the fact that it never does?


File: 1c755c0bc6c39bd⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 1c755c0bc6c39bd1441e09619e….jpg)


Not to barge in on your pissing contest with the other fag, but I imagine the Big Two have to make SOME sort of token effort to demonstrate "SEE, SEE WE'RE GETTING RID OF THOSE THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE, WE'RE GOOD AGAIN" to get the battered housewife fanboys back (case in point Marvel Legacy and Fresh Start).

If nothing else, you have to agree the people with (((agendas))) are infesting positions such as HR, PR, and editorial, hence why quality's generally suffered as much as it has. Mandates mean that while the worst selling ones are lost, they'll inevitably be replaced by more, and an atmosphere of "toe the line or get fired" and nepotistic hiring practices prevents anyone from trying to do something about it. Or any of us from truly understanding just how bad things really are with hard numbers; can't scare (((investors))) after all.



<And then they get replaced by other SJW crap that bombs, ad infinitum

>doesn't give examples

I'm not here to do your work for you, faggot. Give me something that actually refutes my point.


No, mostly because that's not how any of that works.

Comic companies could care less if the fanboys like anything. They care about the shops who actually buy the product, and it takes a lot to piss them off and more than simple cancellations to appease them. In 2017, Marvel's SJW flood was such a dumpster fire that it killed what nascent sjw audience Marvel did have and seriously threatened shops bottom line. It took the firing of the Editor-in-Chief and the hiring of a replacement that managed to improve sales before the shops were placated.

Marvel is putting out substantially less SJW books than they were two years ago. Shit is still bad, mostly because comics have always been bad. But as bad as the SJW shit was, it was still not as bad as it was before them, in the 00's.



>Marvel is putting out substantially less SJW books than they were two years ago

Lies. It's pretty much all the same SJWs still working at nuMarvel, except for the couple of ones that went to go shit up DC instead.


File: 0af0062ec30c261⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 600x610, 60:61, wow its fucking nothing.jpg)



>doesn't provide anything to prove that it's lies

Just because you want something to be true doesn't mean it is.



>Marvel is putting out substantially less SJW books than they were two years ago. Shit is still bad, mostly because comics have always been bad. But as bad as the SJW shit was, it was still not as bad as it was before them, in the 00's.

I can believe that. I remember reading somewhere earlier that they put all the diversity hires in a containment book; West Coast Avengers I think. Though the Gwenpoolfags were mad that their waifu got stuck in it.



An assertion made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, faggot.


File: ce9d7a9de8db395⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 400x300, 4:3, shake hel yeah.jpg)


Ok. If I go by a generally concrete definition of "SJW book" as "a book /co/ has complained about before as being SJW", then Marvel in 2017 had around eight - The Mighty Thor, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat, America, and Black Panther and the Crew.

As of December 2018, only Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Ms. Marvel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Captain Marvel have survived Though it looks like the only reason Captain Marvel hasn't been canned is because of the upcoming movie. The book sold only 820 units in December, well below Marvel's cancellation number of around 6,000.. Jane Foster is still Thor in The Mighty Thor, but considering they're currently in an event called "THE DEATH OF THE MIGHTY THOR", I'm not sure if she'll last.

So, just going by my very rough estimates, Marvel is publishing 3 fewer SJW books coming into 2019 than they were in 2017.



>i-i dont have to prove you wrong backing up my statement because also your statement is without proof



You forgot ironheart, unstoppable wasp, spider-gwen and runaways though i don't know if that one counts


File: df8be24925cd261⋯.jpg (326.03 KB, 1280x1969, 1280:1969, jessica.jpg)

Is this any good ?



Attributing a stutter to your opponent is not a counter-argument.



Yeah greentext is the internet equivalent of saying what the other guy said with a silly voice


File: 3f95863ee9db90b⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 578x278, 289:139, the_purple_man_raping_jess….jpg)


Purple Man keeps coming back and raping her in front of Luke Cage, so yeah.



So you're saying Purple Man cucked Luke Cage?








Why does he look so atrophied?






what the fuck



Kill yourself, jew.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>non-consequential death

More like no consequence in general…



If he's a jew I guess he owns you.

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