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File: 99b5b342b9a9160⋯.jpg (94.48 KB, 680x510, 4:3, DzGESWaXQAAndoO.jpg)



>CAKE, London Based Distributor, is gauging if anyone would want to see a Kappa Mikey revival.

>CAKE picked up the rights to Kappa Mikey along with other works by the company Animation Collective in 2018.


I personally wouldn't mind. Nick's cartoons do a decent job of avoiding CY content (minus Rise of the TMNT, but it's incredibly minor there) and it would be interesting seeing what new and creative ideas they could have for Kappa Mikey.


I'd say no, but it was so mediocre they can't really soil it and CAKE doesn't have any better.



They tried to make a parody of anime and the japanese animation industry without knowing jack shit about either of those things. Not like they could really make it much worse than it already was.


If nothing else, it might be more popular today than it was ten years ago, considering that anime has become so much more mainstream.


Maybe if they did a collab with an actual Japanese so Korean animation studio and had them animate everything except Mikey, but I doubt CAKE would have the budget/drive for something so ambitious.


Revive it now and Mikey will be in Cal-Arts while everyone in japan is made to look sexist, racist, misogynist, etc. because the western animation industry is salty as hell right now that anime is actually good. While they're busy trying to get an innocent man banned from his profession completely because he hugged some fans.



if they reboot it, it should be like the pilot



tell me more



Yes Man will be written out or replaced because he's too offensive as a gay joke.




These but also, before "salty" became a popular term, I have only ever seen minorities use it. Make of that what you will.


File: afe554478ca9d47⋯.jpg (92.52 KB, 755x537, 755:537, Alamy man.jpg)

>We are closer to 2026 than 2006

>We will never go back to a time where action cartoons and anime were still the norm

Fuck it hurts


It'd be nice as long as they don't shove any political correct agendas in it.



First I heard of the word salty was when I was in highschool. And I thought it was only for my home state not the entire country.


File: be9059f83d357a3⋯.png (225.22 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, feelsbadman.png)


True man.



By 2026, maybe people are so pissed about radical feminism that the world ended up as a Patriarchy where everyone fucks eachs other disguised as traps, while tumblr weeb-fatso-girls rot somewhere in the desert.

That will be an end of mankind I can support.


File: 84f1c594d7eae28⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 499x448, 499:448, me.jpg)




No one says salty anymore. Fad slangs come and go very fast these days.



But Japan is full of a lot of racists and sexists.



I'd be racist and sexist to a faggot like you who got in my face constantly for how I walk with a limp down the street

fuck off.


File: d8831b1ee6c0e4f⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 968x718, 484:359, I dont think he lives her….webm)

File: 4d36f3ee3d06a5e⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 972x716, 243:179, Lily betrayal.webm)



>if anyone would want to see a Kappa Mikey revival.

Maybe. Not sure if I want anything made these days because it all turns into turbo cancer.


>There's no plans for putting the Kappa Mikey revival on Nick

>There's no plans of making the Kappa Mikey revival for kids



>inb4 it's aimed at millenial manchildren and is chock-full of modern anime references


Hey. Hey guys. Listen for just a minute. This is an idea. Kappa Mikey Video Game with the mechanics of the newer Persona games




Animation Collective actually plan on making Kappa Mikey for adults, like in their test pilot. But not just that, they're planning on updating their anime satire, since anime has changed heavily since 2008.

>So the premise is that Mikey and the "LilyMu" gang have been hitting tough times.

>The gang has been getting overshadowed by "lame, cutesy slice of life shows" in terms of ratings and popularity. "But that's not stopping them!" In other words, the revival is planning on having more fight and action scenes.

>The planned adult revival plans on portraying Japan as more deformed and sexualized. All of the villains and antagonists will look either either cutesy and or sexy.

>The whole tone and humor is sort of similar to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Peepoodo and the Super Fuck Friends.

>Speaking of those shows, apparently Animation Collective might want to collaborate with Blackpills/Bobbypills with the revival.

>CAKE is completely fine with this



Would mikey be defined by western cartoon slackstick such as from a looney tunes cartoon?


One thing I did like about the original is that the characters were all voiced by anime dubbers for extra atmosphere.



Authenticity would fall more on the writers than the VA’s.



>portraying Japan as more deformed

Racist and problematic >:^|

>and sexualized

I take that back, call out those misogynerds on their sexism! :^|

This is gonna suck big time



Yeah, but it's funny to imagine a lighthearted sitcom starring Goku, the Dark Magician, and Satsuki from Kill la Kill.


UPDATE: The first episode rough draft of the Kappa Mikey revival is finished. Here's the basic summary:

>The main character of "LilyMu" finish filming an episode ending on a cliffhanger before a fight happens

>They all get lambasted by Ozu and Yes Man for (apparently) still not having as good ratings as "High School Daily Lives"

>Mikey begins shit talking about "High School Daily Lives", bringing up how they had a whole episode about the main characters taking a test for a whole 24 minutes

>Lily does the same for another episode about the main characters having lunch

>Gonard ends the joke about the show having characters doing trigonometry problems and talking about how to do them

>"Well, that is the kind of crap people eat up anyways!" Ozu just exclaims.

>The cast begins to wonder how can they keep up with modern Japanese audiences

>Just before anyone says anything, "a 4 ft girl in the most bland school uniform design imaginable" just shows up out of nowhere

>"I heard you need help winning back the audience." She says after the characters are done brainstorming.

>Everyone begins to wonder who she is

>Ozu explains that her name is "Hime", they hired her as a new producer to make the show more palettable for newer audiences. She's going to start work tomorrow.

>Cut to everyone leaving for the day, trying to talk to her to know more about her, but she angrily avoids them. Much to everyone's confusion and mild concern.

>The next day: Hime explains to everyone that she had rewritten the whole show to have the characters be set in school, and she included herself in the show. But doesn't explain what she does.

>Everyone's not open to it, viewing it a "lame High School Daily Lives rip off", but production begins immediately.

>All the characters are instructed to make it look like they're taking a test. Hime, being the teacher.

>What follows is the characters noticing they're not instructed to do much, and Mikey not only gets bored, but realizes his audience is going to be bored to the point where they'll drop out of the series.

>Cut to Mikey doing a bunch of generic test jokes (Ex: "What did you get on question 8?"), one being more blatant than the other, making Hime very angry

>Hime then reprimands everyone, telling them that she's, "Trying her damn hardest to make LilyMu work with modern day Japan"

>Hime then tries to do the same with trigonometry, more of the same happens with more characters joining in on "not being boring" and acting foolish. She then tries to put her and everyone in a lunchroom setting, leading to a massive food fight.

>Hime rages so hard that no one wants to follow her vision, she summons a giant robot, and wants to kill the cast.

>Kappa Mikey and co were able to defeat her with the help of Ozu, and Hime dies.

>Ozu then apologizes to everyone and gives a big long speech that boils down to, "We're going to stay an action show and fuck 'Kawaii' shows!"



almost believable/10. The episode format is spot-on, but that dialogue is a bit too much.

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