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File: 8e570f01a190ff7⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 1688x2500, 422:625, captain Marvel marvel.jpg)


Because we've got too many threads about it as it is.


File: 43cfd47aec93e0a⋯.png (886.63 KB, 1366x2392, 683:1196, b8a9cbe2ea3f6c87e438d2c63d….png)

File: 0690115b6658996⋯.png (138.74 KB, 681x648, 227:216, 6037748fe5e4394bd384dc8106….png)

File: ad0872814d03f1c⋯.png (256.38 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, 6bd75161d019d96515fddc602c….png)

File: 084b4535707c272⋯.png (608.07 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, a87884338db842f7113b6f72b2….png)


>Some Reports Indicate Captain Marvel Is The Only Movie Playing At Some Theaters During Premiere Week

>There are reports popping up around the web that some movie theaters have blocked out every other movie at the theater between March 8th and March 14th to specifically, and exclusively, only show Captain Marvel.

>The news gained notoriety after it was discussed on an episode from the YouTube channel ClownFish TV on February 28th, 2019.

>The video covers the topic of users only being able to purchase tickets for Captain Marvel at some theaters a week out from release. Tickets for other movies are not available at certain theaters.

>It turned out that this was not limited to just the United States, where certain theaters have apparently only made it possible to purchase tickets for Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel alone.

>It wasn’t just limited to the U.S., though. Others in Australia also reported something similar, stating that certain theaters in Perth were only allowing movie goers to purchase tickets for Captain Marvel, and the same applied to some people from Mexico, too.

>Not everyone was convinced that this was Disney trying to muscle their female-led super hero flick into the capitalist consciousness of the general public. Over on the Kotaku in Action sub-reddit, user DeathhillGames offered a possible explanation as to why so many theaters are only allowing users to purchase tickets for the upcoming super hero flick, writing…

>A few others also argued that it could be movie theaters looking to gauge interest first on the week of release, and that things might change after the opening weekend when the movie finally premieres.

>YouTuber Odin’s Movie Blog had a similar argument that appeared to concur with DeathHillGames’ assessment, claiming that at Fandango the reason that only Captain Marvel shows up is because other local theaters have not yet turned in their schedules.

>Cosmicbook.news also shot down the idea that there was a conspiracy involving Disney trying to force Fandango to only sell movie tickets of Captain Marvel between March 7th and March 14th.

>However, the issue seems to go beyond what’s being sold at Fandango.

>For instance, there were people over in Malaysia commenting that at their local theaters there is no other movie tickets available except for Captain Marvel. This was discussed at length over on the Lowyat.net forums, where a few users stated that GSC and TGV theaters did not offer tickets for any other movie during the week except for Captain Marvel.

>Another user also sent One Angry Gamer screenshots indicating that at their local theater, only Captain Marvel tickets are available for purchase, with no other movies being available for an entire week, starting March 7th. This included the Bintang Megamall and the theater at the Imperial City Mall.


File: 8cbaae4b6d227d9⋯.jpg (162.25 KB, 900x909, 100:101, 8cbaae4b6d227d995a29faf924….jpg)

Tumbler artist treating cap marvel like the second coming of christ



tumblrites and a person saying noone will watch a social justice Black Panther-ish Disney movie are equallly retarded.


File: 2c9c0408955cf22⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 500x504, 125:126, 2c9c0408955cf2244f9950eab9….jpg)


>Because we've got too many threads about it as it is.

> too many threads about it

Nigger just stick to one thread, reported for spam.


File: 0726562e1b41a23⋯.png (96.87 KB, 635x1084, 635:1084, Captura.PNG)



Was objectively shit.

>Nu Star-Wars

Has the biggest flop of any Star Wars in the franchise.

>Wonder Woman

>Did anyone actually cared about Nu-She-Ra?


This, but it still grinds my gears because they say it will be a religious experience while Dr. Strange keeps being an underrated MCU movie.


File: e8bbdfb0155107c⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CruJnVyVIAEN5rD.jpg)


>Greentexting each individual sentence instead of just doing select parargraphs with the occasional bold font

How new are you?


File: c2263bf4e140a56⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 497x308, 71:44, c2263bf4e140a5636dcfb2c2cf….jpg)





>too many threads about it as it is.

>wanting more


File: 395f2e025182c59⋯.jpg (184.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault2.jpg)


File: 6bf80218f91b2c4⋯.png (23.74 KB, 500x283, 500:283, standards.png)


Movie was genric as fuck. Larson cant act. Jackson has to carry that dead weight the entire film. Its like Antman and Wasp. Wooden female strong wymen actress they force down your throat and a male sidekick you actually want a movie about but used as a prop to validate the woman. Their charisma is drained off to try and sustain the anchor weighing them down.

For cap marvel, its 10 times worse since we have to go offworld for green lantern corps like training. Where that was the only decent part of that movie thanks to sinestro and killrog, it is like having teeth pulled with only brie to hold it together here.

The kree skrull war has no weight. You have no reason to care and they end it in such a contrived way. It feels like justice league where dc rushed to have it all without any build up. The kree were in guardians but relatively minor part of the plot. The journey and characters were the driving force. The kree didnt get much intro other than ronan is a bad guy and strong. So you have nothing really holding it together and no reason to care about what is happening to cap marvel, her role in the war, her laughable origin or this war.

The humour consists of the annoying cat thats their for wine aunts, 90s nostolgia jokes that are roughly "do you remember that thing in the 90s?" followed by "I DO remember that thing" type reddit tier humour. Lasertag outfit from trailer is the "humour" youll get throughout.

Action is slarse and boring. Her powerset should make awesome fights but she usually just throws punches like a girl and rarely uses powers until end of movie. Its like she received no combat training or no one was allowed to make them reshoot scenes to make the fights believable. The one major power use scene is a complete failure. It would look amazing 10 years ago when avengers 1 came out because it fucking reuses most of iron mans cgi. They literally reskinned shots of iron man flying through the air, turning and blasting aliens in new york. I dont know how the fuck they think they are going to get away with this without people noticing. Its blatantly obvious. Unstead if new york, the green screen background is earth and outer space. She shiits ships instead of loki army aliens.

I wanted to leave halfway through but they basically lock you in and id lose my press credentials and any future access if i did. Now i have to fill in couple adjectives of preapproved review and sign my name to keep my job and collect a paycheck. I was paid to watch this trash and wanted more compensation. I cant imagine the shotshow once audiences PAY to see it.



Congratulations, you're a dumbass for wasting money.


File: bb0e5856d233038⋯.jpeg (52.13 KB, 696x464, 3:2, revoked.jpeg)


Imagine not being able to read a post on an imageboard

>dubs negated

>sage negated



What's the one on the right from?



Battle Angel Alita, yet another anime adaption. Supposedly, this one shouldn't be too horrific.


File: d29f36e0244273d⋯.jpg (204.71 KB, 660x1024, 165:256, D0-TvycWwAIw4Gb.jpg)

File: 63e42e96bdf88ec⋯.jpg (191.77 KB, 1024x858, 512:429, D0-VoU3WoAA6xq6.jpg)

File: bdfaa7283b65ab7⋯.gif (622.04 KB, 320x218, 160:109, bad writing.gif)

Don't you just love when writers don't know how powers work?



Having watched it, I wouldn't say it didn't have its own share of problems. Not so much the character of Alita but just the general pacing. The 1st half is very exposition heavy (probably there for those unfamiliar with Alita manga) but it does finally pick up in the 2nd half. The romance scenes were cringe. It was there in the manga and ova but the actor for Hugo was just terribly acted which really brought it down for me. Also, being PG-13, it doesn't have the gore that you would see in the ova. Other than that, it does follow the manga closely, except for inserting the motorball thing that doesn't happen till later in the manga. Having seen many terrible live action anime adaptations, it's not the worse but it could really have been better.

I think the 90s ova had better pacing from what I remember but I wouldn't mind another continuation for Alita in the movies. Preferably with a much tighter script. Above average with a solid foundation to be much better if they make a sequel. In a battle between Alita and Captain Marvel, I'd go with Alita if anyone is doing the #alitachallenge.


File: b6daff2e2535c8b⋯.mp4 (8.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, b6daff2e2535c8b6fca892273c….mp4)

Post credits scene. Spread it around. Just be careful because Disney is DMCAing everyone who posts it on twitter. Basically this movie is just a really really really poor lead in to Endgame.



>People were opposed to a Wonder Woman movie existing

Nice strawman, Tumblr.

I like how even in the image, no one is watching Ghostbusters, and they had to place Star Wars further down the timeline (came out a year earlier), to make some kind of point.



See? "Why is Thor fighting Ghost Rider's car?" is the most interesting part of that.



Wow, even in the movie itself Brie can't remotly emote.


File: bf48b7eb32deaf0⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 7 - snrk hysterical lol la….gif)


>that audience reaction



>x can shrug off the Penance stare because they are insane/not mortal/that evil

Has this ever been pulled off without it coming off as terrible writing?


File: fe488d60bad3032⋯.mp4 (6.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Captain marvel 2nd post cr….mp4)


Here's the second one.



Not Hell Rider, but "Joker really is insane and not legally responsible for his crimes" works well enough for "Why doesn't The Specter just kill The Joker". That's more because "why doesn't someone who has no problem with killing kill the Joker"



is a question in the universe that needs to be answered.



This movie is horrible feminist fanfiction.



cat would be dead



> but "Joker really is insane and not legally responsible for his crimes" works well enough for "Why doesn't The Specter just kill The Joker"

No it doesn't especially since he's supposed to be a spectre of Gods wrath. God killed king davids newborn son because king david slept with another mans wife and had that man killed, there's no way he'd spare someone like the joker because he's too crazy to be held responsible. Someone tripped and fell and touched the Ark of the Covenant and was killed immediately, a prophet had been told not to stop and eat in any home on his way from doing Gods will by God and another prophet lied to him and told him God told him it was okay to eat at his house and the first prophet was killed by lions for disobeying the will of God.

Why would God have his spectre of wrath care about the laws of mankind?

Cross contamination in comics leads to retarded stuff like this and it's better if they just left it unaddressed instead of throwing retarded explanations at it.



the soy laugh is perfect. like its part of the actual movie.



>that blank-eyed, thousand-cock stare on Captain Cuntvel

Jesus Christ, it's like Disney WANTS this garbage to fail.


The forced laughing is what sells it. Like the audience can't even pretend to give a crap about this shit.



God killed his son, not the Spectre.


File: 1f6f1f5017924de⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 568x960, 71:120, 551555102413.jpg)

>The Avengers initiative is named after Danvers' nickname in the army

>Mar-Vell is now a woman and Carol's powers come from a infinity stone because fuck patriarchy

>Fury in Winter Soldier: "The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye"

>He lost it to a fucking cat, who also does this stroke-inducing shit:


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

10 years, more than 15 movies, obscene amounts of money both in production and in revenue, to end it all in a single movie that works both as a long ass Endgame trailer and to make almost everything about the MCU directly tied back to Carol in a way that is clearly shoehorned in to give her more importance than she ever had.

A 10 year old long joke.


>I think the 90s ova had better pacing from what I remember

That's because they were planning to adapt the entirety of the manga, but for some unspoken reason they stopped at the second OVA




The comic is a massive oversimplification and neglecting the pre-release history of these series.

>Ghostbusters looked terrible from the onset and it was upon release. Any claims of sexism are negated by people liking the female ghostbusters that debuted in other GB media.

>No one fucking complained about Rey before Ep7 release, there was more flack over SURPRISE PANTING BLACK MAN, SOCCER BALL DROID and POPSICLE STICK SCOOTER in the first trailer. The flack for Rey came after the movies release of her being a Mary Sue and being good at everything for not reason, with the hope that those questions would at least be answered in Ep8. None of them were, leading to the more negative flack for Ep8.

>No one complained about a Wonder Woman film apart from casting concern over the muscle build of it's actress Gal Galot. Then her appearing in BvS seemed to have changed that. Even the animated WW film got praise but terrible sales.

>The flack for She-Ra reboot was that it looked terrible and the character didn't look feminine enough, basically taking a female character and giving her a male build.

>No one has a problem with CM getting a movie, it just the lead actress can't emote and that it seems like a cop out final weapon of a character for Avengers: Endgame.


The CM movie should have been made after Avengers 2 and before Civil War, some of those ideas could have been interesting reveals but revealing now just seems like it's just last minute humor to make CM seem more important.

>Lets hire an actor known for playing badass characters

>Even use his image for Nick Fury in Ultimate Marvel comics long before the MCU begins filming.

>Even has the eyepatch look so we know he's been through some tough scrapes like the original Nick Fury (cue that dumbass comic putting SLJ Fury in normal Marvel universe and making him the bastard son of the original and still loses an eye from torture or something)

>Even make the damaged eye a plot point in CA2

>He's doesn't lose it through some amazing battle or fight but from a cat, (it's an alien cat, isn't it?)

Would I be right to assume that this movie makes young Nick Fury a bumbling idiot (and any other men) to make the female lead look more "strong"?


File: 65cc41b7d90d914⋯.jpg (413.48 KB, 1316x848, 329:212, Why is the Joker still ali….jpg)



This discussion reminds me of an old post on halfchan from 2011



>No one has a problem with CM getting a movie,

No, plenty of people did because she was a shitty character.



>Where's Fury?

No, bitch, where were YOU? Where were you when the Chitauri invaded New York? Where were you when a metric shitload of humans were murdered by Ultron? Where in the living blue fuck were you when Thanos straight up murdered half of the population of the universe? Fuck this cunt, fuck Brie Larson, and fuck the execs who got blowjobs and are now forcing us to say goodbye to the good heroes while her unkept vagina queefs its way through every scene.



Might as well put the comedy music on the end of that lump of dung.


File: 635e0c0cc490ef6⋯.jpg (90.07 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, 635e0c0cc490ef681b8cc0dbbf….jpg)

Captain Marvel is the comic book equivalent of a forced meme.


File: f8593278a7b28dd⋯.webm (2.12 MB, 1280x542, 640:271, panch babby.webm)



File: db032bde792a5f5⋯.png (14.2 KB, 250x400, 5:8, Sidekickmilhousemenu.png)


Captain Milhouse.


File: 3b4795821b59c78⋯.png (797.22 KB, 750x897, 250:299, ClipboardImage.png)




The saddest part is that I would have paid to watch a Carol Danvers' Ms. Marvel movie starring a woman who wasn't a complete ball-breaking race traitor.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice edit. The old lady skrull was enough already.


File: 6812297591dfadb⋯.jpg (179.92 KB, 617x719, 617:719, 1548899719391.jpg)

Real talk though? Carol was never a good character. Not even when she was Ms. Marvel. I don't think she could have stood on her own because she always worked best as part of an ensemble, which is ironic because she started out as a stand-alone. Which is even more moronic why Marvel chose her to be the female face of the company as their own Wonder Woman.



Pretty much, Disney made a retarded move in the first place trying to make a movie about a character so bad that about 10 of her books were canceled, then they let her actor talk shit all over the place instead of telling her to shut the fuck up. I won't be surprised if it makes money back considering the normal cattle, but it will leave a sour taste in their mouths which might cause Marvel movies to die after which would be funny as fuck.



she was okay as the hot blonde secondary character in the avengers. the entire point of her, she-hulk, etc were to preserve copyrights of the main characters. legal workaround bullshit. her warbird costume days are the only time she was remotely interesting and she should never have been pushed so hard. its like a roman reigns shove down your throat push for her that no one wants and havent wanted for hte last decade of failed titles and prominence.

Her solo title in the early 2000s maybe? forget with how many relaunches, but title was just Ms Marvel - no captain - was the only time she was remotely interesting. the book was average, but had a few decent moments and good art. so saying she was never a good character is a bit much. her ties to rogue were good, too, back when she was getting revenge/payback, etc. she's a scarlet witch/vision type avenger - fills roster space and has some unique powers they can throw into the mix, but not an A-lister by any means. thats not necessarily bad. you need those types to put over villains and make others look good and can occasionally have their own cool moments in the sun.


File: 459a59c31f2b239⋯.png (389.78 KB, 375x469, 375:469, ClipboardImage.png)



>Wonder Woman.

Ironically wonder woman also works best in ensemble stories and has terrible solo comics. But WW is iconic.


File: 9f9525e8507d3e2⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2080x5892, 520:1473, MRSsedsfcdscvsdcsrcdsdveim….jpg)



>>1051866 Fucking textbook cliffhanger bullshit. Definitely because that's all the movie is too.




Grace is that you?


File: f7251e08a55b56e⋯.jpeg (165.09 KB, 1304x688, 163:86, cat.jpeg)

File: 62304a4f18adc20⋯.jpeg (72.07 KB, 767x431, 767:431, cat0.jpeg)


>her pet is inside the cat



It could be worse. You could have been sent on a week's worth of training.



The goyim will watch whatever they are told to watch.



Brie looks like a cardboard cutout in that scene, like some computer created it. There was no emotion and nothing to get excited about. It was entirely robotic.


Ghostbusters was meh and only got heat when it tried to take the feminist approach to try and get some more shekels. Rey was fucking awful from the get-go. She may have been a good character, had there been a better director and team of writers for her. The entire new trilogy is just shit and there's nothing redeemable about it. I didn't even know She-Ra was getting a movie. WW was ok. It worked well and was enjoyable to watch. The final fight was pretty lame though.



Ms Marvel has been pozzed in comics for too long and the diversity heroes have already happened. She was cheesecake and worked well when that wasn't forgotten. WM was a fetish character, but she still managed to turn out ok. The one thing that fucked Carol the hardest is that her movie came out at a time when socjus has gone rabid and the kikes at Marvel have lost their minds. A cheesecake Ms Marvel back in the 2000s probably would have been a nice movie to watch.



You know what the good part of this is? The tweets in response to it are universally negative. Turns out propping up a corpse for moichendising is a bad idea.



Brie should have trained her voice instead. Just compare hers to Scarlett's. It's like day and night. Your voice is a tool of the trade bitch. Practice your throat for more than just gobbling cock.



He payed for the movie then reviewed it you fag, was he supposed to watch a review for him to be spoiled and then watch the movie in theaters?



My aunt laughed so hard at this scene she had to change her adult diaper.


File: 136e10bf9ec6c42⋯.jpg (225.56 KB, 781x1159, 781:1159, 58241de3d5f8372dbd55342271….jpg)

>captain marvel

← the only one that matters.



>Rey was fucking awful from the get-go. She may have been a good character, had there been a better director and team of writers for her.

With Daisy "Open Wide For Uncle Harv" Ridley portraying her, not a chance in hell.


File: 726f4be5b86a4b9⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 843x440, 843:440, WatchingIdly.gif.gif)

I enjoy watching this self-loathing wretched whore single-handeldly slaughter a movie franchise.


File: 53214d9218d2058⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 400x566, 200:283, Captain_Marvel_Adventures_….jpg)


>crappy Marvel Captain Marvel

>the only one that matters

Lurkmoar, newfag.



Did they not realize that that comes across as a metaphorical vagina? Why would you have your feminist character have a pet monster vagina? Were these writers trolling?


File: 52ef6bd4fcc1154⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 400x600, 2:3, batman-vs-superman.jpg)

Are you single Captain Marvel?


File: 6d7997dc263c179⋯.jpg (814.55 KB, 2560x1970, 256:197, Irredeemable Ant Man Carol….jpg)



Ms. Marvel worked well in the Irredeemable Ant-Man. She was there for fan service, comedy, and to contrast inexperienced and morally flexible O'Grady with an estabilished hero who is a powerful member of the Avengers and SHIELD.


Believe it or not, but Brie was a toned down version of Avril Lavigne when she was a teen back in Canada. You would think that she has had some voice training because of it.


File: dab09769a978f29⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 467x200, 467:200, 200.gif)


This looks like a job for…


File: 489ec92bd91cf60⋯.png (17.39 KB, 1119x161, 1119:161, shekel shuffle.png)

File: 824024a43dbc3b9⋯.gif (484.1 KB, 500x302, 250:151, angry ed.gif)




Reminder that he is a woman in the movie too.


I haven't read that particular run, but that is exactly my point. She only works well when part of an ensemble rather than on her own, in this case, she is just there for cheesecake which isn't a bad thing on itself or mutually exclusive with being a good character that stands on her own.



File: e73cba0d343043a⋯.png (93.7 KB, 270x268, 135:134, jesus fuck.png)


This is beyond fucked up.


File: abf5aae5fc1c804⋯.jpg (522.21 KB, 1041x1600, 1041:1600, dangerman.jpg)


She Hulk was at least allowed to be interesting.





you poor baby

I'm waiting to see it in a torrented cam version because IDGAF. I still have yet to see nigger panther


Anyone who bumps or contributes to paid threads in ANY way is part of the ruination of this website.


File: 45e3f6c7fae9222⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 600x398, 300:199, truck-vault-reformation-60….jpg)


>I cant imagine the shotshow once audiences PAY to see it.

Hey! At least people were mildly interested in seeing this before they realized it was a piece of shit.



yes. my apologies.

you are correct.



Has anyone even tried reading the original Chris Claremont series?

Manvel was fine back then, she had character development, a supporting cast, her own enemies, lots of action, good cliffhanger stuff, Mystique and Deathbird before the Avengers, Sabretooth, MODOK, and she was a superior scrapper and improviser.

She only became a broken wreck of a character in the hands of inferior writers. I think Claremont was just putting her out of her misery when he had Rogue turn her into a rutabaga.



>Captain Marvel will return in Avengers: Endgame

Please no


File: 3fe74ce73e72d6b⋯.jpg (75 KB, 477x502, 477:502, 3fe74ce73e72d6b48737a08ea4….jpg)


They genuinely have no shame whatsoever


File: a92c6cf905006cb⋯.png (760.27 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, 7[1].png)

Captain Marvel 2019 720p HDCAM-1XBET



what's the problem ? it's just as he would have wanted



There's a rumor there's two cuts of the Endgame movie depending on how well CM does. One where she has less of a prominent role and one where she's the center of attention.



Now all we need is some Anon to split the entire film in 15 webm videos for us to watch.



Maybe Disney does want CM to fail, and this is all on purpose. To gravitate audiences to Alita because that has the cyborg transhumanism.

That carries the robo sex doll theme which is in line with depopulation, just like feminism.



>defeatism, the post

You know, paranoia is usually best when it actually helps you. Also, assuming this much competence from the mouse is giving them far too much credit.



Marvel will never use the Brood aliens


File: 43223b2cdc4262a⋯.jpg (28.76 KB, 960x552, 40:23, doyouevenlift.jpg)


Was that an official account from Marvel? I want to properly calibrate my Hate for that post.


I figure it's like this:

It succeeds, and they take it as a sign that feminism/SOCJUS works in films, that the masses accept the narrative. They then start hamfisting it into every Marvel movie until the whole thing becomes unprofitable (bankrupt could be considered unprofitable).

It fails, and they get to decry the Male Troll INCELs for crashing the movie (with no survivors). It provides a ton of click bait and they are able to sell another wave of victimhood and that Captain Marvel would've succeeded if not for those evil Gamer… Comic… Whatevergate Trolls mucking everything up.

I doubt Alita even shows up on their radar except to gauge how much money they can make over or under it.



They will just call everyone trolls anyways. Seems every corp is shooting themselves in the foot with social justice politics, maybe it's to crash the consumer market faster while social engineering on "the haters".

It's probably some see-eye-eh reptilian think tank that tells Dizzy what to do.



When the people cheer for Skynet, because of James Cameron.


File: cb6792a97d774d0⋯.jpg (207.08 KB, 1680x966, 40:23, david edelstein.jpg)

I knew Rotten Tomatoes was shit but they've completely lost their fucking minds at this point





File: 63678056e33ad81⋯.jpg (49.98 KB, 650x650, 1:1, marvel.jpg)

File: dc84fcfca63e5c4⋯.jpg (67.74 KB, 460x362, 230:181, aaa520fd3a663187483c80b4ea….jpg)


>inb4 inb4



I wish Mainland China would collapse in on itself already.


A acquaintance of mine saw the movie and shared his thoughts with me. I am just copy pasting his message.

-Brie is not funny. I have no beef with her but she just couldn't deliver those quippy lines well. For comparison I found Wasp and Mantis, even Valkyrie plenty humorous. Widow and Carol, not so much.

-Brie just felt miscast in general. Everyone else pulled their weight, but Brie honestly dragged the movie down.

-Why was a lightspeed drive so important? How else are they travelling throughout the movies? Okay I guess the Skrulls need it to go to another galaxy or whatever but why did the Kree want it? Or did they just want the tesseract? I feel like this wasn't explained well if at all.

-Why did Ronan talk like a normal guy in this movie? I barely even recognized him cause he sounded nothing like he did in GOTG.

-The reason for the Kree/Skrull war is not explained. Why did the Kree want to exterminate them entirely? Yeah, they're assholes, but there should have been some justification for their mega hateboner against the Skrulls. Painting the Skrulls as entirely in the right art poorly with me.

-Why are the Kree handguns, which seem to function like Star Wars blasters that vape huge chunks out of people, completely ineffective against the proto-Quinjet? Yet the guns on the proto-Quinjet are completely shred a Kree ship in seconds? I know there's different caliber weapons and probably even in space but they didn't even scratch it.

-Yon-Rogg felt really poorly defined. He either needed to be more outrightly villainous or have some meat to his character explaining why he's so loyal to the Kree. As is he just felt like a goon.

-The rest of Starforce was wasted. And they killed Minerva for no reason.

-Maria was beautiful and Monica was absolutely precious.

-Fury losing his eye to the cat was fucking stupid. I will never understand why they cast BAMF Sam Jackson as the most BAMF character in comics but never let him do anything cool.



>Reusing ironman CGI

I am actually convinced that the baby punch scene adapted from another movie as "parody" was actually going to be a scene in the movie that they fell back on as "parody by a random" once it became clear they would get owned by the public for it

I cite my seperate searches regarding it on seperate days - first day, all articles were "punches baby in new trailer"

second time I searched it was "punches baby in parody"



>being this illiterate

He got paid to watch it, and said he was still pissed off and wanted more compensation, and that people that are actually going to pay to watch it will be extra pissed.

> and then watch the movie in theaters

The point is you're an idiot if you watch it to begin with.


Recently S Jackson was mixed with L Fishburne on a news show, giving Jackson the chance to call waycysms, "cus we all look alike?"

The image of LF used was of a similar hairstyle look to SLJ in CM.

Why does SLJ really look younger and more square headed in CM? Is it really because CM Jackson is a clone? o.0



Now let's see if it drops off.



cough cough movie cough cough 4k.is


File: ec832d11aa4d229⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, captain-marvel-continued-e….png)

File: c7f58177ffdc7ec⋯.png (457.18 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, captain-marvel-emptier.png)

File: de78071a33ab4de⋯.png (671.67 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, captain-marvel-emptiest.png)

File: 574337ad03d0342⋯.png (649.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, captain-marvel-empty.png)

File: 18f0a023917584b⋯.jpg (142.88 KB, 640x718, 320:359, captain-marvel-empty-again.jpg)

>empty theaters all round

>despite the movie apparently having sold out tickets

Holy shit, I never thought Disney would actually stoop this low.


File: 8a23bb9ef8eb42b⋯.png (246.29 KB, 452x455, 452:455, Significantly amused femal….png)

File: 9c72c016e85df5e⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 328x321, 328:321, smugg_ballons.gif)






Just like Brie Larson's womb.


File: 008ee142bba1dfe⋯.jpg (50.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67021194.jpg)


Who's taking over 21st Century Fox?




>Holy shit, I never thought Disney would actually stoop this low.

Are you implying that Disney bought out the ticket themselves?

Are you implying they've entirely stopped caring about shekels?



sometimes shekels are less important than the cause of undermining the west.



Bob Iger very recently announced that 20th Century Fox and its subdivisions will remain for now



I really hope so. If the culmination of ten years of storytelling is to have some nobody character (in the MCU) show up at the last minute and show all the bous how it's done grrrrrl… I will never watch another marvel movie again. They were the only reason I go to the theaters anymore.



>I will never watch another marvel movie again. They were the only reason I go to the theaters anymore.

Why did you watch them in the first place?



I like capeshit. Sue me.


File: ce59935652e4fcf⋯.png (48.54 KB, 940x300, 47:15, bugman-comic.png)


>I like capeshit



>Middle pic



Three people can be seen in the upper left frame of the image. People did go to see Captain Marvel.



How long before we see the America Chavez big-budget movie getting RAMMED down our throats?








>can’t sage



File: aa6b02167866ccc⋯.gif (10.81 MB, 600x600, 1:1, aba.gif)


I'm going to see this again in a few minutes instead at the matinee. I might torrent Captain Cuntflaps though to make fun of it though.




>check times of tweets




Yeah no wonder you faggot! People actually have shit to do. If they made a photo of an empty theater at 9pm show I could laugh but this is just sad



>still can’t sage

Begone newfag




Now lets see if you know how to delete your own posts


File: 6df4e78821ab030⋯.webm (1019.37 KB, 720x400, 9:5, But why.webm)


File: 4c798fa6b8758e7⋯.jpg (350.58 KB, 1300x1950, 2:3, tUW6PsPD5izPdFJPt08HktYfmV….jpg)



this is fake news, my local theatre was like this at the beginning of the week but on Thursday it updated and obviously not just one film playing tonight


File: 83178268c91e3d9⋯.png (52.94 KB, 297x592, 297:592, 2e4b1719a262e608dca5c369c6….png)



>bragging about seeing a (((Hollywood))) adaptation of a 20 year old Laotian fever dream

Honestly why


Was going to watch the pirated cam version of Captain Marvel and i was just informed that it seems like Rotten Tomatoes is at it again. They deleted 54,000 ratings for the audience score.leaving the score at a 36%.


So did it actually sell out, or is this all smoke and mirrors?



it sold out the same way chinese movies "sell out" despite entire areas being wiped out with no power or way to possibly see movies during mudslides a few years back. they have numbers decided before any movie debuts and how high it goes depends on how much they want to spend.



I claim movie Alita as waifu.



It's shit and mirrors… which are smeared with shit.



It's up on ThePirateBay got shitty xbet ads in it but its watchable. Its so bad, the fight scenes are so fucking boring. Final fight is literally like 2-3mins. I do not understand how the reviewers were ranting about the cat in the movie its also just so boring. Spread the word the torrents out so people dont waste their money



The entire MCU lead to this moment… a stale as fuck Mary-Sue/Deus Ex Machina is going to kill Thanos. Only $current_year film could kill one of the most successful franchises of all time this quickly.


File: 195cdc2717717c3⋯.png (644.37 KB, 681x2205, 227:735, captain marvel vs movies t….png)



Here's one near me. It's not the only thing playing but it gets as many runs as every other movie combined.


File: a54253e0e32e516⋯.jpg (28.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Sad Frog.jpg)

I saw it last night and I liked it


File: 26ffcf9c95e81b7⋯.jpg (21.98 KB, 206x172, 103:86, 5 - indifferent bored what….jpg)


Go on.



Alita was good, ending sucked though, I wish they just finished it off with one movie instead of setting up for a sequel/trilogy.


File: 28e8aaa24dd45f5⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 275x154, 25:14, Pathetic.gif)


I didn't really get a "GRRLPOWR" vibe from her, her "powers" before the blast were just that she wouldn't give up when she got knocked down, and that's really about it. I wouldn't call her a Mary Sue. Her powers were also limited by the Kree because she has a habit of acting on her own and they knew if she ever realized who she really was she'd go fucking berserk. Fury as a character was also good and not at all comical relief, his character is still very similar to how he is in the rest of the MCU.

also fuck you the cat was funny



It did take over theaters as the only listed movie last week but now we see it's not the case. Still very suspicious it was the only thing listed for so long.


File: beb11668a58a3e2⋯.webm (764.95 KB, 384x288, 4:3, schilling.webm)



>having a contrary opinion is shilling


Guess who got a featured article on Wikipedia today.



Was the movie ticket expensive? I'll bet it cost you like 70 Shekels. Oy vey.



I mean when you get blasted with interdimensional space energy, doesn't that inherently give you god powers?



I use A-List nigga




Several Avengers are affected by the power of the stones but they don't develop additional powers from it. Making her power come from the stone originally is just a contrived way to tie her into the MCU.



>Several Avengers are affected by the power of the stones but they don't develop additional powers from it.

that's literally Vision though



Vision was BROUGHT TO LIFE by the stone using it as a power source. That's not the same.


File: 512515b92c8b5a5⋯.png (196.61 KB, 748x332, 187:83, unknown[1].png)




Nigger 7PM is primetime for families (main Disney demographic)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: cd2fd6083fd76ae⋯.png (145.2 KB, 500x392, 125:98, 1463598278977-4.png)


>eceleb shilling

How about no.


File: 502186fc2576366⋯.png (96.82 KB, 400x390, 40:39, Kingdom Hearts - Bewildere….png)


>posting a link without comment is shilling


Goooooood. Let's see how low we can go!


File: d32199841639ea7⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 298x169, 298:169, dante.jpg)


Who cares about some shitty movie this is International Craaaaazzzy Day.



>posting a link without comment is shilling

It is when you're not posting it through Invidious or sharing a webm.


File: 54f8ff8e7f278ad⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 480x882, 80:147, freeza laugh.jpg)


>RT nukes more than 50k user reviews

>rating only goes up by 5%

holy fuck, i didn't expect this shitstorm to grow so big, nor this movie to flop so hard

i thought that at least normies would go watch it like good goyim and leave Antman tier box office but more and more it's looking like it won't even make it that far



Looking back, compared to this shit and watching Black Panther, I should have watched Ant Man 2 again with cool effects and villains.


File: 5f869c66c786801⋯.gif (378.11 KB, 500x280, 25:14, OH YES.gif)


>>RT nukes more than 50k user reviews

Holy shit, source? This is looking to be one hell of a delicious train wreck.



File: cd62a4eaf76159a⋯.jpg (25.66 KB, 398x339, 398:339, 5c690bd4af6871918af51b50e2….jpg)


>No one sees movies at 7pm.

Are you fucking on meth or something? Because your tripping balls.


File: 6905aaf91699ea8⋯.png (13.08 KB, 1053x194, 1053:194, Screenshot_2019-03-08 Capt….png)

From Metacritic.



Even normalfags are turned off by Brie's utter lack of emotion. I'd wonder if anyone will be terminated for this, but Solo said nobody will be.



No one gets fired for making bad movies anymore. They get given even more money to make another shitty movie.


File: a9ce9367c951790⋯.jpg (190.06 KB, 1071x911, 1071:911, Screenshot_20190309-000940….jpg)

Audience score is going up. As of right now its 41%, it was about 10 points lower this morning. Im guessing they arent going to allow it to stay too low. Fuck disney and all their shilling faggots.


File: e9443dfe0aec968⋯.png (174.75 KB, 738x320, 369:160, alita_rotten_tomatoes_old.png)


It's like the opposite of Alita, which is being ripped by the critics but pulled in $350 mil so far.


Well, I finally go through Captain Marvel and it was meh. Standard fare with over reliance on nostalgia. Brie Larson is a wooden plank throughout. Her attempts at humor were dry and fell flat most of the time. Samuel L Jackson & Jude Law were acting circles around her. Even some of the supporting cast like that blue Kree woman were acting better than Brie. It's no wonder she was barely left alone because she couldn't carry the film on her own. For being hyped up, Goose and Rambeau were underused. I don't understand the praise.

The backdrop of a Kree vs. Skrull was literally a backdrop to the flatline character progression of Carol Danvers. Turning the Skrulls into "We want to be with our families" loving immigrants is the dumbest thing they did and pretty much kills potential for a Secret Invasion. The retcons or tampering with continuity for the MCU were bad. Turning Nick Fury into a total puss was lame. Shield only meeting an alien for the first time with Danver's was dumb. Nick Fury having a girl crush on Captain Marvel that he names the Avengers after her nickname was idiotic. Nick Fury losing his eye to a cat scratch was anticlimactic. The cat didn't even us ehis tentacle to do it. CGI was 50/50 okay to just bad. It had the worse use of No Doubts "I'm Just a Girl". It comes out of nowhere, in a fight that was just a one sided battle for Captain Marvel and there was also another girl there, the blue Kree woman too.

Sad thing is, I saw some potential in the film to be good but they didn't go in that direction. It was with the scene where they were looking through Carol Danver's memories. If they started it out like an origin story, where she narrates how she got to this point of being a super hero. The narration could be a Skrull faking her out to peruse her memories more. It could all be a fake out for about 30-45 minutes where she starts to question things not making sense to her, then she finally figures out she's under some kind of brainwashing and breaks out of it and fights the real enemy that is the skrulls that have infiltrated society after she was temporarily taken out for years. That could have at least been different but they went middle of the road which can be just as infuriating as what it could have potentially become. This feels a lot like Solo: in the grand scheme of things average but the potential was wasted making the film feel even more unnecessary.



Really? I thought they lost big time. Did it just do good in China or something?


I hope you faggots that went out and gave disney money at least vote accordingly on the audience score.



Yes. It was barely breaking even then it released in China and did extremely well.



They'll just remove it in the next hourly purge




Just because you have super powers does not make you immortal.


I've read some of the earlier issues of his run. I wasn't particularly impressed with it though maybe it gets better as it goes on. From what I read it felt like he had some ideas for Carol but didn't handle it that well.



i blame people like adam sandler



How many negative reviews were deleted to raise the score?






Oh, wow.



Not to get too /tv/ but yes. It's all a racket, in the classic mafioso sense of the word. The feds aughta bust them on RICO but they won't because the feds are 1) lazy, 2) incompetent, or 3) corrupt.



>no one see movies at 7pm

Not where I’m from…. the 7pm usually is with 5-8 people top the 8-9pm one is pack if it’s a hyped movie

But still, even it it was and the movie is bombing, the other tweet were at 3 and 4pm which is both a shitty agenda to push now you can’t deny barely anyone goes at those screening and quite pathetic



None if the anon that claims so doesn’t bring a piece of evidence




That's a nice pussy



Who is the bitch to the right of wonder woman?





File: 32fbcb84b7e7ad2⋯.jpg (50.32 KB, 848x860, 212:215, 32fbcb84b7e7ad2067a79a62d3….jpg)

Ah, more Hollywood movies. Just what I needed while enjoying my soy beverage. Does that star behind a lady remind you of anything? Give us money now and watch how to be a better goy! Doesn't it feel great to be inferior to women?


Saw this last night. Carol Danvers is an unlikable dumbass whose retarded behavior is subsidized by superpowers she never earned. There's a potential rant I could go on contrasting her with Captain America but it's fairly obvious so I'll leave it to some d-list youtubers. The movie is one part alien nonsense nobody cares about, one part 90s nostalgia, and one part memes and references to either tumblr/tiktok shit or things from previous movies.


File: 57228a84383fe2a⋯.png (530.34 KB, 411x640, 411:640, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey, Genis was a pretty cool guy


So this thing tanked right?


There is ONE Captain Marvel and his name is Billy.



> try and get some more shekels

Don't forget stuff like the Sony email leaks having them talk about using litigation to force Murray et al into the movie. This + the backlash over Hidden Figures was the reason the IMDb forums were shut down.


File: a1d7ed2e415b477⋯.jpg (232.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, goosethegoat.jpg)

>Feminist love Goose the Cat!

I say we hijack Goose the Cat!


File: 769121b9f0f020a⋯.webm (15.14 MB, 720x400, 9:5, ROTTEN TOMATOES ULTIMATEL….webm)




So much fucking this. Let's see how long it takes to make him "Goosestep the cat."



>sometimes shekels are less important than the cause of undermining the west.

Exactly. They love money but they can't fully enjoy it as long as the goyim are allowed to live.



So they bought their own tickets then they're saying it was a success? fuck



Thats actually painfully easy. Need a stache. Also play the "its a cat that hates blacks" card too, spoiling the fury thing.


I forgot to mention this in the previous review but the Skrull makeup was really shit. I kept thinking they were modeled after artichokes for the green and purple parts. Good that they weren't used much but also bad because they weren't used much because they were mostly in disguise. Fighting in disguise made them goofy when they fought, the example being the train scene. I guess they didn't integrate the fantastic four into the movie yet but if they had some martial arts fighting while as Skrull or something it would have been better but it had that illegal immigration message going for it so they couldn't do it.

The overall pace was really sluggish starting at about the first 15-30 minutes and it never recovered. It felt more like a Lifetime movie at times instead of a superhero movie. The only good things I liked were the Stan lee tribute at the beginning and the one on the train with his cameo about rehearsing Mall Rats. Brie Larson and the overall script were the biggest problems of this movie.


File: 648944284f69f62⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1200x1845, 80:123, captain marvel.jpg)


File: f6fa1f457091e75⋯.jpg (78.52 KB, 557x593, 557:593, hitler just right.jpg)

File: 0299d01139db96e⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 508x466, 254:233, hitler cat.jpg)


>Goosestep the cat

fucking love it



I went to Avengers II at 3 pm on it's opening weekend and it was pretty full. So to see theater practically empty for Captain Marvel is still pretty bad.


File: 66dc01e14278501⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 8000x8335, 1600:1667, 4K Pepe.jpg)

Please change the poster to





>The point is you're an idiot if you watch it to begin with.

Some people dig ditches, some people review movies. We all need to work

inb4 neet


File: 20885c1228f5f6c⋯.gif (3.75 MB, 500x282, 250:141, 20885c1228f5f6c6caef84f2a8….gif)


>Some people dig ditches, some people review movies.

The absolute state of the modern service economy.



>March 8th Also International Woman's Day

>Brie Larson

I used to think the Featured Article were random by after checking it apparently isn't. It could be possible for a third party to manipulate to promote something of there own.


>TFAs are scheduled by the TFA coordinators: Dank (Dan), Jimfbleak, Ealdgyth and Wehwalt. WP:TFAA displays the current month, with easy navigation to other months. If you notice an error in an upcoming TFA summary, please feel free to fix it yourself; if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, please leave a message at WP:ERRORS so an administrator can fix it. Articles can be nominated for TFA at the TFA requests page, and articles with a date connection within the next year can be suggested at the TFA pending page.

Then after going to the TFA request page http://archive.is/2FxLv

The page shows they have requests for the, The Mummy (1999 film), The Breeders Tour 2014, Taylor Swift in the Added by (if different) column from "Feminist" but I think that might be a username and not a reason.



For Hollywood the only "bad" movie is one that fails to turn a profit. Doesn't matter how good or bad the story/cast/SPX/etc of the film is (like Transformers) only the money it makes matters.


Today, with 2000+ tweets, Capitan Marvel was trending.


Not even fucking kidding they collectively made typos in their empowerment statements.



To be fair, critics didn't read the Alita manga and see it differently than the audience.

Regarding Cpt Marvel - noone read that…

Other than that, I watched Alita today and it was good. First we wanted to watch Cpt Marvel just for the sake of following the Marvel movies, but when I heard the action scenes suck, I decided to never watch it.

At this point I'm sick of movies not worthy of the current MCU phase.


I would have paid for a She-Hulk movie.



I don't speak Pinoy, care to translate?


File: 145043924d36fee⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1000x1481, 1000:1481, 1425666329844-batmanandrob….png)


>For Hollywood the only "bad" movie is one that fails to turn a profit. Doesn't matter how good or bad the story/cast/SPX/etc of the film is (like Transformers) only the money it makes matters.

Not really, pic related was profitable but still killed the series. You can fool people once, but they will remember and the next movie will flop.



Second pic is from a Philippines woman super hero also called Marvel IIRC.

First pic IDK but is either:

A) Stan Lee plagiarized a pinoy funnybook.

B) Some Niggasaki tier shit conspiracy,



MARVEL Comics is made by a Filipino named Mars Ravelo, and MARVEL is based on his name. It was sold to Stan Lee on 1961.

That's pretty much it.



still don't get the hate. batman was always camp if it they didn't try to make it "dark", heck the burton movies before had their own level of camp, batman & robin just went back to 60's level.



Not the first time someone made up that a Filipino made something just because it sounds like their name.

It's in grade school history books in the Philippines that "Agapito Flores" invented the flourescent lamp.



>Illuminating comics

God I love his stuff.


File: d75ddc821b20da6⋯.jpg (80.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, comedy gold.jpg)


you know they would fuck it up with muh stronk womyn narrative

She-hulk was fun cos she chose to stay in hulk form herself and despite being super strong and ocationally helping super heroes she still leads a normal life, also, every time i've seen she-hulk she was always smiling and always in a good mood, she would have worked for a "goku and Piccolo learning how to drive" tier comedy


i liked this movie and the one before it, saw them as a kid and loved them just as much as i loved the super friends cartoon or Adam West's Batman. it was silly and fun, but snob critics who thought themselves to smart for a lowly movie about camp and fun dogpiled on it like they dogpiled on the Star Wars prequels, then a bounch of pissed of fanboys latched onto them and contrarian faggots began to shit on it to just to go with the trend


She is a stupid cunt. Fucking sjw dyke bitch.


File: 3e704f91469a562⋯.jpg (37.74 KB, 640x648, 80:81, 53475228_10156971240277970….jpg)

File: 0cb2056787dbda1⋯.png (505.17 KB, 750x500, 3:2, D0-IVgyWsAEOzbE.png)



Jeez pic 2 is perfect.



I think she's cute



where do you live anon?

in pastaland 10people before 8pm show means it’s actualy hyped up



You're wrong. She has resting bitch face.


File: 9198eb00e4d36f0⋯.jpeg (101.89 KB, 742x612, 371:306, D06E9749-9812-4ABF-8EEA-6….jpeg)

>fatman keeps all the negative review cause it’s public choice

>cpt dyke remove them because evil white male try to boycott the movie


So I was discussing this with friends who unfortunately saw the movie as well and they brought up points I didn't think about. The whole premise of the movie is to find a light speed engine but don't the Kree have ships that should be moving faster than light speed? Their wars was over a engine that is slower than what they should have already. Likely something that the 6 writers missed that could be changed by adding an adjective to light speed engine. Also, the light speed engine was created from parts in what is an inferior technological year of '95 Earth. Nostalgia overtakes the reason for how such an engine could be created.

Some military knowledge, because Annette Bening was a Kree her blood should be blue, how did she pass her blood test? If they found an anomaly with her blood, they would surely re-test her under stricter conditions. She joined the military to use them to make the light speed engine but she had a perfectly cloaked ship with superior technology so why didn't she use her lab up there? Carol Danvers was a test pilot but because she had no fighter experience, how did she get her nickname avenger? What the held did she avenge as a test pilot? This movie could be much dumber than the average movie goer could expect, missed by many because of how boring the film is.


File: 5407306218554b2⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


>So I was discussing this with friends who unfortunately saw the movie

Oh, so you're a friend of Doomcock? Because he brought up those exact same points in his review.


File: 7097294bca92e67⋯.jpg (99.86 KB, 233x361, 233:361, 1486782102.jpg)


>I didn't really get the Grrlpowr vibe from her

>Carol has flashbacks of her doing stereotypically boy oriented things like baseball and go-karts and men yelling at her that she's not good enough, including a guy who tells her she can't be a pilot because 'it's called a cockpit' and then the music swells as she triumphantly rises above it all

>Let's show these boys how girls do it!

>Random guy hits on her, tells her to smile and she steals his motorcycle

>The final fight scene is literally set to "Just a Girl"

>Fury was not at all comic relief

>Fury spends most of the time being cutesy with the cat

>Fury for some reason decides to start singing while he does the dishes

>Fury's entire bad ass persona is swept away immediately because the writer wanted to make a joke that he lost his eye to a cat scratch



I'd find all these scenes hilarious just like that Gilette ad because nobody actually behaves like that in real life - not even actors portraying overly macho characters on screen in the 50s and earlier behaved like that, hell not even the most impulsive ghetto niggers who can't wait to place their hands on the nearest white girl. But it's only sad because impressionable youths will end up believing that.



>Two races at each other's throat over an advanced tech that was somehow originated from Earth.

So it's like someone incompetent ripped off a plot point from Farscape and other older scifi, but managed to purge reasonable justification and anything interesting or entertaining from the idea.

Overall, it looks like Captain Marvel will be basically The Last Jedi 2 in terms of its reception. It will not bomb at the box office and will have a decent reception at first, but as soon as shilling season stops the consensus will shift to movie being mediocre or bad.


File: e904f36c9e01364⋯.png (315.61 KB, 600x466, 300:233, disgust for casuals.png)


No, but being blatantly dishonest about the movie is. Try harder next time.


File: c34d310091ff6e3⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, tried-nothing.jpg)


it's funny when you say you don't like these movies and everyone goes off on you like your sexist or racist but it's just your an adult and comic books are childish stuff. lmao. these movies are just cheap cashins. they change the intellectual property just enough so they can rip off the people who invented the property and pay zero royalties to the original artists.



This has been a problem for the past several years. Bunch of faggots and corporate bootlickers decided that you're not allowed to call a shitty game or a bad movie bad or shitty. You're not allowed to call things what they are because it hurts the feelings of one of the largest fucking companies in the world.


Interesting… apparently the movie is a big success.

I say "apparently", because it's a matter of every mainstream media outlet simultaneously reporting, with almost the same wording, that the film is hugely popular and breaking box office records. Are there really that many tasteless NPCs, or are Disney now intentionally misreporting the numbers in a desperate last-ditch attempt to make people think the film is popular in hopes that they'll "follow the herd"?



It's not setting any records and there's no way in hell it's moving any merch. Don't forget that most studios spend nearly equal, or more, than the production budget on advertising and promotion, and even if a movie breaks even or makes back it's money, that's still a failure in the eyes of the studio execs.



These movies are just vehicles for money laundering anyway.



This literally.

They're probably trying to kill the Marvel franchise or maybe "equilibrate" the attention so other disney interracial or mind-programming blackhat shit gets a slice of the publicity and shekel pie. (Not to mention how Marvel/DC superheroes are somehow aren't degenerates and it actually backfires into the zionist agendas so it's the classic SHUT_IT_DOWN!)

>inb4 >>>pol

I don't pol.


Lol, virus 23 at its finest.


File: 819f7e42884a028⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b9217d72af3ed25⋯.png (184.44 KB, 466x466, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Rush to buy Genis-Vell figure in movie's toyline

>Proportions are fucked, looks weird

>Buy Scream from the Venom line instead

Don't even get me started on the other figures that are actually in the movie either


I walked past my local argie cinema, Captain marvel had most showings, with all other having one or two at most.


Can I address the elephant in the room?

Who's the antagonist? I know all the MCU antagonists pretty much from the start, hell, the promos and I only watch them until they are available in torrents.

I don't recall a single ad where they say who's the villain?


File: f7f14e5ede265a9⋯.png (326.33 KB, 600x339, 200:113, 55d2c2a926ce985434b578d0d1….png)


People bank too much on individual bits doing well. What episode of a show will get the best share on Nielsen? The one the week after a huge episode everyone is talking about. Or the season-opener following a great season.

Views are earned by previous quality, not by current quality. A really bad movie can tank once word gets out but usually will still have a good opening weekend built on its advertising and prior brand recognition.

It's actually a shame the Schumacher films failed. They were pretty entertaining and really nailed the comic book feel. Burton's movies were still very Burtonesque. The lack of expectations allows the later films to hold up better. Ironically I think Clooney would make a better Batman now than he did when he was younger.

I expect Disney to praise Captain Marvel as a success, but they had to buy off the press (or discourage bad reviews with the feminism angle, at least) and push theaters to only show it and nothing else to boost sales. It's going to be a low-earner for the year.

My advice? Everyone should go see the Shazam movie and push the angle that he's the real Captain Marvel. Which is true anyways. Just go see it and say "The DC Captain Marvel was way better than the Marvel version".

Normalfags will be confused but might learn something and the soyfarmers defending their mediocre capeshit will be triggered.



I was going to ask you which city but I just saw that in the capital of Freemasonry Captain Marvel has the most showings too.



According to Kikeapedia, it's already made ~$450 million on a ~$150 million budget. Interestingly though, only about a third of that is coming from the U.S. The rest is from overseas, with China being the biggest source. What this means is that, if this movie had to survive solely on domestic profits, it would probably end up being a break-even or even a flop.


File: 01500a9f357001b⋯.jpg (5.92 KB, 194x260, 97:130, 01500a9f357001b2571238238e….jpg)


Things to keep in mind:

>The budget reported is generally only production budget

It doesn't include marketing, and this movie had a huge marketing push

It's usually estimated that you double the production budget to find the marketing budget

Disney could have easily tripled the production cost for marketing in the basis that the film is a giant lead-in to Avengers 4 and they'll recuperate their losses when that movie inevitably makes over a billion

>Press is willing to push an agenda

They're hailing it as "a huge success" and have been since before it launched

Doesn't mean much; they called Ghostbusters a success too and it flopped even harder

So far this movie is doing about three times as well as Ghostbusters did, and that movie bombed

But Captain Marvel is still underperforming compared to previous Marvel films

Iron Man 3 had a bigger opening weekend nearly five years ago

It did beat both Ant-Man movies for opening weekend

We'll have to see how the next weekend goes but if sales drop-off slightly it might only barely beat Ant Man's final box office take of $540 million, which would be pathetic considering they had the same budget and they had to reshoot half the movie after ditching Edgar Wright

>The film has no competition

It's a barren wasteland right now and Disney has pushed the film so hard that theaters are showing it exclusively

It's going to make some money from people who will watch literally anything and are already at the theater

The time of person to walk into a theater and just pick something at random is the sort of person who would gladly pay to watch this

If their options are narrowed then it makes the choice easier

Believe it or not, a lot of kids and families just show up to theaters with no plan

Or people who go on dates and aren't going to watch the movie

>Disney's internal expectations will be different from audience and critic expectations

They might be lenient since it's a lead-in to Avengers

Or they might be disappointed it didn't make twice as much as it does

It's really hard to know how they want to position it, or if they're just testing the waters

Any sequel that comes out of this will be dictated by overall performance in the segment they care about

If it does poorly but Avengers does well then expect it to be a set-up for Avengers movies in the future

If Avengers bombs and it makes less than they expect then they'll probably relegate it to a side series

Audience enthusiasm seems low, though, so there's something to be optimistic about



$150 million to produce the movie's CGI, $500 million to advertise, bribe reviewers, and threaten theaters to give it top billing, $0 to pay for writers and a competent lead.



The audience.



>Any sequel that comes out of this will be dictated by overall performance in the segment they care about

Last I heard a good majority of sequels are greenlit and begin entering pre-production before the first movie is even released. Considering that their main charismatic heavy hitters are planning on skedaddling after Endgame and the amount of focus they're putting on Black Panther and Captain Marvel my main guess is that they'll be banking on some sort of "Ultimates" type thing for the "future" of the franchise.

Captain Marvel isn't going to kill the franchise outright but it's the start of the empire's collapse. Once Endgame comes and goes most of the normalfags and a good portion of their diehards aren't going to give a fuck anymore. They'll get their "dramatic payoff" from the dick they've been sucking for the last 10+ years and aren't going to care about the piss poor meta-narrative anymore. At most you'll have a handful of sunk-cost faggots who'll still go and see every movie because it's what became their main hobby over the last decade. All the other normalfags will only stop by to see the new Spider-Man and that'll be that.

The franchise will die not with a bang but with a whimper.



What the hell is Fury's desk made of? Cuz I remember the Tesseract burning right through the Hydra bomber right after Red Skull tried to use it.


Is anyone hopeful for Dark Phoenix?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Brie the cheese has more flavor and personality than Larson.



8ch /co/'s first DMCA?


Marvel Zombie time?


File: 372162bcc8783ec⋯.jpg (148.05 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_20190311_164938.jpg)



Dark Phoenix is a world with no Hellfire Club. A history showing Jean in control of the Phoenix powers. With all of the X-Men together instead of separate and thinking each other dead. And a main actress with one facial expression.

Yea, it's going to be the best movie ever.




This is a link to the music video "Xanadu" which comes from soundtrack of the movie with the same name.

I believe the script, screenwriting, director, production, editing, CGI and special effect in Xanadu was better than in Captain Marvel.



>Lady Thor

Didn't they switch Thor back to a man after Marvel admitted the SJW route was hurting their profits?

>Go Woke, Get Broke


File: d06e8d8162be828⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 282x400, 141:200, last_order_new_ed-_vol-_5_….jpg)


>Everyone should go see the Shazam movie and push the angle that he's the real Captain Marvel

normies are alrready doing this with Alita saying that she is the real stronk womyn protagonist

the movie is kinda meh and i'm disgusted by the fact that it's succes will allow mutts to disgrace Alita even further

it's kinda funny cos in the manga one of Alita's story arks is about how she doeasn't want to be Ido's daugtheru doll and be her own indepandant womyn, then later in part 2 there's a robot clone of Alita who starts femal but later changes into a male body, i'd imagine tumblrettes would hail that character as a god until they learn that the robot changed from female to male becos he wanted to be stronger



Jesus loves you



Alita was good you fucking weeb.

And that shows us something, that everyone is SUPPOSED to see Cpt Marvel as that great stronk female lead while Alita is right fucking there.

It's not even in your face in Alita.


File: 8b5eb19f1eb9fd8⋯.jpg (36.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Brie-Larson-Feet.jpg)

File: 5201596425837bc⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Brie-Larson-Feet-Sandals.jpg)

File: 411d9a65e3171d2⋯.png (811.97 KB, 915x664, 915:664, Screen-Shot-2019-02-15-at-….png)




Agree. But it's so fun to watch these films such st the box office.



What in the goddamn



Looks like a some sort of foot infection or soap built up under her toe nails and turned dark. Ether way her feet don't look healthy. They look like an old ladies foot.



>Alita was good

>It's not even in your face in Alita

i don't mind the movie adapting the ovas instead of the manga but adding bits from the motorball part but Ido being an exposition machine is as anoying as him having a tragic backstory with a dead daugther to spoonfeed the idea that Alita is like a daughter to him and explain why he is a bounty hunter

it was way more subtle in the manga where they just showed Ido throwing a dress and some other girly clothes into the river once he realised Alita didn't want to be his doll

and his reason for being a bounty hunter?

becos he was a battle junkie who did it for the high

then there was also the romance part wich was also much more cancerous than it was in the manga

also her deformed CGI face is disgusting



I wonder if Cho will replace Banner now?


File: 7cde88857b6525f⋯.jpeg (71.3 KB, 463x688, 463:688, 7A7CD5A6-5C82-410E-AC03-6….jpeg)

File: 581b2e7d5f7f98a⋯.jpeg (89.49 KB, 472x777, 472:777, E7E081C4-251D-4E09-AB9C-3….jpeg)

>not being a weeb

>ask /a/ to clarify


Well fuck you. Anyone here knows what should it read first? Alita for sure then which one of those since it appears to have both the same name sage for not /co/


File: 4e5b2cc7d4f7019⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 659x717, 659:717, brie slurp.jpg)

>slurps in your path

>"Hey faggot, what'd ya think about my movie?"


>watching jewvies.


File: 02b1c15f8f8f378⋯.png (591.96 KB, 1519x306, 1519:306, HERE'S CAROL!!!.png)


Stole it off the net, it sucked.



She bites her toenails. She's got a nervous anxiety disorder.


File: a6a7efed7e307d2⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 267x200, 267:200, getout.gif)


>newfag mad because nobody will spoonfeed his lazy ass

Google it, faggot.



replying only to honour thos trips but >>1052894 is right

start from Alita Battle Angel i think the first episode is called "rusty angel" it's the saga on earth where Ido finds her in the junk yard

the second part is Last Order where she goes to space and joins a cybor martial arts tournament

finally there's the Mars Chronicle, i havent made it there

the first part had a rushed ending inthe last 2 episodes but the second part retcons them

i'm reading them here:




>Captain Marvel isn't going to kill the franchise outright but it's the start of the empire's collapse.

This is what I believe as well. The MCU started on the perfect casting choice in Downy Jr that oozed charisma and had great chemistry with any other character. Iron man 1 also teased shield and the avenger initiative. It had somewhere to go and as it went on the momentum built up with the reveal of the stones. But Captain Marvel had none of that. She's bland in powers and personality, has no arc, her backstory is being told "baseball" isn't for girls" it pointlessly retcons minor details 10 years into the franchise, has no memorable villains, wastes the skrulls and the potential secret invasion arc on a hamfisted refugee message, and doesn't lay the foundation for any further stories in universe. The novelty of being the first cinematic universe ends with infinity war, and they signed someone on to 6 more movies that needed more damage control than the fucking last jedi.



The whole movie should've been about finding the quantum bands or nega bands. It would've made perfect sense. Scientist finds them, uses them for a "quantum drive", kree follow signature, blow up test ship to get them back, energy goes into Danvers.



>The novelty of being the first cinematic universe ends with infinity war

it will end for good if Yidsney desides to be retarded and make craptain marvel be the one who beats thanos instead of any of the other characters

i can se a few normies sticking to the post endgame mcu if the movie is cool but if they piss off their entire fan base by givving all the glory to the man hating bulldyke instead of any of the other characters who earned their fandom the shitstorm that's gonna cause is gonna make internet history



I think people will lose interest if Endgame ends up retroactively changing timeline stuff, as well as if those talks that future movies will focus less on a coherent continuity and will be looser with a floating timeline just like the comics are true. I mean I know comics have these things all the time but people enjoyed the aspects that set the movies apart from them.


I find it a bit ironic that Larson was hyped to high heaven by the usual suspects but has little to work with in the film itself because she has to spend most of the actual film playing an amnesiac robbed of her past and any hint of an actual personality beyond willful defiance. In a way that's probably the most sexist thing you can do to an actress: deprive her of something to base her performance on so she ends up looking like a blank slate next to Samuel Jackson, Jude Law, and that guy from Ready Player One.


So I just watched RedletterMedia and holy fuck, I hate that actress.

What a disgusting, hypocrite, dumb marionette Disney found. I bet they regret already that she basically insults the potential audience she's supposed to win over.

If I were a feminist I'd cringe hard to be represented by her.

In fact, if I were black I'd cringe hard if she'd attempt to be my voice.






That's such a fucking dumb rule. Half the fun of such an online community is sharing recommendations.



And yet somehow Alita makes it work.

Don't blame the script for a lousy actress.



>If I were a feminist I'd cringe hard to be represented by her.

For your sake never get a Twitter Account.



I can almost guarantee you they will find some way of gaslighting themselves to believe they liked it, if only to validate getting so invested in a movie series like the Marvel EU.



Eh, I imagine the Trans crowd might pipe up, but FtM's tend to get swept under the rug by the LGBT at large.



Bruh that ain't lady thor that's She Ra.



You mean the Twitter Account which made me see that "Capitan Marvel" was trending because 2000+ supporters of the movie were too stupid to write the movie title correctly?

I guess there actually is a problem with female education.

Oh wait, back in school the girls were too lazy to learn because they knew they'd marry some asshole who does all the work for them and cheated their way through. Empowerment!



>implying Captain Marvel will not breach JL's final gross


File: be1c758dedcf93e⋯.gif (517.13 KB, 500x270, 50:27, be1c758dedcf93e0522567fda4….gif)



>No competing films

>Huge media push

>Tie-in for wrap-up to Avengers storyline

>Peak of Marvel hype among normalfags

The only movie on that list that's recent is Black Panther, and it did 33% better on its opening weekend; it's also the only other origin story.

Everything else is older

Keep in mind that ticket prices rise each year, and when you add in inflation it's very easy for a movie today to beat one from even a few years ago despite selling the same number of tickets or even less

Batman vs. Superman took in more on opening weekend

This is by no means a humiliating defeat for the character but this is a much weaker start than most recent Marvel heroes have received and it has many advantages that they didn't have.

Beating Justice League isn't really an accomplishment in that regard; it speaks to how weak DC is.

But Marvel was probably expecting better for their massive Avengers tie-in prequel.


File: 319fe370c853256⋯.jpg (107.2 KB, 1125x750, 3:2, image0-79.jpg)



But Disney spent obscene amounts of money purchasing tickets for their own movie and giving them to cunts, and they bribed theaters to only run Captain Cunt for weeks on end, and the movie is still underperforming.

Don't trust Disney's supposed budget, they burned shitloads of money on this turd and it backfired terribly.


File: a809412271c0773⋯.gif (599.3 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 1451251462402.gif)


I'm well aware. I posted previously in this thread regarding media budgets

My entire point is that they had a big push and it's the lynchpin in their transition to the next phase of their release plan

Despite all of that it's still not quite the breakout hit they wanted

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 did just as well and probably had a stronger run than Captain Marvel will get

Everyone who wanted to see this movie has already seen it



Spread it to the normies



>Despite all of that it's still not quite the breakout hit they wanted

It's just a sign of things to come. If rumors are to be believed Captain Marvel is a very important character in Endgame, so to cut her out or minimize her presence extensive recuts will be necessary (or risk audiences starting to get annoyed with her and quit the shekel train altogether), and recutting a movie midway through rarely works out well.


File: 73db2b8d97fd18a⋯.png (454.01 KB, 1673x814, 1673:814, Copetain.png)


i know nothing of the marvel universe. i've never seen a single marvel movie. i dont know the names of any celebrities. this movie just looks like yet another capeshit.

can someone explain to me the controversy behind this movie?


File: f95fdadfd84cd12⋯.png (455.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1451878724404.png)


Because Disney manufactured it and bloggers are doing the same thing they always do and try to promote stuff as "progressive"

It's willfully ignorant of the thousands of films with women in the leading role

As usual, the "progressives" are more bigoted than anyone they criticize

They make issues of stuff like this so that when people contest it they have a bad guy to pick a fight with



>can someone explain to me the controversy behind this movie?

Brie Larson is a strong independent women who is taking over the Avengers and sexist film critics don't like that.



So do I. Bitten toenails look ugly, but healthy. Those are full of funguses, and it's just disgusting.



>biting toenails

What? Why?

>Those are full of funguses, and it's just disgusting.

It's especially telling since she clearly has the fucking money to go and get a pedicure. They look like her Jewish producer told her to stick her toes up his anus and then forced her to go on the red carpet without washing his feces off.

Why not just wear shoes that cover her disgusting nails if she's too lazy to take care of them?



>They look like her Jewish producer told her to stick her toes up his anus and then forced her to go on the red carpet without washing his feces off.

He's certainly not boring, might be a fungi.



Maybe it's to push that "accept your body" bullshit that leads to proud overweight lardasses or people who don't shave.



Christ, it's just bad fan fiction. What the fuck. That thing should be melting through the cat and desk. Seriously, did Marvel fire everyone and the new people didn't even watch the previous movies?



>What? Why?

Nervous anxiety disorder, probably. At some point, I run out of fingernails to bite, and then…



There's gonna be a split. Look what happened to Star Wars.

People defending post-Endgame MCU will be like those hipsters who praise The Last Jedi as the best Star Wars film and say "Star Wars was never even that good anyway".


>Even though Captain Marvel launched on International Women’s Day yesterday, she continues to remain male heavy, 61% to 39% on PostTrak.


>mfw more women went to see Aquaman




Time to insult that audience


>'Carol Danvers Is More Powerful Than Captain Marvel' — chink CBR writer





Women prefer BEEFCAKES over planks of wood.



>mfw more women went to see Aquaman

Of course. Women actually want to see a ideal toxicly masculine man that they can shlick off to, they just cannot admit to it because the court of public opinions is terrifying to them.



Women think one thing and say the other since time immemorial, and your actions are filtered by your appearance too. An ugly man acting masculine is full of toxic masculinity. A hot guy acting masculine is great. An ugly man acting unmanly is a pussy, a hot guy acting unmanly is cute.




wtf is captain marvel? i've never heard of this superhero before. was it an obscure one they brought back? or completely made it up for this movie?


File: 178ea936b5075df⋯.jpg (184.5 KB, 600x899, 600:899, 563193.jpg)


HE was big in the 70's, he was a cosmic hero by Jim Starlin, he used to fight Thanos.

This is Ms. Marvel, his shitty female version, after stealing his name.



You forget, the (((Skrulls))) don't want to be outed.



I agree but on /a/ you get ban… here they say shill or don’t spoon feed so not really much better


I did that anon, and as you can see both the pics I’ve posted were two different alita:last order with 2 different covers and already figure out the first was battle angels but can’t do much from there if the sequel have the same name and on funmanga there wasn’t alita on mars so will check the link you gave me cheers



I bite my toenails because I don't have a toenail clipper and it feels good for some reason.






>Christ, it's just bad fan fiction.

That sums it all up. Doesn't it.

(Read the following in the voice of pudgy 12 year old nerd. Aka - me circa the mid 1990s.)

"All the superheros were having a super awesome battle with the bad guy! And then! And Then! And Then! My totally awesome OC (Do not steal) arrives! And all the heroes are like "You're so much cooler/powerful than us!" And then! And Then! And Then! My super ultra powerful OC (Don not steal…especially you Kevin Robinson from school!) uses their ultimate ultra super powerful powers to defeat the bad guy!"

Between this and TLJ it feels like Hollywood somehow invented time travel and is now getting all of their scripts from fanfiction.net circa the year 2000.


File: a47bc1dca020730⋯.png (15.4 KB, 188x180, 47:45, sans libtard.png)


I bite my fucking toenails too when I can't find a clipper, my sister keeps taking it with her and lance shit in my feet as soon as I find them, that shit's not normal, not ingrown toenail bullshit, and her toenails look ELEVATED like there's shit growing upwards under them.

On top of that her veins are visible and her feet have an unhealthy pallor, and the tips of her toes are enlarged, which means she's got some serious shit. On top of that her toes are fucked up at the joints, they're bending weirdly.

On top of whatever's fucked up her toe joints, that's either Arthritis or Gout, that's horrible hygenie, I have no idea how she got this bad. The only reason I think she still has it is probably allots no time to herself at all.

It seems like the type of condition where she's just going to party after party, forgoes self-maintenance.

The last time I saw nails that bad it was on a South Korean immigrant Tae-Kwon-Do teacher I knew who came from a poor part of SK, who had a bunch of foot injuries because of his profession and he STILL had healthier limbs.

Can this lady not afford a basic fucking foot doctor?


I hate to inject some common sense here, but its just a movie.



>foot doctor



>Like c’mon man it’s just a comic why are you taking it so seriously


File: 99656eb83a2dcb2⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 400x566, 200:283, CaptainMarvel.jpg)


Correct for the Marvel version. The "Captain Marvel" movie is about Ms. Marvel.

It's like making a Superman movie, but it's just Supergirl.

But the REAL Captain Marvel is a DC character that predates both of Marvel's own characters and initially beat Superman in sales as a direct competitor.

DC later licensed and then outright purchased the character, but mostly rebranded him to Shazam to avoid legal issues with their now biggest competitor Marvel Comics.

And I'm mad about it to this day. Behold, the true Captain Marvel.


File: 2ec9dee479181cb⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 225x224, 225:224, index.jpg)


>Maybe it's to push that "accept your body" bullshit

if that is really true it would make the fact that the mouse hired a butt double even more hilarious



DC or whatever it was called back then stole this character witha copy right lawsuit cos it was to much of a Superman ripoff and he was also more popular than Superman

if you'r gonna be upset about something regarding this character you should be upset about how DC jewed him out of the spotlight so it wouldn't outshine Superman


File: 16673b00b3cf46c⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 630x469, 90:67, dark_matter_meh.gif)

>go in blind expecting a good laugh at a total feminist shitshow

>it's just fucking boring so I leave



> That thing should be melting through the cat and desk.

not always. remember fury was carrying it around in a briefcase etc. I suppost the melting only happens when activated or "misused" like red skull did.


File: 9a55c40657eb871⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 714x777, 34:37, 1439786573662.jpg)


>you should be mad DC jewed him

I absolutely am. Captain Marvel is a way better idea with more characterization to build on.

Superman is a forced meme.

It irritates me that DC smothered him, then bought him, and then changed the name like the cucks they are.

DC's best characters are all purchased from better publishers; even the Watchmen line-up were supposed to be purchased, underused characters.

Marvel is and always have been creatively bankrupt.

Industry sucks for a reason.


File: 3de9975cd9232b9⋯.jpg (392 KB, 2259x1339, 2259:1339, Masked-Marvel-1960.jpg)


And then there were the British Captain Marvel clones, like Captain Miracle and Marvelman, and then there was the lawsuit that caused Marvel to kill Mar-Vell off, and the time Marvel sued The Mad Peck over an offhand reference to his rebranded appropriation of the Golden Age Black Cat "The Masked Marvel" as "Ms. Marvel", and then forcing Alan Moore to call Marvelman "Miracleman", and then Todd MacFarlane thinking he had the rights to Miracle/Marvelman, but apparently all the dumb fucker had paid for was the rights to the logo.



Brie reminds me of what it would be like to have a geeky aspergers girl as a superhero.



>butt double

Seriously? Could they not have her wear padded panties or something? I mean Beyonce wore them and actresses wear them all the time.



It's the best movie I've seen in theaters in years

I'm not saying it's good, I'm saying it's better than everything else, especially this marvel nonsense


I thought the cringe was part of the charm. Young love is usually pretty awkward. And honestly I'm surprised at how dark they actually went with the dystopia body snatching stuff



There's a board specifically for that, themain board is for discussion. Otherwise the rule is "lurk moar".


File: 4a539b72134df3f⋯.png (172.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190313-093217.png)

I got suspended from a website for talking about the movie and having complaints about it. Never once did I "troll"



All I did was point out the plot holes and retcons



well, that board "is" for adults not 9 year olds


File: 461ad9feead38f2⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 826x1280, 413:640, 1552240110.jpg)

Hey Carol.

The Real Captain Marvel is coming for you.




same guy who did Terminator and Avatar. Though I learned he recently went soyboy, so who knows if he's still got it.



I saw it sunday, it was kinda cool. There were parts that were kinda forced but overall i don't regret seeing it.



I'm 38


File: 3d70701fb048ca9⋯.jpg (430.15 KB, 1420x2157, 1420:2157, 1294792850918502371386923.jpg)


God damn, what a glorious comic.

We should do a dump of this to forget this fucking abortion of comic movie.


File: 4c3b7d74d955c8a⋯.jpg (153.95 KB, 1080x1346, 540:673, captain marvel blacked.jpg)

How explicit will the blacked scenes in Avengers Endgame be?



I thought he just produced it and Robert Rodriguez directed it.


I dunno. I just hope they don't do Civil War 2 later down the line. Also, I could never buy the relationshp between Carol and Rhodey. Didn't feel like they had chemistry.







Capitán means captain in Spanish you stupid Burger.



Is he dabbing?


Did they really turn Mar-Vell into a woman? I thought Jude Law was Mar-Vell in this.


lot of kiketube videos poping up claiming Yidsney itself bought all the tickets to see the movie so the box office for this dumpster fire wouldn't look so bad

lots of cinemas claiming there are hundreds of showings to empty theaters where all the tickets have been sold out by people who neither show up to the movie nor ask for refunds

not posting any cos the last timne i did mods banned me for shilling



I think it's shopped from the movie trailer where he dabs.

That someone would desecrate Ross' art like is the biggest insult.


File: 65fcd60eaef467e⋯.jpeg (89.86 KB, 486x720, 27:40, 3511033-download (2).jpeg)

Thats it, Marvel Comics is done for good.



For Black Panther they paid marketing agencies and (((charities))) to buy tickets and then lure people into the theaters with free bus rides and snacks. I guess they tried the same thing here but people did not even want to see this movie for free.



The X-men are full of interesting heroines, but they can't be seen with the Avengers, so someone had to get creative.

Unfortunatley, four years of critical theory isn't very conductive to being creative.



You're probably right, I didn't follow it too closely.



Nah he's Yon-Rogg, who's somehow even more generic then the spurned lover made villain of the 60s

Fun fact the newest reboot/relaunch for Captain Marvel wrote him out of Carol Danvers' backstory, retconning Mar-vell, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Secret Invasion, Thanos and of course Carol herself


File: 02db92b4fc4bf0b⋯.png (284.91 KB, 602x309, 602:309, main-qimg-46e5c680d819ca90….png)

Can’t wait for Captain Marvel to expose Thanos homophobic tweets from 2010


File: 3c1b1c5a8fe3e6a⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 500x369, 500:369, smug anime reptile.jpg)



Was a massive flop, which is why soyny's making Ghostbusters 3.

>nu-Star Wars

Are worst than the prequel trilogy and basically killed the entire franchise.

>Wonder Woman

Mediocre to max, Aquaman was better.

>trap She-ra

DOA and worst than the original cartoon.


File: a3dea72832bb191⋯.jpg (3.79 MB, 2100x3000, 7:10, Captain Marvel Masterworks….jpg)


Hell yeah, my guy. Mar-Vell is fucking awesome.



>Disney buying its own tickets

Oh is that what that charity thing to buy tickets for girls to see Captain Marvel was? That always seemed fishy to me.



and ~40m of that Domestic was because of IMAX… (who wants to bet it was the *only* non-whale movie there)


File: e78488ad5501dc4⋯.jpeg (242.68 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, charity.jpeg)

The Disney Company bought his own tickets for "charity" for 455 million dollars. Charity organizations around the world should have distributed free tickets, but judging by the empty theaters this did not happen, that is, the money for charity was not spent.

Why is it necessary for Disney? the point is that according to American law, at the end of the year when paying taxes, you do not need to pay an amount equal to the money spent on charity. This means that at the end of the year, Disney company will pay taxes for 455 million less than he should have paid, and the money spent on tickets will also return to Disney, with the exception of 10-15%, which the cinemas will keep for themselves. This is a illegal scheme to avoid paying taxes.

Report them here https://www.irs.gov/compliance/criminal-investigation/tax-fraud-alerts


File: 29b178a2e0d94c5⋯.jpeg (141.13 KB, 944x1200, 59:75, 51166613-C470-4FFC-ADFA-2….jpeg)

Can’t we all just agree that Marvel movies suck? The Netflix shows are O.K. but the movies are gutless formulaic trash.


File: f2ff51b1ee4066a⋯.png (447.17 KB, 1087x480, 1087:480, 529d6444013c703a.png)


File: ec22c7c13ba375b⋯.jpg (98.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, capitana.jpg)


But it was marketed as Capitana Marvel


File: fd60d52a2d64cf8⋯.jpg (318.11 KB, 659x1000, 659:1000, 28516_592bf9ffb3781.jpg)

File: 7da52b850ffbfae⋯.jpg (84.69 KB, 750x937, 750:937, nd.jpg)

No leotard/sash combo? For shame..



Disney can probably write it as charity to reduce its tax threshold.


File: ed0860c94004c2f⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 960x558, 160:93, consume product.jpg)

Reminder that these movies will never stop being made. SJW and capeshit will only get more and more profitable. Even today the industry and their billions of followers are laughing at us, especially on Twitter. Those fucking kikes are immortal.



Didn't this thing's box office drop by 70 something percent over the past few days?



I seriously don't know why I even care, but that butt's flatness is so glaring that it bothers me.


Apparently, T'Challa is disgusted by racemixing.


There's enough variables in the air to throw doubt on Captain Marvel's effectiveness, what with Endgame showing up next month and it being the end scene teaser of Infinity Wars. What I do know is that there's no universal praise for the movie and that even more normal audience do question the movie's quality.

It'll probably take until Captain Marvel 2 before we see anything really concrete come out of it, for good or bad.



Jacob Wohl?

Let me guess, he was just in a hipster cafe, and overheard some Marvel fans saying that Alita is their waifu?



> What I do know is that there's no universal praise for the movie and that even more normal audience do question the movie's quality.

Twitter NPC can't stop praising it, but we may be talking about literal NPC (bots), so whatever. What I do know is that every single one of my friends who went to the cinema to watch it liked it a lot, even if the vast majority of my let's be realistic, quite numerous friends, even casual MCU binge-watchers, are uninterested.



You do realize there's like 40 volumes of this comic now, right? This covered two.


Watch captain marvel free here : freemoviecinema.club


Watch all the leaked unreleased movie and the latest movie for free here : https://freemoviecinema.club/


File: 1f2aa65a8e46d1b⋯.gif (482.23 KB, 220x181, 220:181, tenor.gif)


File: 27d56a23fcff560⋯.png (522.36 KB, 745x775, 149:155, 27d56a23fcff560bbfa0614fb8….png)


So we can safely say that the "get woke go broke" meme is officially dead and buried. SJW is mainstream and has never been more profitable. Everyone knows that.



Cope harder QuarterPounder



>being this brainless as to not wait until the movie ends its box office run

<relying heavily on the debut launch, which is not a sign for movie runs in general

That's why you fail.



>Marvel Comics is done for good.




Movies like this can't be profitable by itself. They must feed on some omega popular franchise that prints money by default. Such franchises slowly ends.


File: a40b9fd0e20eeea⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 397x316, 397:316, I need 2 palms for this.jpg)

>normalfag friends says he went to watch it

>paid 30$ between tickets, popcorn and other sugary drinks

>fell asleep 20 minutes in

<mon visage quand



fake! no scene releases out :p>>1053468


File: 2c0ccc66b0a185e⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 980x551, 980:551, Chinese Audiences.jpg)


movie is dead on arrival in china from what i've heard, and china is the bigger/more important movie market. I wonder if they made any changes to the movie so it would be at least semi-palatable to a chinese audience? according to the latest numbers (for china) Captain Feminism is getting its ass kicked by Alita: Battle Angel and "The Wandering Earth".


File: 9a591f5c3a3a698⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 640x977, 640:977, 20190304.jpg)


This should have been Captain Marvel



that robot has a fat robopussy



Disney Communism In Action



She could be a qt NGL.



Captain Feminist is in Avengers, so unless they kill her character off the movie's gonna suck.


760 Million world wide so far, the only question is does it have the legs to get to 1 Biillion?


File: c98d7726d2765f1⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 700x415, 140:83, 5n7im154ny9930958j9i.jpg)

Its doing quite poorly in North Korea as well.



file names on point, anon


File: c3462f55f80ae50⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1464705939399-1.jpg)


>can we all just

suck a big fat cock


am I being detained? AM I BEING DETAINED?!?



The 'wokeness' was deleted from the international films.


Captain Marvel is mentally retarded and I can prove it. If you argue the facts that means its time for you to go back to whatever local community college you crawled out from and take a course or two in logic. I am a woman with a bachelors degree in science and a bachelors in psychology. My opinion counts.

What do we know about stormbreaker? Well we know TWO THINGS FOR CERTAIN.

1. It overpowered a completely decked out infinity gauntlet.

2. It would have killed Thanos had he no gauntlet to utilize.

In the new trailer Thor summons stormbreaker behind D.B. Marvels back and sends it flying in her direction, mere inches from her face. D.B. Marvel doesn't even flinch.

What kind of hero doesn't show any kind of respect, or recognition for such a destructive/powerful weapon? It could have cut her clean in half. Or are you saying D.B. Marvel is stronger than the infinity gauntlet? So there is no reason for my family to even go and see Endgame?

My biggest gripe about D.B. Marvel is that my own daughter came to me and asked "Mom, what kind of hero calls herself a hero?" Honestly, I was speechless. I couldn't believe it. I explained to her that a hero never indulges in self worship. As a matter of fact, most heroes don't even want to be called a hero in the first place.

As if that wasn't enough bullshit thrown onto my plate by good old Marvel/Disney my son approached me yesterday morning and asked me why Captain Marvel treats Black Widow like a pile of garbage during one of the end credits scene. See we taught him that if you are meeting someone for the first time, you introduce yourself, you shake their hand or give them a hug if they are family, you find out a bit about the person you have just met and after you have established some type of familiar bond you can then (and only if you must) make demands of them. But D.B. Marvel totally treats Black Widow like shes not even in the room "Where's Fury?" Thanks for showing my son that if women treat their own sex like shit, then he can just dump all over them too. You can tell no one at Marvel actually has any children and if they do they are probably all gay and shooting heroin in their parents basement.

So because I took them BOTH to D.B. Marvel, I was forced to explain to them the word feminism and why it corrupts people into worshipping themselves as heroes and how it actually causes women to treat other women like crap. Great…

My husband and I started calling her D.B. Marvel as a personal joke but it wasn't long until my spunky spunk put it together and figured out we were just shortening the term Dumb Bitch Marvel to D.B. Marvel. We let her call her D.B. now as a family joke.

Long story short, if you want to ruin any kind of empowerment your daughter might be feeling as a woman and want to turn your son into a man who hates women because women treat other women like shit and you dont mind allowing your daughter to start abbreviating the word Bitch so she can use it around the house…take your kids to D.B. Marvel!

As for me and my house, we will be skipping Endgame.

As a woman I feel like my views are pushed to the side and they don't matter. Not because of what the men are saying but because of the extreme hatred I get from every single feminist who cant seem to digest the fact that every WOMAN is entitled to their own opinion.





Thank God for the heathen chinee. At least they aren't a pack of fucking hypocrites who have fallen for the programming. Hollyjew is doing it's damnedest to brainwash them, too, but they aren't falling for it. Nothing short of Matt Damon fucking a tranny is going to get them to budge.


File: 992217313c7bd8b⋯.jpg (49.94 KB, 500x470, 50:47, b0966e.jpg)

So, she is the missing part of the glove… or at least the parts that matter.

>So, we're going to go watch a movie about a glove?

Yes. People are going fanatical for a movie about an imaginary glove.

>(((The world we live in today.)))



fuck you wonder woman was fire



I watched a movie about a tire



Light a fart on fire ass… Feminism, Cheesy predictable jokes, sisterhood, and Diversity.

If you like that, you are probably one boring SOB…



That movie is great though. You have to be on LSD to really understand it though.



You didn't watch the movie did you? the only feminist thing there is the mention of "getting the vote" and while I admit that diversity is not needed, it wasn't preachy or annoying, they were just there and a minority. I like wonder woman for the same reason I like Captain America, superhero war stories are something we don't have much of those.

ps. Captain America was more feminist if you ask me



I did understand it and it was great. I was all over it for like a year


File: f91ee8386a82b8a⋯.jpg (121.14 KB, 666x1024, 333:512, punisher resists penance s….jpg)


The Punisher was not effected by the Penance Stare because he holds no guilt for his actions.


File: 93c9a5f9c9aff51⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 250x233, 250:233, 1541367103615.gif)


I half agree with this.

I liked how Fury was a bit goofier, I just thought that was before he became his serious SHIELD self. And ignoring those retarded flashbacks, the film didn't seem too girl-power heavy.

Obviously there were the unignorable problems:

>Why would Fury's eye being scratched out by the cat be the reason he doesn't trust people anymore?

>Why didn't the Tesseract burn through the cat/lunchbox/desk?

>Why were the flashbacks so based and typical?

>Ronan looked nothing like Ronan.

>The Kree are already established as evil in GOTG.

Other than that:

>Good special effects (Although hardly a selling point considering it's Marvel)

>Coherant story

>Interesting twist

>Likable characters (Somehow making that Skrull sympathic was an excellent move)

Overall: 7/10


File: 64a9797e56f9dea⋯.jpg (144.85 KB, 1080x1124, 270:281, 52703813_159240088403126_5….jpg)

The best thing about CM, hands down, are these meldowns that keep hapenning here. I've never seen such "just OK" movie spawn so much fire and brimstone…

And I love it.

> reeee shitty weeb movie good, shitty feminazi movie bad

> reeee a character who hasn't been Captain Marvel for 5 decades, is the REAL Captain Marvel

> reeee Attack of the Jewsney

> and so much more

And for this all, we have thank Brie, who managed to bring out our inner austist in each every single one of us, with nothing but blank expression and couple of lines.


File: 88d2eb943c2f5ae⋯.jpg (614.2 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, JIDF shill center.jpg)


>Coherant story

to bad it's full of plotholes that contradict or retcon shit that was alrready established in the MCU by previus and better movies

>Interesting twist

where? she starts a condecending arrogant bitch and eds a condecending arrogant bitch, she has no hero journey, no build up, no "selfsacrifice for the greater good" moment, absolutelly nothing

>Likable characters

as good as the suporting cast may have been, Larson was a blackhole that sucked all fun and charisma out of the movie

>making that Skrull sympathic was an excellent move

yeah right, thanks for killing off any potential for the secret war arc just to shoehorn "muh alien refugee" meme into this dumpster fire

(((you))) guys really stand out when you post here


>Brie managed to bring out our inner austist in each every single one of us

you give the cunt to much credit, her feminism may have made a metric fuck ton of fans loose all interest or see the red flaggs in the horizon but had it not been for Yidsney's media machine shilling this dumpster fire everywhere, attacking unrelated and more succesfull movies, nuking user reviews and buying the movie tickets themselves to screen the movie on empty theaters and make the opening numbers not look like absolute shit none of us would care, it would have been just another example of go woke get broke and we would have forgotten it in a week

it's Yidsney's damage control and how it hilariously backfires what keeps us here



That's fucking bullshit, either half-breeds don't have souls or (more likely) YOU CAN'T JUDGE HER BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES



Rubber was kino a fun movie.



>My advice? Everyone should go see the Shazam movie and push the angle that he's the real Captain Marvel.

I sent a text to my daughter with the pic of Shazam dabbing and told her how hip and with it the original Captain Marvel looked doing it. She snottily replied that that wasn't Captain Marvel


Proceeded to lecture her on comic book history and drove her batshit insane until she hid in her room. Good times.


What fucking idiot paid for this to be on the front page?


File: 3d44f5e2162096b⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Brie-Larson.jpg)

"Look at that smug cake"… Brie Larson's SJW screeching has convinced me to never see this movie or anything Captain Marvel related. They want to shit on men? Don't expect men to subsidize any of it.


just checking the ban, apparently 4 chan and voat were banned by SLO-MO completelyy forgetting about murdoch's news corp been gaslighting the australian public for decades


murdoch gets people elected here. we have no democracy



Got any hard info on that? How do you know they spent that much that way? If you have something - share it here!



>Proceeded to lecture her on comic book history

>superman gets popular with kids

>captain marvel refines the formula and gets even more popular

>DC sues captain marvel for ripoffs, wins and hides the character under the rug

>Marvel makes their own captain marvel just so they can get the rights to the name and prevent DC from relaunching the original captain marvel

>DC relaunchs him as SHazam instead

>Marvel makes a womyn spinoff of their generic captain marvel

>the most notorious thing miss marvel did was getting her powers stolen by Rouge from the X-Men

>Marvel gets woke and they need a stronk womyn so they reboot the "problematic" miss marvel into the new captain marvel, erasing the originals both the male captain and miss marvel

the backstory of these characters creation is way more interesting than any story written for them tbqh



Too true. Unfortunately, she tuned out by the time we got to the lawsuits.



How is it even possible to drink a cup full of Coke like a complete bitchy cunt?





File: 647987f7848460b⋯.jpg (607.92 KB, 1220x1830, 2:3, Captain-Marvel-Posters-201….jpg)

This is incomplete, but:


"Maybe if you were more attractive, it would be less disturbing."


"'Bout to show these boys how we do it."

the part starting -14:49

especially -15:43

"You Do know why they call it a Cockpit.. Don't you? -smirk-"

This is a PG-13 film, btw


"You Do know why they call it-" -photon blast-


"Congratulations agent Fury, you have Finally asked a relevant question."

Every question he had asked her thus far was relevant to a protector of humanity who was unknowing of her origin and intent.


"Nice scuba suit. B) -upnods, giving slight motorcycle rev-"

-Carol gives unamused look over news paper for a moment before looking back-

"You find That funny, huh? Gonna smile for me?"

-Carol steals his motorcycle after he walks in and nearly causes a car to crash while driving away-


"Okay, your turn. Prove You're not a Skrull."

-Carol photon-blasts jukebox-

She's so pompous and sassy, though. X) She's an ill-mannered Mary Sue; She's Totally a spoiled brat. X)

And for anybody not in the know:

Mary Sue = overpowered female character

Marty Stu = overpowered male character

O btw, in the 2012 run of Captain Marvel, the one where Carol becomes Captain Marvel… Her first word in the comic Literally is "Duh." X)

In the comics, Mar-Vell is a man and Nick Fury is white and got his eye injury from shrapnel.

In the movie, Mar-Vell is a woman and Nick Fury is black and got his eye injury from a cat.


This movie

>marketed as a feminist film

>starring an avidly feminist woman

>written and directed by four women and a man

>released on International Women's Day

>released by MCU, the world's #1 highest-grossing movie franchise

>ties in with the franchise's #1 series: The Avengers

Of Course it got a lot of hits at the box office despite being mediocre at best. Personally, I found it to be garbage. A heaping wad of toxic femininity, loaded with misandry and misandrist triggers.



>A heaping wad of toxic femininity, loaded with misandry and misandrist triggers

That's what passes for "enlightened" now… female chauvinists making the same jokes blue-collar welders were making in the 1980's that the rest of us rolled our eyes at decades ago… but the genders are reversed so it's clever, right? Right!


File: 465b56efcd1aac9⋯.jpg (164.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-1200x….jpg)


Women simply don't know how to do anything right.

Example: 50 Shades of Grey

Book: Written by a woman

Script: Written by a woman

Movie: Directed by a woman

Worst goddamn trilogy I've ever been forced to see (Yes, my GF made me watch all of them).



You need to show pics of your girlfriend because there is no way there is pussy worth that much.



>50 Shits Of Gay

I saw 5 minutes worth of the third movie. The insufferable cunt who WANTS to be controlled proceeds to defy his orders in public by tanning topless. Probably the most honest portrayal of women in any movie ever.



jeezus, even her 'superhero' pose is boring.



>go to see Lego 2 last night (not a pefect movie but it had some fun parts and the rule 32 of the Queen and Lego Batman is going to be outstanding)

>leaving theater

>Crapton Marvel poster

>tagline reads "Stronger. Faster. [Something else that's a mighty adjective]-er."

>obviously the missing part to all these sentence fragments is "than a man"

>say out loud to friends "'Stronger' than what? Cheese Larson's vaginal odor?"

>friends wince because I used my outdoors voice

>blue-and-pinkhairs in line for guess-fucking-what snap their heads around and zero in on me

>"Enjoy the movie, ladies" I say as my friends run for it.

It's a hard life, at times, but every once in awhile being an autist has its fun moments.


Uh this movie is such trash…


wasn't that bad nor as subversive as I was expecting tbh


File: 184706604f43069⋯.jpg (235.51 KB, 1673x814, 1673:814, Image1.jpg)



Nice b8 if you're a man.

If you're a woman, you've got more roast beef between your legs than any three Arby's.



Define "well"


Just went to see it. What do I care if it's supposedly feminist or anti-white, anyway? I look white, but I'm actually only 3/8ths European (a fact that I delight in telling retards because I look SO white they could never guess), and $10 isn't going to make a difference either way in the grand scheme of things. Same reason I don't vote: it's objectively mathematically pointless. Besides, considering the time the film is set it, it's clearly for my generation in the first place, and I enjoyed the nostalgia pandering.

Anyway, my take on the whole deal is that this is a rogue hero flick, and like in any other, the rogue hero spends a large part of the film being told they can't do it, and then proceed to prove everyone wrong in the end. It's been done a thousand times by a thousand different characters that are male, so the fact that this one is a female changes nothing. It's not a statement; it's par for the course. Yeah, some of the quips (and especially the soundtrack choices) were heavy on the woman-power, but that didn't affect the plot. The larger origin story arc is nothing we haven't seen before. Maybe if you squint you can see Fury's early incompetence next to Danver's strength as some kind of metaphor, but again, this has happened before to characters who later "grow up" into badasses. I'd wager it happens in nearly EVERY time-travel plot where we see younger versions of characters.

It was a good movie, but not as a standalone. Nothing Marvel makes is, anymore. I probably won't watch it again because it's… eh, irrelevant? Best way I can describe it. The twists won't be entertaining a second time around, and I don't particularly like any of the characters. It's not like GoTG where the humor and soundtrack are SO FUCKING GOOD you can watch it twenty times and fap over the Rocket-naked scene. The only real reason I really wanted to go see this right now was because I knew the bluray (and therefore an acceptable-quality rip) won't come out before Endgame, and didn't want to see Endgame it not knowing a damn thing about the Captain Marvel character. Doubt I am alone in this, so I have to respect Marvel's cleverness releasing the two movies effectively back-to-back to twist the arm a bit.

Can't guess how well it's doing in the box office based on my theater attendance. As always, I pick a weekday where I'm off work and go early afternoon before schools let out, and as always the theater was nearly empty. Other than myself there were two families with very young children (under age 7, I'd guess), and three other couples, including (bizarrely) one composed of what looked like a married couple in their late 60's or early 70's. Why the fuck do people that old have interest in a capeshit movie set in the 90's? Whatever. Maybe it's packed during evening showings, maybe it's not. I largely do not care and have little stake in whether Marvel Studios flies or burns after this, because there doesn't seem to be anything left after Endgame, at least nothing I'm particularly interested in. The industry writ large I feel the same about. Why do all you fuckers care so much about it? It's JUST a movie. The world is going to literally burn by the end of the century. Enjoy what little pleasures you have left before SHTF.

Oh, they brought back Gunn for GoTG3, so I guess there's that to look forward to.



>return to farming?

If you are not farming now you had better learn to because talking shit on the internet is not going to feed you when welfare collapses the economy.






I'm in your side you idiot




and then everyone clap



I think someone stashed a monkey paw in my pocket when i wished I could get over the cringe i felt cringe i feel when I think about the crap I wrote in high school and actually wanted people to read.

Except instead of making me gain closure and get over it like an adult, the wish is saturating modern hollywood with shit so bad it makes my stuff seem positively inspired.



She looks like she has scurvy



>Mediocre to max,

It was basically captain america




Ha, no. Any tears I have shed over (((Hollywood))) are for the kids that have been getting raped for nearly a century by deviant juden.

How do I feel about the movie doing well? Disappointed but not surprised. I learned with the 5 Michael Bay transformer movies that the majority of the viewing public will watch anything that has explosions, no matter how terrible it is. I figured Cap'n Cunt would do ok no matter how much shit dribbled past her lips. The only thing that makes me smile is knowing the cast and directors of Avengers: Endgame would like to drown her in an unflushed toilet for being such a bitch on set.



That's not an argument, and I didn't support Trump. You might want to make your case for communism instead of shitposting.


File: aba114a1df11761⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Captain_Marvel.jpg)

A review of Captain Marvel:




>The whole audience groans.



Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree. Enjoy your passover.



>raging hateboner for anything that might even remotely look progressive

The problem is that it tries to be "progressive" by doing something that has already been done better by other movies and media. It forsook genuine creativity for a hamfisted message everyone heard already. Pushing a female lead as the selling point of a movie is the sign of a crappy movie and CM was in fact a crappy movie



>Somehow making that Skrull sympathic was an excellent move

You're either lying or retarded. Not only is it a juvenile interpretation of war it also wasted one the the most interesting antagonists in the marvel lore. This movie could have laid out the next major threat in the mcu and blew it on a twitter tier message.



>Communism is coming, and you fags can't stop it.

Oh boy I sure can't wait to starve


File: 636a0ea72b08116⋯.jpg (137.41 KB, 717x880, 717:880, 6vScT.jpg)


File: 3d88a33e7d524b3⋯.png (24.71 KB, 540x228, 45:19, noweihozei.png)


>actually building communism ever



Joseph Stalin made Donald Trump look like Barbara Spectre. At this point I'd outright take communism because at least there, the most brutal people rise to the top, which will always be some sort of goy who hates Jews.



>The only thing that makes me smile is knowing the cast and directors of Avengers: Endgame would like to drown her in an unflushed toilet for being such a bitch on set.




>It's literally not doing any of those things.

The first word seen in the first trailer was "her", Carols backstory in the movie was being told baseball wasn't for girls and "there's a reason it's called a cockpit". She's been said by Fiege to be the strongest in the mcu despite being the 6th character we see be powered by an infinity gem. They made a "charity" just for girls to to see this movie.

>It's just a movie with a strong female lead.

But it isn't a good movie, and Carol isn't a strong character because she has no arc and over comes no weaknesses.


I love how you Jews have purchased the top spot on 8chan in a last effort to save this tentpole movie.

You are fucking done, Disney




Unverified but highly plausible insider rumors that I've both read and seen discussed on jewtube. Try a search for "brie larson demanding" and if nothing pops up, let me know and I'll check my usual sources when I get back to my home pc.



>It's just a movie with a strong female lead.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I have to be TOLD a woman is a strong character, she's not.

Alita is strong and damn near indestructable, but vulnerable to the same feelings as all people inside, and still feminine. When she tells Hugo to back up, it's not snotty or condescending, but gentle because she cares for him and doesn't want him to get hurt. She says it gently because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings or step on his self-respect. That is a heroine that I can respect, love, and root for.

That, in fact, is what Ms. Marvel used to be before the sjws got their claws into her and turned her into this mockery. And the most insane thing? She's an Airforce COLONEL. She took a demotion to captain because a man, Captain America, thought it would be a cool idea. Seriously. Check out the first run of the Danvers Captain Marvel. Feminists should be outraged that it's not Colonel Marvel.




Whatever system it is, you're always gonna have Jews at the top.



Leftypol bitter about the mueller report. If you love the movie so much why dont you go sit in an empty theater and watch it again instead of shitposting ?



respect for doin it for free my man, but I think you can bait better. Apply yourself



I think you might be projecting just a smidge.



that's like saying if you like a dick in your asshole your not a faggot. you sound like both a shill and a faggot.


File: b18ec3470974ca4⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 387x309, 129:103, b18ec3470974ca4857e71049ce….jpg)


Fucking hell, it's like every "the whole bus clapped" story from Tumblr was peppered into the fucking script. Glad I skipped this garbage.


Just passing through to say that capeshit is a manchildren hobby.

Bye, have a nice day



reading enjoying fiction is a manchild hobby?

children who grew up enjoying baseball should quit enjoying baseball when they become men?

is that what you are saying?

only manchild shit is how you act,speak and carry yourself, enjoy what you want to enjoy as long as it's not some degenerate bullshit that harms your character, reading what amounts to scifi pulp novels isn't it.


File: ba5ee23e858820b⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F0513F94-D3C1-44B9-9C62-15….png)


File: 939f09e44301432⋯.jpg (237.19 KB, 1673x814, 1673:814, 900.jpg)


File: 7b4bedeff6c41bc⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 625x626, 625:626, caeb4c0f938218ff1fc1f300f1….jpg)




And given the huge marketing push and the reshoots, I doubt that this move has broken even and likely won't.



>I don't want to die in a communist goulag or starve under its rule, therefore I must support uncontrolled capitalist oligarchy.

Corporate capitalism has created more wealth and advancement than any other economic system in history, but it has limits and will stagnate and degrade if left without adaptive restraints. The fact that the government has failed to step in to control its excesses and get it working for the people again is the failure of the government and the people, not of Capitalsim. Corporate-controlled media has not helped either.


File: 09bb69ba70dc796⋯.jpg (300.97 KB, 1234x1024, 617:512, bane pepe.jpg)


all these posters claiming the movie went well

i don't know if they are ironic trolls or if they really are leftypol redditards who actually believe this

>massive controversy and backlash from the cast and crew of the movie itself

>everyone, even normies, claiming is the worst MCU movie to date

>plot holes everywhere

>review sites with user scores going up in flames for defending this turd

>everyone in social media is trashing this dumpster fire except for the tumblr crowd

>thosands of empty theaters on opening night that (((somehow))) managed to sell hundreds of tickets to people who never showed up to the movie

>Disney organising charities to take girls to see this movie (and bloating the box office a little more in the process)

>released globally on the same day with no competition in many cinemas thanks to presure from the mouse, so domestic and iternational box office came at the same time

>droped harder than Batman V Superman on week 2

>all of this despite a massive media shilling campaign

>it got to the point where they are shooting a different ending for endgame where Crapstain Marvels screen time is cut down

>everyone thinks the shoehorn of crapstain marvel at the end of the endgame trailer is the worst part of it

>even thumblrettes are throwing a bitchfit cos muh stronk independant womyn was wearing make up

Captain Marvel is to the MCU what TLJ was to Star Wars TFA should have been enough of a warning sing tbqh i had never seen this much controversy and shitflingging in any MCU movie to date but it was this character, this despised character that ruined the comics, this character that is the basket femtards put all their eggs in, this character that was the way they were gonna inject poz in the MCU, it was so so bad that it made a giant like the MCU end up with a black eye

i would have never expected this kind of shitstorm surrounding the MCU just like i didn't expect the shitstorm around TLJ but it happened

and there are anons itt that call this a succes


File: 494511a6cc240a4⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 224x224, 1:1, adolf pepe.jpg)


>Corporate capitalism has created more wealth and advancement than any other economic system in history

if this was true, the western corporate capitalists wouldn't have needed the help of eastern communists to crush national socialism all under orders from international banking cartels nor would they have teared each other apart to try and get their hands on as many surviving german scientist as they could

not to mention that germans went from minion to overlord in just a few years after WW1 fucked them up and they came back so strong that they kicked Yurop's ass for years until Russia and Merica got involved

sage for offtopic


File: 5c5a7e70162dfb6⋯.jpg (151.58 KB, 500x379, 500:379, yep thats butthurt.jpg)



File: ec50e8512e5fe04⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, 1:1, 8c3.jpg)



File: be4a45d7e4fc831⋯.png (146.45 KB, 391x462, 391:462, be4a45d7e4fc831873719ec2db….png)

> But with a drop off of 45 percent

> Thus far, Captain Marvel has brought in about $323 million worldwide.

wow thats pretty shit



File: b80adf89d999c50⋯.png (110.96 KB, 797x800, 797:800, 1494212095313.png)


A source is a source and its one more than you have.

I know you just trolling but aren't facts just so highly inconvenient?


File: e0f72c2b3326890⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, you.jpg)



File: b9b564383eccab1⋯.png (195.02 KB, 643x537, 643:537, pepe and wojak giggling li….png)


>if i don't like the source is not legit

if they are lying and you got proof of that go ahead and roast them anon

if not

stay salty


File: 545b3a25b8b1b4f⋯.gif (519.29 KB, 300x401, 300:401, 7a0.gif)



File: b5dfd808a16a955⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 600x532, 150:133, virgin and chad giggle.jpg)


you couldn't possibly be more butthurt m80

there are pics of the empty theaters themselves itt

the fact that this tread exists at all is proof enough that the MCU is in the middle of a shitstorm worthy of shitposting about thatn's to this dumpster fire of a movie


File: cf4d470cad19ec5⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 256x256, 1:1, cover256x256-8fef53409c4e4….jpg)



File: 5b45fc53707d0dc⋯.png (689.49 KB, 1281x722, 1281:722, (you).png)


He attempts a reversal!


File: 9bad7db539409ab⋯.png (337.63 KB, 491x334, 491:334, projecting kike.png)



File: 7a4b230d24ae409⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 248x189, 248:189, ew58f9d8dc.jpg)


< Couldn't even be bothered to find a pic related.


File: a6fc1493f811649⋯.jpeg (40.85 KB, 603x279, 67:31, pain glare.jpeg)


>salty because a movie dares have a female lead

holy fuck you have to be trolling, i refuse to believe there are people posting here who actually believe this media made meme


File: 90ed11d73f49eb9⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 880x880, 1:1, bait-tan_has_you_hooked.jpg)

File: e98440719e2725c⋯.png (83.49 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1533851937614.png)



File: 95fd7d6f8700256⋯.png (117 KB, 680x510, 4:3, baitgal.png)

File: 9295b573de3c1c7⋯.png (85.78 KB, 625x626, 625:626, baitakke.png)




What the concensus of the non-shills in this thread? Is the "lol incels" guy:

• a capeshit hating troll who just wants to stir shit up?

• an actual female who somehow feels vindicated by this trainwreck? (this is a longshot)

• a Marvel/Disney paid shill?

• an incredibly drunk and horny Heather Antos?



well, here is the issue on this: She is a fighter pilot. fighter pilots are cocky. so she is cocky the whole time.

I mean there is some shit going on there for sure. all the men are weak and can only trust and support and show loyalty.


File: 2b783fb7d5a01b1⋯.jpg (14.42 KB, 474x355, 474:355, the guy who used to go to ….jpg)


you know how fighter pilots are



dude, disagreeing with your opinion isn't being dishonest. The movie didn't have a lot of feminist vibes to it. She didn't speak on any social justice problems or anything like that. Give me one quote where she talks about how black people are better or whatever the fuck.


File: 9906229c613815b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1066x868, 533:434, these guys are really good….png)

File: 7f69b08680a0818⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 568x640, 71:80, when women are let loose.jpg)


>Disney cares so much about the neckbeards on 8chan that they'd send a paid shill to trigger you

not only has it been confirmed several times that there are corporate shills here trying and failing to force memes but it was also prooven that many of them end up getting redpilled by our shitposting so hard that the JIDF has to replace them regularly becos they suffer mental breakdowns after awakening

>B-b-but female! But strong woman character!

nice buzzword there m8, nobody cares about strong female characters, everybody here loves classics like Alien and Terminator and even shitty vidya movies like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil have their fandom

if anything the only criticism i've heard adressed at Captain Marvel excluding the actress feminsim is that she is constantly being validated by established characters who let her step on their shoulders instead of proving herself by showing and not telling, she has no character ark, nor personal growth, no epic hero moment where she is punched down into the dirt and rises against all odds and zero facial expression, even Groot is less of a wooden plank than her and i'm talking about her face, not her ass

>But overcoming sexism that actually existed in the time period the film takes place in

another buzzword

sexism does not exist in the west, there has never been sharia law here and for as long as i've been alive, women have been socially allowed to be promiscuous thots with easy divorse and no consequence for their many fuck ups

if sexism in the west was trully real, rainbow hairs wouldn't be allowed out in public spaces without a leash


File: 7e32d820b6dcedb⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3434x4000, 1717:2000, world power.jpg)


you mean the churrayzee idea that elites use pedophilia as bait to get blackmail material on anyone who may step out of line?

why would anyone believe that? there's only mountains and mountains of evidence to prove someone at the top is protecting the grooming gangs

it's not like there are elites out there who have collections of creepy pedo looking "art" or speak to each other in code, nor has there ever been any victim or whistle blower blowing the lid on the degeneracy in Hollywood, the church, the media, and the political world

oh wait! there was



A pretty bad strawman. Of course people will flock to any preachy bullshit, no one is making the argument that people won't watch said shit.


There were exactly two reactions I observed among friends who saw it:

>It was okay, I guess, not really great but whatever

>Best Marvel movie, absolutely perfect

It need not be said that the latter opinion was exclusive to hardcore card-carrying feminists, nor that all praise was either directed toward purely subjective elements (The message is so fantastic and incredible it makes me feel good) or in regard to objective features, painfully vague (The action was good! Cuz it WAS! It was funny! Cuz it WAS!)



>still larping

Your (you) sir.


File: 4dd7e9875b7d053⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 960x472, 120:59, 16265757_1639953296306405_….jpg)


>What other crazy conspiracies do you dorks believe in?

<Nazi flying saucers

<the HARP

<MK ultra


<the anunaki

<monoatomic gold

<atlantis/hyperborea/prediluvian cibilization

<the nephelim/viracocha/titans/jotun

<the great flood

<the hollow moon

<the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis

<humans and dinosaurs coexisting

<the mandela effect

i may be missing a few

>Are reptoids real?

they are called REPTILLIANS retard and yes, they are real, they are probably paying you to post here

>Is the Earth flat?

the earth is hollow, flat earthers are soros backed disinfo shills

>Is the government hiding the cure for cancer because profit?

there is no cure for a decease that the goverment itself is causing becos pofit

>Are women just not that into you because Chad exists?

i wouldn't know, i'm a chad myself

>How long have you been off of your meds?

<being a med-head

i bet you don't even have tinfoil hat to shield your brain from the mind control radiowaves emited by cellphone towers



That's okay, considering it never works, I won't have to stop it; It'll stop itself.



>wikipedia is not a reliable source

>BB it is



They should have gone with this one so they could at least do annihilation arcs



when did i imply that wiki was a reliable source?

for politics and history it's as reliable as any (((official))) source but for things that include numbers such as math, phisics or chemistry they can't lie unless the topic is so advanced that not many can spot the lie same with comic/manga/book lore, those are things that anyone can check up so they can't lie about them

as for BB

if they are talking about money, that's a number that can be counted and confirmed and they have to have got that number from somewhere

you may discreddit their source if you think it's fake, but going after BB for reporting it is like shooting the messanger




we know you are a rainbow haired landwhale starved for Chad dick and bitter that Stacy takes all of it

none but your ilk would use the word incel

you are, after all, masters of projection


Woke feminism sells, goys.



Anon, why on earth are you giving him/her/it the reaction they want?



i'm a bait addict, i can't help myself

what else am i suposed to do with all these (you)s?



Go to a bait terapist.


File: 169dc6ef47aa029⋯.png (87.66 KB, 974x826, 487:413, Image3.png)


the 323 million is just the domestic US box office dumb dumb




I'm sure you are still one of those people still too fucking dumb to know how much % the foreign theatres take from the total which means Disney will be lucky to get 50% of that back.

I thought about doing the math but fuck it, you're dumb and if you really care you would actually do it yourself. Here rough guesstimate the movies needs to pull over a billion to break even. Prove me wrong.



Eh, Brie is a cunt, but RJ is a drug addict. That's not enough to block it.

But the movie was stupid, it's themes childish, and the only reason it did well was because it came before Endgame. Even then, it's sinking at the same rate the mediocre Antman and the Wasp, only the latter made less money.



I don't know what happened, but all my neckbeard friends who looked liked comic book guy from the Simpsons ten years ago now look like this guy.


I have no enemies. I only have opponents



You're feeding it.




>inside stroke

>multiple watermarks

If ironic, 3/10 - if not, then this all for (you).



Honestly, I'm surprised they kept Etta Candy white in that movie. In Rebirth they made her black and the same in more recent incarnations.


I'm pretty sure this was criticized as hack writing when that came out.


File: 31cf04bd61ae852⋯.jpg (267.57 KB, 675x1000, 27:40, marvel4.jpg)

I don't want to see it just to be reminded that white men are the enemy.



>you should care about foreign, particularly chinese market goy

>we're one big world nation, goy


File: b59aa02ee6cc46e⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2696x3400, 337:425, Captain Marvel 2.jpg)



File: f2f08916782a047⋯.jpg (32.33 KB, 660x423, 220:141, oh god no.JPG)


wtf dude



The kosher cum dump they hired couldn't fill out that suit.


File: 5f5387038a30c1b⋯.jpg (305.61 KB, 1000x1041, 1000:1041, Smoke on the Horizon.jpg)


Reveling in the downfall of society… But hey, at least you beat those big bad nahtzee boyz by jewish financiers and media molestor moguls making propaganda for you and taking your hard-earned money to buy another penthouse apartment to molest media thots in.


… Hey, whats that black smoke in the West? Ah, I'm sure its nothing. ;)



I cna't tell if this is an ironic or unironic pol shill or not,

Either way leave this place faggot you're cringey and awful


I actually kinda like capeshit and have definitely enjoyed Marvel's universe. Iron Man, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America. But if Marvel is going to try and push this pozaf batshit insane feminist horseshit down everyone's throat they can take their properties and shove them right up their collective asses. We won't be participating anymore with them at the theaters.


File: e69b79172de1bb6⋯.jpg (237.18 KB, 1673x814, 1673:814, 1b.jpg)




oh look it broke even



…said the shill.



>it got to the point where they are shooting a different ending for endgame where Crapstain Marvels screen time is cut down

sauce or rumors?


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