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File: d736ca54ac36223⋯.png (48.5 KB, 393x362, 393:362, questionable_background.png)


Well, it's that time again. Taking bets on whether or not this thread will outlive the upcoming marriage. who am I kidding, it won't even happen until the next thread

Last thread: https://archive.fo/DNCFt >>1047873

Archives (which will actually get updated eventually):

Edits: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Edits/tree/master

OC: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_OC/tree/master

Threads archive: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Threads/wikis/home

Older stuff (Editfag Prime):

Edits: http://imgur.com/a/Sf5J0

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Twitter Bully: http://imgur.com/a/Jb1a1


File: 6e82fe0b289beb7⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ba1.jpg)


Last thread wend for about three months, which means we saw around 60 pages. I don't know if Jeph plans to rush through their wedding and have them be married before he gets bored with that. They'll either get married immediately or it will take years IRL for him to get back around to it.


File: 37f416c394774d2⋯.png (189.89 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 1519.png)

File: 4083f28d563a4ab⋯.png (192.52 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 2396.png)

This one took 877 pages and four years between proposal and ceremony.


File: 9be0c09eea11f05⋯.png (38.14 KB, 230x156, 115:78, character development.png)


>Marten before and after developing the thousand-yard stare



>Renee shells out for a new apartment so Brun won't interfere in her quest for mighty whitey cock

>Roko's life and body dysphoria still don't matter at all

>Clarence took his librarian test and might finally get on a bus out of the comic

>Dora and Tai are engaged because why not

>Faye nearly has an alcoholic relapse but overcomes it thanks to her love of robot pussy


File: c394e32a1d56647⋯.png (129.62 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4003.png)


Don't forget Sven is a bad guy because reasons. Don't doubt yourself, man. Your intuition is correct: don't take this sham phase relationship of your fickle, volatile sister seriously. It's got "another six months or so" written all over it. This is totally a "better propose because I feel guilty about my waning interest" situation.


File: acddf6f4865578b⋯.jpg (61.64 KB, 680x744, 85:93, AimHasIncreased.jpg)


I'm ashamed to admit that I got a mild chuckle from that last panel. Maybe I'm finally losing it. So many years of reading this comic has broken me.



The first one is before the trannyfuck right? Because if so, that'd definitely make you get that "I call for death, but it can't hear me in the abyss" look



>this comic has broken me

Try editing a few hundred strips with a consistent, alternative canon and see how you feel then.



I don't think they had fucked yet even in the second one. "This is me" was in 2015. Marten was already across the event horizon two years before he even saw Claire's dick.


File: f77ee004a570ba5⋯.jpg (107.71 KB, 800x535, 160:107, 1557905705-picsay.jpg)



>I'm just happy for her

How many years has it been with no attempts at contact? And from a non-committal relationship? I'm not buying that he suddenly gives a fuck.

>My sister just got engaged and all I can think about is how I feel. Pathetic.

Yeah - when the magic, perfect lesbians get engaged then all other thoughts must be set aside. Join in the 3 minutes of praise or you might look like a Trump supporter!


File: b10346762ac6ce0⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 420x336, 5:4, shut-the-fuck-up-cunt.jpg)


Better realism:

>I'm getting married!!! Aren't you happy for meeeee?!!

<bitch I ain't thought about you in 10 years I don't give a shit about your dyke party


File: 6eaa413cd154ca7⋯.png (145.75 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4004.png)

I thought it was the same strip again.


File: f22318b9a959b50⋯.png (12.58 KB, 201x199, 201:199, 1446680630054.png)


Oh boy, I can't wait for Sven to become yet another emasculated numale in a "relationship" with a quirky, domineering woman! That'll be a brand new direction for the comic!


File: 6090a2640835deb⋯.jpg (125.35 KB, 859x480, 859:480, 2019-05-16-03-31-33.jpg)


>Sven and May have talked for two pages in a row

>Sven has money

>May needs a good chassis

>Sven is lonely

>May has loose morals

Calling it: May pushes him into a relationship with her in order to get free bodywork.



>I was insulting you

>Well, Smurf, you will never experience an orgasm, you have no friends, you're 4ft tall and despite being created as a post-singularity AI you are so utterly devoid of purpose that you work in a god-damn grocery store. You are a spectacular waste of resources that could have been used to make mobile phones or some shit. Fuck off.

There you go, Sven. Grow a fucking pair.



>I'm wastin' my break listening to you.

Why does a robot need a break? What would be a productive break for a robot?

>You came out and stood next to me.

So everyone's retarded. Bravo Jeph.



Yeah, but that's actually interesting, though. Exploring AI manipulation for self-serving needs? Painting the AI as anything but a perpetual victim? No way Jeph goes through with it.


File: c427699aa1f16e4⋯.png (157.86 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4005.png)

Jeph's really shaking things up with that one non-flat panel. I don't know if I can handle something this visually interesting.



What the fuck does May know about sexual relationships? She has to strap a sex toy to herself just to participate. She always acts so worldly wise about things she literally can't have experienced and rather than calling her out on it every character just bows down to their snarky goddess.


That would be a great plotline. She backslides but in a not-technically-illegal way. As the others try to convince her to stop exploiting Sven they have to confront their own lazy, parasitic habits.



It's because Jeph is incapable of continuity and he made robots that basically are just human beings with weird colors and screws here and there. That's it. Then he keeps remembering once in a while they're supposed to be moving supercomputers but then he keeps forgetting again and again. This is one of those times.



>Epic jugs

Yeah, why would a robot care? And I'm not sure about "epic" - Faye is obese; if Sven took her bra off he'd have to take a few steps back and gently lower them to the floor.

>my old shitty-dude ways

What, getting regular consensual sex with willing participants and walking away happy?

Is this yet another unintentional insight to Jeph's mindset? At this point I'll bet Jeph thinks jerking off is sexist.

>you realize it's possible to bang someone without makin' a fuckin' car crash outta the situation

Hadn't he already been doing this? So May is telling him to do what he's already been doing all this time?

That's it - Jeph just couldn't stand that Sven could have non-committal sex and get away with it; he's already re-written his own memories of the comic to make Sven disappear in the night after fucking Faye and leaving a note saying, "had better. bye"



>could've been something, if I hadn't fucked it up

Perfect metaphor for QC.


Libshits hate slutshaming so much that they subconsciously decided casual sex is men oppressing women but not something you should try to warn women away from.



Sven, give it up. You'll never take the "biggest beta" crown from Marten.


File: 0ed92d6a0b53b5d⋯.jpg (83.05 KB, 900x720, 5:4, fellowkids.jpg)


It's not really inconsistent with actual hipsters, the kind of people who reach their mid-20s without leaving once NYC or whatever metropolitan area but consider themselves worldly. These are also the types of people who ridicule those who speak a single language yet can't construct a single sentence in anything other than English.



I'm about 66% sure that this was a "hangin' with the kids" moment from Jeph, another in a long line of grossly out of touch moments such as the Minecraft let's plays. I'm a little surprised he didn't start talking about pwning or "over 9,000". The clown talk confuses me. I think it's a coincidence and he's not making a reference to clown world. It would surprise me if he were that current given what we've seen out of him. Only if the blue checkmarks are mentioning it beyond "racist clown meme".

>my old shitty-dude ways

>Faye wants no strings attached sex with a guy she's confident won't want more

>guy provides this, on her time table

>eventually guy does want a little more but misreads the situation through no fault of his own

>guy immediately backs off when she puts up resistance

>guy stands there and takes it when she's still freaking out about it a year or two later

>what a piece of shit, I mean seriously

In Jeph's world you can't even consider making a move unless you're 100% convinced she's ready to marry you before you even walk up to say "hi" for the first time. Anything else is sexual assault.


File: 4d5b4a30f7cb29c⋯.png (12.96 KB, 894x228, 149:38, what is dating.png)

File: ec85012f8f557c1⋯.png (4.51 KB, 416x107, 416:107, honk.png)


Though, to be fair, Jeph is dealing with people like this.



>May was just minding her own business

Doesn't the actual fucking comic say May deliberately stood next to him, and that it expected entertainment from him?

These people are stark, raving, fucking mad.

His fans look like the sort of people who could look at a blank sheet of paper and start crying, screaming at it, begging it to stop.



Even if he got it right, it's still absurd to universally decry the concept of chatting someone up. It's a basic human interaction that leads to social bonding.



Jeph's idea of chatting up seems to be a guy apologising while a fat, obnoxious bitch insults him for no reason but still expects him to pay for everything.



He also had black Faye doing the exact same thing a while back, and decided at the time that it was perfectly fine and normal.


File: d8f53d073e9289b⋯.png (26.1 KB, 586x450, 293:225, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77694c098ed85a8⋯.png (361.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sieg zeon nigger.png)


Wow. The context for pic 2 is hilarious. We truly do live in clown world.


File: 4065f433c0c3afa⋯.jpg (145.09 KB, 892x898, 446:449, 2019-05-17-22-30-08.jpg)



>Being so terrified of wrongthink that you lash out at the most tangential references

In 5 years, every word in the English language will have Dangerous Far Right Context™ and be forbidden from use.


File: 8868c5aa7d53c27⋯.mp4 (8.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HONK_HONK.mp4)


Honk is now a "right-wing dogwhistle"? Oh boy.


File: b8edff3d00be678⋯.png (144.61 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4006.png)

new week, new slop



It's actually hilariously meta that he has a robot character created by humans bitching about how stupid humans are, while as a human himself, he doubles down on stupidly trying to retcon Sven into some kind of vague abuser.



Oh, so Jeff really did (deliberately) forget that whole arc. Sven tried to do exactly that. Turns out it was more complicated because he wanted to keep tapping fatass and fatass wanted him to quit fucking around. Every step of the arc was so predictable. It really is a treasure to see "casual sex is simple!" passed off as wisdom when it's such a clueless idea.


File: d0494db3c963371⋯.jpg (212.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (13).jpg)


The gaslight is real with this one. Next thing you know, he'll be pretending that Pintsize's chassis style wasn't the norm, and they weren't called "AnthroPC".


File: cbb54e556043141⋯.png (135.89 KB, 600x1418, 300:709, 1082.png)

File: 3d14caed9098d9c⋯.png (144.88 KB, 600x1418, 300:709, 1089.png)

File: 74a0ebdd35fa212⋯.png (113.2 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 1339.png)

File: 619fdcc1491d81a⋯.png (136.22 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 2192.png)


>Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Are Intimacy Issues Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Ask People To Fuck Like Nigga Have Casual Sex Haha


Sven was casual as fuck about it. He was a manwhore and Faye threw herself at him of her own volition (another detail Jeph forgot), except she was freaking out about it right from the morning after because of what others would think and whether she was ready. Her worthless therapist then convinced her that a little casual sex could help heal her crippling emotional issues. Surprise surprise Faye couldn't handle it and demanded exclusivity, but it's all Sven's fault for not signing up for that. He felt guilty, decided to stop fucking around and also caught major feelings for Faye, but that was all after the relationship was over. The point was that they both suffered for deluding themselves that they could just be best fuckbuddies.

Either Sven's warped his own memories or Jeph's retconning him into having been an asshole to get laid. He wasn't, the whole practice-date arc with Hannelore proved it. He was handsome, charming and good at reading people, so he got a lot of attention from willing women. It wasn't wrong but it didn't make him happy and he decided to look for something deeper. Lingering feelings over Faye are all that are holding him back. Now a blue robot he just met is telling him that he should go back to casual sex, i.e. undo his entire character development. And he's thinking it over like she totally has a point… what???


Yes, this. They couldn't maintain any casualness to that relationship, because both eventually wanted more (but not at the same time). Most people find it difficult to just switch off their emotions even when they're making things more complicated than they wanted.

Sex isn't a handshake or a high-five. It's an intimate thing, there's a degree of trust and care involved that make even the most casual fling have emotional implications. Some people seem to think the only way to combat prudes is to completely trivialize sex. Even Faye's stupid therapist noticed that's just swinging to the other extreme.



>Sexual attraction and romantic interest are two different things.

True, that's why you should pick one to prioritize and then see if the other is present.

>Sleeping with one guy doesn't make you a slut.

Sleeping with one guy who doesn't care about you and who you dislike makes you emotionally unstable and likely to do the same thing repeatedly.

>[sex with anyone you're attracted to is] just swinging between extremes.

Well, if she had no other criteria to not have sex with him and casual sex is healthy, why not? Just so she can tell herself she's not REALLY slutty? A+ for capturing modern therapist and woman logic.



This is why you keep character sheets, so that you don't inadvertently destroy the foundation you built up so long ago.


File: 36618f0f76d0e14⋯.png (156.57 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4007.png)

It's finally over


File: f4fa8161767e024⋯.png (196.33 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4008.png)


File: 958ad21e99d86fc⋯.jpg (330.1 KB, 799x1114, 799:1114, 2019-05-20-19-59-02.jpg)


So, is casual sex a good thing or not? The narrative is unclear and the whole week felt like a waste of time. I'd be inclined to think that this was actually just May trying to mess with Sven by offering contradictory advice and nonsense psychobable, but Jeph isn't that subtle. He could have cut out the last panel of the first page together and replaced it with their micro orgy and nothing would have been lost.



I'm jus here for the clang-clang, so this is a net win, I guess, is that her first lay in this body?



May looks so satisfied here,



Her chassis is entirely smooth. What did they even do!?

Also, anon called it in >>1060281


File: 6400e29f5d81df2⋯.png (135.04 KB, 288x415, 288:415, 1470738319592.png)


I can't believe Jeph did this. He rebooted Sven. I mean, he was never that interesting but now he's done a full 360 what's the point?

…Oh god. I'm calling it now, Sven and May become a regular thing then get serious about it. It's Faye 2.0. He has money, she needs money. He's got bored with regular hookups, she has enough weird sex ideas to last a lifetime. In the deranged mind of a palm-perforator this is a match made in heaven. Never mind that May is an impulsive immature sex-obsessed hedonist who hates mushy feelings, i.e. she is everything he was trying to get away from. Get in the fucking robot, Svenji.



>don't be a jerk to people you hook up with

Is Jeph getting "casual, no strings sex" mixed up with "dedicated relationship" again?

>Not to be a dick about it

Anything with a reproductive system would regard all that shit as weird. No-one in the world would think they were being a "dick" by pointing that out.

And why does May have a line across its midriff? If that's supposed to be for articulation, then why doesn't it have lines on its face to allow its jaw to work?

Is the pastel skin colour not enough to tell it's a fucking robot? Can its joints only rotate along those lines?



Did Jeph trace or pay someone else for the last panel? The style seems a bit different aside from the copy-paste eyes of May and there's too much detail in the background.



I DETEST being right sometimes.



Can't say I blame him for stooping to a sexbot like Faye did, considering every human he met that night was talking shit to him for no reason.

>don't be a jerk to people you hook up with

Like Renee did a few months ago?


She had him fuck a lubed-up melon, presumably while roleplaying as Melon.



This is just a convincing forgery, right? Marten looks weirdly off model.



I think the line is either an assembly seam or a vent. Considering the neck line has been shown to function as a vent that's more likely.


>Like Renee did a few months ago?

Ah but that's different, because what's his name committed the grave sin of acknowledging another person's ethnicity. Only evil dick monsters would do that. Doing so leaves him open to any amount of being a dick; this is all basic Don't Be A Dick Principle, as established by the greatest philosopher of our time, Wil Wheaton.



>don't be a jerk to people you hook up with

The politically correct left constantly says things like this but they get offended over the weirdest and most unpredictable things. Even taking political affiliation out of it, it's well-known that flings and one-night stands fare poorly once talking begins. It's not "being a jerk", it's the cognitive dissonance of having sexual compatibility but being strangers otherwise.


File: 838a8d5f5c11d72⋯.png (204.48 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4008.png)

Oh damn, Jeph ad bux were in danger so he had to do this to the last panel. Don't worry though, you can go to his patreon and PAY HIM for the original!



At least he didn't have to replace the nunchucks with a harpoon.


File: cf5c97c0227aff0⋯.jpg (275.21 KB, 803x688, 803:688, well stabbed.jpg)


The blue thing doesn't even have holes.


Wow. Jeph is a master of "hawt secks".



With Adsense's shitty rates these days it's hard to believe Jeph actually cares enough about it to censor his product.


File: d458e2beb6aaefa⋯.png (173.77 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4009.png)

>put a blanket over her

Why? It doesn't get cold. It doesn't feel shame, especially this one.



He's gonna get in trouble for doing something/anything while she's unconscious.



How do superintelligent robots literally forget the very thing that keeps them alive

It's not a case of "Kevin forgot his insulin again !" either, since AIs have systems to tell them how long they've got left until they're kaput.

This is so fucking retarded and I'm sick of getting mad at Jeph over such obvious idiocy.



>an Erica Moen joke

>characters just had really kinky sex

>all over robotits

Just draw porn already, bitchboy.




Friendly reminder: it's not rape if she's property.



That reminds me of that one Zappa song with the guy who destroys his sexbot by being too rough and goes to jail because he can't pay for it.



Wew, the white panel is finally back, how long did it take?



The alleyway backgrounds were almost as lazy though.



>Artificial Intelligence

>Forgetting function critical items

I see he'd pulling out his trademark inconsistencies again



Now would be an excellent chance for Jeph to reveal that the central persona of an AI is actually a neural network that manages several internal subroutines in addition to interfacing with the outside world, and the vagueries of neuronet metaprogramming and human error in the initial coding causes the occasional glitch and the AI ignores necessary subroutines, like when your OS "forgets" to load a driver or browser plugin.

But no, Jeph's an idiot so that brilliant ass-covering move won't happen unless someone in his forum brings it up.



Fucking seriously? A USB cable that can be detached? A PROPRIETARY USB cable? I can't believe this future is simultaneously so optimistic and so shitty. These robots are designed worse than vacuum cleaners. Surely you can fit a retractable or even a winding charging cable in a human-sized chassis. What about the apartment complex the nig and the autist were looking at, it has a whole robot charging floor. What, is Sven going to have to Weekend at Bernie's her to a charging station? There's no way he can go to anyone working at the bar, say they were hanging out together and ask for her charging cable, right? That would be too easy.


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to both forget the one object that can provide the one resource you need to live as well as lose track of how much of that resource you can afford before you shut down.



Also it's some kind of government issued felonbot chassis, given out to convict robots. Why it would have a special charging plug outside of what would normally be used makes even less sense


File: ae6e6d4580f9a77⋯.png (131.62 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4010.png)

>how do I follow up with the most boring thing possible



>I'd never live that down

But why, though? Menstro and Faye's relationship had a WAY more sketchy start, and these two are just having sex



>I went to your work and got your cable

NO. Really? I thought for sure that would be part of the drama. How did he get it? He just went in to her (undefined) work and asked for the one thing May needs to function and they GAVE it to him? Why? He's a perfect stranger. By all indications she got out of work and he picked her up at the bar. Why would they trust him? I guess there really does have to be zero real conflict.


I thought she would accuse him of rape for having rammed a power cable into her without her consent while unconscious.



… wait so she's embarrassed her roommates will know they fucked, but she's not in the slightest uneasy about her colleagues at work obviously knowing too ?..



Absolutely zero impact after that setup. It's almost impressive.


Given Sven's answer, I think the implication is that she would be ashamed of him (i.e. of him being a low quality man). What a horrible """"""""person"""""""" that robot is programmed to be.



>Everyone agrees on how Important it is not to be a dick

<Fuck you for thinking you get to show your face around my roommates after dicking me down and saving my ass

Aren't her roommates Dale and Marigold? The obnoxious couple that just fucks all the time? I know May acts like she has a reputation to uphold but who gives a shit? Also, what would happen to an AI when it runs out of juice? Is it like a cellphone or a laptop with a drained battery or would it be more like a coma or death? These questions and more, answered FUCKING NEVER


File: 2e6d558a32424e6⋯.png (396.33 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 3901 - trust JJ to draw mi….png)


Questionable Content, aka Wow, It's Fucking Nothing: The Webcomic


>You can do casual sex without being a dick about it, Sven, you shitty dudebro

>I am ashamed of hooking up with you and will tell you so to your face

This hypocritical smurf.


Not to imply Jeph's worldbuilding isn't shit, but iirc he did actually answer that one. AI's brains are supposed to store data physically, like solid state drives or something. So they don't die without power, they're just left unconscious and their brain boots up and carries on where it left off when it gets juice again. Like when the cop robot was crushed, the destruction of the chassis power supply meant she was unconscious with no sense of time passing until she got power again.



Yank its fucking cable out and fill the socket with metal filings and superglue.



Why is he a low quality man, though? He's higher status than anyone in the comic save Hannelore, who only has status due to being effectively royalty. He's even higher up than Marten's famous porn actress mother due to his mainstream success. Furthermore, he's much more compatible with May's free spirit don't-take-everything-so-seriously personality while she lives with and hangs around a bunch of squares out of economic necessity, not willing association. It's just another example of "Sven man bad" where we're supposed to hate the character because the author says to.


Yet it still disappoints. Even regular computers have a subconscious duality to them. The CPU is the brain, RAM is short term memory, and disk storage is long term memory. But then you have NVRAM and battery-backed BIOS, which acts as its own little system independent of the main system, even though it still needs a small fraction of those resources to operate. It would have been nice to see this kind of thing implemented by Roko being aware of the passage of time due to her battery-backed real-time clock and disoriented due to the clock falling out of sync during her downtime, even if was only a few seconds.



Sounds like memristors, but IIRC, Handstab mentioned something about crystal matrices/optical storage, which is technically feasible, but so far off in the future it is not even funny. They can, in theory, be faster than current RAM if you use million-dollar sci-fi tech. We are talking about AI, so the sci-fi tech is already there, but what about the insanely expensive (and possibly bulky) hardware? IIRC this was supposed to be post-singularity, but considering people have jobs, this sounds far from being an actual post-singularity society.

tl;dr Mr. Stabby worldbuilding sucks, and even Assault Android Cactus, a silly indie arcade twin stick shooter, has better sci-fi, lore, and justifications as to why androids exist and are the way they are simply put, the process humans use to create superintelligent mothership-piloting überAI cores generates a lot of deficient byproducts, which are then recycled into android bodies; that explains as well why most of the androids, specially Cactus, are so fucking stupid and humane.



>Why is he a low quality man, though?

Because we're pretending that he's mean to women!

>He's higher status than anyone in the comic save Hannelore, who only has status due to being effectively royalty.

Male status comes from submitting to women, not from actual world success or competence. Clearly you havn't read enough QC!


A marriage? You mean the plot is advancing?



A lesbian marriage. Not really worth taking too seriously.



How the fuck did Sven know where she works? They just met and it never came up in conversation.



Didn't she come outside her work for a break to see Sven standing there?

I don't actually read this shit outside of the threads, and don't pay attention when it isn't about robots so I dunno.



She did. Funny, she just sort of walked up to this stranger having a moment and started pestering him about how he lives his life.



And then had a lot of very satisfying sex with him that she doesn't want to tell her "friends" about, which is somehow his fault



>mean to women

This is interesting because it originally didn't make sense to me until I realised something. Everyone's berating Sven for the way he picks up women and saying he should instead simply proposition them for casual sex. Surely he was doing that if he had a reputation for excessive casual sex right? But wait! Has Jeph ever shown Sven chatting up a woman? If I recall correctly, it's always smash cuts to them in bed. I think in Jeph's mind, during the cut Sven uses some esoteric pickup artist sorcery to trick them into fucking him and that's what "being an asshole about it" means.

TL;DR Jeph created Sven as a strawman for pickup artists but can't show it onscreen because he literally can't imagine a man convincing a woman to sleep with him intentionally.



That actually makes a lot of sense, or at least generously applies some sort of logic to an otherwise broken situation. Jeph is definitely the kind of author to have critical information in his head that is never put down on paper, all the while him expecting the audience to follow along.

What Jeph (and a lot of PUAs) don't understand is that a lot of these women aren't really being tricked. This isn't the first time some guy tried NLP, negging, making her jealous by chatting with the less attractive friend, or whatever. She just happens to think he's cute and is looking for action tonight. Simple as that.



And I mean, those tricks can work because it's a numbers game. Be confident, chat up enough women are you're bound to succeed. And the more successful you are, the more confident you get.



So why do sluts wait around and settle for PUAs instead of initiating anything?



Because if you had your pick of sexual partners and never had to do anything except stand there and look pretty, would you bother working up the courage to go initiate conversation and risk getting rejected? It's a seller's market, so the sluts get to sit back and let the guys come to them.



No, but a lot of sluts complain that the guys approaching them aren't hot enough.


File: 43c4f9af3137997⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1587x2245, 1587:2245, [Unsolicited opinions on I….png)


I did what must be done.


File: 58b9ecf3c77a8cf⋯.png (138.61 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4011.png)

Anal confirmed.



>TL;DR Jeph created Sven as a strawman for pickup artists

B-but he's so submissive when talking to May! He lets her treat him like dirt! PUAs don't do that, right?

On a related note, why would Jeph demonise a character while taking away that characters agency? It strikes me as slightly schizophrenic.


Good job, mate.

>Unsolicited opinions on Israel???

That one fits quite well, especially since it takes place in the US. I assume it's in the US. Is it in Canada?



Easthampton, Massachusetts


File: bcd8cd5d4c1ac91⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 238x330, 119:165, 2019-05-27-04-28-58.jpg)


It would make a lot more sense if he said lips, since we know that she gargled lube and sucked him off, but establishing that even cheap, government issued chassis have a functioning anus just raises more questions.



There's a USB port about six inches in.



That's gotta hurt.



Does Jeph intend for us to hate the blue cunt, or what?

All that bullshit about Sven being a dick, when it turns out he's one of the most normal people in the fucking town.

Is this really what Jeph thinks being a dick is?



I have yet to see any evidence that Sven is a dick to anyone. May is a definite piece of shit though.




If you'll forgive the Freudposting, I believe that Sven represents the kind of man that Jeph, deep down in his unconscious, would like to be. Smart, suave, talented, successful, and popular with women. But his East Coast hipster coffeehouse programming won't let him acknowledge Sven as a superior masculine specimen, so he must constantly have the dialogue in his comic 'reveal' flaws about Sven that aren't actually extant in an effort to undermine the character without betraying the core principles his unconscious mind is deeply tied to.


File: a1871771f731682⋯.png (129.19 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4012.png)

Yes, yes, okay mom.



>the truth will out

>will out



File: b8d36cd44028ba4⋯.png (195.92 KB, 680x361, 680:361, b8d36cd44028ba482ff5ea2a8c….png)


>May is as good at lying as she is at crime

She hacked and flew around an airforce fighter jet until it ran out of fuel and they pulled her out. She's amazing at lying, by that metric.



Don't worry, it's just Jeph forgetting his own lore again.



In social justice terminology, out is a transitive verb meaning to expose someone for having a humiliating and repulsive sex life, which is correctly applied here considering what the aftermath of her watermelon adventure looked like.


File: fcbf7c64278153c⋯.jpg (72.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1378106_556423331092660_13….jpg)


It's from Shakespeare and stuck around as one of those things your parents say when they catch you lying.



Pic related.


File: b6f1acc6f824216⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 220x220, 1:1, jew_basic.jpg)


I find it EXTREMELY problematic that Jeph would reference the highly anti-Semitic Merchant of Venice. Just another example of his alt-right leanings, along with the clown references. When will this man be stopped?


File: 367f5273cf0d1a2⋯.jpg (51.14 KB, 621x414, 3:2, hebrew.jpg)


Not only that, this Alt-Right Crypto-Antisemite keeps slipping in dogwhistle terms like "Ovens", "Finances", and "Noses". Truly disgustingly problematic.


On the other hand, Merchant of Venice has women pretending to be men played by men so it's extremely progressive in that way, despite it being just straight white men getting one over on the Jew.


File: e9125d6be6fffa6⋯.png (184.33 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4013.png)

Not going to say it's funny as-is, but at least it has the proper foundation of a joke.



They're so innocently enthusiastic about cute animals, just like my anime waifus.


File: d4a01ebc4d5690f⋯.png (746.21 KB, 786x717, 262:239, 1432910901470.png)



Why the fuck did I read this garbage and what can I do to forget what I just read?


File: 5d148829dde1695⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 556x331, 556:331, 1446824668780.jpg)



Hahaha! Boy, those gals sure do behave in an unusual manner.

It just looks fucking weird that the pink robot (Momo?) lost its pupils when pulling the anime expression.



It's probably just a drawing error.


File: fafbc534a4c988e⋯.png (156.24 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4014.png)

Still waiting for the "evil petting zoo" joke.



>hot dog poster

>zoophilia joke

Is he…embracing it?



How is Jeph able to get the eye spacing right for Blue Bitch but not for Pink Bitch? You have a working model right there. How? Just look to the left side of the panel, asshole.


File: ea31b0b39b4a5f7⋯.png (229.26 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4015.png)

Jeph it's 2019 you don't need to use dithered GIFs anymore please stop



I think she's supposed to look "starry eyed".


This had the potential to be a good joke. Shit execution though especially since he chose "llama" just to be


It would've been better (just of the top of my head) if she had said something like

>Did you let lots of gorillas play with you

or something.


So anon's prediction in >>1061379 was correct.



>There was some kind of petting involved

God dammit, I had a chuckle.



>finds an appropriate outlet for white blur panels as flashbacks

>immediately goes back to using it for things in the present



To be fair, when he uses it in panel 4, it's almost gone. I think it's supposed to give the impression of slowly "fading out".


File: 7e27f9a294027a3⋯.png (173.26 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4016.png)

The title is a reference to Jeph's experience with mutilation and bestiality.



So, after all that shit about not telling anyone because it's ashamed, and telling Sven not to make it "weird", May goes and starts telling everyone in a boastful manner.


File: dd83c13ced8498f⋯.png (164.99 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4017.png)

>a computer that forgets basic data like a human does

Really making a case for these robots, Jeph.



Now she's angry for some reason. Sven should just move away and take bluebot with him, she's clearly the only one who will ever offer him any kind of respect. He's horny, she's freaky. Match made in digital ink. Seriously though, why is pinky getting angry that May slept with Sven. Also, >>1062655 is a very valid question. Nice dubs


File: eade4881a3c8396⋯.png (124.49 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 1658.png)

File: 00a3d1d586ebb4f⋯.png (188.16 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 3098.png)


>why is pinky getting angry that May slept with Sven

She wants to get fucked, but Jeph wants her to get cucked.


File: 51811a6173c1e1c⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 295x243, 295:243, 2019-04-03-22-31-18.jpg)



>Don't even talk to a guy for literally years

>Mad that someone else was his casual fling

What do you bet Jeph is going to gaslight his audience on this one too? I'm guessing he'll claim Sven made a promise to Momo or some similar shit


File: 7bd4eb08c2b2b60⋯.png (17.29 KB, 894x251, 894:251, retarted robot rape.png)


There is an opportunity here. People actually do this sort of stuff, but they (rightfully) are scorned for doing so.

I went on the forum to see if anyone is talking about "Sven's betrayal" but they're all busy fighting their cognitive dissonance over how the robots used to be store-bought gimmicks and now need to be reconciled as humanoids with equivalent rights.

Oh, and they refer to "robot" as r-word because "robot" is too offensive.



The ceiling looks like its slanting downward with Jeffs retarted attempt at creating depth.



>"'robot' is a slur, shitlord!"

If this is the future, I'm surgically implanting magnets under my entire epidermis.


File: f99583d03d24eaa⋯.png (42.61 KB, 763x460, 763:460, phoneusers.PNG)


Smartphones are what normalscum use.



What do you use for your image editing?



>the r-word

Then how do they say "retard"?


File: acd50da8f254c1c⋯.png (23.8 KB, 245x183, 245:183, whatthefuck.png)

What the hell actually is this comic, I remember seeing OP's pic on youtube when discussing SJW comics before though I don't really recall the details. From what I know,

>written terribly

>written by some autistic tumblr fag most likely that cries about muh waman and muh inclusivity n shit

>that fucking image

If someone can supply me with some more details on this shitpile it'd be appreciated.



>only now discovers this

Oh you poor, poor soul

You're soon going to lose grip on reality as you know it



>you're soon going to lose grip on reality as you know it

Go on anon..



where to begin

let's just say you're reading a webcomic that is around fifteen years old if I recall and that is read by so many people the artist behind it gets paid more than 10k a month for it

the art hasn't improved a bit in years, the story is going nowhere, dozens of plotlines have been abandoned, more characters have been introduced and forgotten than you can think of, and the author hates his work so much he stabbed himself over it.

That's a grossly tl;dr explanation, anon. Again, I'd advise spending some time reading the threads from now on to better grasp the grandiosity of this world.



That sounds like a complete, and utter shit show of the highest proportion imaginable by man. I've heard some stuff about it being highly political (muh gay rights, muh waman power) that type of shit, does it have that as well?



Do you support trans rights, anon ?




I'm going to guess that's code for "yes they shove it damn my throat so god damn hard that the closest thing I can compare it to is a retarded furry sucking horse cock into their mouth on a weekly basis and getting paid 10k a month to do so."


File: 82aeb388793a75b⋯.jpg (167.8 KB, 815x540, 163:108, Updated again.jpg)



>the plot

>citation needed




>poor humor about indie rock music

>Faye, Marten, TEH and Pintsize

>Humor/Slice of hand

I dunno who edited this but this is a true masterpiece


File: 37f87627d3002f2⋯.png (148.83 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4018.png)


>Don't even talk to a guy for literally years

>Mad that someone else was his casual fling

>this actually happened



Also there was apparently an earthquake or nearby sinkhole because the joint has shifted.



This is so retarded. These are androids. Jeph needs to fucking stop treating them like dumb humans when they have brains powerful enough to rule over the goddamn planet. "Oh yeah different hairstyles right I forgot" isn't a statement any human would say, and it sure as shit isn't one a robot would. Why am I even trying to rationalize this shit. How do robots even start relationships with humans if they have another human owner ? Do they just buy back their "freedom" or some shit ? Do they go back with their original owner if they break up ? None of this shit is supposed to be too complex but Jeph manages to make it lose all kinds of sense.

Fuck now I'm remembering about his other webcomic, the sci-fi one. Shit. He managed to make it even worse than QC.



Alice Grove was so bad that he let the bad guy win and it was still predictable and boring.



I can't even remember a single thing of it clearly, except hints and pieces. Like the ending. Basically he just shoved the entirety of the actual "end" into a single page. Just like that. In short, a form of "look guys I'm so sick of this trash let's just say it's over, ok ?"



>I've heard some stuff about it being highly political (muh gay rights, muh waman power) that type of shit, does it have that as well?

In one sense, not as much as it could. It's there, yeah, but mostly just as dressing. In QC's utopia, there's no need to fight for those things because as far as their world is concerned, they've already won all political battles once and for all and there remains no conflict, aside from *very* occasional mentions of things like "I heard on TV about some extremist nuts way off somewhere in the distance, they said something naughty".

He doesn't even go the David Willis route of having political villains for the heroes to fight against, every character is in 100% agreement with each other that they all have the correct political thoughts, and thus any potential conflicts or drama tend to get resolved fairly quickly.

So, on one hand, yeah it's thoroughly saturated with progressive ideology, but on the other hand, it almost never actually bothers getting preachy about it like some other webcomics do, for the sole reason that Jeph holds anyone to the right of himself in enough contempt that he won't lower himself to acknowledge them in his comic. Instead, those guys are solely for stoking outrage on his Twitter feed with.



>slice of life comedy comic with muh trans rights inserted has fucking ANDROIDS

Ok, I thought I was out of the loop but what the fuck, why is there androids, why are they self aware yet fucking retarded, i'm so confused



the androids are the trannies, anon

except there are actual real trannies too

everything is an allegory



From reading a previous post of yours, are they like slaves or something? Just built to be nigger shop keepers? So is authorfag trying to say that trannies are inslaved by super markets who constantly build them in secret russian sex labs?



They're people.

Nothing else.

Except from time to time the author remembers "ah shit right uh let's say they plug into a power socket or something"



That's because he seemed to honestly think the good guy was winning in it. The problems in Alice grove are too numerous to list, but having them realize they backed the wrong horse and doomed everyone would have greatly helped the ending.



So basically just comic reliefs that are blue for some reason, huh.



Supposedly he technological singularity happened, leading to an entire race of AIs being created, except all that's really changed is now there's robots, they and people still have jobs and regular lives so the singularity thing sorta makes no sense.



They started off as appliances but were suddenly retconned as human equivalents in both body and law some 7-8 years into the comic. Mentioned above, there is still consternation about this sudden switch given how abrupt and incongruent it was.


The working theory is that, due to Jeph's inability to handle criticism and social pressure, that he replaced humans with robots so that he could use them as proxies for social awareness issues. For example, instead of the actual tranny having body issues, one of the robots does. Instead of having a bawdy, promiscuous, black character "kept down by the man", it's a blue robot. They're just abstracted, Flanderized stereotypes that the core audience won't call out Jeph for because they're not smart enough to realize what he's doing. Instead, they're busy banning nouns from discussion because everything is offensive.


It's hard to believe Jeph could honestly reflect on his own work and see the guy whose life mission was to lift humanity out of eternal squalor as the villain. Given Jeph's propensity to forget his own lore, he probably thought he communicated more about the chubby Bill Gates looking guy's nefarious plans but didn't. Even then, there isn't much Bill Gates could do to top an immortal, genocidal witch who was the direct cause of humanity's suffering and kept them in that state to cover for her own failures thousands of years prior. It was actually surreal to see the revelation of Alice's irredeemable nature and have the supporting cast stand around rooted in place talking about genocide and imposing thousands of years of suffering like they were discussing the new indie music album.


File: afdf9d30d5af109⋯.png (414.13 KB, 620x899, 20:29, 4019.png)

They're going to apologize to each other already.



People usually complain about characters doing something unreasonable or bizarre just so the story could get started, but with Jeph, the characters are just so reasonable that nothing fucking happens, to the point that they are unreasonably reasonable.



>acting on her desires

Do women actually do this outside of Tinder? As far as I've seen they prefer to play hard to get and even if the guy she wants approaches, a woman will demand he gives her shit up front.


File: 77cde1dadc299a9⋯.png (9.73 KB, 309x312, 103:104, Mareten's blank stare.png)


Especially Marten. One after another women abuse him–even his mother–and he just takes it and apologizes to them for making them so angry. It's screwed him up so much that he's given up heterosexuality entirely.



Marten's mom is actually my pick for worst offender. Everyone else has the (flimsy) excuse of being a mixed-up twenty-something with no career or direction. Ms. Reed is a grown-ass adult who runs her own business and has personally been involved in numerous relationships that have gone down in spectacular flames. If anyone should be the one to pull Marten aside and say "Boy, these bitches are insane and you need to run before they realize you still have functioning legs," it should be her.

Think about it: your offspring is hopelessly head-over-heels for a girl who's such a fuck-up that she's burned down her own apartment, and has intimacy issues bad enough that she regularly assaults your child while pretending to be his friend. You have warned this girl that while you'll just watch on the sidelines for now, she better not fuck up. Then she fucks up and breaks his heart saying shit like "I'm not ready for a relationship" before fucking some man-slut. Do you A) rip this conniving bitch limb from limb, or B) tell her you understand how difficult living with the death of a parent can be and you love and support her?

Maybe one is more reasonable than the other, but it also involves throwing your own child under the bus.

sage for blogposting



You clearly don't interact with women. You might keep hearing "men are just cocks with legs" but women are completely incapable of NOT acting out on their desires. You think male frustration is bad ? Clearly you've never met a woman who goes insane over not getting dicked, either by the person she craves or at all. They'll do crazy shit for it, anon.


File: 76a1d3c29736e3e⋯.jpg (232.5 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Handstab 1.0.jpg)


>Occasionally older strips were redrawn in a more recent drawing stye

Weren't there some old strips that were updated because someone said something that nowadays would seem offensive? Could someone post it? Or am I thinking of Dumbing of Age?


I don't quite get time in this universe. How long ago did she tell May about that, because I thought it had been years?


Whew! For a minute there, I almost thought this comic would contain conflict!


File: 1f94960c7f337cf⋯.png (103.27 KB, 450x1500, 3:10, 10.png)

File: 0bdab47d2c9631e⋯.png (150.86 KB, 450x1500, 3:10, 10 censored.png)

File: e2fd233060c2ef7⋯.png (168.7 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 1690.png)

File: cf81e18787ca128⋯.png (167.23 KB, 600x1417, 600:1417, 1690 censored.png)


Here are two examples.



The underlines in strip 10 are in the "original" of the censored strip. I didn't put them there.



Time in QC has always been completely random. It'll sometimes take months for a single day to end, but other times you'll jump to "hey we're in the middle of winter guys weren't we in summer just last week" moments.





File: b30807b1fb321eb⋯.png (75.09 KB, 199x294, 199:294, cured marten.png)


>given up heterosexuality entirely

Oh, it's so much worse than that - he's given up his entire sense of self.

All he does now, is repeat what the [women] around him tell him to think, and if he starts to have any thoughts or even desires which may benefit him, he apologises.

For example - the prospect of his [girl]friend getting a job in another state that would require them to move house did make him nervous. Marten then apologised to absolutely everyone for having such a "selfish" thought.

In fact, I propose that any future edits involving Marten should give him this face:




>The police in Orlando, Fla., filed attempted murder charges today against Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak, a NASA astronaut who the authorities say attacked a rival for another astronaut’s affection at Orlando International Airport on Monday after driving more than 900 miles from Houston to meet her flight.

>Captain Nowak, a Navy captain who flew on a shuttle mission last summer, was originally arrested on attempted kidnapping and other charges, and a judge initially set a $15,500 bond at a court session this morning.

>But this afternoon, the police filed the new charges against her, saying they had evidence that Captain Nowak intended ”to do serious bodily injury or death” to Colleen Shipman, a captain in the Air Force, because she considered Captain Shipman to be a rival in her romance with a fellow NASA astronaut, Cmdr. Bill Oefelein.

And quite frankly, just go and read on social media posts by women about what they've done or are ready to do to get some dicking. Hell, even just simple dating sites like tinder or whatever are proof of this. Do you seriously think they're looking for a relationship there ? Not like it's too different for men, of course



I've noticed women boast about the value of their sexual services by discussing how they've cut off their men as punishment but they'll also lament how they haven't gotten laid in forever, "forever" being a period of about two weeks. Given sexual access is much more normalized for women compared to men, the average (median) man by default holds out for sex for longer. So when women claim that men will fall to pieces if they don't get sex twice per day while women can survive indefinitely, they're probably full of shit given that most of them haven't gone for more than a month since they were 16 or so. Put another way, a female "wizard" is vanishingly rare while the opposite is common enough to dominate news cycles for weeks at a time.



>looking for stories of women putting any effort into initiating with men beyond showing up

>early 40s whore cheats on her husband of a decade and a half with coworker, then loses her mind when he finds another well to tap


Fuck it, May deserves to be queen bitch of the universe.


File: a86a7a913f860b6⋯.png (136.25 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4020.png)



>momo's bizarre adventure


>you're already dead

this is some shit.



>I wish there was a way to find the GEEKS and GAMERS in this crowd


File: 5b5015a59cd06f3⋯.jpg (52.24 KB, 226x341, 226:341, 2019-04-03-22-30-25.jpg)


This inner dialog should have been measured in milliseconds.



>Achieving catharsis by punching



But will there be sodomy undertones?



That's the shit that grinds me the most. You have a massive setting of sci-fi type craziness with robots capable to be complete replicas of human beings but overpowered cognitively and physically, and you basically just copypaste emotions, behaviours and ideals of robots. Why not make it so your robot, I dunno, needs to put itself into some VR type world ? Their mind is powerful enough to reproduce all senses, why not just "play" another reality as a way to relax ? The joke would even work better : "I thought you'd go to some relaxing animal crossing type shit, but you're beheading zombies left and right haha"

Jeph needs to be forbidden from ever touching a pen again.




He made the switch to digital production a long time ago and never looked back. After all, you just start with the eyes and do everything on the same layer.


File: bf14cab4d68a2d8⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 952x780, 238:195, Screenshot_20190606-200640….jpg)

I just started reading this shit to understand the threads, but this tickled me funny.

At which point do I understand the dogfucker accusations?



I don't even recognize this comic as being the same shit we see now.



It was because his poor dog always looked depressed and displayed many signs of abuse. Unfortunately, Shelby died a while ago, so we'll probably never get closure about whether he was actually fucking his dog or just perpetually ignoring her until he felt like taking pictures of her.


File: eb5f2ddd499f3d1⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 926x796, 463:398, Screenshot_20190606-221621….jpg)

File: 9476ad72ecf3559⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 942x804, 157:134, Screenshot_20190606-221821….jpg)


>I don't even recognize this comic as being the same shit we see now.

It was slightly funnier, I was also going to point out that Marten was more assertive that what I've seen in newer comics but I just saw his balls shrivel.


File: f63ffa85ef1325a⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 754x521, 754:521, arthur's death note.jpg)


>one of the core tenets of my life is no anal



So will Marten diddle some kids next?


File: c8881653cc115ca⋯.jpg (141.02 KB, 803x1164, 803:1164, awful.jpg)


No, this just canonically confirms him as the catcher.


File: 229aa1ef8200f4c⋯.png (66.13 KB, 800x364, 200:91, 2891.png)


Is my first one, no bully.



>no four year olds on the peepee

if you say this out loud and don't immediately sheer heart attack you are probably some reptile thing.


File: fc5b134a555d97b⋯.jpg (103.05 KB, 938x748, 469:374, Screenshot_20190607-230844….jpg)

You guys didn't told me this started as a harem series when everyone wants Marten's cock at several degrees of secrecy.


File: f3df09c6a9fbb36⋯.png (769.59 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190607-232003.png)



Jeph teases this shit every two panels without prompting or setting and is clear he's self inserting as Marten attracting all the ladies but still too fucking beta to do a damn thing.

Just fuck already

I know he's so fucking proud like…

>Yeah, I adress sexuality shamelessly I'm so mature.

You Canadian milquetoast cunt.


File: df1675b172a1439⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, V5_Soundtrack.jpg)


Boy are you in for some disappointment. Even if you think it's total shit to begin with, it just gets worse.


File: 39a26c85acb1991⋯.png (456 KB, 550x2232, 275:1116, 155.png)

File: de9c0b844a2ef74⋯.png (111.78 KB, 556x1450, 278:725, 161.png)


Just to point out.

Guest artist and Jeph, the fact that the guest artist better understands the underlying comedy than Jeph cringe fest over HIS OWN creation is just mind boggling.



>it's 2004 and Steve being written out is already a thing



Get used to that for a long while, at least until after 2007 comes around and he starts overtly choosing guests based on Twitter politics instead of any vague semblance of actual skill. Along with more characters forgotten than will ever be written out, and a very long, very slow degradation into what you can see today.



>choosing guests based on Twitter politics

Can you provide an example? I believe you, but can't think of any guest artists off the top of my head.


File: 9e553da1a1b9378⋯.jpg (280.79 KB, 611x1024, 611:1024, 3759.jpg)


Just going with the most recent and obvious one.



Fucking hell! Marigold looks like Eugene Levy in a wig!



David Willis has done probably a dozen guest strips. They're like peas in a pod politically.




I'll be honest with you guys, I kinda forget Erica Whore-en and Cuck Willis exist unless someone reminds me of who they are. Thank you for answering my ignorant question, though.



Truth be told, as a gay-friendly leftis: OhJoySexToy should be burned with napalm and extreme prejudice


File: ece2e4512092ae8⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 319x300, 319:300, Sc060_alex_gym_big.jpg)


That's somehow even more unfunny than when handstab himself tries to joke.


File: 0049328dafc4c98⋯.png (164.3 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4021.png)

File: bbaccccf23d1a09⋯.png (136.77 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4022.png)

File: 6987e9b162787b8⋯.png (208.63 KB, 680x482, 340:241, c01.png)

double dose



I'm going to be really proud of May if she becomes the first AI dog Roko finds a home for.



>First client

D-did I miss something. Does she have a new job? Is that why she's started dressing like a hooker?



>Is that why she's started dressing like a hooker?

Nah, mate, Jeph just wants more free porn from his most loyal haters.


File: df518b9c35e0e91⋯.jpg (91.78 KB, 500x507, 500:507, 2019-06-10-02-05-18.jpg)


>I have to actually wash this hair

Do other models of robot not clean themselves regularly? Also, why would a robot need human hair cleaning product to wash non-human hair? ALSO the robot changing accents when she gets mad is still retarded for multiple reasons.



>Do other models of robot not clean themselves regularly?

I would understand it if they didn't feel the need to wash their chassis every day, but rather just polish it once in a while as one would do with a set of armor. But I don't see why robot hair wouldn't get dirty.

>ALSO the robot changing accents when she gets mad is still retarded for multiple reasons.

But it's SOOOOOO quirky!!!1!! XD



>Lesbians hate her because she spent her entire college experience pretending to be one before settling down with a man.

>Tradcons hate her because she's a degenerate weirdo who promotes deviant sex and married a beta cuck.

>Sex-positives hate her because she makes serious and sometimes even dangerous kinks look quirky and child-friendly.

>Artists hate her because she can't draw for shit.

>Everyone hates her because she won't shut the fuck up.

Erica Moen is a truly unifying force in the world.



And by the looks of her "comics" she has an odd obsession with things going into and, indeed, coming out of her ass.

I've seen people sharing that stuff over social media and I'm pretty sure she's only followed by betas who want to show how enlightened and "safe" they are.



its like one of those brain. robots from fallout


File: d010f21dbf212a7⋯.png (145.94 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4023.png)

Great, yet more soapboxing. I'll bet you $1,000 Jeph doesn't know any actual convicts and isn't familiar with the kind of people they tend to be though he does actually portray May as one, ironically. I'd be embarrassed to be this transparently into activism as fashion.



You know what the worst parts of this entire ordeal is ?

There actually is a huge potential for metaphors regarding those androids indeed.

Trans rights or whatever, people in bodies that aren't "the ones they recognize as their own" ? That definitely could work.

Being forced to constantly work shitty dead end jobs to pay back a life too costly to really afford anything ? I guess there's something to it.

Homosexuality and being into "not the kinda person you're used to" ? Sure, of course.

But then you give all this to Jeph, and the retard makes the blandest, most repetitive, completely self-important bullshit you've ever read about an extremely interesting topic. He's got a world built-up that could offer chances to make some of the deepest stuff out there, and it's so low-brow even a child would find it dumb.



The cheapest shit is the most expensive to repair. Fuckin money, how does it work?



>that spoiler

Ironically, he's also spot-on with how Roko is acting. Every single felon-advocate is an out-of-touch idealistic moron who thinks it's somehow unjust that people might pay for their mistakes.



>standard issue, chosen for function over form, bulk bought at the lowest wholesale price

>somehow being more expensive than anything else

The real issue is Jeph spent his entire life consuming luxury goods and thinks there are no other options.



That's usually the case, but since Jeph has depicted chassis as robot-shaped cell phones it makes no sense here. May should be walking around like a goddamn Nokia. Crushbot would have bounced right off her. That, and Jeph has apparently forgotten the full anthropomorphic chassis is like a luxury body. She would fit just fine as another Pintsize, he's just a fucking retard. There are probably a million jobs for bots that she'd be better suited to even as a robo felon, just not in that body. This is all terrible allegory that even a midwit should realize is not fit to make it past the first draft.


File: f4a60436cd1aa71⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 634x423, 634:423, accountant.jpg)


Do you think the average WalmartBot chassis has a higher repair bill than the average Batchelor food bill? Rent would most likely be similar, I'll count heat/AC as being the same cost as daily recharging, so the only point of contention would be food vs repairs. Large appliance repair will run you between $100 to $500 depending on what you are fixing. You can be extreme and compare it to vital function car repair, which can get in the thousands, but you shouldn't need that kind of repair every single month, so I think May's repairs will probably have a lower cost per month than a similar fellon's food bill.

If you count repairs as being similar to human hospital visits, it swings greatly in May's favor, since doctor fees and medical insurance costs will far outstrip the hourly rates that someone like Faye and Menstro charge, even if you account for the cost of parts.



I mean, here is the thing: resocialization is a worthy goal. To help people who have paid for the mistakes they've made is a worthy goal. But jeph's allegory is dumb as fuck.



>She would fit just fine as another Pintsize

That would be a sufficiently interesting storyline that handstab would never do it.

> ex cop bot raises a stink on felon bot's behalf

< "We've reviewed felon bot's case and you're right! This is totally unacceptable."

> smug do-gooder speech

< "Yes, felon bot never should have qualified for a humanoid chassis!"

> wut?

< "Thank you for bringing this oversight to our attention! The taxpayers are not on the hook for buying barely repentant criminals luxury frames."

> but…

< "It's for the best. How the hell is an ex-con supposed to afford maintenaince on a luxury frame like this anyway? Hahaha!"

felonbot is now a blue pintsize

Since the comic is fundamentally about relationshits now anyway this is your lead in for some actual drama between felonbot and inexplicably hetero ponytail guy. Are they a thing? If it was just physical he shouldn't have feelings for her now that she's not in a humanoid frame anymore, right? Or maybe there are some genuine feelings there and there's a platonic attraction beyond the mere physical. Plus you have a reversal were pinkbot is suddenly the sexy one. Does she succumb to the temptaion to leverage her sex appeal to steal the guy? Boom, chances for characterization, growth, conflict, all that good shit. Will never happen obviously.


File: 5d9deb3a080f730⋯.png (154.91 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4024.png)


File: 6ec348cc66c1565⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 950x534, 475:267, QC robots.jpg)


This would be hilarious, but then Jeph would have to face the fact that he's never made a real distinction between anthroPCs who are owned by a human and autonomous robots who own themselves. There's been zero commentary on this obvious status difference between mentally similar AIs, even though this interesting plot element is baked into the framework of his world.



>man hires convict bot out of some sense of kindess probably, since she potentially is bad for business otherwise and in a slummy place she won't make too much trouble that can't be easily solved

>convict shows no signs actually being a decent member of society, she just has robot sex and talks shit to people

>ex-cop is trying to not only bargain to give this piece of scrap a decent sex box, but threaten the owner on absolutely nothing, which could easily backfire on her if the owner is running his business well enough or doesn't care enough to lose his seemingly only employee for a loss of profits

this is a spur of the moment plan, why are the machines not acting analytical?



I hope "Having sex with Humans" turns out to be a violation of her parole.



>He's a manager. There's gotta be something.

Unless this shitty gas station is somehow not a chain, whoever's writing her schedule and appraising her work is probably getting shat on with long hours and low pay about as much as her. In most of my work experience, any manager who had some personal vice got dismissed not because it was revealed and hurt their reputation, but because it detracted from their laser focus on work. But this is Jeph's Marxist robot world, where you're either a bottom level worker or the Fat Controller.



>The many funny stories involving my father

Well she only tells one other story about her father but it IS pretty funny.




You know what real (and mentally capable) people do when they're in situations like this? Reduce their expenses. Maybe you have to make some really shitty compromises until you can stabilize your finances. Weird renting arrangements, take home shitty food from work, whatever it takes to put some savings aside that you can use to patch each source of unnecessary expense.

Which sounds like it might not apply to robots until you remember that their ONLY EXPENSE IS THEIR CHASSIS. It consumes the power, it needs the repairs, it takes up rentable space. May could reduce her expenses to the ongoing cost of a single server rack instantly and still be able to communicate in real time with all her robot friends, in near real time with all her human friends and the dumb bitch could probably find some sort of below-minimum-wage online pseudo-work even if Jeph tried to handwave the possibility away by saying they don't buy processor time from felons because even he's not going to be dumb enough to pretend there are no black markets on the fucking internet.



We already know that illegal underground robot fighting arenas are a thing, so it's too late to pretend that the world is squeaky clean.



>1st panel - transparent hand on counter

>2nd panel - "What it want through"

I guess Jeph must be really excited about this one to miss shit like that.

And isn't this the same May who shouted at the pink fagbot (Winslow?) for being upgraded from a pocket calculator or whatever to a full anthroform like May has?

I'm finding it difficult to root for it since it seems to prefer other robots to be kept in their place.

Plus, it didn't steal a pack of AA batteries - it's a selfish, aggressive asshole which tried to steal dangerous military equipment. If anything it should rightly have been reduced to one of those fucking iPods and be left in Dale's pocket.

And now that I mention it, why isn't it still living with them?



And also


More than 10 thousand bucks a month, guys



Jeff seems to think "manager" is short for "finance manager". Surely there's a day trader in the back snorting coke and breaking FTC laws while cornering the market on 2-day old convenience store hot dogs.


>take home shitty food from work

You'd be surprised how far you can get with the "communal food" that tends to accumulate even at small workplaces. When people figure out what you're doing, they start bringing even more food because they'd rather see it eaten than thrown away.


I can't tell if it's a drawing error of if the counter is supposed to be acrylic glass.

>And now that I mention it, why isn't it still living with them?

It isn't? I thought it was. Did it move away off-screen? The living arrangements are what makes this situation especially non-engaging: this bot has literally no overhead. It survives on the goodwill of others yet still pulls a salary. Even if it's not much, it's in the black, which is a lot more than many can say.

Oh, and it gets the repairs at "friends who won't screw you" rate, not "maximize profit" rate. May actually couldn't be in a much better position, all things considered. How many ex-cons can claim to have their needs taken care of by others and to receive medical care at a wholesale rate?

Again, Jeph ironically portrays May as a realistic ex-con. In reality people are bending over backwards to accommodate while it whines, denigrates, and blames everyone around it.


File: b5f779c5a430553⋯.jpg (288.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2019-06-12-12-46-57.jpg)


>Surely there's a day trader in the back snorting coke and breaking FTC laws while cornering the market on 2-day old convenience store hot dogs

That sounds way too interesting to be his actual plot



I… I'm keeping that pic.



It's a limited edition, mint in the box OC, so be careful with it.


File: 6aaee7e18be88e1⋯.png (141.37 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4025.png)

>I'm politely trying to tell you I want no part of your stupid scheme that doesn't involve me.


File: 1697b48129242d5⋯.png (154.29 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4024.png)

Jeph fixed ghost hand.




Is it Roboprivilege to be able to have a stupid name and not worry about getting teased by your peers as you grow to maturity?



I happen to be an expert on this subject. The best way to get what you want from a huge government bureaucracy is to be a billionaire who's friendly with the people at the very top. The second best way is to ask nicely workers at random and hope you get one who knows how to actually help you because they've been there for decades.




I never noticed it until she became a (((convict's rights advocate))), but that robo-hooker certainly has a big nose …


>Jeph fixed ghost hand.

What? Why? I thought it was supposed to be a subtle detail (i.e. a joke about may having spent so much time bored leaning against the desk at work "dozing off" that it had left an impresson), but it was actually there by mistake!? How do you add a ghost hand by mistake?


"Beepatrice" is the mechanized version of her slave name "Beatrice".


>I happen to be an expert on this subject. The best way to get what you want from a huge government bureaucracy is to be a billionaire who's friendly with the people at the very top.



>How do you add a ghost hand by mistake?

By drawing everything on the same layer and forgetting to color it in. Reminder this is the same man who forgot what color one of his robots were and just continued on like it never happened.



He's not Jeph "Height Chart Ruins My Art"Jaques for nothing.



>>I happen to be an expert on this subject. The best way to get what you want from a huge government bureaucracy is to be a billionaire who's friendly with the people at the very top.



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I happen to be an expert on this subject. The best way to get what you want from a huge government bureaucracy is to be a billionaire who's friendly with the people at the very top.

I forgot to add my reply to this: They should ask Hannilore, she might actually fit the bill.


File: 9dabb5b1f914c2e⋯.png (331.36 KB, 556x398, 278:199, 1432101280516.jpg.png)


How could you not notice? It's the biggest thing in the frame




>Jeph fixed ghost hand.

Take a picture it'll be his only time.



>May's body is falling apart

Is it, though? I remember its face got damaged but wasn't that the result of a damaging act rather than it simply falling off?

And if the state should be convinced to provide an upgrade to an anthroform, wouldn't it then follow that all those stupid anthroPCs and talking iPods should also be given full-sized bodies, especially if they're law-abiding?



>And if the state should be convinced to provide an upgrade to an anthroform, wouldn't it then follow that all those stupid anthroPCs and talking iPods should also be given full-sized bodies, especially if they're law-abiding?

No, because May's body is state concern since she's a felon. What would worry me is all those anthroPCs starting to commit felonies to get new bodies if this becomes known.


Can anyone remember May's body just "falling apart"?

So far we've got the battery needing recharged slightly more often than usual (I assume), but I suppose that could be the equivalent of a curfew.

Even then it's not a very good one if it can be charged from any outlet.



I thought her hand fell off one time.



Speaking of, why would the state ever provide anything other than a bottom-of-the-barrel robot body for a former convict? Providing for the citizenry better than they can provide for themselves only incentivizes crime.


File: 3146c2f13d55618⋯.png (43.74 KB, 658x234, 329:117, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e13419bae32319⋯.png (384.62 KB, 600x552, 25:23, ClipboardImage.png)


honk honk



Happy Father's Day to you too


File: 2d5377a32194961⋯.png (134.84 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4026.png)

File: 58c521d384479b8⋯.png (200.88 KB, 1029x1440, 343:480, 6-19.png)



>lewd shot of robutt

>it is disgusting to look at

Why would he do this

I need androidanon back to draw decent robutts




Up until now, I thought Jeph was terrible…but at least he didn't whore out his characters with lewd/pornographic artwork for money like his friend Willis did, because that's the artists' equivalent to setting up a camshow for your own daughter. Now I have absolutely nothing good to say about him. Thing is, I'm not even surprised.


File: 3e1de3db6d632fc⋯.png (147.65 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4027.png)



File: 164e9ae12d266dc⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 283x350, 283:350, 164e9ae12d266dcba0e9c1f109….jpg)


>Robot can't look up ink cartridge installation instructions

>Fancy logo is a basic G that you get from a default font


>Robot forgets a 7-16 digit string of numbers and symbols that are essential to her daily work



So … the only joint she has on her entire body is the one at her neck?


>Thing is, I'm not even surprised.

I am, although not because I thought he was above it, but rather because I thought it would be "toxic".

Checking reddit to see if his fans reacted poorly, I found out that there are actually two subreddits dedicated to QC: r/qustionablecontent and r/QContent.



There's probably two because of the sheer volume of people that got banned from the first one



So you might think, but the smaller subreddit seems even more authorotarian than the big one.

One of the first posts on the regular one (r/questionablecontent) is a post about Jeff using every character in the series as a political self-insert (making everyone a faggot, the hooker-bot quit its job because cops are evil, May getting new parts from the government is "Bernie Sanders logic", etc.). Since this is true, it's downvoted to zero (presumably it's below zero, but I don't think reddit shows negative numbers). The poster, however, thanks the subreddit for not shutting him down, saying that the other subreddit removed his post within two minutes.

For reference, here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/questionablecontent/comments/c19nsk/unpopular_opinion_the_world_isnt_fiction_anymore/



An outtake from a post (https://www.reddit.com/r/QContent/comments/c0oznz/qc_alignment_chart/) I found in the other subreddit:

>QC Alignment Chart

>I was responding to a post about how I think May was originally supposed to be a chaotic type of character to help drive some story lines. We're finally getting some of that with Momo and Clown Boy…i mean Sven.

>But that got me thinking to how all of the characters are basically "Good" "neutral" and/or "lawful" characters who don't really have malicious aspects to their personalities.

<that got me thinking to how all of the characters are basically "Good" "neutral" and/or "lawful" characters who don't really have malicious aspects to their personalities.

<all of the characters are basically "Good" "neutral" and/or "lawful" characters who don't really have malicious aspects to their personalities

<all of the characters are basically "Good" "neutral" and/or "lawful"

<don't really have malicious aspects to their personalities

W H E W !

How the hell can these people think that the QC characters are actually good people!?



>That ass

Fuck's sake, it's only missing the classic crossed bandaid, it looks so awful.

What the hell is that look supposed to be, anyway? It polishes its own ass while sitting down? The nose also looks peak jew, here.


>3rd panel

What the hell happened to May's jaw? This makes its face look like a comedy welder's mask or some shit.

Overall I really hate Jeph's "Where's the baloney?!" characters - he may think it's funny but I just see it as a thinly-veiled attempt at desperate filler by having them do something "zany" and "random".

I mean, why bother progressing any of the dozen plots when he can have one of his idiots pulling at a "Push" door for a few strips - he still gets paid, regardless.



>robots forget



So everyone hates Sven and sees him as an asshole, but somehow he's not a bad guy and neither are they?


File: 23308f799afc01e⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 703x703, 1:1, IMG_20190531_155442.jpg)


They hate Sven because he's a completely functional normal person (for now) who still hasn't been absorbed by the hive mind the rest of the characters belong to.

But since there can't be actual conflict in this simulation all Sven can do is steal 40 cakes and be called evil for that but not even the reddit Jephdrones can actually find anything bad about him.

Jeph would have to actually drink the full Kool-aid tank reserve in order to antagonize Sven for something shallow like being white, cis, male and not a bottom to Tranny cock. And even if that were to happen he would disappear from the comic altogether for being too conflicting and we would come full circle with everyone being nice people apparently.



There are actually more than two QC subreddits, but I don't remember what the others are called.


How can these characters be lawful when a good number of them have committed felonies?


File: d0a42a6e6c66a90⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 650x435, 130:87, 1407447557677.jpg)


>two QC subreddits




>Good, Neutral, Lawful

Underground illegal robot fighting ring's on the chaotic neutral side for Faye.


File: c96adf71a86bd41⋯.jpg (268.57 KB, 1600x1104, 100:69, excel-saga-sexy-girls-big.jpg)


>So … the only joint she has on her entire body is the one at her neck?

Probably because is not a cheap model? And all the other joints are covered by Latex. Either that or Jeph's a retard.


>because that's the artists' equivalent to setting up a camshow for your own daughter.

I believe it really depends on how do you see those characters as an author. Has Jeph referred to his characters as daughters and sons or something?


File: 626053ed8d70df2⋯.png (141.96 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4028.png)

>it's unanimous: everyone liked the Sven bot fucking arc

>Jeph goes with this nonsense instead



>unanimous: everyone

I mean, is better than this shit but liked its a strong word… Also arc



>Probably because is not a cheap model?

If it doesn't need joints, why is there one at the neck? The neck is one of the most visible places on the body.

>And all the other joints are covered by Latex.

Again, why not do the same with the neck?

>Either that or Jeph's a retard.

Most likely.


>>it's unanimous: everyone liked the Sven bot fucking arc

People here did, but didn't his fans hate Sven?


I've not been in one of these threads for about 2 years because I stopped hating myself quite so much. What have I missed in the intervening time period? I assume the ever glacial 'plot' (if it can be called that) is still slowly sliding towards nothing?

I see that the art has gotten lazier, I didn't think that was possible without Handstab just defaulting to drawing stick figures. The anime faces he's drawing now are disgusting.



>tell em it's an emergency

I thought it quit being a cop because it thought it was too good a person, but it's clearly not averse to lying to get its way. Plus, of course, publically undermining its superiors.

>I *want* it done today

I feel Jeph should have put emphasis on "today" rather than "want". Way he's done it, it looks like Copbot's own desires are the highest priority rather than any sense of urgency. Like Copbot will frown and stamp its feet if it doesn't get what it wants.

>endearingly incompetent

In a business like this, there is absolutely nothing endearing about incompetence - it should get this noseless fuck fired in an instant. Though it would be interesting to see if Jeph tries to laugh it up if the yellow idiot fucks up that stupid paperwork and results in May's arms being repossessed or something.


File: cbe80e43f6f8d92⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 540x490, 54:49, YOU'RE RAPING ME.jpg)



You don't even need to pay someone to proofread your trash you literally can just fucking open a text document and look at the red squiggles under a word Jeph jesus fucking christ you lazy incompetent cunt


The dykes got married

Faye is fatter than ever and is banging a giant female PTSD-bot

Jeph's writing and art are getting even worse than before, and no I am not joking

and I have been coming to these threads daily and yet can't even say what happened other than all that a week further-in than the present plot.



The forum is very dry in general but vocal when they don't like something. Skimming the thread(s) when Sven X May was relevant, I'd say it's "dry", which is a tacit/default endorsement. I didn't check Reddit but recall it being positive.

Regarding seams, it's an industrial standard to place them in the least conspicuous places, so back, foot soles, butt crack, and similar places. Jeph probably drew inspiration from Star Trek TNG or another show where androids had removable heads.


In addition to doing everything in one layer, Jeph makes up the dialog on the spot and enters it directly into the image editor, rather than pasting it from a word processor that spell checks.



>so back, foot soles, butt crack, and similar places.

Problem with that is you can see all those places in the picture, and no seam. Having to deglove the entire body to fix a broken toe would be in line with luxury items and their repair costs, think repairing anything on a BMW. But I'm unwilling to give Stabs enough credit to assume that's what it is. It's more likely he was drawing another one of his identically shaped characters, decided it should be the cop, and drew in the jew nose and neckline at the last minute.



>Is your boss incompetent? Try giving THEM the orders instead!


>Your parole officer says he can squeeze us in later today.

Something tells me it'll be the other way around.


File: 5184573c0cc8d3a⋯.png (25.43 KB, 1110x787, 1110:787, sex sells.png)



Apparently Jeph's plea to subscribe to Patreon to get the uncensored strip (>>1060669) on May 20 was a rousing success, increasing his subscribers by 51%. So more lewds is following the money at this point. Assuming these new patrons pay at the same rate as the old ones, Jeph is now pulling in excess of $23k/month.



Fuck's sake, and they didn't zip their pants back up and cancel their patronage immediately upon seeing that shit?

Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - anyone who would actually pay to see QC lewds likely hasn't felt the touch of another human and goes off at the first stroke.



Volvo, too. You can't just get parts for those, you have to order entire kits. Door lock giving you problems? Order a "door kit" for $1000 or whatever. Haven't touched one in years but they were really popular at junkyards because of this policy.




What's double retarded about this is that robots are apparently capable of running programs, so they're definitely canonically capable of remembering enormous amounts of code with no mistakes.


File: c0ccd48a7b731d5⋯.jpg (57.29 KB, 386x371, 386:371, 1442374133450.jpg)


>his subscribers by 51%

I think something just died in me.



But what if the robots are programed to have autism?


File: 8ebf2b1437bc898⋯.png (182.36 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4029.png)


Earlier today I didn't sympathize with the guy who said he left this topic because he didn't hate himself enough but now I do.

This plotline is totally not an excuse to get May into a more attractive body so lewds can be drawn of her. At least contract Rainbow Flyer or Liquidmark to do them, though they'd, too, probably hate themselves taking money from Jeph.



I hope for Jeph's sake he banks his money, because this is usually the fucking death knell. I give it three years tops.



I would have given it three years ten years ago.



Okay not that I'm objecting, since having porn is slightly better than a completely empty comic, but how is he going to make it without pissing off the people who screeched about fatty being too appealing in her bikini? Is he going to just ignore them and rake in the money from everyone else?



>3rd panel

I'd swear that expression is taken from another comic - it's so different from Jeph's usual style. When was the last time Jeph drew tiny black dots for pupils, anyway?

Oh, and this is an interesting development:


>get in touch with a good shop

>for a diagnostic, not a purchase


>Not Faye & Menstro's

I'm guessing that Jeph wanted this to result in a very specific joke, hence the overacting from the fagbot, but he's just labelled Faye & Menstro's place as no good for a diagnostic, even though that would easily be within their services.

In fact, wouldn't they have provided a few points of advice when May went in for the new face at the robot wars place? Like warning about all the faults May's body supposedly has?



>uncensored strip (>>1060669)

I don't get it. Is >>1060669 censored or uncnsored? I can't tell. How does the other one look?



This is the uncensored version. That's right…

The censored version has "CENSORED" in black bars across the watermelon and nipples/pussy which May doesn't actually have.

Seems it's the mere suggestion that genitals may be present which warrants censorship.


File: 348edab4313aa96⋯.jpg (80.6 KB, 403x428, 403:428, 2019-06-10-17-34-25.jpg)


>Censoring a Barbie Doll

Who demanded this? I thought it was just his poor attempt at humor.



It's a few posts below the one that was linked: >>1060752


Jeph is a fucking cunt of an imaginationless soybitchboy and I hate that he's actually financially succesfull! Also, this thread's 300th post is now mine.



Hey jeph

you're not fitting in.



The censored version is actually hotter than the uncensored one, since it leaves a bit of mystery instead of pulling away the curtain and revealing absolutely nothing.


File: 3ea2c36a1487268⋯.png (199.21 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4030.png)




Where is the censored version ? Clearly this is unacceptable pornographic content



What is the robo-hooker doing with its hand? It's also quite interesting to a former cop not care one iota about helping a criminal who sees no problem with the crime it has comitted.



So, this technician is helping a convict, which is basically unrepentantly guilty of grand theft and the attempted theft of dangerous military hardware, to get a new body, for free, which will likely be better than its own since it will have a nose, ears, and more realistic hair, all absolutely free, just because an ex-cop wants it to happen, and sees no problem with this at all?

And this is from the cop that quit because of the corruption and bad cops which we never actually see, which is currently leveraging this repair shop (the employees of which genuinely feel threatened) into doing what it wants.

Has anyone tried pointing out to Jeph that his story is basically a bunch of entitled assholes using their tremendous privilege to get what they want and fuck everyone else?


>warranty form

So, that body is still under warranty and no-one thought to do anything about this before now?



>So, that body is still under warranty and no-one thought to do anything about this before now?

Do you really think May has enough agency to do something like that?



The more I think about this, the more it bothers me.

>No offense ma'am, but this thing's a wreck.

In what way?

Jeph's talking like this body of May's is some sort of travesty but it hasn't really impacted its life at all. It's arm fell off 862 fucking strips ago and got fixed almost immediately.

In that same strip where the arm fell off, it tripped and ripped its face on something sharp - damage which would have sent a human to hospital and scarred them for life but May gets a free face replacement.

It doesn't feel pain, it doesn't struggle to get out of bed in the morning, it doesn't have a problem maintaining its grip, it doesn't have difficulty feeding itself because its hands won't stop shaking, it doesn't feel the cold, it doesn't need medication, it doesn't feel exhaustion, it doesn't have trouble catching its breath after climbing up the stairs - all of May's physical ailments have been solved very quickly, for free, with no consequences - they are little more than minor inconveniences.

Why should I or anyone else care that this freeloading Twat-o-tron5000 doesn't have a top of the range, platinum-lined body?



Robots are uncontrollable creatures of lust so she's trying to avoid falling in lesbians with the other one.



Or the crime of strong arm intimidation it is apparently currently committing.


Don't forget that this ex-cop who complains about corruption was demonstrated to be absolutely incompetent at busting a robot fight club that was fronting as a fucking skate park. Not some sort of plausible deniability industrial warehouse by the docks or something, a place where you're supposed to see a bunch of stoned teenagers in a public park.



>We all agree

"We" and "All" meaning I say so, and you get banned from the hugbox if you stop to think about it for a second.



>"Roko gets queasy if she watches"

But why? It's clearly a normal procedure or they'd be doing it in a clean room with a highly-trained engineer, not in a back room by the Apple store guy. May's not inconvenienced in the slightest. These units are clearly intended to disarticulate, hence the joints. This is the robot equivalent of taking off your shirt at the doctor's office. It would make sense if Roko was giving May some privacy, but what about this is making her queasy?



>but what about this is making her queasy?

And how could such a feeling actually manifest in a robot with no stomach or digestive system in general?

What would be the end result, does it just "faint"?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Whew! Has this been posted? It's a Jewtube essay about how deep QC is, presented by a neckbeard.



So the reason it held up its hand was to not have to see the procedure? Seems like there should be some more efficient way for a robot to do that.



I think I'd rather be kicked in the nuts than click that link, but thanks anyway.



Would you rather be stabbed in the hand?



Depends, is it me wankin' hand or me drawin' hand?



I only need to see the title to know what this shit is about and I don't need that shit in my life.

>Post Human Ethics

>One robo is a felon.

>Other is a pervert

>Other is a trained killing machine with PTSD

>Other is a corrupt cop.

>The most decent one is a doormat.


I know the point is gonna be something about how to be sensitive to robots when they're around but the irony in the title is making me kek.

I want to see a video about Marten's fall into Stockholm syndrome.



I don't remember the strip but it did get queasy and faint before in Faye's repair shop.



Well, I tried watching but I couldn't get further than the first couple of minutes.

It's meandering, boring, unengaging and utterly pointless. As far as I could tell, it's basically "I like it because it has things."


File: a76242374e90311⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 600x548, 150:137, Shelby Embraces The Void.jpg)


>It's a soap opera about people with various sexual orientations, post human ethics, and how "personhood" is important

If I didn't know for a fact that the Questionable Content fan base was made up entirely of stupid, amoral people, I would swear that this was a troll.


File: 0c228ccb29ee0b1⋯.png (16.72 KB, 585x134, 585:134, You stupid nigger.png)

Buddy of mine sent me this without realizing who it was, got a laugh out of it. Enjoy.



Yeah, how dare those professionals use their time to nurture the next generation? How dare teachers expect students to learn to speak with other people in a respectful and professional manner? Especially when all this "valuable time" might actually just be free time the professional in question was just going to fill with a hobby.



>valuable time

>he spends an hour a day on a comic that nets him a six figure salary



He doesn't even take care of himself. He plays video games all day and calls his wife at work, asking what she's making for dinner. I bet she's basically his mother.



>it has so much to do with the singularity

You mean the thing that was mentioned once in passing as a punchline? The thing that had no effect other than retconning these robots as independent beings with rights? Even though this stance contradicts them being Apple Store toys?

>presented by a neckbeard

He sounds so fat.


File: f929074d4c6d615⋯.png (171.54 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4031.png)

File: 332d3d03f27b6d2⋯.png (148.6 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4032.png)

>you're one of the good ones

Isn't this supposed to be racist or something?



>The body assignment is just a dumb algorithm

Everybody you've talked to today has been a robot. You are all dumb algorithms.

This whole arc is just thotbot throwing around unearned influence and imposing her will on bystanders after deciding to find a nonexistent problem to solve. This is supposed to represent an act of benevolence.


File: cbf4c603fd2568f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-Jun-24_09:39:44.68911….png)

File: a668a98984c2c90⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 288x288, 1:1, vooooo.jpg)


>He sounds so fat.

He looks a bit like the Amazing Atheist. Pics related.


These robots are so pathetic.


>Look, we both know the stigma of being a felon makes things bad enough.

The stigma that exists for no fucking reason!

>the probation rules she's been following so diligently

Is this true?

>Subtle shading on Roko in panel 4

I don't see it. I just see regular old shading. Is it too subtle for me?

Also, am I just imagining things, or have Jeph started to rev up the sex appeal in the drawing style now that he's figured out that he can whore out his creations for cash?



Actually way less fat than I thought. I was thinking wheelchair-bound fat.

He means "shade" as in "insult". He's referring to "one of the good ones" comment.



Jeph should make it so that the blue cunt actually raped children or something. Suddenly the story would be so much more symbolic. "She's just a poor felon who did her time :( when will people ever forgive her ?". No one ever would find this distasteful or stupid, at all, obviously :^j

I think the felon system retarded after you've done your time but jeph's take on it is flat-out braindead and incompetent and I'm so tired of pseudo-artists trying to make big talking points that would get completely crushed down in an actual conversation/debate



>the stigma of being a felon

Would be great if we actually saw some of this.

Magically, it doesn't seem to suffer the stigma of being an obnoxious, unlikeable cunt.

>you think she's getting a raw deal

Would that be the same deal as every other felon? They're supposed to regard May as a special case just because Copbot wants it?


>have Jeph started to rev up the sex appeal in the drawing style now that he's figured out that he can whore out his creations for cash?

Whoring it out to people who are too nervous to see genitals or any actual sexual acts, apparently.

Shit, even nipples drawn on with a sharpie are simply too much for Jeph's fans to see.

I do wonder how Jeph feels about sex - he has drawn tits before but when it comes to males he really shies away. Remember when he drew a hologram with a cock and balls? The detail was so scant it was like a toddler trying to write the letter U. But then, I have long suspected Jeph can't even get a hard-on 'cause he's afraid it may be sexist.

Could be a whole new market - porn for people utterly terrified of sex.



>Could be a whole new market - porn for people utterly terrified of sex.

To be fair, it's probably healthier than jumping head first into the abyss.



>Could be a whole new market - porn for people utterly terrified of sex.

I think that's called magazines for women, anon



>2nd pic

>2nd panel

I will take back every bad thing I ever said about Jeph if he'll draw hardcore pornography of these two going ass to ass like in Requiem for a Dream


What is expected of "society" with regards to ex-cons? Freedom of association means freedom to not associate. Recidivism rate is something like two-thirds over a two or three year period, so it's a matter of self-preservation in many people's eyes. I think it's extremely weird to be pitched an ideology where serving time is essentially considered doing some sort of work and that something is owed upon release. That is the exact opposite of what has happened. Even expecting a blank slate is too much, but handouts? I think people could get behind redemption programs, which, let's face it, would also be exploitative, but not free stuff for convicts.


>I do wonder how Jeph feels about sex

It's funny: these people almost certainly consider themselves to be sex-positive feminists fighting to break down the patriarchal barriers of shame and guilt but they'll also complain about the male gaze and objectification. In reality they're probably more puritanical than actual puritans. At least they didn't have a problem with banging your wife. These people demand continual, verbal consent even with people who have been together for years.


File: c7bd013dc4cdd7b⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 214x317, 214:317, A Horrible Truth.jpg)


>My only authority is to make sure May is adhering to the terms of her probation

This looks like a low-level beurocrat politely telling her to fuck off, but she clearly doesn't get the message.

>She's literally falling apart

Citation needed.

>I'm not asking you to move heaven and earth, just put it in writing that you think she's getting a raw deal complain about your job to your superiors who don't care about you and have the power to replace you


>Apparently body assignment is just a dumb algorithm

And why is that? We have AI units occupying useless middle management positions all over, but this one is "just" an algorithm? Shouldn't even May's WalmartBot chassis have enough processing power to run an algorithm that sorts ex-con chassis distribution based on proximity and parole terms? Why isn't this algorithm tied to a robot?


The ex-criminal might hook up with the ex-cop? What a creative and unexpected twist. Nobody could have possibly seen the gerbil in Jeph's head cook that one up.

>There's every chance this guy will tell us to sit and spin

If it wasn't blatantly obvious that she has succeeded in bullying The Man into getting what she wants, I would say he politely told her that in panel 1.

>I jacked off a dude with a watermelon last night

And you, the audience, can see the uncut footage of this for only $25 on Patreon, complete with speed lines and belly button vaginas.



>Shouldn't even May's WalmartBot chassis have enough processing power to run an algorithm

When you think about it, shouldn't the thing attempt to optimize the odds of acquiring upgrades? Does sitting around an apartment watching TV most of the time and working a minimum wage job the rest sound optimized? No gig jobs? No searching junkyards? No trawling eBay and Ali Express for deals? This is stuff real life people do already. An AI would be way, way better at scanning a bunch of listings for the best deals.



Now there's a thought - didn't May rake the money together for a new face by doing some weird scat stuff with a couple of the cast?

And just the previous night it was jerking a guy off who it knew for all of 10 minutes. Why doesn't it just capitalize on its sex skills and make a bundle off that? It could even borrow the webcam the fat chick bought for that girl and was never heard from again.

It's clear it will sell its dignity so there's nothing to lose, really.


I really hate sci-fi properties with more primitive technology than real life. For example, situations that would be resolved with any kind of modern communication like cellphones or email. Or assembly-line equipment that for some reason can't be repaired or replaced economically. Transportation issues that would be solved by a car, bus, or train. There's something to be said about dystopian scenarios, but I'm referring to "regular" sci-fi that is supposed to be like current society but 50+ years down the road. Even then, the dark sci-fi properties give the protogonists easy access to stuff like time travel or the mega plasma cannon but for some reason they can't morse code their allies.



That's because the guy who allocated points into those settings opted for cool stuff at the expense of everyday life. The guy who built our civilization opted for the safe, reliable, boring infrastructure tech.



With regards to technology in Jeph's stupid town, none of it makes any fucking sense:

AIs are individuals with rights, yet can be bought off the shelf as property.

No-one knows how they're made, yet they appear everywhere to the point they are a commodity, even as robot animals.

They're apparently entitled to functioning anthroforms with no maintenance required, yet can still be bought as household appliances with zero obligation to upgrade.

They are apparently, sometimes, a downtrodden underclass yey they can take the basic, low-paid jobs of humans or blunder down the sidewalks smashing the place up with absolutely no-one complaining, and rows of high street stores and repair shops specifically catering to their needs and cosmetics.

The town is allegedly post-singularity yet the AIs get depressed, can become addicts, get bored, feel sick, forget things get confused, and on average seem to have less skills overall than a high-school dropout.

What is the fucking point?!


It's a bit strange that Roko, that supposedly is suffering so much from the trauma of changing body, now wants another robot to change its chassis at all costs, I would have thought that somebody in that situation wouldn't want someone else to experience the same.



That would actually be interesting and would introduce meaningful tension, two things Jeph abhors. Imagine the contrast of one robot with a top-of-the-line body yet longing for the comfort of her old chassis and another robot who is willing to upgrade to literally anything. Neither fully understand the other's position.


File: 52e7f67f11ebe2b⋯.png (140.9 KB, 800x1160, 20:29, 4033.png)

building a robo harem I guess


File: 670ba859235f25c⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 725x339, 725:339, 2019-06-24-21-14-32.jpg)


Maybe some AIs just think that acting like a 70 IQ human is hilarious.




Cargo cults: not just for primitive island tribes.



In another 200 strips we'll either get them working as hookers or marching with a sign that says Robot Lives Matter.



Probably the latter, but while dressed as hookers and complaining about being sexualized.



And instead of being shown it's going to be one panel with a white background of them holding signs, and then three strips talking about what happened off-screen in their normal clothes.


File: 51325146c0d8ae2⋯.png (474.05 KB, 576x992, 18:31, Capture.PNG)


>Also, am I just imagining things, or have Jeph started to rev up the sex appeal in the drawing style.

He has.

Pic related


>Could be a whole new market - porn for people utterly terrified of sex.


>building a robo harem I guess

>Implying QC didn't start as Marten's Harem.

Seriously, before #100 there were at least 3 girls wanting to bounce on his dick.



4 if you count Hannelore Prime and OCD Hannelore as separate people.



What's new is Patreon lewds, hence the increased sexualization of his female characters. It's funny that his hardcore feminist fanbase hasn't noticed that's what he's doing.



>Hardcore feminist QC fans are dumb

Color me surprised.

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