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File: 40ae30047add881⋯.jpg (223.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


"I like it when their episodes are bad because it contrasts to how great their better episodes are."

This is a comment I read on their latest episode (which was lame, btw)

This is less of a comment on TFS, but on cognitive dissonance in fans.

Do you have any idea why and how fan(atic)s delude themselves to love inferior products?


Would it really be that hard to get something actually /co/ related for the OP? It couldn't take more than 2 minutes skimming a general.


File: b1738c9cefcf050⋯.png (221.92 KB, 653x346, 653:346, 34645645645.png)

I fucking hate TFS fans. Nevermind 99% of abridged series are shit anyway, this series is so shit that it makes people believe it's bullshit. It has single-handedly made the DBZ fan community worse, because they all spout the same shit these fags do and force it into every aspect of the series.

I uploaded a clip of Master Roshi fighting the Red Ribbon Army on Youtube, and it still fucking gets comments of people saying that they want TFS to make an abridged version of the original Dragon Ball.

These people have such shit taste, it's like they never graduated from being 8 years old.


Fuck off, newfag.



>not caring about your hateboner for some non-/co/ YouTube shit makes me a newfag

Fuck off.



Thinking Toonami shit, especially a western parody of it, is not /co/, makes you a newfag.



DBZ isn't /co/, calling me a newfag doesn't make you any less full of shit.



Toonami's been considered /co/ for a while. Your lack of knowledge of that proves you need to go back to 4ch.



>Toonami hasn't been considered /co/ for a while.

>Weekly threads talking about Samurai Jack, a show that's currently airing on Toonami.

Am I missing something here?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: afda81fc354756c⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 255x157, 255:157, b9ccc67620304cdd971b183147….jpg)



Reading comprehension, my friend.



Yeah..as a DB fan myself..not a huge fan of the Abridged series. It's like its written by folks who haven't watched the series and wanted a shortened version of DBZ (if you want that, read the manga or watch Kai. Brief and no filler). And seriously, I never think the series took too long (considering how most folks in my country got to view it twice a week with no reruns vs 5 times a week plus reruns you Yanks got)


I could bring up Samurai Jack, but nah why bother



I thought too am I being /co/ WAS a halfchan thing. If it's allowed then why have JoJo fags been doing stealth threads instead of just posting it normally?


File: b927da7e3d525fb⋯.png (20.33 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 9cd218f9101c1ea49fe950152a….png)


>Derailing Adventure Time threads with Jojoposting are 'stealth Jojo threads'

I want these goddamn Summerfags to leave



They're all fags who only remember DBZ's original anime with all the filler. Not Kai, not DB, not the manga. They like the shit stuff, which is also why they all enjoy Super.



Using another thread's OP to avoid getting deleted by mods is a stealth thread.



Look, I enjoy the original anime (filler's and all) but I also read the manga (not a fan of Kai, honestly. Shot themselves in the foot with that opening)



Jojoposting on Adventure Time threads has been a part of the culture here for years, anon. You're a fucking newfag. We even often had Adventure Time generals to discuss new episodes or chapters for a while, before everyone decided AT is so shit to even bother.



The manga is superior to everything. Most of the stuff Toriyama is blamed for is Toei's fault. And a good 3/4ths of the remaining problems are his editor.



I like'em both, honestly. The original anime at least….incidentally, do we have an autist here who got to have everything in their neat little categories? Always saw that guy wasting his time linking everyone's post and then linking to /a/, not knowing that /a/ is a moe loving shithole?



Fine, I am a newfag, but if people were just using them as a means of JoJoposting, then why did it matter that AT was shit?



AT is shit and doesn't deserve discussion. Thus people would Jojopost instead.


It's alright, but the manga is just better.



No I mean why did they stop doing generals just because AT was shit, if the whole point had become JoJoposting?



It was to shit it wasn't even worth shitposting about. That's how terrible it got.



I understand but there are somethings that the anime did good. Expansions on certain fights for example. I mean, the Uub/Goku fight was short in the manga but in the anime, it was longer and intense, emphasizing Uub's strength and inexperience. Of course, there are things in the anime that I didn't like (like Vegeta slicing Guldo's head with a beam and not decapitating him like in the manga)


That and DiU was ending.



Uub being so unbelievably strong in the anime doesn't make sense, though. This is the problem with the anime; they tried so hard to make things flashy that they ended up creating their own problems.

Like, History of Trunks is flashy and nice and all, but the manga chapter of it is much better-written. Everyone lives underground, and there are no road trips across open terrain that could have resulted in being found and killed, and Trunks was already able to go Super Saiyan, and Gohan was already missing his arm, likely from the original fight with the Androids that killed the others.



Well considering that Uub is supposed to be the good reincarnation of Kid Buu (theory has it that having Kid Buu running around in Hell is not a good thing..and Goku had King Yenma bring Buu back as a human), he's supposed to be strong. Here's the thing that gets me…the manga ends with basically Goku passing the torch to Uub when he's done training with him (same implication in the anime plus Goku maybe wanting a rematch) but then GT fucks it up. See, I like some parts of GT (the idea that it was suppose to invoke the adventure days of DB..and it does have a pretty good opening and ending themes) but damn it if the execution of most of its ideas are terrible.



Your theory is wrong, anon. What Piccolo told Vegeta made it pretty obvious what happened.

Buu was in Hell. He had his memories wiped and he became pure and was reincarnated. That's essentially what Piccolo told Vegeta would happen before Vegeta sacrified himself. Buu was purified in Hell and became Uub.

But Uub is still a human. It doesn't make sense for him to be 100% as strong as Buu. I mean, I understand having potential left over, but being as strong as he was in the anime doesn't make sense.

Though this is all the editors' and Japanese fans' faults for not just letting Gohan take the torch however long ago…



Right. I would've actually liked to see Gohan took over in the dorky (yet still cool-looking) Great Saiyaman outfit. It works for Gohan somehow



Agreed. It would have been more heartwarming to see all the kids working together to make the world a better place like kid Goku tried to.

Though I don't like the anime's 'Saiyagirl' thing. Videl thought Gohan looked fucking stupid, there's no way she'd play along with that shit.



Hell, GT would've been Goten and Trunks' Excellent Adventure (hell, would've made the GT thing made sense) and Great Saiyaman 2 thing…I like to believe Gohan kinda talked Videl into it and now she's in on it too.



I'll keep asking this whenever a new BDZ abridged thread comes up, how the fuck does Team Four Fags keep getting away with this? They're making money by STEALING someone else's work and they're making money off of it.

It's not even a parody anymore, it is their own English dub with more cursing and shitter editing, again how is this okay?



Eh, GT could have been great, but it failed on quite a few fronts. Not anywhere as badly as Super has failed, but, for instance, they really tried hard to make Trunks' personality more similar to Future Trunks'.



I keep saying the same thing. I have friends who like this shit and when I point it out to them they always try to come up with shitty excuses. But ultimately they are stealing other people's work. And making an inferior product on top of that.

I wish Toei was more like Nintendo, maybe they would have been DMCA'd to hell and back by now. They get periodically taken down, but they always get their shit back, probably by defending themselves under 'free use' because it's a "parody."

But you can't just slap the word 'parody' on it and have it be so.



How is it a parody? They are using Toei's animation and various other sources of media that they don't own the rights to.

I hate it this bullshit "fair use" argument, because if that's the case then I can just upload the newest Star Wars movie and say it falls under "fair use" because I edited the background music.



Exactly. They say it's a parody because it's an abridged series. But that's like saying DB: Super is a parody.



I don't even know what DB Super is supposed to be. Slice of life? A throw back to original Dragon Ball? A gag series?




>Being so butthurt about anime you start making typos


It's not even any of those things. Maybe in the first couple episodes. Have you seen it now? Christ, it's just a shitshow. Roshi is the strongest human now, for instance, and can rival people in the tournaments that SSGSS Goku fights in, because 'THIS IS HIS POWER WHEN HE'S NOT HOLDING BACK' or some retarded shit.



I mean, Roshi being th strongest would made sense…in the original Dragon Ball but I'm pretty sure even Yamcha had surpassed Roshi.



>Even Yamcha

I hope you don't subscribe to the TFS 'Yamcha is a weakling' meme, anon?

Yamcha was the 2nd strongest (2nd to Tien, regardless of Toriyama's 'Krillin is the strongest' shit) for a fairly long time, he just had the misfortune of being the character that was killed or maimed to prove how strong the next Big Bad is.

He also had an unfinished character arc about being overly cocky and underestimating his opponents.



Never subscribed to that meme. Just Yamcha as a jobber to the big bad of the arc. Hell, the thing where people started to joke about Yamcha being weak was something no one expected. Tell me, would you know that a Saibaman can blow up on its own? Hell, Krillin had taken his bumps to prove himself to be the world's strongest human. Hell, even Master Roshi said that Yamcha, Tien and Krillin had surpassed him, hence why those three went their separate ways.



It's an aimless clusterfuck of a fanservice vehicle that indulges in some serious arcs to keep people invested which are basically just old plot points put through Kaioken x10.

>Kais, at one point thought to be the some of the strongest entities in the universe, hold tournaments between galaxies

>okay but we've already done that so let's introduce AN OMNIGOD AND AN ENTIRE MULTIVERSE featuring wow look it's Broly again and she's the first female super saiyan how about that

>also look we validated the krillin looking like a bitch meme

>PS: Turles

Fuck Super.



The thing that makes me laugh the most about the 'he got beat by a saibaman!' meme is that he… He didn't. He beat the shit out of it without working up a sweat or panting, which is almost always drawn in fights in the series. He, just being the cocky idiot he was, assumed it was dead and let his guard down and died via explosion.

The point of the fight with the Saiyans was to show that even if the humans were strong, they were still human. Nappa fucking punched Tien's arm straight off. They still have the weak bodies of humans, so an explosion did Yamcha in even though he was strong enough to beat him (and thus strong enough to beat Raditz).

Also, everyone but Krillin had trained with King Kai after the Namek saga, and I doubt the Elder Namekian could have made Krillin THAT much stronger. Makes me wonder how he would fair with Chiaotzu now.



Never really liked the Krillin is a bitch thing. He got jumped a demon (OK, Namekian, but still) after an arc where he fought Goku toe-to-toe and later managed to hold his own against the spawn of the demon king (he didn't get his leg broken or anything) and then hold his own against an elite squad of soldiers and he nets a cyborg waifu (who in a throwaway line in Resurrection of F thinks he's cool now) and is currently a cop. Seriously, that Krillin owned count ain't funny then..and it ain't funny now.


I always considered Chiaotzu being the weakest one in the team…but then I remembered Yajirobe exists.



Chiaotzu was only weak because he was too busy counting on his fingers to actually fight, and Tien coddles him so we never see his potential.

Yajirobe was introduced as being as strong as Goku at a time where no one rivaled him. He was an older Goku. He was the only one other than Goku to climb Korin's tower. He was the first victim of the massive DBZ power cycles.



By only one, by the way, I meant only one shown. Roshi and Granpa Gohan both did too iirc. Their master too if you consider the anime.




Actually they tend towards ignoring filler and make jokes about character history and future events pretty often.


File: 4b874b7943854c1⋯.gif (755.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Vegetables.gif)



The most likely reason they get to stay up is because they have become rather close buddies with Funimation, hell they get fucking Sabat to join them occasionally such as during Super Android 13 Abridged where he was credited as the narrator (under an alias). They've used this entire thing as an entry point into the voice acting industry, two of them provided the voices for two unnamed Frieza mooks in Resurrection F, and now three of them are voice options in Xenoverse as of 2.



It USED to be kind of a parody when they made fun of the dumber parts of the series. Now it is just the series



Yea, all those funny jokes about their history where they characterize them completely wrong. Though I was talking specifically about the fanboys.

TFS occasionally pretends to be more by doing videos of their top DB moments, but they're always mediocre.


They're not even that great, honestly. I mean, I guess they're decent compared to the other kind of shit places like Funi hire…


File: ebcae0479dbb14a⋯.png (196.16 KB, 1283x631, 1283:631, 4chan :a: Dragonball Z - K….png)


And once again, I am reminded of this.



I think it's more a comment on how often bad stuff happens to him in Z.



This is proof editors and fan influence make things bad. It's like the story of the Cell Saga power cycles. Two ugly villains who get powerful enough to murder even Vegeta because the Z-fighters all misused their powers is leagues better than what we got.



And now it's made even worse with everyone becoming inexplicably powerful and the series pretending it's all "muh tactics power dun matter".

Like seriously they made a big deal out of SSG and SSB and now Krillin could fucking hold back a Blue Kamehameha.



It's some monkey's paw shit. 'I wish the humans in DBZ were relevant!' became… This.


File: bc1d5ad8ec96377⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 392x372, 98:93, bc1d5ad8ec96377e4179e74c3f….jpg)


That was fucking beautiful man.



Power means everything when Vegeta and Goku have become literal gods beyond their wildest imaginations.



Didn't they arbitrarily make something about not flying? As a Guy who only enjoyed the first season of Dragonball here.



I have no idea what you're trying to say, anon.

Though they did retcon flying being a technique. Pan was able to know how to do it as a baby even though everyone else, even Goten, needed to learn it.



I think they're not allowed to fly in the """"tournament.""""



>DBZ Abridged

People still watch this trash?



Oh. Shit, that's fucking retarded. What does it even matter?

…Honestly, at this point, they should have just had Roshi suck up his pride about it being a Crane technique and learn.

Then again, I really should just stop hoping for anything in this piece of shit show.



They make things explode 100 times more than before.



There's nothing cool about it. They're gods in name and physical strength alone. It's just that it makes no sense for technique to have anything to do with anything at this point because they're too far gone.

They should have made an excuse like have Bulma power up the humans ala the Androids as the reasoning. It'd still be a stretch, but at least it'd be slightly less of a stretch.



>Even a God-King can bleed.

They do. Its just still boring as tar.

All of Dragonball is mostly shit, and its primal shitness I think set back anime in so many ways in the longterm.

It's BORING. And if you show it to somebody who is older then 10 who has seen other anime will find it boring as well. The characters are fun, but the guy can't write action scenes worth a toads fart.



The pre-Z tenkaichi arcs had some fun fights in them.


File: ff5e057a4e11a60⋯.jpg (63.97 KB, 500x774, 250:387, ff5e057a4e11a60112f356a9f5….jpg)



>on fullchan

Really dude? The underages usually go to LeEbinFourchan, not here


to their credit, it's hard to make parody of the later DBZ episodes because of how edgy and hardcore the series was trying to be.

Like, Hellsing was dark, but it didnt take itself too seriously (nazi vampires, come on) and the basis of the story is amazingly silly, but the creator managed to make it bad ass. But it alos makes it easy to parody.

DBZ started pushing the EXTREEEEEME to 11, and by GT, it was trying too fucking hard.

However, these guys have also seemed to lost a lot of their original steam that they had going for them during the frieza saga. Which was a good 7 years ago now.

However, fans going on about how great this shit is and seeing no fault in it are a bunch of deluded autists.

I'm serious about deluded autists too. I did some IT work at a group home for autistic children and half of them were seriously marathonning DBZ: Abridged.

One of the kids drew minecraft artwork.



When I was a kid I dropped the series after the frieza saga because it got boring as shit. the Cell saga and Buu saga were boring.



If you don't think there's Summerfags here, you haven't been here long enough. 8ch always gets more shit during Summer. This isn't some untouched garden of Eden or something. The best it's been in a while was for about a week after it came back up after getting hacked.



>DBZ was pushing teh EXTREEEEEME to 11

Rock the Dragon was only an opening to the English dub.

The last main villain was a fucking blob of gum that loved chocolate and stopped being evil when he met and saved a puppy.

What are you on about, anon?



>I like that they spend 50 epsidoes over 3 years slowly building to lore!

>It makes those two episodes at the end so much better!


Dear God, no the anons of /co/ as well. Not sure which dbz fans are more pathetic. Those that are in denial that power scaling was shit since Namek/Freiza arc or those in denial that potara fusion was on a timer since it buu arc



I can't give them credit for that. Ever since Kaiser started prioritizing "MY BRAND!" and making everything look "professional", the series has been little more than another generic nonstop snarky quipfest. Or the "redub", as people have taken to calling it. Like they haven't even been trying to abridge or parody anything. And for all the time it takes to shit out an eight minute log, I can only wonder why there are still people paying them on patreon.



A blob of gum whose Id(?) then took him over and decided to wipe out mankind in a fit of pique.



Well I don't browse /co/ that much. /pol/s shitposting comes from waves of shills, and /cow/ just gets the occasional gaggle of goons or faGGots. Of course places like /m/ are pretty quiet



redub is the best way of putting it lately.

very little editing.


The thing I hate the most about the TFS series is that it's just lame to watch nowadays. It used to be really funny at one point, now it just feels like the actual show but just more of a comedic dub of it. It's ironically for a series to be called "abridged" but lasted longer than the original series did (the Original Series lasted 7 years, the abridged series is almost 10), and they're barely in the middle of the Cell Saga.



I wish they'd hurry up with the hellsing dub.

though even it started falling flat around the same time. (2013 or so is when the jokes really started getting lame)



>or those in denial that potara fusion was on a timer since it buu arc

Fuck off with your shitty headcanons, anon. Buu's magic made them unfuse. If it wasn't permanent, the old witch would have separated from Elder Kai by now since she wasn't a Kai.


Who was, shortly before then, beaten up by a talking gumball.

Maybe the anime made it slightly more edgy, but really, it wasn't. Especially the Buu saga; that's why people are fags for hating it. It brought a lot of humor into the series when the Cell saga was too unnecessarily serious, and at least attempted to make characters beyond Goku relevant before Tori's editor and the fans stopped it.



>head cannon

Stop assuming faggot. Buu didn't unfuse jack and shit. If that shit could happen than when gotenks was absorbed Buutenks wouldn't of been a thing for as long as he was.



Potara =/= fusion dance, fag.




Fusion dance < Potara fusion

It has already been stated in the manga you dumb faggot. So explain why fusion dance, the weaker fusion of the two, did not break from buu magic but Potara did? Only explanation is that there was a time limit.



Or that it was an asspull, something Toriyama is known for rather than some bullshit twist that wouldn't be revealed for like 20 years. I mean do you seriously think he ever had solidified, consistent lore? Do you think he planned on Goku being an alien from day 1?



The Potara is magic, the Fusion dance is a technique. There's your damn explanation. Though >>857314 is an equally reasonable explanation.



You fucking think? Of course anyone with a little inkling of Toriyama knows that the author has always been inconsistent. So an ass pull of potara fusion time limit should surprise no one.



You're one of those 'muh toriyama forgets everything' fags, aren't you?

You know he doesn't write Super, right? Toei tells him what they want, he makes a draft, and the anime and Toyotaro or whatever the fag's name do what they please with it. Toei probably told him that Vegito is popular and needs to be brought back, like what likely happened with Future Trunks.



Last summer was the time PGA had his board wide spergout.

Every summer that passes, less and less of /v/ remains.

Even if we don't get the Halfchan level flood of newfags, ours is a case of Quality of cancer versus Halfchan's quantity.



Normally I'd blame shills, or the antifa raids people have been talking about, but yeah. It seems like there's a ton of anons on here that came straight from 4/v/ or something, they can't even type properly.



>less and less of /v/ remains

You mean /co/ right?


File: ac3941894ee3e82⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 284x211, 284:211, ac3941894ee3e8289e046cf8bc….gif)

This whole thread is a bunch of fucking hipster tier 'I hate this thing because it's popular' bullshit. This is 8chan at it's absolute worst.



So if it wasn't popular, our opinions would be valid?



Are you talking about Super or TFS? Because most of this thread is talking about Super and crosslinking /a/.


File: 278ab0e06f24cb2⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 760ceb78ae9550647ec81a3f34….jpg)


>Implying either Super or TFS are good

DBZ and DB are popular, too, most of us aren't shitting on that.



Oh..you mean the pink eldritch abomination that destroyed universes and killed gods?…Who also can turn people into chocolate and somewhat of a child? Dragon Ball: A mood whiplash for every villain



Regardless of the legal fact that fair use is a defense, not a right and the opinion of people of discerning taste, DBZ Abridged is ridiculously popular. If anyone who actually holds the Dragonball license were to actually do so much as send TFS a Cease and Desist (which is a courtesy, they could take the case straight to court), the resulting backlash would be a PR disaster for everyone involved in Dragonball.



Hell, I like DBZ and DB (I for one see myself as a fanboy) but even I shit on some of the plot holes (again, NO ONE remembered the past Tournaments where amazing abilities exists? By the time Mr Satan is the champ, everyone forgot that ki blasts exists…or one of the contestants was an alien invader that turned a city into a parking lot…or the spawn of the Demon King?)



No one in Japan knows or cares about TFS. 'PR nightmare' my ass.


He was a joke character because you wouldn't guess he's so destructive. It's not like he's Maximum Edge



I think the early Tenkaichi tournaments didn't have a lot of coverage, and the whole champion as a celebrity thing was something Mr. Satan started. King Furry being literally the only person to recognize Goku as the kid who beat Piccolo is fucking dumb though.



>No one in Japan knows or cares about TFS. 'PR nightmare' my ass.

Then I should rephrase. Everyone involved in Dragonball in the West. There will probably be a lot of crying over people/corporate entities in Japan that won't notice, but it will not be a good time for any western license-holder.



Come on, pretty sure someone would've told their friends and such. Hell, one of the tourney had the entire arena turned to ground zero!



By the way, who's holding the license in the West? Still Fox?



This is something that has been part of Western culture since the 90s. Getting rid of TFS won't do shit to them. Especially when fans try targeting Toei over Funi because Funi wouldn't be responsible and has sucked TFS' ass for so long.



>entire arena

Try the entire Island. But people didn't remember Devilman going around murdering tons of the champions either, and literally no one knew who King Piccolo was when he first returned despite his original reign being the fucking Apocalypse. I think only a minority of DB earthlings actually lived in developed cities with access to communication and newsmedia up until quite recently, remember how in Dragonball most of the places Goku traveled to were really underdeveloped villages like Ox King's?



They're mostly idiots with long-term memory loss. Pay attention to real life and you see the same shit.

>The elections can't be hacked

>Russia hacked the elections

>Police beat everyone in Occupy protests

>"Police only target blacks!!"

>Trump is Putin's puppet

>Trump really showed Russia with those Syria attacks!

>Trump is Putin's puppet again

Shit like that.



Underdeveloped villages..with access to Capsule technology. Speaking of the DB world, does anyone want to live there? I mean, technology wise, it's advanced enough yet the Earth is still lush with nature. Sure, Dinosaurs exists and so are beastmen (hell, the King of the World is a wolfman)



Ox King and that village Oolong terrorized didn't have any capsules from what I remember. Nor did Oopa's people, and I don't think that village the Red Ribbon Army occupied had them before that either.

Also yeah I'd live there. Getting killed and brought back every ten years would suck but a lot of the places they show seem pretty idyllic when there aren't any villains around.



As long as we're not living in Penguin Village..where logic makes no sense.



They sure made people believe Broly was just angry because Goku cried a lot instead of Broly being basically a psycopath.




I type /v/ so often that the first slash gets autofilled




It's fucking ludacris. At this point they aren't even trying to write anything funny.



I know someone pointed out before that they reuse lines, word-for-word occasionally.

It's honestly just DBZ but with more swearing and really bad attempts at humor.


They made people think that, they have people think that Yamcha and Krillin are actually weak, that Goku is actually an idiot, and so on…



And they are really dragging on this handsome Cell thing. I get it Kaiser, he gives you a boner. Please find a new punchline.




Some anon once said that the biggest fault they have is that, while other Abridge series were cancer, they still knew the faults of the series and had fun with it. In the case of TFS they are such big fanboys they can't even make fun of their 'beloved' series.

Or they were just bought like RLM.



How was RLM bought?



Ever notice how every Marvel film is an uninspired clusterfuck, but somehow it's still fun and you should go see it anyway?



Didn't they pretty much say Dr. Strange was the same shit as always but with decent effects?



Jesus Christ anon. The point is that consistency is not a thing in DBZ. To bitch about how Super points out these inconsistencies and tries to fix them somewhat is nothing more than a fucking fanboy bitching. Just cherry picking moments in the show and ignoring any similarities to other moments that contradict that. Might as well start bitching about how Gokus home planet was destroyed again. Let us be that sad and pathetic.


File: 1e1bcfdefc9e7e0⋯.png (511.38 KB, 969x900, 323:300, 1461558004402.png)


You sound like someone who hasn't read or watched DBZ since they were 12 and believes the 'Toriyama forgets everything' and 'DBZ fights go on forever' memes. I bet you complain about Future Trunks not being able to obtain Super Saiyan until Gohan's death, while Kid Trunks can do it as a child, right? You're one of those fags that don't even know the manga, I'm sure.

Super isn't fixing anything. They're creating the problems and making retcons.

>Flying is no longer a technique that people can learn, it's now something inherent in Saiyans that they can do as babies

>The Potara earring is no longer permanent even though Elder Kai and the witch should have separated by now since she isn't a kai

>Marron now appears even younger than she did in the Buu saga and is essentially a Brooke Greenberg case (Toei was the one that enforced this; Toriyama's designs for BoG made her like like an actual 7-year-old)

>The Pilaf gang somehow wished themselves younger earlier on in the Future timeline than in the Current timeline, even though that makes no sense

>Kais are tied to Gods of Destruction so if one dies the other dies, even though it also doesn't make any sense and raises questions for why there wasn't interference by Whis in the Buu Saga

>Also the question of why killing all the other kai didn't matter

>Also the question of how there's an obvious genetic line of Supreme Kai if this is the case, given Elder Kai exists and was the old Supreme Kai

>Pan and Bra are likely over a year apart now

>Master Roshi is now the strongest human; 'was just holding back'

>Future Trunks can fight at SSG blue levels

>Piccolo, who hasn't gotten a power buff in forever, can now fight and beat Gohan even when Gohan's been training

>Utlimate is no longer Gohan's base form even though he was clearly still in that form at the end of DBZ, a decade after the end of the Buu saga

>There is no 10 years of peace

>No one seems to notice Uub's power signature even though Goku said he had felt it for some time by the epilogue

>Vegeta is now stronger than Beerus

>There's a NEW new God of destruction that's way stronger than the others because reasons

>Future Trunks' entire timeline is wiped because it's so fucked, meaning everything F Trunks did was for fucking nothing

You're a fucking moron if you think Super is fixing ANYTHING. Please slap yourself and promptly read the manga rather than being a Super-loving retard. Even the parts of Super that don't involve retcons are just plain terrible.



I should also add, they retconned Tarble's existence. BoG canonized it when he was referenced. Super lacks the reference.



Here's the thing, Goku is book dumb (but not a goddamn retard like TFS is trying to push), as in he ain't exactly decently educated (Master Roshi taught him reading…..porn mags, so quality of his education is suspect) but dude's a combat genius. The fact that he learned the Kamehameha through watching it first hand (and later developed variants of it) speaks volume to what his brain really good at. That and dude is an adult child, pure of heart and mind (OK, safe for that one time he offered the Kai a picture of Bulma). As for Krillin and Yamcha, even back in the original Dragon Ball anime, both of them are superior to the average human and even surpassed Master Roshi (his own words by the way). Yeah, Yamcha and Krillin got a knack to be taken out by the arc villains and such…but that's typical role of any shonen series at the time (Kinnikuman is equally as guilty when it comes to Terryman, Ramenman Warsman and Buffaloman, 4 stalwarts of the series).



So, we can all say that Dragon Ball really ended in RoF..and that's it. Super and GT are non-canon. You also forgot Super brought back the Super Kaioken thing.


File: b334e139d53e010⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 704x477, 704:477, Goten and Trunks.jpg)


>The Pilaf gang somehow wished themselves younger earlier on in the Future timeline than in the Current timeline, even though that makes no sense

In the manga it was revealed that Shenron made them even younger in that timeline, turning them into babies right as Piccolo died, when Trunks was also still a baby.

On another note I am sick of Goten and Trunks still being the same as they were at the end of the buu saga, they need to grow the fuck up already damn it.



What? You mean Goten to stop being an adorable ball of sunshine? But yeah…Trunks really needed to be like his Future counterpart. A badass…yet still can be a dork (I see some parts of Gohan rubbed off on him)



It's worth noting that Goku is only pure of heart and mind because he wants to fight that badly. That is literally what Toriyama said. It's like how Vegeta managed to attain Super Saiyan by being pure evil (of heart), in his explanation. Goku is that way, but just about fighting. Toriyama even talks about how he differs from in the anime because the anime had to make him nicer so it's more kid-friendly.


>Wanting anything but Goten and Trunks getting older and wanting to get laid too much to bother fighting

That's what made what they became entertaining, anon.

It seems that Saiyan half-breeds are only interesting in fighting like Saiyans are until puberty kicks in and they start thinking about vaginas instead.



>anime had to make him nicer so it's more kid-friendly

And yet they kept Goku as an adorable murder machine in the DB anime.



Yes..an adorable murder machine that solos an entire army base. God knows how many Red Ribbon guys die that day.



You know what I always thought was weird about that arc? General Violet. She got introduced late in the arc and it felt like she was gonna do something interesting, but then she just GTFO and had a minor interaction with the gang in their aircrafts.



Hell, Colonel Violet didn't even do anything in the manga..she's there and just gone. Path to Power had Goku knocks her out of the sky.


File: 82228ab4c75bc74⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 236x455, 236:455, 81b6c62c028b81957d5407324c….jpg)

File: 96a34e454fbe4eb⋯.jpg (220.79 KB, 540x749, 540:749, tumblr_nky5e4Dpq61s0lby5o1….jpg)


That's filler for you. I think she may have been a background character in the manga, but that's about it.

Also Hasky. Anime-only, and seems to be a mix of blonde Launch and Bulma from a certain cover (where her nipples are clearly poking out from her shirt. Japan…)



Colonel Violet was in the manga..for 2 panels.




I actually like a lot of the DB filler. Especially the stuff before the Piccolo Jr. timeskip. Although them retconning him to not understanding chi at all when he clearly had some understanding before was dumb.


File: 45a2e519502a67a⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 720x405, 16:9, Dragon Ball Z.webm)

File: 98b2c93d00fe06c⋯.webm (939.52 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Dragon Ball Z Abridged Go….webm)


>not watching Red Pill Z Abridged



I actually some of the fillers too, especially the one before the Piccolo Jr. arc. They expanded on Goku's trainingl



More. I need more of this.



It depends on the filler. There's a lot of enjoyable stuff, but some is boring, and some contradicts canon. Tien and Chiaotzu's first appearance in the anime suggests they've killed people before, even though Tien's character arc was the realization that he was not a killer.

Which, funnily enough, makes him less evil of a villain than Yamcha, who was heavily implied to have been murdering people in the desert considering his weapons arsenal and how he was incredibly willing to kill Goku and Oolong.



Yeah, the good fillers, to me, are those that expands on the characters and such. Like Goku's training with Kami getting expanded? That's good. Garlic Jr's arc? Now that's one of the bad ones (It's bad enough they didn't have Akira Kamiya reprise his role as Garlic Jr…and then they decided to have a non-canon movie villain suddenly appear in the anime?)



Plus, dumb TFS memes aside, Mr. Popo slapping Goku around was pretty entertaining. Meeting Mutaito was pretty cool too.


File: 9b2b1e00fed484a⋯.mp4 (4.96 MB, 720x384, 15:8, DBZ Bluepill.mp4)



What's you're looking for is [Saiyaman Saga Was Sick] by some youtuber by the name of soulbrothanumbuh3.

I wouldn't really consider them abridged series but mostly comedy shit that he helps write and do voice work for his patreon backers

Most useful thing on his channel is a series of youtube videos explaining how to do proper voice acting, equipment etc.



A redpilled parody of the most underrated arc in Z. I never knew I needed this, thank you anon.


File: 9ea4741ee801081⋯.webm (605.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jews in japan.webm)

File: 94a39cd8645adb2⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pigtails.webm)

File: b6bf8e20653342f⋯.webm (3.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videl.webm)


File: da0956a5a1526e8⋯.webm (898.76 KB, 640x360, 16:9, hercule.webm)

File: 3982b364856f018⋯.webm (748.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, goku.webm)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't know why shit like this is so hilarious.

I'd like to imagine this is in the same universe as the P*ccolo videos


File: da0fbb36dce66eb⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 446x400, 223:200, laughing pokemon whores.jpg)





Kiketube ain't working.

Also, is this just /pol/feed or is actually funny, I wan't to assume the latter since Videl and Gohan end up together, which seems uncannily appropriate.


File: 923a5e9e886f302⋯.webm (7.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nintendo Direct - Pokemon….webm)


>Also, is this just /pol/feed or is actually funny,

It's actually funny. I however prefer he work on Batman Beyond and Yu Yu Hakuasho.

He also did a thing with Pokemon.


File: 9ccc2a840b2daa5⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, batman.webm)



I was literally just about to let nk this scene, thanks for the webm anon.



Still no sauce… :(


For the love of god, I posted the guy's account earlier in the thread, soulbrothanumbuh3.



It was posted a immediately before those last two sets of .webms were. Read the thread you dumbass.



They've even cut down the time of their videos to ~10 minutes a piece, and it was over 20 each in the early days. They're really trying to space this out to keep earning money.


File: 3a1ca585a3afa74⋯.gif (465.55 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 3a1ca585a3afa7470b20c5e194….gif)


>it was over 20 each in the early days.

Wait a minute. wouldn't that defeat the purpose of being "abridged?"



>over 20 each in the early days

Maybe like 2-3 years in they became that long, in the early days they were like 8 minutes.



>Flying is no longer a technique that people can learn, it's now something inherent in Saiyans that they can do as babies

You are kidding me. Are you telling me that humans can't fly in DB Super?


File: 634503d7b58710e⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dragon-ball-super-episode-….jpg)


Well, no. They conveniently ignore that. But Pan figured out how to fly as a fucking baby. And fly well, too. She went far enough that she seemed to be outside of the atmosphere. Considering Saiyans can't survive in space, she should have fucking died.



>goku's half sayain children achived super sayain as children

>goku's fortuh sayain grandaughter is flying to space as a baby

Sayain powers must work homeopathically, the fewer genes you have the more powerful they are.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This shit was pretty good too.



I don't know if all the typos mean you're a newfag, or you're screwing around by actually defending this shit.

I wouldn't be surprised if these idiots did this because they took what Trunks said about Goten still being 'a baby' for not knowing how to fly yet entirely seriously.


File: 5865c836857d8d6⋯.jpg (52.24 KB, 599x596, 599:596, It's not deep.jpg)


There's a simple answer to this mystery:

You are watching a Saturday morning cartoon made for children.





File: d92b4c2569dfba5⋯.png (297.33 KB, 801x411, 267:137, 345345345s.png)

File: 868ff35dbc780aa⋯.png (140.71 KB, 495x246, 165:82, 3456737.png)

File: feb6da574e774bd⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 750x1127, 750:1127, dragon-ball-1695237.jpg)


Do you know where you are, anon?

Also, I wouldn't necessarily call the franchise 'made for children.' The anime is more dumbed down and Super has had to censor itself because of new Japanese laws, but–



Aren't those edits? I thought SJ notoriously wouldn't show female nipples until just a few years ago?



Nope. Not edits at all. The official English translations are censored, though. Fan translations don't censor it.


Other thing worth mentioning:

>Dr. Briefs' porn collection

>Bulma being nearly gang-raped twice

>Oolong attempting to drug Bulma with roofies to likely rape her

>Vegeta eating the corpse of an alien he just killed in his first appearance

>Vegeta decapitating Guldo

>Nappa punching Tien's arm clean off

>All Buu's murders

etc, etc. At most I'd say it's for teenage boys. Not really 'children.'



Anon, it ran in "Weekly Shonen Jump." In case you can't speak weab, "shonen" means young boys. It's made for children. Just cause cause everyone nowadays is a prude doesn't mean that Dragon Ball is somehow not for children.



>Nope. Not edits at all. The official English translations are censored, though. Fan translations don't censor it.

It actually varies. All the vizbigs are censored. All of DBZ is censored. But DB is mostly uncensored for current printings.



The vizbigs censored Bulma's tits but not Goku's dick. Fucking dammit.


File: 884ee87db600388⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2037x3056, 2037:3056, Dragon Ball v9-060.jpg)

File: 99f6505492b5210⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2037x3056, 2037:3056, Dragon Ball v2-059.jpg)

File: e2902b15e82f4c3⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2037x3056, 2037:3056, Dragon Ball v1-137.jpg)


It doesn't mean 'young boys' as in 5-year-olds, anon. It just means men that aren't adults yet. Teenage boys.

Also, you're falling into the 'if it's for children then it has to be shit' meme. Can't a children's cartoon also be good in the first place?



What now? Referring to viz's DB printings, right? That's all I know– they're censored. Here's the censored versions. The first one is especially obnoxious with that lopsided bra.

The 2nd one for some reason isn't censored, though I thought I recalled the nipple just being erased.


File: de23d603776b324⋯.png (188.68 KB, 405x459, 15:17, 223453433.png)




Anon. pls.



>Also, you're falling into the 'if it's for children then it has to be shit' meme. Can't a children's cartoon also be good in the first place?

I never said it's shit you autist. I just said it's for children. Stop deluding yourself.

>What now? Referring to viz's DB printings, right? That's all I know– they're censored. Here's the censored versions. The first one is especially obnoxious with that lopsided bra.

>The 2nd one for some reason isn't censored, though I thought I recalled the nipple just being erased.

Are you illiterate as well? As I said the censorship varies. The very early printings are all censored. Around the early 2000s the original DB was begun to be printed fully uncensored (in part to a widely supported petition). DBZ (what Viz calls volumes 17-42 of the manga) has always been censored. Vizbigs (which are big, higher quality printings from Viz) are censored. Current printings for DB have been mostly uncensored. If you actually own the manga you can check the first page to know what printing you have. If it's an earlier it's likely censored.



Fag, you said 'it's for children' to defend a giant plothole made from Toei not giving enough of a shit to follow established lore. As in, you said 'it's for children, so it's allowed to be shit, stop thinking about it.'

I don't even know what fucking point you were making other than that. Did I say anything about your argument about the censorship varying? I just used examples all from the same Viz run and mentioned I recalled Bulma's nipple just straight-up being erased. Why are you splerging out like a faggot?



You said

>Also, I wouldn't necessarily call the franchise 'made for children.'

I don't care what the other anon said. That's just a wrong statement. Again, I'm not the one calling it shit.

>I don't even know what fucking point you were making other than that.

My point is that that there is no "same Viz run." I know you don't actually own the manga because you'd know this.

The only one splerging out is you by getting your feelings insulted by being told you enjoy children's media on a fucking cartoon board.



>Implying a series made for teenagers is 'made for children'

>Implying it's made for children when it's common knowledge that they had to censor the series and dumb it down and make Goku nicer in the anime in order to make it kid-friendly

Also, I don't think you understood what I meant by 'same Viz run.' I was saying they're all from the same printing. You know, the censored one. Why is that hard?


File: df8929fdcecfe30⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 750x1127, 750:1127, dragon_ball_15_17.jpg)


If a series is not for adults it's for children. They had to censor it for the US. In fact the actual reason is because a mom saw it in Toys R Us and didn't like seeing Goku penis. It's for children anon.

>Also, I don't think you understood what I meant by 'same Viz run.' I was saying they're all from the same printing. You know, the censored one. Why is that hard?

I don't you yourself understand what you mean by 'same Viz run'. Like any other book, DB volumes have different print runs. Those are all separate examples from different volumes. Which have all had several print runs. And there are also several versions. There is no "censored run" because all the printings vary and there are a lot of them.

For example most recent I have is of volume 2's 13th printing which is where your second example. Which by the way is uncensored. The censored one has the 'poing' sound effect blocking the nipple.



>They had to censor it because my mother would not think its content is suitable for children

>So it's for children

In the US they marketed it to children because in the US, cartoons and comics are always for children, even though this is different in Japan. A manga that's oriented toward teenage boys is not 'for children' any more than the movie 'American Pie' is for children, and 'for children' is not an excuse for Toei taking a giant shit on established lore.



I merely brought up the specific reason why it's censored in the US. http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3336

It's not aimed at children in the US because it's a comic. It's marketed at children because that was the original audience in Japan and that's what it's intended for. They have events for children to teach them science. They have toys in kids meals at McDonalds in Japan. They have desks for schoolchildren in Japan. It's for children.

I'm not arguing about 'lore' at all. You're right, Pan likely should have died in space.

Why do you have so much trouble accepting this? Dragon Ball is not a raunchy comedy with an r rating anon. Why are you being so thick headed.


File: d1fbbf4b74693ae⋯.png (146.11 KB, 500x359, 500:359, 1468377497432.png)


Why do you keep moving goalposts? Did I ever say that Dragon Ball has an r-rating? What has the events, toys, and desks– the anime, that I already acknowledged was dumbed down in ORDER to make the series child-friendly, or the manga?

And you realize this is all because some fag tried to write off a legitimate complaint, right?

Look, anon. Stop being a fucking autist. You're acting like you're on your period, having to nitpick everything someone says. Constant nudity is not something usually oriented toward children, which is why it had to be dumbed down in the anime and censored in Japan. It's incredibly different from Toriyama's other children's manga, particularly 'Cowa!!' That is the kind of child's media that anon was referencing. DBZ is a shonen, but it's not just for children, and people below the age of 13 probably should not be watching it. You wouldn't really call a PG-13 movie a children's movie.



>Censored in Japan

Shit, meant US.

Either way. It's not a 'children's manga.' It's not an adult's manga, either, but really. Really.



You brought up American Pie which is r rated comedy about sex. This is clearly not for children and Dragon Ball is clearly not that. I'm not moving goal posts, I'm responding to your retarded reasoning.

I bring up the accompanying merchandise because that shows you the demographic the series is aimed for. You didn't see American Pie toys at McDonalds now did you.

There is no "constant nudity" in Dragon Ball. And what is show is either done for humorous is simply for anatomical reasons. The only places where that's not allowed are prudish countries like the US. It's not seen as a show for children in the US because it's a country found by puritans.

You've now resorted again to insults for being an idiot. Just enjoy the media that you like anon and admit that you're wrong.




Stop trying to play it off like either of you aren't being complete fucking autists right now and get the fuck over it. Either argue like autists or don't, don't argue and then try and pretend you're above it.



I'm not above arguing, you just seem to be shit at it. You're the only one backing away because you're up against a wall.



Do you actually think I'm the other anon you were arguing with or are you just being a dick?



Yes, I do. You responded in about 30 seconds. And if you aren't, that's even sadder that you've been lurking in a thread with "complete fucking autists arguing" and just popped up to try and tone police or some shit.


File: f9c25fa6f1943ea⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 234.14 KB, 563x733, 563:733, 812835 - Bulma_Briefs Drag….jpg)

File: f54be6912e30edd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.81 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, d_b_z_27.jpg)

File: c2b45c5365b333c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 518.16 KB, 1280x1815, 256:363, biribiri_ButaOnna_009.jpg)

File: 430f04b8a969985⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.05 KB, 744x1024, 93:128, dballz13.jpg)


That wasn't me, anon.

And yea, there's constant nudity in the original Dragon Ball. It stops in DBZ but in the original run, especially the first arc. Shit, anon, like I said, Bulma nearly gets gang-raped twice, runs into her father's pornos, has to show off her tits twice, gets peeped on once, nearly gets date-raped by Oolong, shows her nude vagina off twice, and nearly gets sexually assaulted by Pilaf (before it turns out Pilaf's got the mind of a kid), etc…

But you keep ignoring all of this to go on about some semantics thing because some other faggot pulled out the 'children's series' meme like it means anything.

Yea, that anon is right. This is autistic. I'm going to stop, and maybe you'll fucking realize you're being an autist, too. Probably not, considering you got so far into this you started to cry about insults.

Here's some shit to make up for it, I guess.


File: e7ee5886f99b62a⋯.png (41.2 KB, 336x747, 112:249, d239395dcd463fc606239a2369….png)


And because I know you're gonna go 'stop pretending it wasn't you!' like a fucking retard, here you go.



I'm not tone policing, I'm just saying either embrace the tism or or don't start a schism.


File: dc064af1fb52b99⋯.png (346.94 KB, 581x436, 581:436, GokuFindsKrillindead.png)

This whole thread is proof as to why DBZ threads should be legally banned.



Hey that soulbrothanumah3 shit was pretty cool and I found out about it because of this thread.


File: 2c611be215ee979⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Wow howd he do that.webm)


I mean. The same kind of shit happens in multiple other threads. People don't just become autistic when DBZ is mentioned.



Which are all treated as jokes. All those instances aren't treated as actual threats. There's this thing called tone. There's a manga by Toriyama called Lady Red in which the heroine gets actually raped. Does this mean it's some adult, dark manga? No, it's a dumb comedic manga. Likewise, nothing truly bad happens to Bulma and it's all incredibly innocent. When you sum it all up out of context it sounds worse than it is.

>Probably not, considering you got so far into this you started to cry about insults.

I'm not crying about insults. I know this is an imageboard and fag, cunt, and all sorts of insults are commonplace. But those aren't replacements for arguments. You jumped on fag train as soon as you thought I was arguing against your oh so precious lore. You got triggered immediately thanks to that.

Would it get my point better across if I called you an autist for caring that much about 'lore' when the rights holder don't give a single shit about it? I should just call you a double nigger faggot for being this fucking retarded.




You really need to reevaluate where you are if you're surprised by autism popping up in an imageboard.

It's honestly pretty hilarious seeing autists calling other autists autistic because they themselves can't read the mood.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And he continues

Anyway, here's some more P*ccolo.



If you want the last word in you can go right ahead sunshine.



I actually find it kind of admirable that he's willing to push past all the pretense that's been put up around this argument and continue with the autism.

Also why does someone like Remix who actually makes funny shit like this work with TFS now?



He works for TFS now? While looking for that video I found out that he's been redoing all these old videos (and editing them in a way that's definitely less funny), but I didn't know that. Fuck.

You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself turn into the villain.


File: f53a801d51f0856⋯.png (128.46 KB, 233x219, 233:219, double nigger.png)






Gotta cash in on that patreon and t shirt money.


File: d4b5c330fbae1ca⋯.webm (7.49 MB, 720x540, 4:3, that_fight_gave_me_indige….webm)


I thought that DB was the one show that people are in agreement that the dub is better than the original? Mostly because of Goku's VA's annoying voice. Who is also Gohan's voice. And Goten's voice. And Bardock's voice. And so on.



Yeah he voices 16 and like, Nail or some shit. They referenced one of his videos in the Android 13 special too. He started making new dragon dub shit that's pretty funny, but yeah, re-editing the old ones is dumb.



>I thought that DB was the one show that people are in agreement that the dub is better than the original?

Even if you think Goku's voice is bad that doesn't excuse liking the dub. Literally everything else about the original is superior. The dub changes the script and the majority of the cast sucks ass. But I guess some people prefer Krusty the Clown as Goku and Gohan.



I like kid Goku's sub voice, it's cute and shit. Also I've yet to see a unanimously liked dub besides GitS that didn't involve Steve Blum.



You can't bring up another point and then drop it that's gay as hell and you know it



Ghost Stories


File: 4bf74fed06d7fa9⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 720x540, 4:3, SICK BURN ROSHI.webm)



…Are you the same autist from before, just trying desperately to keep the argument going?

The 2nd one doesn't even make sense. If I didn't like a kid's show, why would I stick to 4kids?



Maybe he's trying to be clever and is referring to halfchan.



>Are you the same autist from before

This board really needs IDs



No it doesn't this shit is hilarious.


File: 04cc7010463f311⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 222x250, 111:125, 04c.jpg)




I think the real problem here is that Summer needs to end. You can definitely tell how badly the quality of posts has tanked recently. Even just with the grammar of certain anons…


File: 563f3e1d3dc14a7⋯.png (13.15 KB, 682x232, 341:116, summer.PNG)


Summer doesn't happen here like it does on halfchan. The traffic is not close enough for it to happen.



Not to the same extent, but it certainly happens. I know this was discussed in another thread; if you don't think Summer happens here, you haven't been on 8ch long enough. Because it certainly happens.

It may just even be a matter of the shittiest posters being able to be on longer. It's like how the posting quality drastically increased following the hacking, before dipping down again in a week or so. The fags left for a while.



I don't think it's the same kind of summer that happens on halfchan, but there's definitely something going on. There are tons of people who don't even bother to capitalize or use periods lately. Are they coming straight from reddit or is that shit just acceptable on halfchan now? I remember even when 4/co/ was filled to the brim with SJWs they'd still call people on that shit.


>I know this was discussed in another thread

It was this thread, like two days ago. This thread is pretty active.



>It was this thread, like two days ago. This thread is pretty active.

>one of the most popular threads on /co/ is about Dragon Ball Z


File: c0597edc6e89459⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 260x285, 52:57, 1469426990570.jpg)


>It was this thread, like two days ago. This thread is pretty active.

…Well, shit. I don't pay that much attention, apparently.



Now that I think of it, is there much going on with comics and cartoons recently? There's not many good cartoons outside of Samurai Jack (probably the most active threads, and will stop next week), most comics are really terrible SJW bait unless you're talking about European stuff that's hard to come across translated. And you can only go so long talking about old comics and cartoons.



>Summer needs to end

Son, you're gonna be a basket case by July if you don't lighten up.



Isn't most TV off season in the Summer anyway?



I'm not talking Summer, though. I'm talking about in general.

What good comics are coming out? What good cartoons are here, other than Samurai Jack? All the comics I read are old ones, and they can only go on for so long, like I said. Think about the past year or two. What even is there…?



Ironically, the only good comics coming out are Japanese.



You could go on forever talking about old comics, it's just that most anons on here either don't have much in common outside of 'classic' capeshit, Judge Dredd and maybe Hellboy. so there's only like two people who want to discuss the same specific shit at the same time. How many people on here have even read shit like Cerebus?

It's got me thinking, I might try doing like an anthology storytime of older, mostly non-cape stuff. Like I'd have 5 series at a time, and I'd dump three or so issues of each once a week, or maybe even once every 3 days or so. Try and get a good portion of the community into some of the same older shit, and just generally raise interest in reading older comics in general.



The Dr. Slump crossover should be watched in sub considering that Slump never got a proper dub.



Would anyone be interested in this?



i would


File: 3df0e75c3e7daa0⋯.png (78.63 KB, 403x810, 403:810, 4567890.png)

File: 327b9d38c1da0fa⋯.png (104.95 KB, 540x488, 135:122, 9786756.png)



I dunno. You may be better off making multiple different storytimes? I think we do need more storytimes here, but even then… That's not what facilitates discussion. When I do storytimes of genuinely good stories, most of the tiny amount of replies are people asking me to post more, rather than really discussing.



I wouldn't be expecting much discussion in the storytimes themselves, but it's like if someone did a huge storytime that caught a good chunk of the board's attention, then there'd be more people who are capable of discussing that series and it'd get brought up discussed more, at least for a while, right?

Of course that'd just be one series, but if I combine a bunch of them into one storytime, and I can catch the board's attention with it, then I can increase the common ground of the userbase significantly.

Imagine if half the people on here had read a good chunk of classic Conan stuff, and Carl Barks' Duck comics, and Usagi Yojimbo, and Milligan's Shade the Changing Man, and Concrete, and Groo the Wanderer, and fucking whatever else I can torrent and dump. If the userbase has that much more in common, then I think it'd be significantly easier to discuss shit besides pozzed current year cape comics. I might just be getting my hopes up, but I think it could work.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The original Dragonball is a lot filthier than Z or Super. Hell, a running gag early on was Goku grabbing the crotch of any new person he met because due to his wild-boy status, it was the only way he knew how to tell the difference between boys and girls.


File: 49076ebdbff9d46⋯.jpg (103.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 714e9688386a5eddbac0180df0….jpg)


I don't think you know what 'projection' means, anon.



Classic Dragon Ball was the best shit. Everything that came after was just soulless money-grabbing. Hell, if Z HAD to exist, at least have it end with Frieza but have Vegeta die like he was supposed to.


>this whole post

These threads really are autism magnets.



I don't know, anon. DBZ had some good stuff, but I think the Namek saga is where it really went wrong. Super Saiyan caused most of the problems in the series.



Still making assumptions faggot. Every single one of your list of bitching is nothing more than cherry picking info.

>flying as babies

That shit was already exploited from Broly. cannon or not fans already saw saiyan baby flying and surviving exploding planet

>Potara issue

Non issue. Inferior fusion dance is unaffected by Buu? Fucking why? Manga said Dance is a weaker fusion to Potara so it SHOULD of been effected by buu magic instantly but it wasn't.

>Age difference/appearance

Why the flying fuck are you bitching about this? Goku/Trunks/Goten share same height at different ages. But Gohan is the only fucker who is taller.

>Kai/GoD issues

Not sure what you mean here, be more specific

>Master Roshi

Misrepresentation of info. Episode already said Roshi was training in secret. Why get out of retirement? dunno.

>Gohan, training…

What kind of ass pull is this anon? Hell, Gohan stopped training after Cells death and you assume he "continued" after Buu's death?


Did you just conveniently ignore that Uub was hinted at in Super already and Goku knows of him?

>New GoD

gotta be specific here anon. Do not tell me you are ass pulling info again that doesn't exist. If you are bitching about the multiverse than that ship flew long ago in Cell Saga. Unless you want to ignore the time line/parallel world fuckery of Andraid/Cell saga.


You are complaining about a classic Tragic Hero cliche? okay. You can complain about it, doesn't mean you have good taste.

>Super not fixing anything

Gotta stop you right there faggot. 1 thing anons forget about Super that is a huge plus has to do with Dragon Balls best wife, Videl. It is thanks to Videl telling her husband to stop being a beta faggot and possibly promising him the best sex in his life is the reason Gohan is pushing himself to be a non beta faggot like he was post Cell and post Buu.


File: d4c52ae36969cbc⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 08fa035f514e6c51024c18cd34….jpg)


>He considers Broly canon

>He can't spell canon right

>He actually likes ooc Videl

Either read the manga or go back



Power levels never meant shit. It was cool until Goku reached a point the humans could never reach (SS) which made them obselete. SS was the first massive power cycle that left the others hopelessly in the dust. SS was the problem.



The humans became obsolete by Piccolo Jr. It just wasn't completely in your face about it in the beginning.



>the reason Gohan is pushing himself to be a non beta faggot like he was in post Cell and post Buu

Are you implying the Saiyaman arc wasn't awesome?



>reading comprehension


It is about exposure to bs abilities as a baby anon.


Other than the Great Saiyaman being unintentional inner conflict of a persons identity crisis, no nothing wrong with that Arc. I am saying Gohan is pushing himself in Super far more than in dbz because he has the best wife in the series of Dragon Ball.



>Toonami's been considered /co/ for a while

Former halfchan janitor here. Five years ago this month, when [as] announced the return of Toonami, /co/ /v/ and /a/ started having generals before the show even premiered. /a/utists got triggered over their precious board going casual and janitors/mods of these 3 boards got nervous.

In the end it came down to whether the /co/ janitor would allow Toonami on /co/; if not it was going to be on /v/ (don't ask why that makes any sense). After some discussion the /co/ janitor agreed to hold Toonami generals there. It was damage control, not some intellectually mulled decision like "well [as] is an American network" or the retarded "this is board culture" argument.



Yeah so why did that carry over to this /co/? I haven't checked out /a/ much, do they just force shit they don't like onto /co/ like 4/a/ does?



>Applying halfchan rules to fullchan

Go back.

We had an entirely separate diacussion about it.



Not him, but could you enlighten me on the details? Also while I'm being a blatant newfag, could someone tell me who Powergirl Autist is?


File: 3b4fc3287658ed1⋯.webm (7.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Videl knows what she want….webm)

File: eeb938980a29fe8⋯.jpg (157.58 KB, 1152x707, 1152:707, Videl wants a warrior.jpg)

So we have here an instance of Videl telling her husband privately that she got sexually excited from Gohan being Great Saiyaman. Then we have another instance, 10 episodes later, of Gohan telling his over protective mother that Videl wants Gohan to be a fighter.

Videl in Super is obviously the best wife of Dragon Ball.



>Liking the OOC crap that is Videl

She's better when she's ready to kick ass, and not a meek housewife.


>He hasn't even been here for a full year

Just go back.



Chi Chi hasn't been against Gohan fighting since Goku died against Cell though. That change was one of the interesting things in the Saiyaman arc, Chi Chi trained Goten and encourage Gohan to compete in the tournament.



>promoting the sjw hatred of the nuclear family

wonder if you know how much you are tainted anon.



>Just go back.

So you just don't want any new posters ever coming to the board then? I know we're annoying but this place is apparently already dying, seems like you can't really afford that. I'm just trying to learn.



>Implying nuclear family means that a girl has to be meek and personality-less

I bet you also think what happened to 18 was cool.


WE should only allow new posters that are indistinguishable from old posters. Obvious newfags like you do not belong, lest this place become 4chan.



ChiChi forbidding her son from learning family trade

>Saiyan Arc

>Namek Arc

>Android Arc

>Cell Arc

ChiChi secretly training her son cause there is no Man of the house anymore, neutered Gohan

>Great Saiyaman Arc

>Buu Arc

Gosh it almost seems like ChiChi was a shit mother for the majority of her kids life…



I'm implying you have no fucking idea what it means to be a parent raising kids anon.



What does any of that have to do with a character losing all of her personality?



>Muh anime

She stopped complaining at the beginning of the Cell Saga, when she realized how serious everything was. She also let Gohan go to Namek without complaints. She's far less obnoxious in the manga.



>WE should only allow new posters that are indistinguishable from old posters

I'm just trying to learn board culture, you can't expect newfags to already know that. Obviously I should lurk more, but half this thread is metaposting, I figured it wouldn't make much of a difference to just ask.



I don't even mind that there would be a few levels past Super Saiyan, never minding that its frequent occurrence completely killed the cool one-in-a-million legend aspect, it's that they're so fucking easy to get to that irks me the most. Just spend a couple days in the time chamber, train with an increasingly common god figure for a few weeks or so; it don't matter. None of this matters.

Is zenkai boost even a thing anymore, or have the writers just lost track of it among all the other power level asspulls?



Toriyama's own word was that they were introduced only to show how useless they are. Only autists focus on the numbers.



This isnt /a/, we dont speak Japanese nor do we pretend to.



Remember when DBGT was shit for the same reasons people think DB Super is good now?!


Dragonball goes on /a/.



Spite bump.



>They are using Toei's animation and various other sources of media that they don't own the rights to.

That has nothing to do with whether it's a parody or not. And use of media in parody is permissible under fair use in the US. I have no idea if DBZA counts as parody, though.

>I hate it this bullshit "fair use" argument, because if that's the case then I can just upload the newest Star Wars movie and say it falls under "fair use" because I edited the background music.

There's no fair use exemption in the law for that. You should learn more about copyright law.

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