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Characters that deserved a better death


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File: 7398b038a51e660⋯.jpeg (38.95 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, image.jpeg)


I thought his death was funny

>spent several episodes travelling across the world as a disembodied head to get to aku

>body restored

>aku blows up his head



What it made funnier to me is that I thought Aku would dispose him after telling him the news





File: 763771aaba46841⋯.jpg (200.98 KB, 1200x2000, 3:5, scaramouche scaramouche ca….jpg)


File: c3914ccf10d22a3⋯.jpg (139.99 KB, 531x440, 531:440, jet.jpg)


File: 8bee7d64621baa1⋯.png (223.58 KB, 450x382, 225:191, Sokka.png)


Wait…Jet's dead?



It was really unclear.



Zuko asked that. Sokka responded with something along the lines of "You know, it wasn't really that clear".


File: 4cb7264e4f9a9b9⋯.jpg (62.56 KB, 469x728, 67:104, 4cb7264e4f9a9b9c7d81279b02….jpg)



>no guardian



We only saw his glasses, anon.



>Aku bullied the guardian and knocked his glasses off before destroying the time portal

>The guardian's been wandering around Velma-style for 50 years looking for his glasses



That would actually be a really hilarious revelation. I would enjoy that.


File: acb08464c669ab6⋯.jpg (564.26 KB, 1280x734, 640:367, Frollo.jpg)



A better scenario than Aku killing the Guardian…


File: f0f3d02f35d0209⋯.png (134.4 KB, 444x250, 222:125, Amon_being_bloodbent.png)

It's not his death alone so much as the events leading to it and his backstory. And there's the bleh way they settled the Equalist conflict (especially how they had him expose himself as a waterbender).



Is it Scaramouch that annoys you, or is it the overhyped meme that annoys you?



I'm still mad about that. The guy deserved something more epic, with him standing with the sword as flames engulf him and everything around him is consumed in fire, including the main characters trying to escape the flames which move in a way as though they were carrying his will. That would've been epic. Instead we got that bullshit falling off a building cliche and the generic happy ending bs despite that the book ended with the gypsy getting fucked to death and the hunchback dying after fondling her corpse.



The Equalists had so much potential as well as this character, but they clearly shat themselves as season one ended. From there it was just a massive shit train.


File: 975af148c92d97b⋯.jpg (15.34 KB, 500x146, 250:73, fSymsOGXO5v5is1v1viuKME7_5….jpg)


It was kinda appropriate. Until the ending when gargoyles are real Quasi had been hallucinating with gargoyles so it feels damn right that Frollo died hallucinating with a gargoyle in order to make them more similar and why Esmeralda didn't choose him, if benevolent both Frollo and Quasi are equally delusional about her, meanwhile Phoebus liked both, her as an unfair victim and her as a cunning criminal and was willing to have both, not just one.


In an alternate universe "The Legend of Korra" is an epilogue 2 hours movie of just the important things of season 1 with theatrical budget.


File: 27b0143c91e93b4⋯.gif (9.04 MB, 354x316, 177:158, silent autistic rage.gif)


Yeah, this was a moment when i stopped carrying about this shit…

It felt like a spit on the face. Fuck them!



>the book ended with the gypsy getting fucked to death

whoa, no shit?


File: a8d176953fef6f5⋯.png (147.39 KB, 460x356, 115:89, garfeel.png)


>when gargoyles are real

I hated that shit so damn much. The drama of it was realizing how sad and lonely Quasi is. Alright fine, they could be real but just have them disappear at the end to leave the real answer ambiguous. That shit at the end with the gargoyles was just poor and unneeded and it was only made worse in that horrendously awful and practically demonically foul sequel movie where Quasi falls in love with this circus performer chick while the gargoyles act even more annoying and one fucks a male goat. Shit was cringe to the max.

Also I want a ticket to this fantastic world where the legacy of avatar was not tainted.


Yeah, they all die at the end and Quasi dryhumps her corpse in the coffin till he runs out of oxygen.


File: 027323191bdec25⋯.mp4 (4.27 MB, 854x480, 427:240, angrynerd.mp4)


>Aku bullied the guardian and knocked his glasses off before destroying the time portal

So this?


The sisters went down like bitches, and Ashi survived because the script said so



This. I know it's a kids show with dancing and signing, but that ain't my thing.



I think season 5 could have been done much better then what we have now. I'm fine with the season we got now but I really liked the idea of the sisters having a manhunt on Jack throughout the whole season much better than Jack converting Ashi to good then turning her into a love interest. Of course I can't really blame Genndy for the lack of quality in storytelling since everything had to be done in 10 episodes and have a consistent story all in one season which is something the earlier seasons of Jack definitely did not do.



There's something about Aku's face that looks different.



>oh my!

Haha I remember this. It's even more fitting when you consider that Dexter was also created by Genndy.



Man I loved that special as a kid. I should rewatch it.



His teeth don't have a red outline like in the original series.



stop with this autism

aku in the original series, they always forgot to draw the red outlines around his eyes, but I don't see you bitching about that. the new show doesn't draw those either


File: 887e0828d18d3ec⋯.png (30.32 KB, 384x240, 8:5, 887e0828d18d3ec201e1a551e0….png)


File: 67f6501d0bccaac⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 272x200, 34:25, srsly gay.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No. She hangs. Quasi throws Frollo to his death and weeps for him. Phoebus is a dick. Then Quasi goes to tombs and holds Esmeralda corpse until he wastes away.

Quasi had the purest love of all.


Such a bullshit ending. Why did the Equalists stop fighting just because he was unmasked as a water bender. So stupid.



opps this was meant for this >>859152


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Posting Lune because fuck it. It's good shit.



>things happened because it was written to

Opposed to?


File: 949519a6f4b3d34⋯.png (589.31 KB, 1279x761, 1279:761, Cuckback.png)


>implying the real villains of the movie wasn't the (((captain))) and his (((gypsie))) lover



im not sure you quite understand what (((this))) means






t. A Gypsy



Dubs confirm anon for gypsy trash


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Its amazing how this show has somehow even brought about a maymay renaissance.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Every single character that appeared after S1E1 now belongs in this thread.


File: 1954f4604be2411⋯.png (385.15 KB, 604x741, 604:741, 1954f4604be2411740bee2cf36….png)

File: 951a09c8bde65f8⋯.png (590.13 KB, 645x439, 645:439, 951a09c8bde65f88b95e479fd7….png)


File: 84f53d7ebf94019⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, x9_by_eandogewell-d95ufb3.jpg)


File: bbf73544c975dac⋯.gif (6.2 MB, 400x400, 1:1, unsatisfyingcompilation.gif)


This has been a hilarious ending.


File: fc9569aed6d12d5⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 343x450, 343:450, 129958-004-C9B8B89D.jpg)


File: 1f46de5d11f22ef⋯.png (130.56 KB, 770x270, 77:27, 1f46de5d11f22ef2372c03f7ec….png)

It happened so soon.



>Why did the Equalists stop fighting

Why is controlled-opposition successful at suppressing real rebellion?



Even if by some destined chance Jack's other friends are still born in the new future, X will never return since he only came about from Aku's desire for robot assassins… Lulu… sweet thing… She'll never know…


File: d115593f9c00597⋯.gif (1008.16 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 20170400Jack.gif)






Crimebuster and Omega The Unknown both went out like bitches.

At least Iron Fist's death was retconned. Seriously, he had the lamest death of a high profile character.

Crazy Jane. Fuck you, Rachael Pollack, you queen-shit SJW cunt.



give me one reason why ashi survived the fall but the other two didn't


File: 0278770befc4d6b⋯.png (371.95 KB, 500x1000, 1:2, 1495306469267.png)

Need I say more?



He died like a bitch. Apparently RT was going to get rid of his ass earlier, which would explain why dis death kinda sucked Just kidding, RT wouldn't be able to give him a satisfying death anyway.

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