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File: 2fe93feb4b7ae7f⋯.jpg (141.2 KB, 458x497, 458:497, aaaaaaaaaa.jpg)


What does it say, /co/?




File: eaff2edf5a3288d⋯.jpg (101.99 KB, 458x497, 458:497, Green Lantern is shocked.jpg)

I don't know. I'm at a loss


File: 6ae1270479aad9c⋯.png (460.36 KB, 458x497, 458:497, ClipboardImage.png)



Now that's kind of clever.


File: 06790d3fe40f789⋯.png (492.48 KB, 458x497, 458:497, pol.png)


File: 98d35e3cd917916⋯.png (438.23 KB, 458x497, 458:497, the truth..png)


File: fab764eb06af3f1⋯.jpg (147.43 KB, 458x497, 458:497, 2fe93feb4b7ae7f421756aefe9….jpg)



I'm going to need the source on that misogynist filth my dude.


File: 7bda71ab608ea26⋯.gif (836.2 KB, 245x138, 245:138, get creative scrub.gif)


File: 67fa898b902d1ca⋯.png (456.36 KB, 458x497, 458:497, Recursion.png)


File: 7f09779eae5c898⋯.png (452.18 KB, 458x497, 458:497, aaaaaaaaaa.png)



what the hell is that?



I think it's GL making out with a sphinx.



ah ok

it's sideways


what comic is this?




Hal Jordan kissing Arisia.

She was 13.


JL8 by a guy named Yale.

It's the Justice League as kids.

For some reason I keep seeing it posted on places like exhentai, despite it being 100% fun, not lewd.


File: ca43d6930d1acfe⋯.png (6.45 KB, 730x413, 730:413, c9bbdb4ba9490a397abe8754d3….png)


Fuck me, that was hilarious.



I don't get it



Originally green lantern had power over everything except that which is yellow, which is how sinestro came about. I don't know if that was retconned or not.



It was later fudged that the weakness and inability to affect the color yellow was because Paralax was trapped inside the Green Lantern Battery creating an impurity in all Green Rings.



Wait so when that one guardian restored that impurity all Hal had to do was paint himself yellow, and boom he wins.


>"wait so your ring doesn't effect wood? Chh what do you do when someone attacks you with a stick?"

>"Same thing you do if some guy paints it yellow"




Is that some bell curve I see there?



Underated edit honestly.

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