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File: 795876eb103cd99⋯.jpg (124.27 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, Animated Megatron.jpg)


ITT: best versions of a character


I can see that. How would Transformers Prime Megatron fare in comparison?




Kill yourself.



>Hating on a fucking acronym for "In this thread"

My god, summer really is here



That's not G1


File: f0a33ad315e98db⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Scarecrow_tnba_1.jpg)

File: 2300e9fd420427e⋯.png (228.01 KB, 514x754, 257:377, dark_knight__scarecrow__s_….png)




I always thought it meant In Technical Terms



Prime Megatron is literally Movie Megatron, except all bark and no bite (despite the silly shark teeth)



Nah, Scarecrow should be lanky, not broad shouldered. He looks like could actually go toe to toe with batman, which defeats the point

He shouldn't even look that scary UNTIL he uses his fear gas.

So it's a funny case, if this design is what he looks like with fear gas then it's great, but if its not it's shit.


File: da2a265c833c4e4⋯.jpg (33.35 KB, 325x525, 13:21, ridiculous.jpg)

File: b020d2e3045b4b3⋯.png (1.2 MB, 680x806, 340:403, megatron.png)

Classic megatron will always be the best. The comics made a pretty good redesign of the classic look though, but I can't seem to find it. On a related note, when did purple become the new black?



I guess that's why I like him. It's a complete flip on the classic skinny strawman into a hangman preacher look. He used his gas to remove peoples fear, forcing them to act without any safety or restraint, held his own in fights and spoke calmly and softly. I mean, weedy doctor Crane with his hallucinogen gas has appeared in comics, films, and games as basically the exact same thing for years before and after, so that curveball design just stuck with me.


File: 7609890ea7e1059⋯.png (477.18 KB, 564x801, 188:267, ClipboardImage.png)


HULK 2099


File: aa3049eb74b22dc⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 620x368, 155:92, Donatello.jpg)



It's not summer, it's - I don't even know what to call it - "anti meme extremism".

You know, people who are so angry to the balls with reddit or halfchan that they would like to denounce every single acronym, speech pattern or slang term.

You know, the ones who will call you out on using "meme arrows" if you quote another post



Lol, don't forget "Reddit spacing"



>I haven't seen a single episode of Prime, I denounced the entire series based on design similarities with bayformers


File: 3545aa714b599e3⋯.jpg (119.12 KB, 894x421, 894:421, ccf06162015_0001.jpg)


>hulk 2099



I prefer to treat it as it's own thing. 2012 Donatello is neurotic while the 2003 one is more zen and has the occasional snark. I guess I'm more biased towards 2003 because I grew up with that one but I will admit I do like 2012 Donatello except for the romance with April. I don't like 2012 Mikey that much though.


File: ca28ee9532b29f7⋯.png (379.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Superman 1941.png)


File: dbb8e6e91c38e6a⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Scarecrow costume Batman b….jpg)


No, the games were ridiculous edgelord shit that only a 13 year old would find appealing (freddy krueger claws? mask sewn into his face? give me a break), the arkham games are very mixed bags in the visual department. Bane was also awful.

My favorite look is still simply this. Nolan got one thing right.

Again, when he's using the fear gas, he can look however you want. It's amazing how few artists/writers ever take good advantage of Scarecrow's potential.

He never even got to be the main baddie in a movie, and he still got overshadowed by jason todd and joker in Arkham Knight



Interesting. I normally preferred to go with the simple look route for Scarecrow since its too easy to edge him up and make him look ridiculous. Though I think ironically enough Injustice 2 actually does use the concept you mention of his fear gas making him look more terrifying. That and I preferred the concept art for the villains from the first Arkham game. I think the artist who did it still has it up on his deviantart page.


File: 8af635f6de84ea1⋯.jpg (111.58 KB, 600x1043, 600:1043, Ms. Marvel 108.jpg)


I kind of prefer this outfit.



> joker in Arkham Knight

What a let down that one was. I was okay with Joker being dead and maybe hearing a few lines like in a flashback but that entire game was a mess. Instead he talks more than the last two games combined. I was so sick of the blood poison thing that went back to the first game. Thought it was okay in AC because it acted like a ticking clock mechanic, but using it again the way they did in AK just made me realize how overused the joker is in general, how overplayed the dichotomy was and how truly false it is.


File: a12458c060afb91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.97 KB, 544x850, 16:25, captain_marvel_by_marciota….jpg)



I like this one better



>that pic

C'moon boy.


File: 467c0eefc986f0a⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1000x1107, 1000:1107, ClipboardImage.png)


Shit taste fam smh.



The hair is ok with me. Though I hate the trend of super heroes having no secret identities.



I should clarify, I was talking about the costume, not the character,

>inb4 "still shit taste fam smh"



It was way over-done, if they had just used him more sparsely, and definitely cut out that freakin musical number or save it for the credits.

The "joker's nightmare" scene was great for instance, really fitting comeuppance for that kind of vile character where his ego is really all he's got



Yeah, it does and it's a good excuse. I do kind of wish you could play as normal Crane too, he's got a good design as well. But eh, you know.



Took a quick look, yeah the concept art is way better.

It's still a bit edgy, but it's more vibrant and stylistic to balance it out, so Bane and Scarecrow, for instance, don't seem as ridiculous.

I also never really liked Batman's design in these games. Oh the batsuit is fine, I just think he's too bulky and his face looks like he's got fetal alcohol syndrome or something.


File: 79aea52d7e3e3e5⋯.png (3.92 MB, 1479x2943, 493:981, ClipboardImage.png)


The costume is fucking alright what I really hate is when she is drawn indistinguishable from a man like here >>890026. Only the hips are the only thing that give away that she is fucking female since her chest looks sharp and edgy and her hair is short. I hate this thing were a female in order to look strong has to have a masculine look.


File: 4e16d371ba1903b⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 852x480, 71:40, question.jpg)

File: 09ec3d26b2821a5⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 276x258, 46:43, doomguy.jpg)


File: 1530e63ec198103⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 470x706, 235:353, Bane_TDK.jpg)


No one cared who I was untill I put on the mask.


File: 63d99768f8b7b86⋯.jpg (493.5 KB, 2200x3574, 1100:1787, 1426123641094-1.jpg)

File: d6f8015f44e941d⋯.jpg (181.36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1451400612242-0.jpg)


To be fair, memes are fucking cancer, same with imageboard culture, that led 4chan to the gutter. But then again, you have anti-meme extremism that led to stagnation.


I have to watch all of it. Just like 2003, it started to become weird and I lost interest, but I want to watch it in one sit.


>indistinguishable from a man

<This wrong argument again

Women can have broad shoulders as well and it can be attractive. And I like dyke hair since 90s Storm. The only problem she have is that she is a cunt, and to be fair women that look like that tend to be cunts, that's why they look like that in the first place, which is a shame I fantasize that girls like that only need a good dicking to start acting correctly while conserving the looks


I fucking hate this Bane, even the Poison Ivy henchman was better.


File: e21bf8e5b467ccb⋯.png (328.89 KB, 512x512, 1:1, The_Spectacular_Spider-Man.png)




>Dyke hair

I thought she had a mohawk and that was in the 80's.


Probably the best adaptation of the character outside of the comics. I liked how they blended the old 616 spidey and the ultimate comics together.



I know you're just shitposting, but TDKR Bane is literally the absolute worst Bane adaptation ever. Took everything that Bane is and squandered it. Half of it wasn't even used. They could've at least gone with an Arkham Origins Bane mask and toned down the effects of Venom at least on the body to have a more "realistic" Bane.


File: c4cf7b0e6513abe⋯.png (30.97 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, hold_me_back_big_guy.png)


>TDKR Bane is literally the absolute worst Bane adaptation ever.

That's why baneposting became such a huge thing anon. The movie was awful, and the plain seen was so bad it's good.



Well I'm glad you actually said the real reason behind the meme instead of just spouting something ironic.




The dialogue was so spaced out and retarded it was so bad it was good.

>He wasn't alone

>You don't get to bring friends

>They're not my friends

It was still the best part of the movie, Nolan is a hack who got his career off by making the Joker a two dimensional anarchist.



well he made Joker more of a nihilist.



They literally state in the film he's an anarchist.



4chan went to the gutter when FYAD infested the place, thanks to that cancerlords who think every imageboard must be /b/ circa 2004 + board topic exist.




I thought it was alright



If you say without thinking then yes.



Yeah that doesn't mean he acts like one. Anarchists want no government. Joker doesn't believe in morality and his philosophy has more in common with nihilism than anarchism.


File: 66962f80dd55f1e⋯.png (165.83 KB, 300x613, 300:613, ClipboardImage.png)


Prime's Starscream stole that whole fucking show. I'd rewatch the series for him alone.


File: 58c6fab16f04c8c⋯.png (241.1 KB, 530x530, 1:1, 58c.png)


>The version of Megatron that sat on his ass while Shockwave did all the work.

>Best version of the character.





File: 8383cfe8f6cf380⋯.jpg (295.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Prime-soundwave-s01e01-fac….jpg)


Who was it that stole the show, again?


File: c8d28f3ef15f5bc⋯.jpeg (3.93 KB, 168x192, 7:8, venom.jpeg)

This is fact tbh



I love soundwave's design in Prime as well, but he doesn't have any real character traits besides "devote loyalty to Megatron".



I wouldnt say he is a hack. It is just TDKR was definitely his weakest or most bum rushed movie. A hack is more like the dude who did goylebusters.



>but TDKR Bane is literally the absolute worst Bane adaptation ever.

I take it you never saw Batman & Robin. Good for you.



don't know what he's talking about with storm

dazzler had sort-of a dyke cut



>that permanent shit eating grin



>a female in order to look strong has to have a masculine look.

uh, yeah. Strength is something you associate with men. Makes perfect sense to me that she would have to look masculine.

I'm sick of poofy looking super models beating the shit out of everyone


File: 485adf04d8ccde0⋯.jpg (646.13 KB, 1600x945, 320:189, Games09_CentralRun.jpg)


Its a fantasy Anon, there's plenty of other material out there that can satisfy your muscle fetish. Plus (as shown by professional swimmers and other sports of endurance) you don't need massive muscles to be strong


File: ed7db49fe28554c⋯.jpg (108.42 KB, 523x780, 523:780, Supergirl_Vol_4_80_Textles….jpg)

Too bad her only appearances after her run were a cameo in Superman/Batman and a minor role in Reign in Hell where her character was completely fucked.



At least thry used her in the animated series



Nope, that was Kara. They used Kara's animated series design for Linda after she unfused with Matrix.


File: aba37f9b0e79c21⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 532x732, 133:183, ffbc43cfd92caf93b4095c9101….jpg)


>you don't need massive muscles to be strong


File: 3431667fbd7ac85⋯.jpg (154.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Any video game that have Mysterio as actual magician that can altered the game stage and himself



Does Shattered Dimensions count??


File: e3f8f96b2545122⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 250x384, 125:192, 20170801.jpg)

Morrison (writer) & Porter (pencils) was the BEST version of the JLA.



ofc, he's final boss in it right?


File: b19980194750881⋯.mp4 (5.29 MB, 960x540, 16:9, based chris pratt starlord.mp4)


File: 035134e6182f182⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….jpg)


That's not IDW Megatron OP, good try though



What's this scene of megatron doing?



Every flower represents a life he has taken, and in that moment he is suffering



sheeit really?



yes I see no muscles there



>Women can have broad shoulders as well and it can be attractive

Only if their hips are equally wide




That's a skeleton Anon, they dont have muscles.



What's a good link for these episodes? Do I need other episodes for context?







No, he gets mystic bullshit by the end. The game was good though.



Yeah, idw actually tried to make Megatron a full character, not just a power hungry same-as-every-other tyrant. Their stuff is worth a read



Indeed. Mind you, before that arc he was a glorious combination of Vladimir Lenin and Spartacus.


File: 255e39fb4cb2244⋯.jpg (146.49 KB, 652x981, 652:981, 20170802.jpg)

Star Sapphire WW


File: 1bddd6dd8d002d2⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 450x685, 90:137, Iron_Man_Hypervelocity_Vol….jpg)

Tony 2.0 best Tony.


File: 54a8cf09c7649be⋯.jpg (207.55 KB, 380x576, 95:144, Venom and Hulk cut a promo.jpg)

When you think of it, these 8 panels are really the peak of comics as a medium.



This is high art.




>lasagna cat maymays

huehuehue XD !!!



That field is way too small to be every person megatron killed.


File: 6ee1ed69dae738e⋯.png (6.23 KB, 246x271, 246:271, 1389363539769.png)


File: 6757338a8065175⋯.jpg (459.25 KB, 1280x838, 640:419, 20170731.jpg)

Storm~ which version is best?



Ooh that's a tough one. I'm gonna go with Classic Storm though I do like the 80's mohawk one.



I want to put my arm inside Venom's gaping maw.



you can't beat that original outfit, that's for sure.

Cheescake outfits used to at least be aesthetic as fuck




>he wants to get hiv


File: c57fb0058f30b72⋯.jpg (594.89 KB, 1024x1535, 1024:1535, page26.jpg)


What is this? A comic for ants?



looking is better than touching anyway



There's a reason mcu hawkeye based on ultimate version



File: 3d841ca45d8e582⋯.jpg (265.62 KB, 850x1275, 2:3, 20170731.jpg)

What's the best version of Batman?



I'd say the one from DCAU or Bronze age.


File: e394572d2f1f403⋯.mp4 (5.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DC Nation - Plastic Man - ….mp4)


File: ac2f0595c3fe16e⋯.jpg (26.63 KB, 397x712, 397:712, abfb100dbc44cf2b712dee8bd5….jpg)

I am dead serious though. I like this outfit better than the skirt version



That's honestly what I would describe Animated Megatron sadly. If we're talking about design and voice, Animated wins hand down. But he rarely even fought until the very end of the series, while Prime Megatron was more preactive.



Its not bad but could be better



Im still mad they never made this into a series.


File: 1294f829cac48b9⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 407x508, 407:508, supblu.jpg)



Fuck no.


File: 1706a2b49f6de5a⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 20170814.jpg)


But my edge!



is that the lizard



God I wish this got made into a series.


Its ok. The outfit is meh but it could use a better face.


Thats Demon Hulk.



The fuck?




That is Hulk 2099.

You see what we had to put up with in the 90's?



I'll take that over current year She-Hulk tbh




>when did purple become the new black?

Could it be caused by that toy law that requires all toy guns to use bright colors (no black/grey) to make the "gun" look less realistic and show that it's just a toy.


The idea of a individual who has to wear a mask that provides them with analgesic gas to provide relief from constant pain is an interesting idea, seemed kinda of a shame it wasn't explored more, like more visible bruises/cuts on the body due to their actions but not being noticed by the user because of the gas. Or somehow having to keep a gas supply on you at all times.

>toned down the effects of Venom at least on the body to have a more "realistic" Bane

I'm using really effective instant steroids Batman and you can't stop me! Just look at these gains! See that muscle just budged a little, it's obviously growing right now after using it.


Isn't there some issue that TDKR was supposed to be about incarcerating the Joker, but Heath Leger died and no one wanted to replace him, so it led the massive re-writing TDKR?



Mohawk Storm is a nice and distinctive look for her, was presently surprised by seeing they tried that version in X-Men Apocalypse didn't see any trailers or promo's before watching.



It wasn't very good.



I heard that the sequel to the Dark Knight was supposed to have Two Face as the main villain and Joker would splash Harvey's face with acid in the courtroom. But Heath Ledger died so they had to combine that into the Dark Knight.



So does that mean the final cut of the movie was made up of a lotta shots with Two Face made after? I'm assuming Batman still saves Harvery but he doesn't get scarred up?



Did the ledger die during or after shooting?




I may have misremembered the thing. I think Ledger died after shooting but the original idea was for Two Face to be in the movie after the Dark Knight but Nolan decided to put it into one film. I have the art book for the Dark Knight which goes behind the scenes and gives some extra details about the movie plans so I may have to reread it to fully remember.





File: 3300e38cc357688⋯.jpg (65.02 KB, 547x316, 547:316, 330.jpg)



Which issue was that?


File: 85e53f3e77a26e0⋯.jpg (50.37 KB, 331x357, 331:357, ScarecrowComic.jpg)

File: 897a3331900cdfc⋯.jpg (224.11 KB, 700x1023, 700:1023, Scarecrow profile2.jpg)

File: 39a556952c38582⋯.png (62.64 KB, 1098x427, 18:7, every scarecrow encounter.png)


>He looks like could actually go toe to toe with batman, which defeats the point

I disagree with this for two reasons. One, he absolutely does not look like he could go toe to toe with Batman, he looks like a tall and thin ghoul who's rotting completely. He is not taller than Batman. And he gets his ass kicked on both of his appearences.

And the other reason is because Scarecrow doesn't have to be a rail-thin dweeb. In his introduction he actually fought Batman and defeated him in his own unique and janky fighting style - following Scarecrow's first assassination, he's cornered by B&R. Crane promptly cold-cocks Bats with the butt of his gun, takes out Robin with a flying garbage can to the face, and bounds off with "queer grasshopper leaps" while they're recovering. He then proceeds to face off against Batman twice more in the same story, both times in which he kicks the guy's ass - once with a kick to the chin, and once with a couple of good old fashioned uppercuts, one for Batman, one for Robin. Mention is made of his "bony, knotted fist", and Batman seems grudgingly admiring of how well the guy fights - he admits that "that was quite a clout", and after they've finally won, he states that Crane "certainly gave me the fight of my career".

Now, I know that the character has evolved since then and so forth, and I'm very fond of Crane as a scheming bookworm who prefers to employ thugs, but I bring this up as proof that a more physical sort of Scarecrow CAN work, even though it should never be the main focus of the character. And this brings me to my next point

>He shouldn't even look that scary UNTIL he uses his fear gas.

The fear gas, or more specifically the overreliance on it, is one of the single biggest problems with Scarecrow as a character.

I like the fear gas in theory. It is an extremely interesting gimmick for a character. But the thing is, while it's an ingenious gimmick with a lot of different applications, in the end it's merely a gimmick, and everything the Scarecrow does revolves around it. Most Batman villains tend to start off as mostly gimmicks, yes, but usually, after sufficient development, they become actual characters who utilize the gimmick, and not the other way around. But Scarecrow's gas is everything there is to him most of the time.

This makes his stories extremely repetitive and, in the end, it makes him an underdeveloped character, a generic villain who exists to use the fear gas and fuck off into the background before getting a one sided beating at the very end. And when they tried to deviate from his overreliance in the gas, we ended up with shit like Scarebeast.

Scarecrow is one of the best examples of a Batman villain who was great in his debut and has some great stories and a lot of potential, but gets frequently brought down by hack writers and by being forced to make repeat appearences.

The gas would work better if it were only one of the weapons in his arsenal, rather than being everything he has. People are afraid of the Scarecrow becomes he makes them afraid - I think it would be better if they were afraid of him because he is genuinely scary. This is one of the reasons why his TNBA version was so great for the character.



Very in depth Anon.



I never said he shouldn't be able to fight, period.

I remember his "crane" fighting style well, but guess what? That's a funny play on words, since he's also a lanky guy.

He should use physical force as a last resort.



Try compressing that.



>This is one of the reasons why his TNBA version was so great for the character

Not the biggest fan of that design because it looks more like a preacher than a Scarecrow though I see where you are coming from. It would be cool to see Scarecrow use his psycholgocial tricks more often to scare people rather than just the fear gas.



Personally, I like Armada's Starscream the best.



It was alright



I liked the Archie version.



It hurts


File: bb7be865e9320a2⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 600x450, 4:3, scarecrow-ideas-halloween-….jpg)

File: 5ee4a412b415fab⋯.jpg (237.79 KB, 1280x1852, 320:463, https_3A_2F_2F41.media.tum….jpg)


You said him being able to go toe to toe with Batman defeats "the point" (whatever you think that is) and I explained that Scarecrow being physically weak is not "the point", because there's been ccasions where he confronted other characters physically (again, as a last resort, which is also how it goes down in his first appearence I described).

I don't disagree with you, Crane should not be a physical villain, I'm just pointing out the problems in your argument that TNBA Scarecrow is a shit design because you think he looks bigger and more intimidating than what you prefer Scarecrow as.


That's the thing that everyone who complains about the design says, that he doesn't look like a scarecrow.

And while it's understandable, I really don't see why the fact he's not dressed like a Wizard of Oz cosplayer as a problem, especially since Scarecrow changes costume all the time. It feels like a progression of the designers trying to step away from the over the top Looney Tunes sock puppet they started with.

The design, along the Jeffrey Combs voice and the more mysterious depiction of the character, was arguably the only reinvention of TNBA that did a favor to the character, hence why the most prominent versions of the character (Injustice, Arkham, Nolan to an extent) take pages from it.

It also introduced the hanged man noose, which is, next to the burlap mask, the only consistent element in all of Scarecrow's designs.

And I'd argue that this design brings him closer to the character's intent. He's not dressed in a scarecrow costume, he looks like he was hanged and then kept walking, is dressed like a preacher, and with a mask modeled after Leatherface's. He has a "southern horror" feel to him that makes him feel more like a inhuman mannequin stalking people, a.k.a an actual scarecrow.



What I heard was that the scenes in the kangaroo court in TDKR was supposed to have the Joker presiding over them. But because no one wanted to replace Ledger they made it Scarecrow.



That's a rumor.



Still, after Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, returning to TDKR let's that movie look like absolute gold.



When they tried to copy that scene in the second movie was absolutely shitty. Would have been perfect without it.



Jeffrey Combs? Funny, I once read a pretty decent short fanfic crossing over Scarecrow and Re-Animator.



So that's why all shots where Joker and Two Face interact with each other have a CGI Joker.

Oh wait…



You're right that I worded myself poorly, but you also can't really stake things on first appearances.

Batman doesn't exactly kill people anymore, does he?

The preacher look is one interpretation, a good one but not a definitive one if you ask me. The hangman's noose is really the only thing that stuck.

You're making me wonder what a Scarecrow with a southern accent would be like, though


File: 195ff3163e581ca⋯.jpg (634.09 KB, 1147x1040, 1147:1040, Detective-Comics-Vol.-1-59….jpg)


>but you also can't really stake things on first appearances.

But I didn't, hence why I repeated multiple times that I don't think Scarecrow should be a physical villain and I prefer Crane as a skinny dweeb who doesn't fight people himself.

To bring up another comparison, I don't like when Penguin is somehow able to fight Batman physically and when they try to make it so, like in Teh Batman cartoon where he is a judo master, but at the same time I acknowledge that he used to be able to, and that whether he is or isn't able to engage in combat does not define his character. Same with Scarecrow.


Casting Jeffrey Combs as Scarecrow was perfect for what direction they intended to take the character, to move away from the over the top hamminess of Henry Polic II to something more calculating and sinister. Andrea Romano was unbeliavably good at her job.




File: ed89c37dc7defe4⋯.jpg (494.4 KB, 645x606, 215:202, Batman #61 - Page 18.jpg)


>To bring up another comparison, I don't like when Penguin is somehow able to fight Batman physically

To be fair, the Penguin had PRISON ARMS.



I think you're missing the point.

They made his design much taller and beefier, but he still can't goe toe to toe with Batman.

Actually as I recall, he gets beaten up by Tim Drake Robin.

That's why it's so retarded. They couldn't even decide what kind of Scarecrow they wanted.



dayum penguin is swole as fuark



> he used to be able to

Not the same thing. In the old comics, and actually any version of the character really, he used to be a physical challenge because he was a good swordsman. Not the same thing as being a judo master and fighting with fists and jumps.



So was the one about Two-Face being the main villain for the sequel, we knew way before Ledger's death that he would go in his spree during the second movie.

And the Scarecrow's one is pretty shit anyway, considering his position made sense due to him being an actual member of the League.


File: f57a881c341f2d0⋯.png (31.52 KB, 906x671, 906:671, 1182514417030.png)



File: 63b9c1e8842718d⋯.png (7.36 KB, 268x306, 134:153, ugh.png)


Ancient doodle someone did, that I saved, from when Transformers Animated was previewed on TV, and everybody was disgusted by the weird appearance of all of the characters.



All star



I finally have the answer. This is kino.




Kill yourself.


File: cdb601420472771⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 326x317, 326:317, cdb601420472771a215b98435f….jpg)


Fuck, that looks exactly like me

delet this I am thoroughly triggered by this image because it reminds me of how incredibly lazy I am and can't stop eating sweets and crap full of salt.

you have been reported to volunteers




Hey /tv/



2012 Donnie is aiiight. Prefer IDW Donnie though.



How the fuck are you so skinny if you eat junk food all day long?



It's often more about what you don't eat than what you do. He needs to eat a steak, and a plate full of vegetables 2 times a day.


File: b192aacb0388daf⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 800x1178, 400:589, 20170823.jpg)

File: 28ca0e79fc16366⋯.jpg (274.89 KB, 1000x1409, 1000:1409, 20170825.jpg)

Fem LOKI is best version of Marvel Comic's LOKI



A lot of good cosplays came out of that character.




>Best anything

Unironically no



I can see what you mean.

The animated version had an alternate version of fear gas that stripped a person of fear- making them reckless and dangerous ("Brave Gas" if you will).

If he's supposed to be a master of fear, there's a ton of stuff you can do (from wacky to more serious) if you treat Fear gas as a tool like Joker Venom, but his focus is fear and experiments.

- Stalk someone for weeks to work out their fears. I.e. put a money spider on their coffee cup at a restaurant. If they flick it away, possible arachnophobia, if they carefully move it away, fear of bad luck. Then put the poor bastard through a gauntlet of his own fears (possibly with a motive to try and get through it). Have a guy whose spent his whole life trying to make his house a home- then fill it with a species of rapidly-breeding spiders.

- Take over a news station/website and have them pump out fake news to horrify the masses a'la War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

> I'm doing nothing that this organization would not do eventually Batman. I am doing this for science. They spread fear for profit! How much money do they make from adverts & sponsors when they report on a terrorist attack, a murder, or a natural disaster? How often is that money donated to the victims? If you want to condemn me, I'm afraid you'll have to condemn them all as well…

- Sell a mild version of the "brave gas" as special tonic for men & women that are unlucky in love. Since the dates then become reckless & brash- disaster ensues. The whole thing is an experiment to make Gotham's dating scene paranoid- to see at what point the need for love & lust is overwritten by fear.

- Kidnap a scientist/computer genius to hack into Gotham's security camera network, and use alphabet agency style analysis computers to work out what nearly every person in Gotham fears.

- Gets mad over a horror movie that isn't scary (when he liked the original and felt it mastered horror "perfectly"- despite his memory distorting how scary it really was and how good the effects were), so he kills off the cast & crew in a manner similar to the villain/monster of the movie.

My biggest gripe with Batman villains in general is them not exploiting the madness side of things. One issue they should be a competent villain seeking money and self-preservation, the next they're compelled to act in a way that's more detrimental to them staying free. Compare hat-crime based Mad Hatter to Alice in Wonderland Hatter. Or Catwoman stealing for profit- and sometimes for thrill-seeking. And of course, Joker playing a "prank" on his victims while robbing them blind or butchering them horribly. Readers/watches should be guessing how far the villain will go, or how clever their scheme is.

As for him fighting, seems a little OP. He's brainy like Riddler IMO. Laser-focused on research and his only exercise being light jogging and a high metabolism. Ragdoll is the closest thing to what I'd like to see, but adding contortion to the list of his abilities seems excessive. Like most fear-causing things, I can see him using machines and/or Fear gas to bolster him in a fight. He uses guns that are louder and have bigger caliber just to cause more chaos & confusion. Smoke bombs so he can rely on sucker-punches with hit & run tactics. Anything that creates a mental barrier between him and those who wish him harm.


>You're making me wonder what a Scarecrow with a southern accent would be like, though

All I can imagine is TF2's Engie or Shocker from Spectacular Spiderman. Neither do much for intimidation, but add something to the philosophical and genius side (the southern genius trope).



Horse was better.



File: e6fbebf5cf3a47a⋯.jpg (8.49 KB, 234x215, 234:215, 20170823.jpg)

File: 48afc5f6082d4d0⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 691x272, 691:272, 20170821.jpg)


I love the psychological side of the villians in BTAS. Cartoons should do this more,,,


File: 310826351d3b67c⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 550x782, 275:391, 20170904.jpg)


Shapeshifter, not tranny


File: dafbfab9b5823ae⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1988x2933, 284:419, maker.jpg)

really a waste their current comics.



Oh god, Evil Reed was the worst wasted potential case Marvel ever did.



>Evil Reed




the second movie was pretty shit over all



trumped hard by green and yellow lantern bats



leather and mohawk is the classic rad look, and everyone likes it so it keeps coming back



he went evil within the last couple years and did some serious shit, they wasted it tho

I cant remember if it was phoenix arc shit or multiple realities dying shit



My nigga



Around 1990 there was a Batman arc where the Joker was seriously wounded and went into seclusion because he had "lost the joke." He came back when some guy motivated purely by greed started imitating him, and seeing this faux Joker's lack of understanding of what makes humor work got the real Joker's sense of humor and daring back.

One of the first things he did was interrogate a lowlife to learn about the impostor, leaving the thug tied up with a lit cigar in his mouth. The guy was terrified that it was an exploding cigar – outside, Joker laughed that it was an ordinary cigar, because you should always give the audience what they don't expect.



Sounds great maybe we should storytime it?



The story I'm remembering happened in Batman (Vol. 1) 450 & 451, though it follows from stuff that happened in A Death in the Family and A Lonely Place for Dying.



Pretty sure that was just Ultimate Reed. He fucked up the planet real good before Sue beat him in a non-fight by bubbling him. He later got out but was a bit of a weenie.



>Used to be a man

>best anything



File: a3f0035abad5a41⋯.jpg (72.98 KB, 474x720, 79:120, Superior.jpg)

the real stark,a dude how just care about herself and his expansive life.



… you wanna give that sentence another try, anon?


I already do, meat in one form or another once or twice a day, a salad (either mixed or just cucumbers and tomatoes)



Give it a shot.


File: d86f94a59997c3b⋯.jpg (147.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20170908.jpg)

What's the best version of HELA?



The sentai one.


File: 6646808b818680f⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 600x627, 200:209, 20170907.jpg)


Green Ranger Hela?



god, just think about all the lost loli sari art…




I know southern preachers can be scary and subtle, engineer and shocker are really ridiculous examples of that accent


File: 9db3610058410f1⋯.jpg (79.68 KB, 960x607, 960:607, 20170907.jpg)


Go to Hela




No, the one from Go-ranger I believe



gross she has like curves, and boobs, and shit



Hey Reddit


File: c52ceda282ab649⋯.jpg (17.13 KB, 291x173, 291:173, 20170912.jpg)


File: 6850a08175444d5⋯.png (412.13 KB, 822x650, 411:325, Picture 7.png)



Imagine being this autistic


File: fb85d09fda2c2f0⋯.jpg (168.95 KB, 553x435, 553:435, catwomansexy.jpg)


The one where she's actually a villain.



I loved that design so much. Hell that show had such great costume designs.


File: cec888aa9c210ac⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 220x370, 22:37, ResoluteCobraCommanderPose….jpg)

This Cobra Commander is the best.



good god the thicc-ness



Does shadow count as a design?

Because I think Magneto's face being shrouded in shadow is a simple but very effective thing, they should all take notes from that



Design? Maybe

The personality? Talk about all bark and no bite



I would count it. In fact that's why I love that design so much. It made him more scary.


Design wise I do like it though personality was ok to me. Though I feel the Commander from Renegades was a bit too perfect for my taste though I do like him.



Hey /tv/





File: 312f8bdc5ffb943⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 200x364, 50:91, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbW….jpg)


It does happen occasionally in the comics


File: 290a44e55233d9e⋯.jpg (418.46 KB, 948x1482, 158:247, Supergirl V4 #51 (2000) - ….jpg)

File: dd26f3bf7782fe3⋯.jpg (352.39 KB, 930x1473, 310:491, Supergirl V4 #51 (2000) - ….jpg)

File: bd5cb05f36aa830⋯.jpg (289.93 KB, 951x1476, 317:492, Supergirl V4 #51 (2000) - ….jpg)


File: 012cd1c9c6e7125⋯.png (204.52 KB, 441x751, 441:751, Ben Garrison Nazi Cartooni….png)

Pic related.



Yeah, he was a disappointing villain but he has one of my favourite voices ever. I crack up every time I hear him speak.


File: 5aed42ab13615d8⋯.jpeg (302.31 KB, 1269x912, 423:304, image.jpeg)

There needs to be more clang in transformers.



imagine being this stupid



Why the hell would you break the store. Fucking woman



Fun fact: this Donatello's VA was the VA for Raphael in the 80's TMNT cartoon.


File: 054e9980431b1f7⋯.png (228.34 KB, 396x458, 198:229, mfw plebeians.png)


>is a chubbychasing nigger

>calling others stupid for not being attracted to lardass landwhales

Consider suicide you degenerate.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>fem megatron



>Implying this >>900929 is fat

>curvy women are bad

I honestly want to punch you in the face.


File: dd8797724535e14⋯.jpg (147.24 KB, 780x1200, 13:20, ninjak.jpg)

File: 4764931ceb18a2a⋯.jpg (233.78 KB, 791x1200, 791:1200, NINJAK_018_COVER-C_SEGOVIA.jpg)

valiant entertainment ninjak is the best one.


File: dd8797724535e14⋯.jpg (147.24 KB, 780x1200, 13:20, ninjak.jpg)

File: b37051f5c515d87⋯.jpg (172.34 KB, 750x1154, 375:577, NINJAK_018_006-1.jpg)

valiant entertainment ninjak is the one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SF2 anime movie M.Bison is best dictator




>should not be broad shouldered

He's wearing a suit


I don't know how her powers work, but I assume her muscles are denser than normal humans, so basically she doesn't need to be buff, and probably couldn't work out without super-heavy material anyway.


>Best Batman

The one from the Arkham games?



Reading is hard isn't it



I can't read. :(



>uses a dead and buried meme

>calls anyone else stupid

Did you lose your sense of irony in hell or something




imagine being this autistic




The earliest version of the joker was a terrorist who killed millionaires for lulz, this was before silver age joker where he was a goofy clown, so TDK joker wasn't the first time the joker killed people just so he can watch everything burn. Plus graphic novels and a few other movies have had the joker viewing the world as complete shit and he's the only one who has a realistic view and his crimes are liberating people from the shackles of everyday life.



Angry Joker (in War of the Joke vs Riddle) is starting to appeal to me..


File: 48db9915d300eac⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 576x432, 4:3, Joker dissapoint.jpg)


>This entire post

Kill yourself at the soonest opportunity.


File: 6dd31382696446f⋯.jpg (117.35 KB, 850x1115, 170:223, 20171101.jpg)

Best version of Wednesday?




nobody would remember her if not for christina ricci


File: b0c14cde2df46fa⋯.jpg (238.02 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 20171106.jpg)

File: 3132b9090013f61⋯.jpg (232.97 KB, 638x825, 58:75, 20171113.jpg)



Best version of catwoman?

Short hair and skin-tight!


File: 317d7ac4b3d3b6c⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 160x240, 2:3, 20171112.jpg)

52 Shazam was fun


File: 70c3501a4018a44⋯.webm (7.42 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Catwoman Cats Meow Deatht….webm)

File: fa8b0223c081f92⋯.webm (5.05 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Catwoman Catwoman Goes to….webm)


Fucking pleb tier shit.



Nah, 60s catwoman is for plebs who despise plebs


File: ca919c0b9e2ad03⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 768x446, 384:223, 20171113.jpg)

What's the best version of DC's Amazons?


File: 6a92adb7f4387ac⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 623x413, 89:59, breakingtheconditioning.jpg)


tinfoil hat conspiracy nut Vic Sage is the best version


File: 53e9a04a358f5df⋯.mp4 (5.34 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Strawberry shortcake seaso….mp4)

No contest.


File: d0b660d4d2e3e56⋯.jpg (188.46 KB, 879x1200, 293:400, DOgNChLUMAABAUZ.jpg)


File: 8cd9ec89af04559⋯.jpg (196.06 KB, 936x703, 936:703, 20171113.jpg)

File: e7bef4fe21d1d56⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 500x720, 25:36, 20171120.jpg)


Ed Benes draws the best Wonder Woman. Oh Diana… Much better than Gal Gadot. Haha.



It's an overreaction to the cancer that spread via legionfags, Chanology, etc. There was a lot of that on old /jp/, and the attitude is enshrined in the rules on 8chan/a/



Is that Artemis next to WW? Seems the current artist for Red Hood and the Outlaws kept the model.


File: e7c73f3d7420609⋯.jpg (195.91 KB, 780x1200, 13:20, 20171204.jpg)

What's the best version of ARCHIE?





File: f5f31d1b2393381⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 455x700, 13:20, a9c485059be8ee0322ada89c4a….jpg)


I still hold that this was the best thing since sliced stupid people on toast, and anybody who doesn't like it is a bad person who hates fun and hates America.



I thought Archie vs Punisher was too out-there already…


File: 526eac0b9470633⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 236x200, 59:50, pearls larry.jpg)


This version of Venom drove me insane. It's like the artist thought the symbiote was some sort of crocodile with underbite.



Yeah it's Artemis.


File: 82a8459ab71c391⋯.jpg (216.11 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, 20171130.jpg)


I prefer Meg's gun alt-modes. Tank or gun-ship doesn't do it for me.


File: c1f9274052ea047⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 651x900, 217:300, 20171211.jpg)

GG would make a good WW if she was bustier



Thanks, doc.



GG would make a good WW if she actually had any muscle on her.



I still think the actress that played Faora would've made a better Wonder Woman.


File: 7a44bae6d84b014⋯.jpg (206.93 KB, 1400x929, 1400:929, Antje_Traue_pandorum05.jpg)

File: 11bf0b8a1ee9b7b⋯.png (439.85 KB, 500x667, 500:667, antje_traue_7728566b56fdd1….png)

File: 83d8910f621d179⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 736x552, 4:3, Antje_Traue_e359ca91200cca….jpg)


God yes.


File: 138bd0c3a88651d⋯.jpg (244.96 KB, 858x807, 286:269, Jake Gallows.jpg)

Punisher 2099. Look, dude accomplished more that Frank ever did…and the series is just over the top fun.


File: d03be4028d1a3a9⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1870x1250, 187:125, Amanda Conner's Power Girl.jpg)

File: 05c56a93ba30699⋯.jpg (140.37 KB, 500x595, 100:119, Wally Wood's Power Girl.jpg)

Can't decided which one is better..



Man, I don't know if even Conner can beat Wood. His Peeg is a babe.



That's why I can't decide..


File: 8ba6b2eb7e3e8ce⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 300x221, 300:221, 300px-AStarscream_cartoon.jpg)

He died with Honor.




Yeah that last one is getting stupid. Any but a solid block of text? Muh Plebbit.



That first heavily reminds me of some of the porn parodies out there.



Truth. I always liked that version.


File: aaff74953e81b9e⋯.jpg (324.24 KB, 630x885, 42:59, 20171218.jpg)


Pic Related is the best look of PG for me.


1st image was from early issues of this run; http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Justice_League_of_America_Vol_2 (2006-2011)

Anissa Kate makes the curviest WW pr0n parody.



Who did this..because yowza…



Hey look, its the power girl autist.


File: 1ca673d560995c7⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 729x729, 1:1, skele.jpg)


don't ruin pg with this forced meme



>having to be carried by your soldiers




complete opposite.

if you're some edgy sadist who enjoys seeing classic archie characters get butchered for some shitty tie-in money, you're the faggot that hates america



and I mean literally butchered of course



Confirmed for never having read it.

Oh, I'm sorry, you're "boycotting" it.



imagine being this pissy over a desparate attempt to stay relevant by selling out to random crossovers (don't believe me? Do I need to bring up archie meets sharknado?)



If you think bringing up a different book will somehow support your argument, go ahead, I won't stand in the way of your spergasm.


File: 7f479fab9c8a6f1⋯.jpg (189.66 KB, 1024x915, 1024:915, 20171230.jpg)


Foara vs Diana for the title of WW~ FIGHT!


File: b4e78db4384aac7⋯.jpg (156.37 KB, 830x1175, 166:235, 20171230.jpg)


What's da matter?

Don't like Busty Blonde?




I love you anon.



no, you <3 Powergirl



File: 786debf4583cd66⋯.jpg (307.15 KB, 850x1228, 425:614, 20171230.jpg)

Supergirl is a cutie



Depends on which Supergirl. Silver Age Supergirl's pretty cute as is Linda Danvers.



It's 2018 buddy, sperg isn't an insult



I like the Tim's verison.



Really want to love this picture and for the most part due, but my autism can't help but notice that it is raining and the little girl has rainboots but no rain coat or umbrella and she isn't looking at her puppy who she is supposed to be chasing into the street.



I still have twelve days to insult you.


File: 0ec72aafd9d1315⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 580x299, 580:299, Grant-Morrison-Emma-Frost.jpg)

Grant Morrison Emma Frost is best Emma Frost.



Grant Morrison can always write smug people well.



fair enough, fire away



That's at least one positive.



Cant disagree with that.




Agree in personality but Frank Quitely art rubs me the wrong way…



I think it's the way he draws the faces. That and the lips it seems exaggerated.


File: 7e75f3405f09806⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 531x810, 59:90, 20171230.jpg)



Best look of of White Queen is with long pants. Panties or shorts doesn't seem queenly to me…



I thought the reason for the panties is because of the fact she was in the Hellfire Club which had a bdsm theme?


File: bd43f2ccd011b12⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 156x400, 39:100, emma-genx.jpg)

File: 105de891e5df0d3⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 229x400, 229:400, emma-astonishing.jpg)

File: c014f071a805c9e⋯.jpg (96.98 KB, 601x327, 601:327, x-men 132 1.jpg)


Personally I prefer her with long pants and a sexy top, plus a cape.


I thought so when I was younger, and that might've been the intention, though I'm pretty sure none of the other Lords Cardinal wore S&M gear. They all wore 18th century clothing. I guess the women of the Inner Circle slutted it up, since Jean dressed like Emma when she was the Black Queen and Tessa walked around in a bustier.

As I was looking for these pics, I was looking at the third image posted here while listening to Christmas music in another tab. I had just read panel three when Chuck Berry's "Run Run Rudolph" came on.

Out of all the reindeers you know you're the mastermind


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I thought his personality was perfect.




I always found it funny how the voice actors for Cobra Commander usually end up doing the voice for Starscream.



>slashes random pussy soldier by surprise

>this is supposed to make me fear him


File: 01de426a140426f⋯.jpeg (92.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpeg)


I love that they somehow got away with using that design for a kids show



I think her Generation X costume was more risque, even though it showed less skin.


File: 3cf18d030b9e3e5⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 236x365, 236:365, 20180101.jpg)


I like Terry Dobson's rendition. Also I felt that diamond-skin was an unnecessary secondary mutation for her…



I like how she has the old fur collar there. And I agree, the diamond skin thing makes no sense. It has no connection to her telepathy. Secondary mutations are kind of dumb, period, but if they're going to do them, they should connect with the existing mutations.



with kids cartoons, more skin equals more sexual, it's that simple



Never felt that sexual unless showing your midriff is now considered sexual.



you clearly aren't american

also blind if you can't see the giant fucking cleavage



I am american I just became desensitized to lewd stuff over the years.



Internet porn was a mistake.



true, I can't get off to anything but underage interracial midget shemale porn now


File: b6741aec6f74237⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 400x612, 100:153, 1158029328060.jpg)


Resolute Cobra Commander is voiced by Charlie Adler, best known for Buster Bunny. Tom Kenny did Animated Star Scream, but he's best known for Spongebob Squarepants.


File: 062acfd63d05979⋯.jpg (153.05 KB, 725x674, 725:674, 20180122.jpg)

Psylocke~ which version?

Slowpoke but are marvel telepaths only mutants?


File: 47ebcf8907600ea⋯.jpg (163.93 KB, 1299x745, 1299:745, b6015e6e89e0597b9aab4c745d….jpg)

Bumpity bump bump

Bumpity Bump bump




File: d3e02986a188330⋯.webm (14.06 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Samurai Tourist - Leo and….webm)

2k3 Leonardo.

Having his character development be one of the primary focuses of the entire series was a good move.


File: e8da88006f8d330⋯.gif (822.99 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 6422043a-1aad-4439-b23e-f0….gif)

File: 24bf768c8877896⋯.gif (211.25 KB, 245x189, 35:27, 99076f89-96d3-463e-b1d7-4c….gif)

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