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File: f9b1de72947e3e1⋯.webm (6.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Close Enough_ Coming to T….webm)


Hey guys? Liked Regular Show? Did you absolutely love all the relationship drama between Mordecai and all his gfs? Well I've got the show for you, but better in every way!

There's swearing!

There's drugs!

There's nudity!

The creator is even more obviously a self insert than he was in regular show!

And best of all, it's on tbs!


File: 539b0304bc62697⋯.png (275.2 KB, 474x348, 79:58, 539b0304bc6269755adc377687….png)

I'm so sick of hipsters and their shows about how they need to act like out of control madmen to make their awful boring lives seem worth living


We already have a thread, check the catalog next time.



We used to, but it's gone now apparently. And to Op's credit, he used a webm.



The BO has been deleting shit for seemingly minor transgressions.



>wants to create an "adult show"

>ends up trying so hard to the point where the characters acts like brainless teenagers



This. Really, I don't understand the trend of psychedelic toons from Spongeboob Gaypants, all the way to Autistic Time and Regular Shit. Why don't they spend time crafting good quality cartoons like Gravity Falls instead of gulping down drugs?



>Gravity Falls





>Gravity Falls

I want the mabelfag to leave


Wow, his style got boring faster than Seth MacFarlane's




shut up hipsters






Deletion has began to increase in the past weeks.

I would like to the see the mods bank account.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm really happy for Olan, dude has been kicking goals with Final Space. While it might not break free from the animation style that American cartoons are stuck in at the moment, I'm hoping the writing can lift it above all the garbage being pushed right now.





too bad hipsters won't be able to appreciate that level of quality.



Most of them could probably be attributed the site being fucked up after the intrusion.



>Awesome cast

>Conan O'Brien is completely on board with the project

>Interesting concept

>Made by a guy who is original youtube famous and kept improving his work while following his dreams

>Potentially going to be ignored or written off as a rip-off of Rick and Morty because most of the world are fucking plebs

God, I really hope it's good and succeeds.



>Conan O'Brien is completely on board with the project

Maybe if it wasn't after his TBS talk show that would be a plus


File: d61099b5ac33c5c⋯.png (664.58 KB, 1051x591, 1051:591, 20140422094913-Panoramic__….png)

File: 63a48a7c304ee00⋯.jpg (64.28 KB, 857x477, 857:477, Sam-Sweetmilk-ghostworth.jpg)

File: 21433587ded2c04⋯.png (190.13 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Sam-Sweetmilk-still-2.png)

File: e083628dc0d7f25⋯.png (207.18 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Sam-Sweetmilk-still-4.png)

File: f9cdb6195cdef6d⋯.jpg (39.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CCLNlpZWEAAJLVW.jpg)



Reminds me of Sam Sweetmilk, too it barley took off.



The whole fucking thing looks like a spinoff from Regular Show, he really couldn't came out with something else but to rehash every character from Regular Show and make them humans, hell! You can even photoshop both cast of characters and no one would tell the difference.


I don't understand people who make shows like this at all.

It's like they're attempting to lure in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force audience while simultaneously shitting out some vague modern PC message, but without understanding the fact that ATHF was fun because it lacked any real political commentary.



I wouldn't mind it's comedy if it was at least with a different artstyle. Why can't American animation escape this blobby noodle arm mess?!



The most "political" ATHF got was the BOMB episode. Which was fucking hilarious. ATHF cannot ever be touched by these CalArts cuckolds.



That's part of my point.

It's like these low level cucks are trying to imitate grandmasters of comedy and failing miserably because they don't realize what made the masters so great in the first place.

For instance, George Carlin was a great comedian. No, I didn't agree with his politics 100% of the time but he had a way of backing up his perspective that was entertaining and at times thought provoking.

Meanwhile the kind of cuck that makes shows like this are desperately trying to be relatable, but instead are coming off as a bunch of fags living in a fantasy world.



Or their is still an intrusion and somebody is having their own crusade of police thought.

That or the mod isn't nice and it's going to turn like 4chan.

That or the mod of /co/ isn't the same has 4chan, I know that some mods like the one in /tech/ is the same mod of /g/ and the /tech/ of endchan.




No wonder the mods have been more active, we got faggots like you roaming around.



>muh faggot

>muh tribalism

What the fuck is the correlation between someone knowing that X mod is also the admin of X board on another imageboards and the mods being active ?


File: 7e13403766d5da8⋯.jpg (218.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, femrigby.jpg)

She's Rigby in a woman's body.



That's even worse




Kill yourself.



Pops didn't die for this


File: 8bec4760917e1f9⋯.png (77.53 KB, 500x502, 250:251, My Eyes Hurt.png)

File: bd0f7493c495fc4⋯.jpg (67.88 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Somebody's gonna get bulli….jpg)


Look like a combination of Eileen and Rigby. Is the twist at the end gonna be that this is an alt universe regular show that is somehow a crossover with Rick and Morty?



They want the kiddies to see it




>ignoring the endchan mods effectively controlling 8chan boards simultaneously

You're with them. Aren't you?


I'm amazed he has the audacity to just put himself as the main character. How many television cartoons are there where the main character is so much of a self insert that he looks like the creator of the show?



I'd pay good money to see a John K. cartoon starring John K.



It's not the first time Quintel does that. Mordecai is his first self-insert.


File: 4f3bb8f3d9f7a5f⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 723x960, 241:320, 8923fad94fdb5ebe40e26a13e8….jpg)

File: ee8f544fa87b1b7⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 403x519, 403:519, DADSS4wVwAA3yiM.jpg)


Yeah I knew that, but I'm talking about going to the length where you draw yourself in the cartoon. Most of time, self inserts at least try to look a little bit different from the author, but this guy is just quintel but drawn by calarts.



Anyway this is going to be edgy Regular Show. And tumblr is going to love that shit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How does it compare to him in 2 in the AM PM?



Just judging by OP's clip it seems like JG Quintel's self insert is more manic than his one in the 2 in the AM PM.

Is JG Quintel actually married? I thought he had some relationship troubles when writing Regular Show.


File: edd8e914f0ef652⋯.png (54.18 KB, 332x269, 332:269, edd8e914f0ef6520f84601fc66….png)


I could tolerate it if they were still animals.

at least then, they could disguise the mediocrity with absurdity

this shit just looks like regular show, with humans. Which is a downgrade from an already shitty show



Mike Matinee is a national treasure.



Same, no creativity at all just boring oh so random shit from a bunch of pretentious losers.



>someone got paid for this


Im huge spacefag, but I wouldnt watch this shit, the only good thing was the AI voice.



i am pretty sure this is sites problem since i see same thing happening on different boards



Get a load of this square.



Whenever people get banned, the mods have an option to delete their previous posts. It's been done, before. It's simply bad administration of power.




See THIS is a good example of using advantages of the animation medium compared to >>893278 Close Enough.

FS is doing what would be really expensive and hard to make in a live action TV series with the cheaper animated format while CE is just another slightly grounded animated sitcom that could probably be done in live action with very little changes (like some light CG for drug effects) while on a lower budget.

Even Regular Show at least had crazy surreal stuff (not counting the main non-human cast) go down so often that it would never work on a live action series budget.


Isn't it cheaper and easier to animate with that style?


File: 15aede798eb6e91⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.5 KB, 504x1584, 7:22, reg show 1471328112781.jpeg)


Yeah, like fapping to r34 of a bird and a racoon somehow feels more normal than of 2 humans but with the same voices and faces.




I've seen these, they're both good



It looks like shit, but why the fuck do the girls here actually look hot and well designed yet all the ones on RS were fucking shapeless and ugly stick figures?


File: bfbb652da01a5bf⋯.jpg (158.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fag.jpg)

It's LITERALLY a fucking self-insert.

I lasted all of 5 seconds until I recognized that faggot fucking face.

Fuck me.



>hot and well designed

JG, pls go



Were they human?


File: 3841aaf91744bc6⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, serveimage-7.jpg)

File: 444a88f40c17ee2⋯.jpg (56.26 KB, 716x535, 716:535, serveimage-8.jpg)


>the girls here actually look hot and well designed





They actually have filled out legs now.



stfu JG. We know its you.



who the fuck do you think will watch the show other than brainless teenagers?



Man children or tumblrites.



Will the show be Current Year enough for that? Then again, all it would need is some terrible shipping shit.


>Same animation style

>Uses dick jokes constantly

>Uses same voice actors

>Same high five technique

Did Quintel run out of ideas or something? Last time i watched regular show was when it turned into a romance drama. I thought with all the creative freedom he has now with TBS he'd use it more to his advantage but instead he just pumps out dick jokes and the same humor as regular show. I wonder if Quintel has gotten into trump bashing or SJW sucking yet because it feels like he will or has?


File: 1fa9fcc4baf6afc⋯.jpg (41.85 KB, 432x767, 432:767, ^.jpg)


Shoo shoo, Hirsch



Creative freedom is a bad joke. Meddling executives are at best a fig leaf to cover the creator's mediocrity and at worst what made the cartoon watchable in the first place.



I would say constant fighting of the creator and bosses about the cartoon performance to get that perfect balance is the way to go.



Cartoon Network's Burbank studio produced this, if that explains anything




It'd be cheaper getting the leafs to animate this trash.



Not the cocksmoking faggot, but Gravity falls is better than the other shit he listed.



every time I drive past I make sure to flip them off. Sometimes there's hipster trash walking in with starbucks with a hurt look on their face.

feels good.




Anon, is your enter button broken or something?


File: 4ca01e01b16cc66⋯.jpg (21.34 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1421944405562.jpg)

i'm not gonna lie a few of those clips made me laugh



>Same animation style

A lot of people do this.



College papers gave me a spacing habit.


I'm not gonna lie, the first two seasons of Regular Show were pretty decent, sure it was basically a rejected Adult Swim show that made it onto CN but it was different enough that I enjoyed watching it.

Then came season three, where the writers got it in their heads that people actually wanted to see Mordecai having serious girl drama and the show just started getting worse and worse from there.

Margret was a flat boring character who nobody liked but the writers kept shoving down our throats, CJ was great but then the writers had to ruin her character by making her jealous of Margret and they wrote her off is such an asinine way that I pretty much gave up watching.

The space season was okay, I mean good on the writers for finally trying something new, but it was too little too late in my book and the finale was pretty meh.

This on the other hand looks like another CAD, the main character is a self insert, his girlfriend will most likely put up with his bullshit instead of dumping his ass like any sane person would, there's a cast of "wacky" side characters and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a shit ton of video game references. Because that's what these people think substitutes great writing, making a shit ton of references to shit they grew up with instead of being clever or witty.


File: 5d3807f4360b906⋯.png (17.89 KB, 240x200, 6:5, 1451710352177.png)


File: 8358cd1a4f0cee5⋯.png (113.9 KB, 300x334, 150:167, DD.png)


>muh summer meme

Summer was nothing but a meme back at 4chan, and I sincerely doubt it is anything else here.

If you can show some proof to back up this ‘summer’ claim, do share.



>summerfags are just a myth

You're full of shit and you know so.


File: 93ecb9d569d0d4f⋯.gif (489.07 KB, 420x315, 4:3, 0hQyd5L.gif)


>Because that's what these people think substitutes great writing, making a shit ton of references to shit they grew up with instead of being clever or witty.

If that activates your almonds, you're really going to get a kick out of Ready Player One.



>Well, at least since the main character is married we won't have a love triangle story this time.


<unaware of cucks


File: 7f1dbc0043fb14a⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 285x242, 285:242, frodo hd.jpg)


>implying they cant


Is that Vons advertisement supposed to be ironic



any time you see the name of a real company appear in a movie/show, it is with the permission of that company. So yes, the actually asked Vons if they could put their name into this show. Heaven knows why.



At this point probably.


Regular Show got away with having a sorta generic college/post college set of characters and setting because they tried to change it to be relevant for kids with anthropomorphic animals, walking lollypop men and living gumball machines, this is the Ren and Stimpy conundrum, Sometimes more raunchy comedy is better when it's presented with the veneer of innocence.



Vons gave them money. Duh.




Very interesting looking premise, great looking execution on the dramatic aspects. The dead cat sidekick really added to it without being silly or overly gruesome.

But the dialog was absolute trash. They went miles out of their way to make it incredibly cringey and stupid. "giant glowing marshmallow" "that'd be tight" "fart sandwich"

The baking cookies thing however was fucking amazing. I know they were likely trying to be stupid and funny, but it came across really powerfully as escapism in the face of imminent death. They could have been going for that as well, in fact I'm sure they were, but I feel like they could have fucked it up with shitty writing like the other parts, but they managed not to.

The absolute worst was the evil alien. He looked dumb in the first video, and came across even worse in the pilot. Mind you, it looks like he was winning/had won, but he was absolutely generic comedic incompetent evil genius with bumbling beta sidekick.

It makes me want to see it, but also I feel like it'd be love hate, because the series itself will probably be awesome, but the writing will make me want to kill myself. Diversity and Comics talks about this occasional from the comic standpoint, where he'll say that some trash SJW writer can actual write good stories, and good plots, but can't write dialogue at all, and should work with someone who can to either rewrite the dialogue or at least edit it to make it bearable.

You can be funny without really cringey lines like those. You can have a comedy/drama/adventure story without relying on a bumbling enemy for comedic relief. (especially if you're going to play up the drama, having a competent enemy who isn't an obnoxious attempt at cliche villain humour would be great)



I hated motherfucker mike for the longest time. I didn't know he drew excellent comics until just recently, after I've learned to tolerate him (or he learned to not be a spaz while maturing)




One more thing "First animated serial comedy tragedy drama adventure in space."

First I thought of Cowboy Bebop, then I thought, hell no, Coboy Bebop is newfag compared to a TON of serialized comedic space adventure series with drama and tragedy in the /a/rena Irresponsible Captain Tyler, Nadeshiko, Galaxy Express, Outlaw Star, Gundam, Cobra, fucking 50% of anime in the 80s and 90s was serial space comedy adventures with dramatic and tragic moments.


File: 74aed1cbf8ce846⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 8867-the-simpsons-bart-the….jpg)


>Why don't they spend time crafting good quality cartoons like Gravity Falls

this nigger



On 8chan it probably is.



It's a modern CN show




>End of season

>Wife has a big reveal to tell husband

>The kid... Isn't his

>Faggot stays with her and the kid anyway

Place your bets.



He doesn't.


File: 67ba86936ca7638⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1436x825, 1436:825, When you know the Goyim ca….png)


Easiest money I'll ever make from a show.



IT would honestly be a descent surprise.



You can easily look at the UIDs and post counts on the homepage and tell that activity here has stagnated and there has been no significant increase or decrease in users for months.

Screeching about summerfags is retarded when you can look and see that there's been no significant increase in users.



Just watch some good beaner cartoons instead.


File: 974709ecc38c0a1⋯.gif (965.05 KB, 290x231, 290:231, actually yeah.gif)


I'm surprised how fast this show intrigued me.



Amazing isn't it?


File: 2c5a757abe0df45⋯.png (1.98 MB, 2509x1327, 2509:1327, Best Strategy.png)

File: 45f10723e85d47e⋯.jpg (107.2 KB, 821x571, 821:571, hilarious.jpg)


The part where paper bag guy just lays down just tickes my funny-bone.


File: 66ef7f9dafd631d⋯.jpg (46.03 KB, 736x552, 4:3, nice.jpg)


>Irresponsible Captain Tylor

MAN this brought me back. Thank you for this, mate.

And don't expect millenials and the Millenial-minded to actually know anything about animation history.


File: 33ac24bc6de7f16⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 240x234, 40:39, 1498374247938.gif)


Yea, I did get a good chuckle out of the 'hugdick' plate. I'm gonna go ahead and give this one a shot since Quintel at least showed the good sense to get rid of the mopey cuck drama.



First time hearing about this.



Your welcome satan.


File: 4c55b3e45dea425⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 600x900, 2:3, horror.jpg)

God damnit.

I could've gone eternity without knowing about this, but you couldn't let me, could you.

You monster.

Damn it.



I wish I never heard about this and just enjoyed Regular Show's first two seasons without knowing the creator is a talentless hack



The show was never good.



It was unavoidable.



Sure Satan.


Seriously, what did you faggots expect on TBS?



She reminds me more of CJ (Cloudy Jay) so this might be Quintel trying to damage control after cucking her so hard.



Adult Swim for those who would never watch Adult Swim?




No bad Anon!




The show was like clerks, but every joke becomes the main plot.



This, it's bizarre



I preferred the sound of the original dub, but this show is still great



And the annoying levels up to 11.



isn't that a remake of another gay faggot furry comic?


Reminder that one of the storyboarders is a massive SJW who ships the MC's wife with the asian woman and posts on her twitter about how pissed she is at Quintel for not making her ship canon. I predict she'll find a way to fuck him over and take control over his show to make her ship canon.



Sounds like Clerks: The Animated Series


File: f9fcf1384288374⋯.png (126.19 KB, 306x386, 153:193, U wot m8.png)


Pics or it didn't happen faggot



You really like that reaction image, don't you?


Regular show would be alright cartoon if they cut all the crap from it. Complete fucking removal of all female characters and some other shitty characters. May be you can left the midget racoon or whoever it was and muscle woman since they were not made purely out of fucking drama.



It would've worked if they followed Benson

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